Download My Vodafone apk 3.3.2 free for Android smartphone

18 Aug
My Vodafone

Posted by Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Ltd in Tools | Aug. 18, 2016 | 210 Comments

Apk file size: 2.0 MB

My Vodafone is the quickest way to regularly check usage and complete common monthly and one-off transactions. It is the one-stop application to effectively manage your Vodafone mobile service.
With My Vodafone you can:
View how much of your inclusions you have used at any point and see how many days until inclusions are refreshed,
Top up your prepaid inclusions by recharging using Credit Card, Paypal or voucher,
View your recent bills & payments
Purchase more data
Update your account details
See contract end date and upgrade eligibility
Manage your International Roaming settings
Set up or change Direct Debit information
Auto sign-in feature
Find your nearest store
Contact information for Vodafone

To see your account information, you need a My Vodafone username and password – you can get this easily at Always forgetting your sign in details? No worries, our new auto sign-in feature recognises you automatically when you’re on our network. The app is free but download charges will apply for downloading from Google Play. Non Vodafone customers can download the app however data charges will apply as per your plan rate. When using the service overseas, international roaming charges will apply. Please note: When on Wi-Fi, the My Vodafone widget may not continuously update if you have logged out of the app.

Whats new

    For postpaid customers all of your key information has been aggregated on a single page (Manage my plan). See contract end dates, upgrade eligibility, expiry date on special offers, handset insurance information and all of your current plan voice, data and international calling inclusions.

Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Ltd part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 18, 2016. Google play rating is 64.1153. Current verison is 3.3.2. Actual size 2.0 MB.

Download my-vodafone-1.apk 2.0 MB


Euan Cowie

Gone backwards New widget a step back from previous version, much slower. having to do full log in each time when clicking into widget also annoying, just requiring pin would be better. Doesnt keep the widget up to date and always logs off, also previous widget size looked better.

Vi Ly

Updated the app and hate it Makes me log in every time, doesn't accept my password, password reset doesn't work. Might as well log in via Web browser. Actually looks like this new update just redirects you a mobile Web Page that is designed to look like an app. I have two accounts and it's now a hassle to get usage stats as I have to switch between them. And it makes me log in every time I switch. Who was the idiot that mucked this app up?!

Tom Simpson

Suggested improvement It would be far more useful if the measures in the dash were in a consistent form (as they were prior to a recent update and as they appear in the example images in the Play Store). This would allow for a meaningful comparison at a glance. Having usage displayed in circles and time as a bar is very unhelpful.

Graham Cox

Widget is too tall in 3.0.1 The widget was a good size in 3.0.0. In 3.0.1, it's too tall and looks ugly next to other icons on my home screen. Please revert this change. Also, please fix having to re-enter login details over wifi. Most people use wifi at home, and it makes it painful when launching the app.

Harry Nguyen

New version is a downgrade Can no longer see international call usage in widget and have to log in everytime. Vodafone please fix these 2 issues and it would be a great app.

Steve L

Cant see it I have to go into the play store to open it... it wont save a short cut to my home page anymore... its just a grey icon with a file... hopeless!

Scott Rochford

Does the job, but... ...slowly ("Connection issue... [Back Home] or [Keep waiting]"). I perform the same recharge every month. On the recharge screen it says "You last recharged <blah>. Recharged <date>." Below that is a button [Choose something else]. Why can't I just tap on what I last recharged to recharge it again? Seems nonsensical. And every time I tap [Choose something else], I can't even find the add-on (some data) that I want to recharge... of course, it's on another [Buy an add-on] button hiding off the bottom of the screen! A travesty of user interface design.

Sky Lu

Need to login everytime to update the widget Why can't the widget update itself like Virgin app?! it's stupid to have to enter your login every time to get your usage updated. What's the point of having a widget then?!

Raylene Pearce

Widget The widget shown in the picture is not the widget that comes up on my phone not happy. I want the old widget back please fix this.

Guru Moorthy

Data usage details Like the app. But would prefer if days left is shown in a dial display like before. Helps to comprehend better if I am going to run out of Data.

Steven Holroyd

Worst upgrade so far This upgrade should actually be titled downgrade. The widget does not stay logged in which means I don't know how much data or call credit I have left for the month. Please fix it or change back to the way it used to be. Next step for me is to uninstall.

John N Edda Webster

Log in problems Version 3.0.0 of this app worked well. 3.0.1 continually won't log in first time even when connected to the Vodafone Network. Please fix urgently!

Soroosh Mirzaee

Logout not possible For some reason it is logged in to my wife's account and I could not find the option if log out and log in as another user. How stupid!!!

