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29 Jul
My Consumer Cellular

Posted by Consumer Cellular, Inc in Productivity | July 29, 2016 | 183 Comments

Apk file size: 3.1 MB

Consumer Cellular wants to keep things simple. This app enables you to easily manage your cell phone plan while on the go. You can check your voice, text and data usage directly from your smartphone. You’ll be able to respond immediately to any Usage Alerts from us, helping you to avoid unnecessary overage fees.

When using your free Consumer Cellular app on your Android device, you’ll always be just one click away from your account. No surprises and no delays. You’re simply in control. The way it should be.

Whats new

    * New in 2.1.2*
    Various Bug fixes

Consumer Cellular, Inc part of our Productivity and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update July 29, 2016. Google play rating is 75.5287. Current verison is 2.1.2. Actual size 3.1 MB.

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Susan Crabtree

Works well. Except for occasional doubling of minutes used right after calls for a day or so works well. Now I notice that data used is also being doubled from data on the website and this has lasted longer as well. Alerted that usage exceeded when I have actually used less than half. Warning! Check website before changing plan.

Clint Gebke

Bugs The recent update makes the data usage info all wrong. I get alerts way before they are needed.

Jim Wilkins

C C app 4-26-15. The recent upgrade was supposed to fix the problem concerning overage of data usage. It didn't! I still have to reinstall to get accurate usage amount. Too bad they can't fix this issue.

Rachel Beinish

Amazing! Fantastic customer service, fixed app problem in half a day!

Gmoney Woney

Update breaks it. It is fixed now. Very nice. Thank you CC. I am reportedly way over limits according to the app, but website is spot on. Even with the overage. My base bill is now cut in half. So I am not complaining. Was a good app. It is fixed. GREAT APP

Robert Arnold

Works well Except for the occasional bad update, the app works well and let's you check your minutes.

Kim Skrzycke

Problem Fixed The update was repaired 4/16/15 & now works great! Thanks

Sherwin Facun

Can't view statements Nothing happens when trying to view old statements.

Poochie 55

Great service Consumer cellular has the best customer service. So far I have not had a problem with this app.

Joe Ortlip

Update shows way over limit


What happened? Says i have no payment due and usage is extremely off.about to go to t-mobile

destiny whitaker

Yay Fixed it! Thanks

Lorri Taylor

Works for us No hype or misleading advertisment. Been with them a year and no problems or unwelcome surprises.

Gary Wurst

Awesome company

Bobby Mcgowan

Mr No thanks

Laura Blanchard

Absolutely Wonderful Little App. What's not to love about this great little app? It allows me to check my data and minutes used with just a couple of clicks and around 30 seconds of my time. With close monitoring, several times a week, there is never a surprise when I get my invoice.

Charlene Schroeder

This update shows my phone way over talk limit. Not good. Called, and its not accurate on the new download, do not download this new upgrade.

Sue Hutsko

The update. The updated freaked me out. Showed we were way over our plan.

peter kinner

Consumer cellular The data shown is way over the data used. Not good!

Bob Mocadlo

Incorrectly reports data I have received multiple issues where the app says that I have used far more data than I actually used, then fixes itself the next day. Other than this, the app works well.

Philip Heritage

Data issues The tracking of minutes on the app is fine, except now the data tracking is really horrible. I am only at 1.5 gig and it says I have exceeded my data limit. This has also triggered the email and text warnings. Last month i upped my limit based on this info and basically spent money I did not need to spend. I called and spoke to customer service and they confirmed I hadn't exceeded, but it is just a lot of hassle. I hope this get fixed soon.

Chris Berglund

Poor data tracking After an update a while ago the app now only tracks to the nearest whole number , example 3/4 , this makes tracking data usage impossible. Would like to see something like this 3.123/4 this would allow for greater awareness of how much data is used and left.

Rockie Carmichael

Data usage The data is horrible you never know how much data you are using it is all over rated . you can be using your wifi and still be charged with cellar charges from consumer cellar. I hate the service.

