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10 Aug
MySpeed (TRAI)

Posted by Mobile Seva in Communication | Aug. 10, 2016 | 40 Comments

Apk file size: 4.7 MB

This application allows you to measure your data speed experience and sends the results to TRAI. The application captures and sends coverage, data speed and other network information along with device and location of the tests. The app does not send any personal user information. All results are reported anonymously. While this application gives TRAI details of your data experience, sending a report to TRAI does not constitute a complaint. In case of poor experience, users are requested to register a complaint with their network service providers.
Requires Android 4.3 and up

Whats new

    New and improved app icon for better discovery
    Enhanced efficiency and reduced memory usage
    Dynamic server mapping with dynamic links based on operator for testing
    Performance improvements and bug fixes

Mobile Seva part of our Communication and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 10, 2016. Google play rating is 80.4955. Current verison is Actual size 4.7 MB.

Download myspeed-trai.apk 4.7 MB


Naresh Bharat

Wrong Speed Result The speed test performed by this app is not at all reliable. Speed result shown is 3 times more than the speed actually Iam getting. Hence did not sent any report to TRAI. Now I can understand why net speed is not increasing in India. TRAI thinks via this app that every operator is giving awesome speed to customers and hence they are allowed to increase data tariffs. But in reality we are not able to get even the half of the mentioned speed by operators.

Ankit Shrivastava

Does the job For all those complaining that this app gives the wrong results, please first know the difference between bits and bytes. 1 byte = 8 bits. This app as well as your ISP measures internet speeds in megapbits per second or kilobits per second because that is the convention. A lot of you are reading it as megabytes and thinking that it is wrong. Also, it you'd read the details within the app you'd know that this app does not send any complaints to TRAI, only speeds. Contact your ISP for registering a complaint.

Soubhadra Kayal

Is this app also made by the corrupted It shows 65 to 70 Mbps speed on jio4g and on my Wifi shows 1.8 to 2 Mbps. But in real browsing & downloading I get 20 times faster speed on my Wifi than jio4g. * Digital India = making fool digitally. If you have same problem, like my comment & rate the app

C. S. Joshi

Wrong speed detection We have a broadband connection of 512 Kbps. When I use the TRAI app for testing: 1.  During the testing the app shows to achieve a speed of 0.6 or 0.7 Mbps, which is way too high than what we practically get. 2. The max upload speed we can get is 0.25 times the download speed, however the app shows a download speed of 30 Mbps, which is way tooooo high.

Ritvik Beli

Amazing App, pretty accurate like Ookla Those of you demotivated by the negative reviews pls. note the difference between Mb and MB. Mb = megabit, MB = megabyte. This app records in Megabits. So whatever is your reading x0.119 will give you result in megabytes, and x122.07 will give you result in kilobytes. FYI 1byte = 8 bits. Contribute to TRAI, help them know that broadband is very poor in India

Pravin Bagul

बकवास This app shows the 14 mbps speed of jio net . At that i am downloading the software update which is only 144mb. it takes 15 minutes to download. TRAI don't fool us pl. Remove this crap from app store. IF POSSIBLE I WILL GIVE (-)1000 STAR TO THIS CRAP APP

Mohit Jain

Lies unmeasured This app has just been made to beat the competitor like ookla. This app said it will send reports to TRAI, so it does. But just a blank report?? A report stating only the speed of the internet and not a written problem stating the difficulties. It doesn't know the plan we have and the speed we are getting. What will it improve on? If i have 3G vodafone internet and i am getting speed of 2G, how will it understand that I have a 3G plan. App been designed to fool us and win over competition. Here, generate re

Bambi Bramesh

Good but can't change to ISP name It's good we can track and report internet speeds directly to TRAI and I'm sure the ISPs would be cautious to provide speeds as specified. One concern is that this App picks up the WiFi router name as service provider and won't let me edit and that's totally waste of efforts if it won't reflect or capture data under my ISP name "ACT CORP"

ankesh raj

Simple n Accurate A decent hassle free app to test connection speeds. Though further addition like links to complaint forum are needed......N those who r complaining about the app being inaccurate kindly note that the speeds are being measured n displayed in Mbits and not MBytes...

