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5 Sep

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Apk file size: 34.0 MB

***MovieStarPlanet is the THE place where you can become rich and famous and get lots of friends!***
***Become a Movie Star today! Go crazy with OUTRAGEOUS outfits, create AWESOME movies and stay in touch with all your friends! You can even make NEW friends!***

MovieStarPlanet offers you the freedom to be WHO YOU WANT TO BE! Just create an avatar and start climbing the ladder to STARDOM! Meet new friends, chat, go shopping, watch the best Youtube videos and play games.
Let your creative side loose and design your own clothes and create amazing art.
Come and meet our Boonies, the cutest pets you’ve ever seen! They need your constant care and attention, so make sure you log in daily to check up on them!
There are tons of fun waiting for you on MovieStarPlanet! However, we take SAFETY very SERIOUS and we make sure to keep MovieStarPlanet a place where parents can trust their young ones to hang out.

With regular updates there is always something new to do on MovieStarPlanet.

To list just a few of the fun and cool things you can do on MovieStarPlanet:
- Make new FRIENDS and CHAT in cool chatrooms
- Decorate your own room
- Take care of your own pet
- Create Looks, Artbooks & Movies
- Design your own clothes
- Watch YouTube Videos
- Play games

What are you waiting for? Get the *** MovieStarPlanet app *** and join the fun!

See more at – the number one site for fame, fortune, fun & friends!

Whats new

    New and improved features on its way to you!
    - We have improved the way you interact with your friends in the activity bar. Click on a friend and you can easily select if you want to go to the persons profile or if you want to chat.
    Thanks for your feedback – we always appreciate listening to our movie stars!

MovieStarPlanet ApS part of our Simulation and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Sept. 5, 2016. Google play rating is 83.3715. Current verison is 19.6.0. Actual size 34.0 MB.

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Veronica Rubio

Reporting idea You guys should make it so that when someone gets reported they can tell their side of the story because what if their just making it up and you don't know what you did some people get locked out forever just because someone reported them FOR NO REASON

Kaila Botts

Hi I would give it 5 stars but whenever i try to log into a different account, it won't let me. It just has a pop up that says MSP has stopped.

Holly Langton

WHY HAVE I BEEN LOCKED OUT FOREVER???!!!! look i dont know what ive done my user name is holly6980 and tbh im getting anoyed now im sick of being reported for nothing and the reports in me r proberly fake! Please let me back on in my account. ?

Mia Berry

No keep crashing and Pixi star is not [email protected] plz Add dress up and casting and other games too the app Also ban hacking like the words free vip how to get sc?

Vicky Tomlinson

Great game but... I can't get on I forgot my password I'm currently logged on now but I can't log on on my fame city I've tried everything I would of probably put as my password but it won't work!!!!!!! Please help. Also can you add more stuff from PC version on here because my browsers don't work on my PC and I really loved making movies but now I can't and I can't have wishes either could you change that? Thanks! P.S I'm vicky3535

Chelsea Waller

Its good but... I love this game so much but there's a problem, everything I win an outfit on the game 'on location' I never receive it in my clothing which is disappointing can u please help me thank you

Jordyn Millard

I love it but my app has a weird glitch I've been on msp for 3 years and I live it. But every time i go on my msp and the friends that im with show up there overlapping each other. It would be wonderful if you guys could do something about it. Thank you

Faith Siems

Come on 13 I am 13 but 14 actully but I put a rangdom age on there sooo can u please change me to be 13 im $wagy hot thx p.s. can u comment me back

Prince Nyarko

Really This game is getting boring each time I play?

Kaden Loau

Stupid game ever?????? Sooooo slow.DO NOT DOWNLOAD. so.slow like it takes forever.hated it.better on comp?

MovieStarplanet kittyqween78

Love it I am addicted to this game I have my own phone and laptop so if the charge runs out on phone I can go on my laptop its an amazing game ppl PLAY IT I l

Kathy Ayon

Help There is one problem every time i go to someone's room i click x it freezes plz help

Kaylyn Noah

HATE IT I tried to make an account but it keeps saying every username is taken. WORST GAME EVER. BTW better on computers. Ugh.

Nicholas Lea-Trengrouse

Lies I got on to the game and 1 the game lags 2 you couldn't make your own home and 3 you couldn't speak and 4 you couldn't get a boyfriend and 5 you had to be a vip or you had to get a pet but nowon couldn't read that tiny blury writing I would of give you 5 stars but you lied dont bother getting this game it stinks

cool moon

Cool Its cool but we should atleast be able to see our wl and send gifts but besides those two it cool i cant evan upload no more pics cuz it says u cant upload no more today try again tomarow i didnt evan upload anything

A Google User

My mom just bought one month elite vip and it took my card but won't give me my vip. It said everything was successful but nothing Is happening!! Soo mad!!

Helen Jane

Some errors but still a good app I am a jury on msp but on the app the icon doesn't for jury doesn't come up eventhough I've been a jury fit ages. Also it says a lot of times msp has stopped when typing messages or going in rooms. It's good as it is but if these things were fixed and maybe making moves and more animations :)

Angel Grodzki

OMG! Every time try to log in on my back up, it just types one letter! Fix this and I'll give 5 stars... x_x

Reda Adkins

Eh I really want free vip so i watch videos but they don't work it really is sad:(

Pawla-Maria Wakim

Not completely There's something also like the clothing game and other that we find on computer doesn't exist on mobile phone

Olly Wyn

Good But.... Its Okay, But Can It Be Like The Computer Version Please? ? I'm Really Mad That I Cant Give Gifts Or Wishys Only Autos I Love This App But Unfortunately I Got Hacked On My Ishacool Person! My Username Is Ishacool But Pass Has Been Changed! Plz Fix This! ?

Sarah Dempsey

Problem... I don't know why but it does this thing I try to change clothes or send a message I keep having to press the tick like 10 times...other than that good. SarahLouXo is my msp name

Isabel VanHook

Its fine except In all honest i love the game its just that its frustrating that you have to struggle to get money and gems if your not a VIP,and also can you please get rid of the piggy bank i find it very stupid and very unneeded.It will also not show all my clothes tht are in my closet.

Hollie Copestake

Been locked out for No reason I put in my username and password correctly and it says User not found.My username is hollierose012 please sort this out thanks

Sarah Mcdonnell

Ok The problem is that vip is so deer like c'mon 69.99 for just a year and all the clothes in the shop are sooo deer i really hope you can change that ty

Loz Dixon

It's ok, but I think it you need another way to earn more sc like let us watch movies And add more things that we can us or do because It kinda gets. Borning after a while..

A Google User

I love it but it needs a few improvements I absolutely love this game but in the next update could u please make it so we can give and receive animations on art books.. MAKE MOVIES!..Play the dress up game..and get quests or whatever they are called. If you do I will give 5 stars and a great review!!! <3

Layna Theut

Love it It is really good nithing bad is on here and it some times cracks u for a second dut it is a good game

shyandhyper gal15

I love it but i wish I wish they have changes like every1 gets VIP for free, Able 2 do stuff like on the computer, & make every1 feel special if MSP Had these updates i would put 5/5 stars VIP means Very Important Person but I think every1 should get VIP Bc VIPs r for some certain ppl

Bernice Evershed

Total rubbish and rip off!! Daughter bought lots on this game now it won't let her access her account, rip off, stealing children's money!!!! NOT HAPPY, AVOID, AVOID AVOID!!!! Should be no stars but it won't let me put none!!!

