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8 Dec
MP3dit Pro - Music Tag Editor

Posted by ATD Apps in Music & Audio | Dec. 8, 2015 | 106 Comments

Apk file size: 6.5 MB

Please note: This app does not download music.

MP3dit is a tag editor for music files. This app can search for album art; fix split albums and song order; and change the artist, album and genre of all your songs. MP3dit can also edit entire albums or groups of files at the same time.

Extremely easy to use, MP3dit is a fully functional app that has the features professionals require yet it’s easy to download and use!

- Supports MP3, FLAC, OGG VORBIS, MP4, M4a, and M4p files
- Edits the music file so that any changes you make will stay with the file, even if the phone is turned off, or the file moves to another device.
- Edits the Android MediaStore so changes made to the mp3 file are automatically shown in all media players, without having to turn the phone off and on again
- Split albums will in most cases be automatically joined, just by selecting both albums and saving (As long as the Album Artist and the Album are set to the same thing)
- Adds/Edits Album Art, which can be found by taping the album artwork for a simple Google Image search, or a manual Google image search by long clicking on the Album Artwork
- Adds/Edits Song Title when only a single song is selected
- Adds/Edits Artist, Album Artist, Album
- Adds/Edits Genre which is shown as the actual Genre name, not a number that represents a genre, or you can choose a custom genre
- Edits song order through an easy to use drag and drop list
- Songs can be selected individually, or they can be selected as a group, or as a a set or groups of albums.
- Have songs that android is labelling ""? Then just open them and save them, and the files will be back to normal!

Coming soon...
Tons of stuff.

Application by Roan Cooney
Reddit: AlteaDown

Album Art in app pictures is supplied by

If the app crashes when saving a song, contact me at [email protected] so I can find out what song is causing this issue, and fix it for everyone.

Whats new

    Material Redesign.
    Removed and replaced Google Image Search
    2.0.1 - 2.0.2
    Preliminary fixes for bugs that were reported.
    Added High Quality Images to Pro Version
    Moved FAB down in Pro Version
    Changed TargetSDK to Android Marshmallow
    Fixed more bugs and crashes.
    Optimized up Song List
    Fixed issue that would occur on saving files
    Optimized Album Art search.
    Fixed Song Re-Order
    Added a new Image Search engine. Bug Fixes

ATD Apps part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Dec. 8, 2015. Google play rating is 72.2363. Current verison is 2.0.4. Actual size 6.5 MB.

Download mp3dit-pro-music-tag-editor.apk 6.5 MB


Carlos Rivera

Helps keep my music collection organized I use this app all the time to keep my music collection organized and to add missing album art. Crashes often when I edit many songs or browsing folders. Does not remember your position so when editing large collections you have to browse from the beginning every time (if it doesn't crash.)


Works 80% of the Time I downloaded this app a couple years ago and it works fine with a few hiccups here and there. The hiccups being that some files simply won't edit. This is especially frustrating for a completionist like myself but the app does work, mostly.

Alex Paulson

Great to tone up mp3 tags and cover art I hate having songs with incorrect/lacking tag information and cover art. This app helps me fill it out correctly. Simple and effective.

Hae In Oh

Greatt I use an nexus 5 and I never download music I buy cds, but then, the only player I have, the play music by google, doesn't seem to find my cd covers... so frustrating! !!!! And this works perfectly :-)))) maybe its because my music is in a good shape (not downloaded from sketchy websites) that this app doesn't seem to harm my music.... yo yeah this app is very great! I'm so happy that I bought this app even though there's a free version - works great with nexus 5 and play music app (not deletable)

Danny Bryant

Awful Paid for the pro version and it does nothing. As soon as you hit save everything goes back to how it was. Emailed them and got no response total waste of money had to find another free app to fix my issues. Dont waste you money

Gary Lucero

An excellent tool! It baffles me that we STILL have to mess with our collection of MP3s and other audio files to make sure the album art, artist, name, and track order are correct. I've been through this ordeal on iOS and on Android, and no one seems to have solved what should be a simple problem. In comes MP3dit Pro, which provides a very inexpensive but powerful tool. I opted for Pro to avoid the ads, and found that between the various options (edit tracks, albums, or use the built-in file browser), I was able to fix everything the various music apps I have used over the years could not. I was even album to combine tracks from different albums into a completely new album. I am currently using PowerAMP as my music player on my Nexus 5, and it works great. It showed some duplicate albums and incorrect or missing art work though. I was not able to resolve any of these issues from within PowerAMP, but by using MP3dit and then having PowerAMP clear its album art cache and rescan for songs, I got everything straightened out. I highly recommend MP3edit. It's a necessary tool for anyone who wants their music collection to look its best and be organized correctly.

