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6 Aug
My Ex's Brother-May I Love You

Posted by Koyonplete apps (APPLETE) in Simulation | Aug. 6, 2015 | 82 Comments

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- Romance date sim novel / Otome game -
********My Ex's Brother - May I Love You?********

Kaoru, whom I have been fallen so in love with back when we were in the college, has vanished all of suddenly.
Even now, after working for a few years in the company, Kaoru's scent is still vivid to me.

One night as I got drunk, someone whom I could not remember well took care of me.
I could feel the leaping impulses as I saw this young man - he looks almost exactly like him...!
Somewhat awkwardly, he layered his hand on mine and whispered,
"May I ...?"

The truth came unexpected.
The young man was Kaoru's brother - totally different personalities, obviously younger by 7 years, yet they look almost the same.
When our eyes meet, all I could see is this smile so similar to Kaoru's, and my feelings for him continued to grow.

As my relationship with Kaoru's brother get closer and closer, "he" appeared in front of me again.
"Hey, haven't met you in a long time. You look so beautiful now."

It was no one but Kaoru, himself.

*****More Stories await you!*****
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Nijichii Chan

Well...what happened? I hope i get a reply. Since koyonplete has a lot of otome games before. The next thing i know all of them disappeared. ;-; what happend???? Please answer meee :3

Krista Miller

I love it! The Mc can be stupid sometimes but the game is great, I always love koyonplete games

Chelsea Evans

Why did all of your games disappear.... I wanted to play/read them bring them back somehow... :( love the game though.

Munia Irin

I Like kyonoplete Yay I am the first one to download it! It's not a bad game

saumya singh

Fix it plz I like the game but plz fix it. It disappear after some time. Do something or get lots of compliance

amauri cleveland

Advice First things first why must we use 3 jewels for every time we touch the screen why can't it be like 1 or 2 XQ

Levi Azariah Nigthroad

Nice Another cute game. , .koyonplete never get us down. , .

Jayla Montez

Amazing game ever Its the best amazing game ever right now

Meagan Bryant

Jelwels I hate the jewel system you read 30 sec. And your out of jelwels!!? fix it and I'll give it 5 stars

LaKnisha Garrett

Like it but... I like it but it hasn't given me my jems in the past 2 days and I'm thinking about unistalling it

Hashifa Nadillah

It didnt let me buy jewel nor novel pass blablabla. Getting sick just to get jewel. But it always didnt let me buy anything here... fix it please

Evette Johnson

It runs off I don't care for this game.

Jeremy Rodriguez

?? I like it but it's a little stupid

Amber Belli

Ok Ok the game is great but maybe after some one runs out of jewels make it so that at a certain time of day we can get more jewels!!! PLZ I beg of you and if you can make this happens I will rate 5 stars

Anahi Garcia

The wait is over OMG finally these apps are So addicting

Mic Jia

Yess!! I was hoping for this to come out

Kara Morassco

There are no pictures whatsoever in the game. I like these games for their artwork. But all it's done so far is have me read the sentences in red ink over a hot pink background. It's given me a headache.

Stasia D

Jewels Enjoy reading it, just not a big fan of the whole jewels thing. I get to read a couple sentences then I'm suddenly out of jewels :/

Violet Shadows

One or two things After the last maybe 2-4 minutes of me trying to play, it says "welcome, (name)" and begins the story... BUT, after a few words it goes out and leaves me hanging!! (Sorry if this doesn't make any scents!)

Tam Hui Ru

Jewels and picture I want to get a lot of jewels but I have to wait every day to get jewels and if you update this app,please put the picture on the screen while reading the story.Please fix this. If you don't, I will post it at Facebook about this

Nadia Barakat

.... There's no pictures even though I'm only on chapter 2 there aren't any pictures!! And what's up with the weird chat thingy. Is there a setting to turn the pictures on and the chat off???

Jodi deJesus

Why are there no pictures can any of you tell me if you know It is so boring with no pictures or anything ?????????????

