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16 Mar

Posted by Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland in Transportation | March 16, 2016 | 148 Comments

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Get easy-to-access public transport information for South East Queensland with the official MyTransLink app.

This free app provides up-to-date bus, train, ferry and tram information. You can also personalise your travel information and save your favourite stops and services for quick future reference.

The app also features real-time information so you can see when your service will leave your stop based on actual travel time.

• Trip timetable: Follow your bus, train, ferry or tram trip while on-board. Set an audio or visual stop alert for your destination.
• Stop timetable: See the next services departing your stop with real-time information.
• Journey planner: Plan your bus, train, ferry and tram journey.
• Find stops: Find nearby stops, stations or terminals.
• My Services: Set your favourite bus, train, ferry or tram services to get notifications and updates.
• Feedback – provide feedback to TransLink about your app or journey experience via the feedback form directly in the app.

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For MyTransLink app conditions of use, visit

Prolonged use of GPS features can affect battery life and data usage.

Whats new

    Minor bug fixes

Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland part of our Transportation and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update March 16, 2016. Google play rating is 70.2857. Current verison is 1.0.618.491. Actual size 23.0 MB.

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Paul Brabston

Bit pointless No go card integration. What's the point of going through the process of adding your favourite stops when they can't be used in the journey planner? The journey planner is just loading the website. I can use the website for this. Lazy effort from translink. Even more disappointing considering the prices they charge.

Kent Bolton

Could have been great but misses the mark Disjointed effort using obscure codes to identify train lines, hard to find a route. Pretty much the same barely useful functionality of the website with GPS tracking added. I'd love to see a useful app designed for the average end user, not a railway employee.

Jensen Michael

slight problem this app treats Chermside interchange A B C & D as seperate bus stops making it difficult to review the interconectivity of each route. They should be treated as one stop.

Craig M

Join favorite stops and services to do quick searches Be brilliant of it had ability for me to pick one of my favorite stops and see which of my favorite services are due to come past next. Then I'd know if I have to run, walk, or spend a few more minutes before I leave. Current version shows every service at the stop, which at cultural center for example is hundreds!

Brett Watt

Horrible Very user unfriendly app. Better of using a paper timetable. It took a lot of effort to make this application so useless.

Cameron Zibell-Thomson

Bug found - continue Opened the app after installation, tapped continue. Error. Registration failed. Text node cannot appear in this state. Line 1, position 1.

Jeff D

Rubbish 2 trains cancelled and the app does not tell u. If you want app to update you forget it. I've edited some of this because I was very annoyed at the time. The app is good with great potential however it is only as good as the updates given to it by QR staff. Example: Train 30 minutes late (QR code for cancelled) APP did not provided details that trains running very very late or cancelled. Than, when following train arrived, I travel on it for 20 minutes when announced it would run express from Kuraby station to beenleigh missing my station.... VERY BAD VERY VERY BAD. App gave no hint neither did QR staff. Now, if my daughter was travelling on the train she woul dhave been stranded at Sunnyban station. In a nut shell, I ended up returning home from Sunnybanl because train never made it to Trinder park. I could have had the day off without leaving home!!!! If the app had provided useful data,

Denise Costello

Go Card?? It seems ok but would have expected an app like this to have a bit where you can log in check balance of go card etc as you can on the Web page

Julian Wealands

As others stated This is less useful and less accurate than google maps. What's the point of it existing? Just goes to show how disconnected our government has become.

Sam Hayes

It works fine, but a long way to go to 5 stars Functionally, you can tell this is a new app. There a few things to smooth over but overall, it does work. A few things that could be helped: when looking at a stops timetables, consider making the page scroll sideways instead of load when you wish to see more time. Feels much more fluid. Add satellite view to the map function. And the river cats path trace is super weird, but that's pretty minor. And please, use material design. Until that time, I'm going to stick to google maps.

Shane Cox

This is in no way user friendly. I want to go between 2 stations mid week continually. I need a degree to work this.

