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11 Aug

Posted by Proximus in Tools | Aug. 11, 2016 | 90 Comments

Apk file size: 8.3 MB

Do you have a mobile subscription of Proximus or a prepaid card? With the MyProximus application you keep your mobile usage under control.

• My usage: allows you to check your volume of calls, the number of SMSes/MMSes sent and the number of MB used or your remaining credit.
• My products: allows you to check your rate plan and the options activated on your line.
• Reload: if you are a Proximus customer, Reload allows you to reload your own or somebody else’s card.
• Abroad: see the rates and options abroad.
• My Premium Club/Bizz Club: see and manage your loyalty points.
• Network: configure your device for Wi-Fi Hotspots for Belgium or abroad.
• Support & Contact: access our FAQs, have your line tested, check the status of our network and contact us.

You can download the MyProximus app free of charge, but each time you use it you connect to the Internet and that results in a limited amount of data traffic usage. The cost of surfing via your mobile phone depends on your rate plan (you can also surf via the Wi-Fi network).

NB: you must connect to a mobile network (national or roaming) at least once a month to allow the application to identify you and send your information.

Whats new

    Fixing/enable link capability from Android Web browser directly pointing InApp Section within MyProximus App to work again (Android Security Update).

Proximus part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 11, 2016. Google play rating is 68.7695. Current verison is 3.4.2. Actual size 8.3 MB.

Download myproximus.apk 8.3 MB


Benoit Billington

Inconsistent ux The store locator has a different UX than the rest of the app. Looks like it was done without thinking by different people

Jan Milants

Media access after update??!? Why does the app require media access all of a sudden with this update??? It s an app for interacting with the mobile provider, what on earth does that have to do with accessing my photos?? The app was OK so far, but this update stinks..

Dag Wieers

Resource hog According to Carat this app consumes about 17min of battery time between cycles. It is listed in my top 5 of resource hogs...

Alan Connell

Used to work. Now it doesn't Can't log in: forces a crash. Usage information not updated for more than a week now, so I have no idea about how much allowance I have left. It worked fine before the last update... Get it fixed Proximus, I'm not the only one reporting problems.

Nebojsa Zdravkovic

Force stops. It just does not work any more, amazing quality testing.

sonia sartor

Does not refresh

T. Verraes

Data usage's widget not accurate ... Data usage's widget not accurate as it's not refreshing daily/regularly.

Sven Loopmans

Useless for non-mobile customers There is no way to login manually with your MyProximus account. So unless you are a Proximus Mobile customer, there is nothing this app can do for you.

Jeroen Ost

Useless for triple play customers with a different mobile provider Huge flaw in the requirements analysis of this app: there are and always have been proximus customers who need to access the features from my proximus but have another mobile operator. This app needs a proximus SIM once every 30 days - ridiculous. What's wrong with using the my proximus login credentials? Please fix asap.

Glenn Janssens

This sucks badly Your website is full of bugs, you cant change your subscribtion, you can't deactivate m-pay or adjust a limit, it stays showing up the agreements, the layout of you website bugs aswell, seriously, you guys look like not doing anything with, and some part even say belgacom 2013.. it should be already proximus 2015!! And when I want to buy an app using m-pay it says I rea hed my spend limit, but my spend limit is on 50€!! And I haven't bought anything yet!

Hugues D

Huge slowdown Used to be a decent app but since last (last 2) updates, it's a pity. As soon as I add widget to monitor data my android becomes slow & sluggish to react. Hopefully I tested in parallel 3G watchdog and it almost perfectly match data consumption, so bye bye Proximus!

Cosmin DÎGĂ

Has a widget Useless if you don't have a data plan. Requires to connect monthly over 3G which is expensive at Proximus. But compared to Mobistar app, this one has a widget.

Abdalsalam Habash

It always shows the previous month usage instead of current usage!

Lars Van Eynde

New design is much better. Only thing missing is a widget and support for PayPal.

Peter Van Hertum

Buggy It's a must have app, but they aught to test before pushing updates. The widget often has to be reset because the buttons get replaced by other info

Alexander Krainz

Flaws & bugs I checked my account on the customer section on their website just in need to see how much I still owe them for the unpaid invoice. "Sorry, but we couldn't find the requested page". Good thing there's the MyProximus app was my instant reaction. Found the section where one can request all info on billing. Lovely until... You need to type in your client's account number. No keyboard popping up. So c&p as last solution. And "submit".. But so sorry we can't go any further.. Close but no cigar Proximus fellas!

A Google User

Usual terrible belgian service My usage just work with 3g,no product because service is down,so basically you cannot do with this app anything...

Rahim Rahimov

Buggy This version is buggy. I tried to request a tech support, the app asked for my contact phone, but no keyboard popped up to type it in, and copy/paste doesn't work all that good either. I hope Proximus people are reading this and will fix it promptly.