Amber Packard

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'm disappointed I keep putting in a user name and password, but It want's my real user name and password. I'm not going to give them my information! ????????

Gareth Spurgeon

cyber bullying My 9 yr old played this game and liked it loads, shes not been on for about 5-6 week ,her so called friend got her password and started messaging other users on my daughters account swearing and being nasty to others in the last few weeks pretending it was my daughter...threatening her and creating problems at school. 1 security needs to be increased aka more than a simple password 2 it should be monitored for swearing if minors are using it. 3 cyber bullying should not be tollerated. The person was putting one letter at a time on the messages... F sent U sent C sent etc think you know what i mean. Load of rubbish u have to install the app to write a review. If U could give 0 stars i would

Alaina Hopkinson

Glitches, ideas, etc. •Ideas- You can buy and receive wish list, greets, gifts, make looks of others, quests, easier ways to make star coins. •Glitches- sometimes, the game won't load, and people will overlap each other. Also it takes forever for houses to show up now. •Free VIP and other concerns- to everyone who plays this game, I hope you know it costs money to keep it running. The people who buy VIP keep this game running. So no, you aren't getting free VIP, and you did not 'earn' that piggy bank money. Its simply daily bonuses, and bonus fame/star coins/diamonds from purchases, not something you worked hard for. Finally, don't ask them to give you free things in exchange for a better rating. That's just greedy and immature.

Hannah Richardson

i like it but theres a Problem. My chatrooms won't load and I can't talk to anyone... plz fix soon I won't more people to talk to it's getting boring without other people.

Anthony Hanson

I hate it Everyone is upset movie star planet company I don't see wear your helping us login in page gives problems vip is so unfair the piggy bank hold lots of money which we have earned . And we're not allow to use it until we become vip!u guys love people bank money that's the reason your company is going to go down if u don't do something,I don't see why my parents should work hard for there money and send it on rubbish like u guys.msp is made for kids to have fun,please fix my user is jamaica monay

Shaartfhace Warnz

Bbbbbbbbbbbbbooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg Its gets boring like im bored now of this game. But I only have it because my sister loves it

Kayla Augustine

Love it but, I think this game is AMAZING it so fun. But it is so hard to get coins and I can not send gifts or receive them. Also we should be able to put stuff on your wishlist on the cell phone. I REALLY WANNA BE ABLE TO MAKE LOOKS OF PEOPLE. ON THE COMPUTER THAT IS MY FAVIORT THING TO DO! FIX THIS AND I WILL GIVE IT FIVE STARS

Ramara Rumph

I luv it but it needs an update First, you can't even collect the gifts your friends gave you. Second, when someone makes a look of you u can't see what they did. Third, Can't even make your self have an animation. Fourth, can't even get that much starcoins, it takes a long time!

Kaytlyn Mitchell

Msp lover xox I luv this game becuase u can but alot of stuff if u r a vip and I get to talk to people and u might meet people that live near u becuase I did and find people on face book i nstagram and all that x

Tiarn-rose Mclean

V gd I would give this app 5 stars but when I left msp for a while and came back I have about 9 messages that I cannot open so I think that there should be an unopened message box so you can open them inblx and outbox or something like that and would also like to pojnt out when you try to go into a busy room or chat it cuts you off and would like easier ways to mame star coins as I am unable to pcs laptops ect thn it will be 5 stars definitely x

Ria Kenney

More on mobile? I'm so happy that they finally improved the tablet app, as I can now play on my kindle fire. But... It's SOO difficult to get money on app, there's no real way to get money other than money from pets in the chatroom and games. I think there's quests on the website? If so, can we get that on the app version please, because I'm on level 6 but still not bought a thing from the shop. I like that they have now got a wider range of starter clothing. Just make quests and it's five stars!

Lola Guye

Please upgrade ???? Please make it more like the pc version because i really want to earn coins and i want to give and receive gifts please user is starz90088 and does anyone know how i can get VIP for free or make me VIP ? i really want it I will make it 5 stars if u upgrade it? please do it.

Honesty Broom

Msp U guys should make it were when u press a person and on the top of their head it should say put in stomach and u should have more request were like mom request sister request amd like more request like family i live msp its like my life so i eant it were like if u press a person u can like press put in stomach and u make the caheter look ptegnant so thats all im asking so can u plz make thise changes

Zack Champion

Msp I got HAKED on BLUE CHILL OMG I got hacked on msp on my acc called blue chill.PLEASE can some one help me to get it back.The guy who hacked me is msp man star.He said on my acc that he's giving it away,what a b**h huh?if your reading this and you end up getting the acc pleas massage me goodone55 and I will give you 20 greets and 50 gifts if you tell me the pass cause it was my acc pleas!!!

Samara Rodriguez

Great but The moblie app is great but theres almost no way of earning star coins.Personally ive been stuck on level 9 for almost a year.How are people suppoesed to earn a bundle of starcoins if there only access is on mobile which will take forever to level up.Then frequently ill be playing msp then it will say msp has stopped just like someone else said in the comments.Please please add quests for mobile users.It would make the game a whole lot better.

Zamya Swain

Good and dumb Because it won't let u friend whoever u want on a computer,but they let u friend whoever u want on a phone. Do not download on ur phone it takes like 2hours for msp to download on my tf????it's good because u get to date on msp. Friend me on msp my name is hot babe 405.My back up name is hot babe 405 (back up).And my last back up name is deez ?,ahh got em.???????LOL.

Daniel Merino

Why As soon as I logged off I didn't let me back onto my account it says my username and password are wrong although their wright

Chloe Berrisford

Ehh Its not all that good because 1. You cant use animations on the app 2. YOU SPENT A LOT KF SC ON A ANIMATION AND YOU CANT USE IT ON THE APP ?? 3. Let us give/recive greets on the app or im DELETING IT my name is: cat valantine i am!

joe schweitzer

ADD ACTIVITIES Make it like the computer version and I'll put 5 stars because the game sucks how are you suppose to get money that's not fair and add more games like dress up from the computer version and I don't receive gifts, my friend is trying to send gifts please fix these mainly please add activities or I'm deleting this game it's not fair

Ivan Havins

Especially love! Im on my sads a girl just getting that straight. My user is XxjordanXx77 and i love the new upgrades!!!!!thx for them !! Yall should make more and more!! Message if you have any ideas i know how to talk to guides and stuff . but one thing i cant be so sure bout zac sky nd pixi!??? they may be people we arent sure of..

Dylan Cusick

Hated it Read it..... it stops Dont Like It It Suks Its Stupid I Want Dreads like chief And i have exactly enough but no u have to vip take off the vip. And the spinner do 100 or up for both not just vip and More Starcoins Worst Game Ever Dont Download It

Sienna Worrall

VIP problems.. I love this app but there is LOADS of stuff you could improve.I'm not happy about you pay £3.99(I think that's 1 price) for a week!& a star VIP for a year is £59.00!& it's not fair for the not VIPS cuz it starcoins are really hard to get.Here is how you could improve 1:add jobs to some of the social places 2:make better prices for VIPS & 3:make the social places actually a highschool or something not just a small area & STOP TAKING MONEY OUT OF OUR ACCOUNTS WHEN YOUR A VIP! Thank you

Aleena Gulbranson

Well Dating internet I mean most people dont know their bfs abd gfs in real life so what if they are just weird people you should have taken a second thoughts

Violetta Castio

Hackers. Msp dosn't do anything when a person gets hacked. They don't give diamonds back or starcoins which the hacker spent. Also they should send back anything that the hacker bought from our accounts. AND won't let the user access msp on their computer or laptop they used to hack people.