Conor O'Flaherty

Complicated, unintuitive and not quite ready What is downward/upward supposed to mean on the map view? Inbound or outbound? North or South? East or West? Dealing with the train stations on the maps is too complicated. Central station for example lists every platform individually. Depending on the time of day my train will stop on different platforms... Do I need to save each platform as a stop that my train potentially leaves from? Needs go card integration (third party apps include this). Needs a map view to see available services around you (see TransMob); it is available when searching for stops I suppose. The journey planner search is OK but just a reproduced interface for desktop devices. See TransMob or the Translink app for examples on making simple touch/phone friendly search interface. Being able to have stops saved would be good too so that I don't have to type them in. A map view showing where train services currently are on the map would be excellent (via real time data). Also the train routes; when trains show up they don't have FGBN or FGBR on them. They say Ferny Grove, Beenleigh, Roma St or Ipswich. The codes don't mean very much to your average person.

David Seamans

No go card integration So what's the point? I have google maps that does this better. I have uninstalled it until then.

Sara Owen

Won't let me add my favourite stops This app is irritating me quite a lot and is almost identical to the website which is easier to use. I keep getting a "unknown char" error every time I try to add my favourite stops and I can't zoom in on the map either it just keeps jumping out. Most transport apps are good but this one is shocking

Kevin O'Brien

To slow to load jp Slow but should get better well hope so as it could be great

Tom Robertson

Needs goCard integration The only real function this app has is as a journey planner, which can be simply done via the website anyway. Needs a lot more features like goCard balance and top-up. And the ability to see all service disruptions, not just the ones for the routes favourited. Other than that it's design isn't that bad.

Trevor Ward

My translink I've been waiting many years for something like this. Time is my most valuable asset, and standing at a bus stop not knowing when a bus will come is sooooo frustrating.

Sam Michael

Decent. But needs work. The swipe across feature on bus timetables is too sensitive. It's a problem because it often turns the page when all you want to do is scroll down. This could be fixed by changing the app to recognize complete swipes as opposed to partial swipes. With the emergence of mobile devices with NFC capabilities, you could consider allowing travelers to use their mobile devices to tap on and off instead of carrying around a go card. Austrlain banks have successfully allowed paypass use in mobiles in a similar way.

Colette Baker

Registration failed. Text node cannot appear in this state. Line 1 blah blah. That is as far as I get. Okay did that and it works. Now to find out bus times I have to know my route number. What happens if you don't know your route number? If you have never used the bus service or are new to the area you won't know route numbers.

Brian Appleford

Almost useless Hard to follow. Almost no useful off line information. No way to download timetables for off line use. Limited information on altered or cancelled services. No obvious way of deleting selected services.

Peter Comfort

Joke of a government depatment I think I don't like this app because i don't need to be told my bus is delayed. It always is. I guess that why I just drive now.

Timothy Bassett

Unless Doesn't actually give any accurate information ** Response to Translink response That's nice. Shame it's not accurate.

Vadim Peretokin

Love real time tracking The real time tracking feature was the single reason to install this app. However, please use 'natural sort' for the find route list - 61 and 66 should not come before 100.

Jay Killeen

No go card features NFC Go Card... Make it happen.

Danny Breen

Waste of space Why not have go card integration. Do this and it becomes half decent and actually useful

Rob Walter

Does the job. The last update took this from being useless to being a decent app. It's basically just a web browser with tabs on the side, but that's all you need!

Hetain Dagar

not quite there... We were promised real time info.. sure the app can tell me when I am 400 meters from a stop, but that isn't really what people want. What people want is to know when a particular bus service is due at a stop and to be alerted when it is x meters or x minutes away. Real time departure and arrival info, that is what people want. Go back to the drawing board with this app and try again please.

Sergii Soboliev

Great and very useful I like especially maps and see bus stops locations and stop numbers on a map, recent history of my searches and notification of the bus services

Tim Richter

Not much use Can't manage my go card with it? I think most people expect this feature

Jay De Saram

The app is great for my purposes. ..

simon commins

This app is the best! If I could give it more than five stars I would, works perfectly, so accurate, been waiting for something like this for years, get it!!

