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27 May
Mutant Fighting Cup - RPG Game

Posted by Ace Viral in Action | May 27, 2015 | 116 Comments

Apk file size: 26.0 MB

Mutant Fighting Cup is a cool turn-based strategy game in which you have to evolve your personal monster dog. So take a one-man melting pot with genes from various creatures and let the metamorphosis begin. Mission is to defeat all opponents to win the Fight World Cup.

In the RPG game you can do battles against other players and win the round you can fight dogs and cats and lots of other super animals this fighting game is the very best fighting game,
Grow and mutate your animal to fight through the stages and become World Mutant Fighting Champion.

Fight other Animals!
Turn based RPG with battles!
Evolve your Animal to fight the best!

Whats new

    - Removed the banner ads that were overlapping vital attack icons
    - Bug fixed
    - Optimisations

Ace Viral part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 27, 2015. Google play rating is 79.5816. Current verison is 1.3.2. Actual size 26.0 MB.

Download mutant-fighting-cup-rpg-game.apk 26.0 MB


Lexi Z.

Faulty buttons Good concept for a fun time waster, but the buttons for attack, defense, and healing are invisible during fights and they keep switching places so I never know which button will do what. It takes strategy away and you end up tapping randomly hoping the button you tap is the one you want

Marquet Clark

Fix final fight on Godzillanator He kill me in his first move and I had 932 heath.

frederick dempsey

Easy fun. The kind of game to play on the toilet, on commercial breaks while watching TV, etc. Easiest game I've ever played also.

Frank Daniel Aquino

Gaming is good... I would like to play it every day and I cannot sleep beacuse I play it all day, all night. Dont imitate please!!!

nestor siron

DONT PLAY Stupid crap they cheat also needs more stuff u need to earn a star back

Petar Kardalev

Horrible... On 2nd stageit freezes!all the time u get adverts! There was some idea forthis game, but lack of creativity and flexibility when the coding was done... Not worth it as is :(

Landon Shinski

Landon I like i in all but i wish you can play online with friends but other than that really cool game

Alan Moore

Awesome! Really fun game with a nice concept. The only thing I don't like is non-compatable genes. But overall, very nice! =D

Russell LaRosa

It cool Needs fix it keeps log out but it is a cool game fix the black out oorblem ill redown loaded and gave it 5 stars

Brianna Mccarty

Boring I played for an hour and beat it... Yawn add more and it will be fun.. No stars

anita indriksone

Too laggy This is my favourout game but its too laggy on my HTC phone so fix and I will give 5 stars + ad some new fighting moves and things to make your mutant dog

Gary Busey

Seemed fun but... It crashes on the second part, rendering it unplayable at all.

Leon Colgan

Whenever I go to play it it shuts itself down on me fix and I'll give u 5 stars thx

Kenny Kyne

Class game If u can just make the last level a bit more easer it would be great but its a good game

raymond Marba

The awesome game So many dog that can mutate can fight it can also heal it is impossible

Jamie Smith

Awesome. First I play on the computer now its on tablet

Payton Guliford

Come on!! Would actually be a four or five if it didn't crash and jack up my phone

Malia Choate

Awesome I just wish you could pick what type of dog it was

Gabriel Stephens

It is a good game But in need more options on what kind of animal u are.

Christian Paige

It's ok Can you add more appearance Genes like:Robotic Zombie Arms,Robotic Head,And Robotic Body?

Alexzy Scanlon

Over powered boss The boss is so hard to beat, and I don't get that you need to buy the cat gene's and the powerful genes( I hate games like that).

Richard Joseph

Fun It's fun mutating the dog and cat

nicholas arruda

Pic Games won't show what I am picking

Olivia Clough

I really wanted to play this game but it keeps saying this one thing. Then it asks me if I enjoy the game and all I can press is the freaking x. Plz fix it I super want to play it

Kyle Halliwell

Its geting buring the munky looking fing keaps killing me so fix it NOW! It uses the same atack each time and three hits on me and I die its buring I have battld it 56 times using difrent combanations but they all seem to fail !!!!!!!

