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30 May
Multiplayer Driving Simulator

Posted by AxesInMotion Casual in Racing | May 30, 2016 | 199 Comments

Apk file size: 35.0 MB

Multiplayer Driving Simulator is the most extreme real time multiplayer car driving simulator on Play Store. Drive a turbo sports car, crash it, drift it as fast as you can and burn the asphalt of the road with more people!!

Prove yourself the fastest driver in the world, burn the asphalt at extreme speeds and feel the need of racing with this amazing multiplayer game. Racing online had never been so fun!

No police and no traffic. Just you and your friends. Enjoy roaming or drag race your GT cars. You choose!

Environment featuring off-road rally zone, and big city asphalt among others.

This game is in BETA state. It might not work properly. We might change everything in any moment. Hope you understand this situation and accept our apologies.

Whats new

    Update v1.08!
    NEW Racing mode: Race against your friends!
    Play with your friends by logging into Facebook!
    More cars!
    Bug fixes and general optimization.
    CHAT UPDATE v1.05:
    You asked for it!! Room chat added!!
    Player names on cars!!
    Up to 6 players per room!!
    Many more cars added. Unlock them in single player and show them off in multiplayer mode!
    New animated menu.
    Redesigned UI.
    Many more features to come. Stay tuned!

AxesInMotion Casual part of our Racing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 30, 2016. Google play rating is 84.4507. Current verison is 1.03. Actual size 35.0 MB.

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coby jeffords

Would give 5 but adds are every 2 mins. Spread them out a little. And give more cars. Then I'll give 5 stars

Bender 20

OK good game but connection requirements are all good but only one thing make it so everyone on any type connection join multiplayer because I'm on a slow network about 678k/s I'd like it if I didn't have to just stick in single player õ_õ

Justin Jones

Multiplayer Driver Simulator Is OK cause I would like to use different cars cause it gets boring just using the same car over and over again.

Ibrar Jan

Cool It's amazing I love it 5 star

BRO nobody

Amazing Stuff: Suggestion The game is pure amazing! Multiplayer is as smooth as butter, and the glitches are super funny. However, after collecting those 10 stars to get a buggati, thats what I assume, it brings me back to the menu and thats it. I didnt get my reward. Its okay though, since its still in beta version. Ill be waiting for the Final one! GREAT JOB DEVELOPERS :D

Radia Khatib

No access Cant get into multiplayer main reason for downloadin this shit uninstall button is so good

Raoul Bădărău

Great! :) The concept of this game is very awesome.I think the physics of the car are sometimes exagerated, the car acting like a piece of cardboard but hei, it's all about fun. The details are amazing for the game size. I think all this game needs is separate rooms so you can play with friends and also some Google Play achievements integration - like distance jumped, cars wreked etc. I totally suport the game developers :)

Lucas Lesher

Good It reminds me of extreme car driving simulator its the same map but I would mix it up and put different maps that you can play

Leeann Taylor

Add You need to add in a map extension and more cars please then I will give you five stars

Jordan Agan

Awesome The only things I could ask for would be to keep the glitches and add someway to chat

BlazinSkrubs AnimeHunter

Please it could be so good Work with the devs of Extreme car driving simulator and get multiplayer on that app, it would be so good

Mili A

Stupid I have internet connection speed 10mb/s and working perfect .. this stupid game showing connection quality in RED

master norman

I can't play multiplayer. Connection quality failed all times. Uninstalling now.

ninja Spaghetti

beamNG equivalent of android Amazing game. however, you should add more cars

Jello Repani

Has opportunity but... When I play multiplayer I can't connect because it always fail to gain connection quality

Ryan Stackpole

If there was more cars , bigger map , hold more people in a session and a customization feature. Then id give 5 stars. Definitely a good game base. With alot of updates and improvements it would be an amazing game.

Alison Parker

poo This is the most stupid game ever. When I have WiFi it says "you have not met the requirements. HATE IT

Dark Knight

Multiplayer game? Bleh! Can't even get into the multiplayer stage because it says that I don't have the "required" things to play the multiplayer. F*ck you! Uninstallin'.

Jasmine James

The ads. Dont put any ads in when racing. It messed me up when I was trying to do a flip.

Tala McLennan

If you play whith other people If you're a girl and you play with other people and you're car is pink the other player's are boy's and they try to kill you're car so just go in dark red and if you go in pink they will chase you EVREYWERE but if you're not in pink they leav you alone:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Justin Singh

It's cool But I just hate why you can't have different cars

Tanner Waliters

Update it plz Update it so the paint shop and the airport and the off roading area or in the game and I will rate 5 Stars

Noel Black

Game the best yo probably gonna be hard to hit cars online but have you played gta 5 online?

Giorgos Giannas

This game is AWESOME!! but... If you add chat box and more cars I will rate OVER 9000!!!!!!