Adrian Supurmaniam

Failed registration Failed registration waiting for API.

Sanjeev Khumra

Very useful

Moses Majiwa

Mobile phone platforms Good attempt. Would love to see go card usage integrated in it. It's not available for other mobile phone platforms such as windows phones which is discriminatory. Should have a "delayed" status for a late bus rather than "departed" while it's yet to come. There is need for means of reporting lost items as well.

Mark Amanda Ellevsen

Can only see half the timetable! Timetable only allows on-the-hour selection, and with only 3 columns displayed, more than half the peak hour trains are never listed! Did anyone even test this thing?! FTR, Ferny Grove line.

Warwick Cox

Do some user testing Do you even use this thing? People want to get from point A to point B. Either now or in the near future. no one gives a rip about the info you have on here. Pretty poor effort of an app.

Scoon McPherson

Doesn't show bus ETAs, so not real-time. Also doesn't show bus locations, so have to trust data is accurate (it isn't). Also doesn't have ability to store go card details or top up.

Jason T

Looks good Seems nice and helpful so far. Not sure if the stop alert or push notifications work as I haven't tried them yet. Not sure how it will go in the bus way tunnels though. GPS doesn't work in the tunnel so the tracking is pretty pointless between the gabba and the city. Alerts are OK if you're outside. Would need a Wi-Fi network through the Busway for it to work that way. Otherwise it seems OK. Stop alerts work but with heavy drain on battery for GPS.

Mark Feodoroff

What's the point? No go card integration available, unlike the already available third party app. Without access to billing/account information this app become somewhat limited in its true application. Had this been released as a beta version 2 years ago, then maybe I would have scored more highly, but for an app if this era its very disappointing, particularly given the fan fare.

Gordon Hughes

Needs more improvements Is a decent application but really needs to integrate go card facilities to allow top up, check balance etc. Thought this would have been an obvious thing to include in the app?

Kai Willadsen

Similar quality to the bus service itself Real time update data is as fictitious as the timetable, so what's the point?

Karmin Piercy

pretty good i actually think its great easy to use , adding go card would be good but not a big deal as i never have issues and if i do i just log into a pc. i did notice today the real time feature was not acurate thought the bus had already left as the timetable flicked over to next time slots but thrn the bus turned up on the dot. not sure of i was just not using the right feature or it was inaccurate. the map feature showing all the stops and routes is fantastic. long time coming but i think its a great app

Francesco Brazzelli

Bus times are still completely wrong even with the gps data available. Buses show up at the station that are not shown on the app and vice versa. The app is also very clunky and counter intuitive to use, feels like it was designed 10 years ago. Thank you for the reply. Regarding the counter-intuitiveness of the app, and as a future improvement opportunity: as an example, I have setup a "My Stops" with a couple of bus stops that i normally use. Platform 1 is inbound, platform 2 outbound. when i click on platform 1, it show buses (inbound), all good so far. if i then click on a particular bus to see which stops it will go through, you then have to re-specify if you're looking at an outbound or inbound service. Since I was looking at the inbound platform, it would be handy that when you drill down into individual bus schedules, it shows you inbound services. Another useful addition would be, when clicking on a bus, to show you an overlay on a map of where the bus route will take you. this is especially useful if you are a tourist.

Sia Elemani

Great idea, but was it even tested? This is as fictitious as the bus time table. My bus was apparently "2 minutes" away for about 10 minutes, then it was "arriving" for another 5 minutes, then it just dropped off the feed. As usual, the bus was cancelled. My route has at least one cancellation per day (outbound in the afternoon) and I was hoping this app would actually deliver on notifying when services are cancelled. Catching the bus is a necessary evil in my life so I really hope this app gets better!

