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6 Jan
Mud Bogging

Posted by Antithesis Design in Racing | Jan. 6, 2014 | 70 Comments

Apk file size: 9.1 MB

Start your engine and join in the mud drags. Jump into the bracket and beat all competitors to win the season. Use the clutch and gas to get the right torque to get out of being stuck in the mud or upgrade and lighten up to fly across the mud pit.

- 27 vehicles in 3 mud drag classes with different characteristics and mud escaping driving combinations.
- 3 real world mud drag racing leagues and venues

Antithesis Design part of our Racing and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Jan. 6, 2014. Google play rating is 75.8363. Current verison is 20131126. Actual size 9.1 MB.

Download mud-bogging.apk 9.1 MB


wesley cook

Good game. Needs some tlc. And a dodge power wagon. Both old and new styles. However I bought all the vehicles and the ad remover. My phone crashed and got a new one. Now none of the things I bought are loading. Definitely needs a restore perchance option

Christian Bowling

Needs Work Need LOTS Of Work The Clutch Needs To Be Fixed And Everytime I Ride Down The Track It Will Just Blow Up

Nick Washburn

Needs work You can win a race hold your rpm at 4 and ur truck won't blow up but every time I cross the finish line in a race it says I fouled fix this and it will be better

Elisa Alley

I love this game makes me feel like I'm doing the live thing Recommend people to play with the vibration one

Matthew Albright

Needs some work. When you are doing an event your motor blows

Justin Hauser

Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Will give 5 stars if the following are fixed 1 when I go to sell a vehicle it doesnt let me do it 2 likes to steal money from my bank 3 when I do end up selling the vehicle it doesn't give me my money Please update I am really looking forward to spending more time with this game

Todd Galloway

Meh As with your tractor pull game, the ads you post to rid the game of actual ads are WAY more predatory, and WAY more annoying! Give me some actual content or advantages to buying the game and ill gladly give you some of my hard earned cash! Still buggy as ever, and the competition is RIDICULOUS! As with all your games there is no challenge curve or advantage to the player. A fully modded machine easily gets walked by a stock class machine. Very frustrating! I still love the concept though!

Christian Dynek

No fun Stupidist thing I ever played at first it look coop now it just sucks when you vs then computer they go all the way going slower than I am and my engine over heats have way through well his just keeps on going my point is that you can't beat the computer you mater how good you get your truck or at or whatever

Nathan Sage

Lots of problems It needs TONS of work.I wish I could get more than 3 types of vehicles.Needs to be easier to win a race.Wish I could have a free bog with other player's.

michael brown

Have you ever watched a mud bog race ??? I was excited about this game bc I enjoy your other games but wow this is bad . Please get it together and ill download again

Dustin Abshear

Needs work but great idea Needs alot of improvements. on my phone i actually hav to go threw it but cant get stuck can only blow my engine. On my tablet i can just skim right across the mud. And to everyone complaining about blowing up watch your temp gauge!

Riece Boewer

Great game It needs one thing the mud needs to stick onto the truck it always comes out clean

Jesse Howerin

It's awesome!!! It's nice it only need a little work and I'll happily give it five stars! The clutch is the most important...

Aaron Whitlock

Game is a great idea I like it a lot. But it has a lot of glitches and problems especially with the clutch.

Jinmy Butler

Not bad trucks don't get stuck ms dirty but pretty good on a galaxy 4active

ben gould

Would be a better game if you could earn gold to buy more cars like in the rest of your games

Taylor Barton

Very bad Glitches out not possible to win a race and truck randomly blows up.

Joe Kennedy

Good game but A while into it it makes it unusable buy pulling up a Google play buy screen. Gameplay is not worth purchasing.

A Google User

Come on Other games are better tractor pull was good fix this one plz it isn't like the others damage easly its dumb

Deborah Nicholson

Cool Really awesome it can be hard i hate lain

Ronald LaFountaine

Love it. However it cheats. Even know, you don't jump the start.: it says ya did

Zulhelmi Firdaus

Best game. why I can not full boost .. after all it is the upgrade? seek clarification?

