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12 Feb
My Little PET HOTEL: Baby Pets

Posted by SOFTGAMES - Free Mobile Games in Casual | Feb. 12, 2016 | 71 Comments

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Come and build your very own amazing Pet Hotel for hundreds of cute animals and pets for FREE! Build an amazing motel with entertainment rooms like a Pet Spa Center, Pet Flower Shop, Animal Gift Shop, Pet Chocolate Studio, Pet Vet Clinic, Disco and a Pub for them.

Collect all the cutest pets on earth, rescue and take care about them: Feed, breed, grow and play every day with hundreds of unique, pretty little pets like dogs, teddy bears, dinos, kittens, cats, monkeys, pigs, puppies, hamsters, bunnies and very much animals more!

Breed and raise beautiful BABY PETS and look them GROWING! But don’t forget to feed and entertain them!

What PET do you get when you BREED?

Cat + Yard Dog = ?
Brown Bear + Capuchin Monkey = ?
Redcap Chicken + Azure Butterfly = ?
Brown Bear + African Elephant = ?

Try it out and let the saga begin!

My FREE Pet Motel Game Features:
+ FREE to play!
+ Build unique hotel rooms for all kind of different animals like dogs, cats or mystical unicorns!
+ Unlock new cute pets with each level!
+ Collect Coins from every pet in the hotel to expand your Motel from a one-star habitat to a world-class tower!
+ Breed, feed and raise your very own cute animals!
+ Combine (cross-breed) different animals to unlock new cute pets!
+ Hire your friends as helpful staff!
+ Decorate your motel with fun decorations!
+ Complete your candies, flowers, fruit collections and redeem them for FREE rewards!
+ Capture and view all your pet visitors in the motel guestbook!

+ This is an online game only.
+ My FREE Pet Motel Game is playable for FREE.

Do love your pets and want to keep them happy?
Please rate My FREE Pet Motel Game 5 stars!

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Whats new

    - Bug fixes
    - more device support
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Stephanie Curtis

WHA!!!??? So on my Kindle fire this game works fine and I'm able to play the game but on this phone it won't let me play the game and it forces Me to play some pet game and not the right game I kept installing and restarting but it still pops up the same game over and over again please fix this this breaks my heart :( plus I read the other people's comments and the same thing happens to them just ads and the game my pet shop witch is realy boring so plz fix

Gracie Taylor

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This makes me sad because when I try to get in it sends me to a different game and I am upset because I had this on my ipod and loved it so please please fix it and I will change my mind.And also I didn't even want to give 1 star.

Dorie Maxwell

Where is the pet motle at? I have been looking for this game pets motle and when I did find it, it will not open up for me at all. what I do get is the pets shop, and I relly dont care for that game. I did had pet motle on my old phones this is my new phone . Hope we can get our game back up. Thank you.

Rachel Carter

Pet hotel It is cool you can see amazing animals. Build cool rooms.:-Pwere did it go i onshore it and said pet shop were did it go i was on my 90th live

Michelle Nguyen

Why did you give me a choice of games???!??!! I downloaded this game because I played it before years ago and I loved it. Why is it the game not there but it being replaced with stupid game ads? :|

Nadia Madrid

Hate it I use to have this game and it was awesome but know when I open it there are just ads and it won't let me play the game?respone plz I want to still love this game and i can tell all my friends that this game is a JOKE!!!!!!

Kathy Simth

My little pet hotel To answer the question do I like animals is yes I do and hate to see the abused and abandoned

Danika Rogers

New game? My pet shop!? I thought it was supposed to be pet motel!?

Jorja Doherty

It replaced that App with a different one :( please fix this soon

Maya Gibson

Hated it!!!!! Once you get on it it just showed other apps it won't even let you play it!

Honey Harris

Wrong Not the right game it gave me pet shop

Madison Felix

I downloaded this game last year and now when i open it it wont let me play it this game sucks :(

shaiena nuqui

NOT EXCELLENT Not excellent this game is too slow

Nadine Nadine

Samsung galaxy S4 mini I downloaded "My littlepet hotel"and it gave me a totally other game.....I hate this game it is not the game I want and I hope they fix it soon.HATE IT!!!!!

Hailee Windish

Horrible I downloaded it and it downloaded a different game instead

Airyanna Porterfield

Sucked badly!!!!? It was the wrong game!!!I barley even give it one star!!!??

roslyn regan

I hate it All the time when I donlod it switch's games it is so annoying!!!!!

Hannah Archibald

My little pet hotel All it is is that it is just apps that come out then I try to download the big app that comes up and it doesn't even let me download it please fix and I will sort my review ...