Amritpal Singh

Poor new "circle" dashboard design. Bars were more informational. Very cluttered.. too much on one screen. Dashboard should be what "my inclusions/my usage+add ons" is. That's the first and only thing I want to see most of the time. Touch is also flawed , seems be extra sensitive, clicks around when not intended. Cumbersome to use this app. I also don't see how logging in with data is more secure than wifi.

khoder Almatrah

Poor New update is no good, I always have to log in. Im also unable to switch between both my numbers, I have to log in to each number individually. I can't log out when i want, i have to wait for app to log me out when ever it feels like. Useless like Vodafone staff

Nirudaka Netthasinghe

worst ever no optionto save username and password. keep loading and advise not able to load this time try again later... Reallydisappointed

Warren Kepler

Worst update ever This app is just broken now. Why is there a 'sign out' button when it signs you out automatically? Try again. Keep it simple and easy to use this time. Clumsy apps like this damage the Vodafone brand.

Raff Lagatta

New update fixed everything! It's like they listened to me. Widget is bigger and keeps you logged in. Good job!!

Reeve Ferguson

This update SUCKS This is so most worse and more complicated. Bring back the simple graph instead or trying to make it look fancy. Other version i gave 5 stars. This version i want to give a very generous 0

Tejasvi Ahlawat

3.0.1 Update - Does not login automatically (have to type in number and pass every time) - Scrolling through the usage page has glitches. - The widget logs out (useless) This app needs more time under development, in the mean time, consider releasing the old version as a separate app (something that somewhat worked).

Michael Plant

Terrible App keeps logging me out and I have to login every time I want to access usage information. New format doesn't show usage in a way that you can stay within data and call monthly limits.

Kevin Yeon

Annoying login proceedure. When you're on wifi, to be asked to log in every time you open the app is ridiculous. The convenient feature of remembering the user has disappeared... Bring it back please. Otherwise, new interface is brilliant, able to see much more of the account in detail!

Lauren Ambrose

Widget won't refresh It's pointless to have the widget as it doesn't actually give me the same information as logging in. I would like to have a quick glance at the widget but it is always 3-4 days behind. Whereas if I log in its relatively up to date. Why isn't the information provided in the widget the same as logging in????

Prajesh Shah

Worst update The old version was good new is useless please fix the problem of login every time. Widget does not update automatically. Always login into the app and refresh the widget to get updated usage. Useless update.

Jon Pike

Widget broken and app unusable The previous app was ugly, and this update looks better. But it is effectively useless now because it forces retype of mobile/password for almost every use! What are you thinking VF?!

Anneke Menrath

Good once u get there The app itself is good but when i click the icon it takes me to a sales page and I have no idea how to get to my info. Seriously annoying. I then have to Uninstall the app and reinstall. Drives me insane!

Ange K

Crap! Hate this app now Loved my Vodafone app... Up until the last update.. Add ons I buy don't get applied to my account now, I need to call everytime and explain myself everytime!! I'm never logged in anymore and I can't even easily see my usage. I don't trust the app anymore to tell me when I'm low on data etc because its not accurate and I've already been caught out thinking I had data when I didn't and lost $250 worth of call credit. Crap, crap CRAP wish I never updated this app. Pls fix!!!

Nic Rodgers

Useless. After the new upgrade, it is essential to log in every time you want to use the app which completely defeats the purpose of a quick and simple app to tell you everything you want to know. I liked the previous version due to it's simplicity and ease to check how much data you had left etc. Please revert these horrendous changes. Regards yet another angry Vodafone customer.

Leopold Ondrasch

Pointless I'm reverting to the older version of this app until a newer version provides an option to remain logged in while regardless of whether one is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data networks. Which will probably never happen, judging from all the similar complaints that have been ignored. For those of us who spend much of our time on Wi-Fi networks this app's widget is very nearly useless now, and using the app itself is incredibly inconvenient and annoying. Very disappointed in this update.

Norm Mosley

Crap app. Um hello, people actually use the widget on wifi. Stupid developers make you login every time on wifi making the widget useless. Going back to the old version...New update ignored this stuff up.

Tiffany Shon

Annoyed Ever since the update Vida doesn't automatically log me in. I have to do it every time I want to see my data up dated or whatever.

Simmu Kaura

Worst ever....hate it Totally agree with Steven holroyd. It's the worst update ever. So laggy. Over sensitive, scrolling up or down opens up unwanted things. And why in the name of God you have to sign in on WiFi. Old one was way better. I wonder why a massive company like Vodafone wouldn't check everything before launching it in customers.

Mark Harris

it let me log in keeps telling me that my user name and or pass word is in correct ... ive been using this pass word and user name 4 4 years now ... the older version was so much better. dring it back NOW

Brent Morgan

Great App This new version is useless compared to the old. It has login problems and the pie charts are not as good as the old bar graphs. This is a backward step that makes it difficult to use.

Suzanne Phan

Useless app Absolutely hate this application. Keeps telling me my password is wrong but when i do it through a web browser its all fine.

Ernesto Calderón

The update sucks. It does not connect. And what was that thing about not letting us connect directly when using wi fi? That guy, the one who suggested all these 'improvements'? Yeah, that guy. Fire him.

