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4 Aug
My Business Empire

Posted by Brandon Stecklein in Simulation | Aug. 4, 2016 | 101 Comments

Apk file size: 30.0 MB

If you've ever dreamt of running and managing your own business, then this is the simulation game for you!

Brought to you by the creator of the epic My Planet, My Colony, and My Land simulation games, comes the exciting corporate simulation game My Business Empire! Start out as a kid with $20 and a small lemonade stand and build your way up to making millions of dollars on a space rocket transportation business! The possibilities are endless.

My Business Empire runs in real time while you are away, so your companies will be earning you money, even when you are not playing. Hire managers to run your business for you. Rename your businesses for extra customization. Level up your companies to generate more cash. And open new companies and new opportunities. The sky is the limit in this amazing business sim game.

For a unique look and feel, all graphics in this business simulation tycoon style game were hand drawn with crayons.

I consider this game to be in constant development, so please leave suggestions on new features and ways to make the game better. I will make frequent updates based on user feedback. This game is for you guys, so help make the best that it can be!

Whats new

    UI updates
    Gameplay balancing
    New business added

Brandon Stecklein part of our Simulation and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 68.2824. Current verison is 1.5.0. Actual size 30.0 MB.

Download my-business-empire.apk 30.0 MB


Ernest Kuhns

Funky game I love the artwork as it makes it unique. Yes it makes it cheesy but all that much better. I like that it keeps going even when closed, that is what keeps me playing even though i am only at oil well company. The thing that would make it better is if we could go from one company to another instead of the arrow keys. Still even with how it looks i do like it. Very well done.

Gaurav Bhagwanani

Bug Everytime i start the app it says that the app has stopped ?

Manish Mishra

Sad Its good but it stopped working all of a sudden.

Ben Mugunbey

Perfect for me Best game for someone who doesn't have a lot of time to sit and play games...or write long reviews. Lol.

Larry Meese

Fix The game does not save and restarts me all the time. It ducks having to start over all the time......

Ran Zo

Something to do This game is good to waste a little time on. You can set it up. Check on it later and money will be waiting on you.

Jacob Garbiso

Wont save When I exit the game I have to restart

Michael Malbrough

Very simple, very addictive Very simple game but I seem to spend tons of time on it. Pretty cool.

David Packard

Will not save!!!!!! I love it but it will not save please fix it!!!!!

Gary Walton

Crud Doesn't save and shuts off when u get further along in the game

Einstein Santiago

Testing Will look into it.

Arney Tjaronda

It's great though

Imaobong Undieh

Really like it but.... Way too easy. I like the art, but the objectives aren't hard to reach at all.

Alex S

Great app but annoying bug.. Love the game but I can't stand the annoying double tap bug on a single tap. Anything I press makes it double tap. If I hit the orange circle to work, it makes my business run but at the orange circle it states that I already have the business running as if I double tapped the orange circle. This alone caused me to uninstall the app. Fix and its easily a 5 star game.

Arjan Schaeffer

Fun for a little while All in all the game is very thin and simple. I spent 5 minutes the day buying stuff in the morning and there was no target to keep me going after I bought the most expensive thing. I couldn't give 2 stars, because I don't feel like I disliked it. But at thesame time the game feels way to light for a three stars. On the flip side... It's free with not that much ads..

Taylor Gautreau

I have a problem I cant scroll down to buy all the shops im using a samsung galixy s2 hd

Mattingly Selk

Fun for a little while. An ads are I.n The way. It's OK.

Deborah Mills

Unique The hand drawn artwork makes this game unique and fun. Maybe could have some background music? Could be a nice add on.

Mat Foster

Crashes This app crashes often. The creator of this app makes low quality games.

Dwi Suderajat

Bug Double tapped, when i tap the screen.

Rehena Akter

Asome I love this game

Nick Abernathy

Won't slide! Everytime I try to slide the page down to view the managers it won't let me. But it still lets me buy them, it just won't let me see the amount or cost.

Craig Dowdall

Game takes forever The game is good and all but the loading time is forever . I was waiting for 10 mins for it to come on

Kung-Yu Ting

The recent update (Dec. 19, 2015) drastically reduces my income even though upgrading my business levels is still just as expensive as ever. Also, my businesses keep disappearing and I've had to start over more than once. I liked the old one better. Please revert.

Ethan Cropp

Unfortunate Fun game to compete with friends but very unreliable. I can't even open the app anymore.