Jason Lowe

Handy, not accurate I wish this would work as described, but it constantly overestimates data usage. The app says it is more accurate than account information from the web because it uses real-time info and usage records to provide a more complete picture of usage. Based on my experience I think their algorithm needs fine tuning. It always reports my usage higher than actual, typically by at least 50%. Does fine with minutes and texts.

Peter Dunmore

Provides convenient access to my account. However, the data usage estimate is way too high on my phone and I get false data usage warning notifications. It appears that data transferred over wi-fi is being incorrectly counted as cellular network data.

Linn Pierce

Rarely works and slow to update Often I have to call because it flat out will not work.

George M Malakian

Good job Keep up the nice work and plans.

Randy B

Shows max uses on text & data when none is use, Needs major fixing Now

Gary Michaux

Very handy Use often to check my usage. Updated regularly. Good app.

Kenney Munshower

Great convenient app.use it often to keep track of my data usage. Wish all apps were this easy!!

Scott Meindl

Love it great job

Rick Kuna

Consumer Cellular Love this app. Can get all my info immediately. Plus, you can change your plan anytime any month with no extra charge. No extra charge. If you need to talk with someone you get someone you can understand and they understand you. We have been with Consumer Cellular over 4 years now. Did I mention no contract. Yes, there is no contract.

Vanessa L. Williams

Consumer Cellular Like this company and the ability to change my plan to accommodate my needs. I like speaking to a live person when necessary.

patricia brock

So far very accurate. As soon as I open the app it displays all of my stats! Way faster than going to consumer cellular's web site & logging in

Kelly Andrews

I used this app a lot. I do you recommend this app for anyone.

A Google User

Excellent Love concumer cellular best company around. Carrie

Matthew Bulfinch

Easy to use Cake to manage the acct too. LOVE Consumer Cellular!

Wes Cosand

Version 1.5.8 on Lollipop is giving erroneous data usage numbers -- often total usage for the month may be off by a factor of three some days. The next day it may be off by a factor of two. Customer Service says they have no record of complaints about this. That is hard to believe. My wife's phone on the same account but on an earlier Android operating system seems to be giving accurate data. I don't like getting scary notices that I have greatly exceeded my data allotment and then going to the web site and seeing the estimate that I may eventually use about half the allotment for the month.

Jo Bennett

My c c Still have a couple of quirks. But overall, works as expected.

Ivandir Ndrio

Awesome app Quick and easy way to check your data usage. It seems that now it's matching actual usage when you open the app

Minna styles

Don't really understand it

mike d

Worked fine until I upgraded to lollipop, now data usage is unreliable. It started this month by reporting half again as much data usage as CC's website, then successively *less* data usage each day and eventually matched CC's website. Other features remain just fine.

Keith Rhodes

If I didn't have the service I would not have the Consumer Cellular application.

Susan Desanto

Consumer Wow!!! Very good You are my fav apps good job 5 stars.

Christa L

Can't beat the price

Reshma Anil

Something is terribly wrong with this app! This app sends me push notifications saying that I'm nearing my data usage and takes me to an in- app dashboard page which shows data usage as almost double my actual usage. If I login to the webpage, the website shows me the actual usage info. It has happened to me so many times that I don't trust anything this app shows other than, of course, the payment due date.

Mike Marks

Doesn't recognize my phone? Nor will it let me manually log in. Pretty poor.

vikki white

App not working I use to love this app being able to check my account often and to see the lines of service I have. But recently the app will not allow me to scroll down the page it is very upsetting I have emailed costumer service and there only answer was to uninstall the app and reinstall it. I tried but can only uninstall the updates. I have 4 lines of service and I'm getting pretty upset with the non working app. Thank you for fixing the app. Love it!!!

Barry K

Latest App Update in Feb 2016 fixed it! App was giving me the "scrolling" issue on my Note 3. But the latest update fixed the problem. The Customer Suppt team at Consumer Cellular kept telling me to go to the Play Store an contact the app developer via the link on the app in the store... which really kept opening tickets at Consumer Cellular which they couldn't do anything about... they called me and tried to help... the are great people. But to no avail. Until I went to the developers WEBSITE and emailed them from there. Now the app works! :-)

Trina Martin

Nice when it works but lately it is way overshooting the data usage. Very frustrating! I noticed you all are working on it. I hope you get it fixed SOON.