Yoad Lustig

A non refreshing widget? What's the point? Amazed that an organization at this level would publish this rubbish. Badly designed, annoying and manages to get the simplest of use cases muddled. Would suggest scrapping this and going back to the drawing board.

Harry Jane

Can't access app at all. When clicking 'Log In' it just keeps loading and doesn't even come up with the 'keep waiting' options. Please fix!

Brian Inwood

Poor improvements 1. The original usage bar graphs were a better information design; the new round ones are style over substance. 2. Why do I have to keep logging in? Makes the widget pointless.

Gregory Opera

Looks great, but needs Android Wear support. This application looks great and works well, in addition to being extremely easy to use - I particularly liked the fact that one can break-down their usage, right down to individual days or usage types, as well as the ability to manage many common account settings (such as international roaming). I would love to see this updated to include support for Android Wear devices, so that I could check my usage from my wristwatch...

Venura Athukorala

Widget don't update automatically. App asks to remember me but always forgets everything so I have to type everything

Jordan Thompson

Not even an app. The app isnt even really an 'app' anymore. Used to work fine, but a recent update changed the whole app into a shortcut to the browser version of My Voda, which is horrible in comparison. Having to log in every time is super inconvenient, especially when it wont accept my password.

Ruwan Wijekoon

This is a downgrade The previous version was way better. In this app, we are required to log on each time we access our information. And the data is not displayed in the widget.


Does not update. Widget no longer updates since newest patch. Have to open entire program to view and login manually each time if on wifi .. kind of stupid if you ask me.

Craig Phillips

Widget is now broken Since 15/05/15 widget no longer shows updated information. Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times with no result. Keeps saying tap to login even though you have logged in.

Rav dusty

Buggy since update App and widget has been somewhat buggy since 3.0.1 update and as of the last few days it has stopped working all together with an 'unable to confirm last request' error.

Kurt Lawrence

Update was not good. This app was great but now I have to log in every time I was to see my usage. Before it would just show on the widget, all the widget has on it is "Tap to log in" very annoying.

Gregory Opera

Looks great, but needs Android Wear support. This application looks great and works well, in addition to being extremely easy to use - I particularly liked the fact that one can break-down their usage, right down to individual days or usage types, as well as the ability to manage many common account settings (such as international roaming). I would love to see this updated to include support for Android Wear devices, so that I could check my usage from my wristwatch...

Mandy Li

Widget and app not working The widget doesn't work stays frozen and can't scroll. Data usage also not updating on the app.

Socrates Muñoz

Widget doesn't work I change my review due to after about 6 moths of complaints about the widget didn't works finally is working fine again!!

Deanne Windsor

Widget fixed! Very convenient and pretty much my essential go-to widget for my phone. Thanks for fixing it!

Anton Johnson

Doesnt work properly and inaccurate for data causing Vodascum to overcharge..

jordan johnson

**** Widget fixed all *** Thanks for fixing the widget ?

Danny A

Ok Fast and simple to use

Soni Garg

Not working anymore Used to work great. ... Now the widget just sits with the sign in prompt....try to sign in ... goes to the app but widget stays dumb. ... Been like that for Vodafone planning to close down all support work. .. so unprofessional.......ANY UPDATE VODAFONE???????

Julia Gillard

Can't even log in Vodafone needs to sort their life out. This app fails to log me in every time.

Evert Frankincense

Hopeless, "Internal Service Error" LG G4 & S5 Will work fine for a time, then you get the above msg. I find once i delete the app and then reinstall it, that it works again for a time. Needs to be sorted, haven't had this much trouble with it since the past few months.

Sherman Lung

Disappointed, Widget still not working after update Im using a sony xperia Z3, and the widget just keep asking me to tap to login.

Marco Bangma

Update: 20-01-2016 Widgets seems to be working again for all of a sudden. Can't remember doing an update of the app in the last few days. Only thing changed is I went from Android 5 to Android 6 last week. After that update widget wasn't working either, but this morning I noticed the widget showing my usage again. It decided to start working again ?

Matt Simner

...and the widget's back! Update: 2015-01-21 - Back to 4 stars, as VF have obviously fixed a back end service to make the widget work again :) (no updates to app)...... I used to have another app with a usage widget, until VF obviously pulled the rug on that, and it stopped working - now this one has been broken for months. Please read the feedback! The widget is clearly what people want and expect from this app.

Marcus Lim

Used to be easy to use the widget, now it keeps asking for login Wow... Months of complaints and countless bad feedback and still no action from Vodafone. They clearly don't care for customer experience

Bobby Tera

Updated is upset The old dashboard is much convenient as it showed all 3 details on 1 page. The widget is not working for too long the time. Poor customers care.

