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8 Jun

Posted by McDonald's in Shopping | June 8, 2015 | 73 Comments

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With the mymacca’s, mobile ordering app, you can order your Macca's your way – anytime and anywhere. Just browse the menu and place your order, then check in at a participating restaurant and they’ll make it right away – rock star service!

*The full ordering service of this app is currently limited to participating restaurants in Sydney, Wollongong NSW, SA, NT & WA. But we’ll be rolling out the service nationwide very soon!!

You can use mymacca’s to:

• Customise your order, so you get it just the way you like it. No pickles? No problem.
• Save your favourites, so you can order them right away and it’s right every time.
• Order for a big group easily – the office lunch run will be a breeze, and you’ll be the hero.

Plus, there’s the new MySurprises section of the app, which brings you special offers like buy-one-get-one-free deals and discounts on your favourite menu items, just when you least expect them.

What's New in Version 3.2.42

- Miscellaneous fixes

Whats new

    - Miscellaneous fixes

McDonald's part of our Shopping and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 8, 2015. Google play rating is 37.7955. Current verison is 3.2.42. Actual size 20.0 MB.

Download mymaccas-r.apk 20.0 MB


Lizzie Smith

Good concept but needs a lot if work The app has a good concept allowing for orders to be placed before arriving at the restaurant with the use of the app but it always spends time loading data and signing in. I give up using it for this reason. I have more patience to wait in line than use this app to order food!

Richard Crowl

Crap app Do not use, it froze up "Validating order", I and others were told "we can not help" at store so all lost $5 promo credit, uninstalling ! Multi billion $$$ company and cannot get an app to work, idiots.

Rainy Jay

Not working Still not able sign in. Have reset my password and it's telling me password doesn't match. I'm cut and pasting so can't be getting it wrong. Should just uninstall

Kareena Moore

Waste of time. It has only allowed log in twice out of over a hundred attempts. Using up to date z3, all features on so not my phone just time wasting app. I am sitting in hungry jacks now

Caroline Swinton

Not happy Wont let me login tells me its downloading then nothing McDonald's needs to fix it

David M

A bit sluggish App seems to need to reload data several times while running. Ive often made an order with the app but by the time i reach drivethru the app needs more time to load so i end up ordering verbally anyway. Not all items are available as value meals and it is not possible to add/remove toppings from burgers. Also I received a special offer several weeks ago and cannot remove the maccas icon from my notification bar, even after the special offer has expired. Great app and with a bit of tweaking it would be 5*

Brooke Nicholson

Farcical Firstly why do you need to create an account. ... hungry jacks no account is needed... dominoes no account is needed you order and it's made... you pay when you arrive. ... unlike this. .. it gets made when you scan the code... might as well just go through the drive through. .. I made an account and it says my cellular data or wifi isn't working so I can't sign in.... If that's true how did I download it or leave this feedback... Un installing this app

Paul Cullen

Spent half an hour setting up an account only to have the program crash every time we try to sign in, don't waste your time its not worth it.

David Nguyen

Wot even? Whoever made a joint effort in developing this app seems to not understand apps are suppose to work, and in this case, help Maccas make money but make the ordering experience a convenient one. The app may as well not have been developed and released with its slow slow slow UI AND nonexistent accessibility!

Nicky Connor

Complete and utter bullshit app, doesnt let you sign in after you create an account, you would think being such a big company they wouls take their time to make an app easier for customers and their workers, un installing..

Damien West

Total failure Like everyone else, doesn't sign in. Companies just release these apps to get your details and profile you, in this case they don't even give you anything for it.

Alexandra Dewar

So many problems. Currently I can't even sign in, but previously I've tried to redeem offers whilst at maccas in the queue and it hasn't worked. In the end one poor worker took my phone couldn't redeem the offer and gave me the meal anyway. Annoying that it won't work because the surprises are often good.

Tim Kenefick

Sign in Not fixed! Like others have said, the app doesn't let you sign in ever. Downloads resources each time you try and reloads each time. Very disappointing.

Jasmine Dent

Completely non-functional Created an account, app was slow to respond the whole time. Then would not let me log in. Pointless and essentially useless app that simply does not function, needs excessive work to say the least.

Jason Calphy

Never worked Utter waste of time. Sign in failed every time, dont bother. I would have expected a better resuslt from such a large company.

Tamlin Cowgill

McCrashed App seems to have been written by the same 14 year olds that turn the burgers. It is as bad as all the reviews say. Constant crashing, flashing black screens after crash. Can't see the menu, constantly "downloading" additional files which presents a huge ugly black bar in the middle of the screen while your data is being delivered. A word to the devs: async. Learn it, love it, for heavens sake USE it.

Brooke Zimmer

Doesn't work. Get it fixed. Can't even look at a menu without it crapping itself and restarting. I can't even log in. Extremely disappointed. Get back to me when you've sorted out your thousands of issues with this app, and I might actually use it. Till then uninstalled.

