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9 Sep
MyBell Mobile

Posted by Bell Canada in Tools | Sept. 9, 2016 | 186 Comments

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With the MyBell app, it has never been easier to manage your Bell services anytime, anywhere – right on your phone. You can use the app over our 3G, 4G and LTE networks free of charge, without using your data plan.
You have a quicker access to key features:
• View, download and pay your bill
• Easily manage your travel usage
• View your Bell Mobility voice, data and text usage
• View your Bell internet usage
• Manage features and view your rate plan details (including voicemail reset and caller ID management)

The MyBell app supports Android 4.0 and above. If you have a previous version of Android, please use your browser to visit our mobile site at

Learn more about app permissions:

Whats new

    • View, download, and print your bill
    • Fixed permission issue that prevented users from being logged in automatically
    • Various bug fixes

Bell Canada part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 9, 2016. Google play rating is 57.4412. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Bryce Dewar

Galaxy s4 Won't let me sign into the app but I can sign in to the account on the entrrnet. Called bell and they said they couldn't figure it out either so its completely useless to me

Ash Dehghan

Bell canada Nearly 2000 people think your app sucks. The least you guys could do is reply to people who are having problem with the app. Even independent developers do that and they don't make billions of dollars. It's just sad.

Dan B.

Typical Horrible Bell You would think a company that steals $75 and up from each of their customers would be able to make a decent app.

Chris Lunitz

Good, but needs big improvements. It's a overall well designed app, but the two biggest problems I have are... 1. Overall Incredibly Slow. No matter the Internet connection. 2. Doesn't stay logged in, even if you click stay logged in. Otherwise it's a great app. I like it over the other Telco's as you don't need to turn Wifi off to use Bell's App. With Fido and Rogers you needed to turn Wifi Off.

Dan Hirsch

Slow Slow, choppy transitions kill this app. Get ready to be frustrated tapping all over the place. If the developers could fix the slow transitions in this app it would be half decent & borderline useful.

Paul Pyro

Sucks! I am running this app off my One Plus One on 6mbps internet and it still lags so much! Closing and opening sections freezes the app!

Marky Mark Whalleyed

need to answer secret questions 2 attempts or your account gets locked. Like a little kids tree-fort even though I use my MOBILE DATA.

Mauro B

With all the money bell makes they can't invest a bit "From bad to worse." That was my previous comment and well it got even worse. Looking at my bill online and it doesnt match what i see on my phone app. Good job bell.

Kirsten Brown

Wish i could give 0 stars Terrible app! Wouldnt even open at first. What else would i expect from bell? Can only see how much is owed and pay and set up preauthorized payments. Can't even see your bill or home phone! Just go to the website and save space on your phone by disabling this garbage app.

Albert Alfaro

any day now i downloaded this app around january and i tried to open it... I'm still waiting for it to load, but it shouldn't take more than a few more days.

Harry Fairbanks

pure garbage bell needs to centrialize all there account data or these account numbers wont work for anything . Update still garbage.

Aslan Halabi

Garbage Never loads, freezes just completely useless disappointed in you bell you could do so much better.

Brian Ho

Horrible Making it accessible in chrome would be better, this lags so much, phone drops framerates like crazy

Rory Collins-Green

Dispicable, even for Bell Very slow and laggy. Buggy as all hell. It won't even let me input my credit card info to pay my bill. I could have sworn Bell would have at least had THIS base covered.

Anthony Berakos

Bell just wont listin This app would be great if i could see what my data usage is according to bell. As well as daytime calling charges. I hate having to call customer support to get this info.... big thumbs down bell....

Desire Nesbit

Did work Worked awesome for a long time. Not sure what happened but now I can't get past the starting blue screen.

Simon Blanchet

Get the job done. Not worst then a lot of apps out there...

Daniel MacNeil

Terrible Doesn't even load half the time... What's the point?

Viorel Turcu

Bell app Junk, just like all the other Bell services. Not a big surprise. The only good thing is that it's free. Not that anyone would have paid for it.

Connor C

Works half the time The only thing I want this app for us checking my usage, which for me seems to only work occasionally.

DeWarlord !

