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7 Nov
MyBus 2.0 Canberra

Posted by Imagine Team Pty Ltd in Transportation | Nov. 7, 2015 | 70 Comments

Apk file size: 5.4 MB

Imagine Team is proud to bring to you MyBus 2.0, Canberra's most popular multi-award winning public transport app, with over 67,000 active users in Canberra. Now with real-time data!

All new graphics and all new features enabling you to:

★ See real-time bus data
★ Search buses by bus number
★ Recharge and view your MyWay account details (balances, past transactions etc.)
★ Find your closest bus stops
★ Save your favourite routes

MyBus 2.0 has been featured on:

- Gizmodo
- ABC news
- ZDnet
- The Canberra times
- WIN News
- Optus

A special thanks to the Canberra community for their continued support.

We love hearing from you, so if you've got any suggestion or feedback, please feel free to contact us on:

- Facebook:
- Twitter:!/imagineteamsol
- Our site:
- Our email: [email protected]

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Whats new

    Fixed MyWay balance checker
    Added notifications for MyWay balance
    Fixed Bugs

Imagine Team Pty Ltd part of our Transportation and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Nov. 7, 2015. Google play rating is 72.1429. Current verison is 12. Actual size 5.4 MB.

Download mybus-2-0-canberra.apk 5.4 MB


A Google User

I've been a user since the early days, and now real-time data is available without a separate application being installed is returned to a pretty awesome state.

Stephen Mann

Why is it forcing me to download another app?? Why in the name of Malcolm Fraser am I being forced to download the app just to access realtime bus information? This is crazy, please sort it out!

A Google User

Unfortunately the best canberra bus app The bus timetable features and link to myway balance the only part i like. The real time data is always incorrect, quite frequently it will say the next bus is 4min away only to have a different number bus show up 10 min later. Wish it had a realtime map showing bus location. This app forces the installation of a payment app even though I have no interest in recharging myway via this app.

lee michelle

What bus? You have to know what bus number you want to catch. Can't search by suburb. Favorites don't display bus number or any identifying info such as where it is going from or too. I used to use this app... I think about a year ago and it was much easier to find the info wanted. Will just go to the action website to get the timetable info needed as have to go there any way to get the bus number. Please fix I liked the old app.

Doppel Frog

Useful app Useful app, but could do with some improvements: viewing a favourite route doesn't display the actual route number. No way to rename a favourite. Real-time feed never shows any data.

A Google User

Real-time feature requires installation of another app I do not want to install another app to use the realtime feature. I now just use the action bus website for live updates.

Lucy Merlino

Has become less user friendly UPDATE: the need to download an app I don't want to access real time data has me uninstalling this app. Wanted to support a locally developed app but not useful for casual bus user. There are better apps out there. *** This is useful only if you already know the bus number. You can't plan trips ahead of time nor find buses by suburb so very limited usefulness if you are a casual bus user. I need to go to the ACTION website to find my route information before I can use this app.

A Google User

Crippled for self promotion I rated this app 5 stars before you required installing unrelated bloatware to use it. I'd much rather you put ads and a premium ad-less version of the app than forcing everyone to install a crap app that nobody wants. I don't mind if you advertise/promote your other app though MyBus, but forcing us to install it is stupid. In response to your comment on my review: There's a big difference between advertising your other app and forcing people to install it in order to use MyBus. If you advertise your other app then people will learn about it and if they think it is useful they will install it. But people like me who don't think your other app is useful for us can just ignore the ads. It makes sense for your payment app to be required for recharging MyWay, but the real-time feature is completely unrelated to your payment app, so you are just artificially crippling MyBus by requiring your other app for the real-time feature. I am not uninstalling MyBus because it is a useful app even with real-time removed. I just dislike your marketing strategy and wanted to let you know, and warn others through my review. Sorry if I offended you.

Patrick Keogh

Bloatware Developer's decision to require another app (Quickly Pay It) where there was no technical dependency is bloatware pure and simple. While there was a dependency in the MyWay part of the MyBus 2.0 app, there was no dependency in the Real-time function which is where the check against the Quickly Pay It app was done. So to cripple the Real-time functionality even if you never ever plan to use the app to top up your MyWay account is a poor decision. Recommendation: put the check for Quickly Pay It where it belongs, in the MyWay tab, not the Real-time tab. Sure you need to make some money... but bloatware is the wrong way to do it. My $2 is waiting for the paid version.


App is awful since last update Seriously - don't change something that worked.2.0 is just rubbish! My card details don't load and why to god do I have to install pay it app to get real time bus info!!!!!! And while you think your secondary app is great - I don't, nor do I want it. Just remember I'm the paying customer here and it's my tax dollar subsidising ACT'S public transport along with every other user of this app. Not only that you can no longer search by route or suburb. Unless you know the bus number you are stuffed!!!!

