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13 Sep
My Boo - Your Virtual Pet Game

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Meet Boo, your very own virtual pet! Enjoy countless hours of fun in this addictive and entertaining game brought to you by Tapps Games!

Each Boo is like a real pet that needs lots of attention, and your task is to take care of it in the best way possible. Feed it, wash it, take care of its health, put it to sleep and play with your Boo - while you have lots of fun with over 20 thrilling mini games that will surely keep you entertained and your Boo happy as a puppy!

If your Boo is hungry, you can find an array of delicious and nutritious food in the pantry: from yummy tacos to some tender barbecue ribs, or even a portion of octopus sashimi if you’re in the mood for a more exotic food! Your sweet tooth will be satisfied with mouthwatering candies, such as pumpkin pies, milk shakes and colorful lollipops!

You can also dress up your boo any way you like! Go to his closet and style it like your favourite movie or book character! Choose its hair and accessorize, from top hats to a regal crown, or even a leprechaun hat! Choose your attire! From formal to fun - and every style in between! You can buy new accessories to customize your Boo as you level up!

Your boo will get dirty from time to time, and like any other pet, a bath is necessary! Taking care of your pet also entails giving it some medication whenever needed, and you can play with magic potions and energy drinks! You can also decorate its house with fun posters and decorative rugs - not to mention redo the walls with beautiful wallpaper and some fancy flooring! You’ll LOVE this BOOtiful game so much, you won’t be able to leave it alone!

• ADOPT your Boo, give it a special name and watch it grow up! It’s so cute!
• DRESS it up with countless outfits to give your Boo the best look! Just they way you want!
• FEED Boo with candy, cookies, fruits, pizza or even sushi for a treat! Yummy!
• TICKLE, play keepie uppie, trampoline or jump rope with your Boo to keep it happy and smiling!
• TUCK your Boo in when the day is over and Boo is tired!
• BATHE your Boo to keep it clean and happy!
• DECORATE every room of your Boo's house with dozens of awesome items!

And a lot more! There’s always so much to do in My Boo!
You will never get tired of your cute little pet monster!

Have fun with exciting mini games and earn coins to buy items and food for your Boo!

• Boo Mix - Match Boos in a 2048 style game
• Piano Boo - Tap the Boos and avoid the white tiles
• Basket Boo - How many points can you score in this basketball game?
• Matching - A match-3 style game to combine Boos
• Bubble Pop - Launch and combine Boos of the same color

And many more!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Whats new

    - NEW MINIGAME: Boo Planet!
    - General fixes
    Psst! Stay tuned for new minigames (coming soon!)
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Jyomi Holland

Aww :-( I undowloaded it by accident and can't have my old boo back boo you should put that back just like my tom they save your old game just in case you undowloaded it by accident

Absa Diop

I like my boo My boo is a fun game to play because you get to take care of your boo and also sometimes its annoying because they always say want to play and sometimes it get on my nerves!!!!!!!

stampylonghead is EPIC

Epic This game us epic its just it poops every 5 seconds but i still love it its stiil EPIC!

Analicya Lannin

It is amazing The reason it is so amazing is it teaches u responsible to take care of something and you should not stop updating it when u do u get new clothing to buy more games to play with your boo it is just amazing if I could play it all day I would and I will not stop that's hpw good it is. Thank u

Jessie.perez104 123456

So cute This game is such a good waste of time if your bored and have nothing else to do and it's cute

Enzo Warren

Actually fun My girlfriend loves it, and she wanted me to get it, so of course I did but I didn't expect to actually enjoy it. Its surprisingly addictive and fun, thanks Tapps UPDATE: Tapps, you guys need to add an account system. Whether you guys implement Google Play Games or a proprietary account system, there needs to be a way to save Boos and be able to log on to another device with them, or be able to retrieve them if the app is uninstalled.

Lara & Sammy Sprinkles

Soo cute Such an adorable game but sometimes some things I buy or money I earn on the game some times just randomly disappears and I don't like it but its still cute

Okera Williams

Amazing but Everything you need every costume that you need best game ever and I bet you'll think so too I really really really like the game everything you can buy is so expensive.

Paridhi Mehta

Bo boo I can't tell you that how much i love.... amazing and fun and i do recommend this game to all ages...

Maryann Mojico

My boo bugs sometimes Im level up In my boo game. Then i tap the screen . The screen says "OK" i tap ok but it dosen't work ! Then i tap the ok 100000 times!!! But it really really don't work!!! If you fix the bug . I will rate 5 stars.

Hailey Wedgeworth

I so LOVE it its a FANTASTIC game It is so much fun!!! You can love,feed,play games, give it a bath,let it take a nap, and a lot more❤❤❤❤❤?

Marcia Perrez

Perfectly Adorable~ This app works very well! My boo is just so lovable, I swear.

Lee Lee Mason

Super fun I love it it's always fun has so many games send so many different looks who wouldn't love it

Cristal Lopez

Loved it I love this game so so so much they have really fun games you can even make his own ID he can even jump rope and if u get to level 15 he gets to have his own trampoline cool right

Courtney Allnutt

Courtney Allnutt I love my boo. It's and amazing , and fun game. It's awesome and cool. Thnx for creating it

Lily Eaton

Really fun I love the new take on the games, they are so cute! And all in one package, with your own Boo?? Amazing!!!! Looovveee itttttt! !!!

Dazie Vanover

Best virtual pet game ever!!! ~♥~♡ Boo is the cutest little thing ever!!!! At first he is little blue blob but, after a while he grows like there is no tomorrow!!!!!! And when u get coins u can change everything!!! So I recommend this game!!!:。✿*♡LOVE♡LOVE♡ ✿*゚¨゚✎・ ✿

BAMitstigers ROBLOX

Amazing!!! Super adorable, but I feel like energy runs out too fast.. ?

Trina Mae Arceo

So adorable and fun :3 I love it even more than Pou. My only problems in this game so far are a lot of items cost too much, and it needs more games. Tired of playing the same games over and over.

Rowan Shedden

Cute Boo is a adorable creature but everything you want to buy for him/her is way to expensive. I want glasses for my boo that are 50- 100 coins not 600!!! I bought a mustache and I had 33 coins left. Other than the absurd pricing this game is fun and boo is extremely cute. I have one more suggestion shouldn't boo be able to go outside and play games?!

