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28 Jul
MyInfinity Touch

Posted by Carrier Corporation in Lifestyle | July 28, 2016 | 91 Comments

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The Carrier Infinity® control can direct an entire advanced home comfort system to let you precisely manage comfort, humidity, ventilation and air purification from one source. It even makes scheduling a breeze.

Manage your Infinity® control system remotely with MyInfinity Touch.

Whats new

    -Bug fixes
    -Feature enhancements, including updated Locations, Systems and Zones selection

Carrier Corporation part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 28, 2016. Google play rating is 63.8431. Current verison is 2.12.2. Actual size 19.0 MB.

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Destry Fronck

Great app. Seems to let you control everything. The thermostat's display is great and easy to use and the app looks just like the standard interface. It appears to let you control all of the settings. The thermostat itself really needs to keep more energy usage data (2 days) with more frequent polling (once a day). The only issue I have with the app is that it won't let me cut and paste my username or password into the text boxes. I'm a security guy so my password is needlessly complex so this is really annoying and pointless.

Freddy A

Not Bad Some of the options are missing as opposed to operating from the thermostat. Also takes a really long time to log in for some reason.

Victor Weinrich

Works Fine, UI a bit counterintuitive Yay! They fixed the issue of having to sign on to the app every time, so my only serious negative is gone, thankfully. The thermostat UI seems a bit counter intuitive to me, so I find myself relearning the flow whenever I have to do something, bit it all works, and the app pretty much mirrors the physical device.

Dave Pellegrino

Needs Local connectivity When losing internet access, there needs to be an ability to access the thermostat via desktop and/or smart phone while on the same network. This lack of direct connect hampers the effectiveness of usability. Please consider direct access while on the same network.

Keith Ledig

Great app. They fixed the slowness. The app is just like the control panel, which is good. Not slow anymore. Remembers password which is good. I just wish i could integrate this with other home automation stuff.

Jason Lee

Needs some evolution I get that my HVAC only works with this web-app, so the developers don't really need to worry about "keeping" me as a customer. But seriously, take a look at this product for 5 minutes and you can see ways to improve the Android version. * Home and return bottoms disappear when app is open. *There is no portrait view, just landscape. *Communication after making adjustments lags (seriously, it took 5 minutes for my changes on the app to reflect on the unit... From the same WiFi connection) [My list goes on]

S Powers

Exactly like the thermostat This is easy to use. Wish the website kept a history log with reporting like the Nest.

Michael Watry

Your Infinity Touch Thermostat Interface on your phone...and that's it! True to WYSIWYG, the mobile app is virtually identical in every way to the UI on the physical thermostat; only minor differences exist in naming conventions, the ability to swipe to scroll, etc. If you know how to use your stat, you know how to use this app. One minor gripe is that with newer smartphones with natively high resolution screens, the UI does *not* expand to fit. The menubar still sits on the bottom, but the UI itself stays at its fixed dimensions in the middle of your smartphone screen. In effect, with a 5" high-res touchscreen, you're using all of about a 3" box framed in the middle of it to use the app.

Charles Clifford

Can't connect to server. It worked for a few hours then I kept getting this error message on my phone when trying to log in. Anybody have any fixes to this? I rebooted my phone, router, and modem. No fix.

Brandy Howell

The thermostat screen and function availability is great. Nice to be able to see how much energy was used daily. Love it.

A Google User

Unreliable Continous "unable to connect to the server" uninstalled, rebooted, etc. Too bad cause it had worked for a few days

Robert Traphan

Smooth, but needs a few tweaks Overall, this is a great compliment to the Infinity Touch user interface. It gives you full remote access to your unit. One problem is that menu and back links are very small on my LG G3 phone. It is sometimes very hard to get the links to respond. Then, when I go to status -> equipment operating status, the ventilator doesn't show any status. I see status for humidifier, fan, gas furnace, and function. Please fix the ventilator status. I'd also like the status -> temperature control status to show mo

L Perry

Wothless The outside temp is never correct. A Carrier technician even came out to try to correct it. No luck. So it can not be used for that purpose which leaves relatively useless.