Emily Fox

Baby Jacob two two sides of the story because some people lie to just get out of stuff bad so they can not do two sides of the story because some people lie and se that de that they do. Do it. Because they don't wash a good travel get in trouble and they wanted to put it off at the other person is like they're lying but they're all day art so that's why they don't do two sides of the story and I'm apart of movie star planet I have a coworker I apart full so when did you get on the baby do tso get a so yeah

Lorna Frances

Msp report button!have not done anything I loved it but today when I went on it I put my finger on my character and left it there and then actions came up and I kept doing them and a person said they were going to report me because I kept doing them and please do not ban me because I only just got this game today and I also wish there was a button were u could tell your side of the story. Thanks from Lorna candy cake

Esther Carlson

Point #mspgirl No be cause what if they tell lies even thought you saw them do it to you. If they tell they could tell lies and Msp won't no who to believe. P.s you could make it so that we can. 1.make movies. 2.change cloths in artbooks and movies. able to Search the YouTube. 4.lower star VI.P. from 61.99 to $40. Love this if you agree with my ideas :)

Delaney Armstrong

Needs a few things like.... Diamond shops, movies, being able to adjust Movie stars on ABs, dressup, etc

Gods Love

If you don't have vip Plz plz make a update of the piggy bank , you should make it for non VIP to it would be a lot better plz

MovieStarplanet kittyqween78

Love it I am addicted to this game I have my own phone and laptop so if the charge runs out on phone I can go on my laptop its an amazing game ppl PLAY IT I I also think that u should add a chatroom that is just for none vips

Madison McKee

I forgot my username when I got it today! I deleted it and waited a couple days and when I went on my apps I pressed all and saw this app and pressed the x and I typed in movie star planet and got it again!I was happy they had that

Ruby Thraves

No way I had this game on my laptop and it seemed ok, though I got bored with it because it took a lot of effort to gain searching and then when you get about 800 you can only buy 1 thing because everything costs so much. When I tried to log In today for the first time it had the msp sign (as usual) and said loading... It took ages and ages and ages and then it just simply took me back to my home screen by itself... This game gets soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring...

Savanna Sauer

Love it but..... It always has some problems, but they are always minor, like I show up with no clothes on, on peoples screens. Please fix this problem.

Mellissa Whyte

Fab but... Fab but when i was offline someone pressed the forgot password button and put their email in and now i cant get on to that account so what im thinking is that you put your email in at the start so if anyone tries to hack you the way i was hacked. And i was a really high level too :( and i had just bought rares on that account :(

Inori Hinamori

I really hate this game now.I can't even make money anymore,except if I am a VIP.You guys are saying 'buy vip!buy vip!' And even people can easily hack.' I really liked old msp no piggy bank. >:(

Julianne Lee

Okay.. It's okay because the text & colors when making the artbook down work. Speaking of artbooks and movies, you can't see a whole list of movies and artbooks the user made. You also can't delete comments and everytime you leave the app, you have to wait and start over again.

Ashlyn Blockhus

Great game but.. On my tablet there is a glitch and I don't know where I am going so please fix it if you can! :)

moncerrat alvarez

Pc to mobile What about the wishlist giving and putting things on yoir wishlist? Or giving greets and the diamond shop? I completely love this game but the app needs its improvements

farrah khan

Needs some improvement The thing that you must do in order for my rating to go to 5 out of 5 is that you should allow people to have a trial run of how it is like to be a VIP Moviestar so they know how it is and what to expect. So more people will buy VIP. Also when is rare week for 2016 coming???

lilla marie

Good app Msp is a great app but its hard to collect coins we she have maby like a certain amount of money a day like 50 coins . Plzz update thnx if u do that i will give 5 stars nd recomend it to my friends and when we make a new avatar we dont really have a great selection of clothes and no dresses !!

Syn Ning Kan

In app purchase Bought VIP pass for a week, it charged me twice and didn't recieve anything, emailed them and got no reply.

Mariska Lind

problem my gf,BFF when ever we are gf,BFF for to long on our profile we aren't gf or BFF,but when I go to resend it we are plz fix the MSP thanks again for helping give it a five star also best app ever keep making more please I'll do five star I promise yay

Javyne Boateng

Because of hackers do not give password 2 [email protected] she offers free vip but lies and do not give her ur password she hacked my latest account

Sienna Harrington

Don't get it Do not get it because its got hackers and they get in ur acc and delete every think it happened to me two times DONT GET IT KIDS also don't add hackers cuz they will hack u its happening to me and don't add lovely Hollywood9874

nelya serik

What the app version is missing: please fix: oh and also let nonvip receive diamond too!! -movies -greets and stuff off the diamond shop -forums -claiming rewards -quests -looking thru the profile of other ppl -diamond rides

Wahid Jawed

tHiS GaMe iS mY Liffffffeeeee This game is the best game in my life this game makes me feel so good whrn im sad i have bffs and i have a bf in this game .you csn play it in computer too and this made my life

Alaina Redmond

Get woozworld instead This is boring and super sucky. It freezes up and deletes my account. I suggest you get woozworld instead it's wayyyyyy better

Deanna Taylor

Unbelievable It says I have been locked out forever and I wanted to get more vip and u please fix it for me.

Kelsey Aspinall

Could u do this please? When u take a friend off u should be able to add someone else it's really annoying coz I took a friend off and it wouldn't let me add someone else plus can some of the stuff like clothes and makeup and animations and things you can put in your room all be a lower price like 300 starcoins if u do that then everyone will tell their friends to come play map so then you would have millions if not trillions of players and u could get in the world records 2016 or 2017 book so please read this and think about it

xKelseyy MSP

Good game but... It's good but not as good as the laptop version. We should be able to complete quests and make movies unless you can make a separate movie maker app linked to MSP that would be amazing.

Ariana Grande Fan 123

The best I have this and its a way to become VIP you just buy iTunes vouchers or Google play vouchers its simple its safe but don't talk to Grim Reaper or Aynonamous or any hacers

Saoda Rashid

Cool but... Can you make a way to get diamonds without a VIP,, and get coins easier,, thx if you do it, i will give it 5 star then

Sugar Cakess

Please put star coins in chat rooms! AND let us customize new user eye color and lip color in the app Movie star planet, I love love love! This game so far! But please I'm begging you please put star coins in the chat rooms again! It would be a lot more better and a relief to have it again! I hate having to play the other games for HOURS just to get not even enough star coins! :( Please this would be a Dream of an update to have! :) and please let us customize in the app when we are creating a new user please let us choose different eye colors and and different lip colors because I can't do that it will not let me! PLEASE fix those things then I will give 5 stars!!! thank you! :)

Terri_ on_fleek

This irritates me/Awesome Suggestion When I exit MSP I lose all my progress (without fully closing it), if I get a text or call. Please fix.? Also, if you don't mind, I would like to suggest more coins and diamonds. Maybe 100 coins and 1 diamond a month. Only VIP can have diamonds which may leave non VIP feel broke. Plus, when you buy an outfit, it's hard to get more coins. It takes at least three months for me (because I have a busy schedule) to get more coins for a new outfit, animation, music, and other things. More coins and Diamonds! ?