DeRosset Myers

Give me the Lollipop update for Ascend Mate 2 and maybe I'll up the rating! Apparently most Ascend Mate 2s can be updated to Lollipop (but not Marshmallow) but the "build" you get from Consumer Cellular is not compatible with that package installer so I'm stuck with Jellybean and that really sucks because it's becoming less compatible with Android apps that update but don't have their older versions available. I don't hate it though because it does give me pretty accurate usage info. Consumer Cellular sucks.

Ernie Martinez

Best app I have had from a cell phone company

Linda Lach

Having some frustrating issues. I am HOPING this latest update will fix the issue of not being able to scroll down to bottom of page... no matter how fast or how hard I try to get there. Second problem is continually getting messages that my data limit is way over and I am recommended to update my coverage... That's not good.

Randy B

Now fix Shows max uses on text & data when none is use, Needs major fixing Now

Richard Mosser

This app is horribly broken I have repeatedly ask them to fix it do yourself a favor and don't waste your time and effort by installing and getting used to using this horrible app

Benjamin Ottenbreit

Useful and reliable Scrolling issue has been fixed!

Giff Gardner

I find Consumer Cellular to be a great cell phone provider with exceptional service

Bob Blanchard

Scrolling issue Can't read info. When scrolling down the page instantly goes back to the top of the page. Version 1.5.8 and did it before this update too.

Roy Wilkes

Better than Best! I left and went to Verizon. After I got a $20 (because we're Verizon charge), I came back. Almost 2 million agree. & for ALL the right reasons. Thank you CC! Everybody has kinks. Yours are always fixed.


difficult to get app to open seems be have a mind its own just keeps saying "loading" but never does!! tried it thru wifi & data dorsnt matter which it wontload.

Johanna Boman

No longer tracking data in real time Consumer cellular now tracks data in 6 hour increments. You will no longer see data usage in real time as you once had. I have also had issues with the android app not allowing me to scroll down to my billing statements. It keeps reverting back to the top portion of the billing area. I have to read them on the website as apposed to the app. Frustrating...

Grumpy Oldman

What Happened? It worked fine when I first installed this app, now nothing! No connects most of the time and erroneous information when it does. Great provider but lousy app.

naomi kessler

Good affordable service ! Great for ones who do not need to much data,max they have is 4GB which you can share on multiple lines! Also cheap international calling from US !

Jim Wilkins

C C app 4-26-15. The recent upgrade was supposed to fix the problem concerning overage of data usage. It didn't! I still have to reinstall to get accurate usage amount. Too bad they can't fix this issue. 7-21-15 I thought they had fixed the overstating of data usage but it has gotten worse. I have a couple of weeks left and the app says I am way over. Deleted and reinstalled and it now says I have 2/3 of it left. I hate the confusion. Otherwise the app is good.

David Bilar

Can't scroll down ANY of my account screens! When logging into my account through the app, there's a stupid Consumer Cellular AD at the top of the screen that has control over display. If you try to scroll down to read your account history, the app immediately grabs the screen back and drops you at the top of the page. You can't look at ur call detail, you cant order new service or phones, you can't PAY your bill, its Consumer Cellular after a Big Lots makeover. Definitely NOT what I'd call "service".


App does not connect, must be software problem, unable to access page to change plan or check ussage.


App Problems In the past month or so app seems to be NOT LOADING CORRECTLY even though I reinstalled called it a twice. Service is always good but app in Lolipop is becoming a real problem. My OS is just 2 months old also. Please fix this.

RJ Short

App can't be used on non member devices I monitor and am authorized on my elderly parents accounts. Downloaded app so I could ensure plan adjustments if need be, but app will not work on my non-Consumer Cellular devices.

