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13 Jan
Mystery Island 2 Free

Posted by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. in Puzzle | Jan. 13, 2014 | 58 Comments

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Embark on an exciting adventure where you help Alex and Lisa back to the future through the mysterious Gates of Fate! Engulfed by the strange gate, they have been transported into the past and separated by a decade gap. Find clues and hidden objects, solve challenging puzzles, and bring them home safe and sound in The Treasures of Mystery Island 2: The Gates of Fate!

Alex and Lisa have been sent back in time and separated across different decades. Help them return to the present in this epic hidden object puzzle adventure! You must acquire clues that will lead both Alex and Lisa back to the Gates of Fate, with the required artifacts to open the portal and return home! Their fate lies in your hands, guide them through this epic adventure in The Treasures of Mystery Island 2: The Gates of Fate!

- 14 exciting chapters
- Vibrant yet mysterious locations to explore
- Fun mini-games
- Tons of quest items to find
- Beatifully animated cutscenes

Alawar Entertainment, Inc. part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Jan. 13, 2014. Google play rating is 78.7853. Current verison is None. Actual size 0 bytes.

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valerie small

Frustrating The first one was great. This one had a blank screen at the cave after the museum. I tried reinstalling but that did not work. Its hard to rate what you can't finish. Please get me past this glitch. Awaiting your response.

Ashley Williams

Stuck at "find what's behind the FAN" task Have cut wires to shut fan off and found all objects in house and hint just keeps directing to the fan but I can't click on it....please help!

Erica Lesley-Thigpen

Game white screen don't waist your money I get to part where guard takes tile into cavern it then goes into the floor that entire room turns white so can't go further into game. Please fix or refund money although I know you'll do neither the first game in this series gets stuck as well won't let you glue antlers on. Very disapointed if you fix the issue I'll give 5 stars until then only get 1 what a waste if money.

Bugz Zee

Hmm I love this game but the ability to unlock chapters is faulty. It worked once and after that it stopped. I have filled my phone with offers and still no free chapter.? Id have given 5 stars.. but only having okayed half of it.. and no ability to EARN like it says I can.. took stars away..

Mohamad Alfakir

Good gameplay and music This is really a hidden object game, no more but fun to play. Writer tied storyline to puzzles nicely. Only issue is that breaking up an object into tiny little pieces makes it impossible to figure what you are searching for. You resort to just random clicking on screen. It gets only 1 star because the screen turned white at the temple chapter so I am stuck now.

David Rhee

Nice Simple game play. Hints aren't that great. But still fun

Jade Parnell

Brilliant I love this game its its really good. Would recommend to anyone. The only thing is, is that there is no music and I would of liked to hear some and the hints ain't very good. But apart from that I'm gone buy it. Thanks. please make more games like this but keep them pretty cheap tho OK :-)

Heather Lancaster

Love it Have played previous 2 games and this one is just as good......simple love it. Update, have reached temple as Alex and just have a mostly white screen........please fix alawar as I am/was really enjoying this story/game. So frustrating.

Jane Ripley

Mystery island Down load reload far into it then turned white can't find anything in a whiteout reloaded then it wiped out to the beginning please fix all the glitches so I can enjoy the game gezzzz I paid for!!!!!!!you would think after doing the review a year , ago you would fix the glitch going into cave on right still a white screen REALLY!!!!!!!!! Don't you people read the reviews and fix? Obviously NOT!!!!!!!

Dana Wernette

Need a zero button The WORST game ever. Will not let me pickup last sticker so have to quit and uninstall after paying. Not even worth starting over. In summary: tedious, boring, stupid, just one bigger HOS. Pieces impossible to find. Hints worthless. Story line moronic. Shd have heeded the other reviews

Gina Tucker

Loved the game Loved the game. Awesome mind puzzle. Hated having to install unwanted apps on my tablet just to continue playing for free !!!

Ashdon Fitzgerald

Alawar games Looks great I have not played it yet !. But I felt I have to comment on this . there is a lot of negativity about this free (YES FREE GAME) game if your tired of all the ads pop ups use your brain like I do (and I am 10 years old!) put it in to aeroplane mode and no pop ups . Simple so stop commenting on here moaning about ads. your getting it for free . there has to be some le-way some where . I wanted to read what people had put about the game and how it plays instead most of you are moaning.