Hailey Alyssa V.

Please fix it Msp is a great game and all,but I want the msp studio or staff members to get rid of hackers. Please this is not a safe game for children,I'm not saying this game is bad,but please remove all hackers. And there is this glitch where I purchased ELITE VIP but it says I have the NORMAL vip,please fix this msp. I really don't want to delete this app.

dr pepper queen

Amazing but... It is really good but its a bit unfair, because if our not VIP u don't get to do as much. At first that's okay but no its really limiting what u can do and its getting ridiculous but everything else is really good

Kaylyn Nett

Love it I love because its just a game that really brings out the girl in me but I'm being reported for the most stupidness things ive been reported for stealing a girls bf

Hayley Drummond

Love/Hate I love it but hate It I had vip I got false reported and u dumbos b3lived. Its not fair, I dislike that DONT BELIVE EVERYTHING THEY SAY please unlock my accont I did nothing wrong I swear im so mad u better unlock if u do 5 stars if no one star less

Madison Moats

U should make a thing where people can sell things they don't want and it gives them star coins

Octavia Lambert

Few suggestions I think msp should give out more VIPs for free because not everyone has enough money for VIP and we should be able to send gifts no matter what level were on. I think that will make the game more interesting and exciting. The other thing is on a tablet you can't do much like a computer which makes it a little disappointing?

Teann Williamson


Maria Gaming

hate it i got hacked so i went on my computer and i emailed msp YOU MSP PEOPLE DONT GET IT im not going on this game until you delete thos hackers IM ON USA Lolipopsssslysm is my account and i was hacked I HATE IT ????????????

Michelle Jolly

This took ages to write so read it My favorite account got hacked so look out! Many people ask level 6 or over if they want vip then u say yes and they steel all your things and change your password. I have had many people asking if i want vip Never say yes they are steeling your account . MSP im serious if you carry on ignoring hackers there going to take over msp. And people keep saying pixi star steels rares is this true? And when is rare week ? Make it so you can have it exactly like the computer if you dont im sorry but i wont play this

Amelia Jade

I like it,its just that things are way to pricey! So please make things cheaper like 800 starcoins just for sided hair I mean like come on ! Also gifts why only 10 gifts per day? I was going to do a gift marathon but I can't now x I tink you shouldn't block msp users from talking at a certen time just a little changes wont hurt now would they? :)

Jackie Pring

It locked me out!!!!! I am very upset about this game me and my friend got hacked and me and my friend tried to make a new one but it said we got locked out of the computer so I rate this as a 0 star and plz plz plz make sure no one can hack u I had vip I'm soo upset plz report back I forgot there name who hacked us I'm going to ask my friend what there names where ???

Manar Kebri

Its ok Its not to bad I play this game on my mac book air, iphone 5c, ipad air and my old iphone 5s but I still dont get it

Katlyn Antonson

Hey MSP im Xxxdreamcatchergirlxxx I bought a vip for 5 dollors the middle one and i never recieved my starcoins and diamonds for not happy so rn ur goin to get 2 stars unless u fix it ill put it back to 5 stars

Yuu Watase

I really do love this game But my items keep disappearing from my inventory. Please fix this. I did not gift them.

Ayanna Thompson

Boring. Needs a lot of improvement I think msp should make stuff cheaper, make it more fun because on phone or tablet, its really boring. And I think msp should add more games on Msp for phone or tablets because like I said it's boring

Home Tablet

e.o I love MSP. But, we should be able to change our lip colour when we make a new user, because I really want to but when I start it won't let me change the colour of my lips. Another thing is that we should get 1,000 coins instead of 200 when we first start. We should earn 100 starcoins a day for each thing we do.

jessica brownrigg

Addictive This game is very's so fun but when u first start the cloths look ugly.but when people give u gifts meet new people and become vip its the most amazing thing ever!

Shannon Laidlaw

Msp This is an app that can steal your bank account find your identity private messages and they don't do anything about hackers !! Bann Msp pass on the message !!!!!


Umm you know... You would get ALOT higher ratings if you added fourms movies ect.

Lizzy Rose

Be careful and don't give out ur pass Ppl will try to trick you into giving ur pass

Bekani Somhedlwana

It needs some things added Maybe you had to pay msp mony and it can cost 1000 insted of real money because my mum won't let me be one because it cost's mony and it is freaking UN fear

Syed Hussain

It's really nice ma friend lives really far away from me and msp helps me talk to her :D but sometimes it freezes like wut the FAWC ?

Karen Gomez

Only need one thing fixed Fix the youtube!!! I want to add songs to my playlist or atleast be able to search a song up. Also the way you have it set up right now is horrible. That is all thank you for your time. (Me trying to be professional xD ruined it but anyways try to fix it)

Nia James

Its really good Its really good but when i try to edit my rooms it always freezes it might just be my storage space running out but it just freezes but other than that its brilliant

Daisy Jones

Freezing I logged in then it shut me out again and it keeps o doing it plz fix it now

Reece Hallock

Every time I try to get a username in its says this username is incorrect or someone already has this username!! I CAN'T PLAY FIX IT THIS GAME WON'T EVEN LET ME PLAY THANK U ☺☺☺☺☺

Kate Edwards

Ok I like it, but i kept on getting hacked and its get annoying cause im vip?? my user is PastelPurple34 (backup)

Oheemah Wiredu

Getting Better Well the new update is sorta good sorta bad it's good cuz now u get to see everyone's animations and u also get to make an animation the bad thing is that the starcoins glitch doesntbwork anymore and i was doing so well I have 2,742 sc I needed to save up for rare week which is right around the corner does anyone know any more good glitches for starcoins?!? ITS AN EMERGENCY

Blue Person

Not bad First of all, I love the new gifting feature. It makes sending gifts easier & faster. It's great! But, despite that, it crashes far too often. Please fix that. When I try and chat half the screen turns black and it won't let me type anything. Other than that, it's pretty good.

Abby Cramp

Best game It's the best game EVER I can stay in touch with all my friends world wide but get rid of hash tags please it's annoying


Ehh... It's Okay.... Maybe animations in ab's please ? Maybe being able to give greets and wishys, Oh and maybe being able to search for songs and add things to your playlist... One last thing... GET RID OF THE STUPID HASTAGS c;

Katlyn Antonson

Hey MSP im Xxxdreamcatchergirlxxx The new update is good but could u put a diamond shop an a tradin button next plz

Jazaya Newkirk

I hate it because people always hacking my account and people always blocking me and you can't never say what you want to say and the computer version is better than the phone and you can do more on the computer version than the phone version. They should just make it the same and you have to pay to be VIP Boring and I Hate it.

leiza vargas

I love this game,it works perfectly fine for me....The only thing I would change are the prices for the clothes and actions

James Bruce

This is really ahmere hughes I love this game so much all my friends play it I have 10.000 coins and 1.213 friends my name is tmt2005

Marshall Bielby

So cool Cool I love it ts so good

Kyle Banda

My money gone because of my piggy bank If you are not vip it takes your money and puts it in your piggy bank and i made 800 star coins and guess what when my tablet turned off it went and i was stuck with 133 star coins

Alexandra Minch

Awesome An amazing game really fun and entertaining with cool games! love it!

