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7 Jun
My Derp - A Stupid Virtual Pet

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Meet your Derp: NOT the cute lovely boring virtual pet you are used to. Be prepared for some action while you take care of him in this impossible and weird adventure. Can you keep him alive?

Derp will burp, poop, get really dirty and get himself into freaky accidents you can't even imagine! Can you handle all this mess?

Try to keep him well fed, healthy and clean long enough to bring Derp into adulthood and to unlock secret shapes. Play the super fun box minigame and earn coins to buy food, medical supplies and several other items to make sure Derp is surviving his own hash. But be extra careful: accidents such as a huge fire or a bug attack will put Derp's little life at risk all the time, and it's your job to protect him!

But don't get too sad when Derp dies, his life will end eventually. So, YOLO! Play with him, bang his head against a brick wall and make sure he makes the most out of his (short) messy troubled life! Another one is just around the corner and your crazy and very difficult journey will begin again.

Nurse this yucky strange virtual pet and compete with yourself for higher score!

• Easy to play but very hard to accomplish
• See Derp's development from an egg to an adult Derp
• Fill the collection of pictures that keep score of Derp's ups and downs
• Earn coins and buy stuff from the market to feed, clean and heal Derp
• Quick play: it is very hard to maintain Derp's life in a challenging time and activities management game
• Deal with crisis situations by using the correct items from the market, as the bucket of water and insecticide
• Prove yourself rapid and resilient by putting up to all Derp's eschatological funny life

May your Derp's memory never be forgotten!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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Verlene Jessamine Borja

Its not really the pet I'm looking for. No games. Dies to fast .. Needs love every minute every second... What's nice is .. It level ups to fast ... But its hard to get many coins ... And the medicines and others are very expensive.... .

spring trap

It's supposed to derp and die its a super game! It has to die it is the pet your looking for because it's awesome don't listen to the haters they don't get the idea of the game it's an impossible pet because it dies anyway you don't like it get the word HATERS GONNA HATE you know what I mean or your a dummy (no offence) so yea the for reading this Review By Me Spring Trap (not bragging) have a nice day ?

Howlingwolf 291

Dies too fast!!! It dies too fast. I can't go past level 5 without it dying. It gets hungry and needs love too fast. Overall: TOO NEEDY!!! please change. I can't even go to school with out it dying!

Leon Cook

He's supposed to die fast! This game is hilariously entertaining. If ur looking for a long drawn out game with a pocket pet, then this isn't for you. The whole point of the game is to keep him alive as long as you can. I was skeptical at first because of all the bad ratings, then I tried it for myself and I like it

Zyle Tubianosa

Loved it!!! I really like how the game challenges us to do better!! So far i reached level 7 :-)

Lepyo Lepored

Lol People r taking this app the wrong way. Its supposed to die fast. If u r looking for a good virtual pet do not get this. I honestly really likes it

Cierra Jones

Derp poop alot He always poops dies and acts stupid I know he's supposed do that but please fix it because he's annoying and there's not enough mimi games

Khang Nguyen

Wrong Complaints This game was meant to be short. It's supposed to be an arcade game, not a continuous one. Stop complaining about life span, or cause of death. I think that this game is fun, and although I agree it's short, it makes you keep on playing, makes you want to delve deeper, find more evolutions.

Hannah Rojas

So hard yet so fun This derp is so stupid it's funny the way he dies in so many ways some people hate it but I love it

angela esposito

Awesome My daughter loves it she has sooo much fun she just gets mad when the derp dies. I'm just happy she likes it.☺

Gwyne Coleman

Cute! Its very silly and fun xD itd just be better if there were more minigames to play with it.

alexandra godawski

Derp I think that derp gets hungry too quickly and that my derp usually dies because I don't have the money to buy him food. I think there should be a better way of getting money.

Kate Gilliland

Derp is supposed to die fast! The Derp is not supposed to live long. It is just a strategy game. You have to get enough money for each medicine. It is a great game but not a pocket pet game.