Alan L

It's ok but it needs work I would like to see the following - 1) An option to have my stops rather than my services as the default screen. 2) An option to rename the stops and services that you have starred. Also an option to reorder them. 3) An option to turn off alert sounds and be able to choose them. 4) the ability to where a bus is at on the map in real time or close to real time. 5) the layout and general look of the app could be better. At the moment it's ugly. Otherwise the app is pretty decent.

Chloe Manz

Fantastic! Very handy, you can input your favourite bus stops and train stations and it'll send you a little notification if your bus or train will be late/delayed/canceled/stuck in traffic. Excellent!

Thomas Carr

Journey planner needs work The journey planning is really disjointed. Making it more like the TripView app that City Rail have would improve it greatly. I find that the journey planner in TripView is simple and quick tp use.

Nikeytah Summers

AMAZING! This app is amazing! Not only has it been very acurate but its also very interactive, easy to use and self explanatory! Best app you guys have created so far!! (Samsung Galaxy S5)

awhatever mans

Real time buses? Could you display on the map the real time location of the buses in my favorites. No 119P ( not 199 my apols) I see you can list inbound or outbound against each bus but could you put a icon next to each listing - whether if is for a in or out bus. real time Map display limit to favourite buses or buses within a certain radius. eg 5 k

Travis Platz

It's alright It's ok but I agree with previous review how there should be go card integration otherwise I would just use something like moovit. NFC would be really good for this. Material Design would get it to five stars.

Ellen Jarrett

Basically it is just a timetable with the same info in that is at the stop. Not that the buses ever run to time (if they turn up)

Clinton Granshaw

Thanks Love it. Has been a huge help learning the buses as well as tracking journey while on it to know where to jump off.

Shangyang Guo

Not so bad. Wish could add functions such as managing go card.

Lee Meredith

It gives you the schedule and map routes. That's about it. I was hoping for the real time location of the bus as well as my GoCard information. Add that and it will be useful. EDIT: If you select your stop, then it will show the estimated time for the bus to arrive. This appears to be real-time, rather than scheduled. I was kind of hoping to see the bus on the map... but this is still useful.

Faye Merrylees

Seems ok but some routes missed The 201 and 205 bus routes are missing.

Jacob Scoob

Unnecessary permissions There's no need for you to need my app history.

Danielle Austin

Great but needs work Great app, saved many panic attacks, but one big downside is the lack of gocard log in like the Transmob app has. Add that & it'll be perfect.

Greg Hoy

The mystery of the disappearing buses. This app looks great but has a terrible problem of buses disappearing. You can see the bus on the app as it get closer to your stop, as you wait in anticipation to start your long trip home, only to refresh the app to see the bus has already past your stop. Did you miss the bus while intently look at your phone? You look around to see familiar faces that partake of the same bus service. All looking at the phones in bewilderment. But the app said the bus was just one stop away. 100 bus 4:35 from Myer centre

Mike Whelan

Pretty good but needs bus arriving announcement Makes it easier to work out if you've missed your bus or its just 20 mins late. Would help if you could tell the app to make announcement if the bus you want is 400m away. At the moment you can only get it to announce stops when you are on the bus.

Samuel Gay

Brilliant app! It makes me feel like I'm in the future. Forget timetables. The tracking tells you WHEN the busses are coming and it's rarely wrong. I leave home with confidence.

Michael Wilkins

Live updates? Live updates unless your bus is late or early or doesn't turn up. My bus is always late which makes this app redundant really. Odd. Cancelled buses just disappear from the screen?? Late buses constantly state 1minute until arrival then just vanish.

Luke Weier

Does the job, but there's many things that could be done better.

Ken Otsuji

Good so far Great app but one thing I would like to see is a NFC tap n go for phones for the go cards?

Jason T

Like the update. Update looks good. Only thing I would say so far is I'd like to see the option of hiding or shrinking the map when looking at the live tracker thing please.

Carmen McLucas

Fast and easy to use And so much better than using the old website.

Jason Vaughan

Most important feature broken Its completely useless now. The app force closes when I go to Find Stops.