Dioselin Cruz

Meh :/ You can only do half of what is available on PC version, the other half is much better than the mobile version as a whole.

Francesca Deseta

WHY I love this game but you can get hacked what's the point of getting VIP if you get hacked uhhhhh I'm Hanna die

Monquie Hayes

Can't comment I can't seem to summit my comments below pics or artbooks but awesome game

Jade Buckner

Love it but.... I love this game! But u can't say certain things that needs to change, it should only be off limits if it is used in a wrong way. Otherwise this game is perfect, besides the lag in responding.

Example 2048

Problem : can't earn gems and hard to get money, need wishlists available on app and youtube. That's all, I love it really x

Awesome Boy

Who wants vip Im giving out vip for the whole 2016 message me if u want it my username is markell20

Jessica Letts

Update sucks I love the game but this new update plus: sc are too hard to earn enough to get close to something nice, so much more boring than on a pc AND it keeps crashing! ??

Amy Boot

It's good but Can u plz make a better security system because me and my friend got hacced I got spammed a nd bullied

Dwayne Rowell

Okay whats going on i tryed to download it on my dads motorolla e or g and it wont WORK fix it ASAP

Jon Lachonis

I LOVE IT BUT...... The hame freezs wen i was wrighting my name i could.not get off it i had to wait 6mins BUT MSP IS REALY COOL THO?

Serena Smith

I love it but.... We shouldn't have limited friends because u might meet new people and we can't have them as friends....

Julianne Huang

THE LAG!! Omg I made an artbook and it took me forever to make after i was done, i was gonna save it, then IT GLITCHED! And the stupid words "MSP isn't rsponding. Do you want to close it?" THE LAG PEOPLE


Its bad and good its bad because if u are dating someone u dont know how old they are ontim I hade a haker and the haker asked if how. Old are u he was 19

Jackie O Brien

Great I got VIP and can't login total ripoff

Jazmin Horne

1 Okay now if they give us Dimonds i will rate 5 stars

Megan Smith

It's cool I just got the 2016 new update and it's so laggy. Everytime I click on artbooks it just takes me off the app :'(

Summer Jones

Cool I don't really get the part of being a movie star. But you don't let us say words like name and stuff

Tigerlily Dunn

Awesome I love it it is so fun but it says "don't have the same name" plz fix it

Matthew Martin

Please change it on the computer version it has way more stuff like how your face is mad sad whatever also can you please make it like the computer version please ?

Caroline Warner

It's really cool but pls update It's a good game to make friends and play fun games but when u get hacked it's not as fun. I wish the computer version and the mobile version were exactly the same. This game is kind of addicting I have to say☺☺❤????

Erin Hardman

Improvement idea I love it butttt you should add a wheel where you spin it and it randomly picks a person for you to talk to you should have setting on it like spin for a boy to talk to spin for a girl to talk or spin for any gender to talk to and a few more games like where it shows you a movie star with clothes on for five seconds then you have to dress your movie star the exact same and you get fifty coins for each right answer xxxxxxx

Haylie Sullivan

AWESOME Amazing you can date earn money LOVE IT!!!? there is one glitch were it makes you look naked though but it goes away but i do not know how to make a wish list or give gifts or get diamonds please make it easy to give and receive gifts and diamonds plz???

Camryn Soto

I love it I love msp and all but I get warnings for no reason. I can't get locked out. I've already been locked OUT FOREVER once. please change this

Ari Hernandez

Blocking I would give this 5 stars if you guys can fix the ghost messages like when you block someone and they leave you a message before the blocking goes through it leaves you a ghost messages and it soo annoying

Rueben Gonk

I'm confused It won't let me log on plus people make artbooks that are really rude deleting the game

Natalie Crawford

Pretty good but... This app is really fun, you get to share pictures, make art books, chat with people and more, but it's really hard to earn star coins and everything is really expensive

Gracie Lukas

WHAT!! It has locked me out for 6 says and I haven't done anything wrong so on a fix that and I'm a VIP AND ALSO PIXY STAR IS A HACKER why sorry artbooks..

sabrina Jasmine Marie

Sucks ? So you can go places and only walk around you can chat to people but most of the people won't even say anything so you're pretty much talking to yourself and you can't even do anything you can't hug anybody you can't lay on the couch all I can do is design your room and just look at your rooms u can have pets but u can't do much with them I played better games

Tamara Crowder

HELP ME The longest I have gone without this game crashing or freezing is 4 minutes and 34 seconds, I timed it because it keeps happening the fastest it has crashed is 50 seconds, this is NOT fun plz help me I need to fix this.


issue :( I love this game so much, im on level 18, its fantastic! But, im having keyboard issues. Whenever i go to a chatroom and talk for a short while, my keyboard closes? So I have to reload the game AGAIN. Its getting very Annoying.. also when i try upload photos it crashes.. fix?

Skye Taylor

Marry request and vip problem They should have a marry request to show they are married. They should be 5 spaces on your profile 3 besties 1 gf/bf and last a married one. That way ppl can knwon to back off your fiance. Also can u let everyone have free vip to pn level 8-22 it would help. It would make me happier. Onr mpre thing. Why cant vip send u vip stuff and why cant non vips have vip things on thier wishy?

Jordan Evans

I love movie star planet,it let's you be who you want to be and feel like a movie star while your doing it. The only thing that has been getting on my nerves is that,things in the stores r way to much star coins. We don't get that many star coins a day on the app and I think that we should be able to get more star coins a day. If this changes then I will give 5 stars thanks.

Emma Marz

Addicting Heres a tip do not spend all ur money at once but pretty fun game

Madelyn LeSauvage

Awesome! I love msp so fun I play it a lot but I had to make a new account because I got hacked:-( and I wold play msp a lot more if u could find a way to stop all the hacking and u should not have 2 many friends cus it anoying wen u need to move up a level to get more friends plus u should put a pole that u can tap on and write an improvement 4 msp in please make another game cuz I love playing games that u make:-) ? and mi name on msp is Elesebethgem please friend me every one I am really nice?

Taslima Begum

i wish you guys would stop removing people from msp and stop getting people locked out for no flipin reason and i wrote were is your lil sister is she sleeping and u guys crossed out the whole thing also please stop crossing the words out and i wrote r u going to bed and u guys crossed out the whole thing , its annoying me so flipin much jeez also ma username is goldenrose128 and please solve my problems and i have loads more but cba saying them

Abstractnia Msp

Love this game, 3 years (: I've been on MSP for three years,hackers have not been a problem normally its a troll.The safe chat is a little extreme at some times but its good because the age you put in maximizes or minimizes the safe chat which is also really helpful (: other than that its a great app

puppy/dog lover

it's a great game but.... there's to many hackers and plz update like the computer other than that it's a great game and I'm never off it

Shauna Clark

Msp Its amazing but I'm on app and u can't change pass and I have been hacked a few times so plz sort that out thank you also make us all VIP

Jaz Topz

Good! Its really good but a few better things should be added. So first I wanna say when other movie stars love your pet it should come up when your taking care of your pet and when the pet gets loved half a star will be added on and when all 5 stars are full you win 50 star coins. Also when my friends buy my designs I don't get coins so can I get coins please. And when you have bought something but you don't want it no-more can you make it so I can sell it for the star coins I bought it for so please do these updates and I will rate 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.Also I wanna say can we be able to send coins and diamonds please.And everytime I go to a chatroom it just makes me come of the game and says MSP isn't responding it's very annoying please fix.? also can there be a game were someone votes for the best looking person and the best looking person gets 50 star coins and 100 fame.Please reply!