John Mungo

Got software update 12 and the scheduling is not operating correctly. Please help.

Darryl Owens

Plenty of controls Lots of controls; a good app. I like it; very functional, but the interface could be a little smoother. I would like to see ability to change screensaver image from wifi as well as from USB drive. I used Nest on previous unit:it had less features but better interface. Please add option to have weather as screen saver to display all the time. App doesn't take advantage of large screen, only use 1/3 of Samsung Note 4 and menu too close to bottom edge making it hard to select.

Richard Galinaitis

Love it Love all the functionality that this app has to control themostat.

Fred Bliss

Glitchy Getting better over time. Just bear with it.

Jim Cincotta

Mostly the same UI as the wall stat but does not scale on large phones This app works pretty much the same as the UI on the wall stat. I had no issues with this on my Galaxy S3 but when I upgraded to a much larger phone (Nexus 6) the UI did not scale appropriately, resulting in very small left and right buttons ("back" and "menu") and a non-fullscreen status display (small, white bordered box that only takes up about 50% of the screen).

William Olivarez

Love this APP

marc dancico

Easy to use

Larry Posluszny

Good Start This is a good start. The controls are straight forward. It shows most of what is featured on the the Home unit. Very slow to connect during log-in. Update: stay logged in feature added, yeah. I would like to see more energy usage data on the home unit and the mobile app. Currently the app only shows two days of data. We need more data: How long is unit running per day How long is unit is 1st stage, 2nd stage What time frame each day? Average Temp for the day.

Ryan Seiler

Great Update Update 4/26/2014 Thermostat update is great but disabling the sounds no longer works. Thanks for listening to your customers. The Keep me authenticated option makes this app wonderfull. I also likie the thermostat updates. Over the air firmware updates are very customer friendly. Thanks for being a hardware vendor that actually releases updates. Its a great system and I now would recomend it to anyone. Keep adding features but remember to make sure you are never going backwards. Thank you.

Alex Hanson

Nice App looks and works just like the wall unit except can't get the operating status to update and show anything. Other than that latest update seems to have fixed the password issue plus it's pretty snappy not sluggish at all. Update: equipment status now showing. Took 3 days to finally show up.

Oscar Reyna

Not bad....but... not good either The first big issue I have with this app is why, why, why do I have to enter my PW each time I log in?? This is ridiculous. This isnt a banking app or something. Fix this please! Also, the frame looks off on my Note 3 like it isnt optimized for larger screens. If you seriously want to compete with the Nest app fix these things and update it often not once in a blue moon like this isnt really a priority for Carrier.

C Ferguson

Great and convenient app Great layout and works exactly as promised. For those that gave bad ratings because of having to log on every time you open it, think about it! What if your phone is lost or stolen? Do you want some numbnut messing with your heat/a.c after they steal our find your phone?

David Keith

Works, but has password issues. My main beef with this app is that you have to login every time you use it. My email, Facebook and even banking apps will retain my authenticated session longer than this app which I consider to be far less sensitive. Also, paste is apparently disabled for the password field. I normally use very strong passwords with a password manager. But without paste, that makes this app impossible to secure. You can only use it with short, weak passwords (who is going to remember, let alone type a 20+character password?). The Ipad version at least does allow paste. So developers, please improve this area -- allow paste and longer auth sessions please! Take a tip from more mature (and secure) apps!

Jason Kems

Great system that needs some updates This system works great together. The mobile app is a nice addition and very useful. It would be nice to have EVERYTHING available from the mobile app that is available from the house touchscreen.;equipment operating status for example. Keep working on it!

Terry Morrison

System status works but..... Operating status works on unit but not WiFi... Password login is wacked.... Is a cool app overall 3.5 in my book after a day

George Alfert

Please add compatibility for Google TV Would be awesome if I could install this on my Sony NSZ-GS8 Google TV. This app is a match for Google TV like eggs and bacon. I reserve an extra star for this feature. Fix the password so that it can be saved and it gets another star for a total of 5 stars.

kevin griffiths

Useless Will not change temps. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times with no results

darrin klouchek

Couls be way better Password is ridiculous and I'm never sure if the changes I put in worked. Really need to get rid of alphanumeric password make it a pin or atleast store it!