Steven Hands

Good app that helps with planning trips and looking at regular/favourite routes and stops for Brisbane public transport. The App has a habit of deleting the shortcut on your screen when it is updated. A few quirky behaviours on the journey planner especially if you simply want to change the time for the proposed route as you need to enter all the details again. Very handy and helpful app.

Troy Smith

Quite good, needs go card options Quite a functional and pleasant to use app, but it would be nice to have options to see go card balances, or even use NFC enabled devices to use your account as a proxy go card

Daniel Brown

Good but missing go card info This app with fare prices and go card information for a registered card would be perfect.

Ellen Staley

Use it all the time.

Jack B

Nvm it's good

Bhavesh Panchal

Very useful

Stevie Br

Works but awful UI. Material design would be great, the routes need to make more sense. It should detect what station you are at, put in your destination and it should tell u when the next train is. Also the ability to calculate fair along with my current card balance so I know if I need to top up my card or not

Graham Galloway

Use it all the time Occassionally something vies wrong, usually when close to starting point of route, and can be annoying, but 98% of the time it is spot on. Would like to configure starting screen. On the whole My Stops would be the most useful.

Dean McClure

Better source of misinformation than the KGB Buses randomly go from 5 minutes to departing, drastically change order and generally misinform. This probably isn't the apps fault but if your information is that bad don't even bother publishing it, or give some indication of when it was last updated (on the bus-server end it already has phone-server end (also why can't this be pubsub?)) So we know how inaccurate the information is likely to be.

Sam Horn

Not without flaws Interface is a bit clunky, but does the job. 'My Services' is the default instead of 'My Stops', even through the latter is much more useful. The ability to give nicknames to stops would be very helpful, since it's difficult to tell bus stops apart from a glance. The real-time information for stops is great, but awkward to use for stations with 3+ platforms. The biggest omission from the app is a real-time map view, which would be hugely useful.

Jeff D

Great app To save confusion and annoying tourists, giving the coopers plains and beenleigh train different codes might go down better for all as sharinf codes misleading customers into believing there is a 15 minute service when it is 30

Kadison Spencer-Wilson

PLEASE ADD NFC INTEGRATION. Please Add Go card (balance check Etc.) and NFC integration (so we can use our phones as go cards, if go card machines are compatible)

Gemma Miller

Just ok Would be helpful if you could add go card login like the Go Brisbane app

Ulrich Wilsenach

Very weird naming conventions used in this app - totally confusing. For instance if you select: Timetable (Caboolture line) then say choose Albion station. All trains are listed. All good so to filter - say I am seeking all trains to the City: Click Directions drop down and you get these great choices: - “All Directions” (a useless filter) -or “Upward”. Now I know for sure that upwards is either into the sky or if I look at a map, upward would be to the North (using common sense and logic.) If I select "Upward" as a filter: I now see all the trains to Cleveland and Ipswich - which is NOT located in a Northerly direction from Albion. As there is no filter option for heading up the coast - I cannot shortlist trains to say Pietrie this way - solution fail. This issue is throughout the entire solution. I called helpdesk and they say "Upward" means "towards the City" - so if you go to say Central - the “Upward” filter is also there - weird as you are in the City... I suggest the filters are dynamic and use the same convention as is used at the stations: Use the last station on the specific line as the directional filter.

Nana Yurbisiness

Could have been great Unfortunately the times are still unreliable so it hasn't really solved the problem

Naomi Etheridge

Finally I know when the bus is ACTUALLY going to be at the stop - either early or late - and I know I won't be sitting at the stop wondering if the bus is still coming or has already gone. I've been using this app since it came out (several months ago) and I always check the BUS STOP data for when the buses are going to be at any given stop You can make a list of your common stops so they are easy to find; or use the map function to find a stop easily. Other reviewers who say the times are wrong are probably just looking at the normal schedule - you have to look at the live "bus stop" data.