Marius Toma

Its ok...i think >:( Its a good game but its SOOOOOOO laggy! Plz plz pllzzzzzz! Fix

Edwin Vargas

Great game This is a fun game but I would like to drive more than one car...I'll rate this game 5 stars if u let us drive atleast 5 cars

Cyril Gagal

Love it but can you guys add a new cars please i have give you 5 stars but please give us new cars

Raymond Schaffran

A lot like muscle car pc games. 5 stars if ads spread further

bret hill

Great but... You should have more cars and servers so you can play with who you want other than that awesome game

Bjorn Yane

Pls read I like this game a lot but wen i play whit other player I want to ask if they want to race but I can't because you did not add chat +it lags but so farr so good keep up the good work

Junain Wei

I like the idea and the game but.. And cannot connect to multi-player because of connection quality. My connection is full on my phone.

Isaac Delong

Well.. U should really put some more map onto it like extreme car driving simulator 2015

agus har

I love it I love to crash with my friend

Mike Scimitt

IT THE WORST I HAVE EVER PLAYED Why wont it let me play multiplayer saying no internet connection WHEN I HAVE 5 BARS

Paige Hyatt

Awsome and do you get the bugttai for mulitiplauer for free or do you need to unlock it SooooooooAwsomeeeeeee!

lorna Kennedy

Just a sugestion I reckon you should be able to have names and so u can send ppl friend requests and you can play with them again!

Alfredo Rodriguez

What I have Ben searching for Car sandbox but one thing bugs me and that is....... Please allow the damage to show to the other cars so we can all see how damaged the cars are

Sabiha Shaikh

Yay but I m not able to connect multipliyar it stops at quality of connection the third option plzz do me.

Monica Devine

Awesome Just need to fix a little bit of the lag but multiplayer Awesome

Дмитрий Виситский

Нехватает пива и чипсов!:D Developers please add this game chat

Chevrolet Chevrolet

Please add chat.we wan't talk

Judy Pacheco

loved it Really loved the game problem is when i wanna change my car it has a ad but overall the game is fun. Hope their is a update when you get to change the color of your rims or wheels in the paint shop like a other option bisides changing the color of your car. Like the game and keep the updates coming. And also add more cars please like a audi r8 or a corvette stingray.

Stephanie marie wagner

Awesome but, Me and my cousin play together on here and make friends! The only thing I am going to say is, can you update the game so we can choose servers or friends lists? It is so I can join my cousin faster than logging on 4000000x. Also, can we have different cars or colors and different maps? Thank you!! 4 stars...

Michael B

Please please Can you add lots and lots of cars please cuz I have all the car and now the game feels boring to me like I've done everything ..Please add lots of car and make it where u have to pay more money instead of driving distance ...I spent 2 days driving jus to unlock the bugotti and now that I have all the car now what ?? That's it?? So and could you put the airport back on please please put the airport back on and please stop the disconnect and and please add rooms you can enter thxs

nishank makhijani

Good but.. I wanted to play this game with my cousin but I am not able to do so because we both are being thrown in different rooms. Why can't we select our own rooms to play. Then it would be great fun to play this game.

Tyler Maldonado

If you idiots arddded this to extrem e car simulator, hen duh do ry db driveway suited do so Judi Tim fun fun egg do to dry run fv think signify from west do poop peee

Nick Montgomery

Sweet I liked it but it would be cool if there was a friend list also it would be cool if you could drive and see you car at the same tome

Heather Prescott

Awesome game but.. I think you should add some more cars and have a friends list so its easier to find your friends in game. And maybe even another map or a bigger one! It would be appreciated much !

BobZack4488 Awesomeness

I want vinyls and decals and neon lights and rims and a Chevy Camaro and a Mazda RX-8 and a Dodge Charger and Challenger and more space to drive like an airport and offroad and the reverse lights!

Ragnarok Minamoto

Pretty Freaking Amazing Although getting cars may take some time to get, it's still a good and solid concept with the mileage and collectables thing. The credits thing...just random and stupid since you only use for spray paint and one car pack, but I'm sure they'd have to add a lot more in the future. And obviously we need a lobby searching and lobby making system implemented so we will be able to play with our friends. Oh yeah also add a friend list system as well. Need a few more areas too than just that city piece.(OutofSpace)

lbs trs

I do think that you should add a friends list and some more cars to make this game even better and I really like the game too

Ty Willis

Missions At a race mission on multiplayer mode and let people race other people then this will be the best game I have played

agustin sepulve

good but only 1 prob.. i played it before new update, and now i cant update it and play. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING D: :( :( :( :( :(

Michael Hill

Needs a friends list It's a fun and addicting game but I want to join my friends and brothers