Mark Knowles

Real time could be better Hi great app. The real time says bus is early when it is actually late. That is a little confusing please fix.

A Google User

Awesome, useful app This app is great. Very easy to use and simple. I really like the real time feature; I now know at times if I should run to the bus stop or not. I really like the MyWay payment feature; no need to go to news agency.

Shannen Kelly

Disappointed Very disappointed that achieving your goal of real time has resulted in users being forced to download another unrelated app in order to use this aspect. This was the best part of your app and I am confused as to why you would attempt to force your other apps upon people rather than letting them stand for themselves.

Kate M

Real Time Would be good if we could access real time functionality without having to download the unrelated payment (recharge) app. I just go to the Action nxtbus page for that now.

Carl Windhorst

Incomplete Doesn't have every bus stop on route in real time - including mine. Deleted.

V.J. Munslow

No trip planner This app needs a trip planner included. This app assumes that all users know exactly where they are going b4hand so not very intuitive or irregular user friendly in this regard. Had to go back to Action website to find out which buses I needed to catch for an event. So app was useless for me.

Heather Bozza

Used to love the app now question it I loved this app when it was simple, prior sep 1. Now I question it. I am a regular bus user throughout canberra and previously recommended the app to others. Now I've found 2 routes that haven't had times updated, very slow to load and harder to read. I don't need the myway card attached as I save more and do direct debit but now to use the app I have been told I need to load another app to make my bus work. I haven't yet trusted th real time info yet. Questioning if I keep the app.

Kahri Bain

Don't want Quickly Payit I like the app but I don't want Quickly Payit and therefore can't use the real time information. Not good enough!

sarah q

Bad Slow to load. Crashes often. The old one was more efficient. Needs another app to see real time, which is not helpful.

Victor & Wilson Wang

Unresponsive UI Great features such as NXTBUS realtime data, but the UI is laggy, not very responsive and inconsistent with fonts, animations and graphics.

Adam S

Uninstalled App was good but now blocks real time info and forces installation of a money transfer app I have no use for. Uninstalled.

A Google User

Awesome App Resent live bus times have made my travels a whole lot easier. If only I could give 6 stars... Now all you need to do is add route 252 and 251 on weekdays... They complement routes 52 and 51 respectively...

Ryan Harder

Needs update The bus timetables all changed a week ago but this app is not following it. Need an update for new timetable.

Hasini Wickramasinghe

Features not available Need to download a second app to view real time bus info.

Herman Karsten

Bloatware Seriously? Forced to install other software to keep using full functionality. I'd rather pay a few bucks than install the payment app.

George Harrison

Great app, now requires third party downloads Used to use the app all the time, now to use the only important part of the app you must install a third party app which requires access to almost everything on your phone. Please make money off ads by all means, but not by forcing third party adware that charges large fees for use.

Llewelyn Delahaye

Real time is terrible Tells me the bus is 6 minutes early when it's 20 minutes late, and the later the bus is the earlier the app sais that it is. It also seems that "just now" can be anywhere between 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

Mark A

I don't want the I've really enjoyed using this app, but now I can't get real time bus info without installing But I don't want this as I don't want to manage my MyWay card through the app. I just want real time bus info.

Jade Collin

Why are the updates so big? I have to delete stuff to update

Mitch Frost

The requirement to install an additional adaware style app just to get real time data really detracts from this previously good app

Lan Huynh

Uninstalled Did us both a favour.

Andrew Richards

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Used to be brilliant- now it's bricked unless you install bloatware in addition to it.

Ian Eglington

Not great, but ok until it forced install of quicklypayit. Uninstalled both.

Richard Lock

If it didn't have the dinosaur riding a rainbow through space when loading it wouldn't be the same!

Alexandra Dayo

The app is great But timetable is so bad, bus time has been cut

Janet Alston

Am inable to make it work.

A Google User

Great app for a lame bus service- especially since it's free There are some small, non intrusive bugs, but still way better than the old version/action site, and the devs actually responded when I asked for help on Monday, they updated tuesday. I tried to ask for help on action site and was told it'd be a week before anyone got to me... got an email 2 weeks later with summary 'its your fault'. Awesome app, love the cute dragon nyan- wish it were an action bus nyan, but then we'd probably be waiting for ages for it to show up

A Google User

Love the new look but ultra thin font hard to read. Experiencing long load times. Not useful if you do not know which route you need to take. Prefer previous version - simple and did what it needed to do.

Jay Wilson

Don't bother The new update is best used when standing at a stop. Useless for finding a route unless you already know it.

