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29 Aug
My Candy Love

Posted by Beemoov Games in Role Playing | Aug. 29, 2016 | 189 Comments

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Create your own love story at Sweet Amoris High on My Candy Love, a virtual dating game.
Make your own choices and live a unique and passionate adventure!
On My Candy Love you incarnate a high school student at a new school. Meet new students, flirt with the hottest guys and discover new episodes regularly!

[How to play]

Register and play My Candy Love for free!

My Candy Love is built around a set of dialogue-based episodes.
To advance through the different episodes you must talk to the different characters and complete different objectives.

In each episode, you can flirt with the boy you like the most in hopes of going on a date at the end of the episode. To reach this goal, you must interact and talk with him, being careful to behave and choose the approach that best matches his personality. Your choices will have an influence on how your story will unfold.

As your story advances, you will meet new characters, and of course new guys!!
Who will you choose?

Meet Nathaniel! He is the student body president and is quite dependable and easy to get along with. He likes crime novels and dislikes sweets.

Castiel can be hard to get along with. It's not easy to talk to him or know what he's thinking, but he must be nice deep down. He likes his electric guitar and dislikes taking orders from people.

Ken, whose real name is Kentin, seems very much in love with you and doesn't try to hide it. He's very nice and helpful, but a bit clingy. He likes chocolate cookies and dislikes spicy food.

Join us on My Candy Love to meet the other guys at Sweet Amoris High!

[Different endings]

There are several possible endings in each episode.

If you manage to go out on a date with a guy, your special moment with him will be captured in a personalized illustration!

If you miss out on the date with the guy you like, don’t worry, because you can always use a ‘Replay’ to try again!

[Game Category]

Otome game, dating game, love game, game for girls, girls game, game for teens, flirting game, love story, avatar game, personalized avatar.


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In case of a problem, please contact the support team at [email protected] Your issue will be treated as quickly as possible.

You can also contact us through the My Candy Love website:

Please be sure to include your username, what device you are using and a precise description of your problem.

Thank you.

Whats new

    Bug Fixes
    Modifications for upcoming Episodes

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moon light

WARNING! When I brought cloths I didn't find it in my closet well some and I think that it is going into a different account because I found a new dress in my account that I never had or brought before and am over 6 episodes ahead of that dress when you can get it. PlEASE FIX THIS I DON'T WANT OTHER ACCOUNTS GETTING MY STUFF.

SueAnne Augustus

Great story, helpful staff I love playing this, slightly addicted ha. I'll admit I had trouble a few times and a glitch or two cost me a lot of AP but they fixed any problems I had. I only wish to get the AP replaced but other than that, still happy ha.

Chisom Akunne

It is so fun The only thing I would change is that you automatically get money everyday because I,ve had two accounts for two+ years then for some reason I stopped playing them, so when I came back I had the same amount cause i did not check them and now it is hard to go through episodes with 200 AP.

Yormarie Vargas

It's OK. I love the story but the AP runs out fast and you guys make me waste lot's of AP going around the school for nothing, fix that and I'll give it 5 stars rating.

Kayrayellow 22

Awesome but... This is an awesome game and I enjoy playing it but it just keeps stopping and that's really annoying!! Please fix this!!

Aubribubble S

Love this game! I like everything about this game, despite how long it takes to do anything... More AP a day would be much appreciated! <3

Elise Tabor

A Word of Advice... If you, like me, are unwilling to pay for extra AP and dollars, then be patient and save up your AP during the week. Keep up the great game. Currently on episode 24 :D

Kaykay MoNsTeR

Idk what happened but it's working great for me all of a sudden I love this game it sucks we can earn a little AP each day it be nice if we at least started out with 20AP instead of 10 AP or at least earn more in the mini games y'all should add more mini games not that you have to but I'd enjoy it more other than my suggestions it's a great app very fun and entertaining cute story too

Rachel Booker

Takes tooooo long to do anything I liked the story but if you refuse to pay then its a waste of space. You get fifteen points a day and that literally last thre to give moves. Up the AP and I will dload again.

Katsumi Lawliet

Excellent! Now that I don't have computer is very useful! The interface is great, I can't complain anything. BUT I HAVE A QUESTION! What are the names of the song in the songs on the background??? I need to know!

keren rosales

UPDATE? I only ask that you can please update the game. More aps, more money, and more games to play.??

Lindsey Chapman

Amazing, but... I was having a hard time login onto the website, so I whent to the app to change my password. When I did this I accidently reset my whole game. I am a little upset about this because I was in episode 17, and I just think that that part of the app could be changed around some so this doesn't happen to anyone else. Also in my store in the app there are no wigs not sure if that is for everyone, or just something wrong with my game. Thank you!