Joe Stafford

Terrible all around Worst app I've ever bought! Moved all music to phone storage because of sd card issues with recent update to phone, app still doesn't change any tag info no matter how many times I've tried! Emailed developers, no response...recommend using itunes to fix all music and stop paying good money for crap apps! Hate it.

A Google User

Simple to Use and Works Very Well Got the paid version because this is an excellent app and I wanted to support this Dev for his good work. Copied this review from my review of the free version: This app does exactly as described. I've not had any crashes or other problems on my Nexus 7. I compared this to another popular, highly rated ID3 editor, and I liked this one better. I love the fact that I can choose an entire album to edit at once, which the other app didn't allow.

Jay M

Spot on but No Support? Works great doesn't seem to be any support tho I emailed about 2 months ago and never got a reply, Sometimes the Album Arts to low res so adding an option to show the resolution on the album art picker screen would be nice, or better still adding some kind of custom search thing using keywords like in playerpro. This could easy be 5 stars, Still it was worth the purchase. Cheers dev

dillon rinehart

Uninstall if not fixed The Update still does not save the changed album arts, or the songs period. Used to love app, now I'm not sure.

Justin Sugden

Used to work I loved this app until my stupid 4.4 update. Now nothing can be saved on my sd card ? 5 stars if it gets updated

Andrew Grant

Works well with Lollipop Nexus 7 Does what it says in the blurb. If you struggle to find album covers, (e.g. side-loaded albums), then change the album title before you search, and change back before you save. Swipe left/right on covers to scroll thru.

Paul Santo

This was among the first Apps!!! When I first started using Android Phones back in 2013 It was difficult to organize music. For years I stuck with this App. I moved to pro version just as my way of saying Thanks. It is no longer on my phone. But that's not really the Apps fault or the Dev. !!!! Right before KitKat things changed in Android. Changes wouldn't stick because of the phones OS. I can only hope for a Lollipop upgrade or some serious tweaking by this Dev. I really look forward to the day I can re-install. The Lyric thing sounds ?

Jordan Vanderbilt

Was the best, now not so much Used to be able to edit any song I had on my phone or SD card, but now it says I can't do anything with most of it because apparently I have either USB debugging mode on or the music is in a folder I created on my phone..which it isnt. If this doesn't get fixed soon, I'm bringing it down to one star.

Pariah Outcast

Problem with lossless format It can't read .ape files and in flac format, it doesn't save the song number after edit .

Blaine Bauer

File Browser Needs Work It does a good job of tagging, but file browser lacks capabilities of free tools: select a starting directory, tag a directory, select all files. If you want to tag all the files in a directory on the SD card, you have to find the SD card's pseudo-directory, browse to the directory, and select each file individually. For something called "Pro", it seems aimed at being very simple with few options. It's good at re-tagging already discovered albums, though.

Chris Allen

Works great! Worth the money, and I rarely buy any apps, usually just stick with the free version. This app improved my album are immensely, looks great now!

Sue E

I am not happy Other than not fixing mp4s it was very good. Now when I try to use it to fix new songs it says that my debugging is on or I moved it. What happened? I paid for it about a year or two ago and it's been fine until now

Daren Wellings

Great app.. Sorted my problems with missing arts. In bedding into the actual file is awesome . Be good to see background running and completion in notifications area... On searching for art, have a grid instead of side scrolling.. Good work Dev

Butt Nile

Frustrated Great potential but it doesn't save any of the changes I've made. Toiled for a couple of hours before realizing nothing had changed.

Taslim C

Mixed up my cover art and song info I wish this problem gets fixed. Slowed down my android.... Getting refund....not quite happy...

Tony Nwosu

Excellent Pls ignore my last comment, it was meant for another app. This app is the best in its category. However, developer should add an option to auto fix song and album info.

Brian Seals

Didn't like the fact you can't plug in your own album cover manually Didn't like the fact that you can't manually plug in your own album cover. Forces you to use app based search that isn't even close. Can only view 3 album covers at a time before giving you the option of 'search more' then it takes you to the beginning covers and you have to scroll through from the beginning. All other functions are spot on. I do hope they add a function where I can add covers from my own gallery.