Hangs Everytime Not able to complete test even a single time. The app hangs, when exiting getting message "script is running". This bug must be fixed immediately. I am using lyf flame 1 mobile set

Anind Mandal

You should take action on mobile network. My idea 3G downloading speed mostly about to 120 - 150 kb/s. Your app also a garbage. It shows that my downloading speed is 4 to 5 mb/s and uploading is 1.5 to 2 mb/s. If its shows real speed of my network then why my downloading speed is low.

Deepanshu Soni

Useless speed unit MegaBits/Second Friends; Don't get confused between [Mbps]"MegaBits/Second" & [MBps]'MegaByts/Second' because this app show speed in a out of trand unit 'Mbps' that is a smaller unit then "MBps" which is currently in use. Now days, Every electronic data that we download or upload sizes in MBps. So this app is useless till they don't provide option for changing data units.

Wrong Test Results. App showing RSL at -63 dBm where as phone's inbuilt tool shows it at -98 dBm. Similar is for speed results. This app quotes results of over 16 Mbps(m bits) download speeds but at same time, downloading a file of size 4 MB(m bytes) takes over 5 mins. Tested with jio sim on my moto g4+.

Nitesh Gupta

Good app but needs improvement It's a good app. Shows true speed but it is not able to detect operator name when the speed is slow or even using 2G network. It may be a problem when someone wants to send data to TRAI because it doesn't show operator's name. Hope they fix it soon.

Not able to identify Vodafone Network This app is not able to identify Vodafone network and the test shows improper result when tested for Vodafone network. It showed the download speed as zero and upload speed as 2.65 Mbps. Works good for Airtel. I would suggest using speedtest app gives accurate result.

sanket patole

Great initiative and nice app And for all those idiots who are complaining about incorrect results, this app shows results in Mbps (mega BITS per second) whereas your browser, download manager and even play store displays speeds in MBps (mega BYTES per seconds). 1 BYTE = 8 BITS. Therefore 1 MB = 8 Mb.

Faisal Ahmad

Totally waste of time..Uninstallating... Download & upload speed is fake .Report is not considered as a complaint against the operator by trai. Actually none cares of customer. Hence there is no meaning of downloading this app. Then where to lodge complain when trai itself not cares about customers.

Gitesh K

Scope for improvement An excellent app sply for initial versions. The concept itself is praise worthy. Simple & accurate. Everything has scope for improvement and I'm sure developers will develop this app to its full potential. Many good suggestions are given in several feedbacks. But those few ungrateful morons with 1-2 star ratings should just install something else full of ads or buy a paid version or maybe read up a little before leaving stupid feedbacks. 3 cheers to TRAI - one of best regulatory authorities in the world.

Suresh Zayden

Waste of time Don't get this app, it's fully interrupted application, which is not stable in the speed.. it alternatively shows each and every time in the same place where I get a maximum of 2Mbps while I download.. but it shows only 600kbps while I test the speed....

Aslam C A

It's doesn't take any action It's doesn't take any action against mobile operator,,due to issue against mobile internet speed. please don't try to fool peoples, we were hate trai rules,we were hate your services, get lost trai.

aRUN Varghese e

Great application Great application to analyse what exactly is the speed of data. Hope the analysis done is used for scrutinising the quality of service and gaps it's rightly filled. Now looking forward to have an application which analyse the question quantum of data usage. The way the mobile operator charges on quantum is questionable. Great move trai.

Sayantan Choudhury

Fixed game between TRAI and JIO If possible I must give this (-5).When it measures download speed of just 0.12 mbps but finally it shows 2-3 mbps. Govt ko vi bech diya jio ke liye,shame on you guys.

Ashwini Tripathi

Fool making app Things which are clearly visible this app reports wrongly. Even this app fails to submit result due to poor network, mobile shows no network, no browsing but app says 2 mbps speed. Means if you believe this app report throw your mobile.