Arthur ShiroNeko

Basketballs The last basketball is nowhere to be seen. I've looked everywhere at least five times, its not there. Please fix this issue

Skitty LoverAce

Can't login It is an okay game, but when I put in the correct password and email it won't let me login

Alexis Dreyer

Never enough money for dates! There should be an option to NOT buy a new outfit every date. Especially since they get more expensive each time. The whole AP thing is ridiculous as well. Considering it takes two points per movement and sometimes you have to go room to room until the person you're looking for appears! Other than that, love the game.

Jenny Oliver

Small stuff It bugs me that when you play the flower game that it tells you how many AP you win before you touch your first petal.

A.c.e x

Love, but I need help getting cash and aps I'm very new to this game

Marie Olson

I love the game. Its just 10ap is not enough for each day (please have 100ap a day or just make it unlimited), the clothes for the dates are so expensive (I sometimes have to wait days before I could buy the outfit), the ring that ring that Auntie gives us please change it to 20 or 25 days because 100 days too long! And last one thing; the offers. I try to complete them but it doesnt work it just goes to my internet browser and goes onto a weird site. Please change these.

NyanCat Rules

HORRIBLE I would rate 0 stars,but i can't.Why?That's simple.IT CRASHES EVERY TIME I OPEN THE APP!!!!!!!!FIX THIS AND I WILL RATE 5 STARS.PEACE OUT ✌

Lisa Jones

VERY NICE I like it so much. I pike the girls dresses and everything. ♥♡

Mielaka Bobo

Great game This game is the best I have ever played, it's easy and hard at the same time and that is one of the reasons it is perfect :-)

Fatma Karima

Here, i will tell you a brief story... I'm out of AP n so i bought it, my money has gone but the AP isn't coming...and then, i play again, and, in the first ep, when nathaniel n castiel fight, i chose stand for nathan n i was forced to buy clothes for 100$...really?! Why there's no other option? What if i dont wanna buy that? And here's the other complaint, your mini games isnt working right, the first game where i have to pay for 2$, my dollars isnt disappear, but i dont get the bonus from the game either...

Jada McMillan

Luv it but...... I luv it but you have to pay for more and more AP or wait.☺?

erika bautista

Fun Its fun to play so far. I wish theres someway to earn money though

Farhaana Dan

Great but not much interaction and remove APs! U see we need APs to move about and so its really easy to lose all in a little time esp when looking for something. Everyday u get 10 but within 5 mins thats done. Worse yet u dont have much interesting convos. Great potential to succeed ONLY if they eliminate action points (AP) for completing actions.

Courtney Wight

Its a good game But the ap amount is ridiculous. You can only do so much a day. It drags out. Instead they should make it be an episode a day

Tam Nguyen

Just started Just started today, still on ep 1. I'm down to 18 AP because I've been running around trying to find something/someone that would help me get my freaking registration and enrollment done?!

Malayia Jones

Please reply Where is the photo Booth to take a ID photo? I'm confused.

Emily Reyes

Aps are annoying If the aps are removed then i would have alot more fun playing but i waste them because i have to run around to find people if they made this into a pc game i would definitley buy it so i wouldnt have to wait for aps

Jessica Groves

:p Needs to be one ap not two. Can't see how's many days been playing

Jenyvieve Yvonne Gallero

I like it This game is one i am looking for awesome game but why does it takes too long to have APs i love games like this...... Pls i hope this will be okay haha thanks.....but i will give it 5 stars thou.....

Candace Phisher

A little problem... Hi, I've loved this game when it was on the computer and decided to try the app... But there's been a few problems... It's fun, but I can seem to send a friend request to a friend of mine who also plays the game. That and I haven't recieved any AP or money when I first logged in for the day. I tried waiting to see if it would come later, but it's been all day... I want to give it five stars, but I just wanted to see if I could recieve some help for these issues...

Crystal Chaung

Wahoo! Such a quirky girl! Best advice I got, if you log in everyday and play once a week the wait is rewarded. Such a fun game! The character doesn't have much to say in terms of options, her unusual ferocity towards that kid is enough. The last basketball could be a dot of orange in tue bushes or semi-visible inside.

