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3 Aug
Music Inc

Posted by UK Music in Simulation | Aug. 3, 2016 | 215 Comments

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Music Inc - a game that allows you to envelop yourself in the world of music production.

UK Music, the IPO and Aardman have joined together to create a game whereby you take on the role of a producer and owner of a start-up label, you can select artists to nurture, record their songs, then support them with marketing and band management, ultimately attempting to succeed through the sales of your artist’s recordings. As you progress, your empire grows, allowing you to expand your studios and take on more artists to conquer the charts.

- Sign artists to your label from the Artist Market.
- Manage your artists to increase their fans, charisma and motivation.
- Send your artists on tour to make extra cash and increase their skill.
- Release your tracks in a virtual chart.
- See how piracy affects your sales.
- Upgrade your studios to unlock management tools.
- Borrow money from the bank, but make sure you pay your overdraft off!

Whats new

    A lot of you felt that artists were getting demotivated too quickly, okay maybe we were being too harsh, we’ve eased things off on that a little.
    Some of you have been finding the mini-games a little too tricky so we’ve completely overhauled them.
    A sleep timer has been added, to stop your artists getting wiped out if you leave them unattended for more than a minute.
    V2.4 contains a few minor bug fixes and improved sharing.

UK Music part of our Simulation and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Aug. 3, 2016. Google play rating is 74.5082. Current verison is 2.4.5. Actual size 27.0 MB.

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Zeno Jo

Don't really know what to make of this... So I open the app and I have 1 billion more dollars than I had before...and also another after-update failure is that my artists are on tour constantly! They never are off tour! This stops me from being able to have them make new tracks as well.

David Bethel

Buggy as hell Way too many events firing and freezes constantly. Almost impossible to play or build up artists. Charisma and motivation never get high due to too many bad events. If these are fixed its a five star addictive game. So far its annoying.

Ken Log

UPDATE DESTOYED IT used to have a pretty stable label,top artist produced five star songs but now it's only three if I do the mini games,which are unresponsive and just plain suck,lose fans faster than I can gain them and the same goes for money. Fix the game and will go back to higher rating

Matthew Fontenot

Good game but could be better I really enjoyed this game but the updates nearly ruin it. It is really hard to build up any money when one disasters keeps happening after another. I don't understand the mini-games, ESPECIALLY the slider one. No matter what I do I lose.

Dan Pieszak

Still buggy This game was fun when it wasn't constantly freezing. Freezes during music release, during mini games, every 5 minutes at least. Please fix the crashing/freezing bugs. Version 1 was the only stable version of this game I have seen which is really sad being this is Version 2. Get it together, Devs! Got so frustrated with the constant freezing that I uninstalled.

Lisa Roberts

So many Glitches!! I absolutely love this game which is why it's so frustrating to me that I have had just one glitch after another - Getting fined for tax issues while I have an accountant, having the game crash during the chords mini game, lights coming on silumtaneously during the sequencing minigame. The update froze my current artists on tour so I had to restart the game. The balance of negative popups is bad. I have had so many fires and floods. No matter what I do, 2 of my artists loose 1/2 to piracy every time!!!!

Trevor Merrill

CANT GAIN FANS!!!!!!!! Was a great game, was in the top ten labels. Then they updated and could not get any fans, lost them way faster than I made them. I deleted it and hope that they fix the fan problem if they do I will download again it.

Ck Ramcess

Great Game! This game is for the Certified Music Lover. Please add: RELEASES BY ALBUM (Not only a single), COLLABORATION by other ARTISTS in the same label ^_^ please..

Bryan Kempka

UPDATE MADE IT GARBAGE! This app went from being one of my favorites to being absolutely garbage. The update has very few posative points. The added option to hire staff is great but the rediculous amount of instances that drive down all the attributes and the requirement of playing the side games to get a five star hit make this game terrible. The update makes you hemorrhage game cash and has become a waste of time. I will go right back to 5 stars if you remedy these isssues.

Rustler of Jimmies

Good app but definitely has some bugs I love this app and it is quite entertaining.... When it works. I have noticed bugs with the minigames, random crashes as well as some other random bugs. As an example, I had about 256k and I made a song and when it was done my money counter said NaN, whatever that means. Once the bugs are fixed, this will get my better vote.

Armando Lerma

PLEASE READ DEVELOPER!! After this update it seems like my money is just getting flushed down the toilet, I had 35+ billion when I opened the app and 5 mins later I have 27 billion dollars. just constant bad luck, the staff and companies for hire hardly do anything pretty lame considering you pay millions of dollars so you don't have to deal with problems. The game before was perfect and really fun to play, I will not play again until things get fixed or put back to normal. All that was needed was better UI and Album Releases!!!!!

Ashley Mabus

Almost perfect I do find it a bit odd that a game based on the music industry seems to have... well no in-game music. Also a couple of the mini games seem to have responsiveness issues, mainly cords.