ETB oftheINS

Useful but buggy, features missing from pro version I am on the hunt for a new tag app. This one is very buggy, often freezes after you update tags, especially if the music is newly added to your SD card. I paid for the pro version but cannot find any way to take videos like it claims you can. Programmer is completely unresponsive to emails. App has not been updated in ages, as of this writing. Programmers have an ethical responsibility to keep paid programs up to date; it is a shame so many of them fail to do so.

Joseph Boone

DOESNT WORK, don't waste your money... Doesn't actually save the edits you make! Don't waste your money

Darren Weber

Nice app overall I'm not a fan of some of the blue theme. A select all button would be nice in folder/album edit. Does what it says. I add block but app was worth the purchase so I supported that way.

Chuck Huggins

Great app!!! It let me fix all the missing and incorrect info on my mp3's. Great album art search as well. Now my library is great, not the disorganized mess I started with.

Jhun Echipare

1 song 1 song took me 5 minutes and in the end it fails and didnt save. and thre is no 'select all' this works if maybe im in the back of the car or at places doing nothing, but if Im at home, Id rather use mp3edit on my pc.

Eduardo Gutierrez

Saving issue When I attempt to save it, the pop up that says "saving" doesn't disappear anymore. I have to force stop the app so I can make it operate again. Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Jody Sarno

Fantastic App Use this to make all the music I have consistent & correct in my library across my devices.

Tora Lanakila

Love it! Tried it out, its exactly what ive been looking for in a mp3 tag editor. Works perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy Exhibit. Worth upgrading!!!

justin caccamo

Awesome app Don't need the pro version. This app works so well I bought to say thank you.

Scott H

Simply the best This app does everything, bought the Pro version...worth every penny

Abdurajik Samain II

not happy too many bugs and too SLOW! 500 album art in 48 hours and I have thousands of songs!

Mutaz Anani

Best one Organized my Albums Best one

Daniel Mukavec

Love it the best I encountered so far The best I've encountered so far

A. Lee

Perfect. Fixes split albums, bad tags, and can assign cover art, great app.

Joseph Hayes

Love it! Can't live without it!

Georgia Suzy

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone Great tag editor - stable and easy app to fix all those pesky mislabeled music titles. I used the free version for 6 months without any problems, so I bought it!

James Mills

Adequate I buy mp3s at the "variable bit rate" industry standard and convert them back to the old industry standard of 128 kbps. This app lets me re tag them. I only gave it three stars because it has difficulty saving the edits you make with it. With the Android 4.4 filing system it's even more difficult. If they make the edits solid, including new album art then they can get the other 2 stars. Also the developers do not offer an avenue of support.

Patrick Today

=/ The album art doesn't embedded nor do ID3 tags. So after hours of editing, none of the work transfered when I move the MP3's. Album art can also not be selected and added from the local device's storage.

Tasty Dylicious

Stopped Working Fully The app used to be great for what it was built for. Then the app updated, and suddenly the new format was a little less functiomal than than the original, but still served its purpose. Now however, I cannot search for album art whatsoever within the app. I have to download the picture for the album myself, then go in and use that. It's becoming extremely inconvenient; please fix this.

Ian Rowland

What happened?! This app was fantastic before the update. The user friendly element has all but dissapeared. Trying to find album art is an almost impossible task. Please fix or at least roll back to the previous version, which, in my opinion, was a 5☆ app.

Olivia M

Extremely flawed The main reason i got this was for the album art (which is why i paid money so i could get the high quality picture) and apparently you disabled that search feature, making this app pretty much an absolute waste of money. Thanks.

Christine Aflak

Crap It's now refusing to even search for album art. I've paid for nothing, essentially. Either fix the issue or give me my money back.

Steven McGinnis

Lacking essential functionality The following reasons are why I gave this app 3 star... Default editing mode is songs , it should be selectable for Album folder etc… I want to set the default editing mode to albums and there's no option to do so... if I have many albums to edit I don't want to have to click the menu every single time other than that this is a fantastic app

Shane Flores

Why take off goggle search? It's very difficult to find any album art now. It was a better version before this. The aesthetic doesn't make up for the lack of practicality.

Federico Moretti

Nice update, everything works fine Awesome app, I love it, had some problems lately but now seems OK.

Travis Exier Miller

Xperia Z5 I purchased the pro version but most of the time the pictures on the search results are not HD. Plus, the most annoying part, it can't save directly to SD card.

Alan Saldivar

Waste of money Purchased pro version of app, worked great for about two weeks, deserving of a 4 star rating, but now will not find any album art. App developers took our money and ran like pieces of s***. 1 star until fixed and/or money refunded.