Jessica Oconnell

Its OK Its really good but there is nothing to do like he/she just washes feeds plays and sleeps all over again but its still OK

Amy Dickerson

I really love My Boo! I spend a lot of time with her. My only complaint is that if your phone is reset or you get a new phone you have to start all over even if you are signed in with Facebook.

Sarah Howell

Love it I've had this game before. About a year ago. It was horrible. It took like five hours to regenerate the sleep. But now, it it very fun and entertaining. And its free! I recommend you get it. Plus, who can say no to Boo? That cute lil guy?

Leroy Green

So cool :-[ Im 9 years old I thought it was lame but its cool

Bella M

Its OK? Its OK I mean when your boo is tired nothing happens when you but it to sleep you should get energy or some thing right other wise its cool and fun so ok my boo is really cute and I love it so much but I will not write this on the other four stars if it didn't take forever to get to the next level and I mean that is not so good if you made the levels go faster you could buy things easier at the shop you also need you also need to lower the prices in the shop cuz they're really expensi I play please fix your

Victoria Brown

It's ok The only thing that I don't like is that it takes all long time to get the outfits/sets of clothes

Cheyenne Yearsley

Loved it So awesome doesn't freeze better than most games but the games inside u can fix not only that the prices are big and could lower them and make the games way longer and stop w/ the adds after games pictures its annoying when I was just playing a game in add came up right in the middle and I lost the game but every thing else is really good they should make more games like this one except the adds,short games,not enough games,and high prices the games good really good!

Ramesh Ammu

Super game The children will enjoy it so much and there are so many games to play and we can dress up it also and we can do bath for it we can feed it and there so many things to make the boo to look nicely so many things we can use for boo and so many many games are there children will enjoy it very very much so compulsory all should download it we gets so much of joy so please all members must and should download it OK OK OK please do it all children's will love my boo game kkk

thethe therethrer

Soo Cute and no Problens This game is so kawi like the boo dose a super cute kawi face and the best part about my boo is that you can name him/her my boo name is slimey because it remind me of a slime from minecraft and terraria and those are one of my favorite mobs from both games so I give this game five-stars and more.

Felicia Temple

The best game ever!!! I'm in love with this game . One of the games are like piano tiles. Love it but I'm too fast for it and it kinda freezes while I'm playing for a split second. But I still love my boo. That's why. I give it five stars!

Rya Y

Cute! I'm a teen and thought this was too inappropriate for my age but... I guess it wasn't. Haha. It's so cuuuute OMG. 5 Stars for this!

Kyra Bower

It's awesome This thing is cool although they could have made it like you could visit people and play with them

Aqua Marine

Love boo Lol am I the only one who thinks boo is annoying when eating and dropping crumbles? Ok boo is too needy like seriously I have a life and 3 other virtual pets (Angela, Tom and Pou) who are all growing up and need my attention but I'm supposed to abandon them and attend to only boo all day ughhhhh. I still love my spoiled rotten boo lol

Carolyn Malsher

Simply Awesome? Well, it could be better... but Emanie (Should I call her Sadie?) is ADORABLE!!! The money: Ridiculous. (Really they should have more videos so we get more money or I'll always be stuck on my last 3 pennies!) The pictures: Are a total highlight. I try and catch her with her eyes closed and mouth open, but it's hard. The games: Most are simple but some fun. (Fave is 'boo slide'!) I don't get the 'boo climb' though. It's impossible to get a score over 4 and the rules are just stupid. Simply Awesome?

Mikayla Tranchitella

SO FUN AND CUTE I love it when it poops also it can barely annoying because it keeps me up at night with it nonifacations about how it is awake and wants to play and all that stuff but I enjoy playing all the games on here and just with my boo in general SO MUCH FUN it is better then this other game that I used to have called Pou which is like this but it is a lot more weird and BORING Boo is WAY more fun and cute! I love the feature to name your boo and the give it,it's own birth place also the date of birth!

Georgia McAnly

CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE NO OTHER THAN CUTE Ihascupquake said it was cute,fun,and even more cuteness!!! BTW did I say it was cute because in is CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Benjo Bartolome

Cool and best game This game is very good this is the best best game ever my boo is like gangster i lovw it

Caydynce Janiel

Perfect I love the game because it was so cute and it loves being loved and you can get clothes for it and name it and place of birth and what I HATE is that you can't say Month Day or Year witch sucks so much so that's my opinion so Say your rating of 'My Boo' ♡

Gesuina Mari L. Asuncion

Boring I hate it so much :p It always annoys me when I play other games it always says "boo-boo I need you here" and the mini games are boring super and really you get a boo friend at level 56 or something it should be level 10 people I am telling you DONT DOWNLOAD it its a big waste of your GB boo is super BOOOOOO but cute hate hate this game so much

Raquel Tejeda

My Boo Game I love my boo! Her name is Adalyn. The only thing I would recommend is to have an icon that shows us when an item is not unlocked in the closet so that we don't go in there in the first place. Besides this, I absolutely love it!

Carissa Studdard

My Boo It's a good way for kids to learn how to take care of animals before you buy alive one. It also teaches kids how a lot of other importance and helps there reflexes so that they can grow up to be Sam Fisher

Kerri Kennedy

Adds and Money Too many adds and too little money for the games! If you fix these things I'll give you 5 stars

Joel Coleman


Rylee Goble

Loved it! This is the best game ever there is a similar game named pou which is fun also. The only thing I would recommend is to separate the clothes we cannot get on the other hand it is a pretty cool game☺(closest thing to boo)

Bobbie Bishop

Good but sleepy My boo is a great game but it gets tired pretty fast. Enjoy this game, gamers!

Darien M

Ads and Loading There are many ads. And after you click the x button, it still takes forever to load back into the game, even with good internet. It would be 5 stars if it would load quicker, and if there were less ads. Also, no matter how low you put down the sound, when you exit the app and go back into it later, it raises the volume to 100%. So when you enter the app it is way too loud. There is also constant notifications. I get about 20 every 5 minutes. My dog in real life doesn't even do that! The games are copied!

Ellie Jones

Fun It is so fun you can dress your boo in what ever you want except there aren't loads of mini games and things are expensive but overall very good loved it??

dawn callarman

My boo I love my Boo she is so adorable. It really keeps me busy. I really like this game because it has great quality. I recommend this game to anyone who likes cute and funny animals.