Elizabeth Price

Crashes Love the game but it crashes every 5 minutes or so. Hughely frustrating. Sort it out as I love the game

Crowley Vengeance

All progress gone! Overall the game is pretty fun, but it constantly jams after or during the minigames, and now, after another freeze, all my progress is gone. Uninstalling this if it keeps doing this.

Johnny Dom

One of my fave games One problem that I usually see is when im "promoting" my artist and when I click the button to spin the wheel, a popup comes up (those that say about pirating) and when I accidentally click Ok, I never read what it actually said. So either im stuck with loads of pirating sales, or something that wasnt important. Also, please add more variety of artists to sign and maybe more challenges, such as a "rival" industry?

Tyler Jacobs

Amazing Game Used to be four stars. They added upgrades (which I mentioned that was needed before) such as staff and minigames to have the chance of making your song more successful. though, now your fans and charisma are lost way faster and when you have 3, 4, or 5 artists, it's nearly impossible to keep up with all of the fans and charisma. Great idea for a game. A lot of fun. Just need some adjusting to the statistics of the game. Once the game doesn't lower fans and charisma then it'll be 5 stars.

Jarvis Toms

A stunning game with lots of potential I just believe it's way too easy to progress throughout the game whilst only using one artist. Raise the difficulty, make it harder to gain money with only one artist, make the person have to sign another artist. Also, add some more "Team Ups" options, or make them progressively more expensive. Other than that, an excellent and addicting little game with lots of potential!

Glen Senecal

Real Time Take off the real time feature. Not every one can spend every moment on here. I am busy for three hours. When I return, my artists' motivation is depleted. Five stars for when you fix.

David Hetenyi

bugs 2 of my artists out of 4 are "on tour", therefore frozen in (can't do anything with them) for about 6 years now lol. Keep playing the other 2, bc. maybe the new update will fix them. 2 very profitable artists though. Fix it please!!! I love the game anyway.

Ron Hutchinson

Cool update but.. Firstly, with this new update it seems that's it's extremely hard to keep a high amount of fans. They just start disappearing. I started a new game, got up to 200k fans then bam, out of nowhere I'm down to 130k. Wth??? & also before this update, I had 62 billion in capital with over 3 billion fans on one character. At some point it seemed like my income turned into negative values. Started loosing as much as I should have been earning. Also, this tap to add extra stars to a track feature sucks

Lydia Nadeera

I used to love this game but after some updates it starts to annoyed me. There's always something that makes my celeb's motivation or charisma drop instantaneously. My money mostly spent on vacation and other things. It's annoying.

Mathhew Ruiz

It was a good game I don't get the point of having to play does restarted games don't really wanna play it. Now everything is real cheap and easy so I'm never afraid getting. Bankrupt. Witch us part of the game just boring now

Lafonzo Spigner

Help!!!!! I was loving this game and then my favorite artist was on your they are still on your it's been a whole day

swimmee thanapat

Fuck da BUGS I have NaN money. And I can't do anything because they say I have OVERDRAFTs but I don't! Before that, I have every artists on tour and never come back so I have to start over again. And found out... suddenly I have NaN ounds. WTF!? PLZ. FIX THOSE ALL OF THE BUGS. I will come back to play it again till you guys fix all shitty bugs. Hope you won't ignore me.

Seth Bragg

Good game but It freezes and crashes every 5 minutes, and no matter what i do i lose fans constantly.

Diva Jassie

Loved this aft new update cldnt get pass the 'composing' page...uninstalled fr nw..

jae hyung Go

What happened??!?! After the update 2 of my artist are on tour and are not returning. They are stuck there!!! 1 of them was trained as my best artist but now she can't be used.

Jonathon Yarrington

All artists froze All of my artists are stuck on tour. Lost all my money and had to restart game

Joshua Martin

It would be nice if I didn't get robbed constantly...

Kylie Rice

What now? I have the best HQ but I still want more employees and artists but there is a 5 person limit. You should be able to pay to get more, because now I have nothing to do or save money for and the game is almost pointless.

Kev Jong

Update was more miss than hit This update makes it frustrating to play. The chords mini game is annoying. Whoever thought that using four fingers on a touchscreen would be clever hasn't thought it through. Other negatives include the fact no matter what sort of staff you hire you always seem to find ways to lose cash, piracy is often a factor and yet this game gives no way to counter it and the last gripe is that fans, charisma and energy are always going down.

Ahyanee Stubberfield

Something wrong with money My amount of money turned to NaN and it won't let me spend any money or do anything

Sam Robinson

Not fun anymore Too much work, and losing money like that is the goal. Understand making it harder , but this went bad fast oh well moving on

carly miller

Loved it until My game save disappeared. Twice. No backup? Come on, guys.