Doesn't work on S4 Won't log on and sais experiencing technical difficulties...

Donna Anderson

My bell mobile If u don't remember the user name or password u may as well not use it because it won't help u to get it. It keeps saying technical problems come back later that's all it does!!!

Ronald Gmiterek

Beautiful app Like the new app. Find it very slow though. Please fix.. Using with cyanogenmod M12 ROM and Nexus 6

Brian Parnell

I just realized that I had to replace the shortcut on the homepage. It does what I need it to do now.

Chris Henhawke

Needs improvement No exit button, seriously? It's just a Web browser wrapper... A laggy one at that. Bell proves again that they are terrible at Android development.

Tim Dunn

Junk Doesnt do anything.. cant check usage... useless.

Michael Davidson

Typical Does Bell have anything that does what it's supposed to

Risto Ylivainio

Just useless piece of .. . What you can expect from Canadian mobile operators, making working mobile?

Gerell Buen

Suck app Doesnt updated my acc

Ikan Ikan

What has not been said by others.

Doug Sullivan

Back button Doesn't matter what app we use, when we press our back button, we go back. But with this app, it does nothing. You're forced to use the internal menu to select where you go back to instead of making it easy to press the back button and go back to where you just were. Come on Bell, get this fixed already!

Andrew Cumberbatch

Way too slow For what this app is, it takes a minute to load for some reason.

Martin Minekus

Does not close. Need to force close it.

JayJay tripz

wtf this app was so useful. NOW IT NEVER WORKS . wtf.

Melissa Valenta

Never working Every time I tap the app it never worksneed an update or something. Room for emprovment bell.

Allan Tsai 蔡閎宇

Lag, slow, data are not updated correctly, and more


Visa debit When you guys gonna start taking visa debit other providers accepted them I feel like I being forced to go to another provider I just want to pay my bill

Chris Wolski

As mentioned, typical Bell Their engineers must really hate the company. The app initializes for minutes pondering it's own existence, than times out. It's 2015 btw...

Yuriy Loginov

Bloatware Stop forcing customers to download useless bloatware apps

Oleg Frank

Too slow Amazing like it slow like never before!!!! I'm really peace off!!!

Justin Bigelow

New issue, stuck at initialization Now instead of sometimes not working just never works.

Chris Hope

Horrible App The design of the app is perfectly alright. The problem with the app is that not only is it ridiculously slow, and doesn't stay logged in, but now as of the last update, it gets stuck on the initializing screen. Both on WiFi and on LTE I let it sit for 10 minutes, and it was still "Loading". What a piece of garbage, I wish I could expect more from a company that overcharges me by about 50 bucks a month, but then this is Bell we're talking about.

Chris Lunitz

Needs Major Improvement! Overall Incredibly Slow. On LTE and Wi-Fi the app takes almost a full minute to load (once to open the app and once to log in. The app doesn't stay logged in, even if you click stay logged in. In my opinion it's absolute garbage. You are better off using your phone's browser.

Harryl San Mateo

Switching service provider bruuuhh This app is so bad that because of it I'm switching service providers. I can probably take a crap faster than this app. I can probably bake a cake faster than this app. I can probably set my phone down, take a 5 mile run, come back, take a shower then a nap and still have this stupid a55 loading screen up. The free clinic is faster than this app. Man everything is faster than this app. It's a waste of space on my phone but yet I keep it in hopes that bell will actually listen but nope. Ya'll suck

Rundell Abelido

What the heck Whats going on with this up. Keeps on loading but not happen. C'MON bell Canada can you guys fix this problem. Another reason why!....

Nikil Jose

Does not work!! One Plus One This app used to work really well. But now it does not open at all. Not that I'm extremely shocked. After all it's Bell.

Andrew Ladouceur

Works but is also terrible You can do some thing like check your data usage but ram usage goes up to 500mb and it doesnt exit properly. It is also slow as hell and crashes pretty frequently. I can basically do the one thing i want to do which is to check my data usage. Other than that this app is pretty aweful. Not suprising though considering it is Bell.

