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19 May
National Defense

Posted by VitalityGames in Strategy | May 19, 2015 | 79 Comments

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Vitality Games is proud to present you the strategic tower defense game : "National Defense".

Constant waves of machines are rushing towards your base; It is up to you to plan the defense strategy that will lead you to victory.You start the game with only 150 currency units and for each enemy you destroy you will get extra income.

Choose wisely, as you have only 5 lives.If you let 5 enemy vehicles pass through you must restart the game from the beginning.8 compelling levels with 18 exciting waves are waiting for you to master.

With each level you pass the enemies get stronger, one small mistake could cost you the entire operation.However in the first 3 levels you will have the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to become a successful strategist.

Your arsenal is comprised of the following:
- Twin Barrel Turret cost : 100 $ , fire interval:1.13, Damage:15
- Double Minigun cost : 150$ , fire interval: 2.5, Splash damage: 90 35/sec.
- Double Barrel Gun : cost - 200 $ , range : 3 , fire interval : 0.32 Damage : 10
- Rocket Launcher : cost 250 $ , range 4 , fire interval : 5 seconds , Damage : 300
- Shockwave Tower: cost 300 $ , range 3 , fire interval 0.00 seconds , 360 Damage 60 / sec.

Have fun with our latest exclusive tower defense game called National Defense and prove that your strategy skills are amazing. Good luck and have fun!

Here is the Walkthrough:

Sounds by fErDi0nE.

Whats new

    - new optimizations

VitalityGames part of our Strategy and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 19, 2015. Google play rating is 68.604. Current verison is 1.4.4. Actual size 20.0 MB.

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Sammy Geise

Its amazing But keep dieing at the army trucks with tanks

Richard Minion

Shocking! Half of the time the defence towers follow the vehicles dnt fire then follow the next one! Shocking game

Hank Who

Slow and sucks, AND is broken!

screwball 951

Towers Towers get stuck or miss the target altogether had this game on my old phone thought glitch would have been fixed by now. Its not!

Stephen Ernzen

Ads block the view of your defense and it won't go away so becuz of that I hate this game

Wayne Gordo

If your in to tower defense games. Good luck getting past level one.Its driving me crazy, I can't stop playing.Have to figure out how to get past level 1.Maybe this is why I don't like these types of games.Good luck everyone!!!

Luke Tachenko

Puts the unit selection under a giant ad, can't even play.

Frank C

Cant pass first level It is extremely slow as well so you go through 30mins only to lose and have to start over. Replying to developer.. you linked a walk through were the person playing lost two stars.. not very useful. Can you please add a fast forward button, a normal med and fast would be best. You can't expect people to try and fail and then try again when it takes so long for the first try.

Keith Moody

Slow and crap Not a very good game very slow very basic lots of other tower defense games out there that are better

Billy Morgan

Crap So slow the only fast thing about it was how fast I deleted it!!!!

Scott Robertshaw

Awesome game but needs more levels. I really enjoyed this, but it needs more levels. Is there a part 2?

Stephen Rogers

Awesome is there national defense 2

Brandon Smith

This game is so slow The only thing that was fast about it is was how fast I deleted it

Carl Adams

can't upgrade to pass level1

Coty Morris

Too big for a phone screen

yasar bektas

Verry bad game so slow just 1 part take over to 1 hour

maverick 2.0

It sucks You suck i hate you just delete this app it doesn't even deserve a rating it sucks

Peter Hosfield

Slow play.

Joe Taylor

Bad frames This app had the worst frame rate I have ever seen in a phone app

Ekaterina Levidze

Ruined tower defence idea. Extremely hard 1 level. With top towers enemy just pass you 3 waves before end. Played a lot of tower defence games. Read about poor balance in this one but decided to give it a chanse. Since last 1 star rating game didnt change. Same lags, looks like bad port from flash. Developers never read comments. Complains about difficulty exist for about 1 year. Uninstalling.

Brendan Mc Curdy

Gets slow and level 1 is to hard I like this game but could not get it off level 1 even after building only the most expensive guns on top of that, the game sometimes got so slow half way through the level I had to stop. Uninstalling it unfortunately

christopher shelton

Read before downloading Its an interesting game, but lacks thought. Could not get past the first stage. Each truck gets tougher with each wave and all you have are weak weapons starting. This needs to be fixed soon. Lower the cost of weapons and upgrades and just increase it with each stage.

Tyler sum1

Like it I've played better but I keep finding myself wanting to come back every now and then

A Google User

Good but some problems It's a good game but the towers only work for the last quarter of the road. If the towers worked for the whole road it would be a great game. Wouldn't download this game until fixed.

joshua ewadinger

Difficulty Too difficult, not fun. I enjoy the challenge, but if the challenge to beat the first level takes hours upon hours and hundreds of attempts over the course of several days, then there is no enjoyment.

Ferry Nugraha

Ferry N Yes, agree with most other users here, this game is too hard straight away from level 1, no info on how best to pass the levels, some menu or ad placements are in the way. Oh I'm so looking for a good old fashioned tower defence game (I'm happy to pay if I find one!) and what a disappointment this game is !