Daisy Enriquez

Pets in here are cute Oh my! They are all cute and I like it but my little brother Harvey hate this and he wants some boy games like, Jetpack Joyride or any games he want and also this pet hotel is adorable

Carmel Zins

Frustrated Cute graphics. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the actual objective of this game? The game itself seems to operate smoothly. The program states you can login through FB or create an account with the developer site yet neither option works, leaving you to play as guest. It's unclear if that affects the game as there is some indication saving the game may require login through either of the aforementioned methods. Inviting friends seems to have a glitch. Will improve rating after contact from developer.

Felicia Murati

Horrible This is my 5th time tryinq to play this qame . Why hasn't anyone chanqed the settinqs so we could siqn in with either facebook or the qame account . i played this qame everyday alll day & now icant even siqn in . Yall need too chanqe is so we can play aqain !!

Emily Gave

Pet Motel Bug Everything is adorable.Signing in is the bad part. When I click facebook and click the box for username my typeing pad doesn't show up. Same thing for anything I need to type. Also things are over priced. So once you fix this game it will be better for everyone.

Jayda Coleman

Stupid!!!!!!!! So I got it was ok but then when I got far it liked stoped so delete if u got it im very disappointed in this game...

Brenda Lindsey

I love this game but..... I love it. Hours of fun. One problem, when asked to hire a friend, why not show all the friends so I can choose whom I want to hire. You only show one friend name.Why not show a list of friends, I do have more than one friend on Facebook. The friend you listed does not play this game. I think that's unfair.please fix this bug, it's hindering my game. I'm trying not to uninstall it.I'm wondering do you guys read these comments? This is my second time with this same complaint..

Jean Shugar

Lots of fun This is a very relaxing brainless fun game. It's addictive. Thanks for brainless fun.

Charles Wilcox

Demi Wilcox This game is awsome I love this game is amazing how fast it can go here is 10 simple steps that I like this game okay hmm 1. That you build pet houses and you put animals in there spot 2. But my sister justine be sad when I don't play with her 3.i play this game when I am lonely by my self in the room 4.i have plans but now I don't tell my sister she will tell off 5. This game is funny and I have fun with the game so next 6i I have been in a couple weeks ago by the way to get the best 7 but I don't know that I am having a great time on this game 8. The first thing that I have been in the world of difference between a rock star hotel in your area of expertise in your Price 9 I have to do with it and it was not able to get it now and then you can get the job done in time for the next day or two of us are 10

Emma Adaig

Needs work Nice game but can't login to Facebook or register, the keyboard doesn't come up to type my details in. The game needs more

A Google User

Its ok Don't take me wrong, its SUPER cute but it runs so slow on my phone and is low on graphics. I do have an old phone (my dad's old) so it runs extra slow. I am not a huge fan. Well, at least it does not have many adds,for the time I was playing.(probably 49 seconds) well I'm going to uninstall,sorry!

A Google User

Awkward! Um you guys spelled kitten (kitteh) and this game does have any interesting graphics or anything but the game ok. And I can't login with my email or fb

A Google User

Pet Motel when i started playing Pet Motel i thought it was great! i got addicted to it quick. But as i got close to 60 floors i started having problems with the game. so i synced Pet Motel with my Facebook to avoid glitches but after they synced i tried to login & continue Pet Motel. the game wouldn't load, it kept freezing & crashing. another problem i have is Pet Motel won't allow my keypad to open. i can't type in my login and password details to sign and resume playing the floors i had saved! can someone fix it?

Siobhan Loyd

Will not open I like this game but after the latest update it will not open anymore. Would be more stars if problem is fixed.

Jeremy Spencer

Terrible Couldn't log in as guest wouldn't let me type on the others I'm using nexus 7 and nexus 4!!!! Never buy this game ever

Michelle Antico

Pretty cool I was having a great time with the game. I had 15 dollars and lots of apples. Then, I built floor 11 that was supposed to cost 10,000 apples. All of a sudden 15 dollars was gonea and the apples! I was not happy about that at all.

Raza Idris

Can't use keyboard I am using Samsung Galaxy Y I can't login with fb because the keyboard doesn't appear please fix it and if its done I'll give 5 stars

Amelia Walmsley

It is ok It is fun but you have to be connected with facebook and stuff but you can play as a guest once and then it doesn't let you play as a guest again

Cierra Moler

WHAT THA HELL Every time i try to play, it sends me to a totally different game. IF I WANTED TO PLAY THAT GAME I WOULD HAVE DOWNLOADED IT, PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!!!