Susan Wickert

Rather pointless I just got wifi installed by Bell and figured it would show up on the My Bell app along with my mobile phone...nope. And can't figure out how to add it either. And the app is slow & laggy and hard to exit, like other people have mentioned

Matthew Gates

Painfully slow In the time it takes for the app load you can go to the website and login in there, if the website is working that is. This app shows the quality we have all come to know and hate from bell. I see why my I.T. professors all told me to never work for your company.

Toque Maru

Fix it please This is my fourth day trying to open the app but it won't let me. It keeps looping and looping forever until you get frustrated with it.

Ellen Bartlett

Get it working App will update but will not even get to sign in page or right to my account information. Apps are more of a pain since they are always being updated.

Soman A

Terrible app! Takes over 2 minutes to start up and load account information on a Galaxy Note 4 with 50MB down speed. Although a good design...there are way too many bugs. Doesn't scroll properly, when entering a creditcard's expiry date; It won't show month and year. Overall bad experience.

Danni M

New update, why??? Unnecessary Barely works. Previous version of self serve was far more user friendly than this app. Bell why did you tinker with something that worked well and was easy to maneuver. Visually it's pretty but less functional than the previous self serve app...

Spencer Drake

Stuck on Loading The app is designed great and is very helpful, when in loads...

Mike Wellar

Won't load I use this app to check my acct balance. As it doesn't load I guess that means I don't owe anything as I don't get a statement through the mail. Thanks for the free months service Bell!

Ken Marsh

Pathetic If this app doesn't get fixed and set up so I can pay from my own bank I will be returning to Telus.

kellie schwabe

No problems so far I have the Galaxy 3 and my only issue is that I'm not the main account holder so I have to wait until they're linked. Otherwise I see what I need to see :)

Roger Diotte

Browse to Settings-Apps-Force Close the Bell App... This fix works most often than not and also fixes other app issues. Android Operating System and most Apps need to be force closed more often than the billionth burger sold marquee at McDonald's. I'm lovin' it.

ryan cory

Sucks hard Won't let me see my data usage stuck on initialization

Alicia Jade

Horrible. Just got a plan with Bell and since I'm going out of town I thought this would be convenient for me, but isn't. Waste of my time that's for sure. It has been trying to load for ten minutes now. Definitely making me rethink my choice of choosing Bell as my provider.

A Google User

Really Bell? Providing a mediocre service at break neck costs... App fails frequently. Biggest scam ever. Should start looking elsewhere!!

JJ Bea

MyBell Mobile Bad!!! Used to be useful, won't load more than a blank page now. Will not uninstall, just taking up space.

Mike Gaboury

Nexus 6, lollipop 5.1.1 doesn't work! This app doesn't work on nexus 6 lollipop 5.1.1.

Shazad Khan

Sometimes it doesn't work. But 99% of the time it's fantastic.

Wade Fralic

Just loading... Will not work at all. Please fix this.

Michael Asperger

It's awful It just hangs there while displaying 'loading... Please wait...'. It astonishes me that Bell Canada can't produce a stable application. How it is that application development seemingly remains such a mystery to them continues to defy plausible explanation.

Anjan Bhattacharyya

I just can't do anything. I just can't do anything. Nothing. Pretty disappointing for such a great company.

Jesse Boam

Won't work App won't load. Doesn't do anything

Stuart Turner

Sofar I hate it I can't even get it to open. As far as I am concerned bell sucks

Akash Mahajan

Bell can't even get its own app working Even 1 star is too much for this app. Does it ever work? I've barely been able to pull up my profile and account on this app, let alone make a payment. Plus Bell won't let me delete it, as it's pre-installed.

Roger Basant

Terrible app needs lots of work and options The app tells you how much you owe but has no breakdown so you never know if you were overcharged and what for without going on the computer or calling. The side bar activates from scrolling which is incredibly annoying

Tawab Latif

Very basic but useful! To some degree useful. It does what it says. I know it's basic features and they can add so much options but hey don't forget it's Bell. Would be nice to be able to check call history at any time from any date and time like Fido customers.

Mike Thomas

Lousy app. Touch sensitive activates menus just from scrolling the screen. Account recovery options don't work properly. Login using Google or Facebook credentials not available. Overall design dated and not intuitive. What a crappy app. Lists the wrong device on my account and incorrect account details resulting in monthly bills that are not accurate in the app but get corrected in billing. Just garbage.