Katie Wood

Worth it I just wish u had unlimited movements. You should delete limited movements

Scarlet Lawrence

Awesome Really awesome game!! Great Storyline. Awesome Characters. But You have to wait to get AP points eachday (you get 10) but I don't mind gives you something to look forward to eachday. (I would use about 2 moves and save up each day)

Rachel Winchester

Love it I am a big fan of my candy love i play it every day i cant get enough of it there needs to be more games like this. Good job making this game

Aaliyah smith

Awesome Could let us earn at least £50 and 50 ap per day to make it easier it took me two weeks to complete one episode as I don't have the money to buy the stuff I need. And I've done the offers I should have 200 ap at least and 500 dollars!!

Marisel Del C.

Crash App crashes when I'm trying to play flower PAwer.

Chasity Gordon

Almost This app would be great if only you were given more money and APs everyday. I recommend least 20 APs and 50 dollars. It only seems fair. Other than that, I enjoy the game tremendously.??????

Marianna Giusti

Potential It could have been fun if I was actually able to play for more than 5 minutes a day. And the mini games never give our real rewards. I understand the game of chance but just one time wouldn't kill you would it? Over all, pretty disappointed.

Abbie Mitchell

Help and I'll give 5 star How do u go to different places other than them 3 I can't complete first quest help please

dawn oehl

I wish Ken didn't move to a different school, I really liked Ken but he moves. If you make a option to bring him back or move to the same school as him then I will rate 5 stars. Please make the option.

Sarah Davis

It's entertaining but I run out of AP too fast:(

Nakashima / Teddy X Levi / Khametarashi26

Is there any way that I can get my account back cause I deleted it and I got mad thata why I deleted my account but now I miss it I'm really in feels???


Completing Offers Doesnt Work Ive completed multiple offers, but have yet to earn money.

Daryl Dixon

Horrid Not only is the gameplay itself mediocre, but but when I click some of the buttons at the top of the screen, it doesn't even work! And the real kicker? Whenever I attempt to get more money, it doesn't add it to my account! So now, I only have 10$, and no way to get more and progress through the game!

Luna Jimenez

Love it more than candy

Hilda Lehto

The game's awesome! But if you could just give a little bit more AP per day? For example, 20 would be pretty nice. With extra APs per day, you could be able to play more then 5 or 10 minutes a day. But the game itself is magnificent, I love it! I higly recommend downloading.

SkyRock3t Gaming

Could be BETTER. I like this game, but waiting tje next day for more AP and Money is ridiculous. Would be much better if you (the person playing/ me) could play without the AP to do the movements and talking. But overall, the games pretty decent and fun.

moon light

Love it! Although when you try to see other accounts the same massage error pops up...

Hiyori Lhabs Yah !

It's ok...but Im playing MY CANDY LOVE for a year...i already have six accounts :D....then i format my phone...i download MY CANDY LOVE again...its name is SWEET CRUSH...ummm ?!? Did you change the name !? Then when im finish downloading it ! All my accounts has gone...totally deleted ! Then i need to start again...Please fix it...i really really love MY CANDY LOVE ! Fix it ? Fix it ? Please ?! So i can give 5 star ... :) ;) *-*

frances wayne Abad

I logged out everyday yet why can't I get any action points?! I only get the 15 dollar and not the action points? Fix this please and I'll give 5 stars

Maureen Mwasongwe

Awful. I can't even log into my account... It keeps saying 'The email or password are incorrect' but when I log in to my account online (as in a browser or whatever) it works perfectly fine... this is really frustrating.

Tiffany Brewer

I love it Its a great sim/otome game. I look forward to playing but of course, like everyone else says, the ap points are not good. We need more. If we got 50 a day or even 100, like at the beggining, I would appreciate it. Or even if there was more ways to earn the ap, like connecting to facebook, earning more for playing the mini game, and even if you made checkpoints, for example, every 10th day of logging in, we get 200 ap. Overall the game idea is magnificent and I love it! Keep up the good work ;)

Aniko Harrier

Candylicious Love Great online game! The guys here are really cute, especially Nathaniel! >w< My only problem is how little AP we users get each day. Other than that, it's a lovely game that'll make you want to come back for some more sweet candy love!

Tintin Lennon

How am I suppose to play if my action points just get wasted like that , trying to find the characters ? It's like i'm waiting for my action points to fill , and then it got waisted by trying to find a character . fix this mess please , then I'll re-consider giving a full 5stars .

Fiya TNawazKhan

Glitches that will make you scream. Won't let me on the US version whenever I click the US icon, and keeps on switching to the UK icon immediately after I insert my US/American account's email and password. Works fine for the other country icons though. And then when I logged in using another device and tried to make an In - app purchase, it malfunctions, app freezes displaying the AP/$ prices and then logs me out saying, 'Unfortunately Sweet Crush has stopped working'.