Andy Randémuser

Poorly balanced Fun for a little while, but don't expect it to last long. The difficulty goes from normal to hard to easy to hard to impossible to lose. On top of that you keep cash from lost stages so there's not really any tension or challenge. After a while it just feels monotonous.

Dee Martin Pierce

Way too difficult... One star is over-rated. Does not have a tutorial nor can you defeat the very first level. You do not get enough resources to upgrade so you are forced to lay down multiple machines which in turn is still way too difficult... I would hate to see level ten... Uninstalled due to these issues.

Jacob Lochmann

Terrible This game has no physics. Bullets Dont make it to enemies, and there is no power balance. This game was thrown together very quickly, and without much planning. After about wave 8, it started to lag, and almost became unplayable. That's on a top tier flagship phone too. Very very disappointing. Oh and there's ads upon ads upon ads. Oh you just placed a turret? Let me show you this ad while the game is still playing without you.

Bob Rogers

National Defenseless ! ! ! THIS GAME SUCKS ! ! ! there are MORE Ads before you get to play then I've ever seen. Nothing new in this game except its points STINGY ! ! and upgrades cost more points than you can fairly earn. I've played games for 30yrs so I've seen it all. Don't waste the time or drive space for this low class tower trash ! ! ! Nothing new or amazing here except they never learned how to reed & wryit ..... get it ? Seriously Fucked Up game !

Joshua Stylianou

Are you joking!? This is such a decent tower defense game, well made, but making level one almost impossible to pass is not the best way to keep people hooked.. Rebalance!

D.S.P. Webb

The potential is there but needs serious update Game is buggy - the more towers you place the slower the game runs - I'm using a galaxy note 3 and still having slowness. Game is WAY too hard - even if you use the most powerful towers fully upgraded, you CANNOT pass the 1st level. That is complete B***S***! Menus are poorly placed - The tower menu gets in the way of the action Ad Placement - Ads are placed on the screen in weird places Ads - Too many obtrusive ads Tower strength - it doesn't appear upgrading a tower means anything. At some point the game is unwinnable. 1 star at best. Assuming they fix these issues this could be a fun game.

James G

Potential Game is enjoyable but the mechanics make it completely frustrating. Bugs like dead tanks still progressing to end make it unwinnable and the difficulty while enjoyable to begin with quickly sours. Really enjoyed the game to begin with... but after loosing the 300th time on like the second level... After level one took a good entire day of solid game play the game simply goes out the window. Shame.

Simon Jackson

Perseverance pays This is the best tower game i have played in ages. For those who say that the game is impossible, just try harder. This game requires some actual thought and reflection on your strategy. Trial and error. Improvise, Adapt and Overcome, as the Marines say. Well done. I just wish there were more levels.

Luis Figueroa

Game is not balanced One word to describe the game: Frustrating. Graphics are good, the idea ok, but execution is horrible. The enemy does not even need to damage your defenses, they just make it thru after 15 waves with their mega strong shields. 5 different choices of weapons, only 3 are worth anything. On top of that, you have to go thru 0 instructions and timed advertising. Not worth my time :(

ryan rooker

Way too hard Game seems like it could be good, but when it's so hard that you can't even pass the first level then there's no use for a game like this. Completely frustrating. I'm an experienced tower defense game player and this game is impossible for me to even pass the first level. UNINSTALL!

Jeremy Krall

Bugs, impassable first level, more $ needed Tried every possible combination and still cant pass first level. I have played a lot of tower defense games and this one so far is better than most but still needs a lot of work. Not knowing what towers are best against what unit makes it hard to strategize what towers to use and where to place them. More $ per kill would make it easier to place more towers. Cannon always misses first shot, others freeze in one direction or freeze and wont fire. Game has a lot of potential!!

Flaming Shadow

Its very good, kinda addicting and its fun! After a long time it gets boring but other than that is good!

Frank Santiago

Could be a very fun game but has some issues. Good potential but sorry to say "falls short". A little work and could be addicting. Hope it works out.

Matthew Martin

Way too hard. 1st level Bull crap for sure. I play strategy all around from c&c to world of tanks. Played games on my phone. This one gets uninstalled. I tried everything but its OP ai.

Chris Cardo

Just... No Don't waste your time, move on

Payam Nasr

Very hard !!! In first level . It is not for 3+ but it is for 30+ !!!

DailyBox Breaks

Cannon tower misses and bugs The big cannon tower misses alot and bugs at times

Erez Harari

First level... If you cannot pass the first level why would you play this game?? Wave 13 is three times harder than wave 12 and cannot be won no matter what you try. Uninstalled.

Gary Hoff

Stupid hard Level one stupid short

Liam Hawkins

Complete it It was esay use the double guns

Delionel Begaye

Cant pass first stage No matter what can't seem to pass ..I get to the tanks n end up losing even if I upgrade everything

Jackie Geise

It's hard It's hard but addictive

joel ricaplaza

What a fu##!!! First level verry difficult to win..I do everything but I cant defeat... Omg...I decide to un install..sorry

YanAmran Samuraix

I'm already stage 4 it not easy game n yet it addicted u must know wat tower u use n need to keep on upgrading to luck..