Phillip Pether

Congrats on the worst app ever! I just get spammed with "Connection not available" popups over and over again when I try to load it up for the first time. I was bit skeptical because of the other reviews, but wow… You dun goofed!


Needs work It's not as bad as the other reviews say but it does need work. The constant reloading and downloading is stupid.. however the app works fine and i have placed orders no problem. Maccas need to work out the bugs and make it a bit more streamlined and it will be 5 star.

Charlotte Humphries

It keeps saying there is a new offer but when i open it. It says i dont have anything just expired ones. This app is bloody usless. It needs fixing.

Rik Luckyone

Crap App Complete waste of time, this app. Doesn't do anything. Sign up for McDonald's to profit from passing on my email to third parties (T&C) and they offer sod all to the customer by way of bonuses.

Deb C

Doesn't work at all It just keeps downloading the resources then doesn't log u in repeats loop of downloading a waste of data & time

Brisbane Guy

On galaxy s 5 Doesnt work. Sets up account and wont sign in. Just downloads something. Thinks about it for a moment and returns to home screen. Still not logged in. I wouldnt waste your time or downloads on this app.

Eranga Perera

Tried and tried and this app is a waste of time. It does not sign you in and keeps crashing. Have not been able to use the app after multiple attempts. Very poor work for such a large company.

Andrew Mizzi

Can't sign in I click on the sign in button, enter my details, the loading screen appears, downloading resources progress bar appears and then the app restarts back to the sign in screen. I would have thought a multinational, billion dollar company like McDonalds would get this right before release.

Daniel Lawrence

Lots of problems to fix I've uninstalled this one for the time being due to the issues encountered. Constant notifications saying I have an offer waiting when I do not, and it needs to download a stack of data every time you open the app. Send us an email when you fix these issues and I'll try it again, but until then... see ya.

Rodd James

Get your act together! I installed this app to try the latest and greatest in fast food technology. Unfortunately to my disappointment the app constantly crashes when trying to download the menu. You would think such a huge company would invest some more time and resources into a product that is the way of the future.


Doesn't work Created an account, tried to sign in, but the app won't allow me to. It keeps on trying to download something (the menu, I assume). Won't display anything other than the home page. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing. I even tried clicking in the 'support' button... It just takes me to a mobile site with no troubleshooting advice... Worst. App. Ever.

Neil Fowler

100% crash It took ages to sign up, then the program crashes every time I attempt to login. Don't bother with this one.

Shunna Tapahini

Not letting me sign in I was signed in and made an order I also used my $5 discount for Australia day got down to MacDonald's and I cannot sign in needs to be fixed. Not happy at all waisted my time.

Ashleigh Minty

ANNOYING AND STUPID - Still can't sign in even after you've "fixed" the issue... App is crap don't download it !!!

Dominic Wong

Rubbish App This app is a complete rubbish and waste of time. It keep dowloading resources each time it starts and refuses to die gracefully when their server is dead (most time).

Vinh Tran

Super-sized fail Slow, clunky, unresponsive. Glitches and crashes when you try to order.... this app is even worth aphla status... at least most of those work to some degree

Tim Curran

Crashes...a lot Loves to download stuff, loves to crash. Can't say much more about it since I haven't actually been able to use it.

Nat Nat

Terrible App is as slow as the service at Mc cafe. App is crap and if you place an order the store cant see it so don't bother you won't save any time by using app. Go to ozbargain and find some other better offers

Stephen Price

Don't waste your time! Same problem as many others. Login does not work and the program just crashes. Turns out that the program actually crashes when it tries to load the menu which it probably tries to do as part of the login. Completely useless.

Chris Litherland

Ok, except it doesn't work Pretty useless, password restriction of 10 characters is insecure and stupid. Once you manage to overcome that hurdle, it downloads to 100% and crashes. Everytime. Good idea, hire someone who knows what they're doing and try again.

Jing Sun

not working! reinstalled twice, still not able to sign in from my Sony Xperia Z1... given such large corporation, still come up with auch shittu app.

Wendell McCarthy

This is Crap! Spent ages setting up an account and now it won't sign in. Good one Macca's! I wanted to take advantage of your Australia Day specials. Looks like you've got some crap to iron out with your app. :(

Lyndell Wither

WASTE OF TIME This is crap can not even get in after making an account, reset password ect. Still does not work.The app keeps downloading it self over and over this a waste of bloody time, even Hungry Jacks app is not this hard. If your going to advertise a app mcdonals get it right before doing so. Waste of data n time!

Crystal DeSilva

App won't even open! Have been trying for over an hour to open the app on Galaxy S6 and having no luck. Pretty crap that you can only order 'create your own' on app amd not site / menulog! ?