Alex B

Can't tell if I'm already logged in? When I open the app it shows my usage immediately, but if I then check the "Auto Login" box and enter my username and password, it says "Unable to login" (I know I'm entering the correct info because I'm able to log in to the website). So was I automatically already logged in somehow? And if so, shouldn't the app tell me that instead of giving an error?

Richard Austin

Usual & Frustrating download the app but touching to open results in RETRY message popping up. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the app 3 times but the problem still exists. I came to Consumer Cellular from Verizon almost 2 years ago and have referred friends. I like Consumer Cellular but they have some issues that are not readily addressed and their app is one of them. I'm also frustrated that Consumer Cellular is not offering your Motorola phones and they have not included marshmallow in their service module.


"Fix" messed up my phone Went from 86 minutes to 766 "mystery minutes" overnight. I was told to de-install this app and it won't de-install. First told to call back in 24 hours, now told 48. What gives? I'm about ready to go back to a flip phone.

Brian Wallace

Wildly inaccurate A great idea in theory, I find that the data usage information is nearly always wildly inaccurate sometimes reporting double what if actually being used. Good thing this isn't what I'm billed off of.

Ross Patton

Ross Patton Hate this app. It rarely functions properly. Often will not open, and when it finally does open, it will not allow me to "scroll" to view and utilize the whole page. It's basically useless. Also, when I "Uninstall," then "Reinstall" to attempt to correct the problem, the temporary passwords that Consumer Cellular sends me to use, DO NOT work! Pathetic!

Ron C

Not impressed This is my first time using this app, not impressed. Minutes used is showing 200 more than actual usage as shown on website, and it's been several days since I used any minutes at all.

. Vu

Problem with App Their is a serious problem with the app can't recognise my # to get into it tried my other 3 # 's still facing this problem needs to be address ASAP CC!!!

Susan Crabtree

Usage data is consistently wrong. Usage data is getting worse. Voice minutes is exactly double what I have used, data is over 10 times. Has been off for months now but is usually back to accurate in a couple of days. This month it has been almost a week. As this has been going on for several months now, and has been repeatedly reported by me and many others, I have downgraded to 2 stars. If app did not have the option to log on to account it would be pretty much useless. Warning! Check website before changing plan.

Brenda Patrick

Will Not Load For a couple of weeks, if not longer, I have not been able to get onto the app. It keeps telling me that it cannot connect. I have been able to get onto all other apps. on my phone. It is frustrating not to be able to use the application.

John McH.

Great idea, but it's showing my data usage as more than twice what my online account access shows. Also shows this usage as an orange bar, while the others are green, whatever that means.

Pete Kunsaitis

Usage tracking is useless This is my first month using this service and so far I am very unhappy with the app. Being able to accurately track your cell data usage is key to using the service and the app does this miserably. The app reports my usage up to three times higher than my phone or even the consumer cellular website. Everyone once in a while the usage number inexplicitly drops back down to where is expected to be but then jumps up again a few days later. Hopefully CC doesn't use the app to charge for their services!

brian springer

Load up problem For some time now the app doesn't want to load prompts me to retry for what ever reason ?

Spork Eye

The one and only reason I use this app is to check my usage. However, the numbers on the app are sometimes reported an order of magnitude higher than actual. My billing always seems to be fine and the CC web site seems to be fine.. but the app is pretty useless.

Lenny Fortes

Cannot access What's going on here? Have not been able to use my app because it can't find the network. I cannot even connect to the website using Google.But on my Mac or a pc I can reach the website just fine.This has been an issue for 3 days now.

Dave Levitt

Data alert follies The app is supposed to monitor data usage and alert when nearing the plan limit. Instead it alerts comically early, claiming data usage hundreds of times higher than actual usage. (Actual usage as recorded by the device and CC's own web site).

David Johnson

Nexus 6P Worked flawless till last update 2/10/16. Does not recognize phone and does not accept manually input cell number either. Does NOT work now...2 weeks and still no fix? CC does provide a nice low cost cell service though. 5 stars

Jonathan Eisch

Can't connect This version has never connected properly, and the previous version rarely did, so I've never really been able to use it, despite many attempts. Just use the web site, I guess.