Brian Pedersen

Thanks translink this is perfect for my needs only problem no way of finding how much is left on my card luckily.the first app on here by gunslinger does exactly that


It sorta lives up to it's promises From what I have seen within the app, train and bus times seem to be more of an estimate than real time update. Seen the time till it reaches my stop jump erratically by a few minutes at time....... this really isn't great as I live 1 stop out from my normal routes termination stop in one direction and always get off 1 stop from termination so times are not accrute. As others have mentioned, why is there still no go card integration? If this is done correctly we could use our phones as our go cards.

John Kenny

Poor app You need to find out to much information before this app is useful

Henry Venus

Its handy but It would be nice the have the go card built in and a section to tell you when the current bus/train/tram/ferry that you are currently on will arrive at each stop

Matthew Ferguson

Useless Wont work dont know why cant use it on my samsung s3 or iphone 4s

Dana Meynard

Needs more customisation It would be great if you could set all your stops and routes, and with a time window on each day you may travel that journey, so that you can filter to only see services that line up with your work start/finish times, instead of having to filter through all the services during the day you arent going to use :)

David Klaverstyn

I like it Easy to use and gives you the information required.

Amey Sonawane

ADD NFC PLEASE I'd love if you could use your smartphone as a go card, instead of having to bring go cards around. I understand there are security factors involved but please consider the idea. Also, update the Ui to Material design please

Danny Breen

Waste of space Why not have go card integration. Do this and it becomes half decent and actually useful.....only been 5 months and still no integration

Pavel Shageev

Wrong schedule App provides wrong information about bus arrivals. It shows '10 minutes left... 9' and next update '1minute scheduled' and I missed the bus, next one in 30 minutes

Harsh Bavishi

GPS faults The route and travel information is excellent, however the app doesn't register well with the GPS on my phone... Haven't had this issue with any other map based app.

Natasia Flynn

Could be better Clunky, unattractive and the app keeps disappearing from my phone desktop. But at the same time it is a useful app. It just needs to be a bit better.

Shelly Holland

Cannot even find QSAC The main stadium in Queensland and I can'tevenfind it

Nathan Kimber

No platform description. In journey planner it does not provide a platform to catch busses or trains from.

Chaanya Fernando

Did I miss the bus? The app is great and has saved me a lot of confusion along the way! However if a bus is late it, what the app shows me is that I seemed to have missed it. Happened today with the 375 due at 3.09 pm at Stafford Central. The bus showed up about 5-6 mins late. By this time, the app states that its about 4 stops away.

Fathia Sabrina

Need an upgrade It will be better if I can login and check the balance with this app

Qwerty Ytrewq

Really useful This app is really handy to have around especially for anxious people like me. It helps me accurately plan my trips and find out when busses are running late. Some suggestions would be to have a manual update button, go card tracking and the ability to choose how long it takes the app to stop automatically updating. Otherwise still a great app that I'd recommend for every commuter.

Alice Kay

Doesn't help me I already know what time my buses come I need to know where the bus is. 3 buses didn't turn up with no warning or excuse what so ever. FIX THIS

Rebekah Whelan

The maps are small when looking for your stop in Live Tracker but otherwise it is easy to use. Only wish there was a Go Card feature to check balances and stuff.

Dylan Turner

Useful but slow and annoying student notification Good idea let down by design and slow

Michael Stephens

Usually ok, until updates Just missed a bus due to this app saying bus was 14 mins away, then disappeared for a second, then came back saying 2 mins away. Funny how it worked fine this morning, until I did an update that said bug fixes.

Feras Abou Moghdeb

Realtime & Go Card The app solved a key problem for Brisbane commuters by using realtime comms. I hope the next version brings in a Go Card account management tool.

Dan McMillen

Go card finctions I use the 'go brisbane' app, paid $4 or $5 for it cause the translink app was so bad. I only read own loaded it for the go card functions like check balance and history which I cannot find anywhere. So I should say I have not given this app a chance as far as looking up times goes because translinks ineptitude pushed me to pay for an app that does that. My review is based on the removal of the go-card lookup feature that was removed. I guess this is not the same as the translink app, which I can't find

Shari Matthews

Update the simple things like a route map So far its crap. Just downloaded to check for next bus and once i found the bus the route on the map is wrong. Extremely sad considering this route changed toward the end of last year. Pick your game up or the app is gone.