Erik Flatla

Fantastic app. So convenient and easy to use. My phone is on all the time so no need to re-enter password all the time.

Nathan Poulos

Great App Update on 8/27 is great! Wonderful improvements!

Dennis Hoover

Must log in each time you open app. This is a real nuisance. Must be fixed before this app gets a better rating.

Andrew H

Disappointing Only works with Infinity Touch, no interface for older Infinity systems. Also, when trying out, couldn't get out of demo mode. Uninstalling.

Garrett Wilson

Slow. Old control was better. Hideously slow for a $500 control that has some setup features removed when compared with the original non touchscreen infinity control. As a technician it is difficult to tell the customer they paid so much money for an antiquated touch pad with slow connectivity... assuming it even connects. It adds hype it can't live up to when the homeowner uses it. It isn't smart phone quality. More blurry and less accurate like a child's toy. More compliments were received with the original non touch control.

Clark Briggs

ohsoslow Good: Nice to have remote access when on vacation, or just to change settings without getting out of bed (yes, lazy bones). Program mostly duplicates display and function of the controller itself, making it simple to use and understand. Program and controller are fairly intuitive, though lacking in some information (such as system pressure / flow rate). Bad: Both PC program and mobile app are incredibly slow to open and refresh/update settings. Problem may be with Carrier's server, internet link hardware, communications between Carrier's controller and link, or just very slow programs. Mobile app login display should be adjusted for pop-up virtual keyboards. Nexus 7 keyboard covers over the fields requiring entries. Also, display is locked in a landscape format, and the one of two I personally find less convenient. Would be nice if the app would auto-rotate. Glacial performance is the main problem. Otherwise, a nice app needing relatively minor improvement.

Robert Traphan

Smooth, but needs a few tweaks Overall, this is a great compliment to the Infinity Touch user interface. It gives you full remote access to your unit. One problem is that menu and back links are very small on my LG G3 phone. It is sometimes very hard to get the links to respond. Then, when I go to status -> equipment operating status, the ventilator doesn't show any status. I see status for humidifier, fan, gas furnace, and function. Please fix the ventilator status. I'd also like the temperature control status to show more details.

Kevin Tenney

Rarely works When it work it's great but good luck getting it to work. It never wants to sync up. I'm paralyzed in a wheelchair so I paid for a nicer system cause it's harder for me to get up in the middle of the night to turn it up or down. Wasted money

Sf Sovaiko

Very temperamental Seems to have good days and bad days. Connecting to your stat is like playing the lottery: Great when you win, frustrated when you lose.

Edgar Leighton

Should have gone with the Nest. This app is so unreliable we had to buy a separate wireless temperature sensor to monitor our home while we were away for extended periods during the winter. Love the gas furnace though and in home wired thermostat works great.

Bob Mahar

Speaking as a developer, this is crapware. 01-04-2016: You spend $10K on a heat pump with a $300 Internet connected thermostat. And you cannot connect to it. It's a potential great thing with crappy execution and abysmal follow through on Carriers part. Another example of what you get when you let HVAC people un-imagine something. Carrier, you should be ashamed. First, it should work. Second, let someone with some imagination take over as PM. Or open source the stuff and in about a month someone would have written something amazing FOR FREE.

Dan S

"An error occurred while connecting to the server" This app works fine on iOS. I have no idea why it is so terrible on Android! Please fix this app! My expensive HVAC system that uses a proprietary communication bus is pointless without remote access!

Sam Earley

CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! I spent $5500 on a new Carrier Infinity AC system in Oct 2014. Worked great for a couple months, but over the past year the Carrier Server is always down for 8-12 hours a day, making using the app useless! The AC works fine, but I'm always having to go up and down the stairs whenever I need to make a temp adjustment, and I'm recovering from surgery. Since Carrier has been having Server issues since Feb 2015, I'm thinking there needs to be a Class Action Lawsuit to get their attention to fix this!