Madison C

Great It is pretty slow when its loading and all the apps that pop up after ever mini game I play other than that it is a great app

John Oliver De Guzman

Really like it but... I only don't like in this app is boo's energy drained so fast

Erika G.

OMG LOVE IT!!! I love it! I play it every day for like hours and talk to my friends about It LOVE IT:)I think everyone should try and play this honestly its better then Pou boo is adorable and you can dress it up in so many choices play IT!! One thing is to get away all those adds

Christa Konola

I love my boo My boo is sooooooo cute I cannot believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think everyone should have the boo game. I love my boo I wish I was at level 50 right now so I could have 2 boos that are adorable I only hate one part of the game you have to be on level 50 to get two boos.

Molly Cress

I thought I liked it At first I was like omg this is the best game ever!!! Then something happed and it set me back to level 1 then I finally got to level 5 when POOF! I am back to level 1

Marie Espinoza

So Great!!! This app is great I can't stop paying attention to my little boo! He is so cute and I love to dress him up! This is a great app and I totally recommend it!

Deloris Bailey

Jewel (My Boo) She is so precious. I enjoy spoiling her! Can't wait to see what I will eventually have her look like!

patience Ulysses

It ok... just wish stuff wasn't so expensive especially since there is no way to make that kind of money.. but because I love my boo I will keep playing no money or lots of money...

Reena Bouziane

Love it!! It's really cute and a fun game to play if you don't have a pet. I have two and this would be my third it's also really adorable and I'm already level 14. I recommend it to anyone who likes to be fun like me.?

Cool Bro

BEST GAME EVER Its so fun and cute and but the problem is too much storage but I still have it on this phone AND I STLL LOVE IT SO MUCH

Holly Hughes

Was good... It was awesome until the last update. Now it's terrible. Games are too small to see and hard...not happy with update. Why friggen ruin a good thing?!?

dionisia batista

BEST GAME EVER This was awesome!!!! It was super duper fun and enjoyabl! Completely child appropriate!!! Love the minigames! You should deff get it! Dont think about it twice!!!!

Keyorra Wright Roberts

Greatly done Although it bugs me alot, this app gives me something to do. Well done creating something simple but hard, fun and sooo CUTE !! ?☺????

Unaisah Aslam

Best Game EVER!!!!! xx♡♥ Really good game and my Boo is literally so cute especially those awesome sound effects he makes! Only I would change less money for food - that gets me soo bad and I just want more clothes/rooms/everything basically. I ♡♡ hw this game has its own ID and can get a new Boo. Mwah! #cute

Bree Dossey

Grate game I love this game no game is better then this only problem is I keep my phone in my pocket at school and the game gives me reminders and I almost h it in trouble my my teachers !!!

Jaidyn Barberi

Loving it This game is so much fun. It teaches kids responsibility and what it means to take care of another living thing.

Lizzy Potter

Boo Great fun but boo gets tired very easily, amazing fun and love the costumes but they are very expensive. I really want the toothless costume (the dragon) but I can't get it as it is like 9000 coins can u please make it cheaper or give it to me as a gift cause I love it so much. I am a big how to train your dragon fan! I have both on DVD.

Arnold II Altuna

So cute and fun! Its cute awsome and fun!i love it had great reviews and i love it noce game its awsome and sometime can u plz fix this some times it says my boo has stop plz fix

ortiz Ronaldo

I love boo he is so cute You can play this cute game when you get bored

Kyle Moss

SO CUTE AND FUN!!! I was going to make Foxy and get more Boos but right now I'm in level 8 and it did not reset mu game!!! The cute thing is boo's voice, me and my dad was talking together talk about jokes and boo loughed!!!

Jennifer Vivar

Super cute and so adorable I love it because she was so cute and the game there was so nice and cool and I love and also I love the boo sticker☺☺☺and ya she was cute....???

Nicole Whitney

Really fun!! The game was well created and it is a very fun and entertaining game if your on like long car ride or if you just want something to play. It is a great games for kids that have a phone just for playing on or a tablet for the same reason. the only problem with the game is that if you get it for free it is hard to deal with when your kids are very eager or when you're eager because, it has a lot of ads. Other than that it's an amazing game I love it!!!

Erik Landis

adorable! I think boo is adorable! and i also think its a very good game to recommend for a child its time comsuming yes but it teaches a child how to take care of something they really love

Madyson Grant

My boo Its just like poo and its really fun and it has more and it's really fun and it has more more games than I thought it would have and and plus plus it just well basically it just keeps me company and sometimes even when I when nobody's around I still have fun even though sometimes when somebody comes over its really fun but lost and but it is just really really really fun so I think other people should buy it I'm serious they should seriousl but it goes all the and you can name it I mean ok buy it or get it

Nola Boxley

My Boo Its an awsome game my boo is sooooo cute but stuff is a little pricy.

Noora Eresmaa

Fine but... Lots of critisising. Out of control-only a bit.slow a bit. Expensive items. Otherwise good... if you don't like the game--WRONG ANSWER!! Its a good game ;)♥♥♥♥♡

Linda Collins

My name is Allison I like playing it like u name boo give him a birthday and where it go be you should really get it it don't mess up or nothing with me

Adaisyanna Anna

Love it I love it he or she is so cute. But it does get tired easily it better be because he's still a baby

Alejandra Aguayo

Love it ,but... The clothes to expensive its hard to get your levels up. Now here is the good things, I love and I play it 24\7 it doesn't have a lot of adds and now my boo looks amazing I love this game

Seelykids Seely

Meh It's good the mini games get boring after some time and the outfits are pretty expensive some times I'd like to be able to visit other boos but other then that it's fun

Kenzii Stevens

WOW ★better than I expected, so cute!♥if you had a boo then you get a few more you can't get the one you had first you would try and remember what it looked like so you could make it again ??? if you had a present and you pressed later how can you get the present back and give it to your boo? ♥sorry to say but always freezes makes me sad because have to turn my tablet off BUT I STILL LOVE IT SO MUCH but please fix.

angela morales

Addictive & fun My 12 yr old daughter talked me into getting this game. It is quite intertaining. We challenge each other. Well worth downloading!!

Mio Nio

So cute! This game is amazing! If you ever get bored with playing with your boo, then there are lots of minigames such as flappy boo, bubble boo and so on! The only reason i havent given it 5 stars is because it drains the battery pretty quick!