Aether Dragon

Saw it on the Windows 10 Store! How did you get it in the Windows 10 Store right when Windows 10 was Released?

aleea haves

Great game But sad its not popular

Nikola Djuric

Good But everything I click responds twice

Jeremy Montgomery

Game doesn't save so when I check back it says I have no business. It resets every time I exit the game.

Lukas Skvireckas

Love it Awesome

kelvin ong

CAN'T SAVE THE GAME After I bought two lemonade stands, I pressed the back button to exit the game, then I opened the game and it say I have no business, press the green plus sign to start a business. Please fix this

Sajay Mampilly

Keeps crashing.

Trishita Bekah

I hate this game

Alice Stick

Horrible The worst game have ever played

Ghastly Ghost03

Okay It doesn't save my game when I leave the app. It's still a good game.

Anthony Lee

Nice game, not saving. The game itself is very funny and I like the handrawn icons feature, but without it being able to save, I have to wait for an update to have fun with the game.

wafu ko

Back to zero You need to start from zero whenever you exit the game.. no saving of game.. such a waste..

Garrett Miller

Great game Great game for playing in long periods, or for a few , minutes daily.

Jacob Garbiso

Wont save When I exit the game I have to restart even after the update

Jonathan Coleman

Addictive Very likeable game

William Grieve

Didn't save impossible to get past 3 or 4 level without phone overheating

Lloyd Campbell

Starts off good Unbalanced game..I should make double when I pay double for a business

James Garratt

Great App but also really easy. Great game that's easy to play and good if you don't have allot of time. Very simple game.

gorkem kavak

Good enaugh but should be developed

John Rey Aragon

Fun I like the drawings too

Kayleigh Heywood

Ok It's good to waste time however there is no option to save your progress so your game will reset every time you close the app

AJ Roseland

Nice to practice finances

Simon Quigley

Terrible I don't like the design, it has a large learning curve, and it's just obnoxious. It has a cool concept, but it needs to be more than something that is just sloppily thrown together.

Christina Leasure

Issues Can't switch between my businesses anymore also would like to be able to fire managers & buy supplies for each business just to make it more fun & interesting!

Vishwarajsinh Gohil

Doesn't save data ! Each time I open I have to start with *ZERO*. If it is a bug please fix

Yotetsu Takamori

It's an okay game If it wasn't for the constant ads when i open the game that open up the internet, I would have rated 5 stars. Please change it to something a little less irritating

Tarisai Munodawafa

Would be awesome if... If it could run in the background and didn't have to start from scratch every time the app was opened. If only it would save the game

Tony Hileman

Game review It's an ok game and way to many popular ups

Kasey Shores

Id like to be able to reorganize my businesses . Also, i can only change the name of one business. The only way to change another name is to kill the app and reopen it. Great otherwise.

Zach OSullivan

Ads everytime I open the app It's OK.

ZeDa Echo

I broke your game sorry I was being silly and got a 17 prof on a lemonad stand then went crazy buying mangers and now i have infinite money

Erica Samples

Super slow random pop ups very low quality even for a phone app

Rene Graveran

This could be a 5 This could easily be a five star game in that the point system keeps you interacted instead of a few clicks and letting run in the background for you not to see for the next 10 30 min, buuuut it does say that managers run your business when you're away, do you mean away from the game out away on another business page cause it doesn't seem to run when I get out of the game and to make matters worse it won't save my progress I spent nearly two hours on my first run to come back to a new sleight, big no no.

Eric Garrett

Good times Fun! I'd like the ability to reorganize my businesses. I built a lawn care, taco truck and decided on two more lawn care after that and my "ocd" flares up because that feels out of order now lol. Also, a bit more info on what each manager contributes. Thanks! Good work!

Anders Carlson

Doesn't save Why play a game that deletes it when you exit? It says that it plays the game while you're away but when I went to log in to play, it deleted it. It would be a five star if I didn't have to restart every time.

Simon Donno

Liked it but it doesn't save on my tablet I have a hipstreet micron please can u fix it will rate 5 stars

Callum McGhee

Excellent game Feels great when youve not been on in a while and you could buy a couple of cargo ships and a chain of fast food restaurants lol

Rob Sandford

Restart Wont save when i exit game would b 5 star if fixes

benjamin windsor

Business I like this game

Damon Winchester

ads get rid of the ads!

Wee Wai Keong

Simple game. Still need improvement to make the game more interesting. The offline mode auto money generating still need to be debug for it to work smoothly. I have tried the Facebook version. Works pretty well. However when I login FB using a different laptop the game started off from zero where I left off. Can advice on this issue?