Sweet Heart

2 Problems 1. I can't check my profile. It keeps saying "error". 2. Too little action points. Why do you have to wait a day for just 15 ap and 10 $. That's not fair. And almost everyone is complaining about this too. It's a great game but please make the action points and dollars a lot more. Please fix and update soon thanks. Once done its a 5 star for me.

Racheal Stephens

Not pleased. I was looking forward to trying this out but during episode 2 i got the complain to 3 boys about Amber and Ken and Castiel showed up, but I used all 140 AP you start with and bought the ring that's supposed to help him appear and he never showed- NOW you want me to wait until tomorrow for 15 points that still probably won't let me find him or even if I do- I'll barely get to do anything with the story now because all my starting points are gone!

Xainab Asghar

I purchased the minimum amount of AP just to check if I'd receive them, and I didn't. Why would you just take the money and not do as you claim to? Might even stop playing this. As it is the AP that we get on a daily basis is NOT AT ALL sufficient!

Cindy Pajar

Like it I love the game but it says its gonna give me 10 AP everday I login but it doesnt. D:

steph barreto

Love it! But there's one problem..When I try to view my profile, or anyone's, it keeps saying something like an error or connection problem when my internet is working perfectly. Fixing this issue would definitely make this a star because the game is just beautiful. ♥♥

Juliette Joseph

Sigh... I was at the council room and the dialogue ask me to take the elephant statue.But when I tapped on it,the dialogue block the screen.I tapped again and still.Sigh...Please fix it because I love this game.

Ashanti Daniels

make the buttons bigger I'm getting really tired of having to replay multiple episodes because I accidentally pressed the wrong button. Either make them bigger, or make a reply choice (and not whole episode).

Tia Lucas

Possible Action Point bug I used to play a few years ago but finding the app made me want to start playing again. I remember being awarded Acton Points every day but does that not apply to the app? Or am I wrong? I have not been receiving the Action Points that is supposed to be given every day once I've logged in on the app.

Saboteur Oo

Way more AP needed! I like the game but you really need to give more AP and maybe some more $ per day. You can get nothing done with only 10 AP per day ... also it would be good if those AP were given automatically without logging in every day. I always wait like one week until ich have 70 AP then I continue to play. Dude they clearly want your money -_-

Castiel Caitlin

Bug! hey i really love the game and app BUT i have a problem with choosing my candy love american version. it changes to every version other than the american it just stays in the sweet crush one. please fix it! ALSO please make the writings bigger i misclick a lot because the bars are too small :/ thanks! :)


Bought some AP and never got them, also trying to reset my account, but it comes up saying to try again later.

Arooj Javed

just fine i really hope u add more AP and dollars per day .. atleast make 50 AP and 50dollars a day .. nobody has such patience

Poppy Collins

Good But annoying when your APs and money run out cos you have to wait till the next day ??

Cami chan

Only 10 action points. Really? I love this game and I played it a while back and I remember thinking to myself they are really trying to get some money out of me. When I had no money. No way would I pay money just to play a game I enjoy. I shouldn't have to. Only giving us 10 action points a day is absolutely ridiculous. I wanna be able to play the freaking game. Not wait 10 years and then forget it exists cause I couldn't play it. At least give us 50 action points. And I can't grasp the reason why ap goes down 2 instead of 1.

Shante Moore

Errors and Crashes There way to many errors that occure when playing the game. I'd like to keep the game , but the errors are ticking me off! So if the editor could upgrade the errors and crashes this game would be five or four stars, BC I've only been playing a couple hours so I am not use to it yet...

Anna Arendelle

I love it an all but... How do you find the principal? I only get to go to three rooms and I can't find the principal. I know you don't respond unless it's important but this is really important because I'm stuck on episode 1 please help.

Shannon Rios

Needs work More money and action points per day should be increased since many don't have the patience.Also, the mobile version constantly freezes during mini games it's ridiculous. Needs to be fixed and improved.

xzayvadi mccon

Where's the principal?? I cant find the principal we only get like three rooms....and I'm using all my ap looking for her!! Other than that nice game

shrestha raychaudhuri

Pathetic! Too many errors that keep occurring. Too complicated and boring. Repeats the same thing again and again. Don't waste ur time on this.

alliey hill

More ap and money The itself is great but, I like to have ap and money when we get on. Also, can you make aunt appear more. I barely seen her in any episodes at all.