Noel Robles

Impossible first level? NOT! Actually too easy. EDIT: Game's not hard, just imbalanced, 5 towers and only 2 are useful gstling gun and flamethrower. Went down to 3 stars because of its easiness and monotony, build flamethrowers in 'U' corners and gatling guns everywhere else, always go for damage upgrade first. Too easy game.

Jamell Freeman

Good enough It's alright here and there, don't care about graphics and what not but first lvl is pretty difficult, takes alot of fire power and time because there's no fast forward button, and sometimes the turrets don't turn and get stuck in one position, seems like alot of problems but really it's not that much of a big deal but really it's the player not the game and not everyone's a pro at strategy like myself

Brayan Flores

Great game It is difficult to pass but is is possible. I made it to level 5

Miguel Lavie

Skip this one! Love these types of games but this one is horrible! Graphics are weak, guns are wack, takes to much fire power to kill anything! story line could have potential but needs a lot of work!

Kevin Brown

Not bad at all. But their isn't a lot of variety when it comes to enemies and defenses. I mean, I beat the first 3 levels and nothing was really different except for the set up of the area. Same enemies, no rewards, no challenges, same defenses, etc. I would love this game if their were more unlockable's and challenges and just variety in general. I have not beaten the whole game yet but I intend to. The hardest level has been the first level and it took me a couple days to figure out how to beat it but I finally did.

Brian Sanders

This game is a waste of time. Takes too much money to upgrade,enemies are too hard go kill,the ion cannon misses and its very very difficult to pass first level.

Mike Street

Levels very samey, not to say boring, levels quite hard to get right weapon. Better games like this out there.

Hosein Sharifi

Its not hard its impossible Guys this game is unbalanced , i won first stage but on a week of practice , my english sucks lol, dont install this ,bb


Level 7 I'm so freaking tired of the turrets freezing up and ruining the hole bullshit


Haaaaaaard First level is stupidly hard to pass. I played a lot of defense system games but thid one is stupid in meany ways. Placeing of the wepons is hard and you lose time. Pousing is complicated. Not user frendly game :-(

tim eldridge

Difficult Never played a defense game that you can't complete level 1. I have tried so many different ways to complete but still die. Will be uninstalling this game now.

Julio Irizarry

Glitch This game would be ok, but sometimes the towers would freeze and mess up the whole game. I also noticed that there are 5 towers but only 2 are actually useful through the whole game.

Max Kenyon

Fun Very hard to pass first lvl and I'm a vetren at tower defence game

William Hosker

Wow I've been playing defense games for awhile and read that this was a hard game. I only played for about a few hours and after many resets, decided that I was bored of not passing the first level and am going to delete it.

Aleksandrs Mitins

Too hecking hard!! ?? I used all my defense max level and i still lost. 2 try i used machine guns max 4 of them almost won but lost!! Pleas update this game new guns pleas. Then i put full stars and Edit it!

steve gussan

This game is stupidly hard max out lvl everything and still cant pass lvl one stage 10

Stephen Bentley

Why? The first level is stupid hard, tried so many combos and still lost .... do not install

Anthony Wake

I like it but There's to many adverts and the game is way too hard. I can't even get passed level 1

jay robert colada

Good game Difficult to pass the first level,but a good game

Sebi Ciurdas

Cheap game Dont like it. Poor graphics.

Brett Strongquill

Terrible game This game is bad for its amount of levels and it's game play. First level is bad with the amount of vehicles that come abd not to mention the health they have. Why creat this game if you cant beat the first level. You seriously need to rethink your gameplay mechanics, and add a story line. This game is vague and terrible. And why do the gun keep missing the targets the ion cannon misses and takes for ever to shoot. By the time the next target comes it turns shoots and misses I hope your reading this maker.

Gerald Wright

Too hard and laggy One you get deep into level one, it slows way down and I can't even get past level one because of it.

Naeem Khan

AWESOME BRAIN BUSTER Very challenging.. I managed to get through to level 2 after a couple of tries.. overall not impossible.. I'm enjoying it.. people that can't get through to level 2 are thinking too hard.. ??

Johnny Dwyer

Not hard at all. Don't know why people are saying this is to hard. Guess they are the kind of people who quits when the going gets tough

Emy Fana

this game is crazy..i cant go to level 2 because at level 1 is very hard to win..i try any move but thats all no use..damn!!

Alex Olex

Good but there is a serious issue I liked the game, but sometimes guns are missing. That is ridiculous, i have a bunch of fully upgraged guns that just fail to apply damage! Didn't even manage to open level 2

Ryan Harp

WTF Way to hard can't even finish the first level

Raffz Lapaz

Yes yes hard level 1 Almost 1 week for me haha.

Gerald Davidson

Lvl 1 is hard I got to level 15 then I lost its almost impossible but the tan or brown tanks are really hard to beat and I had a lot of upgraded guns

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