Tori Monette

Boo is so awesome I love it Hi I love boo is my favorite game its sooo fun my iPad glitches but who cares luv it sooooo much good game

Sarah Deakin

Same stickers over and over I did like this game but I've now got 224/250 stickers and for the past 2 weeks my free packet has been the same 3 stickers everytime #13 #22 #134 I've even bought stickers too and still get nothing. I understand towards the end it gets harder but really the same 3 stickers every go??? Getting boring now which is a shame cos I go on it every 6 hours for my free packet and to watch the videos to get more packets and like I've said I have bought them I trade them and sell them and still nothing!

Faeeza Ahmed

So..much...FUN! It feels like a real pet to me, I enjoy it so much. You get such cool and awesome presents! It makes you feel so happy!?????

Christina Keeping

Meh I like it but you cant take off the sets so please fix that because right now I am stuck as Tigress

Maddie Stevens

I am ONLY 7 years old and I love this game!??☺??☺??☺??☺??☺ is how it makes me feel! If I were to make up a mini game to add on to boo, it would be this. I would call it get the boo. To play get the boo, there will be three frames. You have to tap on the correct boo EXACTLY like the one on the screen. When you find the correct boo, there will be a question mark in the frame for 3 seconds, then it will change boos. You only get 2 mins to do this game. When you get a correct boo, you earn 10 points. When you touch the wrong boo, 5 points are taken away from you. If you touch a clock,10 seconds are added to your time. Anyway, I REALLY LOVE this App!

Shopkins Littlest pet shop

Boo tastic My tablet crashed so had to get it again. But I still love it .

Matthew Williams

Really Really Great! Some parts of it are a Rip of from the other game with your virtual pet, pou. The main Rip offs I could find were the games, and even just the design and how it looks. Honestly this game is still really good, I gave up on Pou a few months ago and wanted to replace it. And it looks like I finally have, so thanks it was a great app to play.

Sophia Munoz

Love this!! When when ever i get a notification of my boo being lonely it makes me feel like it has REAL feeling, he is my pet, he does not feel like a virtual one :) love you my boo!!!

Norfhel Ramirez

It's OK Fun but as the game advance or updates it becoming to slow down a bit, becoming bit annoying due to lags

Justas Karina

Love it This game is amazing I love it me and my brother always pale play it actually really really cool I love it who is the best virtual pet in the whole world world ok on the Internet I'm using a microphone to speak it system on a tab and then the words sometimes don't come out as I want them to but I love the game

Cailey Smith

Loved it It so adorible and I love how easy it is to pass levels and the cute outfits, but not when their sick.

Mariana Lopez

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute So cute and attractive. I recommend u get it I love how it plays on the mini games I agree with Christina keeping u should be able to take off sets but it also gets boring once in a while for doing the same thing over again so I agree with jack li and lily ice .p.s vote hillary Clinton 4 president

Cerys John

Love Awesome game. But when it goes to sleep it gets dirty other wise its epicly awesomely cool ??? 100\100

Ally Anderson

Great...but This game is amazing and I recommend it, but there are alot of adds and one of the mini games glitches sometimes.

Christian Araujo

SO CUTE I didn't know it would be so fun! And it just... it's really cute

Hew Mei Qing

Cute game Boo is cute and those minigames are fun. It gets a little little little lag when I clicked to start a minigame. Pls improve this

Ivelisse Lopez

Entertainment My kids made me download this game. Now I find myself playing it. It's cute and entertaining.

Isabella Satoskar

BEST GAME I love this game so much it's like your little buddy who's with you through the end when your bored guess who's calling your name your boo wich in this case my boos name is cheerio she's my buddy and I love hanging with her. ? very proud

Sankofa Legend

Very stupid about the game is that the energy bar and protein bar get low while I'm playing games. Fix this bug plz. And I'm really sorry. Plus when I'm playing games, MY BOO GETS TOO TIRED QUICKLY!!! THIS IS NOT MY TYPE OF GAME THAT I WANT TO PLAY. P.S. Everyone hates games that dont get 1500 free money. Plz fix the watch video free coins thing, so we can get more, becuz that Naruto set... is very attracting.

Kiersten Abbott

AMAZING You should play it. It has mini games, clothes, colors for the boo and more! Give it a 5 star rating! You would love it! By "love" I mean you'll be IN love with it! The boo is cure too!=D

Holly Mcdonnell

Love it I really like playing it because it is so much fun and I always play it but not in the middle of class of course but a part from that I love playing it

Mythias Cole

Good game but annoying Fun mini games but I go to school and it is feeling sick or something like that

Duncan Balmer

The Best game ive played yet! I just love it all the cute clothes makes cute noises i think u did a great job and Plz add more ^ 3 ^

Diamond Mitchell

My Boo My boo is so cute. I love her she is the best thing that ever happened. this game is better than I expected I really thought that this games would not be this good I love the way she just plays around and play games feed her and have fun. Her snoring is adorable.

Payton White

Game I love rhe clothes and know that when it is happy and full of energy it will give you a silly laugh

Hamza Abdullah

Greatly designed even if graphics if are a little outdated. I would recommended to others. As I said it is in need of a graphic update. It is the best virtual pet game I have ever played though, despite that one flaw.

Tenten Hyuuga

Amazing! But... The games are just boo versions and kinda annoying but It's really fun and addictive. It's a great game!!

Rouka Khald

It is fun I love it to much it is fun and good I injoy my time! How ever could be bad and it is good ho hate it no one of course I love to play it and this game is cute and there is a lot of colors my favorite is pink and blue and purple Thanks for reading this?

Jack Li

Good game but You could make this game a lot better if there were more things to do with boo, for example go outside and do so many things and add more stuff to do. That will make this game very good and I will give you five stars if you do that :) but other things that you have to fix those lags and glitches, bugs and even the slowness when the game gets more advance and better so please do.

Ashleigh-Rebekkah Coe

Fantastic game for children My two year old loves looking after his boo. I think the mini games are great, there are certainly a wide variety. I love that the mini games earn in game money so you can purchase clothes and furniture for your boo pet, unlike some virtual pet games where you have to use real world currency to purchase in game currency. Good graphics. An overall well rounded child friendly game :D.