Bobby Vencill

Pimp my ride? Put neon kits or spinner rims it would be much appreciated but BTW great game

Siyiane Lee

Its good But can add more cars like the Nissan gtr or the Audi r8

Inga Amaechi

Ok It looks very interesting. I can't wait to try it out.

jamesruby tail

Awsome! Just wished it had the same cars as the original extreme car simulator has.

john walker

Its OK But if you added an option where you could customize your cars would be better and also a bigger map instead of just a small city

frank rodriguez

Alot of hope for this This game is actually on the way to being close to Need For Speed Most Wanted's freeroam, just few more sections added to the map and a bit more tweaking on the shading and graphics, and this game would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Also, for some reason my chat stops working, I cant enter it and it just stays next the the chat button, it used to work but im not sure, (using a LG Optimus F60)

David Steckert

I love this game I have been playing this game nonstop ever since i got it. It's very fun especially if you have the bugatti. The only thing i would say is that the developers should add more cars to it.

Kenneth Robinson

I love it But bring back the air port and off road.

Knute Pinto

Needs improvement The steering is highly insensitive and too many ads keep popping.

Muhammad Syauqi

Fantastic!!! This game same just like Extreme Car Driving Simulator but in Multiplayer. Please make the multiplayer can using data connection and create more map

typicall 2344 morales

Them graphics I love this game because it feels like gta

Nick Bellah

Map and paint shop The game is awsome but to make it amazing put in a map cause we really need one cause if we race we have to know where we are going. And a paint shop cause people want more colors them the classics

Susmarti Prastiwi

Weird When i play this i want to change car paint somebody say uninstall this app for change color and somebody say when spawn there is paint shop and add players make a room so other players can selected room what he want and add new maps

Osman Samsuri

Add more and improve Improve on the physics. I dont like the crash system for now. Add more map stuff

Caleb Joseph

Need to be able to add friends. I mean what good is multiplayer game if u cant add friends

Louis Bliss

I love it But I think u should add friend request

Cameron Knighten

I can't spell right so you know what it say Can you put where you can changes the colors on a buggi (both color) and need to add where you can changes the color of the wheel and put different rims

DayGo Swag

Upgrades and Styles Please add the old honda civic from the first fast and furious and please let us be able to add spoilers and underglow neons. If you do this this will be the best game ever. Dont forget to add the civic and green neon underglow thanks!

mason robinson

Play with me friends I Can never get in the same server as my freinds make it where u can add a name and search them so u can play with them

Noah Farmer

Needs some work Great game but needs more cars, day and night, with customization (spoilers bumpers side skirts etc), a bigger map, races, weather, and the traffic car ai need some work aswel, I believe with these it could be an amazing game.

Matthew Hagerman

Put the words paint shop in the main menu and you should be able to paint your car

Dakota Wilson

Its a good game but add some racing maps

Aurora Perez

Thanks for the up date i would rate it more than 5 if i can best simulator game /race free roam game one last request can you add were you could fix you car for a low price still five stars

Derick Goff

Like it Add rooms to where u can join in racing . And plz put pick up truck and off road racing where u have to race each other through mud over logs and up hills

Tami Hartley

I think that multiplayer needs to have damage, smoke, and rolling wheels with all players.

Don Lang

Can't change color I love the game but I gave it a 4 star because for my phone I can't change the color of my car without it crashing

Kagamine len

You need to release something in the next update Well, i like this game, but in the next update, you could acttualy add 2 maps, like airport and offroad and can you fix the game because you cant play racing mode, it always freeze and wont load, i hope you read this, axesinmotion casual.

Blake Grigg

Few bugs In multiplayer. If you go a certain speed it makes all the cars invisible and. Some times people are floating in mid air and why add ads on multiplayer. You get an ad every 10 seconds I have never had this issue and why make the koenigsegg agera . Slower it hits a speed of 440kmh. while the bugatti veyon. Hits only 408kmh. Not that it's a big issue but still and could use a few more cars still fix the ads at least . I will give 5 stars if no or decrease in ads

Richard The Sylveon

This update was useless! What's with way more ads and not being able to move in the racing mode!? USELESS. Plz fix and I will give five stars. >_<

SpencerMii Gaming

Cool Game The multiplayer classic mode have lags, next time you update, get rid of bugs.

Alexander Gonsalez

Wow! Dumb people when you play turn off the wifi lol when you play alone when you play online press pause before the timer that says ad in 3 2 1 that thing and press back and your back lol

brandon song

Flawed with Big Potential Problems: Ads interrupt in the middle of a race; Matchmaking system and multiplayer system are barely functional; Speedometer is not accurately scaled; Steering and acceleration system is horribly underdeveloped. So why is this still a 3/5? The graphics and physics are the best yet for mobile platform racing with a functional(barely) matchmaking multiplayer.

