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18 Jul
My Planet

Posted by Brandon Stecklein in Simulation | July 18, 2016 | 178 Comments

Apk file size: 33.0 MB

My Planet is a virtual simulation game where you take control of a planet and try to grow a healthy and thriving population! It is like a virtual pet or Tamagotchi game on a planetary level. Play God by manipulating the sunlight and the rain in order to grow as large a population as possible.

My Planet runs in real time, even when the the game is closed. Therefore, you must keep checking back throughout the day to make sure your planet is running at optimal levels. The controls are simple to use, by mastery can take weeks. Can you achieve the ultimate goal of growing your planet to over 1,000,000 people? Or will your planet burn under the sun while your people anguish? The choice is yours!

The ultimate goal of My Planet is to grow a happy and thriving population. Your population will continue to grow as long as you have a healthy level of Vegetation on your planet (represented by the green bar). The more vegetation you have, the faster your population will grow. Likewise, if your vegetation levels get too low, your people will starve to death and population will begin to decline.

Vegetation grows when it has the proper amount of sunlight and water. For optimal vegetation and thus population growth, you must try to keep your Sun and Water levels in the sweet spot, indicated by your Sun and Water meters being 50% full. If you have too much sunlight, vegetation will dry up and your people will die. If you have too little sunlight, vegetation cannot grow and your people will starve. Same concept with water. If you have too much, vegetation will flood out and die. To little, and drought will set in. Check your planet every day to make sure you have the optimal amount of sun and water!

I am always looking to improve my apps, so if you have any ideas on how to make My Planet better, please let me know. The idea for My Planet was taken from a similar app titled Planet in a Bottle, which was one of my favorite apps. Sadly though, that game hasn't been updated in ages and it seems like the project is abandoned. But I will continue to update and improve my version, so let me know what you would like to see added in the future! This app is for you guys!

Whats new

    bug fixes
    sdk updates
    Added full TV and gamepad support

Brandon Stecklein part of our Simulation and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update July 18, 2016. Google play rating is 61.0047. Current verison is 2.3.3. Actual size 33.0 MB.

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Gamers World

Love your game it lets you take care of your own moon and earth with God power and let's you do other stuff with it and people that don't have time to play alot they can pause the gameplay or if you want speed it up. Please update so we can have a solar system

Butt Muncher

Good game, but people are idiots. The game is fine, however I have seen a few ratings which are a little frustrating. Firstly a Christian, who thinks it is wrong to impersonate a God. Don't like it? F*** off. Secondly a guy who wants a tutorial, you have a brain, so use it.

Angel Noble

I do not like this game cuz it says u play as god but to Christians that is wrong,and I am a Christian so I think that it is wrong to pretend to be the one and only God

Brandon Arreola

Good but... I am Christian and I respect God it is a good game .Also please update to solar system it sounds cool.

Zakai Wade

Disappointed Why when ever you turn the game off the planet keeps going it made me lose everything even my population was gone.

Jacob Kua

Godpower I tap on the Godpower button to perform miracles but instead when I press the tool to perform a miracle it always instantly presses the miracle that balances the sun and water. THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE!!

jefferson johnson

Really good This game is amazing as well as a lot of potential... Like if you could decide if you wanted an underworld or not. Really good game

Nate Olo

Well I'm at 200. Million every time i get a phone call it keeps going sun gets to hot all of them die sick tried of starting over wasting hours of time just to start over.

EyeAm Bizzle

When is the update coming Would love the whole universe thing i keep hearing about. After that and the worlds being able to wage war ill give 5 stars

Adam Jacobson

Meh It was OK at first but then the monotonous repetition became quite painful.

Sparrel Honaker

No tutorial How are we expected to know how to play with out a tutorial

Zach Oren

Solar System Update?!? :) When is the update, is it soon?

Zachary Kendrick

Simple I like to watch my followers grow, but it saddens me when earthquakes happen or many of them die. I cannot wait for the solar system!