Jeff Moreels

Latest update disables all functionallity No usage, No widgets, No updates. Fix this please or give me an USSD code to check my usage.

Vincent Panel

Looks quite nice and works fine

Björn Van Brussel

Roaming toggle button The widget "Roaming toggle button" doesn't disable data roaming abroad, but simply disables all data on the device. Kinda confusing naming. Would be nice to add a button to enable/disable data roaming abroad specifically.

Jan Detremmerie

New CEO crappier service Since the comming of a new CEO the following DO NOT work any more Premium club; My usage; my products; Roaming... The only thing that does work is reload a prepaid (Very NOT useful to a business customer) So having no indication of actual data usage as a business customer I risk being cut - off. Great move Belgacom! A sure way of losing customers. Can we have the old CEO back or rather I move to another more customer friendly provider.

Balazs Jarosi

Worthless This is worthless. You can't top up your card with credit card. It's expensive. If prepaid go to Mobistar. Much better

Ali Yatim

Works very good does what it says

Tanguy Rademakers

Crapware Freeze after freeze after crash after freeze after crash after "couldn't connect" error message. You're better off waiting in line in a shop, or on hold with the help line. At least then you could read a book. Whoever did the QA on this piece of junk?

Soraya Bel

Can still be improved Nice to have but one major functionality missing (also compared to the similar Mobistar app): if you subscribe to BizzTravel Europe you can monitor your expenses for calls and SMS but not control your usage of mobile data in the EU. I really hope this will be improved in subsequent versions.

Reiner Wils

Getting there Used to be Crap, now quiet ok. Good job!

A Google User

Hello! Excellent tool, shows all your subscription info, not just data usage. Custom widget is great

Dzhankhot Zakaev

NEDERLANDSE TAAL BelgaCom of EngelsCom ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Cosmin DÎGĂ

Useless app Excerpt from FAQ: If you only surf via Wi-Fi and cannot or do not want to use the mobile network,  check your usage via the MyProximus website instead.

Sherida Ll

What else to expect From a company which is functioning extremely bad. They don't even know what good products are. If they had a really competitive market they would have been belly up by now.

Sam Lambert

Terrible. It shows false information, doesn't update in time and crashes.

dan the

Doesn't update anymore since about 2 months ago

Kjeld Herreman

Permissions Why does this app suddenly need access to my files and contacts? The amount of permissions requested is out of hand.

Jo Dekelver

new permissions.... why?

Nicolas Martinez

Permission Photo/Media/Files Why does this application require access to my files ? I won't update this app, sorry.

Brecht Latruwe

Your device does not have a px sim card. Yes it does! Only shows usage of a few days ago. Only works if mobile is in your pack. Not for other products of Proximus

Rodrigue Van Brande

Move to SD card Please we don't have more memory

Deyan Radulov

another disappointment!!!!! if it was possible, I'd given 0 stars.

Roeland Dillen

Main function missing Overview of bills and integration with bankcontact app is missing. Not worth the space like this. Look at the Base app for what is useful.

matthias geelen

Doesn't work App does not work. It only shows my usage from September 2015, and we're January 2016... Can't find my bills anywhere. Useless waste of memory on on my phone if you ask me.

Ricardo Ortiz

A no-no Does not show updated info, high battery consumption

Pavlo Sulimenko

Info not live Usage info updates with 12-48 hours delay, widget does not work at all since the last update. Totally not like advertised, should we all mark it as fraud in play store?

Fedor Moiseev

Slow, buggy, out of date Animation takes too much time, invoice estimation is up to few days delayed. Client service claims it's not exact and only final invoice makes sense. 2 stars as sometime it allows to manage my subscribing and works even a bit better than Proximity site

Steven W

Proximus, seriously... fix it... Doesnt work decently. Doesnt update usage. Shows wrong plans. Not linked with other products. A real shame for a company with such vast resources.

A Google User

The data is 4 days behind. You can't trust this application, it does not update the usage. Checking on the 10th of the month, last data available is from the 4th. I got a data usage warning from the android build in monitor while the app was +500mb behind. Useless.

Kathy Wright

Doesn't work as it is intended to...

Conrad Ganslandt

Eats the battery and is never up to date

Dag Wieers

Resource hog According to Carat this app consumes about 17min of battery time between cycles. It is listed in my top 5 of resource hogs...

Frédéric De Waegenaere

No correct info This app is not up to date, user interface sucks and just plain doesn't work. Uninstalling now

Alistair Laurence

No info about calls and text messages Since about 2-3 weeks I can't see my call and text message usage. Only mobile internet.

Tim Wilson

It used up all my Network bundle When abroad I switch to a local SIM card for data. This app used 200Meg in 24 hours!!!!!

Michele Kappa

Good updates Finally an corporate application which improves instead of worsening usability (which is rare nowadays). Widget greatly improved at least for data usage.