Chelsey Cooke

12 problems 1.can you let beginners start of with 1 year vip plz 2. Let people get Dimond off the spin wheel thing plz 3. When you bye something every 1 minute I have 23 or 45 star coins 4. People on there are mean sometimes like 1 time someone called me stupid 5. When you start and go to a chat room and see a pretty vip and you want them to be your friend they say no for some reason 6. Can you change the hair when you first start it's so boring hair change the most ugly hair plzz 7. I don't like it when you can't buy pets sometimes 8. Change the become vip thing and instead of sharing privet stuff ok people is annoying 9. I hate the start off clothes change that ok 10, I hate packers wish they wouldn't pack so when they dry don't let them ok 11. Why isn't there gymnastic clothes huh 12. I hate some Pele on there change there addatoud

Zelena Cakmak

Vip We need VIP to get everything in the game. Its unfair on those people that can't get it. Please add maybe VIP chance on the wheel or maybe some contests on the game to see who wins gets VIP. Thanks, also plz change.

horse lover 5000

Nice Well its a bit good when people don't ask do you won't vip but I really wish I had all the things I bout in really life 1 thing I would say is when you start you get some dimonds and a bit off vip

Phoebe Caldicott

Amazing Get it you will love it you make friends talk just like a phone. You can also play games well fun its realy good get it

Baillie Watts

I hate it It won't let me type numbers the guy I was talking to wants to talk on the phone but we can't so fix this or I'm deleting this.....boring

Nevaeh Smithpeters

Love this game It's amazing I could talk to people online and date its amazing fwi put u was born in 2000 so u can talk if u don't put 2000 u can't talk its just a great game

Marie Bristow

It ok but it always go back to the home page and log you and then you have to log in or press the app it annoying I would play ut if i was you it useless also you have to 24 hours somthink like that it stupid

springtrap the gamer

Awesome! Ok, so I have both the internet and the app. They're both amazing, except it would be cool if you could play as a boonie

Zabby Marriott

Brill Why cant pixi star give us a vip acc with lots of sc and diamonds. Make an update were you can do this and make a wishlist!! If u do ill give u 5 stars and play it

megan parkes

Like it but .... This game is brilliant if children can not access Facebook or twitter. Oh ana please can you put everything on the tablet that's on the computer please it's kina LAME now ... I would be happy if the tablet had the same features as the computer!

Infal Jamshed

I love this game I love this game but I got hacked alot of times I wish I had vip cuz I want to open my vip piggy bank and I want diamonds and all plzzz and this game glitches alot plzzzz tix it thanks <3 plz update it so it ould be exactly like the computer msp...♥♡♥☆■□♥°°°° oh and if you have msp plz add Leo226

Kylie Sullivan

Bad tricking glich It gave me extra starcoins I thought a friend or something gave it to me I spent it and now it says I have been cheating!!!! Please let me back on I am extremely sorry please??? I will give my stuff I bought back!!! I'm so sorry please???? I am extremely sorry it was a misunderstanding. Please???? I have never done anything like this before!!! Honest!!! I saved up for a lot of things before this please let me keep my pets I earned and saved up for??? Please I'm so sorry!!!!?!?!

Tina Lawless

I LOVE THIS GAME SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! This is one of my fave games but maybe give beginers a free month vip to start them off nd make them buy it if they want anoter vip. Vip stuff is really cool but i cant afford it ????

Rosie Elcome

It's the best game I have ever played. I always play this game but I have one problem. It's underrated cos it has chat so it should be a parental guidance. Apart from that it is OK. But people on this game are so inappropriate for a 10 year old like me! Also, on the game it says you can get a boyfriend and it is Pegi 3 so 3 year olds cant gave boyfriend! Apart from that stuff, it's a really good game!

mercedes gay

Its great I would like it to have vip for free anyone over the level 21!!!! And I GOT HACKED make sure nobody hacks people like they did to me

Armani Patton

Love it I LOVE this thing cause it's so awesome you know? An you should to because it so awesome cause I love meeting people and people love meeting me!

Joseph Aluochier

Hmm..... I would like there to be awards or the Diamond Shop or things like that on my phone as there is no point in me waiting ages just to do one thing. Please add this to the new update. Also please add movies in MovieTown as I really want to watch some. See Isaac N's review for other things. My username is Joseph537. Thank you.

isabellarob AJ

Mad I'm giving this a 4 star because I bought VIP that cost 12 dollars twice last month and it still hasent come! It's making me mad, we contacted msp but we never got an answer.

Marlena Kretser

Come on I think um…VIP shouldn't cost money and u get one pet free and it takes so long to make money and should be able to play dress up and should have as many friends as possible not 120 friends on level 8.

ʝօċɛʟʏռ քօʟɛռɖօ

Someone hack me I hate it because someone just hack my main account and my cousins acc. Do u know how it feels to lose a account u work on for so long. These are the account s names brenden156,Kristy x3,and texangirlygirl156. Plz I just want my accounts back?if u want people to feel safe then STOP hacking people!plz if u give me my account s back I will rate it 5 stars ?

Shann Tulabing

I would like to report. I would like to report that in the PC version on MSP, My acc keeps being locked out. The reason why is that theres no American Country Flag. PLEASE TELL ME WHY. PLEASE REPLY TO ME. I WANT TO GO BACK TO MY FRIENDS ON MSP, JUST ADD THE AMERICAN COUNTRY ON PLEASE.

Tammy Faulkner

Lier I gave this a two because when I made myself a new account it was saying that it wasn't right when I wrote it down on paper so I wouldn't forget it it has done this to me with 3 account.

Kathleen Oliver

Plz It's not fair that ppl have to becaume vip to pay ppl don't earn money that easy on phones and tablets so I suggest everyone should be vip

Red Apple Lips

Omg plz read below! Omg guys its the worst game ever its so laggy it hangs every second(s) I'm gonna uninstall this game Animal jam play wild is better... Ugh this game sucks I gotta delete this!

Victoria Belajeva

Please make an update! I really want to have diamonds but the only way to do that is to buy vip.Unfortunately I can't buy it so I was thinking if u could do this thing for phone and tablet and laptop.basically convert coins for diamonds.this action shouldn't be for vip though.if this happens I am rating this 5 stars.THX!

melissa Naberhaus

NEEDS FIXED okay what I'm trying to say there's a wedding and it won't let me send a text so I can text them and I and I'm trying to use It am using an appropriate

Ishrar Zaman

It's ok but I want the MSP Company to do some changes It isn't fair that the clothes in MSP r soo expensive and the items too and also u don't get much coins from games especially if you r NOT a VIP plus if u pay £3,00 for 10 diamonds and 1,900 coins in the game that is really expensive when u r not a VIP u don't get diamonds at all! Which is really unfair for people who can't afford or parents won't let them pay in the game. Also MSP gets stuck and it always says "Msp is not working"? which annoys me a lot!!! I prefer Animal Jam since u can GET diamonds without being a member!!!

Kimy Plays


Isabel Bairstow

Please change this I love the game but whenever I try to upload a picture it days something like mps has stopped working and takes me off the game . this is so annoying and I really want to be able to post pictures

Nightmare Raven

It won't stop sending me back Every time I get to level five, it sends me back to level four, and takes 100 of my coins. I've tried logging back in, and even re downloading it but it keeps doing it.