Stuart Brown

Error message When trying to open i get an error message: Registration failed. Text node can not appear in this state. Line 1, position 1. Have no idea what that means.

Henry Venus

Its handy but It would be nice the have the go card built in and the ability to nickname stops like "Home Bus Stop" or "Work Stop"

Max Beta

UI needs more work (needs a prominent Next/Previous button instead of swiping for times). Where's the inbound/outbound option? Mark express services with an E symbol or something to make searches easier.

Tony Mason

Not yet used... But can you allow it to be moved to an SD card please

Sandra Paul

The app is awesome with keeping me up to date with haven't missed a bus since using it thank you TransLink for making it

Laurent Landreau

Where is city glider timetable? Looked to add bus 60 blue city glider in my preferences, found nowhere!!

Sam Armstrong

Good try, but just give up Google maps does everything better. The only thing that is "supposedly" better here is the real time information. I'll tell you now, the information is NOT real time. I want to know if my bus is behind at the time. There's no point if it tells you 2 hours later that your bus is an hour late. EDIT: the 435 from Queen St is regularly cancelled with no notice. The bus just doesnt show up. Quite pathetic really.

Alberto Nunez

I feel sorry for those who are not mobile app savvy. So non intuitive. Bad design. The main page should describe the functionality. The most useful functions are My Journey and My stops. How these work is not clearly explained. When you first get the app you just get a blank page. I work in IT and test apps all the time and it was not easy to follow and understand the full potential of the App. If it had more information on the first page on hot to use it you would probably see an improvement in user reviews and general customer satisfaction.

Clinton McGregor

Good idea, disruptions not specific enough Good to have everything in one place but disruptions notifications are not specific enough to be useful. I'm told a train departing at manly at x time is delayed / express / whatever. But how am I supposed to know which train at my stop that is? Need to record stops I use and time I travel and tailor the information to really be of any use.

Angela McHardy

Good start This is a good start to an app. It allows me to save favourite stops on particular routes that I travel with real time info on when trains are due. Love that. It could do with some basic user experience improvements though. You shouldn't be using train route ids for refining a search but should use the description. You shouldn't use upwards or downwards but instead populate the final station or something as an indicator of direction (when refining). It is hard to navigate home or around the app quickly

Ash G

So far so good My usual 563 is normally late with the school runs- anywhere between 2-20mins. Today, while the bus was only 2 mins late, the app showed it. Let's see how it goes with the after school run...

Larry Chand

Good Idea Needs real time tracking like Uber Having this app is a good idea but would help if it was more accurate as it has delays to each bus stop and having an easier layout with Go Card options it also needs real time gps tracking to see where the bus or train is. This app would be handy if these were fixed. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

Michael Fearn-Wannan

Bad in so many ways Times are wrong, bus stop alarm doesn't work, horrible navigation. If you rely on this app you will miss your bus and miss your stop. So very bad.

Nick Henry

Pretty handy It would be really handy if you save the selected trip from the journey planner and get an alert when it was time to leave.

Brad Smith

Painfull Selecting my stops is difficult. Would it be possible to filter by service type? Also, why must I select a platform at each station? Adding a feature for regular trips would be great. So I select station a and station b. I can then get only the services that take me from a to b, then you can tell me the platform, and I could then click the service for real time info.

Neeraj Parshotam

Hello Its an ok app, hard to use however. Being used to TripView, this app feels a bit clunky. Be good to be able to choose your location (nearest station or stop) and select destination. With that a list of services throughout the day and night for that service. Be user friendly like Tripview

Toneblind Colourdeaf

Needs one more feature This app is useful for finding routes when out and about, but I shouldn't have to reenter my search just because I wanted to play an album, take a call, or message people to tell them when I'm arriving. It needs to be able to save a journey plan.