Mya Perez

No more ads I hate the ads. If I ever see dad again I'ma throw up. I wish they deleted the ads. If only they knew how hard it was to live. I wish that they did something to stop it. If I know how hard it was we got at like every second. Listen government you guys thinking you're going to keep giving the fans with so many ads. We want justice no more ads. Are you with me or are you guys going to just stand there and cry all day with ads in your faces. Like a nerd

Fighter Ninja

Great game I love the game but can you please make the map like the first game like with airport and off road. Also can you make an option to turn off six cause I'm always listening to music and the drift sound is getting really annoying. If you do these requests you will be my best friend ever. Thanks :)

Zander Segroves

UPDATE PLEASE Update to where there are different maps, such as the airport. I would have given you 3 stars because I hate ads. If you want people to play your game, REMOVE THE ADS!!!

Ethan Ward

BEST DRIVING GAME This game is everything I cold ask for on a driving simulator. But could u add manual transmission.

Christian Mcmurray

Dating and 9 year olds swearing Hey in this game there are kids dating and swearing trying to act cool its annoying you like 10,9,13, year olds datin and swearing in here and im 13 I swear in this but not for no reason

Michael Ampuero

Can't get online !!! I know this is not my internet that is messing up as many other games that I have are multiplayer online games! This is really annoying I tried everything to get online but it seems to do nothing !!! I would give it a 4 star rating but no. These problems really can be annoying to many people

Sycon 1

Hmm...It's fine I guess. Yeah it's good and all and really good graphics but the frame rate is horrible and also another thing has been bugging me, why does the players just sit in air like that? I'm not too fond of this game but I like the old version better where has not too many bugs and lag. But yeah it's a fun game. =)

Gabriel Loh

Wow First of all, ads. I get that you guys wanna make money and all, but don't you think having an ad every 5 seconds is a bit too much? Also, i think all of us agree that it's time that you added new cars in the game. Lastly, please please please bring back the crashing physics from the old version

Tips n Tricks

Much room for improvement After the latest update, the app lags due to increase in ads, also there is a bug that causes players to have a blue screen. Not only that, but players in classic mode appear to be stuck in midair instead of moving and in race mode it counts down for next race from the 9th second to 1 but after 1, players freeze, preventing them from moving. Another issue that requires your attention is the amount of cars, after obtaining the Bugatti and driving for a while, app gets boring and the lack of variety in maps as well. One car players seem to agree with is to add the Hennessey venom gt. Day & night setting when it rains and car lights are on would be another great feature that will diminish players' boredom. It would be best if this app had updates that occur more often, it has been a while since last update. Please fix the issues. Thanks! (:

seneca Oliphant jr

Dumb This game is horrible everytime I play in multiplayer it kicks me off the server even thought I have great WiFi signal in my house it tells me room is full or I have disconnected. Second on multiplayer I can't find anyone anywhere because their is a glitch that allows you to go completely off the map.

Liam Hickmam

Drifting I think you need to improve the ability to drift on this game without pressing the brake especislly woth the muscle car as i payed for it please thank you

Kellen All

I cant play... Its annoying you need to fix this problem it says to reconnect my internet... Before you say check my internet... I HAVE FREAKIN 5 BARS... So can you fix this problem and ill rate 5

fit lake tarker

THIS GAME IS HORIBLE!!! There is no new biomes just a stupid city that I have explord 10000 times! I tried multi pleyer mode but all the other pleyers where just floating there and as I said nooo biomes! I got bored so I tried to race but is said I had low internet I HAVE 4 BARS!!! I have nothing good to say about this game! Way to many adds! I was about to crash into a CPU than a stupid add popped up. DONT GET THIS GAME!!!

Leed Castillo

Transformers Add the transformers drift cross hairs and we'll all of them so I could putt a five star till you do

Rajk Gurung

It turned awesome to ok I'm disappointed on how u updated the chat box thing. It made ppl asking ppl for dating, saying bad words, and saying inappropriate stuff. Plz fix dis. (Not my account my dad)

Rae Harris

Love it I got a clan and its fast and no bugs awesome hope u enjoy it 2

Noah Henry

Ads Awesome game. The only problem I have with it are the amount of ads that come up. Get rid of them and its one of the best

Adam Turbo

Could use adjustments The gameplay is fine as it is, however in the multiplayer section there are two choices: classic freemode, and racing mode, in which only classic mode actually functions. This game could use an update to help allow players access this racing content. Classic is great and everything but, sometimes when entering multiplayer it the screen freezes or other players freeze mid-air at the spawn point, which causes there to be less players. Maybe an update could be made for the actual gameplay and possibly, most urged, is a new car pack. After earning all the cars it gets boring and unappealing. Most Requested cars that I have heard in total are: the Mclaren P1, Hennessey Venom GT, Lamborghini Veneno or Sesto Elemento, Toyota Supra, and or Audi R8 (Spoiler is necessary to the GT and the Supra). Also the update has caused there to be a too great amount of ads which highly interrupts especially in classic mode. Something that would be appreciated by me and fellow players is a bigger map. In addition to a bigger map, the login should use more than just facebook, such as: google, google plus, twitter, instagram, etc. Besides that, it has very great gameplay, & I highly urge the update. Enjoy!