Jason Drew

Sent to different game When I tap on the icon it sends me to this page with 4 games on and if you click on one it sends you to that game! Isabel Drew

Natalia Gonzalez

Stephanie Curtis Just get a new phone. Dur Dur

Jane Jensen

It dont even sends me a dif game I open it and it sends me to a game that I hate so much.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

Miriam Grace

Not fair I downloaded the game but guess what its not the game I wanted . it was installing and I wanted to play it but a different game installed it was supposed to be pet hotel but instead it was ( my pet shop ) and that made me very angry because while the game was downloading I read the posetive comments and I was eger to play it but now i can't and that's what made me mad ????????:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-[ :-[ :-[ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :'( :'( :'( :-[ ?????????????????????????

Mikey Dangler

I'm sorry I had to give you a bad rating but...... You gave me the wrong game! Like as soon as you read this fix. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Munshi Textile

? Bloody app !

Deddie Mcgee

My kids It is so bum it saying #

Bridget Hills

Confuses me Why does the game have 4 different names and the game has nothing in the description that it says it has its like you get one game but it is totally giving you a different game I hate it

SkyDragon Lessmiller

Won't work I keep trying to go on but it keeps saying that it stopped working........ And sends me to a different game. Please fix soon ??

Donald Green

Suck dick This games dumm as hell I'm having the same problems too it send me to a different game

Desiree Cullin

Worlds first dumbest game It sucks so verey so bad that i feel like puking i have downloaded it so many times that it almost broke my phone it keeps on giving me ads and other stupid Games the person who made this game should really go back to collage and learn how to make games the write way you guys really were write about this stupid game i hope no one does downloads this stupid game it really is not worth it.

Milena Skinner

When i downloaded it the first thing that pops up is an ad and theres no way to get out of it i tried and nothing works i cant even play the game!

Isabel Jenkins

Pet hotel I don't like this game because it don't even work I can't play it so it just uses up my storage! :-(

Bulefur The Cat

Please patch I used to have this game and I loved it but now it sends me to a dif game. Please please PLEASE patch this

Melanie Cervantes

Okay? I was bored so I downloaded this app. I opened the app, then it took me to My pet shop. I didn't ask for that app, I asked for this one. I remember having this on my ipod and I loved it. Now this was just a debalce. Please fix this issue with celerity.


Uhh It won't let me play it! I had it before and loved it, but really!?!?! Sorry

Mauricio Gomes

I did not work When I opened it it have me my pet shop

kieran leake

It's the worst. You can't even make any food it won't let me and it needs to be gone.

Gloria Rodriguez

FIX it plzz It shows the three ads and a pet game im heart broken so plzz fix:(

Dakota Russell

Dumb It didn't download. my pet shop did instead and if I go in it theres adds you cant get out of so you never get to play! ITS DUMB

Yasmin Rodriguez

Slimy I had this game on my old phone but know it sends my a different game

Lilorose Daymond

Gay As soon as I downloaded it I sent me to my pet shop which is completely different game

Kieana Walster

This game is very very crap This game is not a game it just doesn't work properly it all this game is crap and its hell!!

Dawn Paredes

I am never going to download this app in my life I hate it so much

Robert Gonzalez

ADDS If i could i would give it a 0. All there is adds when you open it. Also u cant get out of the adds. Warning DONT GET THIS APP PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not working I just downloaded it and as soon as i open it to play it closes again. Waste of time

Drew Pokey

Hated it U can't move the screen and there it way to much directions and u can't bread a cat and a DOG

Jordyn L

Gave me different app!! When I "downloaded" this game, it gave me a different game!!! Plz fix

Jeffrey Gill

I HATE THIS APP!!! When you buy the app make sure you read the freakin comments before you buy the game. This game is total crap when I log in it shows me an add that I cant get out of and it has 4 games.. on my tablet it works just fine. But on my phone it sucks...

Lauren Rodgers

WHAT IS MY PET SHOP I have downloaded it and it says my littlest pet motel has installed but then it is my pet shop. FIX IT I love this game and FIX IT for other people too. I have read there comments and they are having the same trouble. I also tried to download both but I wouldn't let me . SO PLEASE FIX IT!

Rainbow Sunshine

Can't even play I keep opening it and it keeps closing

Michael Awesome

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! It won`t let me in 0% I had it on my tablet and I llllllooooovvvve it!

Mary Lewis

Changed This is stupid it gives me a different game for no reason

Mary Fehr

Used to like it But now it wont even open

Reese's World

Hey guys I loved this game. But now it opens pet shop instead please fix

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