Andreas Belderbos

Crashes often Gives information from last month and refuses to update. Crashes often without any reason

Christian Willems

Unusable on smartphone GUI and data input are worthless. Developer team - have you tried to reset your password? The screen refreshes during data input, hoq can one ever get through the procedure? Bad bad usability testing

Bert Brunau

completely unusable

Hedi Daneels

Bugged Shows usage from months ago and refuses to update the info. Useless.

Borja Bosch Fernandez

Back to the StoneAge This app does not provide accurate real time information, it will always take a day or two to update (by then you will be already over your limit). It doesnt give details on calls or sms, or costs. It simply takes up space on your smartphone.

Cosmin DÎGĂ

Still Useless app Excerpt from FAQ: If you only surf via Wi-Fi and cannot or do not want to use the mobile network,  check your usage via the MyProximus website instead.

Lucas Wolharn

I never up to date and the next day you need to pay 15€ plus. And to top it all off the data calculation is wrong. My mobile counted it and it's always more in the app

Tom Deckers

Too primitive Very limited capabilities for viewing historical consumption. Reconfiguration of services is very crippled... Unusable. This is the same on the main website.

Biltes Gamer

This is crap! Needs to activate mobile data to activate the application for 30 days!!! That's what I call a scheme to steal money from the very own customers. Uninstalled it.

Sam amir

still usage from 2015 please provide a solution. previously it was working

Adrian Mindru

Accurate and clean Good updates of the usage.

Jean Roose

Just not meeting simple expectations

Olof Carlson

Some start up problems Some start up problems when switching to Marshmallow, but now it works like before!

Cosmin DÎGĂ

Still Useless app Excerpt from FAQ: If you only surf via Wi-Fi and cannot or do not want to use the mobile network,  check your usage via the MyProximus website instead.

Brecht Latruwe

Your device does not have a px sim card. Yes it does! Only shows usage of a few days ago. Only works if mobile is in your pack. Not for other products of Proximus. Hangs frequently and uses High amount of data

geert didden

Soooo sloooow ... The app has become nearly unusable after the latest update. Sooo slooooow ... ?

Sander De Bruyker

Info does not load Please Proximus fix this issue asap

Sebastian Worms

Only work on mobile internet. Between this and the crappy website im considering changing operator

Matthias Vandenbosch

No info App can't load any info

Tigi Drago

What's new? Which technical improvements? Why the obscurity?

Sarra Cadi-Declercq

Not good at all ?

Xavier Bourgois

Useful but horrible widgets The "My Proximus" app is really nice and useful to control your usage especially data bundles. It comes with practical widgets but these are not very sexy: not transparent background, horrible purple color, not aligned with other icons, not graphical (only text)... These could be so much better!

Soraya Bel

It's far from real time Not great for monitoring mobile data use: there is a delay of several hours so it is hard to know whether you have exceeded your subscription / budget.

Ami Andreea

Is not at all what I expected Really disappointed. Uninstalled it!

Nicolas De Smyter

Widget isn't working correctly Whenever I place the widget on my home screen, set it up so it shows what I need it will crash after a while. And not only will this widget crash, it will also take all other widgets on my home screen with it. I don't have any clue how they managed to do that, break all other widgets too. They don't refresh anymore now. Tested it out, it's not immediately, but after a couple of hours it crashes.

Mark Dunne

What a load of crap I thought after uninstalling it for a month might have improved things... How wrong I was...... I immediately get cannot connect at the moment try again later.... Uhmmmmmm I think not.... Utter crap but unfortunately have to give it 1 star because does not cater for - stars

Joel Ehnevid

Useless Useless app. Cant log in. Cant change between aps and then come back. Cant ask for login. Didn't even see any positive feedback. Why they even bother put up an app like this one.

Zu La

Not working! Useless app, already tried several times to install and uninstall.. still not working! Waste of time really!

Lander Verhack

Total crap Can't log in, because I'm not registered. Can't register because already registered.

Adam Borkowski

It is ok Works well and does what it needs to do

hai nguyen

I did not believe 1* rating, now I do

Xavier Quesada Allue

Doesn't work I have never been able to get this app to work on any phone. It loads and displays no information (my products, my usage). It just hangs. No error messages, nothing to configure... terrible.

Dark GXK

Activation code? I need to make a profile on it so I registered put all information needed and now I put in my number and wait for a sms with the activation code. That code never came even after 4-5 tries, at first I thought it was me putting in a wrong number so I checked and I had put in the right one every single time, but I still don't get any sms with the activation code so I am unable to do anything...

Olaf Vb

Hopeless Hopeless application, not works decently. Useless to install

Akhtar Zain Tariq

A big NO! It doesn't work well and it doesn't show us the real data usage

Maarten Labeeuw

Simply bad

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