Alistair Robinson

Not impressed with new update I like the idea of all the new things in the recent update but very disappointed mainly also because the game crashes when I do the mini games please fix this problem atleast

Frankie Baez

Update is so-so..... Ever since the update I'm losing more money, my top selling duo has been frozen and the mini game to "improve" the track is confusing.

Georgios Syrmos

Update is ok but hard! So the minigames are not ok. They are bugged cause you can't click anything. The singers lose fans so fast. In 2 min I lose like 60k fans and when releasing a song my fans decrease instead of getting higher. You lose tones of money even with all the staff. Pretty much the update could be worked out more cause I can't control all 5 of my singers when they lose fans and charisma so fast. Also the loss of fans doesn't let you hit #1 anymore...

Luke Keates

Used to be good It used to be good I used to have over a billions fans and so much money that it broke the game but now it's just gone to annoying game

Justus Ficklin

Great App It's really a great app that is addicting and easy to play for hours. The only thing I don't like is a crashing issue, once that is fixed five stars.

Rhonda Young

Would be perfect if we had more to do in the game.

Leki Jolo

I used to like this game Every since that awful update this game has just become annoying. I've had to start over from scratch three times already for money problems that just appeared out of nowhere! It's annoying! Please fix this game there are too many bugs!

kaleb mayhew

Won't work Won't go part label naming screen when i click enter it shuts down

scoop carter

I like it but why is it so hard to keep fans now ?

tgjhfd sdcvr

Emm.. What?? Before update my singer has 210.000 fans. After update many people was leave and my singer has 80.000 fans now.

Sergey Kotov

Optimization Freezes & crashes all the time after update. Cant play even 5 minites with 4 artists. Galaxy nexus, android 4.3

Елена Бугай

nice game but not for long. gets boring

Василий Третьюхин

Please add more sounds in the game. Maybe a soundtrack.

Iryna Bondar

Crushes every five minutes Idea is great but less of functions.

Денис Лукоянов

Very good! Please add russian language

Doug Cowie

Used to be good. This was a fun game until it started a non stop barrage of bad stuff happening and stealing all your money! Fair enough try to make it challenging, BUT....this just makes it no fun to play when it's constant bad news and losing money.

Z Hendrickson

Chords ruin the game So exasperating. They instantly fall within what seems like under a tenth of a second. Also seems to be latency issues. Fun at first, but I must uninstall and forget about this game before I break something.

Viett Cham

Fun I love this game. I'm only good with two out of the four mini games (the one with the music switches and rhythm), and when I end up with the mini games I can never win I just exit and quickly tap back on the record before it's done being made. I started playing after the update. It's not so bad. I don't see why everyone is complaining. I just wish there were more studio upgrades. It's a lil annoying to have enough money to hire more staff but be unable to hire them due to there only being five slots. -_-

Jon Marshall

Good This game is good except for the mini game which involves holding thr notes until they disappear. Half of the time it doesnt recognise im holding them and says i got it wrong. Also when the next pattern pops up it sometimes says wrong instantly as im still holding the previous pattern. Is this how its meant to be and im just not very good, or is there a way it could be improved?

Yoharez Obando

Good but... The game is good and pretty addictive, however it's also very laggy and the mini games are a pain in the neck... Plus, it force closes every now and then, and I have notice that it happens more often as you hire more people and sign more artists....edited: now it just force closes on me way too often

Andre Low

Too many bad events Gets annoying pretty quickly when all my artists are constantly getting a "dodgy flu" or "food poisoning" while on tour. Not to mention how insanely fast the fans drop.

Erin Bacher

Buggy as heck! Love the concept. Sucks that the game is buggy, freezes, and the never ending bad news popups that make you lose money every time you click something. Done until fixed.

Nathan Owens

Love it! I really love this game, but it is fairly buggy and I wish it was more on depth. The mini games are a pain, and while I like the idea, maybe you can make a tier of staff member specifically to do it for you. As you get better staff, maybe the probability of them getting perfects on the mini game can increase. Also! I'm having an issue hiring my last staff member. It will only allow me to have 4 even though my HQ is fully upgraded. Great concept and start on this game though! I really enjoy it!

Angeleia Hall

It was great. The idea of staff is great. But I am unable to hire a 5th staff member. For some reason my artist are able to lose 200,000 in 1 second. That doesn't make sense to me. Improve this and the chord game and you will have a 5 star rating because I love the idea.

Phoenix O'keefe

Nothing else to do now I've gone as far as I can. Multiple millions of dollars, all 5 artists and hired help. Not much left to do except for the same things over and over. That's all boring now. Need a new update with new things to do.