Johnny immediately joining your team is available for sale in the future please let us know when you get a chance Minimum kill you if not I will be in a few weeks ago and I am a bit of a new one of the individual or organization and I have been working in an hour to an email with a new job in this incoming calls when we are looking to buy

Savannah Reynolds

I really like this game but how do you get more AP I would like to get further into the game I have this on my tablet and it only gives me 10-12 AP a day please help

Andreya Patterson

ACTION POINTS ok so it gives you 10APs a day right? Well it does do that but if I don't use them it stays at 10... ive waited a week and I still have 10 when I should have 70. Please fix this error. And the scratch to win minigame doesn't give me my money and only lands on $2. Also it keeps telling me 'email address or password is incorrect' but i know for sure that I haven't deleted the email I used for this game or changed my password

Fruitloop Ninja

Sorry buut I really love this game but its not fair we only get 10 action points. Why dont u have a thing where. We watch adverts to earn actiiion points that way u still get money???

Naomiashley Mendoza Martinez

please make more like this please make more like this I realy like it.And if you made another one I will you a five stars. (thanks):-)

Danielle Brown

Good game but... They should give more ap every day and also, I downloaded a couple of apps for free ap but I haven't received any.

Aelis Martins

More AP It would be perfect if the outfits didn't cost so much as well as having more AP

McKenzie Nobles

I love the game but... It won't let me connect to my facebook. Also it sorta sucks you only get 10 AP per day, but in my opinion it's worth it.

Yanu Sakura

Aw come on! Really?! 10 APS for only 1day?! It should get 80 or 100 or something! it should be fun if it have many aps for 1 day!

Kaylie Polsnco

So dumb I try to make a new account and it won't take my username I shouldn't have to put my username I should just put my name and that's it please fix this and I'll give a better rating

Button Sitch

WHAT So I did flower pawer, and when I was on the last 2 petals, it was at to madness, but then, it made 1 flower petal, and it said I got NOTHING!!!!!!! It should have NOT done that. Please give me my AP and please fix this.

Isis Gray

Error Occurred I can not play because it keeps saying "Error Occurred" and will kick me out of the episode. I love this game but I would like to actually play it.

vanisheD saRah

I want to like it. Unfortunately you don't get nearly enough AP. Sometimes you have to go in and out of different rooms to get the conversation. 15 AP lasts less than 5 minutes. I've also done the free AP offers, and every single one needs to be reported and screenshotted in order to get the AP. So, I'm done.

Aly A

It's really cool Buy I really wish some of the outfits were a little more cheap???

Otaku Nightcore

Love it! but just one problem This app is really nice but every time i choose a sentence it chooses a complete different one thats not even close to the one I choose.

CYNAII Mcdougal

Love This is an awesome game very romantic just wanna know how do you get on the guy with the red hair good side

Rose Lalonde

Can you please...... Stop making us pay for ap's, just take away the action points it not fair if we lose them just...... Stop all that it's just not fair!!!!!!!

Nikola Music

Um I absolutely love it, but I can't get past the first episode, I have no option to go to town.

Katie Emmett

Would be 5 Would be 5 * but I've just bought 100 aps and they haven't been credited to my account. I have a Google play store E recipient if need be but please sort this.

Hannah Wiles

Not a very good game at all I want to progress through the story, but going to different locations through the school uses access points. You only get a measly 10 per day, so by the next day, you don't even remember where you were out what was happening. Also, more often than not, the game won't load and will error out. Not a fun playing experience at all!!!!

C Laurin Tupper

Mini Games & APs What is the point of playing the mini games when half the time you aren't awarded the APs you win and sometimes, when you're really lucky, you lose points instead. MAJOR BUG.

darling kitty

I like it but When I am out of AP the next day it doesn't give me any how can I play without AP

Alanna Lopez

Good game I like the game but when i tried to log in it said you hat my email or password was wrong even know though when I made my email I wrote my password and the name and it told me I was wrong!!!???someone plz fix this his

Rana Alaa

More ap needed Actually i really love this game i would've rated it with five stars if they gave me more action points its just like they give you 10 aps per day and every single move takes 2 and sometimes you don't find the people or things you're searching for easily so this thing drives me crazy every day i'd be wanting to uninistall it but i just wanna complete the story please do something stupid people ... ( first time to type a review actually but i was just angry enough to do this )

Lee Kirk

OK... Well , it's not bad. I just am not a big fan of this game.