Dayton Mcginty-walker

No and Yes You die fast and your hunger and when u need to give derp love it go's down fast and u get sick fast please make it more long me isn't trying to be mean:)

Kat Dilla

Awesome This is the anti virtual pet. Away to pass the time and compete with friends to see who can keep it alive longer. If you're looking for a continuous virtual pet to play with then this is not the game for you.

greg rokusek

It dies toooooooo fassssssst Can u make so it takes 1min and 30sec to die. Ether than tha its a good game. ????

Addison Spaulding

Inappropriate This game is inappropriate nobody wants to see adorable little blob die plus it tells you how it died too and it is unfair because when someone goes to school it will die when you are at school

Phoenix Mitchell

4 of 5 A few hassles with not enough coins, but this still is really fun! I recommend you get this. Don't listen to those haters below me!

Kyaira Williams

Dumb a heck Kept dying on level 2 and lost all my money fast don't get it it's dumb.

Carmen Palomar

It is really stupid.But it is also really fun.It needs care every second and every minute. It is not the pet I'm looking for. People should make more games like this. ;-)

Amari Johnson

Amazing This game is truly amazing. This game is a great way to have fun and something to do when you are bored. It teaches you how to be responsible and a great care taker. Overall I rate this game five stars

Cynthia Montanez

Awesome but... Wish the money would carry over to the new deep so I don't have to work so hard. Better instructions

Molly Sickels

Awesome I would call this game difficult but it was fun I would take out the mosquitos and make his heart and good full for a little longer

Fabian Sanchez

I like it its really fun but I don't like it when you die and lose all your money I also wish you could customize your derp also you should add mini games

Meika K

Needs more mini games This game is really good, but it would be even better with more games.

Trystan Lewis

Hard I cant get past level 8 he dies so fast I didnt now he would die that fast

Keziah Blanche Uy

Totally Awesome!!! I so think of it a challenge on my reflexes. But still what ever happens derp will still be derp.???

Ryan Andrews

I like it. Fun game, although people are too stupid to realize that this is supposed to be difficult and not a walk in the park pet sim.


Thought I'd say something I just thought I'd say that I love all of your games and that I'm always trying to play on them :)

Holly G

Sooooo cute I love the game and it encourages you to try harder. For the people that said when you go to school it dies, you can't leave it alone you have to give it attention like a real pet. Love the game

Colin Cain

Try it! Its always sad and fun to find new deaths and i got to lvl 8 with 3 min and 54 seconds

Quentin Stephens

I think this game is awesome I just got it and my first time I made it to level seven and derp was a kid

Bryn Koepke

Hmmm I guess it's okay I mean dies like at level 4 and a little confusing but I guess it keeps u busy like since u have to like tend to it every second!

Robert Nugent

Addicting I love this game, just wish it would give you a little more time

tonya dirdon

Its ok Theres a few complaints, dies too fast, too many mosquitoes, needs a better way to get coins (games, maybe every time you feed him you get a coin,etc...), he poops way too much he poops even when don't feed him, and there should be a better way to get gems. Other wise the game is entertaining.

Emma Cosens

Challenging It is challenging but fun although it says lots of minigames there's not... also it is very easy to kill it...

A Google User

DIES TO FAST I wish this game wiil Give 2 hours a full heart before the derp dies

Iyania Sharp

Its so dumb It is so stupid I don't get how to play it the dumb derp dies so fast

Ana Silvestre

The best game ever If you see the video then you should know what to expect

Dave Marx

Apparently users don't get the concept.... This game is a sadistic pleasure. The Derp is not meant to have a long life. With other pet games your pet lives... forever basically. With Derp your pet lives for five minutes - if you're really good at fast paced micromanagement. When Derp inevitably dies you have the option of reviving it but you'd only do that if you honestly believe you can unlock it's next growth stage. Otherwise, you just start with a new Derp. Derp is a mini game in and of itself. In that regard, this game is brilliant!