Kyle Meyer

Surprisingly good game. Love the simple drawings, and the overall concept. I think you could implement some random occurrences that would affect your business normal day to income for good and bad (like a sale or a recession)


Boo!!!! Why am I not earning money offline?! Is this some new trick to try and force me to play more often? If so, BOOOOOO!!!!

Dani Arisandy

No save There is no save option. Every time i open the game, start from the beginning.

Oskar Haenel

Offline mode Offline mode money generating still needs some work. Other than that it is a great game

Sagnik Bose

Nice game It involves very little time , very little brainwork, quite cozy situation...

Matthew Lance

Ledgendary 5*'s Please play this game!!! ? Soooooo much potential and already a great game! ☺

Mason Williams

It's OK I mean I know it's hard So yea

stephen cleese

Chill game Fun to open up once and a while

Timothy Patchen

Good games wish mangers worked quicker

Colin Waddell

Pleasant game Attractive and pleasing game. Nicely designed and a break from the usual heavily polished stuff we are used to....however. could really do with some sort of intro guide for those who are not familiar with this type of game...overall very good for what it is. Lost a star and got uninstalled for not having any form of save though. I assume the dev will make this available at some point but i couldnt commit to hours of gameplay only to have it wiped when i have to use my phone for anything other than the game.

Lucas C

Not bad but.. I don't get why you would get managers... according to the daily estimate every manager causes my daily profits to go down really badly... is the math off or what?

jake bla

It's ok It's a fun little game but here's the problem. You can't fail. Paying your work force doesn't put you in the hole. You just reset to zero. So just before the month end buy up everything you can so you're already close to zero and you pay nothing.

Ryan Marin

Fun game! Whatever 'save' bug folks claim afflicts them has apparently been fixed. This is a fun idle game, and I'm looking forward to the next update!

Matthew Shephard

It's good, but... ... I can't save game and i lost all the progress 2 hours playing... When i closed the app... All my progress despaired... So give it 3 stars

Ryan March

Great game but I found an exploit It's a great game but there is an easy. way to have infinite money step 1 get the lemonade stand. Step 2 buy managers until the daily profit will be infinity. Step 3 sell the lemonade stand

Zachary Piché

Epic Fail Im getting managers on lemonade stand. Its lowering my montlhy income BUT after buying my 10th manager income increase a lot and now its $Infinity$ income i buy another one and it go down to -3900$ per month. this game is just an EPIC FAIL

Luis Arturo Hernández Arroyo

Deleted This game is simple and funny, but every time that exit and coming back to play, i must restart a new game because there is not a save option..... two hours playing for nothing!

Kukrimus Prime

It's a really nice game, the minus points for me are the lack of idle running and the fact that it kind of bugged when I pressed the back button on my phone and my progress got reverted to my 3rd day.

Carl Gibson

Bril You know what?!I actually really like this app. I think it needs more, maybe needs to be a bit more challenging also. Maybe by making the salary per worker and manager higher. Just don't make it impossible. Well done.

Ian Frazerson

Great game but not playable I like the game but it does not save so you have to restart every time you open the app.

Keatan Lary

Those jraphics I absolutely love the handrawn graphics. (Colored pencils?) The upgrade system is interesting and is unique compared to other idle games and it feels more satisfying to make money.


what do I do no idea what to do because there isn't a tutorial apart from some random text which pops up when I press something

Jack Nichols

Sweet game! Great, maybe instead of buying more of the same business, you could just add more workers? ?

Nick Coram

Slow Nice game and concept. Operates too slow in terms of making money


Good idea I think I miss something. The game crashes often but apart from that it's good.

TheTrolling Fox

It's terrible It has choppy animations it's all crayon drawn also

Cody Gerbasi

Kinda cool Automatically making money could be updated. Sometimes ot doesnt go and you have to press the button to make it go.

like a boss!!

My God this game is awesome!! But it could use more to do

David Hopkins

I love it! Put more options for buisnesses and have competition

Notorious Records

Crashes too much but fun game

Youtube Universe

This is a okay game to play on my freetime.

akeeva forcier

Fun idle game. Never had to restart yet. Constant updates keep the game enjoyable.

Jami Creager

Fun casual game with minimal ads and no freemium crap.


I got unlimited money off the lemonade stand

Matthew Kerl

It's a pretty good game. I enjoy it :)

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