Needs More Needs More Tasks, Like Fan Signings, Meet And Greets And Other Appearances. Slower Time And The Option To Name Your Own Artist. Bigger HQs Than The Skyscraper One.

dimitri fortounis

Ruined it Updated and lost my save file. Sitting on top of the world then crashed down to earth. Dam, didn't think they would be that brutal :( buggy update. For a game about music there actually isn't any, not even in the background. Not happy. Also too much doom and gloom, got fined 6 or 7 times in the space of 10 mins. The mini games are also pretty pointless. A great game heading down the crapper. Was really enjoying this one too......

Ben Robins

Almost really good I really enjoy the gameplay, but it does get a bit repetitive after a while. It would be good to be able to be able view what staff you can hire without having to fire one first. Also, being able to have more than 5 artists, and being able to make them do more, and be able to spend more on them would be cool.

Kerron Walker

Yous made the game worse The mini games are the worse now... Faders is way to hard... Chords just get rid of that stupid game... Sequence you cant see pattern anymore... And rythem i keep missing everything... Also i think im uninstalling this because its just to diffecult to do anything now... Dont get me wrong it visually looks so nice but no it is not playable anymore

Benjamin Coulter

Great game Thrilled that I've found a game that isn't a pay to play. BUT, it's too easy to beat. Make it more streamline so I can easily manage more than one artist without having to click all over the place. There needs to be more opportunities for advancement as well.

FishDaddy Tangaray

It gets boring Had over 24 Million dollars at once but the game gets so repetitive and freezes too much...I'm going to challenge myself to never level up my headquarters and make 10 million while making records out of mom's house lol

Angeleia Hall

Much better in terms of motivation but I still feel it's a little to easy to an artist to lose fans.. Still unable to hire a 5th staff member.

Kate Dubrouskaya

To easy Finished the game after two hours. Not worth it.

Eva .S

Love the game but I really love the game but it keeps closing by itself and having to keep reloading it is frustrating

Bart Kampert

Its OK for now It's a great game and has real potential. But for me, some of the challenges don't react quite well with my touchscreen

Michael Lewis

Bad The mini games have a broken touch response, i find myself tapping twice just to have one tap register. And the app itself freezes quite often. would of been fun if these were fixed.

Morgan A

Can't even run the game. It crashes and freezes non stop. I haven't even had a chance to play the game itself because it freezes and crashes constantly

Ricky Burt

need to put more stuff on it like venues and to sing with over singers

D'Arrius D

Pretty good I like it I think the developer should update the game a little more with things to actually spend in game money on.

Seth Surrette

Crashes to much Always crashes every three seconds

Alan Contreras

Potential Add more stuff!! Like more "artist" from every genre. Like Halestorm, Lindsey Stirling, or the weeknd.. Obviously make them wanna be xD

Shelby Green

Would give this game 5 stars, but it won't let me hire another employee. I already have 5 artists, (only 4 employees). Will change my rating if this glitch is fixed.

Japhet Ikoti

What about making albums? only singles will not be that interesting. 3 stars is OK for now until I can make albums for sales then I'll give it 5 stars

James Fourie

Bad and Good Brilliant game... but it takes 200+mb RAM on a good day. Which will cause significant freezes. Definitely 5* worthy, just not on release clearly.

Sérgio Lopes

Good Game, BUT.... Bad Controls, sometimes it fails even when you do the correct cords... yet, the years ends instantaneously and events happens to make you lose your money as hell. Just fix the bugs and adjust the controls and the game will be an addictive sucess

Seth Calloway

Can only advance so far After you make it to the 5th headquarters there is no advamcement. Also it won't let me hire a 5th staff member. So I'm always getting dinged for not having whichever one I just replaced

David Lee

Frozen In the Charts It's a really good game and a really good idea but it just crashed and freezes to much. I'm giving it a 3 as it is so unique that it's fun to play, especially as a music student. On the other hand, due to the lack on upgrades and it always crashing it will have this low a score

Marquele Richardson

I love the game and concept of It but it keeps freezing and stops in the middle of game wasting money that my artists made and it turns my music from my media player off after I a min or two which is crazy because there's no music on the game to start with smfh

E-World Gaming

Amazing game but... It's an amazing game but it keeps freezing and saying that it is not responding( Whilst I'm playing a Minigame) making me close the app quite frequently. I also think that if you add more HQ's it'll improve the game. Thank you for reading. :D


Good game, but unfortunately an error of some sort has appeared. It now says "£NaN" where it shows my Balance and I can't buy/hire/release anything. (even for releasing songs just to Stream, which costs £0.) I did have almost £10,000,000 when this problem suddenly accurred. Not too bothered by it, but I'm sure some people will be if it happens again. It is fun when it works though!