TJ Marx

Love it but broken A fantastic concept that saves me having to talk to people. Unfortunately this app has been broken for the passed fortnight whereby todays update broke it further. Using Nexus 6. Please fix I use this app every week.

Glenn Carr

Bloated and aimless Great concept but app is overblown with food options, frustrating to navigate and user features unintuitive. It just misses the point!

Tyson Kedgley

App doesn't crash but doesn't work at the store It finally works on my galaxy note 4 without crashing so I used it today to make an order. In the drive thru I scanned the QR code and told them I had a mobile order. The order taker had no idea what I said and the app said processing for 2 minutes. In the end the app said the store didn't accept the order and the duty manager had no idea what to do, she took my phone and credit card and put the order through manually. The drive thru was held up for 10 minutes during the process so it's pretty useless.

Jeff Male

Just rubbish Has only worked once and keeps crashing. Bloated and still needs to download stuff every time you use it. Would be better if it was just a mobile friendly web page.

Phillip Pether

Still the worst app ever! A year on and the app cannot even do the basic functions, at least this time it loaded into the app properly. But the app is still a fail since it fails to load menus or anything.

Tomos Linton-Ffrost

Finally Fixed If update doesn't fix issues, re install app and it should work fine.

Nathaniel Slater

Where's that uninstall button? Yeah doesn't work. Still as useful as sh*t on a stick

Benjamin Carlyle

Still Can't log in Still doesn't work after update. SQL errors after password reset. App restart on attempt to access menu. Error reported trying to log in. Nexus 6.

Nigel Wray

Can not sign into the app and have even tried creating a new my maccas account and still not working, not very happy at all

Walter Dominguez

NOW FIXED!!!!!! It did go black screen The McDonalds app will hopefully sorted as the most recent update causes it to go black screen after updating then close after signing in. They told me the fix is a week away, about the 23rd of May 2015. Its now the 19th of June and the app is updated. It's best to delete this app and down load the update from scratch which is 3.2.42 then it works well. Don't down load it on your mobile data as it will use about 20megs, then it works well and looks a bit different.

Romeo Cassiani

Doesn't work Always wants to download components and then crashes 100% of the time. Are these tested before getting into the app store?

Peter Turner

Froze on login Doesn't seem to work. Keeps stopping. Update (14/6).. sorry an error has occurred, please try again. At least its not freezing.

Josh Wilson

Crash and error after crash and error. Pathetic from such a big company...

wild fox

Crap crap crap Crap this is so crap dont even bother u will wait till your dead for it to download everythime u use it tried 3 monthss later same crap god such a big company and its as crap as the service

Grant Hogden

Can't sign in either Like everyone else I can't sign in either. Also as an added bonus it won't open the menu as well. Used to be good but now, not. Even after the latest update I still am getting errors

Mrj Christie

Handy little application, works fine. However the loading Times need attention. HTC One M7, HTC One Max, Lollipop 5.02, Kitkat 4.4.2 & Sense 6.0. Australia.

Richard Lovell

Does not work Even after many updates I have never once been able to successfully sign in. Complete garbage.

Martin Griffiths

Uninstalling I like that Hungry Jacks app

mathew Kerr

Remove this app from the store! App not in use in store anymore. Frustrated: downloaded Google Play app, placed order only to arrive at the store & no QR code to scan to finalise order. Its no longer available according to staff. So why is the app still available and working? Admittedly slow and downloaded additional stuff ontop of the original app download, but still worked for me. Also dissapointed not to see the new design your own burgers available in the app, just the classic menu.

Alejandro Magnorsky

Worst app I ever used It takes ages to download and once downloaded the app, it requests to register and login and then download even more stuff. Impossible to use, bad UX and no deals. In summary, garbage. Waste of time

cody vegas

App doesn't work Couldn't use app because it would crash every time I tried to use it. It even crashed my phone when I tried to report the fault. Very poor app from such a big corporation. How sad.

Michael Towns

Crapp app Barely works and there's never any new surprises. Useless.

Russell Phillips

Bloated and buggy It took a week to get around the bugs that prevented loading, registering and ordering. 1/10 would starve to death.

Tom Johnston

Too slow Takes too long to update every time it's opened, download the menu for the chosen store and even to process payment. Faster and easier just to order in store.

Amanda Wells

Doesn't work It says they fixed not being able to sign in then why can't I still sign in? Updated yes, maybe fix, but no I still can't sign in.

bill wieland

App does not work for me App won't work. I am disappointed

David H

Can't get full menu Nexus 6 with Android version 5.1.1

Nicole Roseworne

Menu won't load Menu won't load, just keeps restarting

Brad Collins

Very poor. Can't log in. App won't let me log in.

Han Chan

Useless I'd give it zero stars if I could.

Ranald Riddell

Does not work! App crashes and is constantly downloading.

Daniel Anderson

Fails Still unable to log in after update. App simply says there's an error and to try again

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