Rajithe Querubin

#the best #cool i will not give 3 stars because it hangs all the time and when i play it a little long time it say time and go back to the home screen when you fix that i will give 5 stars

Dawn Kelly

annoying Its fun but my guy keeps getting his moves copied

myla calizon

Loved it very nice and sometimes raging which I like★★★★

Mark Brantley

Wooooooooow Good game a little slow but good.

Miguel Lorenzen

Mutant fighting It is the best game on earth!

Jonathan Trevino

Cool!!!!! You can make a fack i amost it i am on the last lavel the Last lavel hard

cameron trevena

Cannot mutate stuck

Elijah W-B

Freezes When I play my game just randomly chrashes fix this and you get 5 starts

Skrillex gaming

Me and my nees I've played this with my nees on my computer and it is awesome.

Goerge Berreth

Refund I bought EV in one pack I just wanted to check the price

Corbin Lucas

Cool U are the best I'm kid my names corbin u meake them not hard core

Oliver Rodriguez

Cool Very well made its cool very good app

Mark Bingco

Great but When I'm fighting in the monkey the screen will go in the play store that's why I rate it 4 star pls fix it.

Jacob Glynn

Alright Game but.. Very easy to complete, I finished after an hour without dying once. Although despite the short gameplay it was fun while it lasted, unfortunately I don't wish to pay to continue on. Therefore i'm uninstalling, i'd recommend it but only if you have an hour or two to kill and you have literally nothing better to be doing

Brandon Austin

Looks cool and is cool I love dogs mutants and fighting games and they made a game with it all

Olivia Jordan

Umm It keeps crashing after i use that tail meator thing and it is getting annoying this is on stone slug before champion thing fix it and i rate five stars.

olga manoliu

My screen is a tiny bit small and cant get the 1st option lol

bigby wolf

More mutants This game has finally redeem itself. U guys fix the bugs. At first I didn't enjoy the game due of all of my mutants move were impossible to see during the fights but u fix it. Now this game would get 5 rates if you added more mutants and new parts

Caleb Lane-williams

Great game It is cooler than I thought it would be it is abouslutey great

Taunya Noel

Mutant fighting cup I beet the game in 1 day

Ffion Manns

I love this game and tuck me one day to finish this game

Victoria Corn

Really good but Sometimes when I get on it won't let me on,please fix!Other wise really good.

Ian Howell

This is amazing I know this might not be about Jack septic I but it is an amazing game

abdullah alfalasi

Cooliest game ever I like how they made alot of levels

Darren Mills

Mutant fighting cup It I amazing

Carl Jarrenz Peralta

This game is cool nice game love it

Barbara Travis

Played I already played on y8game

Michael Montez

It's good but to easy And not enough fights

Gage Bryce

Good but The monkey is so hard

Mario Solorio

Good old memory's?

John Fisher

I love it I beet the game

Wan Rowena

Not good Because the game is not long map and why the game cannot update

Mohammad Haidar

Love it so much

Charlene Womack


beau Harvey

Beau I love this game it is the best

Michael Toulze

Wow Love it the best

John Ward

The Boss battles fine The games quite short, i managed to complete it in 35mins on a train, and it took me 2 attempts on the final battle which was fine. It would be better if there where more genes and an online option or something.

Dustin McPhail

Terrible I don't write very many reviews though I have played half of the google play store. This game had a good concept to it. But the massive amount of ads thrown at you every time you get ready to battle or get done with battle is sad.....also I had issues when going into and during battle. The screen would black out and the only visible thing was the in game sound button. Played on the LG G pad 7.0

Gabriel Benfield

The final boss is impossible 1.he has 1000 health 2.he has over powered moves people dont play this stupid game .creators plz make the final boss less op like health at 650. Attacks do less damage on you

Bradyn Blackwell

Make another Bigger better awesome more levels something that says yes this crap again I went to far didn't I well this will be funnnnnnnnnn.

Dinobot the cyborg

Awesome apps An awesome game: MUTATE , BATTLE AND WIN! Use your skill to mutate your dog from a cute canine to a FURIOUS, KING OF THE BEASTS!!! WIN THE WORLD MUTANT FIGHT CUP AND PROVE YOUR THE BEST!!!!! ??????

