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15 Mar
Mr. E: Part 1

Posted by Anderson Tao in Puzzle | March 15, 2014 | 43 Comments

Apk file size: 1.4 MB

How to Play:
Lateral thinking, logic, and luck! Try to figure out what the puzzle is asking first then try to find the solution. You may use any means of obtaining the solution short of going through the program code. Have fun with the puzzles!
WARNING: Please do not attempt this game if you give up easily... these are VERY VERY difficult puzzles.

• 6 Unique puzzles to solve!
• An Easter Egg! Find it... if you can!
• No splash screen! Loads super quick.

How do you get pass level 1? -- Beta Testers

This app looks like it asks for a lot of permissions but I won't look at them since it might spoil some of the puzzles. After all, they could be red herrings also. --Paranoid Gamer.

The game is only 1.5mb and loads super fast but it sure packs a big punch! --Guy with old Phone

I like how it doesn't have all those fancy graphics to distract me from these fantastic puzzles. --Puzzle Lover

This is my entry for the Google AdMob Student Competition! I only had a couple of weeks to finish this and I am very proud of my first app in the play store. Designing this puzzle game, I had way more ideas than time to implement them so this is sort of a part 1 of maybe 3. If people are interested, Ill get around to creating the others. BTW, Im not sure if I should classify these as riddles or room/tower. They are not like Monument Valley or Where's my water/perry kind of games. Anyways, I hope you have fun figuring them out. Feedback is very much appreciated!


Whats new

    Version 1.1
    -Added Instructions to Store Listing Description
    -Added clues for puzzle 1 :)
    Version 1.3
    -Added Toasty instructions and encouragements
    -Added fail/success sounds
    Version 1.4
    -Fixed audio bug

Anderson Tao part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update March 15, 2014. Google play rating is 65.6954. Current verison is 1.4. Actual size 1.4 MB.

Download mr-e-part-1.apk 1.4 MB


Anna Stevenson

Um I do not know I am unsure if I like it or hate it. The first puzzle was easy. Now I am stuck on stupid turtle. It is making me feel stupid when I read the comments on the game and see other people easily solved it. I am thinking outside the box but am unable to solve. I do not want to give up but I am beyond confused.

Caroline Wanden

XKCD 169 is overwhelmingly relevant here. You keep saying "look around". People are talking about clues. What clues? There is literally no way to interact with each screen short of pressing the "next" button and entering numbers (which then make a loud buzzing sound that I can't even turn down, let alone mute - please fix that, it makes the game impossible to play on the bus or literally anywhere else without pissing people off). I can't help wondering if I have a broken version of the game. Or is everyone else just trolling? When it talked about being described somewhere "and even reviewed" I thought I might find the answer on this store page, but I've entered every single number I can find on here and all I'm getting is a noise headache. There are logic puzzles. There are lateral thinking problems. And then there are games like this, which are putting me distinctly in mind of the angry-hungry "riddle". In the words of Randall Munroe, "communicating badly and then acting smug when you're misunderstood is not cleverness." When the game is actually playable, I shall return to it. For now, I am going to bed.

Laura Berg

Question 2 It took me a week, but the "look around" hint helped me solve the first question. Now I am very stuck on Poke!!! Please give a small hint!

Ellie Walters

Seems like a good idea.... But it might be too hard. Not incredibly logical, but that isn't necessarily bad. I think it needs a bit more hints, maybe an option to see a small hint if you get stuck. I can't figure out the second puzzle and I have no idea what kinds of things I am able to do to interact with the app. I didn't really like the first puzzle, since the answer is really unclear. I came across it by accident.

Nyah Johnson

It is amazing It is really good but I am still stuck on level 2!! I don't want to give away the question but please respond with a hint. Please I beg of you.

K Mk

Way to hard I was so excited for this game because I like logical games but I can even get passed the first level for this!! You need a guide or something I'd still like to play the game but I can't figure it out. Does any one have an answer for no. 1

Bcozy Lee

Level 1 I cannot figure it out. I looked and tried for answer 05, 10 and 25 as well as others. Its not letting me through. Any help?