Bob Birrell

Watch where you press Wow. What a terrible game! I crossed the finish line, the game didnt stop so i kept going, drove right off the screen a ways n when i finally stopped i lost money for it! WTF?!? When I press the arrow keys to scoll between options somehow triggers the buy option but I'm not even close to the buy button, happened a couple times n tried pressing in different places farher away but only made things worse. I'm 48 seconds into starting the game n now own 6 sets of rims for my truck n got shorted all that cash.

Travis Downey

Dumb No matter what u do to ur truck it take the same time to get there race or it blows up it dumb don't download!!!

Jonathan faircloth

Good time killer Game is pretty good if u buy some trucks and learn how to play it good please remove the adds

Daniel Johnson

Glitch I know a glitch sell every car that you have and you get every car and you don't have to buy them avalible forever

Dylan Everson

Doesn't work Won't start up so 1 star for now please fix

Tristin Williams

Its ok Please get rid of smoke and add more chevys like king sling and allow a mode where you can build you own truck and add hill and hole and add lift kits and.more thanks

Calub Clifton

This game is great for rednecks like me just wish the vehicles actually got muddy when your racing

Joseph Beardsley

Bad Win a race buy add free version comes up and the money and bracket I just started is lost and I have no money. Graphics keep going crazy and not working at all at one point I was driving a lot of rim pices... that was my whole truck. Real rough game.

Jacob Adams

Has potential The game is fun.. The game needs more tracks and tournaments and more vechials.

Greg kirn

Gs4 Its Okay needs quite a bit maybe better upgrades u have buy most vehicles has potential but needs lot of work

Daniel Smith

Mud bogging Awsome game love it would be better if could change engines

Bruce James

How about some instructions? Needs a tutorial, instructions, or something to help you learn the clutch gas combo...

Mike Clouse

Horrible Every time I try to go off the line my truck sits there and does flips. When I finally do get it going the clutch and gas keep going off on their own even though I am still pressing the screen. Unistalled. Would be a good game if it worked right. .... august 2014- tried it again... you can hold it at four and make it every time but it will say you fouled... same as another person on here said.... still not fixed.....

Omar Guzman

good need to get newer vehicles and should have where u can bet money on people across the world

Brandon Williford

Good game I like their work got all their gas they made

johnny Crabtree

Alright The only thing i have a problem with is it doesn't allow you to have all the vehicles you have to by them with real money.Please if you want me to continue to dkwn your games fix it until then re end.

John Grunzweig

fun very fun the only thing i want changed is buying the cars on Google play

Dylan Long

Could be better It would be better if you could tune your engine like how much fuel and air it gets or change the gear ratios and clutch and change the tires that you put on if like bloggers or super swampers or v-tread and if you could change your tire size from like 35 inch boggers to 54 boggers and if you could change how wide they are from 23 inches wide to 64 inches wide and could you please put a 1977 ford long bed truck on here with 39.5 inch bloggers and a 9 inch lift on it. So could you please put these in you next update and put it on your other games to please and can you please make it wear you could use game money to pay for the vehicles like on burn out drag racing game please

Dale Cochran

Ok This game is alright but it crashes a lot. You guys should make a 3d version of the game. Best mud bogging game setup

Preston Flatt

It really sucks There aren't many cars and they cost a lot and the upgrades are outrage's so make more car but the main car to add is a 69 charger them cars rock I don't cair about anything else so if you add this car I will give five stars


Driving I don't now how to play when it says go I go rlly slow acroos the mud I now it's a good game I've played it before but don't remember how to play

Lane Philman

The truck blows up because you have to hold the clutch up and gas down and if you go past the danger meter with the red part it blows up. See I now more about cars without my dad he left me at eight. Learn something or stuff. Instead of games.and I'm 14 now.

alan-micheal caron

Please Can some one make a good mud bogging game with mods soon many out of this world games no mud bogging why?