Marcell Lottering

Greate game but... I really love this game cant wait for all the bugs to be fixed. I had $600 thousand and i bought a package worth only $2500 and the game took all my money and by $180 thousand overdraft i am now broke

Lucas Fleming

It steals your fortune I had over 8 million dollars and in a matter of 30 seconds it was down to 3.5 million and I had 3 artist releasing as many songs as it would let me and every song would make it to the top 5 then the game would take my fortune

David Cunningham

Buggy I would so love to give this game 5 stars, alas I cannot and do you want to know why? The minigames are bugged and just freeze the screen whenever they feel like it. Whenever this happens I am forced to close the game and then reopen and thankfully still be able to do the minigame on the same song. Now this doesn't happen all the time, but most of it and its not just me but other S3 users. Apart from that this is a brilliant game.

Joan Liew

Boosting-Rhythm game Some buttons don't work despite me clicking on them multiple times.

Aiyana Templeton

Freezes Could be that my old tablet is just old' but this games freezes after awhile. Its actually pretty fun when you actually get to play it.

Anisa Saraayu

Addictive but annoying It's a very addictive game. Quiet challenging and fun. matter what I do, I seems to lose money due to unavoidable bad events....and the more I play, the harder it gets to earn money and fans. And that pirates issues. Man...

Dhika Ahmad Aulia

Still has issues and unbalance It keeps freezing for no reason, same bad news fires twice in a matter of second, and your artist will become dick eventually. The mini game are not balance. Some of them are pretty easy but some are just hard enough for me to skip them.

Ewan Spensley

Great Had no problems. Quite addictive. Just a few things here and there that need working on. The "Legal" and "Pirate" bars are the wrong way around, as the graph says more Pirate than legal, though the numbers say different. Some of the mini games sometimes don't work well. Maybe add some more features such as albums and so on.

Christopher Ward

Crashes I believe is actually a data hack keeps randomly crashing for no apparent reason, throughout the entire game.... although I suspect it could be part of the programme, due to there being enough RAM and memory storage, so you cannot use that as an excuse, also my phone has an anti hack programme, so the game cannot gain access to private data, so methinks, this game is a fraud!!!

Devin Bombay

From 2 to 3 stars Edit 1: The Developers have listened to feedback and updated. I promised to review after an update, and I'm happy to say that the improvements are for the better. The UI for the mini games is improved and provides better visual confirmation of your actions. The Faders mini game has been substantially improved to now rely on skill instead of luck. That being said, chords is terrible and broken. It frequently ends a sequence within a half a second or doesn't register finger presses. Kill it for next update

Edwin Andino

This game have potential Why just keep doing singles let us create our own albums and mixtapes. Let us create an artist and let us choose their genre. Make this game more immerse and please get rid of the chords mini game.

DeAndre White

Good Concept I really like the concept at work here. I'm not a fan of the mini games though. They seem unresponsive at times making it difficult to play. I'm also not a fan of the frequent app crashes. Having to restart the app every 15 or so minutes is annoying. Overall a good concept. It just needs some work.

William Broome

Freezing and crashing If freezes and crashes wayyyy too much. Had told restart my phone because it froze it up.

Claire Cea

Laggy Would always force quit, I can't even get passed the tutorial


Addictive It's a very addictive game. It's not too hard to make money, my only wish is that there was more artists to choose from, and artists that aren't based on real life artists. Overall I really like this game and have had no problems since installing.

john gormley

Good but... The game is really good but it will be 5 stars if you have the option to create and customize your own singers

Jordan Brown

Broken Won't even go a minute without crashing.

Iqbal Makmur Official

Addictive Game! This game was easier than other game in my gadget, but this game make me addicted! I was played this game for an hours! Please give a sound effect for the music, thanks :)

Carvalho Jerome

Pretty good Watching your numbers go up is pretty great however I've reach the peak of everything in like 3 days and am at 59 on the leader boards already. Needs a seriously update because I've not touched it since. But great game overall

Ramon Rodriguez

Awesome update Love the new feel

Aaron DiTonno

Crashes a lot. Turns off randomly and eats money when it does.

Alex Gray

Good but buggy Great game but the minigames are very buggy to touch sensitivity especially rhythm and sequence. Also freezes a lot

Devin Ruiz

Good game I have been on and off this game for a few years now. Fun good game. Hard to maintain money though


Great game I loved it and also it's good that for once a game takes into account that pirating exists.

Anthony Cobb

I like it..but make it to where we can create our own people and style of music and stop the game crashes and I'll rate 5 stars

Damien Matteson

Keeps freezing I can play 5 to 10 minutes before it freezes.otherwise it would be good passing time game

steve stevingson

Horribe game I got cancer from this game

Kellyane Rochon

It's lagging terribly! I can't get through a mini game anymore!

Trace Gale

Inconsistant Lot of this doesnt make sense..lwer artisty makes better songs? I use the producer with epic record and still have trouble hitting top 10..Fans are lost faster than gained..crap game.good starting point but got alot to go before this is fun.