Richard Shackelford

LOVE IT I always wanted to own a planet :)

Chelsie Kazakoff

Love it can't wait I can't wait for the solar system I love my little planet


This is actually fun

Michael Bridge

Meh. Not much to it.

Headmia Equinox

Boring Honestly you cant do anything exept 5 boring goldly powers and thats it

Ricardo De La Pena

So Addicting This is the best game ever to take time away and for some people that say "OMG my people are dieing when I'm gone" well if you read the instructions in the game then you should know that the game still plays while you are gone and need to check on them daily like war games like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. Your welcome ? and P.S. don't hate LOL

Adofire Chorster

fun but has a few bugs when you pause a game and come back after exiting you sometimes lose population and have to stop yourself from crying

Jibz Con Ross

nice but cant seem to find the option to send colonist using god powers

Anthony Walters

Awesome game but... The game glitches sometimes for Samsung please fix it

ashley woods

Busy for five minutes. Everyone died apart from 12 people

fofo jones

Pretty good Could use more updates

Alex Hughes

Good Idea, Bad Implementation This app has tons of potential, however it requires constant attention to recieve nothing more than a new skin for you planet, of which there are only 5 or so. All you do is regulate sun and water to bring up your population, which, after a point, does nothing.

Donnie Howell

Not much here Looks like a great simulation game but all you do is make it night and day and supply rain. The "faith" doesn't seem to do anything and colonizing the Moon seems like an unfinished afterthought. There just isn't enough game mechanics to make it very interesting.

Emelrad Jo

I like it but sometimes the buttons doesn't react or they do after 1-2 second. And not enough features. If you add more things to do and fix the buttons i will give 5 stars.

Carlee Rai

Not much to do Dont feel like ur god to dis planet i thing we should get to make ponds design.them are self and animals and humans

Jack Skudlarek

Very good concept It would be more fun if you could buy upgrades to travel to more planets and also auto stabilize the sun and water. But its a great concept right now

Mike Fallon

UPDATE keep updating it's such a perfect little game EXPAND KEEP EXPANDING THE GAME. Update.when i said expand the game i didnt mean add pop up ads. Also needs to be alot more interactive

Mephi/ dan the hedgehog

Its alright Should add more planets, even Planet X even though it is not real bcuz games from apps will probably never happen in real life

Andrew Erickson

Could be more Some parts are fun but there could be a lot more

Shilian Hao

Needs more updates... In my own opinion it would be better if you jus add volcanoes,mountains, and forests.And add some more god powers like tsunamis,eruptions,hurricanes,asteroids and lightning. That's all thank you I hope it will come on the new coming updates.

Yaris Cabrera

More planets The game is fun but it gets kind of boring plz ad like venus or mars to make funer.

Shermaine Lim

Guys who hate this game,did u play the whole thing. Cuz, when you play it longer,EVERYTHING looks amazing.Also,pls add more things. Plzzzzzzzzz

Jordan Clark

Slow button reaction and fast decrease in population The water button would not respond for a few moments, and in that time my planet went from a population of over 9.5 million to just just a few hundred thousand. This Has happened multiple times. Kind of a fun game. this is the only bug I've come across

Carter Mary

Eh There isn't much to do in this game! Maybe if you could see in your world and watch them build things. It could have some more features.

dustin lake

Its pretty good I like it its got some cool things in it my only problem is it gets to easy to fast like after 10min of playing its no longer a problem

Death Equals symmetry

I like the game but could be better Some ways to make it better is to not just have it to where you control some things but put events that will affect it positively or negatively. Like wars and stuff. Also I really like the idea of the solar system and how the planets will interact so it would be great to get that going also. Finally make it to where there is actual items to manage not just watch and make sure Sun and water are good. Like put wars, peace treaties, and just like make it like an actual planet with actual life.

Araff Aftab

Great game but still few things needed Add people to fight for there lands or wars just like real life and as a God set a goal if we want to let the war continue or end it with Gods power.