Bryan Jones

For the first year it was wonderful and trouble free. Now I can't get help from them and I need my phone for my business No customer service. Very unsatisfactory

Neil Horowitz

Erroneous Numbers As others have said, since the Android Lollipop upgrade, the numbers displayed are bogus. Today is the first day of my CC billing cycle & the app says that I have all ready used 43 MB of data. My phone correctly says that it has only used 2 MB of data. This feedback was written a year ago and despite numerous updates this app is no better. It's still horrible. The numbers displayed are bogus, too high or too low.

Bobby Bragg

Will Not Load For a couple of weeks, if not longer, I have not been able to get onto the app. It keeps telling me that it cannot connect. I have been able to get onto all other apps. on my phone. It is frustrating not to be able to use the application. Someone please get this fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alicia Henderson

User Teaching me well . Having lots of fun so far. Only gave 4stars, I rarely give 5, just leave room for important changes

A Google User

CC Keeps giving wrong data info on S5. Have to Uninstall then reinstall. Please fix

Ed Fehlow

Latest update The latest up date doesn't recognize my number. Can't log in. Because of this couldn't change my plan. This update did the opposite to what it was to fix; auto login. Had no problem before this.

Sharon Winter

Does not recognize my phone number. Just deleted app and reinstalled. Still not working to well but better than what it was.

KC Scott

The latest update is messed up! I have tried to access the android app but I keep getting the error: We're sorry, we can't seem to find your phone's information in our system. You may enter your phone number manually below to retry. I have entered my number but it won't open the app. I was able to open it as recently as a week or so ago....

Brian Clarke

Broken! Can't type number in anymore after latest update. Your QA group sucks Consumer Cellular!

Mazie Floyd

Consumer cellular I got in fine. Now it will not let back in . said I had wrong phone #

Herb Canges

Does not notice my logon number What everything updated recently might have caused the problem.

David Gammell

I FINALLY FIXED MY LOGIN IN PROBLEM!!! Removed special characters from my login phone number and, with password as before, I'm into my account. First time since going to Marshmallow a few months ago. Rating 4 stars though as clearly needs better/faster support--e.g. response to these issue reviews.

Benjamin Beebe

Since my recent update to Android 6.0, the app goes directly to the login screen without displaying my current usage. Why should I have to log in just to view my usage?

Benjamin Ottenbreit

Useful and reliable Scrolling issue has been fixed! For anyone who sees a huge amount of "data used", make sure you look at the actual usage and not at "What we think you will use", which can be extremely high sometimes. Fooled me a couple of times in the beginning!

Jo Lynn Barnes

Up date suck Cannot log in I agree with David

Phina Kelley

Worked until update Wasn't able to use app after update ?

Dolores Mahler

Does not recognize my number. Was fine until this update which was done today. Sorry I updated. Hope it's fixed.

Paul Peraino

What a joke To many cooks spoil the broth

pat bowdle

Love the while phone system. Never have a problem with it and rates are VERY REASONABLE.

Vicki Timm

Frustrating Like everyone else log in not working.

Tom man

When my Android phone pushed me 2 apply marshmallows my My Consumer Cellular stopped working I cannot check mydata 4 minutes or text this is why I hate it figure out how to put it back on my phone instead of me having to get a temporary password and when I do get a temporary password it says to put in home phone and new password well it does not work so that's why you get 1 star

Debbi Smith

Version 1.5.9 This version sucks. Doesn't do anything it is suppose to. Can't access anything including your usage. If you call them 20 minutes plus to speak to anyone while listening , repeatedly, to their recorded propaganda about their allegedly incredible service, which is only incredibly bad. There is suppose to be a Version 1.6.1 that corrects all the issues of this version but it isn't on Google Play. Which is typical of the bad information provided by Consumer Cellular Customer Service.