Hafidh Abrar

Is this game way too easy or am i too lucky? I've been playing this game for about 12 hours and now i've reached #5 in billboard and managed to get skyscrapper hq

Charles Ndiritu

Awesome game Likeable game with amazing gameplay but needs a notch in the bank because it doesn't portray bank picture.....although it's an awesome game and I loved it

Amy Duncan

The chord game... get rid of it I love the game so much, but the chord thing doesn't work and it always comes up and makes my songs a lot worse than they could be

kidd shaw

You should add artist beefs and it keeps freezing and it is very annoying I have a billion pounds and I lose money every time this game freezes PLEASE FIX

Raphael Marcial

It always crush Why does it always crush i just go and press new game or continue and it will crush i didn't even have time to play it and it took me trying and trying it for 14 minutes please fix it.

Michi Dlamini

Bad I would give you 5 stars but it always goes off every time I'm playing I love this game please fix this issue

Jermaine Jones

I'm in the music and this is on point music piracy is a kick in the teeth . You spend every hour recording , gigging , meetings in fact you don't stop then some punks come along and steal all of your hard work! This is an awesome app thanks

Jun Haera

It was a great game . Time killer and awesome . Just keep on addicted to play it

Alberto Cardona

Addicted I love this game. I do wish there was more to do. I am looking forward to future content

Randomtv Cast

Hold The Chord How do you play this minigame? (hold the chord)It never works out for me.

mike hatley

More I am so in to this game but it cuts off each time. Bet you can't top this one.

Tyler Frost

Good game, to fast paced They need to slow the speed of the game down. I lose my fans just as fast as I make them. Every hard to even manage 2 artist. Good game overall, but you lose fans way too fast.

Briana Hardy

This game is awesome I love this game it's soooo fun!!!! Add more things to it!!!

Jayvee Aguilar

Crashed It crashes every after 3 minutes of playing.

Flagg Marquis

Ok When is the next update and they should have auto compose

Ant Jackson

Need a part two Great concept, great game overall just keep updating and make it better.

Luka Mikic

Nice but sooooo buggy

Ricci Santmier

It's keeps freezing and kicking me off

Adam Slevin Devery

Freezes constantly if u make an update that fixes this i will give you 5 stars and re download


Should make a movie version of this


Music Inc Can see that it's going to be a great game but I keep getting frozen and app crashes

Marlynn Swanigan

Seems like a total jerk made this game to troll Fun for a few hours tops but the gameplay is too crowded there needs to be shortcuts buttons on some or many of the menus and you have to keep scrolling from the top of the list every time you come back to one. I give it a few weeks it'll be dead it could've been good if the developer weren't a bunch o douches. You're really not that good yet. I'm so sorry I'm gonna forget about your game.

Tanner Payne

The game keeps freezing. I would totally rate this as a five.... if I could play it without it freezing.

Léon Bronlon

Good but Too short, please add music style and more artist. MORE ARTIST PLEASE.


Great game, but........... Artists loose fans fast and by large numbers, can you fix this! Also a large music company has a lot of artists on its roaster, create more slots for signing new talent.

Jono Romanos

Glitches Was fun until a glitch caused me to lose £10m and end the game. Completely ruined the fun.

Caleb Elder

Love the game but it crashes I love the game but it crashes almost every 2 minutes


I freaking love this game If you could make you own person 6star lol

Georgios Syrmos

Update The update is actually way better. The fans decrease extremely fast though. When I reach the singer at 90k fans for example they drop at a rate of 2k per 5 seconds which is way more that I can make from promoting them or making a new song. Also I feel like the minigames have ruined the game. I support this game from the day it released and trust me. Before the minigames it was way better.

James Wright

Needs work on fans decreasing and mini games Overall trying to manage more than 2 artists gets tricky as you can lose fans rapidly while trying to promote one artist. Holding the button needs work as well and needs work

Hester van der Walt

Like however, Game freezes and crashes every 2 min.

Lisa Zamouri

Really enjoying this but... I think the artists lose fans too quick. Also, releasing songs doesnt give enough fans

Sam Cheema

Meh Good game but keeps freezing all the time

Erica Free

Started out fun but always freezes

Dj Shuffle

Love this!

Paulo Da Costa

Awsome game Got me addicted instantly, been playing it for 12h straight. Ahahah very easy, still interesting after some time with new artist and world tours I made billions in a couple hours

Michael Spencer

Fun Games easy and fun. Started today and already have the best things. The memorizing is ridiculously hard I dont't like it. Add more artists, places, etc.