Dwight Owen

Dont fully understand it. And why not 3D? This game is ok considering its the only other one that's close to Topia. The only problem i have is i dont know what to do to get population going and houses built and all that. And as its already being smoothly produced, why dont you make it 3D as well?!. Or is that to much pressure..

TEG Tube

I keep hitting the ad When I want to switch the rain or sun on and off I hit the ad. If the ad was at the top I wouldn't worry about hitting it.

Triston Lovell

Great concept This is exactly the concept I've been looking for, the execution is great, but I'd love it if you went further and further in depth with it, perhaps by adding that solar system feature which seems to be on its way. I'd love for the people on your current planet be interact themselves as well, maybe a war breaks out, it doesn't have to be between opposing planets. Maybe technology is discovered or shrines are built by your warshippers and all is commentated in dialogue pop ups

Gmoney4000 Gmoney4000

The worst f****** game you could ever play when I try to go to the moon it just goes straight back to earth

Sebastian Sarafinceanu

This is the kind of game I was looking for I'm a Christian and I respect God but I don't think that this game affects with something,first of all its a game you don't pretend that you are the real only god

Brandon Arreola

Good but... I am Christian and I respect God. It is a good game.Also please update to solar system it sounds cool.

Justin Monson

Waste of my time No tutorial that I cod find. Has button on main screen that takes to app store to DL a different game. Deleted

Alex Florczyk

At first I suppose it was OK, but the controls suck so much. I would press rain and then press it again to stop it and it would continue to rain, ruining my planet. Sadly this game I'm uninstalling.

Jenna Yuen

Buttons don't work properly The buttons don't work properly, I turn on rain or no sun then I turn it off but it won't turn off. I click the lightning but it chooses for me so I can't pick what I want so for now I'm uninstalling. Please fix

John Newsom

Awesome Just because you play a game don't mean your not a Christian

Jakub Celo Celušák

This game would be better called lightswitch and flushswitch simulator. So.. yeah propably toiledsim.

Jonathan Hercules

Awesome but boring Watever if its boring its awesome cuz you get too bee god

Armando Favela

Just bad No tutorial, it gives no clues as to how to play or what to do. The ads are too close to the buttons you have to press. Needs to be fixed.

Anna Pippin

Ugh It has a stupid pop-ups when I hit cancel on the google thing

The Golden Minecart

Boring I cant get any vegitaition plz tell me

Alah Kazam

Cool. But really needs more content

Jade Powell

Really fun Now where's the solar system

Fermin Valenzuela

Really bra Dude this is a game not like a change of a colt dude I believe in god but is a game( not talking to people who made this game)

Zakai Wade

Solar System Plz hurry up and update for solar system ?

Ethan Carrington

Is good Finally i can play this game and its awsome

Brad Furi

Love it Really can't wait for the solar system part to come out

Finley Patterson

Haha I love it. It's a fun little game that's great for when I'm bored or have nothing to do. Please could you add an option to have another planet in the solar system? Or if this is already a thing, can you make a tutorial?

Isaiah Barro

Yeah your the supreme I like it because you have a planet of saints and Who is not will perish, no seriously good game

Gus Mahfoud

I loved it The style the decision's the progression just what I've been waiting for! The suggestions I have is maybe add a bit more in the energy stuff like add something where someone discovers something and it boosts faith or something like that. Also add atmosphere and global issues like child labour. Or maybe add natural disasters (ice age) and 2nd last is add more achievements. Finnaly add the ability for people to make homes on the moon.

Abhishek Kukreti

Can't load Day 3 - still waiting for the game to download data . 16mbps btw. Kept the fame open for 15 mins. Nothing.

Eric Jeffries

The ads are placed right were your interface is, and every time you click the ad and come back Google keeps asking you to allow access and to sign in, really annoying

Derek Rodriguez

What the hell happen to my points?! Before the update I had 48 now with the update it reset back to 0. What's the deal? I like to be reimburse the points I previously had. Thanks!