Erica Allen

Pretty Good Game It's a pretty good game. Just wish you could get more ap without having to spend money. Perhaps the creator could have the ap rejuvenate after a period of time so we could play more than once a day. Also, I'm having an issue with the game freezing. Every time I play the mini flower game, it freezes completely and I have to close and restart the game. Fixing this issue would be highly appreciated.

ivy paw

Bets anime game ever!!!!!! I love it its so cute and amazing when it says I need more ap I cry

Kaylee Pickett

i like the game but when i installed an app to get money i reached the level it told me to and i didnt receive 150$ like i just did it all for nothing please fix and ill give 5 stars

Brianna Tolley

Error occurred...? I know My Candy Love has a thing of not letting you on while adding modifications, but I really like this game and hope it's just modifications. If you need to know, my username is TARDIS63. Thanks. :)

Ella Newby

?WHAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT? Got it for my kid letting her rate. OK I can't do squat and can't make friends on this stupid game if you see this review search Hazel9000 and send a friend request please???

מייסי רפטר

I like it The problem is the AP's. Only 10 a day, 15 rarely- and you charge 2 AP's to move a single room.

Andressa Egerland

A little change I love to play it, but like many others, it would be nice to have more AP to play per day. I mean...10 of them is nothing, you do nothing, specially when none of the characters appears.

Gaia Romero

I really love the game Problem is that is not really the same as in the computer. It would be really nice if the events can be played in the App

Sneha Basak

APs I absolutely loved it but please give a little more APs.

Kaylynn Manion

Awesome! It is so cute and romantic! But the guy I like is so hard to please!

Diana Totos


Rachel Moore

I love this game, and I have spent way too much money on it. I love this game, and I have spent way too much money on it. I would have given it a 5, if they awarded more AP/money per day or through mini games. 10 AP when each action cost 2 AP doesn't do a lot, especially when none of the characters pop up or you went the wrong way! Try maybe 50 AP a day. I understand wanting to earn money, but at least make it free enough to be enjoyable until I get paid again!!!


What the problem with u It keeps saying error occurred please try again later so annoying please fix I won't even let me in

Cathy Crazy

I like it but... I really enjoy the game but i had one thing that bothers me...... Why do i have to pay for my clothes on a date i don't even want?! Shouldn't dates be optional and why paying so much money for an unwanted date?...i just cant understand that

Cheyenne Allen

But It wont give me the money i earn

Amy Hwang

Um... I want to rate 5 star so bad but this game kinda has problemz!!! I rated 4 stars because the outfits for dates cost too much!And u dont evem WANT a date!!! they cost so much u can't afford also I cannot change the ID card information and it says I'm 46 when I'm not!!!! Otherwise I loved this game so can u lower prices of outfits and tell me a way to fix my age??!!! Then I will rate 5

Kelsey Hawkins

Loving it so far!! must download??☺?

ambie hernandez

Itsbok but evrytime i play the minigames it doesnt give me the money when i win and it crashes a lot.

Mychi Tran

AP runs out too fast that it's annoying

Sweet and Faithful

I don't get it I get the fact your supposed to log in,but I seriously don't get it

Grace Hill

? Grace Shaunte Love it. Lover. I wish it was my lover.

Claudia Cramer

Love this game It's a great game and I don't care if I have to pay money. Honestly how else are they going to update or pay their employees? If they give you more ap like 50 or 100 a day that gets you through half of some episodes. You'd be going through episodes like nothing and that's not smart for business. By the way before I started paying I got through 15 episodes in 6 months it IS possible. Sorry for my rant.*.* And thank you Beemov team!

Ariyana Lesane

Waiting It is an awesome game to play but the only downside is that you only get 10 AP per day it really time consuming just to wait to play I think they should adds more AP per day

Kawayii Yakudu

Great Game, App has flaws This game in general has an interesting and interactive story line and lots of characters to talk to with many choices of changing your story. The downside is that you only get 10AP / $15 a day, but it is a bit understandable to keep your playing at a limit. Some features are missing from the game, like not accessing the forum and changing your age on the profile (ex: i'm 46 on the game??). There are times that it doesn't access WiFi, but playing the bug games/basketball games are easier. I love this game!

Karla Cervantes

I love this app but for some reason it crashes all of a sudden so... if you could fix that I would really appreciate it and I will rate five stars Thanks

Izaya Orihara

Event location I LOVE this game. I play every single day; it's a big important part of my day. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because the main reason I downloaded the app is to keep up with the events when I couldn't get on a computer (mostly the advent calender during Christmas). However, the event tent isn't in the app, it's only on the online pc version. I would really like it if you could get to the events from the app. That would definitely make a five star game for me. Thank you.

Pinster Pinlicous

Ads I'd rather play it on a desktop and forgo the intrusive ads at every other click. The game itself is wonderful, but this app is disappointing.