John Doe

Useless app Doesn't habe a problem telling you owe them money but doesn't work or load 99% of the rest of the time. Useless as [email protected]@k app

Kurt Walling

Doesn't even deserve 1 star What a piece of crap! I've had the Samsung Note, Note 2 and now the Note 4 ... I'VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO GET THIS APP TO WORK PROPERLY.

Frazer Brunton

Permissions unjustified. Look at these permissions! You don't need access to any of that. My call logs? My photo gallery? This is how that picture of your girlfriend in her underwear ends up in an ad for a porno site. They buy it from bell who stole it from your phone and they justify it with unnecessary and abusive app permissions.

cory strong

Garbage Can't do anything with my fab 10 cause I can't even find it and been all over the app... Junk!

Philip Oberg

This app is junk It doesn't work. I can't pay my bill on this app so because it's so outdated and crappy. Running an up to date version of marshmallow so there's no excuse for this app to not work. Bell is one of the richest companies in Canada and there app is one of the worst. They're customer service is also terrible, you always have to call multiple times to get what you have rights to.

Roger Diotte

Works For Me! To bad we have to even watch data usage though, we pay a fair amount already.

Adrian Dorey

Bad It wasn't bad before now it's just awful. It takes forever to load anything..

Danielle Jastrau

Great to track but... Since the last update the side panel keeps swinging open and will not close unless you hit the back button. Very frustrating!

Abe E

Horrible Dumb excuse for an app with a very static feel. Drop to data usage and swipe down and it opens the sidebar then click show details for data usage and you have to scroll the little window up to show. Also can't even make bill payments through this app. Not usually mean but this app really sucks.

Shawn Abernethy

Meh Seems to work okay. Some stuff still times out and needs to be tried again. Why the extra permissions?

Alan Wong

Works for me Don't know where the problem is, I used it on multiple devices in the past and it works.

Marc Dufour

Doesn't work Tried to log in but it sais that the type of account is not supported?? Wow very impressive to a client that is not even with your services for 24 hours

Jospeh Barringham

Changes selection Changes selection when trying to make a payment and have ended up paying bill over the phone instead of the app. App would be great if worked properly

Mitch Dezoete

Tried to make a payment and didn't work

Sue - Jim

No issues so far... This works fine for what I use it for...

Nevine Jaber

Crapy app Its bad enough bell has really high rates but even worse the app doesnt even work i can manage anything because all it does is load and never works in the end. Fix ittttt

Kevin D

Bend over Bell... Requests scary permissions and two dollars for 1.2 Mb data and on and on.

Ash Harper

Won't load Just keeps telling me to wait. Useless app.

Adam K-F

Works OK but drains battery like crazy Bell you need to sort put the battery drain with this app. I need to constantly remember to close after use to make sure my battery doesn't die.

Eric Montgomery

Great app. Easy to use. Why all the negative feedback.

Bj Binette

This is my way of retaliating Bell screws us with high internet prices and limited speeds.

Jim Pepper

Bell sucks...registered on my bell and doesn't recognize my phone number! !! Really give them 150 plus a month!!! BETTER GET SOME WORKERS ON THIS!!

Dan Power

It works. Simple enough to use. I like it!

Fared Sahar

Does not let me register for new account.

Beau Pierre

It's to get more info out of your phone's

Logan Ryckis

Needs Improvement It was fine, but recently it has become jumpy. It's strange and makes it unpleasant to use.

Dan Dawdy

Works for me Does what I want from this app

Khalid Mughal

Can't make a payment through the app

shahab shayesteh

Does not work

President Snow

Pretty basic Does what i need it to do.


Wrong info Three days before ending cycle it shows " 0 days left"

Nick J

Hated it You can't check for the phones you eligible for or anything else very basic all of the stuff for bell should be in one app TV, push to talk and so onn

John Colonna

amazingly basic....being Bell one expects better

Claude Dicaire

Program contains bugs If I select previous dates for internet usage it would not show anything. It only works with the current period.