Ramon Tharpe

Fun, but freeze a lot It froze the first 10 mins I played and I had to Un install it. It seemed ok, but I didn't play long enough to really be able to tell ***updated I re installed and it still freezes a lot. If those problems are fixed I will rate 5 stars. It's really fun. I had 2 artist and upgraded to quickly and ended up going bankrupt. I had to start over from scratch and made it back to getting top 10 songs. Fix the crashes I'll update

Tristan Morilla

Fun but... I had a lot of fun but, the game was crashing from than 7 times within like 10 minutes of playing. I beat the game in two hours cause there's literally only 5 upgrades.. Like there should be more things you need to save up for.. More things you can buy... The mini game chords is so broken.. And the point of teaming up became pointless because my artists were just so good they didn't need to team up so there's another thing I don't need to spend money on... Make it harder so we can play it longer... Uninstal

Tyreak Manning

Fun but Game should give you more options like to buy members of ur label houses cars money jewelry . make the game have more problems that the real industry has.

Virginie LGB

Fun while it lasted It was cool, but I unlocked everything within 2 days and now it's quite boring... All I do is get more money. That's it.

Alain Xalabarde

If Only it Didn't Crash Looks promising. I would like the feeling of more limitless characters via random name generation, etc. It would increase replayability. Considering the game is free, with no annoying in app purhases or ads, it's pretty cool. If only the game didn't constantly crash. Also, mini games are not super accurate and can become frustrating at times. I do like the interface and basic gameplay. It'd be nice to have albums though.

Shay Misty

Glitchy Every time I open the app it's fine for a minute, and then it just stops working. I tried reopening again, and it just keeps stopping. Please fix.

Marnix Broek

Was good, but... It worked perfectly fine, but then I suddenly lost 2 million which got me starting over again as the bank didn't fully agree with the idea..

Luke Celitan

Good start but boring end play Had a lots of fun at the beginning of the game, but quickly achieved the best upgrade, after that there is just no motivation to keep going

Trace Gale

Hold The Chord Says you overhauled the mini games but Hold The Chord still doesnt work i suppose to try and hold all of the chords or certain ones? I dont get wtf im suppose to do with that one.

Leki Jolo

I used to like this game Every since that awful update this game has just become annoying. I've had to start over from scratch three times already for money problems that just appeared out of nowhere! It's annoying! Please fix this game there are too many bugs!

Maurice Sapp

Love this game , put me in the mind of a real producer but I wish we can expand more with signing more artist, getting better studios etc now I've collected all the money I have and cant use it....but I love it

Anne Marek

I like it Maybe add options to sign more than 5 artists and staff once you get the Skyscraper? It's not realistic enough to be running a multi-million dollar business and only have 5 staff members and a handful of artists.

Nicz_ Fan

Very nice game Love this, makes my long commute much more manageable, it can get a little boring in my opinion once you get around 2.5m, but it really is a good game, thank you devs!

Julia Wright

Would be fun if it didn't freeze or force close like every 5 seconds

Randy Newman

Was great. Then mini-games came... This was a great game until the mini-games got added. Now I can't even get 4 stars when I pay the most expensive producer. You have to play the mini-games to even earn your money back from recording and releasing a song. The mini-games alone are enough to make me want to stop playing this game. Seriously considering deleting. Which is sad, because this was one of my favorite games.

Sanjai Joseph

Always freeze The game freeze and crash each time when i create a song.Also this happens in mini games too. Fix it

Rafli Fadilah

Nice but... Always stop working and unresponsive

Neel Chotai

I want to love this game but there are huge bugs that need to be fixed.

Ray Haggins

Too easy... It's a pretty fun game, however, It's too easy. After a few hours of playing I already feel like I've successfully beat Empire. Maybe we can go international, Buy homes, Multiple HQs, Companies competing against us. Online mode, artists demanding more... Idk something!

Pacial Telpad

Why does the game freeze so much? It freezes every 1 to 5 minutes. I have to exit every time. Its beginning to get annoying.. I feel like I'm playing a next gen game without animations.. Uninstalling for now..

Adam Crisp

Didn't take much to beat this game Interesting idea, but needs more

Ponyfied Gaming

Very Fun It's fun but constantly freezes during mini games and when composing music

Cassidi Blackburn

Great but glitches Awesome game but some song quality mini games didn't answer my touches and the game froze and shut down occasionally. However, this is a great concept and hope it stays strong

Lawrence Spencer

Pay Close Attention If you pay close attention to the game you might learn something

Megija Postaža

Doesnt let me to even start playing! This game looks promising, but it crashes eveey time i go in it . It loads in and when i press 'new' button (since i have never played this game before) , it just crashes . I heard alot about this game and i think its cool but fix the bugs!

Saul Contreras

I love but once I get 50,000,000,000 dollar I start losing profit

Justin Generoso

Gets boring after just 1 hour of game time. Calibration for mini games sucks. Mini games are repetitive and boring. No bg music.

colin Thurston

Keeps stopping Freezes up, then you have to close it down all the time

Simon Paull

mini games are fixed even when you get 100% on them at least one Light will turn red so you don't get the full stars

Charles Goggans Sr

Fun Good game. Addictive if not careful because you get all the way involved in building your empire! Easy to navigate, not experienced any bugs thus far and great for killing time! Only thing I look forward to is having a login so you don't lose your game if phone goes out or you swap phones.