Nathan Organ

Broken The widget won't update anymore and has been like that for weeks. Update: new version still doesn't work!

dean ockerss

Fix the widget For months now I haven't been able to get the widget working keeps saying " tap to sign in" I tap and just go to the main page everything loads there normal so why doesn't the widget work # vodafone needs sort this out so many unhappy results due to this I've tryed re installing several times and still get the same thing

Claudia Pengly

Absolutely disgraceful I have never been able to log into this rubbish app, I've uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times and still as rubbish as ever. Soo frustrating. How can I check my usuage now???

Andrew Monck

Doesn't work How many months before vodafone fix it so it actually works not just show error or do they like the extra money they make from people going over there data

Daniel Qi

Something didn't go as planned This app is only working well when: 1 raining, and 2 you can see full moon!

Kheem Noo

DISAPPOINTED Vodafone used to be awesome. I lived in NZ and was always with Vodafone. I recently moved to Melbourne and the network is terrible. The app is terrible I can't even log in keeps saying something is wrong my password . Disappointed Vodafone! What happen to you guys

A Google User

Not a real time app All other major carriers have real time usage for post paid mobiles except Vodafone. Perhaps their corporate strategy not to publish in real time n charge excess to their pathetic customers locked in contract.

magnus hatch

Fix this widget! No good.. Says tap to log in but I already am... Simply doesn't work..

Warren Rayner

Useless Widget hasn't been working for months, latest update still doesn't fix the issue. It's disappointing as this used to work really well.

Ash Hussain

Widget does not work The app works okay but the widget is completely broken. It tells me to log in, when i already have logged in. The widget is the main reason i even have this app. Please fix it.

Girard Hicks

WIDGET DOESN'T WORK! Please fix the widget it used to be handy but now it never syncs and always says sign into my Vodafone

Pratyush Sharma

The most useless app Compared to other carrier's apps, this is the worst. You can't do anything in it. It has been showing internal server error since days. You guys might as well drop the project. It will be far better than the one you have right now. Stop wasting your money. The apps that came out when android was developed first were far better than this one.

James Leung

To those with widget problems Uninstall and locate an installer for version 3.0.1. Widget should work again. Don't forget to disable auto update for the app.

Aaron Birchley

Does the job.....if You don't rely on the widget. For those needing to monitor their usage, try 3G Watchdog or similar. Been using it for ages to monitor data in real time and can set limit alarms etc

Tuan Sim Chng

Best App Ever It's the best App that ever existed, as it doesn't even work. You won't get a better app than one which doesn't work.

A Google User

Doesn't work... Never updates actual data usage. Always returns internal server error. So useless as a data tracking application...

caitlin crawford

Fix the app it says loading then seconds later says logging out. Fix it asap why doesn't the app square thing not work so frustrating fix it pls


Widget has stopped working As of the new year my widget has stopped working, has been brilliant beforehand. Please fix asap

Ashlee Clough

Get your sh*t together Going over my data allowance because i cant actually view my usage on myvodafone because i haven't been able to log in for nearly 6 weeks. Just shuts itself down while trying to log in. Love your sly way of stealing money from us.

Vi Ly

A restart in between uninstalling and re installing seems to do the trick Couldn't get it to work for more than three months. Decided to give it yet another try. Uninstalled, Rebooted then re installed seems to have done the trick but having to do this is stupid. Hope it stays working this time!


Hasnt worked in months A joke, it spends more time spinning around than working. Any solutions in the future ?

A Google User

Widget doesn't work The widget doesn't show all data at once. It would be good to have a 4x2 widget with all info visible. The widget still doesn't work after the update ?

Josue Galindo

Widget no longer works... Still as of 23/nov/2015. Reinstalled, logged in, widget says tap to log in. But no info. Very disappointed!

Mary Merrington

INTERNAL SERVER ERROR Works for a few days then it does not load, stating the above each time now for over half a year! Each time this occurs, I have to reinstall this app and going to your website is of no help either. Have informed them but problem still exists. Problem continues 28/2/16!

My Dao

It says that if I use Sim, it log in automatically. If I use WiFi, then I have to do manually.Well now I use my Sim and it makes me do it manually. Ok so I agree to do it manually, but still can't get in. I don't remember password so have to set up a new one, and it keep saying that the 2 password don't match. So tiring after trying for around 10 times. I quit now . As a result, can't buy data adds on: Vodafone lose some money from me. Life is so hard with trying to log into Vodafone.

John Harvey

App and widget now work. I am now able to check remaining data and calls from the widget again.

Eric Walsh

Vodaphone widget update 4/3/16... still an issue... Seems to be a conmon issue widget short cut no longer displays data. .

paul windsor

Just when you think it's working something didn't go as planned

Jacqualine Vajda

Annoyed! Can't open statements. Worked OK until last update but no good for a few months now.

sebastian jaramillo

Doesnt work at all Tried downloading the app again but same thing, widget doesnt work and when enter the app i repeatedly get a something didnt go as planned message

Dannica Songcuan

Does not work at all The app worked perfectly fine until I was forced to update as I couldn't check my usage without updating. Now with the update, I keep getting an error or it just doesn't open at all.