Kikpong91 S

Used to be great . . . . . .until (1) it began incorrectly reporting usage. OK - I got used to it & stopped panicking, but now (2) it won't load. Very, very frustrating. Already uninstalled/reinstalled updates to no avail. Grrr. CC - please get this fixed. 12/26/2015 - clearing app data helped a bit; now it will open 20% of time. 4/5/16 - opens fine now but still grossly overstates data usage. Disabled it - too frustrating.

Neil Horowitz

Erroneous Numbers As others have said, since the Android Lollipop upgrade, the numbers displayed are bogus. Today is the first day of my CC billing cycle & the app says that I have all ready used 43 MB of data. My phone correctly says that it has only used 2 MB of data. This feedback was written a year ago and despite numerous updates this app is no better. It's still horrible. The numbers displayed are bogus, too high or too low. It has been many months since I submitted this review and still NO fix for this problem!

William Pickering

I like it I like the app. A real time, or near real time widget would be awesome. Just a thought, though. EDIT: It now has been saying I've used 4.6 of 4 GB for a day. Problem is, the account just restarted, with most of our time on WiFi.

Duane Kadrmas

After last update app doesn't work, uninstalled updates until it's fixed.

Robert Barrow

Annoyance Often I get app alerts that I have used my alloted bandwidth. When I check the website, I'm not even close. Been happening as long as I can recall, and been reported, yet no resolution.

Casey Hawkes

It gives false info then to late you've used all your data plan

Heather N. Hartman Lacerna

great app! not only do I work with this in my job but also on my own phone, not tooting my own horn and company, but this is so efficient and helps so much to keep in touch with your own personal usage!!!!!!

Brian Bennett

Looks fine now! I never had problems with the auto log-in until the upgrade a couple of weeks ago. My app has disappeared from my screen and I had to reinstall. That was the first time ever where I couldn't use auto log-in. After entering my credentials a few times, the auto-login started working and has been fine to this day. Thanks for the fix.

Marilyn Lytle

Long time user This app has always been there. It comes with the phone! I have used it to change plans, helps when changing plans, keeps me aware of usage.

Gail Bjork

Logging in Thanks for fixing the Auto Login problem. I liked it better when you didn't have to login as soon as the app opened. Don't judge this great company by the mediocre app. They'll work it out (I hope).

Neil Horowitz

FINALLY IT'S BEEN FIXED It took them well over a year to get all of the bugs out of this app, but it now is working perfectly for me.

Sandra Jackson

Need wifi hot spot info too Need not just cell but wifi hot spot usage. Can't have both on the app and can't add another app since adding the hot spot to our account. Please fix.

MnS Mullendore

Update bug - updated 6/27 Data and billing info wrong after app update. Love Consumer Cell, the new app not so much. Please fix. As of 6/27/16 billing and payment info still wrong. Please fix so payment can be made once again from the app!

Patti Nelson

Love update but... UPDATE...LOOKS LIKE MY ISSUES HAVE BEEN RESOLVED. THANK YOU!! 5 STARS AGAIN! Nice update! BUT, I have to log in every time I open the app. The auto login doesn't work. Please fix. Thank you! UPDATE: I uninstalled then reinstalled the app but it still didn't change anything. I also see the days I have left appear as a negative (-2). And what's with the "km"?? I'll give a 5 star when these issues are fixed.

Poochie Green

Not Worth A Plug Nickel Now This was working fine until the last update. I should have left well enough alone. Didn't load to show my usage at all.

Nancy Babbitt

Improved The last update did fix major issues but there are still some. App does not clear usage from previous billing period at the beginning of the new billing period.

tom entler

I like the old one the auto log-in won't stay in auto. The balance and due date is incorrect. Nice try but no Kudos from me.

Luanne Dimemmo

Cons. Cell. Good service. SubMarcus needs updated yes I know thank you delete mit

Dave & Diana Young

My consumer cellular Never had a problem with this app, it's always worked very well.

Karen R

Still needs fixin Every time i try to open the app I get, "fetching data" & it takes a 2nd attempt before the app will open for me successfully. The "make a payment" button gets cut off at the bottom of the screen and the "email customer service" link does not work. Wrong balance & due date keeps happening at each monthly change.