Angelina Ribbeck

WHERE'S THE PICS There are no pics I downloaded this game for the pictures if there are no pics some time this year I will delete this game!

PC Tough

Shouldnt have to buy Jewels This app literally ruined my life like OMG I RAN OUT OF JEWELS I WANT TO FIND OUT THE END OF THE STORY BUT I CAN'T why do they do this to me like wyd give me Jewels i'm not buying any.

Grace Atieno

No PIC First no pictures you've gotta be kidding me so stupid

Luis Rodriguez

WTF I dont get this a game,or some weird chat room?I installed it,played for less than 5 minutes,and now uninstalling it

Noraishah Yusuf

It is great I just hope it has more pictures

Nehata Quinto

it's a NOVEL, with illustrations This is a little different from the other otome games you can play, it's more like reading a romance novel on your phone. People who read short stories and novels will appreciate the narrative and plot of the story. I suggest adding more illustrations and replacing the pink or red background with interior shots of where the story takes place will greatly improve the game. I think it's a really nice story :-) by the way, when exactly (exact time) can I spin to get jewels??? please help and thanks!

Janejia Chevalier

love it You guys shut up you dont need pictures to read if your an adult your just imuture.

Budhi Anto

No pics?! Its just got boring when theres no pics...-,-

Jazmin Hernandez

Pictures plz It would be better if you could add pictures

Liezl Nvan Nuekerk

Okay Need more pic and whats up with need mor dimonds

Ashley Salgado

It needs pictures or else it doesn't make any sense

Jasmine Herington

Mean I thought it had pic because there are no pic's

Kylah Case

Awesome and descriptive Its a great game but it sucks that you have to wait 24 hours for a couple meesely taps but its so descriptive that I achy get rid of it when you make Yeh wait shorter that's when ill give it five stars and FYI it doesn't show a lot of pictures but when it does they're beautiful stop complaining

Nheng Vin

Not a dating sim No pic just red background with word. Just read a book than this lame app

Yumi Ishiyama

Really All I have to do is read on this.

Raquelle Hurst

All need more sexual detail and pictures

Cassie Warren

There's no pictures... Wtf!!.. And it doesn't say who's talking...

Skylar King

It does make your head hurt Loved it

Karen Zheng

My ex ' s brother Loved it

cupcakes 101

Soo good A very good app!

Alexandria Irwin

Great game It just doesn't show the image

Lee lin

I think it's okay But...never try it and why do we have to use the diamond thingy

Fateh Batra

Decrease jewel giving time. If you decrese jewel giving time i will give you 5 stars.

Rachel Powell

Love story , but

aj Robot

Jewels I like it but why can't you watch an add for like 5 jewels instead of downloading other apps?.

Anna Battenfield

Llove Love this game but should have some sexy pictures .and should have videos to get next.

zarah idris

coooool ok i admit it's a pretty good novel but i'm having trouble with the jewels 24 hrs for just a few jewels come on just cut us some slack pls fix this, later.

Madeline Arnold

Fun and super lovie dovie

netanya cutright

Doesn't show anything

Serlin Tay

My ex's brother

Lissette Reeve

Loved it! Beautiful love story! Touched my heart! Will continue to support the Devs with these awesome mature romance stories!

Lyla Janosko

Terrible There's no pics and I'm not going to buy jewels or download anything on my phone just to get some jewels.

Anna blaster

The game is interesting! but I wanna know if they give you gems daily, and if they do what time?

Sonia Lopez

Disappointed I liked the story thus far and decided to buy the novel passport. The pop us said that the novel passport was only 2.99 which seemed fine to me about the price of a regular game, even cheaper actually. Unfortunately I was not paying attention and just hit the buy button it ended up being 3.23 still not a lot but I don't appreciate being lied to, please fix it

Habibi AA

Wow I really liked it. At first i didn't like it because i didn't want to wait to read it but then i saw the option to buy it and so i did and really loved it. The music is perfect ?