Joshua Williams

I loved it its cool and good cars try it! The reson peaple are sayin bad stuff is because they have a bad device with bad wifi conection i love the game and u should try it if u try it and u go on multiplayer and u see a red bogoti car thats name is josh u should tell me if u like the game. ??????

Ben Erwin

It's pretty cool My brother showed me this game. I liked it at first then it started to get boring so maybe ad some new cars and maybe I will start playing again.

Cesar Cruz

What I keep trying to connect on other servers but it keeps saying that my internet has been disconnected even when it is still connected and I tried other internet connections but still doesn't work please fix it

tony stark

Awesome again The new update is again amazing with cool features but 1think which I don't like is soooo many ads..otherwise again awesome update..and plz add new modes like airport,mountains. Plz!! And add more sports cars!!!!and plz we want the next new update fast...because now it's plzzzzz axes in motion we want new update!! And I have 2 say one thing that you are best axes in motion u guys...and I hope you will read my request...plz!!!!!!☺☺??and huh arrows are not working properly so plz

Dallas Morgan

SAME AND RUINED This game was fun last year when I first download it in June but now this is BS can't get online nor race and way too hard and too long to get cars put it back to the way it was THEN YOU PEOPLE MIGHT GET 5 STARS BUT FOR NOW -100,000,000 STARS

Elijah Mason

Awesome show the damage on the other player's car!and put on day and night like you dont switch it does it automaticly and also add some rain and when it rains it gets slippery.

william bonds

So things to fix!!! Be able to make own party with codes for their friends, game kicks me off line while playing. Make game better then I will re-rate it

Christian Winston

Add these plz they'll make the game funner They should add a vote to kick out button and a randomizer for games that you can play online with others. Like crash derby and police chases, aka tag and or freeze tag. Also add new maps too. Also add a lobby list to it to. PLZ look at this and update the game. It's fun to make new friends on local and daily basis. : )

Jadian medina

I don't like anymore Bro I used to play this on my old tablet now I switched to a new one and I can't even get into multiplayer fix and I will give automatically five stars

Sniperbat 97

Fix this little issue Every time I enter racing mode, when it finishes countdown for next race, it freezes all the players, no one can move, please fix. Thank you


Pretty good Good game but laggy plz fix this

Rogelio Mendoza

My progress was erased... I had every car unlocked, then I updated the app, and now I have lost all of my progress. Now I have to regain it all over again. Also when I'm connected to WiFi and I join a server, it says I have been disconnected from the internet, when in reality I am connected to the internet. FIX THIS, Please.

ravi kiran

Online fails Game is nice but doesnt login to facebook or we can play with our friends. Graphics are worst.. dont download..

Gavonxwillits Xavior06

Cool game I play it all the time but really rude comments

Jerome Jackson

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Mary Mogadam

Cool You get to play with your friends? Or make friends? Or whatever you want! But one thing... Sometimes when I try to bring up the Keyboard to type, it brings it down and I don't even touch anything! Can you fix that please?

Nikerston Williams

It's so cool I think this game is so cool because they have fast cars and slow cars I think the black car and the end of all then cars that u are suppose to unlock I think that is the fastest car in the whole game.

Brandon Healy

Needs New Server Setup This app is great but I really wish there was servers you could host and servers you can join I don't like the fact you are always joining random servers especially when you want to play with friends

Fujiwara Pikachu

Ads in the middle of gameplay Wtf u greedy assholes, i can understand that this game if free and u guys need to put ads to earn money, but force pausing my MULTIPLAYER game and showing a 30 sec video is not cool. Uninstalling so no ad revenue for you.

Veiana Veigas

Bad There is no car shadows like given in the screen shots please improve the graphics remove the ads please they are irritating me and because of this game I cant watch ads when it comes ad in 3 .... there will be a black screen and my game restarts please remove the ads please they are irritating me please remove them I beg you .

Adrian Jaggernauth

Can't connect to multiplayer I have the best Internet and I still cannot connect to the multiplayer.This is the only reason I downloaded this game,to experience the multiplayer but apparently you don't want me to pleas AXESINMOTIONS FIX THIS PLEASE and I will rate five stars


Omfg ads again ADS IN MIDDLE OF GAMELPLAY, COME ON DUDE! If you wanna put ads, put them in menu, dude. Oh and btw, we should be able to damn change the color of the car, thx

Chloe Washburn

Hey this is the best game ever the only bad part is that you dont get money fast.