Sam Moena

Barely loads Only got it to load ONCE out of twenty tries. Complete garbage app. "Downloading Data Update"... Uh huh.


Won't let me play I open the app and it is stuck on the loading screen. Pls fix and I will rate 5 stars! Thank you!

Kristofel Abella

Fantastic What a great game you've made here. Its simple yet fun at the same time. Just wanted to ask if you can make it to where we can costumize how the world looks.

Roseanne Dillard

It's cool This is cool I really like it wish I could see the people on the planet though

Tamron Ellis

I cant even load the game it just says uploading update or something snd i would really like to try this app out

Benjamin Barnhart

Love it Just what I have been waiting for. It meets all expectations. When you finally get a new planet there is actually a lot to do its hard trying to keep up when you speed up the game. Thanks for the amazing update... PS there is a slight loading issue

Derek Michaelis

Great app but It needs a slower possible setting so if you accidentally forget to play the game one night all your people won't die. Besides that this game is pretty much good on my standards.

Ken Gedorio

Broken It's stuck on the "downloading updates" screen, the one that pops out when you launch the app.I was wondering if you could fix this?

Jason Johnson

Decent game I installed it played it once and then now it has been over a month and all it says is updating data files or something can i get a respons to my problem

micheal haire

It good but icant get past the up date

David Calin

Great app, but.... It's a good app, nice textures, good graphics etc. But can you plz make an orbit editor for adding other planets. and plz also make it at least LOOK like the moon is orbiting planet,& planet orbit sun. other than that great game, keep up the good work

Hobbs Binks

It is fun but it should give instructions at the beginning of the game

Blaziken Does Gaming

Lame I liked it at first, I had a population of 2.5 million I log of to go to bed, and I leave the sun on only cuz I thought it paused the game but I log on the next morning and all the people died I had to start over.

stephen lemponen

Pretty good As I said it's a pretty good game but it takes a lot of time to load.

Drew Davis

Thanks for the update. But since the last update it wont load the game can that be fixed please.

trevortrey playz

This game is awesome but please add more content then I'll give you a five star rating.


Drains battery like a white girl drinks starbucks.

Antony Hopkins

Like it Im not sure how to get people on there

Ruby Miller

Downloading data....... Wtf. Can't play the game!!!!!!!

Levi Bender

Will not let me on the game It sorda suce because I can't git on the game

Andrew Schafer

Nice I don't have. Lot

Janco Bannink

Nice It's a nice game I like it

David Sheridan

I like it! Lost my old game when updated!!! oh well!! Start again I guess... could have more things to do like zoom right in and see things up close... could do loads with it really but I do like it! !

Gracen Sills

10\10 Best game of 2016!

venomous viper 2007

Love it!!!!! Best game ever but you should inn that you can zoom into your planet and buy things for xp

Mark Abraham

It wolnt install.?

Evie Henry

Wont load I try to open the app and it says downloading updated data files. No matter how long I wait.

Landen Colomer

what it needs. would be better if there was a tutorial.

Dakota Kendrick

It's good but.... It takes forever for the data files to download. P,ease fix.

Julian Emir Prawira

Great game. But, The earthquake makes ur fone vibrate like wut. Even if i muted my fone and all, it still vibrates. Pls fix for five stars. Or at least look at this comment.

AJ Marquez

LOOOOOOVEEEE ITTTTT But can you add some of like pay thing you know. Like things that money grow yeah .WOOOOOOOOOO BEST GAME EVER

Jaxon Kamphaus

It's stuck on downloading files Read the title^

Texas spirit

Pop It's a good game but why does the population start dying at 2 million but that's the only major problem I have other then need more experience when the pop gets bigger

Rhendall Thatcher

This takes years to load a map that doesn't have anything on it dude are you serious right now ? Seems fun but I can't even start to play

Jarom Christopherson

Never loads! I will open the game and it will take 1 hour to load but, when it finally did load i really liked the game.