Savannah Flowers

Ugh so frustrating I try to do 1 thing but kinda hard when u have this dang derp dying sooooo easily and sometimes u can't even do anything without it dying and u should believe me I'm a nine yr old

Maxine van Loggerenberg

Good but... Could you make there be other colors instead of one(yellow) eg one time you get a yellow. You die. You get random colour. Green? Blue? Purple? Pink? get the point

Destiny Jacobs

Color This is a great pass time game but it would be really cool if you could change the color of your deep with diamonds or you could change the gender of your derp.

Annie Liew

Does derpy from mlp and derp, love? Derpy and Derp sitting on a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G!!!

Aurora Plays Fantage

Addictive This game is addictive I kept my pet alive for five days

Anastazia Witham

Too much Deep needs love and food at the same time but then he has mosquito and more plz fix this its hard coz then he dies

Maryjane Rengel

It very challenging and that's wat makes it more fun!!?

reese taylor

I keep feeding him but when he died its saying its starvation!But I feed him! :-(

jessica janiszewska

Fun The game is really hard but it is amazing at the same time ??

Adalberto Munoz

Cute. I like this game but you should add more things like minigames than the coinblock

Lynsy Gould

Cool Funny and awesome and every thing else good

Karl Angelo Minda

I did not hated..... Derpy & Derp sitting in a three K I S S I N G BLU BLA BLO

Katrina Down

Fun but Challenging He dies super easy but its fun trying to keep him alive

Abdur Rashid

Possible 89 941 coins only 1 earn Cartoon 1 billion apps

drake Lean

Attractive It's so cute and very addictive ;-)

Isaac White

Only thing is... It's so easy for your derp to die I literally get every illness and I have like 1 to 3 coins every time

Jewel Hines

My Derp It is really fun and stuff

Gabe Bohannon

Best game ever I got up to level 11 time 5 minutes 39 seconds

Cody Crowder

Just cuz derp Uh okay so fit thit gan is awsom secnd #JustDerp

Jessica Dion

It's so fun You should play its funny and I love it??

Justin Chumbley

Out did yourself! This is great tapps. Keep up on the good work

Cheer Baby

It's great! But..... The game is okay I just hate it that I don't get alot more coins then I usually would like to have

Mattie Defosse

My score is 1h 8m 37s

Amanda Schwartz

Lol so many ways to die! Fun and adorable, even with death twice every six minutes!

Lillian Uebrick

Stuped In a good way though

Yasmine Mamin

???? I dont know why I installed this app.....Its kinda weird but cool

ani babb

So gross Weird thought it would be fun but just GROSS ??????

John Riley

Awesome It let's you take care of something and it is pritty easy until you get to be a kid.

Taylie Mcqueen

Cool It could use some minor touchs though

Morgan Buck

Cute yellow guy The yellow guy is really cute and its very easy to get coins

Camerin l

It's very dumb It is very interesting

Malina jones

My derp Awesome thanks

Blanca Santos

Derp I love this game Evan Thor it is hard but I love it .

Jane Jensen

I love the game, the best part is the challenge of keeping him alive

Lil Pugy

Just sad Why would you make a game a bout dieing cretures!!#

Britney Boatman

ADDITING. So challenging..


This game is fun

Catillion Lopez

It's ok I like the game but he dies a little too fast

Pablo Pabon

Hard This game is so challenging I love the challenge

Reece Smith

Great You should add a playground mode :D

Tashia Endicott

Great game. Very entertaining. Gives me something to do when I'm bored.

Catherine Peel

my Derp It is a very good game I have loved it.

Hudson Cooper

Awsome! It is fun but very challenging. HINT: tap and hold down on your derp and it keeps your heart up.