Ryan Dupuis

Since last update if I use app from WiFi network will drop down from LTE to HSPA and remain there even after exiting the app.

Adam D

Needs a redesign No breakdown of Bill, very limited features. Have to call Bell for most things as the app doesn't help.

Nikil Jose

Does not work!! This app used to work really well. But now it does not open at all. Not that I'm extremely shocked. After all it's Bell.

David Seniuk

Totally Useless App! I can't see anything. I have to go to the web site. What's the purpose of this app?

Andrea Lyman

Information at my finger tips I can do everything I need via self serve... Great app


Bell app Doesn't work at all . Even the bell kiosk people don't like it

Drew M

More could be done from a tech company The app gives limited features. It is often slow and crashes often.


Excellent app This app works perfectly , the problem with other ppl having issues either android version, phone specs or they dont know how to use the app ! Using s5 never had an issue with the app.

Ivan Krolo

No billing details but decent to check stuff, just nothing great

Penny McCabe

Can't access my account. This app sucks!

Jean Haw

Not very intuitive Takes a while to get used to the user interface. Can't tell what is clickable by visual inspection.

Michel Gaudette

I am generous Would actually vive it zero but there is not a zero rating. This is as useless as useless can be. But then again it is from Bell so what can we expect.


Useless Bloatware Worst part is, I don't even have bell! You put this, your TV app AND your RDM on my phone and waste 150+MB of storage space. Thank god I have root so I can uninstall this crap.

Christopher Gaul

Gets worse with each update At one time this was actually a useful app. Then apparently Bell fired all their good programmers and hired monkeys to make this crippled Web App nonsense. For example, the native app didn't require login because they used your phone information to access your account data. Worse, this latest release seems more useless and dumbed down than the already bad version before it. Darn it Bell. Just make a solid native app and quit screwing with it.

Jason Abbott

Embarrassing Ya... I have to agree. This APP is pretty bad. Considering the work force they have within, the direction the world is going...ummm they are missing the boat. Embarrassing. Sorry Bell.


Loading account..... Seriously WTH this app used to be really good now its trash even after update... i already did a restart and even used wifi and data afterwards and would still not work!! Last thinh When using a Wifi, I had to login seriously hating this now..

Yianni Mavrikos

Why all the hate? If I wanna make changes to my account I can, it even gives me the option to change it right away or at the end of the bill date. If i wanna check my balance I can, if I wanna check my usage, guess what. .I can!(shocking)and the amount has always been accurate and on time. I've never had to call bell really for anything anymore. Oh well I guess ppl are little more challenged then I am. What do you do.

Torro Kamel

Bell For being a company such as bell this app should be alot better. More up to date with few glitches. Sadly thats not the case.

Arthur L Gauvreau

Bell Rocks Works great on my S6 Edge Plus. Keeps track of all my usage.

Dennielle Lacroix

Never shows all my bills Every time I open the app it either shows me my fibe bill or just my cell phone bill not both, it's frustrating because then when I call Bell they tell me nothing is wrong with the app and that I'm doing it wrong... I don't know how I can do anything wrong from opening the app I want to be able to see all my bills in one area. It's always something with this company.

Rod Wadman

Not working Does not work on LG G4 since marshmallow update.

Shawn Abernethy

Meh Try to have the app automatically shut off WiFi so I don't have to sign in... Option disabled.

Corinne Dyck

Used to work In the past it worked great. But now it doesn't work no matter what I do... Waste of space on my phone.


Useless Very few features and little practical use. It does not show a breakdown of your bill.

Lloyd Samsonite

it's been fixed!!! :-D now this app is starting to work better

Navdeep Singh Sidhu

Annoying Popup Everytime i open it. There is a permission popup to allow system settings after upgrade to android 6. I have to turnoff my wifi every time.

Lee Qamanirq

Not very good Always having problems with this app... With bell you would think they have the best for everything but not this app...

Alan Turner

Useless Won't even open let alone give any useful info

Sas A

I installed it, can't remember why. I don't use it. It isn't that useful. Apps from big companies, for you to pay bills or use their services, aren't often very good. This one no exception. It might give you account balance, but not much more. I usually end up calling Bell if I need help. It's hard enough trying to get help from a person; this app is like a person with no answers. After waste 20 minutes to discover that the app can't help you, call Bell, even more cranky since you just wasted time on this app before you called.