Rick Brown

Carrier servers always down Very disappointed in this. Thermostat stays connected to my Wi fi just fine. BUT THE DARN CARRIER SERVER IS ALWAYS DOWN which makes the whole thing pointless.

Craig Woodward

Nice App, emulates the touch interface within reasonable limitations. I'm sad about two things: 1> It doesn't offer a way to import/export pictures or schedules to manually load on the device (you still need the PC app for that). 2> It connects through Carrier servers, which are at random times unreachable. It would be great to offer a direct-connect option for those of us that have DDNS or are on the same wifi network while in-house. And really, a quick app to do image exports in the right format for the display should be trivial.

James Smith

Since the update, it won't connect to Carrier's servers. All I ever get is: "An error occurred while connecting to the server." I tried their webapp, and I get the same error. This app used to just be slow, now it's slow and broken. Sadly Carrier has a proprietary control system on their HVAC, so if you have a Carrier Infinity system, they have you trapped. Thankfully the manual thermostat controls still work. I'm worried about the day when those crash due to a bad update.

Jonathan DeWoskin

"An error occurred while connecting to the server" Get used to seeing that a lot. Over $900 spent on a proprietary thermostat supported by an aging NT4 IIS server connected on dial up. Thermostat works fine and we love it, but the app fails to connect and this is clearly a SERVER problem. (iPhone and Android have intermittent connection problems at the same time, connect fine at other times) Thermostat reports successful WiFi connection and connection to Carrier API, so our network can be ruled out. It's times like this where we really miss our Nest. It didn't have as many features as the MyInfinity, but every feature it included actually worked. I will say this: when the app works, it's EXCELLENT. We are committed to our Carrier furnace for the foreseeable future, so I will update this review to reflect our satisfaction if server reliability improves.

Jesse Lane

I got screwed The problem is that the app never connects. It's a problem Carrier has had for many months now. MY specific problem is that I just dropped $8599 on a new 80k Downflow with matching 2 ton 21 see a/c unit..... and I NEED to be able to remotely check up on my property and adjust. But I just got royally screwed, and Carrier does not care. They have no plans to fix it and deny they are even aware of a problem!!!!!

Michael Pinai

App works great. I usually have to keep trying to get a connection to the server. If you're going to lock out connectivity and have a closed API, make sure your servers are available. Edit- been having connectivity issues with this app for a couple weeks. Not getting better... Edit #2: Still down... edit #3 on December 21 2015- fully down again

Ralph Sanchez

I had my system installed about a year and a half ago, and the connectivity worked just fine for the first few months. For the last several months to a year, though, the thermostat has lost connection to Carrier's servers dozens of times a day. This can be verified by reviewing wi-fi diagnostics or pressing the (usually red) wifi icon on the thermostat. It's very important to emphasize that the thermostat doesn't lose connection to my wi-fi and that no other wi-fi devices in my house have any trouble maintaining a connection to any other destination. The MyInfinity thermostat only loses communication with *Carrier*. My network is fine. It seems that when the thermostat loses communication with Carrier, then I can't log in to the app. When the thermostat regains the connection to Carrier, then I can log back on through the app. I haven't bothered to call support yet because, from what I've read, people who have called are only told that the problem is with their wi-fi. It's clear from all of the reports here that all of our home networks didn't magically break at the same time.

bonita ng

Hasn't been connected for the last 5 days, that I know of! According to their latest update, they're aware of issues "with Samsung phones" and it's supposed to fix it. But they still haven't fixed anything. I believe it's just a crappy server they have it hooked up to, bc the last 5 days straight the signal on my main display is red, which means "disconnected" to the server. And that has nothing to do with my phone. I know it's not my router bc other apps work. "Fix" it right, Carrier! You need to hire a new head programmer. This one's just feeding you bs.

Ricky Ware

Great app ! Works great with my Galaxy S5 no problems. I was over seas & it still worked . Keep doing what ure doing Carrier .