Shrikanth Aithala

Please show aggregate data on map I prefer this app to the Ookla speedtest app, because this app makes the crowd-sourced average internet speed data public which Ookla does not. However, one has to visit the myspeed site on a browser in order to view the aggregate data since this app only shows my individual test data. Please incorporate the aggregate data in the app, since visiting the web site is inconvenient, especially on a mobile browser.

Vishal Viswanathan

Worst app worst results I get 1kb/sec when I download at the same time when I use this speed test it shows 35MB download rate and 17MB. This is the reason why India is still lagging in technology development.

Shivshankar Sharma

Good work but very slow Want to give more star but have some issues that's are-- first it does not upload speed when signal are too much poor. It shows internet not available. It is not good. Second the app has not arrangements to make complaint for network operator. Third is. It should try to make give compencessin for customer. Fourth. Quality can be batter.

Amardeep Singh

Whats use if u can not register complaint Whats use if u can not register complaint against companies fleeing customers. This is like a lollypop chooste raho khush raho. Or TRAI officers r hand in glove with service providers which is y no action is taken. There r loads of better apps to test speed line ookla. This one is useless unless TRAI takes action over data collected thru this app.

Mohammad Aziz Chouhan

It showing more than5mbps while my internet's actual speed is not more than 35 kbps This app is totally is a mixed scam by jio and government.

Shivam Rai

Best The ones saying this a bad app must improve their knowledge. Results must be multiplied by 122 to get speed in kbps and by 0.12 to get speed in Mbps. TRAI must work on the stability of the app. Its also not showing the network provider name and the stats are not being send saying network unavailable.

Prashant k.t.

How our Govt makes fool to us What is the need if this app if you can't make a complaint . there are many speed test apps better than this one. My idea internet us really bad it disconnects 1000 time within half hours even i pay for 3g and i get speed even less than 2g. When we test speed on this app network shows unknown. Nothing is big deal making this app. Stop fooling public trai g

Ankit bhadarka

Not working Yar app ka maksad to achha hai par yeh app work hi nhi karti. Sirf uploading speed test hoti bad me aage kuchh nhi hota.

Pravin Jadhav

Perfect!!! shows very precise reading.. on wifi as well as GSM network! Now everybody will knows how thier internet service providers making them fool by putting just * ( which means conditions are applied on FUP )


You are so bad...trai You are not done legally action for telecom company's. Telecom company's are not done minimum data speed . I have sent to you report but you are not solve this problem. You are failear. Please do something...

मंगेश बाबर

Shows wrong result When I checked speed of internet it shows 5 mbps for Jio. But reality Jio giving speed less than 500 kbps. Even whats app photo could not be easily download

Gyanendra Arya

Telling wrong speed. I observed that when I try to measure 3G internet speed, suddenly idea 3G speed enhanced from 0.2 k/s to 362 k/s. Either provider make us foolish or app is wrong. If provider is befooling us, TRAI sud make efforts to provide 3G Speed.

Viswa Kumar

Nothing wrong We people are in habit of criticizing govt for everything. Atleast they taken initiative compared to previous corrupt looters. This app gives exact info. Nothing wrong with this.

Mahesh Bhoir

Showing fake internet speed This app is in favor of telecom operators and literally showing fake 3g and 2g speed I am using Mi4 device and it has inbuilt internet speedometer at the notification bar when this app shows the speed of 5 - 6 mbps my phone shows only upto 500kbps speed

I checked speed simultaneously in this app and on my computer this app did show 5mbps download speed actually I was getting 80 to110 kbps for more than 15 minutes I use jio on Lyf phone even though speed is bad... This app ssems to be dishonest while showing and submission of the speed reports

Bhuvaneshwar Singh

I think it's not working properly Recently I check my wifi network speed. and I got result 1.68mbps download and 0.89 mbps upload ?. But the actual think is my download speed 150-190 kbps. So I can't understand ? why I got result up to 800% more than actual speed.?

Sajith Nair

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THIS APP DOES THE PERFECT WORK!! And for all those you rate this app less coz they don't understand the difference between kbps,mbps etc.. clarify it and the rate this app :p

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