Lionel McLean

Fun while it lasted, but now it's just an empty app. I loved this game on the pc, and i love it on my phone. It was really fun, but now that i've beaten the game it's just sitting there. I hope u decide to add some form of multiplayer or more fights. Even an achievement board that would have you meet certain requirements to complete would be a nice change of pace. I'm uninstalling it for now. If more things are added to it, i'll definitely redownload. I hope u guys are working on a second installment.

Athena Bagley

Too easy I mean it's OK but make the cat free and it less dumb.make it so you can be your enemies once you have defeated them.make some of the genes less....wierd.other wise cool game.

Brandon Beaver

Fun at the very beginning, but that's it The game starts out balanced, but that doesn't last long. Near the end enemies are entirely capable of regularly beating you with half of their health left if luck isn't on your side. Also, ads often pop up two or even three times during a short loading screen, sometimes right when the button is ready to press, leading to accidentally clicking them. The game also has a habit of closing or not responding to screen presses. Would recommend to people with a good amount of patience.

Djanimal 123

It's ok It was really fun till I got to the end then the godzilla thing has 1,000 health and most of his attacks do over 100 damage one time he attacked for 100 I had 406 health and I got stunned then he attacked for 200 I got stunned again and he did the exact same attack and I died I only got to attack once and only did 70 or so attack damage. What I'm getting to is that the game wants you to spend 2.99 to get 3 upgrades or 4.99 to get a cat character 3 upgrades and no adds. I don't want to spend money on games.

Mick Tunstall

No I got to the america cup and the boss attacked 3 times in a row with this meteor strike doing 200 hundred damage each time. He hit me once i got stunned then hit me again. I healed and after that he did it again and i just survived. Then i got stunned by it and he attacked and its over. No genes can help me

Kevin Elevem

So hard so fun This game is cool its hard I like hard and I have defeated the final boss

Zekava Adre

Crashes, unsatisfying. Game crashes in the middle of about every 2/5 fights. Got absolutely nothing for beating the final boss. IDK about ads, but I wouldn't play it if there are annoying ads.

Nick Whiteley

I like playing this game because I like battle games. you need to make a DNA for a dog so you can war against your enimes... Review by blake

Jadikona Dyavol

Sucks major cahoneys Can't even get past first level without 3 ads and then when I finally get it to work its glitchy and slow. I made it to the European cup level with mad slimy... And when I get close to beating him it completely shuts the game down so I hate this game

Nate Gullett

I liked it but I finished it in a 2 hour car drive could you make multiplayer or have some sort of pvp that would make this five

dominic stewart

ADS! I would have given it five stars if ads didn't pop up just about every second lz fix and I'll rate five

Zach Rahbany

Like it I like a lot but theres just so many ads poping up all the time and its really irritating but other than that i like a lot

Jeanelle Dela cruz

When you get to the part where you're picking genes I can't pick some of them because it goes off my screen :(


Unfair The beginning is OK but in the higher levels things seam unfair with the last boss being able to kill you with one shot or spam the same ultimate move 3 times in a row

charlie croymans

Too easy You need to make a hard mode longer story I beat it all In first try

Sarah Parker

MOOOO Started from he computer and now I found this, now I can finally bring this awesome game around with me

Nyden Thompson

Nyden Thompson I like it but it will go let me start a battle then it will take me back,to home,screen please fix abd make,it so we,don't need,WiFi please make it so we don't need WiFi

Will Hall

Keeps kicking me out fix and I will give 5 ⭐

Mico Flores

ROCK AND ROLL TO THE WORLD Hello my name is Andrei Mikhail T. Saturday and i'm from the Philippines when the enemy use his metior the screen is black and it goes out and I must play or push its logo but it's cool really cool like this app and I like to update it so it will have many cool things in it updated fast :-):-)

Sasaki Haise

Awesome Game! Awesome Game I loved It. First I Completed This Game On Computer Now I will Finish This Game in My Phone. Fabulous Game!!! ?

Taro Yamada

It is awesome! I like how that you can be a cat or a dog you need to Make it were you have a time limit to choose what attack you want! Other than that its amazing!

Jere James Allen

I love this game On the computer it doesn't save or work but on this one it works

Dylan Blackwell

Nice but violent game I played this game on my pc a few times but I did not know that it was on mobile devices yaaaaay?????????????????⌛⚠ XD

Maureen Foley

I like it I like it because I won the world cup from godzillater. Oh yeah every guy is easy to.