Lena Hunter

It's fun and cool and stuff like that because if you do lots of stuff on stuff and you don't need and you don't like reading books and you but you like to eat and you should download this app doesn't work but you also get to talk to people

Aishah Mars

Awful Only 10 action points per day are you serious? And Im not 46 years old either. Im not more interested to play this game that you can only go to 5 places per day. And the dogs are hard to find tho. Uninstalling

Mesum Shah

Fav game I love this game. I have no complan about AP cuz I play mini games and they give me 20 AP. :-D:-*:-D

Beyonce Carter

I ❤the game but I don't know if it's my phone or the game for me it says all names i put in is already taken so can you change that

Amy Hwang

Not bad? The dates cost too much, and the games r literally impossible to win.also the age won't change.

cheetah Girl

How How can I get ap with out facebook and not whatin a other day and not adding apps it's hard for me to play can someone please help me with this game ?

Vasundhra Jaiswal

Abandoned This app is kinda abandoned it seems. I first started this game on pc and had some expectations from the app, but, uh, seems like this does not reach there. The standard of this app is way low compared to how well the website is. No announcement for new episodes, no In-App Forum Access, many stuffs are Buggy, like it shows my age "47" in student ID. While I'm actually only 17, and I even filled correct info while registering.. so yea. Not really impressed by this app. I feel Beemoov could've done better.

Kaylynn Manion

Awesome! It is so cute and romantic! But sometimes it won't let me log in. Could you please fix that

Dragon Queen03

I like it...!? It's a wonderful game, with lots of different decisions that can affect your future story. I do VERY much enjoy playing it, but it's annoying how there is no pause button on the mini games. I was playing a mini game when my mom asked me to help her, I couldn't pause it, so I was stuck doing 2 things at once. I also would enjoy it more if you got, at least, 20 AP per day. The small amount I get a day is lost in a matter of minutes.

Breanna Campbell

Its ok but... I mean i absolutely love this game no doubt. But the app is missing a few things. Like it would be nice to know what promotions are going on like on valentines and stuff. Cause when i finally see it on fb. Its a day too late. And i missed it. Still alittle buggy. But not enough to make me quit this game in the slightest. Its takes a feww months to get a new chapter. But it WELL WORTH THE WAIT! Keep up with the story guys!! Your doing awesome.

Edgina Kamajaya

In mortal pillow minigames Why is it always force closed after I sent one invitation in mortaL piLLow???

Mimasuya Arisa

Couldn't play I wanna play but I couldn't registry trough fast registration. Help me?

A Google User

Fix this game please I love this game and it just quits out.

Nina 123

Cool ? Pls update it to be a little more like roblox if you know what that is.... Oh and make sure you can bend over in the game to SEE THE PANTIES! ?

Bread Whoreos :]

Loved it but Idk how to pass episode 1 plz help

Quianna Hughes

Help I don't know how to get to the office I kept looking but I ran out of ap (action points) please help

Savannah Nolan

Where do you get a FREAKING PAPER CLIP!?

Ladybug Jones

It needs account Lalala it's OK but I don't play it anymore

Khymabelle Lim

Just love it! But could be more awesomee!!

Kaila Miraski

Kaila Awesome get it people who have not!!!

Misaki Nakamura

The game is fun but The earn ap thing doesn't work I did two of the offers and I didn't earn my ap

H the Diamond world

Its a great game but I hate that i HAVE TO join every day to get AP

Cheryl Powell

Pretty good Needs more options.

Janase Alexander

Dumb Stupid app... ppl don't install

Carla De La Torre

What happened??? I like this game but I had 41$ and today I only have 6$ what happened? I didn't even use that money! Help! Why did it take my money?

Zoe Caldwell

Maintenance The games always under maintenance so I can't ever play. I lo be the game especially for my little sister to play so she's busy.

Lusy Skys

Love it It is such a great game

Victoria Jenkins

Pretty much the most sophisticated dating sim I've ever played, but the ap system bogs down gameplay instead of increasing my investment. Mini games give absolutely APPALLING returns for a lot of work. At least give us 20 aps a day... The game does crash randomly, especially after making a purchase.

miss niwaz

I love it but Hey in episode 6, why there is not nathaniel everywhere? I've been searching for him for 3 days

Kelz Awesome

Shutting down It keeps...well it just shuts me out. Its seriously annoying. I'll give you all 5 stars if you, please, please, PLEASE, fix it. Its extermly annoying. Also u shouldn't have AP. Or at least not that little amount. I mean its just a game I should be able to walk around where I want? Right? Anyway hope this helps. Please make update really fast I like this game a lot but Idk just fix the problems


Its fun but.... This is a fun game and I enjoy it but there are some issues that I have with the game. The first is that AP points runs out astonishingly fast (I think they should just be for the mini games) and the scratcher mini game to earn money doesn't work on my device. If you can fix these issues that would be great.