Ed Taguibao

Laging arrow When your in classic mode there are players rigth theres an arrow in my view its pretty laggy and now the arrows turned straigth now i cant see any other players plz fix to get 5 star

Gm Mo3tasm

Remove ads and remove laging my inter net is fast Pleas make in the game create room and put in here password pleas and make the constant of the room 10 person pleas make a new cars and new maps pleas make this

Tips n Tricks

Much room for improvement After the latest update, the app lags due to increase in ads, also there is a bug that causes players to have a blue screen. Not only that, but players in classic mode appear to be stuck in midair instead of moving and in race mode it counts down for next race from the 9th second to 1 but after 1, players freeze, preventing them from moving. Another issue that requires your attention is the amount of cars, after obtaining the Bugatti and driving for a while, app gets boring and the lack of variety in maps as well. One car that players seem to agree with is to add the Hennessey venom gt. Day & night setting when it rains and car lights are on would be another great feature that will diminish players' boredom. It would be best if this app had updates that occur more often, it has been half a year since last update, which is very slow. Please fix the issues, and come up with ideas faster. Thanks! (:

Nick Palmer

Good game, but one thing... I downloaded this onto my dad's phone, & it was one of the best games I had ever played, until a horrible player called me a MF. I know you turn swear words into &, @ and other such things, but, like me, 11 & younger year olds play this game, & you cant let idiots call children that sort of thing. Plus, the player put spaces in the F-word after he realised it beeped it out. My brother, who is only 8, plays this game more than me, & he would be upset like me if someone called him that. This let me down.

Brandon Van Der Valk

Good game short 1 thing Hello guys. Firstly I want to say this is an awesome game. 1 problem: PLEASE add the airport to the game, will be 5 out of 5 stars. Other than that it's almost perfect besides the airport. Please dev...

John Webb

Cool fun game ☺☺☺☺ you get a good and fast car and it has high quality and if you get it you will love it


Ugh? Please help me Axels In Motion! This update ruined my game! I have entered the app several times and have waited for minutes, several times! This update ruined it and you need to get it back. I earned a lot of cars and money that took days/months please don't make me delete then download again! This is a fun game and I want to take part in the fun too. Please do something! Dont do this to me please! I love this game! Please help me! Fix it please!??

patti dockery

This is stupid The only reason why I'm giving you 3 stars is because 5 problems 1. Camera is messed up 2. Everybody thinks that this game is a dating game but really it is a driving game 3. People want stuff to go right like more maps and better people 4. People don't know how to spell correctly and 5. For the moment you've been waiting for is fix the game correctly and add more cars like supercars and make it easy to find the collectables for Bugatti and Mercedes which use to be the BMW if you do all of that I will give you five stars

dhruv patel

I'm angry now... This game update but not anything change and this game have alot ads so can u remove this ads in next update and add new maps in game and add new cars if u not add I give u one star


last update sucks. won't play it anymore.. 1- I want to turn off traction control, but there is no button. fix it quickly.. 2- the view distance is shorter now, I need long distance view back again. please fix it..

Hassan Akhter

Im rating because 1. Map is too small,2.less camera options and non-rotating camera option and last voice is same for all cars .The game is good but please pay attention to mines as well as others complains to avoid losing audiences.

TheIronWolf // TIW

Getting Better!!! Okay, this game is cool though. The only problem is 1. The map is too small 2. The cars were sounded same except the SUV. If this problem get solved, I'll rate 5 for it.

David Greene

Great game but.... It's a fun game but u need less ads and also you need to have better car sounds cause it sounds terrible

Keanu Ripley

But... I'm getting a lot of cash reward but theres nothing to spend it on so there's no point. Sometimes when a player joins, my camera clashes with his and can't change back to MY third person view. Should add a thing to customize your car, vinyl, paint, rims. Too many adds on short time. Adds every 30 seconds. Map needs to be bigger. Love the controls, love the word censor.

ASH_ rules

So cool The positive it good fun addicting. Negative to many adds lag could happen. But in total it a great game.

Jaylen Davis

This game is good First off I'm glade you have done well in the graphics one small detail is u should be able to have a friend list. I love this game and I would personally want to save my friends as friends on a list.