Addie Zastrow

Not just for seniors... Very happy with my phone plan.

Lee Cannon

Lee Does not work on Galaxy 6!

Pearl Terry

Consumer cellular It's awesome. Works good. Only wish I didn't have steal siding on my house, it makes a mess as it block's the signal.

John Fields

Seems good now! Finally, seems to be working correctly. Balance, due date, and usage tracking all seem to be correct.

Rich Jurewicz

Updated The auto log-in seems to have been fixed, so back to 5 stars.

Eric Fellers

Incorrect data with latest update Bar graphs are inconsistent with actual usage data. Billing date is off by one month.

Dessa Billingsley


Jim VanZant

Great app..... They fixed the auto login bug. Works great now. Thank you for listening!

Danny Biando

Buggy! Apo shows incorrect dates and balances. Old app was solid this version is a joke. Very dissapointing as consumer cellular is great.

C Ritchey

For version 2.0.1 June 2016 Mostly fixed. Balance and due date are still wrong, and out of cycle. Please fix!

Beverly Taylor

Works great! Once the login issue was fixed, the app works great. Thanks for listening

Rachel Beinish

It's all about the customers! Thank you Consumer Cellular, log in issues all fixed in less than two days. Superb carrier, everyone should give them a try!

Kathy Arnoto

App needs more work This latest update somewhat fixed the login problem. It doesn't work every time. And now my balance due shows zero and the wrong due date. App needs more work.

Mark Wood

Now requires login Previously I could get usage data without having to login, but now it prompts me for the password. Logging in should not be required unless one is making account changes.

Dan Hanley

From one star to five... With the auto login fixed... thanks CC.

Seth Davis

Billing wrong Showed that my balance was paid it wasn't, glad I double checked, I didn't remember paying, because I didn't.

Gary Melin

Doesn't Work Says "fetching data" as in the little circle that goes around.

Joyce Raglin

Unable to login does not recognize phone number and password.


Update not working Fetching data then blank screen.

Gus Hubbard

Super service Consumer cellular is a fantastic provider

Jacki Oneal

Screen too large Can't see the whole page

Tade Ward

Awesome I got this app for my parents to keep up with and pay the phone bill. I love it, and the calculations of minutes used are pretty accurate.

Phillip Verret

Finally fixed all the login issues! Looks like they finally fixed all the login issues! I'm liking this version a lot more.

Dale Myers

Not working after last update

Consumer Cellular Time to switch!! The Data sucks, 103 dollars a month which tells me you can barely touch your phone. I have no downloads and you can't go into the search engine because you get a text that says you are at or over your data usage.

Michele Barnhill

Lies, lies, and more lies!!! Was told I would be getting a discount on ONE of my bills because I can't use picture mail on my Motorola smart phone. 3 supervisor calls later and about 5+ hours on the phone with customer service I find out that's a big fat lie and I get JACK because I have internet access so it's not their problem that I pay for picture mail and can't use it, so I have to pay $600+ for a decent phone out of pocket to use picture mail. Bite the big one Consumer Cellular!!!

Kimberly Otto

Data Almost two years with CC, but I think I'm switching carriers. I dislike paying $70 a month and not getting enough data.. Other carriers offer unlimited with lower fees. Especially if you go over, they restrict you and yet charge you more... I was happy in the beginning, but it just gets old. I do love paying my bill on the app.

Sam Chang

Customer service nightmares If you need a live person, pull up a chair and bring a good book... cause waiting times "are" that long... BTW, there's an automatic daily update... at your expense. Uses your data (Not theirs).

Karen R

Disappointed My login issues have never gone smooth since the big update in June. The "make a payment" button gets cut off at the bottom of my screen and the "email customer service" link does not work. Wrong balance & due date keeps happening at each monthly change.

Jacqueline Mari

Great Phone! Thanks for giving us a phone that we can be on board with the world! So far the only app that I have problems with is Facebook! They have been put on notice! One more thing. I wish my battery had a longer life. Other than that Thanks!