Donald Eshelman

Needs updating. For the hard earned cash I paid for this thermostat you would think there would be updated software. Does Carrier not want me as a customer?

Fady Boules

Nice app But Generally speaking it's ni ce to have but it crashes a lot. It's to tiny in the middle of the screen. It's extremely hard to erase the password and re-type it. Full screen will be really nice. Any how thank for the app

Christopher Bratteli

Rarely connects anymore Used to work well, but now you can log in only about once a fortnight. This of course makes the app utterly useless. I've tried 4G & Wifi, multiple smartphones, numerous times, on numerous days, with multiple phone restarts.

David Criswell

Never works Awesome app - when it works. Unfortunately, that is rarely. I just got a new Greenspeed unit and paid extra for the WiFi thermostat. Unfortunately, I've only been able to use the app maybe 3 times. The rest of the time, it fails to connect to the server. Carrier - you are a billion dollar corporation. Get your S together. Add another server. Do whatever it takes. People who pay $600+ for a WiFi thermostat expect it to work! All the time!

Kyle Lyons

App doesn't work I've only had the system 3 weeks and I can never get into the system through the Android app. It's pointless to have an application and wall unit that can never synch up due to the Carrier network/server rarely connecting. For the price we paid for this, it should work more than once or twice. The WiFi Honeywell I used to have worked perfectly. Only reason I have this is because of purchasing a new heatpump. I wish I had my old Honeywell back. Maybe time for a good ol' class action lawsuit.

Tom Pannell

This App used to be great but version 2.05 doesn't work. The app displays a message that says "An error occurred while connecting to the server". I know the devices are connecting because I can see they are connected via the web portal accessed by my computer. I really like this product and hope that Carrier will fix the problem soon.

Glenn Rutledge

App fine Carrier servers always down Like everyone else in these posts the servers at carrier are always down and it seems ridiculous I have to go through their server when I could just use my own Wi-Fi to control a thermostat. they're trying to control us but they're not even supporting this product. Too bad. They obviously are not interested in these posts because it's been going on for about a year. I say we all write carrier

Ronnie Fawehinmi

Works less than 50% of the time This is a great app when it works but unfortunately that's only half the time. Awwfullll

Aaron Suek

Poor Server Uptime The app appears to work well, but only when it functions at all. About half of the time I receive server error messages when trying to connect. This is primarily an issue with Carrier's server and not the app, but renders the app nonfunctional during the downtime. If this would be fixed, the app would likely get four stars in my book.

L Perry

About time! Now that Carrier has this app working it is fantastic. This is technology at its best.

Richard Vorp

Useless, cannot log on or do anything Useless app, cannot log on to your account at all. Fails with server errors.

mike cullen

Possibly the worst UI and android app of all the communication systems I've dealt with. Light years behind Trane and Lennox. If it wasn't for the variable speed blower I'd yank this off the wall and put on a 3h/2c stat.

Jonathan Scheer

Hardly ever works! Good luck trying to get it to work I have a better chance at controlling my temperature going to the pad itself.

Sarah Galloway

Please update this. It's no longer connecting to the thermostat.. used to work all the time.

Jim Dunn

Stuck in demo and won't let me out.

Melanie Barron

Heat shut off while away Not able to control thru app. Cat in house in danger of cold.

Dave Campbell

Update NEEDED Connected to WIFI bogging down my signal but won't connect to infinity Server

Jason Uehling

Added a star to reflect app improvements over the last couple years. Now supports portrait mode (kind of), and the login fields work better with keyboards now. But still could use some improvements. Frequently, I'll change a setting in the app, and it will take minutes or even hours for the change to be reflected on the thermostats. And I've checked the connectivity status on both of my thermostats and they are reaching Carrier's servers just fine. So the hangup seems to be on Carrier's end.

stephen rice

Poor execution / good sales pitch I , like so many have wasted money on what was sold as a wireless thermostat with my new $10,000 AC. It never works and I can't replace and use the cheap Honeywell thermostat from homedepot due to proprietary buss. My friend has wifi honewell thermostat for $200 in his house and can control from anywhere. I still have to walk over and adjust my useless $10,000 unit at the wall control. Fix or I will never buy again.