Neil Cunningham

Was Great Before The Update. There are times when this program, simply refuses to download the album art. There are other times when it just can't seem to find album art from a popular artist. I'm sure you get this a lot, so please, allow me to add my voice to the chorus. This app, was so much better before the upgrade, I mean, I understand there are times when changes need to be made, however, when said changes represent a step backwards from an already superior product, I think abandoning this upgrade would be the thing to do.

Barrow Ukpeavik

Doesn't work anymore App used to work perfectly, now it has stopped completely. No longer pulls any album covers

Ashley Merkell

Album Artwork The app used to be so so helpful but recently the app isn't coming up with any results for album artwork and I have to go and find the art myself , cam this be fixed already please guyss....... :/

Sue E

I am not happy Other than not fixing mp4s it was very good. Now when I try to use it to fix new songs it says that my debugging is on or I moved it. What happened? I paid for it about a year or two ago and it's been fine until now

Ronnie Bonacua

"NO ALBUM ART FOUND" HELP! This app cannot find album arts anymore. Tried many times but still nothing. Please fix this. :(

Elena wesemann

Was great, got bad :/ App stopped working like it should! Can't search for imagions anymore and I payed for this crap!

Glenn Evans

Lollipop External access please All my music is on external SD card. The app currently only supports modification of files on internal storage. I would prefer not to have to move files around.

Daren Wellings

Useless :( Was best app ever hands down , sadly the dev doesn't care by looks of it , he's busy spending our money.... Question yourself man?

Kenneth Cassels

Need help When I go to edit my album cover it can't never find any covers the free version works just fine so as of right now this was a waste of money

Enrique Badillo

The album art grabber doesn't work anymore Since the latest update, the album art grabber no longer works. It will say "No Album Art Found" whenever I try to search for album art now. Please fix. Thanks.

Taryn Trueblood

Sucks It worked fine before update now it won't even search for album cover

Jihan N.S

It's not working I have to Google and save myself, I'd prefer to get it straight from the app

Bryan King

Poor The free version actually found album art. I decided to pay for it to "supply the developer". Once I did that it cannot find any album art. What a rip off. Want my 4 dollars back.

Mick Strange

Does not seem to work anymore Any chances made do not appear to take effect. Changed album genre and has not changed in player

Stefan James Alexander

Okay but lacking key functions... Like automatic selection of all items in a list for editing (as opposed to one-by-one selection). Or even better, keyword searching (on artist, album, etc.), with automatic selection of the results. The album art searching needs to be more automatic. The built in search function never works, and requires an image be manually acquired and saved on the device in order to be added. Keep on working on it, because you have a good start with a clean look and basic functionality that does work well.

Yunier Ledesma

Dont like new update This new update is not working for me, Its not letting me do copy and paste, does not edit anything after I save. Never had these issues with previous versions. I regret updating. Right now this app is useless for me.

Joseph Kimble

Dick move The last update crippled your app just to charge people to make it usable again. Real classy

Ernie Vega

Great! Any plans on bringing the ability to edit by Artist? I want to edit songs but I can't search for them by searching by Artist.

Karyn Lepley

Won't Save Changes! No matter what I do, I hit save, but it doesn't save any of the changes that I made. I've tried several different songs, albums, folders, etc. I've tried songs on my sd card as well as those stored on the phone.

Irvin Vasquez

Great Devs Love it! Finally putting the correct tags has never been easiar, especially with a new update. Cheers from the U.S XD

Matthew Truscott

Pretty good I hate when I change something then save it I have to go back into the menu, to edit albums and scroll all the way back down to where I left off

Theofficial KingDro

Nice Much better update but could use mire accurate Google search

Christina Marrero

Fix album art It doesn't get any album art no matter what I type in

Mark Bouley

Artwork search no longer works. Please fix this problem or refund my money. The old version worked. This one does not. Very displeased with update.

Jacob Holub

Very Nice Extremely useful and lightweight!

Itai Eliach

I love this app and would've loved to give it 5 stars, but.... I love this app and would've loved to give it 5 stars, but recently when I need album art it can't search for pictures anymore. I can only use images stored on my tablet.

Gavin Wenholz

Changes are not being saved Just purchased this app, appears that changes are not being saved. Please fix, developers.


Completely stopped working What happened?! Please fix.