Zeeshan Shaikh

Worst app among competition This app is nothing but a web wrapper to their mobile site. Take heed from My TELUS and Koodo, they have beautiful apps unlike your slow as snail app. This app can't even let me download my bill or view my device balance and it works only on Mobile data. Edit: Thanks for the update. It is still sh*t.

Jay W

Love this app Bell is so fast and amazing with there service. The my bell app is awesome as well it is always so convenient that I can check my usage in a flash. Finally I'm getting the service I am paying for. Rogers and there joke partners should take lessons on customer service from bell. Thx again bell

Cameron Kelly

Broken It's improperly setup on lg g4, it can't get access to temporarily disable wifi. It's roughly sufficient of you manually disable wifi though. Now it's worse, it keeps saying that my login is incorrect before I've had a chance to finish typing it in. You'd think a phone company could make a small app.

G. Reed

App doesnt load It always fails to load profile so i have to go to the website anyways. Then it tells me at the website to use the app. Fix the app and maybe i would!

Aaron Gadd

This doesn't work Worst thing that I have ever put on my phone. Won't let me log in. And when I make a new profile still won't work

Mark Lyall

Finally Updated Its about time you guys updated the Mybell app for android. I think though you guys should be a bit quicker to address future issues and maybe add more features and abilities to the app and maybe a new material look update.

Eddie Martin

I'd like to know how this got installed by itself! Wake up and it was installed and updated by itself????

Erin Miller

Can't see data usage on pre-paid plans

David Halliday

Does not work, missing information Will not allow credit card expiry date to open. No breakdown for the bill.

Chris Barrett

wow bell.. why how can such a big company come out with such a crappy app.. it's pretty well useless.. can't do anything on's just wasting room on my bell phone. get you act together

Terry Mah

I just got a Nexus 6P and tried to install this app. It keeps bringing me to an Apps Permission page to allow the app to change WiFi settings on/off. But the option to allow access and give permission is greyed out so I cannot even give permission! I have to manually disable WiFi before I use this app to get it to work. What a pain in the butt.

Joey Sullivan

Latest update broke it. The app was always pretty bad, but their latest update made it so it won't even launch. I have a funny feeling they're intentionally breaking it, to make it impossible for users to check their own data usage. And that's the kind of thing class action lawsuits are made for!

c86 Themes

Freezes Would be nice to be able to use to the app. Once it loads it freezes and never responds to my touches anymore. Cannot exit or hit any option.

'Eric Protacio'

Too many flaws to be deployed!! New looks: not bad... functionality: FAIL! Too slow! Data is incomplete or inaccurate. Too many flaws to list down. Why deploy a crappy app!!????!!.. Not a good move, Bell. Makes you look amateurish!

Loretta Do

App won't even open! Before the app worked well enough for me. It was annoying that I had to sign in every time although I checked off the box to have me already signed in. Now the app won't even open anymore! So frustrating!

Ron Holder

The app was working great. ..i installed the update. .now it can't open...i have a Galaxy S6 for crying out loud come on Bell you're better than this smh

Carter James

Sloppy UI and extremely laggy There's so little on screen, yet it lags so bad I'm tempted to force GPU rendering.

Tonya Bailey

If the app actually opened I would give it a better rating, but I haven't been able to get into the app for 3 weeks now.

Courtney Fraser

Never works I've been a bell customer for 6 weeks an have had to reinstall the app everytime I want to use it... absolutely ridiculous!!!

Cluny Nichols

No detail billing? What the hey? I'd like to see how they came to the figure, not just the figure... kinda useless

Shannon Bentley

Remote pvr record Wanted to control my pvr to set up recording when I'm not home. Won't do it. My old blackberry used to... Why won't this new app? Problem is....the Bell Satellite PVR remote app DOES NOT WORK on android anymore. Bell obviously just wants to make it's users upgrade to Fibe TV so they can make more money. Shame on Bell for taking a service away from customers and only making it available at a higher cost. Talk about poor customer relations. Maybe time to switch to Rogers.

k. ism

Poor design and business logic Says "your current balance includes an overdue balance of $0.00 - please pay your overdue now". What? Pay $0.00 ? Fix your billing logic.