Jonathan March

Useless because login is prohibitively clumsy They redesigned the app, and in the process introduced a crippling bug. Now, it will not remember my login between sessions. Also, the login fields do not accept paste, so I can't use it with my password manager.


Just started using this app this afternoon. Does anyone know who the weather provider is for the local forecast? Is it the closest airport weather station or what? Otherwise, so far, so good.

Ronald Farro

User UN-friendly app! This app for phone use/control of your carrier furnace and air conditioning system is not user friendly. It is as though they took a desktop version and shrunk it which makes it very difficult to use on your phone or tablet. I have used both honeywell and filtrete apps and they are far superior and extremely easy to use. Carrier could learn something from the competition.

Randy Kath

Lack of run program I have not had any problems with the login or connecting to servers. However, if you manually change the temperature the system will not return to the program even if the hold is turned off. If you select a schedule (i.e., Home) and tell it to run per schedule, the app will jump to an adjacent schedule regardless of the time for the schedule. For a control of an $11K system, I would expect more from Carrier. Carrier should look at the 3M Filtrate Wifi application get ideas for a better functioning app.

Hugh Lewis

Display too small I'm getting old and my eyesight is failing the icons and numbers are way too small. Other than that it works just as the wall mounted display works.

David Bernini

Good overall. Needs update to allow full screen for newer, higher resolution phones. Miss the fullscreen!

Brad Borden

It works Sure it's not flawless but I've had no problems

Ken Roelse

Great Thermostat App Easy to use interface. Looks just like the thermostat.

Brandon Bey

Ifttt would be great!!

Andrew Maurer

Rarely Works This app used to work fine but not it acts like it is connecting and giving the user the ability to control temperature settings but changes inputted into the app don't actually translate into the desired change to the thermostat. We also have a Nest on a different HVAC system and haven't had any of these issues. Had I to do over again, I would have used a Nest instead of the Carrier thermostats and app if only because the Carrier app is complete junk.

Peter Durbetaki

Can't connect. This app is becoming worthless. I have the box checked that says "keep signed in" but it doesn't. I would say that login failures are about 70% of the time. A multi thousand dollar HVAC system and the thermostat can't make a simple WiFi connection. Meanwhile my Sensi WiFi thermostat controlling my upstairs system is rock solid and always connects. FIX THIS PROBLEM, Carrier!

Joe Cresta

Miserable app The app used to work perfectly but over the last 6 months something has changed. Repeatedly failed to login. If I do get to login it won't allow me to update multiple zones. Very frustrating

Manuel Alvarenga

I hate it I am with the majority of people who are disappointed with the performance of this app. My system was installed in January 2016, at first the app worked ok, at this time I can't make it respond to command on temperature changes, only certain features work, what a crappie expensive digital system. Please do something to make us happy.

Mike Mayo

Really useful The app itself works great. I can control my thermostat as if I were home. I don't like the away feature cooling beyond 3 degrees to control humidity. It defeats the purpose of being away imho. Used it once and kept the house cooler than if I was home, expensive. Other than the thermostat itself being off in humidity sensitivity,I really like the system.

Ilyas Lisenby

Horrible When we had the new HVAC system installed we had to get this thermostat. I play with this app trying to login for about 10min every night. It is horrible! Wish I could use my old Honeywell...never had any connection issues.

Vaidas Navickas

Don't ever buy Carrier HVAC 9 out of 10 times getting server error when signing in. No customer support. Overpriced useless HVAC and NON operational thermostat.

Alain Lopez

App stop working. The font size for logon are ridiculous and in top of all that authentication no longer works. This app use to work about 6 months ago. Other users are reporting the same issue.

John Berek

Worst android app ever. When will you fix it. Login is extremly difficult All kinds of issues from stability, usability, to availability. Poorly done period

Heather Warburton

It used to work but hasn't for months It has pretty much become useless. Just says an error occurred connecting to server. So glad I paid extra for a wifi thermostat.

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