Athena Zuniga

Love it It is adorable it's fun you you could buy the clothes is not a lot of money it's awesome the games are fun to play with it it keeps kids active and attractive to play with it because it's so fun and adorable that's why I love it I give it 5 stars because it's awesome

Emma Henry

I live it so much it is so FUN My boo is the best game ever I just love it love it love it love it so much thank you for making and whoever thank you and is like the best game ever I love playing at my boots is like the best♡★♥☆

Darwin Parker

Adorable!!!! I love My Boo!!! It is so much fun, cute and creative!!!!!! My brother and I each have My Boo and My Boo Album they are so cute and fun. If you are reading this to see if you should get the game, I'm telling you that it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melisa Luna

Super fun & cute My sister always wants to play it so when ever she cry I just play my boo with her and she's happy

Kayelynn Odonnell

I didn't like it I love it This is an awesome game .I luv this game it is awesome

Katie Ryan

Wow LOVE It is so good I'm level 27 it is my one of my favourite games (my other favourite is pou) wow sooo cute and makes adorable noises the clothes are very cute if you don't download you will be missing out please DOWNLOAD

Donna Butt

It is amazing Best game ever the is all I can say about it love love,love. If someone hates it their the weirdest person ever!

Jenessa Jean

It is soooo cool and the games are fun and boo is so cute i love her this game so fun!!!???☺ So fun and cool and boo is cute!!!

Madisyn Campbell

So cool love it :-) It is the best pet game ever I played love to play it !!!! :-) :-)!!!!!!! :-) :-)!better than all the other pet games go boo go boo go boo

Nicole Malabanan

So cool! I was really fun and I love that you can play games with boo he is soo cute! I named my boo DanTDM!


Oh I get it. My 'boo' like 'love ya, boo!' Heh :3 (forces everyone in le world to click install)

Jeffrey Schmitt

Cute This game is adorable. I love it. I bought it for my daughter. She loves it too.

Chiara Rosevere

REALLY fun game, and I would definitely recommend it. But it gets quite boring after a while and I am now thinking of deleting this game

Matt Grebenik

This game is so much fun to play! Every couple of hours to feed and wash the Boo is so neat! Even with all the games and new food choices, too. I will keep playing this game! It is so much fun! ☺

Joy Walker

Cute lil app This app is for my daughter but i catch myself on more than her ;).. still playing a yr later ha

Tiffany Thomas

It works!! It's effective at activating our reward system in the brain, so well done. You can only play for a few minutes at a time though before you're like, ok..this is stupid :o)

Catherine Booth

Simple but to many ADDS!! Some games are really complicated but this game isn't hard. Still really fun though

Beetle Naomi

Soooo cute Love it because its cute and AWSOME

Ragan Medeles

I Love This App I love My Boo! It's so fun to play because of all the rooms you can decorate and the fun mini games. It's like an actual pet.

Sultan Gozlugol

So good buy it It is so good so fun and awsome you get in love at that game so please buy it thx?????

Mia Moback

Favorite app This app just keeps getting better! I play daily

Ash shadowraven

SOOOOO ADORABLE! !!!!!!!!! Absolutely love this game. It's also educational. Love the multiple mini games. Love the,different combination of things you can create your boo to look like.

Kevin Brennan

I love my boo Here's so nice I love him if l was you l would let my gran child ten play It.

Jala Thompson

My boo lover :) smiley face This game is the bomb digidig. You have yo love it

crystal jurnak

I want to know why my boo needed to be reinstalled and when it does I have to start all over again at stage one this is the third time

Priscilla Denis

My boo Thought would be more to it but lots of fun mini games very similar to polar games like fruit ninja,solitare,bubble pop etc but fun cause all in one thought I'd be able to do more though it my personal boo

Terri Ridge

Love it It's so cute and can't wait to dress him up my only wish would b that the score you get in the is the amount of coins u get like in other pet games(moy) and a guine pig outfit please

Jannat Hussain

Best ever!!!!! I really like this game I'm addicted even though it's for young children I still really like it

Haddy Jallow

Most amazing addicting app ever! This game has kept me up for hours and the boo's are soooo adorable its just hard to stop!

Benedictus Andri Adijaya

Something I don't like Well,if we cheat some of the minigames stop working and the boo will not eat and will not take a bath and if we tap the boo don't get any coins I'm so sad right know please do something about my boo.i am really sorry I will not time travel again

Bonnie Cutrell

Woo Boo!! Another update yeah yeah!!...Love the new update...Can't wait for the next...BOO LOVER right here!! Boo Boo!!

JaLynn Hope

Luv it Trying to get to level 50 so that my boo can have a friend

Lily may

Love it Awesome love it great app.

Peggy Hegel

Its the best Its cute nice and just I love it no adds ?

Ella Jakeways

I like it but to hard to level up It good

Amanda Boutilier

My Boo I love this game im level 48

Official Lil K

What a game I love the fact that you can dress him/her and give them hair and everything

Xaviera Monjoie

Boo It's the most cutest adorable game I ever played I love it don't never want to stop playing

Chanaiya Washington

This is amazing!!☺☺ I love this game as ever I love it and boo looks so cute and I love the mini games

Megan Hermann

My Boo is so cute!!?? Every thing is so cute in boo land!??

qiana harris

Great game A great game for all ages. I just love the mini games

Lily Trejo

Lily I don't know

Kevin Hanney

#AMAZING Amazing! like nothing I've ever played before. U should totally get this game. Makes my feel like i have a real live pet

Dom Wright

this is the best game ever i am on level 8 and it is cute this game is awsome?

Julieta Mapoy

Love it I love boo because it is so great copying the characters, easy to earn coins, funny tricks, great game, easy to play

Francesca Lyon


Rahel Ahmed

Bugs When I was playing boo hop or jump I couldn't even dump. I tilted my screen and my boo just kept on going to the sides. I will rate 5 stars if you fix this.

ellie fox

Messups There are a couple of tweaks that could go here and there like the solitare game is not played right at all also the double payments we have to pay like 1,000 coins to unlock and 1,000 more to wear it!! What is that?? I still love the game though its really addicting

GandeI Subaz

Originally rated 5 stars, but they ignored my comments/feedback. This is by far an outstanding virtual pet game though there is 1 problem in the game that makes it unplayable and 2 features WE NEED for a virtual pet game. 1st issue: Paying TWICE for the same item! 1 time to unlock it & another time to USE IT! The 2 features needed for this game are a breeding system and a way to introduce new creatures that look appealing enough so we can have fusions/EVOLUTIONS! If u can do these things I won't mind supporting this virtual pet game.