A Google User

The best canberra bus app Trying this app again after about 3/4 of a year and it's improved a lot. Would be nice if there was a way to favourite bus stops for the real time data so I didn't have to use the map that resets to civic each time. The account balance is still my most used and probably favourite part of the app.

justin searle

Not updated Still not updated been 2 weeks now plz update

Ray Prasad

more bus's Need more bus's. Not one every hour

Luke Ashe

Suburbs Bring back finding buses by suburbs

Matt Baillie

Recharge is buggy Latest update fixed the real time issues, but still crashes when trying to recharge. Moto X 2014, lollipop.

Ibrahim shaikh

RealTime is broken after latest update App is crashing after latest update upon selecting RealTime on galaxy s6 edge

Teshia Jn Baptiste

Recent update is not complete all times for route 7 not available

Isobel Kimball

Update fail Just installed the latest update and now Real Time does not load. The app kicks me out everytime. Please investigate and fix.

Owen Parker

Update? Just installed latest update and it does not include new timetable changes effective from 18 May for route 250. When will new timtable be available?

Paul Crowley

Incorrect timetable Bus routes 251 and 252 have not been updated to the new additional morning services and adjusted times

Emmanuel Morfiadakis

Good app Use it everyday

Reuben Brown

Good App Nice some design, easy to use. Feature request: add favourites for bus stops. There's a select number of stops I use regularly for the commute to work, and having to remember the numbers is a pain, so having a favourites list would be awesome.

Kate M

A suggestion Why not have a reminder option to go off 5 or 10 minutes before a "favorite" bus is due at a selected stop? Also, it would be good to have more than one stop saved in the Real Time function. Most commuters would have at least two - home and office - as it is a nuisance to enter the stop number each time.

Nate Riley

Widgets would really round this app off Widgets with information like current balance and next bus would be a great addition to this already great app.

Alex Dacles

Useful apps Worth it to download,easy to use.

Russ Crane

Has stopped working on HTC One M9 Android 5.1 for the last couple of months. Uninstalled and reinstalled, now won't log in at all. When it was working, there was only limited ability (effectively none) to customise to my usage. Can't even exit the app while its trying to log in except by powering phone off, or hard shutting the app down. For all the promise the app had - Sorry guys - fail. Back to the lab to fix ....

Barry Coyles

Won't login to MyWay Wouldn't update credit so I uninstalled then reinstalled. Now it won't even login. Info entered is correct! Edit: to qualify the above. Issue is with my Galaxy S3 phone running Android 4.3. 10 in Galaxy tablet running Android 4.4.2 is OK at the moment, but it wants to update the app. Not going to do that.

David Maish

Tis a crock Cant log in with correct details of my Myway card so I have uninstalled it

Leah Sparrow

Was great until the times were wrong and I logged out and now can't get back in!

Ozzy Jay

Hopeless app I just don't see any advantages to having this. Late to update, nxt bus from the website is easier to use and the app logs you out. Needs serious development

George Harrison

Great app! Third party dependency removed! I now use this app again frequently after the third party dependency was removed! Works like a charm! Thank you for listening and getting rid of it!

jacob cay

Minor updates required The app is getting to a usable point. I would like to see the the ability to store favorite bus stop id's so I can easily check what's coming in advance. Secondly when I went to recharge my my-way card, I selected $50, however it then told me the recharge would show up as $47. Do you charge a fee to recharge?

David Jones

Real Time often unavailable Haven't been able to access real time data for quite a while

Mick Barnes

Where are the school buses? Love the app for me but how come the school routes don't come up? My kids sometimes have to catch different buses to sport or the grandparents. But if we don't find them we cant save them to favourites. Another suggestion is to click on a time in the timetable to set a reminder alert for x minutes before it is due.

The Spook

Not up to speed Was searching for a 200 bus on weekend and I couldn't tell what it was giving me. According to results the 200 was leaving Gungahlin about every 2 to 3 minutes in the morning which can't be right on a weekend. So it's displaying misleading data. How about a fix so that it can offer you weekday or weekend / public holiday services. Prefer the Canberra Bus app as it has superior features.

Sam Findlay

Timetables not updated, still missing bus stops 1. Timetables not updated (new 27 Aug). 2. There are even missing stops: eg 6075, 6076 3. Real-time function is rather rudimentary. No option for remembering favourite stops. Compare the official NXTBUS website which has a hopeless UI, but it does at least provide a proper search function for bus stops and allows saving a list of favourites! TL;DR Try another app such as Moovit or TripMate.


Not up to date. Update your timetables already. What use is a bus app if none of the times are correct? Good app before then.

Jim Yaoyuan Zhang

Nearly unusable real-time tab Endless loading after switching to the real-time tab is common. Plus the app cannot even differentiate between arriving earlier or later than scheduled time.

Angus Ashton

Need updated timetables Will happily change to five stars once this is rectified.

Gavin Nucifora

Timetables are all out of date.

Steph K

Timetables wrong!

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