Bill Reely

Poor show overall on both this app and Vodafone in general. App not allow addons page to open and the 3rd credit/debit card I yru in 3 months mysteriously fails to allow online purchases after initial use. Banks support says NO ATTEMPTS YET FROM VODAFONE TO DEBIT ACC. Well not good enough Voda. Who's lying to customers hey?

Paul Birnstihl

Works but... Terrible interface prevents the usage data being easily compared to remaining time.

Gabe Neal

Problems Updated this app and still having major issues. Is still having problems switching between accounts. If I didn't need it I wouldn't have it. :-(

Susan Duncalf

Upgrade sucks Have trouble signing in every time I use this app!

Meghann Brogden

Fail!! This app is atrocious. Half the time you can't access it. I can go for months with the widget not working.


Doesnt work waste of time. Widget hasnt worked in nearly 6months...

Q Zuu

Fixed What? The old app refuses to un-install and the new app refuses to"log in" useless. . .

Jordan Sotiris

Useful If you're a vodafone customer, must need app, stats and quick recharge what else could you ask for.

Karl M

Never updates Updates once and then never again. Spins and says updating.

ruchi ghai

Fixed:International call usage missing

Michelle Stern

Vodafone app Is brilliance in itself.

Phuc Lam

Good for you...

Geordie Elliott

Internal server error Cant access my usage.

Andrew Pankhurst

This app has not worked properly ever since I got the phone. Doesn't update and unable to minimise to stay showing on the front screen

Claudio Quevedo

Widget not working Don't try and fix what isn't broken. Ever since new update, widget not working. Good job Vodafone you let everyone down again

Rafael Babao

Widget is not working It used to work correctly but it's currently telling me to sign in even if I already did. Fix this

Andrew Vaschina

Widget not working Same issue as everyone else, apparently. The widget tells me to tap to login, but that's all it does. Also, app asks me to login everytime on WIFI. Seriously, do IT people even bother to do testing anymore?

Ruel Celerio

Not working. Never reliable. Buggy, data usage not precise - deceptive even. I even have a suspicion that my contract length has been changed. Check yours guys! I can't wait for my contract to end. Definitely changing my carrier.

Garry D

Widget is broken Widget does not display info. Have to log in to get it. Also gets me to re-enter my number and password when im on a remembered wifi

Marcus Lim

Used to be easy to use the widget, now it keeps asking for login Wow... Months of complaints and countless bad feedback and still no action from Vodafone. They clearly don't care for customer experience

Rasheed Khan

Login details bot saved anymore! Since the last update I have to login everg time I am on wifi. How stupid is that. Why can't you just save the login details after the first time like the previous versions of the app.

Lester Mullsmoi

Login issues AGAIN Can't login properly using Sim card data as it denies you because it thinks your on WiFi(?).... and asks you to login manually. You had it right last update!

Prajwol Devkota

Cannot login when on WiFi Used to work until recent update. But now it does not let me log in when on WiFi. Super annoyed. What is the point of login feature if i can't login??

Emmanuel Comarmond

Never works The app had me change my Vodafone account password multiple times. Turns out the widget does not work at all and will always ask you to log in. Tap it and it takes you to your account where, you guessed it, you're already logged in... Absolutely ridiculous. Please fix that and I'll rate higher.

Maurie Infanti

Widget doesnt work Ever since I installed the new version, the widget no longer shows my usage etc. Very disappointing.

Amy Spencer

Widget not working The widget no longer works. Keeps asking to tap to sign in - when i do still doesnt sync and again asks to tap to sogn in. Used to work well - loved the widget but can no longer use.

Jagdeep Singh

Vodafone fail again Your recent app update made widget not working again. VF you should definitely look into changing your tech guys who work on this. As lately after months of widget not working properly, it worked for just over a month or so and now has stoped working again.... VF hopeless on this or I should say VF fail again as this is now a regular feature for a VF customer.

paul cav

Poor update Very poor can't view bills now previously I could. Samsung S4. You need to view your bills in PDF format. Cmon programmers that's basic knowledge..

Simon Taylor

Widget not working again Just like all your other faithful supports, we have been let down by a horrid technical department. The app worked perfectly until the latest update. If its not broken, why break it?!?!?!

Kasuni Jayaweera

No longer working at all! App or the widget nothing works at all. Can't check the usage. Don't wanna pay over or under but cannot check a thing :(

Peter Gordon

Widget isn't working This was a good functional app, but the widget doesn't update any more. .

pererika taniwha

Doesnt update on widget. Ever since update it never shows my correct usage unless i sign in everytime.

Raff Lagatta

Great when it works Great app; it's just a shame about the widget. It will work for a few months and then it just stops updating and tells you to sign in if you're using WiFi. It will probably be back to normal in a month or so but eventually it will stop working again...