William Blakely

Missing something Needs a lyrics editor tool


Bring back Google Image Search This new search feature is not very good, Google search was way better. Please bring back. Minus 2 stars for me


Can't find album art anymore

Rob Barnhill

This app used to be great. Now it doesn't work at all. I used to use the free version and it was simple and easy to update album art. Then I got a new phone and went to download the app again - free version GONE. So I pay for this pro version and it doesn't even work. I select an album and the pink edit button shows up. Tap the pink edit button and NOTHING happens. Unfortunately I downloaded it a few weeks ago, but just went to use it today and it's useless and I'm way outside the refund window. Search function is also broken now - can't seem to search by artist so I can select an album. Album art search no longer works either. Everything I used it for is broken.

Cheri Crowley

This is a Total Rip Off I paid 2.95 to be able to access easier album art. It is harder now than before to access/search album covers! This used to be an excellent app but has gone to the pits now. Buyer Beware!

Landon Parker

Doesn't work at all. Used to be great. My go to for organizing my massive music collection. Now nothing happens when I select album and tap the edit button.

AL_ Malik

WTF was the best app ever now it cant even find for what I've paid for: HD cover art! or cover art AT ALL

Andre Binette

Disappointed & dissatisfied # Google image search worked fine, now you don't have any search! I thought I supported a great app, now it's useless :-(

Ashley Merkell

Album Artwork The app used to be so good as work fully but now the image search STILL doesn't work at all and i might aswell have not spent my money on the paid premium version...... Sort it out guys.. :/

Luciano Cl

It actually works; I tried and tried finding a good audio tagger that actually works and this one did

Kim Davis

Kim This used to be a great app when I purchased, a few years ago. Now I can't find ANY albums, it won't search at all. When that feature did start working a week ago, now it says "mp3 edit app not working". What's up with that, I've been really patient. I also never got any response to an email that I sent in a few weeks ago

Casey Bridges

Samsung galaxy s4 This WAS by far the best music tag editor until it was updated. Now, it can't locate album art EVER! It DOESN'T matter which album it is, it won't find it! Also, in the previous version you could sort the music by song or artist & edit/group albums. I also really miss the genre drop down selection box. This app was just so much better before & I've had it installed 4 almost 3 years & now I have to uninstall it bc it no longer has these functions & it was the only app that had them all to start with.

Jeremy Rivera

The app is dead, don't buy! The app is not supported anymore!

Edwin Van Durme

I Want my money back now on my card unless you fix Problems

Cheri Crowley

This is a Total Rip Off I paid 2.95 to be able to access easier album art. It is harder now than before to access/search album covers! This used to be an excellent app but has gone to the pits now. Buyer Beware!!!!!!

Freddy Ayala

Used to be good Might as well search for all your information yourself because that's what is having you do

Joshua Piper

Update is horrible!!! The app was fine and the adds tolerable but the update has ruined this app. It's worse than the original and you expect people to pay for it? I can't even edit my albums. The edit button doesn't work!

Ryan Kirk

Used to be better Great to use for Editting files, but can't search by artist anymore.. Which makes it a lot less useful..


I thought by paying for this app it would do better, but I was SO WRONG!! And the updates made it worse.

robert glidden

Don't work like the free version Doesn't work at all! REFUND!!!

AJ Masters

Album Art Paid for pro version and it doesn't find any album art. Waste!!!!

Kim Davis

This used to be a great app when I purchased, a few years ago. It's June 2nd and it's still not working, WHY NOT???? This has gone on too long, please fix. I see I'm not the only one with problems. I paid for this app, and I'm sure others did to. PLEASE FIX now July 19th 2016 and still no fix or explanation

Eoin Connolly

Pointless waste of money I only paid money for this because I wanted the album art - which doesn't work. Please fix this or refund

Ashley Vogel

What Happened? This app used to be amazing. It would search for album art. Now I have to go download it myself, go back into the app and upload it. This is highly inconvenient. What did I pay for??

José Arjona

update made it worse before the update, the app was SO efficient. the choice to select by artist was the most useful method to edit and now that option is not possible

Kamal Suluki

I think I'm done with this app Not much improvement to this app for awhile now. Little quirks in this app makes organizing my large music library cumbersome now. Time to move!

Demetria M

MP3 Edit I purchased this app years ago. This app did everything. Every since the app updated nothing works, Now when I try to edit something it doesnt correct it, it just goes right back to how it was before I tried to edit the song. Searching for a new editor since this no longer works

robert glidden

Stopped working after a couple days It don't edit songs on the sd card like the older version did. Also not showing all songs and albums on device. Some songs won't edit. The older version always worked and could access sd card music. I have an sd card for a reason ppl.

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