Lilac Ruiz

Crashes Every 2-5 Minutes; Sudden Reset I can't really enjoy this if it suddenly goes out every other minute. Also, the game overheats my phone. And it reset my game so I had to start all over again just when I was about to get my third HQ upgrade :( But I do love the gameplay. Please update soon.

Jacob Clasener

Mini games and 5th staff The mini games are stupid. I skip them all until I get the rhythm one, then that always skips part way through leading to misses. Also having a problem with hiring a 5th staff member.

Mohato Phakoe

Great game but Would be better if you can hire at least 10 employees. Songs should make more money since paying employees is a lot of money. SERIOUSLY, please COME UP WITH A WAY FOR US TO MANAGE ALL THE ARTISTS AT ONCE! By that I mean if I am working on 1 artist , the other artists should be taken care of. But instead when I'm working on 1 artist that others lose fans, become demotivated etc.

Sharna Nichols

I like the game its kind of addictive but.... While I'm playing the game crashes so every time I have to stop and reload the game really annoying...

Mr Joseph B

Does nothing but mess up my phone, get your game working please it is so fun It works here and there keeps makeing my phone not work..ugh its a good game too bad

Georgios Syrmos

Update I have been a follower of this game since its release. I can't understand the drop rate of the fans anymore. I lose 10k fans per 5 seconds. I drop from 100k to 60k in a matter of seconds. I really would appreciate a fix to it. Thank you!!

Jordan Mathieu

Fun, but needs work All the minigames have a slight delay to them, also the chart that shows you your profit moves very slowly

Lam Awesome

Pretty fun It feels kind of monotonous. But it's still amusing.

Mike Diligent

Have been looking for this style of game that relates to my lifestyle I like every aspect about this game and very user friendly. if I could change anything I would have some way of protecting your artist from the banker like a second chance instead of just cutting you out straight away because at that level while maintaining number 1 hits in the charts, the management are very expensive aid your artist greatly but with them added also leaves you vulnerable to being in debt and being eliminated. an update to stop you being cut straight away off banker would be better. also add more Genres & Sub-Genres all in all Lovely and well developed game! ''Please make PC Version''

Chelsea Khaos

Keeps crashing Would be a great game but it continuously keeps crashing about 2 minutes after I open the game. Please fix otherwise fun game.

Critical Shot

Fun Game. Addicting, gets me playin in the toilet (nah, just joking) but it's a fun game that has the potential to become the top #1 game on play store other than Pokemon GO!

I like this game but something crashes I am very like it this game when i was first installed but every i open this game just 5 minutes i played , this game freeze please fix the issue

cedric de wilde

NEEDS UPDATE!! Like I saw someone else's comment, I thought why not tell them that I've got the same issue, I also have galaxy S3 and every 2-5 min it does crash so please fix this issue because I like this game also cuz I wanna start a label on my own in a couple years though.

Great Game... but It crashes way too much and that really needs to be fix other than that super fun

Angela Araza

Back to the good old days It would've been a great game if the mini games were removed. Add some little in app purchases and poof! A great effing game. :)

John Caldito

It crashes alot please help me so I can give 5 stars thank you

The game keeps hanging and I have to close it pls fix it and I'll rate higher


Help Great game its addictive and fun but i lost the game because i cant figure out how to pay off the bank i might just be stupid but i cant find it anywhere

Ava Cagney

Saves It doesn't have slots if you lost that you can regain yourself from...It crashes a bit but other than that pretty good.

Rugy Sherry

Crashing It crashes a lot especially when I play to boost the beat

Jeff onuschak

Eh....OK I guess It was fun until it became horribly repetitive

Bianca Howell

It's fun but once you achieve the last building it gets repetitive! Should add more levels

Queen Mona

Trash App froze and deleted every thing i work for

Ian Thomas

It's a great game Thank you for the update ❤! A really fun game, really in depth experience, but at the same time very casual.

Tyler Shaver

EMINEM Love the Beninem character with the genre Detroit rap.

Ferina Fenty

Good but I think you should the option to add albums

Jeremy Jones

Great Game Great Game! You be worth more if you could have your artist team up together.

Flagg Marquis

Ok When is the next update and they should have auto compose

Daniel McDonald

Seems fun but... I can't get very far before it randomly freezes

Victor Oyebade

Add In apps purchases. Hard to get to the top,without a little springboard.

Sha'Rae Tarver

Fun.. I like the game it is fun, but it needs more upgrades

Shakira Van Der Merwe

Love it Very's super awesome

Low Key Kwon

Addictive I love this game 10/10

Chris Boardman

Addictive Compete against others online

Kevin Jacquet

It's fun

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