Elijah Goins

funny i have never found a game like this before

Tim Buffone

Happy death So funny lol lol lol lol lol lol love the happy death

Connor Fowles

Fun but could improve Fun and kinda addicting but I wish you could view a derp graveyard so you can look back on your progress and if you named and liked a derp you can still remember him still a good game though


Very addictive, but kind of annoying. This game is really cute, addictive, and funny. But little Derp dies so easily, and it is hard to keep his hunger and health levels up all the way at the same time.

Kathy Anne Zachary

This game was so fun and strategy I Just download it yesterday, and I played it a very long time and it has to make it not dead from anything

Annie Porter

Funny and addtictive At the first time I thought he died much slower and the deaths aren't sad it's just keeping up a highscore and the description is funny too! All awesome in one app!

meower 808

Ehh I think he dies to easy... I can hardly take my finger off the screen. Very stressful & slightly boring and repetitive. He dies like every 2-4 minutes

larouchelle leveuvre

Love the game but I wish he could get more coins for each jump when he levels up

Kelly Bennett

Meh Its funny bit there's really nothing to do. I wish it was more of a actual pet game rather than a tapping to make it do simple things like jump.

Paula Browning

YOU CANT GET ENOUGH COINS TO BUY MEDICINE! I tried to collect coins,but it died right before I gave it to him!

James Harvey

Eh Seems fun but my device doesn't work so I couldn't avoid starving

Grace Newsome

Confusion It was confusing because every time you needed to give it something either you didnt have enoigh coins or it had already died. Either you need to make it have a slower death or start off with more coins.But overall it was great......Thanks for letting me play #LOVED IT.

Melinda Hunt

Stupid but fun! Why are the most stupid games the most addicting?

Georga Leahy

Its ok You could add some minigames and not make it die so qwick and u could make it change coulours I do like the app But could be better I think ??

xXmlG woLFXx wlof

Omg It so good 5 stars right off the back

Destiny Boudoin

So cute This game is so cute and challenging so its good for your brain but the adorable thing dies in 2 minutes

Sonic Gamer202

This is so Fun And derp is very cute Love this game truly

Khaled Jackson

I loved this game It was one of the best me and my cousins played

Sara Close

So cute! Very cute and challenging! Great time waster :D love it

Airabella Esparza

This is great I get that they die so fast but that is the point!!!!!

Tania Mason

Worst game ever It's impossible to play the game, every time u pick up his poop or feed him or something he starts he gets poisend or caches a bug ect. And u never get enough time to do something.

Selah Seitz

This game is just like me because I'm crazy!?

Callie Jones

Its ok Its a cute game and i liked it its challenging too bu it was a tad bit BORING ok it was TOTALLY BORING i mean you could do better than that. But thanks for making the game anyway.

Christine Lewis

Kinda boring. My deep died after literally two minutes. They get sick way to easily and it's impossible to take care of them. It's not really that fun because there's not anything to do except feed it and give it medicine. There should also be an actual mini game involved because it's really boring. Honestly, I expected more from this.

Wolflover74 Plays

Welp! First time my derp died because of fire...I want it to be the last (P.S I love this game it's cute)

SCS Crown

Addictive I literally played this game for hours. Its so cute and cool. I would really recommend you to play this game

Jada Sookdeo

Lol This game is hilarious perfect for a kid to play, give it to them and they will leave you alone, finally even picky kids!!!

Root Dude

Awesome game This is an awesome game my deep lasted to 3:05 but then it died this game is totally awesome try it out!

Yanelli Cabrera

Dies too quickly It dies to quickly mine only lives for 2 minures or less due to lack of coins we need to get coins more quickly like minigames??? # X_X #?


Awsome It is so fun and diffucult at the same time


Derpy You should make it so we can vs friends on Facebook or something and a high score

Madison Mason

Great Very addictive, haha I play all day and night

Motunrayo Ogundere

Addicting If I can only have one game on any electronic this would be it and can you make it a little less challenging

Tanaya Clifford

Wow I actually quite like this game. It is quite addictive.