Naimah Begum

IM GETTING HACKED Omg I needed to make 15 accounts because im getting hacked so please stop people HACKING me and the rest of us thank you if you are going to listen to this

Saylor Harrison

Love It! this game is so fun you can chat with people all around the word and becaome friends,cuatomise your character,join chatrooms,and play games,the only thing that sucks is that you can get hacked! so be carful if you deside to play this!

Zainab Kamara

its ok but really people hack in this game i have an acc named mewelover770 i,m on level 13 and i got hack when i tried to log on it wouldn,t let me go in because someone hacked me

3 easter girls

Fantasic but... I love msp i love it soooo much... but... its boring what do u do? Level up friends umm... what els be vip money! Ughhh plz inprove msp sooo much forst played it play for 5 weeks then it got boring ..?? soo... PLz plz plz ENPROVE!!

BriAnna Ayala

Boonie rescue? Cheaper clothes? Please bring back boonie rescue. It's easier to collect star coins, because when playing games you only get 3 star coins...It's difficult, please bring it back. Plus can you make the clothes a little bit more cheaper, like if I want a shirt and its not crappy designed and plain, can it be at least 200? Thank you, that will be all. Ps. Sorry for my out rage I had.

Leah Christie

I can't stress how hood this game is but there is so much lag it spoils the game if you sort out the bug the game is perfect but at the moment I get kicked out of the game and can't spend 2 minutes on it! Thanx if you sort it out I will definitely rate 5 stars!


U luv this game I can chat to my freinds at school and i can send pics and right now I'm in level 89

keira unicorn

Crashes and freezes! It's a good app but it crashes and freezes! Please sort this out! Also i have lost the password to my acc, please may you contact me. Thnx

Manu Mouangassa

Need a chathead Msp is cool but the thing is that when I go on it I just talk to my friends and sometimes the new message thing doesn't appear.Wish they were a chathead like Facebook messenger cuz then it'll be cool

Emma Walker

Really epic My friend introduced me to movie star planet , I have had an adiction on it ever since I got it so I definitely think I should download it

jonathan barber

Vip not working SCAM!!!! Logged into a friend's account to buy her your 3 month star vip and it charged my card but didn't give her the vip status or bonuses. Will leave at 1 star until fixed

Summer Lane

DON'T GET THIS GAME Worst game ever loadesto much and you cant get VIP if you have been on this games for a couple of years DON'T GET THIS GAME EVER!


I think... That when u make artys you can't change the colour and what if ur vip u can't change the colour. U can't reset passwords and why can't u say hackers or password? I think that there should be a up date for all the things that people are complaining about PLUS PLEASE FIX THAT IT'S SOOOOOOOO LAGY........... what about movies? Is that going to make it MORE Lagy or will it just be nice to add it to the game? PLEASE make it less Lagy and a dd all the above ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ plus I always get a IP lock LIKE WTF!?

Nat B

Not recommended for young children I am talking about the game, my young sister plays moviestarplanet and she loves it, you can share looks and chat with other people online, but I am concerned that your not doing anything about the inappropriate 'artbooks'. It is horrible and disgusting for a kids game, also, the forums is the way to get bullied by older children(14-17 year olds). If your child wants to play this game, I highly advised watching your child. To be safe.

Trish Kinney

Easy and useful You get to style up your own user xD It's hard leveling up when you started but keep playing and you'll get there :) For haters: Why would you play this game if you don't like it?? (BTW, can you add movies like computer?)

Skyla Lambert

GAME IS A SCAM My daughter paid for the vip then WANNA the game wouldn't let her log in. This game might be a scam.My daughter also got hacked! And as far as the hacking goes well whomever is in charge of running this scam of an operation they should be more aware of this hacking that is going on! Especially considering my daughter is only a child and things like "U DO IT" r being said to look as if she saying it well that is 100% unacceptable!!! Also, DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sophie scott

Love it but.... Plz change it when it comes up if been logged out for.... I got logged out of my VIP account for 6 days and 23 hours I didn't do anything if I block someone they report me or they report me for doing absolutely nothing if u want ppl to play this game u need to change that cause i had VIP 2 times and now I'm logged out I promised to give a girl a gift in return the next day she said okie and now look she's gonna thing I scammed her!!! Stop this logging out thing and the ppl who made msp should look first.

soph sophie

App sucks The game is good on computer but the app is slow and glitchy, and you can't do very much on it. I don't like this app, and my advice to others is stay on computer.

Kylie Boyd

MAKING ME MAD every couple months or weeks it brings me back to the home page to create a new avatar so when I login it won't work it takes FOREVER

Paul Russell

Msp Hi it me LOL/WOW from msp and im just saying that msp is the best game that davin desrloik has ever made and simon cow likes it for once , amazing he is the meanes and most boring person in the world

Sabrinacarpenter vevo

Well I like the game I have it on my tablet my friend has it on a computer and it's more funner on a computer you can make movies and other stuff tablets can't do so please can you make it like it is on the computer and I will give you five stars please??

Kenzy Iron

Plz read Hey moviestarplanet you should add diamond shop to the mobile version so it'll be cooler and add settings to the mobile version to so we can change our passwords for when we get hacked be cuz I keep getting hacked when I buy vip and I can't even change my password cuz I'm on mobile so plz plz plz make this in your next update

MSP SparkleSparkles

Love it but... It's not the same from the online version you get to do more stuff and ever time I try to text on mobile msp it ALWAYS GLITCHES AND MESSES UP AND CRASHES I HATE IT PLEASE FIX!!!

Hannah Collins

Awesome! but... I mean yes Msp is so fun! But I wish they could let ppl at least Have a week for them to buy girl/boy clothes I mean like any boy/girl clothes not just certain ones. Also let us Be able to delete messages because I do not want to scroll down So much to looking for my last conversation with someone

Liliez Gamez

I ~ N ~ C ~ R ~ E ~ D ~ I ~ B ~ L ~ E This is a splendid game! Great way to waste time in a good way. Though there are 2 things that concern me. One reason is that late at night you get messages from your friends. I don't like this. I really don't! The second reason is that you don't have a settings icon! Seriously, there needs to be a settings icon. And on there you should be able to change your password and decide to have notifications of messages on or not! Please do these 2 things! P.S. Do not close chats at 2am, let us Moviestars have fun!

zanna holmes

Friends I love this game, however after my vip ran out, I was way over my friend count. I deleted them down to 27 from about 510, and my non vip limit is 270 (level 17). When I click on another player to add them now, it still wont let me even though I deleted all my friends... ive restarted the app and logged out and in again and nothing is working... coukd you fix this please?

Edna Pupec

Love it c: You get locked out for a reason if someone reported you then you can get a warning/ being locked out. There IS a settings button on PC and i dont know about Mobile but there probably is. C: Anyways this game is amazing ♥ I am already level 17 and theres so many outfits you can make :3 I got vip and it just works out perfectly in this game its a great game to get your mind of sad moments :) I recommend this app alot you should install it ^3^ ★★★★★ star rating

Rose Alexander

Amazing but..... I love this game but it glitches alot, VIP is great and I love all the clothes but I can't play on the computer version because it won't tell me my password and because iv got alot of diamonds i want to buy the stuff that u get on computer or laptop i think they should let u get ur password. i tried to type in my email so they would send it to me but it didn't work. Apart from that and how it's quite glitchy its really good and on weekends its my way of talking to friends its a really good app and i do recommend to everyone!!!!