The night Reaper

Incomplete I can't do anything past the picture ID thing it says to go to the principal but how do I go there I can only go outside into the left classroom and the right class room

Daniel Xamira

Help I can't get past because I only have 55$ left , and I have to pay 105$ to buy an outfit just to defend Castiel ?

Vivi Morales

I like it but there a problem I like it a lot but the problem are AP I do it but they don't give them

Chantelle Brown

You can only be white. One day this trend will end... One day. Uninstalled immediately.

Love this game, especially castiel ???

Jessaul Bowman

Can't do anything...

Emiko Shroud

A few suggestions The game is not able to do the daily mini games for money and action points. It freezes or crashes. 2) You should consider giving more action points daily. It takes days even weeks sometimes to run into the person you need to. And lastly, where did everyone go? It's like all of a sudden I can't find anyone at all. Fix this and I will improve my rating but, the computer version is a lot better than your app currently. App is just more convenient to use.

fionna cake

How do you go to the principals office? I like the app so far but I haven't gotten too far. I don't know how to get to the principals office. I can't find any buttons and I tried clicking on the document in the inventory option. Does anyone know?

Vasundhra Jaiswal

Abandoned This app is kinda abandoned it seems. I first started this game on pc and had some expectations from the app, but, uh, seems like this does not reach there. The standard of this app is way low compared to how well the website is. No announcement for new episodes, no In-App Forum Access, many stuffs are Buggy, like it shows my age "47" in student ID. While I'm actually only 17, and I even filled correct info while registering.. so yea. Not really impressed by this app. I feel Beemoov could've done better.

Equiya Zahhak

Good game I never thought to get the app until I couldn't play on the site anymore. Then it took a while since I forgot about it & then remembered. Now I have it on my tablet & play it every chance I get. It's just like the game on the site, lovely, fun & adorable.

Dominique G.

Can't change skin tone The only thing I don't like about the app is that unlike the online game, you can't change the skin tone of your player

Baylie3x FEEIIISHH Recruit

It's OK Okay, the characters are great, and even though I'm only on episode 2, I really like it. But, you earn money VERY slowly. And you HAVE to buy outfits to go on dates. I think they should make it to where you can choose to buy the outfit or not, and your date will comment on what outfit you chose.

Alex Darth

Progression Ive had i for a while now and its suddenly lost all the characters, its fully up to date but there is no one to talk to when i try to complete a task. A little help?

Paige Philips

Bugs No longer able to play due to constant crashes, I have made multiple purchases that haven't gone through, and I am no longer able to select the option for the $3.27 I either pay $1 or I pay $9. I am very upset, with these issues and once resolved I will gladly go back to the story and boost the rating!

Iman Crystal

Messed up app I changed my mind My Candy Love is terrible!!!!!

isis sthefani

Amazing/Maravilhoso You need to play it. It's my favorite game. Love u, Lysandre!/ Vc precisa jogar. É meu jogo favorito. Te amo Lysandre!

Steven Belmain

So cute I'm using my grandpa's phone but I love this game please friend me I'm mackattack1201

Keziah White

Five stars I love this game. Best game ever. Seriously.

Emily Tran

Can't log in I have really strong wifi signals but I can't sign into the app with Facebook or email...

day dream

Like!!! It's good It's just the activity point's run out quick. ?

naiya footman

Boutique What about boutiques on this app?

xXUndead Shadows

Really good game Really good choice game and I can't wait for more episode's

Dawn Apodaca

TOO BAD Love the game so I got the app to play on the go. Unfortunately I type in all of my information and it says it's incorrect try it on a computer and it works so I log out and try the app again with the same information and it gives me the same message that something is incorrect.

Nancy Le

Wish it had it all I wish that we could access all the features available on the official website like the random flying cupcakes or the events otherwise it's a pretty good app.

Oriana Mulla

Is it only me? The game always crashes when I play pillow fight.

Crystal King

I have come back for more! I love how addicting it is like Kim kardashian Hollywood. I played back then about a few years back and now I am back for more!

Monica Regalado

I love my candy love I've been playing for three years and got the app the second in was out but now it just keeps loading. I haven't been able to play since I downloaded the new update. I'll go back to five stars as soon as this is fixed ^^

Simona Isabella

Works so bad omg and im so disappointed !i dont know what to do :( :( :(

Frozen Grace

I can't log in it just loads for hours

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