Chathu Alwis

Sign in issue This app has sing in issues all the time. Doesn't up date the transactions done. Should always close app and try logging in.

Tyson Dunks

Is ok but widget no longer works This app is really handy for its widget on your home screen but since latest update it no longer works, it just says please sign in, even if you are signed in

Vanessa Stellini

Widget still not working. Widget hasn't worked in a long while. Just says 'tap to log in' even after I've clicked on it several times.

Neville Behramsha

Widget doesn't work! This latest update screwed up the widget. Keeps asking me to login

James Botten

Widget broken? Wow, 3 years later and the widget is busted again. The program works fine, but at the moment the widget is just a glorified shortcut to the app...

Gerald Arnold

Widget no longer works Widget has stopped working, which was the only reason I was using it

Rob Stork

Great app....but going backwards Following the latest update, the widget has stopped working...AGAIN....and you have to sign in every time. Come on guys!! Five stars if fixed.

Matt Simner

...and the widget's back! Update: 2016-04-27. Widget broken again :( ...Update: 2016-01-21 - Back to 4 stars, as VF have obviously fixed a back end service to make the widget work again :) (no updates to app)...... I used to have another app with a usage widget, until VF obviously pulled the rug on that, and it stopped working - now this one has been broken for months. Please read the feedback! The widget is clearly what people want and expect from this app.

Chun Hin Koo

Convenient I had been using a budget plan so I require close monitoring of data and credits. This app, in particular with the widget, saves me the trouble for logging into the web twice everyday. As far as I am concern this app has been functioning to its design. *edit* rating lowered to 3* because it doesn't automatically update the dashboard and had defeated it's whole purpose. Now it is only a quick link rather than "one look sees all"

Keivan Ashoory

Widget Does Not Work Widget stopped working all of the sudden and did not start even after a couple of updates. Don't you want to fix this!?

A Google User

Why do i need to log in every time!! Good app but its crap that you need to log in evey time. Please change and i will give 5 stars


Widget is not working. My Vodafone widget stopped working. Please fix this problem quickly.

Clint Kitchen

Doesnt work Why bother making this if it doesnt work?

Varun Daid

Widget isn't working Everything apart from widget is working fine. Widget doesn't log in...

Iso Reclaimer

Widget isn't working. Like everyone else. Please Voda, fix this issue! I liked the widget but now it's not working. I don't what caused it to stop working but please fix this issue right away!

Nicolas Lema

Widget not working Widget not widgeting on my Galaxy S7. Seams that every time there's an update or a new phone is released, this app and its developers freak out! Very annoying! Why bother. Freaks!

Sourabh Idoorkar

This new version crashes Can't open up the app. As soon as I do, it crashes even though my data is on and working. The previous version ran smoothly. Not sure whats messed up in this version but this needs to be fixed. Like yesterday!

Marco Bangma

Update: 25-04-2016 The widget stopped working again (last update wad from 13-04-2016. What happened here? Why isn't it working again? Fix it!!!

Kimberley A

App not working Still not fixed!! We'll be back soon... This application is temporarily down for maintenance. We are hard at work bringing it back as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Hazem sultan

Widget never works. Widget used to work a very long time ago and they've had months to fix the issue but still haven't!!! Unbelievable!!!

Andrayas Maximus

Doesn't work App stops working customers have to continuously download the app atleast once a week. So it costs you extra to view your data usage.

Shiloh Thomson

Doesnt work This app isn't working properly on my phone anymore. The bar on my home screen wont display my usage anymore just says log in to use which I already am then says updating please wait then just says log I'm to use again. Also when i go into the app I cant download my bill anymore it just shuts the app dowm when i try and says unfortunately the ago has stopped. Please fix? I used to live being able to track my usage on tyne bar on my homescreen instead of opening the app all the time

Rasheed Khan

Since the last update I have to login every time I am on wifi. How stupid is that. Why can't you just save the login details after the first time like the previous versions of the app.

Ko Fr

Auto login??? Widget keeps telling me to sign in so when I click on it the it auto signs me in. But the widget won't update and keeps telling me to log in. Pointless app when it doesn't display anything other than to log in!

Apurba Sarker

Vodafone don't listen Update: You lost me as a customer, just moved to a different provider. Looks like even after these many comments about that previous bar setup was much better, Vodafone doesn't care about its customers. They are still unwilling to change to. They even forgot to change the app screenshots in play store, the doesn't look like the screenshots, how stupid.

Jo Gilbert

TOTALLY USELESS APP!!! Cannot view or download bill anymore Used to be a good app. But since last update I have not been able to find out if I owe payment! Useless. Cannot even use the support chat option to get assistance!

Courtney Webber

Fix the widget!! The widget first worked when in got the phone and i know it was disabled on 13 april to fix it up but why isnt it back? Silly.