Deidra Baker

great I am still searching for the first one lol..wth..I have tried everything ..well not everything because I still can't get it. every time I think I know..well I don't. it's keeping me busy that's for sure.!

jacqueline coleman

Soooo hard! In a fun way Finally made it to the second puzzle and running out of ideas! The game takes up so little space that you can leave it on your device without rage deleting lol. Hope the other parts are coming soon though I'd likely still be on this second puzzle. The buzzer sound is a bit annoying and I don't like having to start from the beginning each time. I love this though thanks

Mike Amber

Good question I guess I know the answer but the keypad just allows me to enter numbers as soon as I try to go to the text it closes the keypad. Plz help... Not so sure if I m going in right direction... It does not let me know if the answer I entered in numbers was right or wrong... Just want to pass the first test...

Jenny McKay

STUCK! I love the way this is designed and played... but I completely am lost on 2...I have poked and swiped and rubbed and pressed down. PLEASE help. May have to uninstall even though I don't want to :(

Kelly Lim

Save Just finished #2. Hilarious! Would like to start where I left off and not have to start at the beginning each time.

Sean Losby

Amazing Even though the game is hard, I love it! Stuck on 3. It has something to do with swinging. Great job guys!!!

Menachem Segelman

Level 4 Instructions unclear. Tapping the button in a certain sequence? What's going on?

Brenden Hubble

Hard. Really difficult don't quite understand what to do can't figure out level one. Help.

Jonathan Andrews

This is perfect. Took me a day to figure out 4. Nothing ever takes me that long. Thank you for the worthy challenge. Hehe. Still stuck on 5. Says you'll contact me. ..

Jessica Harris

FINALLY Finally figured out puzzle 1!!! Must say it challenged me and I LOVE a challenge!!!!

shannon burnett

Cant understand I need help with level 2 I've hit every button and been very patient and even looked online for hints and nothing

James Cowburn

Makes no sense... You tell people to look around and I still havn't found it. Question indicates nothing towards the answer. It is not in plain sight. Thought it had something to do with the number 5 at first and then realised I had more chance if I anwered with random numbers.

Clevin Menezes

Lvl 2 I want to know whether 2nd one has a bug or not please respond ASAP

Melissa Fischer

Game is different. Beat the first 2 levels fairly quickly now I am stuck on 3.... can't find anything that gets me anywhere so far. .. I would love to not have to do the first 2 over every time I open it

Anjalea Ciccio

I don't understand the game at all butI'm gonna figure it out eventually i hope :/

Lily Taff

I can't get past level one,I'm soooooo confused

Vincent Westberg

What the hell I can't get past 2nd puzzle I poke then I'm stuck on stupid turtle this game is so hard

Theodore Menezes

Stuck on the second one! Gimme a hint and I'll rate it 5 stars ;) Come on, you know you wanna :D

Andrew Garcia

Difficult Very difficult.... But fun.

Kale Recaido

How do I tell a friend?

Anujkumar Prajapati

Only if you trust your skills Awesome.. If you are smart

Erwin Cino

I can't answer the part 1 so hard

Amanda Whiteside

Stuck on part 4 Great game!! You really have to think outside of the box and normal interactions. I'm stuck on part 4. Won't give up though.

Taren Swartz

Fun I really like it!

Morgan Pecoraro

I've literally tried everything on level two. I'm completely stuck.

Danielle Worsham

Sneeky Number one was easy when I looked at the fine print lol

Darshan Godhia

Wow! Brilliant!

Bailey Peace

Wow This is ridiculious


How to get clue

Cameron Burrier

Game is stupid and hard

Muhamed S3ead

Clues for level 1 I loved this game before downloading it but I can't find any button in the first question or any thing give me a hint can you send me the solve of the first question

Aydah Stone

Anything, but if u was the little girl , I would not have poked it at all, Idk. What do I have to do to stupid turtle

Danielle McCarthy

Please This is so irritating i cant pass level 1 i have tried everything what does "look around" have anything to do with it ><

James Collier

Stuck on turtle Beginning to wonder if it's a bug. I'm on the Nexus 5, can you verify that the level can be completed on a Nexus 5 emulator?

Brenden Hubble

Permissions Wait, why does the app want access to my GPS?! Hmmmm. curious.

Alondra Gomez

Hate it This game is stupid doesn't make sense

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