Shelby T

Hate it so much It is a really good game of you like to play with ppl but it has a topic when you are racing and then you can't race

Matthew Menzies

ADDS!!! I would give five stars but 40 second adds are stupidly anoying

Selena Karsh

Best Car Game I Ever Played. :-D I like the glitches and the cool updates and I still play this game :)


Used to work. I once had it before. It worked perfectly. Now I'm reinstalling it. Stays on AxesInMotion screen. fix this

Eduardo Bahena

It's good I like the game but now that I updated it, it wont le me play the game

Sandhir Nawbuth Sannipershad

Good game Cool but keeps getting stuck when a muscle car is there

Oswaldo Castaneda

Best Multiplayer Car Game You can play with other people and to unlock new cars you just have to keep on driving so I like the Multiplayer Car Game

veol ashton

Hated it This is the worst update ever I cant get my normal camera view I will just spectate others I hate you and please add 3 maps of airport, offroad and snow mountains and you can also add night time so it will be fun

Abdul-Aziz Barry

Only one prob Ok so the whole game is great I love the cars and graphics. But only one problem. Whenever someone gets on multiplayer with that classic car in the roaring pack I think, everyone on that server changes camera view from 3rd person to beside the front wheel of the persons classic car. Please help that cause in the next update. Thanks.

hassan zahid

Very good but. It's a very nice game. It works perfectly only needs that if u can add server lists so that friends can play together even if they are Not friends on Facebook

Andres Mota

Great game Can u add cabovers with trailers and tractor trailers and add them to the garage and drive able would love to see this in next update plz add for 5⭐

Kendall Major

Great game however... There are way too many ads. You should add police, a night/day cycle, a part of the city with curved and hilly roads, and let us choose the room we join. Also we should be able to add designs to our cars. One more thing: get rid of censoring please.

Christian Mcmurray

Too much ads Theres too much ads when u pause the game or when u playing the game. Before it used to be fun but now its just watching a bunch of ads everytime

King Maine

Game is great This game came a long way. Now it should keep going. Add bluetooth connection and car customizations. (Rims, body, spoiler, etc). It it should also fix the Facebook join friends game issue. I really wanna race my friends.

Boikanyo Melvin

Like it I like it when u compete with some 1 online but I wish u could improve it nd maybe make it multiplayer via blue tooth

Austin Palm

Better Graphics Try updating the graphics and make the place bigger to have more areas to drive in and more cars other than that the game is good

Doidoinhoon Lien

Good But can u let this game download on iPad please I will give u full star

Cameron Caudill

Please fix When I get on and its loading to start the game it doesn't load and I'm stuck on the loading screen and nothing happens. Please fix

icke dude

With the new update the Game won't start up please fix it just freezes I have a ASUS ZenPad C 7.0

Rova Arijaona

Awesome This game is awesome, but it needs more extensions, like a bigger place, and needs to add more cars, the more car there are, better gameplay! And it's really easy to max out everything, i have the buggati, and thats the last thing you do, so more faster cars, like a italia ferrari, chiron, and Koenigsegg one!

Erik Ponce

Needs more updates Like maybe add more and faster cars.maybe a uh mussel car the that has better about the map add that it can turn night time and add whether like rain or I don't know but.NEXT one delete all of the glitches in the game their still a couple of the. Add realistic things like the windows on the buildings or on the cars.make the lights turn on in the buildings and the cars at night.well I hope I gave ya some pretty cool things,so bye!

Eesa Asif

Comment of the game Racing mode is amazing add more games please to axes in motion racing

Timothy Coons

Could not play with friends Everytime I paused I got a 30sec ad and I could not join my friend cause they are "offline" or the room was full, also wish I could turn driving aids off. Needs improvement.

Nina Fresa

I loved it This game is so cool and I love it it was awesome I could go really fast in my cars I love it and I recommend it for everyone??????????

lets do this

Love it This game is cool because it has cool things

Kaden Coulombe-baker

Plz read So far the best car game for mobile devices.But plz add new cars Like Enzo ferari. Lamborghini aventador.2016 ford gt.chevorlet corvette zo6. Chevorlet camaro 2016. And mclearen p1. PLZ PLZ PLZ add decalls to customize your car even more thank you for your time.

brook sirois

Love it I love this game... Its very intertaining and awesome and I love social medias

Chong Tat Lim

Great! But it have too many ads I love this game, but it have too many ads. I would rate it 5 stars if it doesn't have so much ads


Great game other that Add more cars and cop mode or so you can play in a private server with hour friends and more maps

Hayley 88

Great but a really bad thing! Why won't it let you say trick because I found a trick in the map and can't tell my mates! But the rest... IT'S GREAT! Stunning graphics great cars but can you make it easier so you get more free cash than 75 to 1000 thank you.

Trudy Quance

THE ADDS! I really like this game. But how often you put on adds and asking us to rate stupid. You guys are making cash grab games and its stupidly annoying. Take away most of the adds and stop giving us adds everytime we pause the game and let us play! And then ill rate 5 stars because the game itself is great

Peter Perez

It's really fun but one more thing to change It's really really awesome game but I'm would prefer for u guys to change only the Mustang GT and the BMW M3 to back to the old version normal model's, if u guys would progress this it would be really awesome thank you! very very much! Ps u should make the agera R much faster than the bugatti.