Denise Valbert

Love it! Worth purchasing ad free! Love the variety of different games inside. Plus you don't have to invite friends to play with you in order to have fun!

Danny DoesMC

Fun! I love the idea of having my own pet! It even works for practicing for a real pet! But you must take care of this pet or you will lose money buying things to make sure he or she is better! I really like it!

Carrie Magie

Boo I need more regular Boos! I have maxed all of mine out. It would be great if I could go back to the first one and start over again. Love the games! Just need new Boos:'( :'( :'(

Damian Booliss

BFF Best game ever I know it is weird to rate this game when I am only on level 3. But I apsalutely love this game. It is my favourite game in my home.I called him Dudey because I am making him super cool.If people don't like it I will be a little sad.My word pou is the worst out of you.I knew pou first but it was so boring.One thing can you make the boo stay awake longer

Jakub Kurek

Cool It's so cool it's better then pou give this game a 5 star for a free suit if you give this game a 1 star you are dumb

Antolie Rafael

O.M.G It's like my platypus evolution :). Awsome game I pkayed it only for 15 -20 minutes and now im addicted too fun.Maker of this game,keep the game good and make more apps or games like this :) . Cool Thanks for making this game,it's fun Game maker (Tapps joy)

Michelle Sanders

Love,love,love I just love the games they give us and I just love onegame.Boo hop.I play that game every hour,min.,and second. I also love that we haft to take care of are very on Boo!!!!!

jennifer gottschling

Fun lil bud Silly simple games super cute love it. Some of the mini games glitch FYI... for example the jump game boo will sit on the ground and you cannot play the game at all because he is stuck on the ground..sliding left and right but not jumping off the ground there's another game that has the same glitch remember the name off i takes a star away


Awesome!! Love this game so much,but pls remove the are its annoying..still an. Awsome game

Abbie Turner

Amazing!!!! It is soooo cute I love the outfits I am sooo adicted to pkay the branch mini game please please please get the app I love it so much again it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Rocky Trexler

So fun My sister downloaded it and I'm addicted to it now I love this game so much it's so fun I love the little boos you can get and it's games are kind of like pou

Quedriamelis Straka

This game is cool It's not awesome it's a good time saver and very addictive and a very funny game for children?keep up the good work

Alexiana Lopez

My boo I love it so much its like your own pet and you take care of it never get bored of it and it is so cute.??

Gabby Damarlane

Great One problem is, I can't take off his outfit when I put them on. Cam anyone HELP ME?? And he needs to stop with his heart I need to not waste his fun heart I'm tired of it

X Girl /Coolgirl

SOO CUTE!!! I like it when he poo's and it looks CUTE!!! I also like the mini games... Phu-leez put MORE minigames!!! My boo is SOO CUTE!!! I will always take care of him!!! :* :* :* ;) ;) ;)

Vanessa Lim

BEST GAME EVERRR The game is really interesting . It has mini games , grooming , feeding and more . The only problem is that after a mini game , there might be some lags. U guys shld rly download it !

Olivia Fritz

OMG loved it I think this is the cutest game u can make you're boo so kawaii and I never get bored doing it I can't even

Anjello Smito

Boring It is a good game but can get boring all you really do is feed boo, put him-her to sleep,and play with boo. You can also dress boo up it sounds pretty boring to me

Vanessa Romo

???????? ????? it is so cute! I love the new kong fu panda free stuff! Great game! Awesome, I recommend it? Also my b-day iz in 3 days! Yay! My boo was born on my b-day 2

The Shadowfox Of Hiddenclan

Great Time waster I have issues sleeping so when I wake up in 3 in the morning I have to wait for the rest of my family to get up so I waste time playing this game.

katie courtkelly

Cool game Easy to use fun only thing is I think they cud me more generous with boo coins and leveling up

doug scott

Family game This is a family fun game with mini games,a lot of things to be interested in,and a million things to do for fun.

Jasmine Rooney

Cute and fun I love it because it's cool,cute and active

Brandon Kelley

Great Great for little kids who just love to have fun. It would be cool if you could add a Sans outfit though.

Jessica Shannon

My boo I like it because you can grow my boo like i have mine set for March 30th 2012 for my birthday and so every year he gets bigger and bigger

Jaz Topz

Good? Its really fun but it can get boring but I really like the new update?its no fun and I hope it doesn't get boring again????? I LOVE IT!I love that there's always new games and updates????????????? so fun! I'm on level 3 but I had it before deleted it(stupid)then I got it back(which was the right thing to do)☺????☺????I LOVE THE GAME?

Ebonney Brown

Always been my favorite It always been my favorite because that anglea shocks he doesn't and then it is fun feeding and playing minigames

Krystal Metz

It's fun but... You need things to be super low instead of it being expensive. You need the games to give you more coins, last thing is boos energy needs to last a little bit longer, and you need boos energy to fill up quickly.

Daisy Donnelly

Best for kids This is a good game☺ in recommend parents with kids 3-12 to download and raise there boo today!! A cute friendly monster it your child will be obsessed in a split second and play almost none stop!!! Good for lonely and depressed kids. Got a depressed and lonely kid who is 3-12? Download now and 1 play and they will be hooked and never leave it not even for half a sec!!!!??? and it doesn't bite and never dies!!! Download now????

Krazzy kid 101

Amazing This game is exactly what i was looking for.It lets you actually see how things look on your boo.Personally I would play it all day every day but I have school. I love my boo it is amazing 10/10

Lesley Ochoa

I love the game. Do you? Who on earth would not like this game it's the best game on earth and I really liked the game it was fun the best game that you would have until you we're old you will still like the game. Hey you haters that hate MY BOO you are not thinking what others like or dislike everyone likes the game I don't know about you but you are nothing your like garbage so take this haters. Plz like this I'm only speaking from my heart.


cute, casual, and fun the minigames are all fun, boo is a cute little dude, and there are so many cute ways you can customize em and your rooms! it has that system where you level up and unlock new stuff as you go, but something i really like is that they give you the option to unlock items early. it's more expensive but you'll get it right then instead of having to wait til you're that items level, so it's rather nice. plus it's really casual where being a needy pet is concerned. yfeed em, yclean em, ypet em. sgood


Amazing This is one of the most funnest games I have downloaded.It may be a copy of pou but I love this version way better.Its cuter and has a better layout.It was super fun to play with my boo.I would totally recommend this app,you get to feed,bath,love and have so much fun with your own boo which you can personalise! YOU HAVE TO GET YHIS APP!