Octavio Baeza

GLUTCH every time i get to the end it blows up would give it five if it gets fixed


Nearly unplayable App randomly messes up.. like I'll be playing and all the text and gauges turn to blocks.... blew up my engine because I could not see my temperature gauge

whitehud Money

help!!!!! GREAT GAME!! I won every race I played I had over 100,000$ I just did a solo run now I only have 40 somthing thousand $ now? and the ads in game play mess with the clutch on the screen I will rate 5 stars if you fix NOW MY TRUCK IS JUST BLOWING UP FOR NO REASON INSTANTLY!!! AND MAKING ME LOSE MONEY ONCE AGAIN!!!! come on fix this app!

Blake Gates

Actually ok. A little cheesy looking but it's actually pretty fun. First one I've played where the vehicle goes down into the mud. Push the clutch all the way up, keep the rpms at 4k. Add all upgrades and you can achieve 1.6 second passes without blowing the engine.

kyle smith

Uninstalled! Needs a lot of works. My truck is maxed out on the accelerator and the speedometer doesn't go past zero. Clutch is fully dropped. Takes me over a minute a half to finish a run. After I finish a run I lose money. Either make a how to guide or update the game.

Isaiah Cramer

Its a great game But...there is a lot of bugs my truck keeps going away and my clutch sucks I'll go for about a second and blow up it needs fixed

Narhaniel Cordova

Needs more free mud bogs Really it should have more then three selections of mud bogs that you don't have to pay for cause my parents are all scared to do it and their credit card will be hacked wouldn't cause no one wants to pay I mean its pretty stupid that they looer you in with a free game to buy most of the mudbogs

Joshua Lodewyk

Not good I couldn't finish 1 race! And when i tried to select a different one it wouldn't respond

Jon Miller

Jon's. Not happy I don't like the way this game kicks you out of the racing events and I don't like the way that if you touch the screen wrong then it tells you that if you paid $3 that you can get rid of this. You guys need to upgrade this game

edward friend

You guys made tractor pull just fine now make this one the same way common sense! Worthless game!

justin poling

Needs TONS of work! Engine blows up during just about every race. Freezes constantly.

Future Trucking Kiddo

Good mudding game! Needs work like the truck or buggy when it goes in the mud it can get muddy and wish the temperature gage would not get hot fast

Cody Bonnett

AaaaAwsome game Okay just got a update and nth change cars are still lock an only thing is different is the cluth an gas pedal horrible update good job.

Dustyn Ledlow

Mud bogging Awesome game ever you should get it because you can unlock the vechelie that you have to buy for real money for but you can also buy the cars that are unlocked with the game money.

Cailey Culp

Do not get it It is the worst game I have ever got in it is a waist of time do not get it. It sucks and it has the worst car and people. And there's no one in the cars.

Jarrod Kitty

Fix it First off love tractor pull if this game can mirror that game would be awesome some runs are good some it bogges me down and lose I'm keeping it hoping for update for a month then I will reassure again according to what happens in the mean time

Mickey Booth

Fun but Don't buy the $1.50 cars because you still have to pay for them in the game. Scam? I think yes.

Matthew Sidwell

This would be the best app ever if it had better grades and what not its fun but this could be a lot better great idea I wish someone would make a awesome game of this

Mike Stewart Stewart

Crap Truck breaks down when u start 2win 2 much whoever designed this who should burn their computer then smash it with a hammer

Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney

Sucks All u do is blow motors or lose a race and they shouldn't even have made the game

Mikey Haney

Worst app EVER Don't waste your time with this app it always stops working and there's only 3 packs of cars don't waste your time download tractor pull instead

cody packer

Got to be the dumbest game ever! Totally unrealistic, lame control system. Whoever made this game is a complete numb nut!

shane carmouche

Ads suck. The ads make you go to the play store, and then you have to pay to enter the races every time you go back to them. It's so bad you can't even upgrade your vehicle. Please fix it. At least make the ads so you can exit them without having to click on the ad or fix the race entry fees or you know, make the game user friendly. This game sucks floppy donkey balls.

Blake Taylor

Needs work Every time I try to race I have to run 3 solo runs and every race I blow up.

Dedtiny Riley

Need more work I race stota and i cant get thoght the mud afther the white line

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