Dakota Triplett

No pics It had no pictures so how r we going to see how the people look I mean wants the point in the game if u can't see

Christien A.

Paying for CGS? How about making the CGs free for those who actually purchased a novel pass? And on top of that, without logo and whatnot.

Miiz Mics

Pictures?? Please add pictures....Pretty please!!...???

Crystal Chen

Great Though the jewel thing is a little annoying cause reasons that you will understand only after you download the game.


Great game but out of jewels I read only a few sentences and a sentence pop out and says Out of jewels then I had to download a app to have jewels waste of time

aisya sofea

Everything I really hate the jewel part because I always run out of it. I'm not satisfied playing it.

Yumna Covers

Sigh. The storyline was great but unfortunately when my jewel gone, it says to get a free jewel I must download an application that they recommended. Without any further, I've downloaded the application recommended as it says I will get 15 jewel for free. I've successfully downloaded it and launch the application but there's no jewel awarded to me? I'm so disappointed. After all, the storyline was interesting but if they don't fix this problem. How am I able to read the remaining of the story? Please fix!

Renae Lee

Abt the jewels Can there be more scene per jewels like example i got only 60 jewels but gets to see one like two - three sentence of the story can it be like 10 jewels will get to see 3 sentence something like that


I just downloaded it and didnt play it yet but i looks very interesting my EX BROTHER huh?!?!? But looks cool so far lets see. Know i think i understand its her exses brother ahha.

Lissette Reeve

Loved it! Beautiful love story! Touched my heart! I really love this story about a mature MC finding love again, and that this time around it's true and forever. Will continue to support the Devs with these awesome romance stories! I've kept this app and I reread it after a while and I really appreciate these love stories so much and I'm looking forward to more love stories with these Devs!

Lainey Peake

No pics Why does it only have a red screen.? most people download this to see the pictures. i did for both the story and the pics. but the people who made this need to give it some pics i mean honestly.??

Christina Kemp

Why I think its bad?????? It has no pictures and no plot the story at all and I don't get why every time u read a page someone else conversation pops up at the top??????

Tam Hui Ru

Jewels and picture I want to get a lot of jewels but I have to wait every day to get jewels and if you update this app.Please fix this.

#anime love

Pics & Jewels the story is really good and I don't mind that there aren't a lot of pictures in it but it would be nice to have a few more pictures just to get the feel of the setting in what the characters look like what I don't like the most is the fact that when you had just received more Jewels you only get a small portion of the story at least make it a little bit longer then a few lines... Please fix it...

Habibi AA

Wow I really liked it. At first i didn't like it because i didn't want to wait to read it but then i saw the option to buy it and so i did and really loved it. The music is perfect ?


I liked it the first minutes but i dont have enough jewels. And not enough space to download more. Do you get jewels every day?

Jodi deJesus

Why are there no pictures can any of you tell me if you know It is so boring with no pictures or anything ?????????????

Georgia Patricia Siongco

I dont have any jewels and I downloaded the app they recommended app and I didn't got a jewel

April Jones

best game ever and this is why This is the best game ever you don't have to pay for anything is totally free and nor do you have to work it is made by the best company I'd recommend all the games made from this company

Ann-Marie Ryan

Gems problem The gems don't last that long please do something??

Lapras Lagoon

Good but jewels There is no way to get free jewel without doing the things and it barely lasts it should recover over time. T-T


Alright The freaking jewels I the problem each time u read a sentence it cost I think. 3 jewels and u get about 700 at the beginning for free then later on u spin this wheel and u get how many jewels get

Cynthia Yang

Why!!? I don't have enough storage so I can't download anymore the jewels won't restore even after I wait a week or even if I do download and launch it, it won't work and no jewel will come back! AND I'M ONLY JUST STARTING!!!!!!

shadow demon

Immoral as fk This novel and the other immoral novels you plan to make will be removed!

Dodi M Bullock


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