Randolph Truneb

Skyblue 's her name When I'm just finishing work. Or break. Or waking up . anything really. Plus my girlfriend always ask me if im taking care of boo

Aishah Alkaf

Ok I will play this game when i feel bored . Sooo it is okey to me . It doesn't have any problem

Liv Y

Gghxhldliyd 7 : 30-8 Ok I have been the most important day of my life was very stressful and May was 6 : 30 but text me. I would like to see you in the community of people who are you doing this. I have never seen the first to write you an opportunity. if you are looking to buy a 7, but I 8th. She went beyond that, I will text u back in the afternoon now open that's a 5th St 8th. She has my highest recomdation and am so glad I had such a great experience. I have never met a person that goes beyond Customer Service. I was a form

Levenson Bejoc

Very cute.... This app is so cool and I'm addicted to this Keep up the good work developers

minion101 minion101

Good Good game but it takes for ages to get to bleed 60 it took me nine months the game needs more food options and games


Best game ever I am obssesed with this game its really fun and addictive and i love watching my little pet grow up. My mum saw me playing it and asked what it was called and now even shes addicted. I highly recomend this app

LuLu Stephenson

Enjoy This is a lot of fun. I like how it makes the cute giggle noises too!

KewlKat Is back

AMAZING Yes the adds can get annoying but the adds see not the game, the game is so much fun and I just love all the cute little faces on the characters! My advice is to do more things like daily sales on items at the shop and I actually thought of an idea while playing a game! You should add this new mini game called something like boo dress up or something in that's nature. It should be a mini game where you have to memorize an oulfit and try to memorize the face and style of the style given, after the player has to try there best to make the same thing shown to get more points.

Shahid Yassin

CUTE! It's a great game because it's so cute and cool to play. You take care of the most cute, cuddly, cool, and amazing little boo ever! This is coming from a 10 year old.

Isabella Lockett

I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love it It is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanya Hamilton

Love it This is really a good grade I really like this game this is like the best game I can play because this even though you can even grow grew up even though he grew up is still the best game ever played but everybody should play this game too because it would be so awesome if you could please play this game cuz it will be cool I promise and I it is so much fun to write his name I am so I think that went well playing with my butt well Lucy how many what's wrong with my boo.

Madison Stokes

Very good game its very fun. You have to take care of it just like you would a baby. The mini games are very fun to. I also like to design the rooms and my boo.

Denise Kennedy

Love it My Boo is super fun and cute I'm really really glad I got this app I enjoy playing the mini games with him and it's just a super app!

jessie govea

Fun This is the best game ever made. I love to take care of my boo. I love this game.?????

Lupita Sanchez

Awesome Best game ever so fun and good way to past time

Brittany Wocher

Good I love this game!!! Its so fun, and its soo cute!!???

Nathaniel Medina

Fun game I really like this game! There are some bugs and on my apple version my boo frequently gets stuck in the the game floppy boo. Also the piano boo is a bit off which limits my ability to score higher! All in all it is an awesome game that gives me something to do day by day!


I love this app ?? I love the new update and I change my wallpaper every 30 mins because it so cute. There is some few things I will like to be looked at, however, I don't care about that because of the new update. KEEP IT ???????

Kimora Freeman

Adorable!!!!! I love it!!!! This game is so fun that sometimes when I'm bored I play this game to take care of my boo and play the awesome mini games

Danica Maskell

I'm a mother of two, one is 7 and the other is 3. Both love it and I even have a boo of my own x

Trivan sackey

Awesome I love it's fun and boo is sooooooooooooo cute ?

Dayanna Suastegui

Amazing awesome Not what I expected because of the pictures of boo it's amazing

Chad Kurtz Gaming

Awesome and cute Not only is this great for when I'm bored but it is also just nice to play whenever. I love it!

Solin Gonsales

Easy to use I love this game. To me I fell like boo is my child because its plays it eats and all that awesome stuff so who ever made this game fantastic?????

Melanie Hill

Addictive I love the mini games, but the flying coin with wings is irritating.

J Buitizon

I Enjoy Playing You should really get it! I love to play with it when i'm sad, also get: Vlogger Go Viral - To get the "Boo Fan" costume. Get: Epic Party Clicker - You might neeed to wait for both! So get, it. It'ss also verrry CUTE! You're gonna rub it, all time.

Andrew John lll

PLEASE ADD BOOMERMAN!! Its bomberman!!! Please i know this is an old game...but there is still the heart of this inspireing game of bomberman! Please add it i will give u more than 5 stars!!!?

Oliver Phillips

Amazing I downloaded it and started playing for a while after about an hour i still had not stopped.

Giovanni Martins

A very good game, congratulations! I am hoping for more mini games and clothes...

Sara Parker

So cute!!! I love this game I'm never ever going to uninstall this game never I promise cross my heart hope to die I love it too much to look away I play it every day love it!!!

Jumayna Salman

At first this game mite look stupid but after its addicting. Trust me its sooooo fun.ceep up the good work☺

wright cherikee

Fun This game is fun i can make a poem of it is fun it doesn't turn to done boo makes done turn to fun

Lisa M

Fun Cute, customizable, colorful... Too many ads to get enough coins, even if you pay the full amount. I like it, but I can see the ads for coins getting very old.

Jamie Robson

My Boo Very cool game, I look forward to and hope for new mini games to be added?

Elthea Kae Manubag

I Love It I love him because his so cutee.. and also i love take caring him so cuuteee..

Armi Amorin

Loving it Iiving with a boo is awesome and su cuuuuute >w< and very cool

Soneya Akther

Cutey hi it is kid of Soneya speaking and this game is really cute. It would be cool if we could go places and chat. And make friends. Iike a zoo and a mall with things to buy. But make safe chat so kids can play it. And let us have a account but you can only make the username name of boo and password kids don't have emails. And there two modes one offline where u can go and do stuff at places but can't see anyone and chat with them that's offline and then where u can do stuff at places AND chat and friends.oh the online feature needs the account making its six plus the rest is for everyone and doesn't need a account

Kamila Koralasbayev

Awesome game It has other mini games with versions of other games in it, but that is good becaise now I dont have to download those games! Also, the boo is very cute! So easy to take care of. One thing that i dont like is that when i leave, the boo becomes all sick and dirty. I mean maybe its not that bad because then you get to take care of it again, but i dont really like that. Another ghindg is that there are a lot of adds. But that is kind of a good thing because they offer a lot of things like getting free coins!