Rogers The

God awful The UX makes no sense. If there was another option I would be using it.

Carmel Egan

Reliable, excellent! Gives accurate information that I can rely on for work commutes. Especially love the route alerts and updates via sms.


A wealth of information Excellent app with up to date and accurate information. Only thing I could suggest is the ability to create home screen shortcuts to my stops and my services.

andrew cusack

Can't even get a timetable app right This app is rubbish. All you want is to know when the next few trains are leaving from your station and this app makes it near impossible. Who designs this crap?

Nua Hoeft-David

Works for me Hasn't let me down yet. I have many fav routes from many different stops. Very helpful.

Sameer Kulkarni

Sameer Kulkarni Go card integration would be great. Also real time status of train/Bus would be fantastic.

Morgan Wright

Good Its okay, needs to have gocard capabilities as well then it would be well rounded


I like this version lot more This is a much better and useful app. Especially I like the marking favorites by bus number and bus stop. Next click it show me the next ETA! Which safe me from missing any bus or train.

David Parry

Go Card When will we be able to check go card details and possibly use our card via the app. Have not used yet but from what I have checked out looks pretty good shy of go card.

Ross Dawson

Real time arrival Great app. Select route then stop and it gives you real time arrivals, so you know how late it's running or if you've missed it. Fantastic app does everything it should.

Dylan O'Regan

Good but could do with a live tracker

Gabriel Baron

Really convenient Save lots of time using this app, you can set your favorites stops and buses. Real time updates is the best !!!

Tim Richter

Not much use Can't manage my go card with it? I think most people expect this feature

Greg Miller

G Worst app look at Sydney app easer to use

Chris Taylor

Real-time is not very accurate . Says my bus is "1 min" away for 10 minutes

Dean Barker

TransLink? The name is deceptive. This isn't the trans-friendly version of Tinder at all, I'm very disappointed.

Kumamoto Ryan

Never guides a convenient route. Normally suggests several routes but none of these are simply convenient as I found myself, for the most convenient way is neglected by this app. Often leads me to get off the bus 2 or 3 stops earlier and then I walk a longer way.

Patrick Wood

Not linked to live services App gives route suggestions based on scheduled timetables not actual bus locations. Frustrating to see buses go past that you could have caught - this is most notable at major hubs like Queen Street Mall and King George Square. Suggestions can be weird, be careful. App is 10 years behind Sydney and Melbourne!

Pedro Dodero Escalante

Needs actual real time info The map doesn't show where your bus is in real time.

Nelson Handcock

Good but Missing some services Doesn't look like all services on the train service to ipswich are listed by the app. Eg. The service departing central at 3.38pm weekdays does not seem to be included on the app timetable but the services either side are.

Jörn Guy Süß

This app is only successful because there is no good competition. Here are its limitations: 1) Architecture This app is built on HTTP-Pull. This means it constantly queries the server and still does not get the latest information in a timely manner. A logistics app should be built on a messaging architecture like MQTT, not on expensive and slow REST. 2) Integration Integration between connection search and on-vehicle navigation is non-existent. An embedded browser without context is used. With MQTT re-query, re-plan and update could be done on the server side. 3) Reliability The journey tracking and stop announcement are flaky, despite them being absolutely essential. Arrival data seems skewed and unclear, and feels like a political stunt at times. 4) UI The UI is disjointed. Functionality like sorting the stop list relative to location, or storing the route direction with the preference are missing. A casual user needs a course to navigate it. Ask Apple about this UI. 5) Project Management This app is dead: no updates and improvements are coming. No wonder it`s unavailable to tourists because of its google play market settings. Let the strangers walk in the dark.

Rob Addison

Wrong times Disgraceful app.. times are wrong don't count on app to travel anywhere

Angelo Silvestre

More features please I wish that you guys will develop an app that can connect/link/replace go card with electronic nfc on phone.

Glenn jones

Slow Dose not see all bus services in cbd

Angus Campbell

Amazing Best app I've used in a long time. Helps me get around a lot better then using the internet site

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