J Sal

Not bad Freezes a lot. Burned my planet and drowned it a separate time, because it was too late from the lag.

John Hail jr

Really good, Buuuuuuuut, when your not playing the game and do something else then it will still play.

john brickell

HORRIBLE I have a Nexus 5x and everyone I open it..... IT DOESNT WORK

Alexander Manuel

Awesome game. Awesome game. Great time passer

pieboy mega

Very good Keep updating this app has potentiol

Jayden Buik

Good game Its a really good game so far, except the achievements won't work plz fix


AWRSOME GAME This is a awesome game u are God in this game


Loading Takes a trillion pc/m/s to load ?

Bethany Gibbons

Aww Its so cute! Perfect game, and it gets challenging when you have to juggle the responsiblities of your planets

Victor Brooks

My planet I am a fan of this game

Brandon Morris

Great game love it Perfect in my mind but maybe some offline incructions (escuse my spelling)

Joshy Smith

Good app It's a good app, but maybe you should pause earth stuff if you're looking at a moon automatically if people forget

Bryson WALCK

Good!!! Love it this game is awsome!!!

Benji Knuckles

Weird I can't make more planets than one and how do I get faith


Good game It's a good game, with an easy concept. Only issue is that it doesn't pause when I exit unless I manually pause it. Can that be fixed?

jun kang lee

Its lagging on my lg g3 after the new update

Markisha Barren

Its cool Plain, simple, powered with imagination anything possible.

Cotah Ace

It's a little over ok

James Otaku

Not enough worshipping :P

Chris Fraser

Nice little game Seems ok so far. Maybe lacking in options

Nicolas Gabriel

It's okay It's pretty fun but it's annoying when you left the sun on and all of our people die

Grant Roche

Horrible The game won't let me play and just stops right in the middle of loading

Starryl Bach

It's very cool But needs improvements.

Ethan Lord

It is an OK game?

Jack boswell

It doesn't load

Jordon Ogonoski

Broken. When you have 2 planets and you add sun or water to one planet, it adds it to the other planet, making that planet loose faith.

Andrew Dean

Wouldn't load

Jenson Asquith

Poopooface!!!!!! Who are the made it

Joshua Spell

Bossin Great game...took a while to get the hang of it but eventually I got it and it's a gr8 ?

Branko Fink

Awsome Awsome

Pedro Vargas

This is a fun game I like the game but why do you need my camera??? And this is messing with my music volume to

stanstan6752 Mod

Why!!!! Love it but how can you play it when ads keep coming fix now!

Classified Jack

How do I play? Cant find the directions

Hugh Johnson

An ad will not let me open it

Tyler Tessneer

Cool It fun

Christopher Thompson

It's a fun game is better planet in the bottle You should make the game in with like 10 billion people

Ethan Bussey

It's fun

Adam Kelly

It's what It's good so good

Richard Robertson

So cool At first I thought it was really stupid but then I realized that I just had to read the instructions so I new how to play.

Mystic Eevee

It's good but... It takes forever to get back on, so I lose all progress. Pl fix

Andrew Davies

Play god. Create people. Have them live on the moon and other planets. Control the sun and water. Keep the faith flowing.??☝?

Cole Fillion

Good My population started dying at 2 million, am I doing something wrong? Its also taking forever to load now.

Reuben Waysome

Good game but......... The first time I played it it was fine, the second time it took so slow loading. I left it on over night still did not work.

Bryan Stenshorn

I enjoy it, but... I think it would be nice if the process of the water and sun increasing and decreasing was a little slower. I was off of the game for about 5 hours and when I got back, my planet was dead. So, I think it should just be slowed down a bit so I don't have to be on 24/7.

Scottie Westbrook

Awesome Great time killer. Just one thing, auto pause when you exit the game.