Ana Paula Fernandes

I kinda like it It's a fun game but there are to many ads. It's annoying that every few mins an add pops up, like stop pls. That is the only thing I really hate about this app it makes me mad and every time an ad pops up I want to delete this app. Seriously the amount of ads needs to be decreased.

Ubby Ruark

My whole file is gone >:( I had to get a new phone because my previous one broke and I downloaded the app expecting all of my hard earned data to be there and it's gone, I thought it would be backed with my Google account. Ugh. Very stupid to not have some way to save progress, I'm deleting it and will not be playing again. Idiots.

I think that it is fun because I think it's like having a own pets to your self and I think it's fun because I think everyone will like it before I like it I know the people that made the game should be very rich people and they should like it they should love it I like it I love my boo because it's a very very big thing by like to take care of an animal like let's say that it's like a very very very big animal and you want a pet but your mom doesn't let you because it's responsible so this helps you about pets that's why I like it cuz it's like my own virtual pet

Cynthia Demmer

The app keeps deleting itself from my Kindle Fire I have lost everything twice, once when I was on level 41 with every room decorated, a closet full of costumes (features, accessories, clothes, hair) with 11,000 coins. The next one was when I downloaded it again & got only to level 7 before loosing everything. There is NO support for the game, no one to explain why? No replacement of items/level/coins.....nothing. BEWARE & know you may be getting no where fast!

Sarah Love

Soo cute I play this game 24/7 when I am bored. This is the cutest game made in the past year,maybe even the coolest.......other than

Jessica Justice

Pass back and forth with my kids My kids and I love to pass my phone back and forth playing the games and earning coins! It's a great way to pass time during football practice ☆

kirsten maki

Not impressed Changed phones and now can't get my old boo back with all the extras I got so sad :(

Jolinah Delos Santos


John B

South park ads for kids.... The game is cute, but I've seen ads for south park and Donald trump on this game. My eight year old daughter plays this, are you crazy?! I love SP by the way, but I certainly don't want my kids watching it!!

bobby gualano

It's funny and super duper cute It's super duper cute and stuff you should download it just like you just blue I think you can change colors but I didn't get that far yet this is like my second time or for playing this game

Mamta Khandelwal

Its a nice and good game but uts not getting oppening its not a good game it should open. Please solve my problem please I want to play it.

Lovvvve it I just got off of school and wanted to download a new game my sister told me about it and I installed it my sister plays it a school on her ipad I love it I recommend you download it and play it for 1,000,000,000,000 hours if you have nothing to do.

Suri Alvarez

The cutest!!! Such a fun game but i always gotta take care of it cause my kids will let the poor thing get sick. Lol

BOO!!!!!!!!! Hi my friend told me about this app and I said what the hell I've never heard of that its a load of crap! But she put it on and I said oh my holy lord it's real so when I went home I went on app store and I downloaded it and from then on I have loved it xx. ??????

Its a boring game I have one sister and I downloaded this game for her she told me its a worst game I have ever played.It is a game for small children.


He needs to sleep longer. Everything about My Boo is adorable. However, it needs to sleep longer when it's nighttime. Not that he is all sad and starving when I sleep in.

Matt Grebenik

This is so much fun! I really liked all of the small games here. So much fun! Great game, guys! So much fun to keep your Boo clean and happy. Thanks for this one! Excellent, people.

Khandi Acree

Love it yeah I do It's so funny we here over there they look so cute and I dress up as a nerd because I am in there too and he's like a son to me yeah do that

Sandrock Person

One problem.. Love this game but the new update made it laggy.. Fix this and its a 5 star! ??

Lizzie Scrudder

Too many adds They need to fix the amount of adds that show up after you play a mini game. I just went through five adds for the same thing in a row.

Elcia Nagy

9-10 I love it!! The update is great but the ads didnt leave. Every time I put my boo to sleep there it is AD when I play a Boo game boom AN AD!!! Please fix this!!!!

Megan Shephard

Awsome and cute It's so. Cite its like haveing a pet and a baby and if u don't have a pet then get this game ;)

Jerry Overcast

tidal ;boo description ;awesome....,unless you got a terrible two's then youll be in the poor house.

Dem Hacks

No more bread! Litterally keeps trying to make me give the thing bread no matter what. Needs to be fixed asap.

Angel Flores

Wow that's awesome Maybe u should more things and the boo actually in a bath tub just saying

Isabelle Gumpher

I hate the quick brakes I hate the Brakes they are so stupid remove them

Malachi Ice

Love it don't love adss It's awesome since last time but hate the adds fix it??

Lisa Gray

Love it It's so cute I just what one but thay r not real and I have 3 girl dogs and 2 brothers and 1 sister I just love the and please make more but with less adds or no more adds

jason zouein

This game is nice you get have fun with the boo and you can have fun with the minigames its like 2 games in one

Annaliz Rustad

Boo I love this game so much. I love that this game is so easy my 5 year old cousin can play and play the mini games. Thats why i rated it with 5 stars.

Ysabelle Swan

cute ! i loved it . i really like this game but some of the time it hangs up and automatically exit the game . please fix . thanks ???

It is super duper cool Omg l love the mini games it's so cool and cute and funny and awesome I really love it I will never delete it from my phone

Victoria Reithmiller

Addicted Downloaded for my daughter and now I'm addicted to it.

Tina Locke

Best game in the WORLD Boo is sooooooo cute i want to rip boo out of the game and make him REAL awsome right boo is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute right like so cute

Gerald Alden s. Cajucom

THE BEST GAME EVER I like your game very much please update the games....:)

Elicia Pera

Love it Love this game. Mini games are fun to play. Wish there were not as many ads, but still fun nonetheless. :)

Holly Macfarlane

FUN Could have some improvments but great as is. Love it fun and addicting

Rebeca gonzalez

Pou is done to go, my boo is cool I love my boo but the other day my I pad got erased I'm so angry but I love it, Pou remove it plz

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