Anthony Key

It keeps cutting me out while I'm in a middle of a battle fix please

Harveyjim Baguira

I rate 4 only because when i push home itsays pls connect to the inter net pleasssssssss fix this problem

Archangel 24

Hoping for too much Yes, we get it.. Your bread and butter is Game of War. You shove it in our faces, every 20 seconds. Also, nice cheesing out the end boss with 1k life, immune to 90% of attacks, and topped off with a power move to almost kills you instantly.

Christopher Wood

Love it But since 2 has already been released, this version should release the cat for use after completing it to complete the game again... It's all about money tho.

Luanne De jongh

Thus game is osim. I love thus game I am achaly not Luanne De Jongh I am launne's oldust sun.

joseph bushnell

If the Godzillator boss fight wasn't so hard I would've given it more stars.

Cicek Akyildiz

Frozen still At the start it was fun now it freezes for a while its getting annoying please fix this then i will rate 5 stars

Daniel Zhang

Can't use all genes The resolution doesn't even fit my screen! How am I supposed to use my unlocked genes if I can't even see it? I'm using a 9"7 Samsung S2 Tablet. Do I need to adjust my device's resolution? Love it on computer though.

Preston Goh

For some reason onthe samsung tablet i cant see any of the vital genes please fix it

franyaell mercedes

Stupid game this game sucks it won't let me play and it kicks me out at least make the game better so father people like me can enjoy it please. I'm sorry but I'll have to give 1 star fix it and I will give it more stars

Summer Dashno

Wish u could give 0 stars Stupid. It crashed my phone on the third level and every time I went to attack it would glitch out and crash. Dont download

Camden Gaynor

BOSS IS EASY I just got this 3 days ago. please let me cat mutate free then I will rate Stars .ps, terrible graphics

Jatin Shinde

I loved this game. Mutant fighting cup is on computer and mobile also. It is an amazing game because there are lot of attacks and defence in it. Who all is reading this they would download this game. I know that the last level is hard but first you need to practice in earlier levels. Then only you can defeat Godzillator. But,it is an amazing game.☺☺☺☺☺.

dany adi

cool simple with lots of combination for mutate at first I give 1 star because I stuck at stone gorilla but with a lot of try of combination of mutate I already finish the game without purchase any money..... hope to see the second version

Dinobot the cyborg

Awesome apps An awesome game: MUTATE , BATTLE AND WIN! Use your skill to mutate your dog from a cute canine to a FURIOUS, KING OF THE BEASTS!!! WIN THE WORLD MUTANT FIGHT CUP AND PROVE YOUR THE BEST!!!!! ??????


Great game In fact I used to play it on my laptop all the time.I will rate 5 stars if u could fix that glitch.

I Love it The following link unsubscribe from future emails from Facebook page view the document everything I need the extra cost for a few months I have a nice day and the

Tiffany Gaskill

It's not teribble I was on one match for to long for one reason...random actions list,I was close to defeating my enemy when all of a sudden all I was getting was healing or defence so my enemy could heal away all my progress...rediculous

Dylan Blackwell

Nice but violent game I played this game on my pc a few times but I did not know that it was on mobile devices yaaaaay?????????????????⌛⚠ XD

Kathy Rampy

Fix it! It's impossible to beat without buying the genes like you can't get the base to even 500 health with the genes you earned.


Very bad You might not see rarely play the game takes forever to load and when its done when ready to battle sends me to my home skrin horrible boo

scooter ruler

Awesome but It's unfair it gives it things like meotoir and it gives me things like scratch :\

Marzena Moussawi


Donovan Loreman

Good concept First, I bought full upgrades. I do not recommend that. Game is too easy until the final boss. Final boss involves a lot of luck. So basically you pay for under an hour of playtime.

Nashwa Quitiquit

Cool BUT I wish no app purchase cauz i think to like a game a lot you have to give like all experience but dont worry cool game make more games like this please.:):D

Brandon Hoag

Hate it Whenever I'm on European cup and he does an attack my game crashes and take me back to home screen, uninstalling

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