A Google User

Let's see if it's OK. Nothing obvious is changed. You don't get the illustrated interface: that's no bad thing. (Prior version, Dislike forced upgrade to new version. Fixed! - Now useful for prepaid customers. Who would use a plan?) [prior version: Useless, Can't even log in. Nexus S]

Richard Tabar

Widget Not Working WIDGET NOT WORKING! It stopped working since April 13, 2016 and it seems like Vodafone is doing nothing to fix it. - Samsung Note 5

Yin Yang

ARE YOU HIDING UNDER THE DESK VODAFONE? IGNORING ALL THE COMMENTS ISN'T GOING TO FIX THIS FAULTY APP! I can't believe the lack of response from an established company like Vodafone to all the complaints below. Despite the obvious critical issue with this faulty app as the majority are reporting, Vodafone is still nowhere to be seen. What sort of imbecile would release an app without following up on it's progress to see whether there were any problems? So dissapointing! EVERYONE SHOULD JUST RING THEIR OFFICE AND SUBMIT AN OFFICIAL COMPLAINT.

Dimitri Kontos

Dim So many problems where do I begin.. gets stuck on the registration screen. After reinstalling it fails to recognise phonr numbers. Bad bad bad

Rachael Money

New customer and not a good start I changed from Telstra to Vodafone today, the app is okay but the widget doesn't work. Please fix the widget and it will go to 5 stars.

Greg Gerrard

What is going on? ? Widget not working when it used to work fine. You said in troubleshooting that app would be down from April 13. It is now 4th of June and still not working. It was working fine already until I did update. what the hell is going on. You phone network providers are bloody hopeless. Not just you guys by the way but others too, whether its getting something fixed or talking on the phone to set something up etc. Always problems and you make everything harder then it has to be. Well thats my rant for the day.

nadds lastname

Downdated The widget was the only thing i liked about myvodafone it was great it was clear and easy told me everything i needed to know now its useless might as well use a bookmark in my browser

Martin Kma

Worst app . Not working for long time Three kids phones. Vidget not working for months. App not working most of the time. Cant pay from app. Does not remember logins. Cant manage the three phone numbers and recharging is complicated. Use hystory is crap to see and check spending. Your developers suks and your servers are always down. Pick up your game. Thinking to get my kids Optus.

Deepak Khemchandani

What a joke from vodafone! Mismanagement of tracking data and phone usage, swings onus back on the consumer to not only pay for a service with substandard quality but then also engage vodafone for bogus data usage which the app is suppose to help the consumer manage.

A Google User

Widget not working! What happened to the widget? It used to work before the update. It's very useful, so fix it back!

Kollol Gomes

Widget not working App is fine and shows the information. But every time i have to log in and check my usage. I would very much prefer the widget which is not working at the moment. Try to fix it.

Con Diamantis

Please fix widget. Consider making a usage only app. This app is too bloated. Your customers just need to know usage. It is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT feature of thia app.

Steve McGovern

Why update? Why update the app if all you is break it more? Now I can't log on. And while it successfully saves my number it doesn't remember my password. Come on make your fixes actually fix things instead of breaking them further.

Samantha Schembri

Widget STILL NOT WORKING widget hasn't updated since 13/4. This is a continuous cycle. Seems like it will work for 2 weeks then not work for 2 months. Absolutely pathetic

Katarin Crowden

Widget Not Working Since the update, the widget doesn't work anymore and half the time it won't let me log into the app. It makes it alot harder to track my usage.

Jeremy R

Widget doesn't work Vodafone, are you going to fix this widget? Look at how many people are complaining here.. What is going on?

Raymond Parker

My Vodafone Useless did work now a waste space,,for the money u rippf customers u are pathetic.

william fernandes

Log in problem I put my number 9920999999 but message pop's up invalid number entered why please rectify I tried as +919999999999 then also how to enter the number

Jack Ennis

Poor Form Absolutely rubbish app. Absolutely no functionality at all. Yet again an "update" occurs on a useless, garbage app. Vodafone, wake up yourselves. You're going to start losing customers if you ignore them. This app used to work, you are just wrecking it further.

Anthony Scopacasa

When is Vodafone going to actually do something about fixing this app ? How much more evidence do they need that it is a total failure? Maybe it's engineered to keep us all in the dark.

Lulu Lunn

Waste of space! I have downloaded this about 5 times & now it doesn't have the old message of something went wrong, it just logs me out instead of logging me in. Don't bother!!

"Something didn't go as planned" Gess Vodafone i hope you didn't pay anyone to make this app as it is seriously the worst app I have ever seen. Never works even after updating, always getting the above error message.

Greg X

Difficult to read After logging in and selecting upgrade options, directed to a Web page that couldn't be read as impossible to zoom in! Something goes wrong a lot.