David Hays

So fun! Its so addictive and challenging and most of all FUN i love it!

Nicole Scott

Whhyyyy I can keep. Derp alive for 3:00 I can only keep him alive for 2:41 exactly

Regan Van

Derp is Cute! Derp is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute but I hate that he dies sooo fast but I love the challenge ?

Andrea K.

Addictive and challenging This game is addicting and super challenging!!!!! GET IT!!!! (I dare you)

David Bathje

Food He eats so much I always die. Please Fix

Tammy Mcnulty

To hard It's very hard and I like that


Derp so cute :3 It's so cute but it dies all the time

Sarina Piper

Weird It's not good at all if I were u I would not get it

Logan li

Loading will never happen Whenever i open the game it never loads.

Sophia the doodle girl

I love Derp! It's so cute and sometimes I feel sad when it dies but when it alive I feel happy again!DERP DERPY DERP DERP!

Bryanna Nelson

Addicting Omg if you don't have this game get it its so fun?

NightLace 13

I loooove it It is so fun cute and challenging a great time speeder

Karen Wickstrom

Cool! But i wish you could customize your derp,your derps room, or the grave stone but i love it. It is very fun.

Lauren Lombard

I love this game I think this game is very addicting and fun! I cant wait to see what he looks like on level 13

Layla Sites

Nice "it's addicting and nice great!!!"

azeem noor

Awwwwwwwwwwww This game is cute??????????????????????

Random Jamaa

Really Fun Game! A bit weird, but that's the fun of it! A good game for when your bored. I loved it!

Liliana Hankins

Love it man The deep op.

Amanda washburn

I love it It's one of my favorite games its funny to

Alex Leon

Derp The hilariously stupid Derp game get it and have fun

Antonia Blanca

So cute and kawwaii He is so cute and fluffy.

Matthew Atteberry

Underrated and should be given more love This is how games should be on mobile devices. The only complaints I see are from the children with no patience and the inability to realize their derp will die. A lot. But thats the charm of this game. It's not to be a Tamigachi where you are supposed to make a friend for life. Derp is bound to die a lot, and the coins you earn are only buffer so you can get a little further each time. Overall an awesome game. I will keep this one.

Alesalas Salas

Very fun It's very hard to stop playing it's a very fun and hard game it's really good game the thing I don't like about the game is that the game has a lot of things going at once so it will be very hard for kids to play this game and I can't even get very far on the game

Like the game one problem For some reason the price for things are different than my friends items. For example my pill costs 10 and hers costs 5. She does play on apple and i play on android. If apple players get stuff cheaper then thats stupid

Racheal Robertson

Won't open My phone plays the music for the game but shows a blank black screen my other games work please fix until then I uninstalled the game

Kenneth Bradley

My derp I love it but you need to make it to were you can get diomands more easily and when derps hungry you get 3min to get enough coins to get food but other then that its awsome

Alice Cherrett

Cool! It's kinda hard to look after the stupid derp becuz I never have enough derp coins so I can't buy medicine and food and I know if u jump on the block u get coins but sometimes when u get the skull he gets poorly and I don't have enough coins but it's rlly fun and I recommend this game.

Nadine Burgos12

It's funny! It's funny for me but (sadness) for me he always die from starvation and mosquitosis but it's fun to play every time for his life time is 2 minutes and 40 sec he dies

turtle gaming123

Annoying I played for 1 minute and he died 3 times!!! Not your best game

My Derp I love my derp he is so fun and hilarious and that is what I love to see in pet like creature lol omg

Fantastic game even though he has died a lot it's still a good game

antonio elliott

My derp Its so funny I got to the adult durp but as soon as I got to it he died

jackaboy boss

funniest game ever I think this is the funniest game and I want to try to play it on my YouTube channel and get more people to play this I my dang best game 2011-2016

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