Kayleigh Marie

It's more for young kids? It's a great game but I think it's aimed more at younger kids then me. Also I think non VIP people should get to open the piggy bank and if you can make the app more like the one on the laptop that would be cool. Other wise it's a very good app but more 4 kids under the age of 11. ?

Abi Hosking

Its Okay.... MSP on PC is epic. MSP on tablet is okay. MSP on phone sucks. DO NOT GET ON PHONE!!! It lagges and closes down every 2 seconds!!!!!! Get it on tablet or play on PC. Btw, they should let you make movies on phone and tablet. Just saying! Trust me, I've been online since it was launched. Dont ask me when that was, I really cant remember!?

Gracie norris Gracie

Msp Msp i love ur game but not anymore. ...u see someones just hacked my.acc and i have had no word from u so if i wasent hacked i would still love this game but words of edvuce for future generations ket go of the dms because it only leads to danger from thevampsfan4 xD

Tahnique Logenstein

Cool games Whhy I feel like killing u already because I go into the game and play a little and a few SECONDS later IT GOES OFF...IT EXIT THE GAME and sometimes I go into the game and don't even press ANUTHING AT ALL and then it goes out AGAIN runes EVERYTHING especially when I want to save something it goes's out ..........plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz fix it or else I'll delete the game and give it 0 RATING

Zaleekha Nasir



Good app but I'm irritated with it Okay the app is good for the most part, but I'm getting irritated with it because: It keeps exiting out of the app and to the homescreen and I never wanted it to and it randomly logs me out. And plus I have been trying to post some photos through the app but Everytime I click on the photo I want to post it exits the app out and restarts it and it never posted it! I broke my computer and I have to use the app but this is just irritating me. Please fix this! I love MSP, but this is my only way to use it.

Alexandra Harbidge

Love it but..... 1.Don't ask people for VIP if they are not one it saves u more time waisting ur time any way non VIP people HACK U. 2. DON'T BE LIKE U ARE GOING TO HACK PEOPLE SO YAH ONE STAR FOR THIS GAME

Ashley the girlie gamer


IRB Gaming

Great game but... I love the game it's self but don't get me wrong I get bored on the app i dont have a PC or anything like that just a tablet so it's abit boring with no diamond store and movies and all that stuff so please could you put all the PC features on the app thanks x

Mesh Productions

Dont waste your time or money Its crap and ive been playing it for 2 years search up crown royal554 is you dont belive me

Brianna Chomos

I had an account and now I cant get back in. Im thinking it was a hacker maybe. So please try to delete all hackers or 'packers' it would make MSP safer ^_^ other than that. I totally love this game!!!

Alara Uzun

I love msp I even play this game on on my computer input sadly it keeps crashing for me in tablet and It gets a little boring why can't it be like the laptop/computer one?

Maya Murillo

Great but... Its cool but i think it should have higher security becuase hackers are finding out our passwords! Also ifbyou not VIP you shouls be able to open your piggy bank

SES Vivo

Love it! It was the best game ever. Especially the games. But one thing I hope you could do is to let us be a VIP for one day with coins so that it will be fair. But if you can't do it, it is alright.

Joseph Aluochier

Hmm..... Can you add more stuff to profiles? Also, I want colour on my status updates. I love this and I love how you improved this. By the way IT'S CRASHING EVERY TWO MINUTES. HELP ME!

Jada Cooke

OMG 1. On this theme called... black 2 school well...there's this rare shirt it's a really low price and on it has the hearts fake tattoo the dragon tattoo and like yeah and 2. Rare week on msp is coming up in like 6 weeks OMG OMG can't wait can u? Msp needs to add more Rares btw

Caitlin Keward

cant get on my Acc! omg i cant create an account or sign in it justs says im blocked when i havent done anything! HATE THIS APP WORST EVER

CharlieGoesRawr cx

It's ok So I use this alot as I prefer it tbh it.'s easier to be on and stuff. Only thing is we would have all the colours on desktop (or some better pinks for lips) and to be able to change the colour of eyes and lips on the new avatar screen

AliiiPlayz Games

Great but... I love msp u couldn't ask for a better game but vip is too expensive. Star vip for a week should be £1.50 a month £3 3 months £5 and a year £10. Also u should give more diamonds and coins and fame in your piggy and package. Ty very much x

Animoo Chan

Soooooooo addicting I love this game and i only played it for five minutes!Oh my god!K listen up i thought this was just a little toddlers game when my friend from school told me (her name is kayleigh btw) but no (it kinda can but whatever)!

AyyeIts Zara

Its amazing! but.... I think its really good, but its so laggy. Not because of my connection. But sometimes it fails to laod some things. And, thats not your fault, but Just make it NOT fail to load. ????

Kayhon Houston

Love it This game is amazing. Every thing u could ever ask for no bulling Amazing clothes its only flaws v.i.p gets way more treatment then the people that isn't v.i.p they have there own club they should have a club that only people that isn't v.i.p cant go

Patrick_Unicorn_ star

Its ok I really don't have much to say about this app. Its just like every other plain one. But I can say the app is a little addicting. So I give you two claps on this one.

Jasmine_ is_lit

Not so great Look I love this game, but I hate how it's soooo slow! You need to fix quite a few things on this game. 1.You need to be fair with the people who don't have VIP because they don't get all the good stuff. 2.Make clothes, furniture, etc. less expensive, they're WAY too pricey I don't understand. 3.Can there please be a way of being able to see who likes your photos, art, and things please! 4.Yall overall need to update the game cuz this is to shabby for me.

Denali That Goofball

Really come on... *U get locked out for stupid reasons *Once u have ur password u shouldn't be able to change it *and u can get hacked so many times like wtf other then that it's a fun game!!


The PC is way better I'd rather play this game on the PC u can do soo much more stuff dont get it on the mobile because it will crash when ever you do something don't get it its a good game but it's not good on mobile

Monkey lover

Just one thing Can you make everybody have VIP? It's really annoying when vips don't share thing with please let everyone have vip

Charlize Moseley

Great but... I would give it 5 stars hands down except... Should be unlimited pictures and VIP should cost a whole lot less. Plus, I think there should be a way to turn off the volume. I like to listen to music while playing on my phone. I don't want my music to be interrupted by the sound do of the game.

Sally Crowley

Good game Fun game I dont like that I stops a lot and msp on a phone is not as fun as a computer the computer sends coins down in chatrooms but not on phone should leave people play as long as they want

I CANT EVEN START!?!?!?! Well, I downloaded the game and then every time I tried to create an account the game crashed. Please fix this!

James Hammond

Great game Great game it makes feel famous I just wish everyone could be vip and the online the same as computer but my ip adress got blocked for no reason!

Pixel Kitty

I like it I've meet some of my good friends on there and the avatars are so stylish! But I don't really like the part where you can barely do anything exept when your on a computer

Eve Nebel

#AMAZINGGAME Just an addictive game. But I HATE that there are fakers??


Love it! I love MSP I'm addicted to it but there are some things that should be changed such as PIXI STAR GET RID OFF HER BASTARDS. Anyways, I recommend this game to ages 10-14.

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