Tania Truong

Doesn't ever work You've probably read by now that the app doesn't work. It's true. Don't bother updating or trying to use it. You're wasting your time. Hope it gets fixed and into some kind of useful app one day

Andrew Clipsham

Great when it works "Something didn't go as planned" error work around, uninstall, re-install. It'll work for a few days then straight back to 'didn't go to plan'. It's certainly not ideal, I hope Vodafone are quickly trying to work out a fix

Something didn't go as planned App is useless as it is never accessible. In the 5 months that I have had my phone it has probably only worked once.

Phil Ly

Why is it so slow on the note 7 but fast on the note 3? I use this app to recharge both on my note 3 and note 7 but why is the note 3 buttery smooth when it's an old as phone but my latest note 7 using this app its jittery and sooo slow?

Paulie Me

Not logging in automatically using 4g, again! Simply not logging in automatically using 4g! It thinks your on wifi and asks you to log in manually especially when using vpn. But previously it was working even with vpn

Carson Long

Requires Frequent Re-installation Regularly breaks ("Something went wrong...") and only starts working again after uninstalling & reinstalling. A shame because the widget could be handy

Josef Ravenscroft

Buggy widget. Frequently crashes and requires app restart.. Better than nothing I suppose..

James Vandermeer

WORST APP EVER This app never works properly and needs to be fixed, always having problems. Would be nice of it worked at least once a week

Harry Bubbles

Yeah but theres a problem Everytime i launch the app it shows up with this '500 Internal Server Error If you are the administrator of this website, then please read this web application's log file and/or the web server's log file to find out what went wrong.' can you fix it.

Barry Steele

Dreadful sp I can't get a pdf to download. The app falls over regularly. It's basically crap

Ben Peoples

Doesn't work For past 3 weeks the app loads an error page. If i go over as can't check usage your fault. Get your act together

Sof Lee

Forever Broken! The app doesn't work. I have rung Vodafone on a number of occasions only to be told i need to re-download it! Grrrr


this app is a piece of crap 2 x mths in a row i have not received a sms txt at 50% & 25% is left of my $70 data plan and i have been charged $190 twice - i have emailed and given feedback about this 'non' feature that is included in the app and have not received any feedback except 2 x bills at almost triple my mthly plan. I have the Samsung S7 and am now using the 'data usage' setting in the phone which i have set to warn me when ive used half of my 6GB and will turn off my data when it reaches 5.8GB - thanks for nothing Vodafone

Kien Tran

Worst app ever Crashhhhhh... better to use ur browser to check myvodafone rather than this rubbish app.

Mike Harrington

I've reinstalled this app numerous times but every time soon after reinstallation it stops working - - bloody useless

Stephen Hartwig

Something didn't go as planned How many times must I get "Something didn't go as planned The pressure has gotten to this page."

Paul Sylvester

Screwed Screen blanks when on 4G. Doesn't accept login detail on wi-fi

James Park

Rubbish It shows no data and call credit I can use after refresh. What the...


Rubbish Terrible app takes for ever to update my usage and because of that i was charged 10$ when it clearly stated i still have internet

Sh!t - Vodafone you're a joke. The company, the App everything. Get your act sorted

Ichiko Haru

Rubbish app Often crashed and now it doesn't show my inclusion data at all. Please fix it asap.

subhajit bhattacharjee

To slow I use Airtel and Aircel app too but compared to those MY VODAFONE APP IS THE SLOWEST APP. TAKE HELL LOT OF TIME TO OPEN TOO MUCH TIME CONSUMING

Rach Li

Never works Always comes up something went wrong...absolute waste of space on my phone.

Yoshe Org

Disgusting format so basic But tells me everything i need

Crap app Constant " something went wrong " doesnt even display accounts correct and to see usage i have to go via see plans more painfull than sotting on a cactus

Dennis Yee

Crashes when trying to start app This app is pretty bad. It crashes constantly each time trying to load up. Poor network coverage with poor app development. How much worse can Vodafone get?

Sam Hindson

Can't pay my bill if i can't log in to see the amount to pay! Been trying to log in to my account for over a week to check the bill amount so i can pay the bill. And now you'll probably hit me with a late fee...

Jojo T

I want to buy add ons, but you keep saying PLEASE WAIT WHILE MY ACCOUNT IS UPDATED. Should take 10 - 15 minutes. I've been waiting for over a day!

Andy Wilson

Very poor Always comes up with oops something went wrong need to get this sorted

sadia batool

Useless app Doesnot work


Back to functionality After uninstalling and reinstalling, seems to be working again. Like the widget - important info without opening.

Louise Cruickshank

It just WONT WORK !!! I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it just will not work. Keeps leaving a stupid msg saying "oops something went wrong, try again" !!!! ?

Neil Laxman

App crashes too often Attempting to download an invoice causes the app to crash...

Vishnu Azad

Worst service Whenever it is last day of bill cycle it starts hiding usage and apply additional charges thieves

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