Crashes on start up Has not worked even once since getting my new phone (Galaxy S5 Neo) earlier this year. This is very inconvenient as I used this app regularly previously.

Jonathan Dibblee

Does what it's supposed to I don't know why everyone is complaining it does what it's says and needs to do.

River W

Leaving for telus The service is so awful. A walky talky could out perform their service. Not really but thats what i feel like im using. Telus is the way togo. Not talking so much about the app but i needed to post my review somewhere.


Bell, your app is terrible. My ebills are always wrong and sporatic. My contract for my phone is done in April 2017. I WILL NEVER USE BELL FOR ANYTHING AGAIN!!!!!

New update sucks !!!!! I love this app but for some reason it update and now I can't get in to it ... Feeling piss off ..

Candice Huckle

Crash Won't open. Says I have no network connection but I do

thaya t rajah

Bad customers service I hate any bell customers services

Vanessa Kang

Great app Bell did a great job. I have no problems with this app.

y cherk

HTC x one doesn't work HTC x one doesn't work

A Google User

Works for me. App does what it is suppose to do.

Philip Courte

BlackBerry DTEK50

Jessi Lynn

Not Enough Features Please include a way to confirm a payment in the mobile app. Having to go to the full site and wait for it to stop glitching and switching pages and ads, then trying to log in, have it go to a page asking me if I want to log into the MyBell app or go to full site, to have to click back to the full site, wait for it to load again, then fight to log in, then finally get through to the link to confirm my payment.........if reading this irritated you, you can imagine how much I want to throw my phone at a wall!

Paul Murray

Useless For a company that provides cell service, this app is junk. I can't ever open it as it "stops working" and asks me to send a report every time. I have no clue why I even have it on my phone.

Sharath Hardikar

Crap I basically use this app to manage my usage. Now I am at 95% of my data limit as per the app and it gives an option to add a feature. It doesn't give an option to add additional data. How crazy is that. When I am using my data, I need an option to add additional data, not adding voicemail or long distance etc. Which genius designed this app?

Ben James

Laggy but good It's not too too bad. Bell is an amazing service and this app compared to the service would be meh. It's laggy has a few glitches and needs minor improvements.

Dave Podres

Unless junk Wow! An app to take up space on your phone in order to see your bill and Internet usage.

Gordon Simpson

Totally useless It has yet to open since I installed it my phone. It always has stopped temporarily. I'd say it's more than temporarily. The app is a piece of crap. I'd give 0 stars or lower if I could.All I frigging want to is reset my voicemail password and this app can't even open to help me do something so simple.

Maria Calliste

Bell app I had this app since I got my cell last yr it was working until recently I uninstalled then install it again but still cannot sign in telling me my info is incorrect so now I can't check to see if I went over my data

Christian Mcneil

Wont even open now Last update has made the app crash every single time i open it , im on a nexus 6 ffs which has never given issue . Fix asap as i dont use

nikkie patel

Very bad application MY bell mobil when's trying to open it taking to long to open my bell for payment the bills or checking anything.useless

Laurie Sita

Limited available info Need to log into Bell site to see breakdown of invoice

Roblox_Player31 / MadibobadiGAMES

Won't load The app continues to get sick on the initialization stage. Won't open to the home screen.

Josh Simmons

Clunky Un organization Fairly badly organized crashes on note 4 fails to connect

Mustapha ElKhatib

Unable to log in!!! Every time I type in my username and password, a message pops up that the app doesn't support the account im trying to long in to. I am using the same account on the mobile webpage; but the app just never work.

Cody Woolford

Never works Wouldn't be too sh%t if it ever opened

Shannon Pardy

Broken Won't take my email, won't accept my password, does nothing.

Courtney Pittman

Bell in General has bad customer service.This app is no different

Kizzy Phillips

Can't log in... it keeps telling me wrong username/password. However, when I use the website with the same info, it works!

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