Nagwa Khalil

Can't finish game When you get to the last part of the game, the temple, there is a problem with the graphics. Everything is white so you don't see what to search for. Completely ruined the whole game fir me.

Ann Connell

So far it's okay... Changed mind it's fraudulent It just doesn't give clear clues and it's left with just lucky guesses....Again as with a lot of Alwar games you download horrible apps to continue and don't get credit for it = fraud

Karen Houck

Hours of fun I've played the game all the way through and I really liked it. The only thing I would have to say is I wish the clues were better. I do like that there is the option of skipping some puzzles, that's if they are too hard for you.

Mimmee Biwo

Excellent game i was enjoy and have fun with this game,it's pretty good game

Pauline Tansley

Mystery island two Very good game except for the pop ups that pop up in the middle of the game and if you miss the x it down loads the game and then you have to re start tablet to get rid of it

Lillias Oram

So far so good. Alawr have certainly used a different concept for the old HO games. Very clever. Will update, if I finish

Maliaka Jackson

A- The game was good except there was one room that just showed white on my screen. I couldn't see the items I was looking for. I had to just keep tapping all over the screen until I found them all.

Rachel Stefano

FAR superior than the first one Excellent game! I didn't care too much for the first one, but this more than makes up for it. The puzzles are unique and even the ones that are not, are more fun and challenging than the norm. The only (small) complaint I have is that it takes a little too long to jump from scene to scene. Highly recommended!

Canvaus Miller

The game was going good then it won't let me pick the one piece to go on with the game and I payed for this game need help with moving on

Suzan Benefield

Game is fun but after installing AND testing a game to unlock another chapter, it didn't work so getting rid of this game

Rhian Blain

Fun to play but bugged Really enjoyed the game and brought the full version; but now stuck due to a bug so can't finish it! Annoying

Michael Hughes

Above average Good game, little bit harder than the first game(if you play without hints). Only down side is after you PAY for the full game you still get pop ups, come on guys that's a little naughty and a little greedy.

Katrina Moore-Griffin

Mystery Island 2 My kind of game! But trying to download enough apps to earn the game is ridiculous! I don't think I have any memory left. Don't even offer the option to earn the game. I think I would be much easier to just buy it!!!

Susan Anthony

Acer 500 I really enjoyed this game. Smooth play not too corny. You don't have to backtrack a lot and some of the things you have to pick up or use make you work for it. Well done Alawar, as usual

Abigail Leighton

Great but.. Great game but I believe I'm on the last part and iv earned aka downloaded 3 apps to unlock the next chapter but it hasn't unlocked

Loraine Barnes

Great game...but.. Works fine on my S4...but have had to restart it twice on my Galaxy tab due to a white screen!! Not happy :-(

Danielle Denty

Great game but glitches Great game. I've been playing it together with my son. But we are on the section with the ancient temple and the whole section when u click on the right path is all a white screen. All of the pieces that need to be found are white blocks...we cannot go any further. Hope a fix can be found. We are playing on an Asus tablet If you find a fix...would den give five stars

Gayle Nelson

Lots of fun. Glitched several times and had to start over, but was lots of fun.

Armen Guleserian

Good game Hints are not as easy to understand as other games I have played but the overall story is good.

D Horn

Great. Very good graphics. I did not want the game to end. Love it.

Katrina Lynn

Very fun game Very fun game but could use some improvements. Hints were relatively worthless sometimes and resulted in just meaningless poking in frustration. Other than that, the story was great as were the puzzles.

Aiden Ryker

Must be an idiot Try to apps to continue playing but it never are crap and nit with the them if you support terrorism

linda banfield

Annoyed Was really enjoying this game until I reached chapter 11 when the screen went white and I can now go no further. Really annoying as I have paid for it!!!!

Jeanette Perry

Cannot complete game Game was going well until last level, everything in one room was white....reading back through previouse reviews this problem has been there since 2013......shame on you, pls read players comments

Emma Cloke

Great puzzles! Great puzzles, unfortunately the graphics in the cut scenes do not run fast enough but overall an enjoyable game!