Righteous Indignation

EDIT: what happened to CC???!!! I've only ever been able to log in from my desktop. Doing what one normally does when an app like this malfunctions (repeatedly) is to clear cache in phone (no good), then ensure the info i'm putting into the phone is the same my Blur app places in the desktop form (triple checked, format and all... still no good), then resort to clearing the app's data altogether from phone and starting from scratch. DON"T DO THIS: now I cannot log in from my desktop either. HOW DOES THIS CONTINUE TO HAPPEN? My CC is a gre

Robert Arnold

Good and Bad Great company, great support, awful app. Absolutely every update fixes one thing and breaks something else. It's a shame, but ratings here should rate the app, not the company. So, one star instead of five.

Harley Montgomery

Irritating Im not a person who has wifi so only getting 4 gb of data a month is ridiculous im paying 100 dollars a month for this when I could switch to a different carrier and get unlimited everything for half the price. It's just not worth it

Eric Fellers

App continues to be buggy Ever since this app was revamped earlier this year it has been very unreliable. Currently for me it only works if I have wifi enabled. Also I have to force stop this app before starting it. If I try to use this app on 4g I get a never ending "fetching data". Same result if I to start a non-fresh copy.

Kathy Arnoto

Disappointed I just updated the app and now it will no longer allow me to email customer service through the app. I have done this many times in the past, but since the update it won't work.

Phil Billings

Great Cellphone Service No issues with service. Never a dropped call, more texts then we ever could use and great that we can order low Ltd, since we do not need much. Now the app, poor. Can never open direct from icon, must look it up in app store and open it there to view usesge.

Did not get information I was needing after many tries & 2 conversations w/you. The temp password does not work & I am through w/conversations. I have spent too much of my evening on this matter already. Tkx anyway. ? . . . signed, frustrated

Ken Recob

Unreliable Have to reinstall app every week or so. Goes into "fetching data" and it never gets it fetched.

Orbie Hancock

No antennas Every since Aug 15 I have had no Antennas 5 calls to cc and than they say u have square trade insurance thank God. I call them & they say my phone is fried so they are replacing it. Well I got it today the new one and still no antennas. Never had this problem before I use this phone from Georgia to Ohio and back home no problem but since Aug 15 no antennas can't talk or text only have WiFi. I need to talk cause Mother is real bad sick and I can't even talk to her

Rick Watts

Not good Now consumer app loads twice so I have to close it twice. Not good.

Jeff Chase

Great except for one thing I cannot activate the drop down arrow that let's you look at usage details per phone line. I can only see combined usage.

David Turner

Refuses to login without password - - gee, just who the hell do you idiots think is using my email address other than me?

Vidette Brown

Love it We're not married to our cell phones like others. We mainly use them when we travel and our bill is rarely over $35 a month.

Sandra Cloud

New app I can't log in. I want the old consumer app.

Too much money not enough data

Steve Emmond

CC app Easy to use and read

Amy Tolton

I like being able to keep up with our usage! And it's usually pretty accurate!

Frank Williams

So Easy This app saves so much time one should definitely install it.

Samoalelei Christina Fa'afetai Saau

Employee of ConsumerCellular Love Consumer Cellular Love to help people need help lmk I can help if can

Kathleen Williams

Consumer Cellular Best customer service anywhere. Best rates. Love Consumer Cellular

Vanessa Dial

Very Pleased Easy access to my account!!

Robert Palmer

Love it ALL

Allen Blankenship

Mr. My icon will not install after the update. I have to go to the play store to open the application.

Susan Coffee

WOW This is a Great Deal!

Viola Bailey

Unhappy. I used to just open my ap. Now it wants Email.... password....I don,t have time to remember my p. Word. Before it just went in and I could see how much I have use.

Danny Biando

Buggy! Late July version still sucks. Data doesn't sync correctly. And what's up with having to reenter credentials after every update. How amazingly amateurish this app is. Every update breaks more than it fixes. WEAK!

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