MikelGames LittleBigPixels

Glitch My planet started dying out because it got over hydrated and the sun didn't do anytihng, plz fix


It's alright The game seams to have much potential keep at it

Joshua King-Bey

I love it Very well made

Wahyu 623

Good job Love it. But better to add more weather

Eva Burns

So fun It's fun to play around the world with, but there needs to be more God options.

Penny105 bluecat

I like planets you should make more games like this?

casey james

Horrible app Absolutely boring, monotonous, repetitive, a complete waste of time, this is the worst app I have ever tried. You have to turn the sun and water on and off to maintain an optimal level of water and sun. Sooooo stupid. It's not a simulator in any sense just some foreign dude with delusions of gradjur and an insipid dream to be a developer.

Christopher Pitts

I could cry The original version of this game was the very first game I ever played on Android, and I was so disappointed when it never evolved, for better or worse. It, and Tree in Bottle were my absolute favorite apps for a year. This game is everything I could have asked for from a basic, all around revamp of the game. You did beautifully. Thank you. Now to the constructive criticism section of my review. It has amazing potential as both a simulation and an idle game, and also as a hybrid. Email me for the rest?

YJJ Coolcool

Awsome But try making faster speed ups and planets. Maybe some new features and god powers as well. I also tried supernova but, a new world just appears when I expected some animation...

Jeremy Leslie

Good game Hey it's a great game, I'm still liking it. Maybe try and speed up the timer for experience so you gain God points faster...I don't like have to keep speeding up the planet to gain it. Other than that great job.


Great While this game is a huge rise above Planet In A Bottle, I see room for improvement. I gladly paid $2 for this app, and would love to pay for an upgraded version. I could see this going somewhere big, and if the developer added more animations, a new HUD to allow you to watch the world evolve (with cells, plants, animals, sentient life, etc.) and even adding a way to give your planet it's own climate (to grow life that survives in heat, etc.) These additions would all make the game worth paying good money for, and hopefully, that money could be used to add a multiplayer? ;) Just a wild dream, though. Overall, great and fun game!

Isaiah Mendoza

Love it I like how you gave credit to PIAB and the game is fun but I suggest you add a way to check the actual percentage of the sun and water

Sean Moreland

COOL I've only been playing a couple minutes to Scorch the earth flood it drought it and kill all vegetation and I've had fun XD this is a cool game nice concept too

Connor Mullen

Really good Its a really good game and i cant wait to see what more updates for the game :-)

Confusing The purpose is a good idea but it's also a little bit confusing

Husky Boy

? I click pause and the game won't pause and I am very frustrated so fix this please and my planets have died many time's because of this,just arrrrggh???????????

Ryan Daniel

My planet I like this game very fun to play I'm very addictive you should add snow too.


Ads You can't put an ad on the game only to have it cover half of the screen

Sophie Broderick

Love it but.. How do you make colonists land on the moon??

Dustin Falcon

Love it! Add some more powers to it, other than that its awesome bro good job!

Harrison Balme

Liked it But I believe it could be a little bit better, god power and whatnot

Tj Peterson

Eah It's ok

shubham kumar

Great game !! But needs something You should get some new things like angels as assistants and some devils to make it difficult. Also you can add some more graphics to make it look better and realistic.

Liseliz Rodriguez

It's a good game. Simple. My people are dying for no reason though. All my stats are in line. Vegetation bar is full green. Sun and water levels normal. People dying anyways.

Bernard Widjaja

The ad's position is really annoying Don't install in here, just play it in facebook (pc version)..

Maddy Morgan

Population won't grow at all. Boring. Nothing happens at all. It won't even show me a population number after playing for an hour.

Chase Hines

Good It's good. Somewhat entertaining and a little frustrating.

Aden Adam

How When I press instructions it doesn't let me do anything so get this game off Google play

Alexander Warren

Easy and fun. The idea is simple and it is put in an easy to use format.

Catrina Duggan

Its great Just make gaining population easier.

Jakub Kulik

Amazing It's an Amazing game.

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