Yolanda Harris

SUCKS If there was a score lower than 1star I would rate it. Dont bother or waste your time. The controls are unresponsive, the hint button is a joke. very disappointing.

Sarah Ngo

The game stop, and gave you blank pages in the middlle of the game, other than it is very interesting Thanks

Natalie Rahme

Does not allow me to earn extra chapters. The game is decent. Graphics and storyline are ok. I've downloaded sponsor apps to earn the next chapter but the app still does not unlock it respond. 5 stars if fixed, otherwise don't waste your time downloading unless you want to purchase the full version.

Kathy Pineda

white screen I was loving this game even thinking favoriteand I play a lot of them...But same problem asothers white screen please fix..looked for update so hoping its being gixed

Deborah Jones

Not happy, I paid for the full game and there is a glitch in antique shop. I unbolt ed the fan and it won't let me get box. Please refund my money as I really was looking forward to playing this game.

Trini Stark

Treasure of mystery island gates of fate Search for hidden tiles to activate the gates to travel in time to stop a volcano from erupting and save the island and its natives. Really much better than the first one. I can't wait for number 3 I hope its as good as 2

Megan Burns

Cant finish. I tried the free version then unlocked from within the game... I got to the area where you have to light up the hidden room and now I cannot go any further because it keeps telling me to find the light in the hiddem room . Well I did that and now it seems stuck or something. . I have done everything short of uninstalling and starting over, which I refuse to do! I do not want to go through all these levels all over again cause your game has a glitch.. refund please?!?

P. Khabbaz

Buggy Although an improvement over the first one, this one let's you get near the end & freezes up. After reinstalling & replaying twice I was again on the last couple chapters when the whole game erased itself. Really & truly sick of this game I cannot complete.

Peggy Wong

Beware! Buggy! Game is definitely much better than the first one. However, it lost my progress first early on. At the time I'd just purchased the full version within the game after testing the free version briefly, so I thought that was the cause. However, I just got well into Chapter 10, carefully exiting out, and came back in to find it had reset all the way to the beginning! I can't start all over again, so uninstalling.

Shanta Reese

I am mad as he## I paid for this game, every time I get out of the app to go do something and come back it starts me all the way back to the beginning! Y'all need to do something about that.......... Beside that I like the game. Do better and you will get better score!

Dave Ares

You bugged me so here it is I paid for the game to be unlocked and the advertising hasn't stopped. The game would get high marks but for that. I bailed on Hulu because of the ads. If I'm paying for something, I expect the advertising to stop. That's the difference between shareware and full version.

TC Cantwell

Great game, keep them coming. Really one of the best I've played. Great game, do not like being reeled in and not being able to complete the game right away. You either have to buy the game or wait daily for new level which really makes me irritated.

Anthony Feller

I have had the same problem aa others. The white screen at the temple. To get past it I just had to keep tapping around till I got what I needed. Fix this and the next part in the mine. In the hidden room after I have the matches I went over the light switch and it turned on but it's saying that it didnt so I cant get anything else. So right now I will never be able to finish the game and I love it. Will actually consider getting others if you fix these problems.

B E Smith

Mystery Island 2 Very disappointed. First one was great also the third one. This one keeps freezing ,crashing and rebooting my device.

Veron Faith

Great game Nice graphics. Takes a while to download but its worth it not too easy but not hard either. Music is annoying tho but overall great game I'm having fun.

Roxann Burr

Irritating I liked the game until the blank scene!! How am I supposed to finish the game if I can't see what I'm doing!?! Either fix it or give me a refund, please.

Ailbhé Brennan

Keeps crashing The game crashed midway and is full of bugs. Don't waste your money.

M S.V.

Great games without bugs!! The only not so excelent aspect is the people's graphics. And the dialogues are only written. But the game is very interesting! Worth the buying.

Christine buell

Want to love... And would but keeps crashing at pivotal moments. Grr. Fix this and you'll have at least 4 stars!!

Nan Sands

Locked up twice. Loved it to that point. The level with the all white screen is way too long.

Sara Passarella

Frustrated Near the end & shredder button not working! Please fix!! Otherwise fun game!!

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