Gamerking 510

Geting there! 6 things to add into the game.1. The map is too small to play in.2. Add more supercars and suv.3. Too much ad!4. Too much lag.5. Make it easer too earn money and 6! I am waiting for long time. Add a map at the right ontop. Ok! Plz add this and i will rate it 5 stars!!!

Graham Rust

A few things to improve 1. Burnouts! 2. Cameras(INTERIOR especially) 3. More paintshop options 4. All cars sound relatively the same. I can see this being a really good game in the future when it's improved.

dhruv patel

I'm angry now... This game update but not anything change and this game have alot ads so can u remove this ads in next update and add new maps in game and add new cars if u not add I give u one star

liam hey

Pretty average but you know Free, full of ads but somewhat fun. Multiplayer is a nice addition. An ad interrupted me mid race so be mindful of that, gave me a 3 second warning before it played lol

Ghost Phantom

Guys i really love the game thx. But we need more maps,cars,packs,etc.and why is it thay one of the cars you get stuck in 1st person mode? But anyway loving the game keeo up the good work?

Isaiah Adams

Its fun but there's too many ads Like every 2 minutes I get an ad and it costs $3.50 to get ad remove. Besides that it's fine. Also it was better when there was ABS,TC, and ESP since I was able to drift which was my favorite thing to do.

Adam Terrell


Sire Hazard

Multiplayer glitch When bump into other cars in multiplayer mode they don't move you do. 5 stars if fixed


The Adds though.. Everything was ok until too many adds came up, almost anything I did a add just shows up. It kinda ruins the fun ?

Great Oman

Still sucks!!! 1. Still so many ads. Plz at least dont show ads in the middle of the game!!! 2. Where is the traction control? 3. Still so many glitches. When i crash into someone i end up underground!!!

Sethan May

Awesome but has problem I had all the cars exce0t for the new ones all the way to lambo i didnt have any after that yet and my friends still play the game yet it dosent show my friends even tho i logged on to facebook

patti dockery

This is insane There was a girl that I met but she said her age and what she said was "I'm 8 and I need someone" there are people that are too young that want to date that is all I hear in the chat box for real I mean 9,10,11 year olds dating each other ban them i have to say that it is stupid

Aiden Mcgrath

Make a different version Make a knight Rider mode with knight 3000 team vs knight 2000 team and knight 2000 only has normal stuff like on the film's but knight 3000 transforms to attack 4x4 oldschool colour north and I will rate 5 stars knight 2000 is a trans am and knight 3000 is a mustang

Angela Harter

Costomive ur own cat The game would be the best if u could costmize all the cars like lift or lower front back bumper hood spoiler and tires you should add a off road map and off road trucks to plese add htes u can get a lot more downloads by doing this

Ethan Rabiela

Its cool i love it Its a great game realy fun to but almost everyone has the same car it would be nice to have body upgrades so everyones car can stand out if you all did this i eould surly rate 5 stars

Kai Gaming

Getting worse!!!! First, u removed traction control, second, u change certain cars uglier, third , u made more ads pop up. Lastly, u made the muscle car in the agera car pack had a glitch. Fix them!!!!!!!! Or else next update there will be only 1 star

Eesa Asif

Comment of the game Racing mode is amazing add more games and more cars like Lexus Toyotas and more Porsches to other games only 2 Porsches seen. axes in motion racing it's fun when my camera is in someone else's car on wheel camera.I like the first person camera and the bonnet camera , the game looks better than NFS MW 2012

brother vs brother

Little better Really cool game but give us more maos and bigger maps and grafhics are good but really boring to unlock cars takes to long make it shorter

Drift Gamer 32

TAKE THE ADDS OUT These adds are so annoying and useless there stupid take them off plz next update takes the dumb stupid adds out plz if u do I'll give u 5 stars

Najlaa Mouhsine

A little bug When I click drive it won't let me on the free multiplayer mode thing

Henry Avalos

Waste Of Time! It doesn't even open it takes forever to open!!! . But I give it two stars because I played the non multiplayer version and I liked that one.

Riley Retzloff

Good game but to many ads There is an unimaginable amount of ads. In the middle of the game, 30 sec videos, every menu selection, EVERYTHING as an ad. There is literally an ad at every turn. Great game, way to many ads

Jveynne Alvarez

Pretty good I like it but y'all need to make it to where we can upgrade our cars and not just paint it as in put new wheels on our cars and and a new ingine and stuff like that but otherwise its all good

Abdul Latiff Bin Mohamed Arip

I love it but Everytime i play multiplayer mode and play classic mode plz fix it becuase everytime they all glitch if the owner of this is reading it thank you.

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