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18 May
Money Tree - Free Clicker Game

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Apk file size: 32.0 MB

And who said money doesn’t grow on trees? Start small and grow rich by taking care of your own mythical MONEY TREE -- one aberration of nature that you are totally cool about. Hire gardeners, invest in equipment, fertilizers and power-ups to cultivate your little monster and finally become a TREELLIONAIRE!

Hire GARDENERS to watch after your money tree and help you collect all that sweet dough. Bring in kids, llamas and even the president to help you out. Find out who else!

Purchase new EQUIPMENT to increase your revenue and POWER-UPS to speed things up! Hoses, sprinklers, fire trucks, lucky pants and charms, alien generators and much more. Everything counts!

And if all of that is still not enough to satisfy your eager for money, use FERTILIZERS for an extra boost in your earnings -- make sure to try the worldwide familiar homemade fertilizer.

• Make it rain… literally! Shake your tree for a money shower
• The unexpected mix between chinese myths and neoliberal capitalism
• An all-new incremental clicker game for people who love to click
• Pretend to be rich and impress everyone (don’t quit your job though)

Wow! If you really made it this far, you should definitely download this game.

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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Angela Mc Naughton

I like the game Just wish there was a hold down button option instead of tapping, kinda keep the faith of start small and upgrade the option. Other than that, awsome game!

Jonathan Hainer

Constant crashing Just played Cow Evolution for over an hour with no problems so i decided to give this a shot and it forced closed 5 times in less than 5 minutes.. not sure if its an app problem or if my phone just cant handle it

DiamondLeaves AJ

So awesome At first I didn't know how to grow my tree then I found out you need fertilizer. Other than that this is one of the best games I've ever played

Destiny Dunn

Very addicting. Please add an "are you sure"? Feature with the beans. I keep losing them because the game lags and i accidentally click on the items and spend all my beans...):

Andre Drouin

So addicting Hard too figure out too play butt very fun let's make this game popular

Jason Buck

Yeah It's good I guess... Or maybe its 6 in the morning and I'm also sleep deprived... Take my money

Thomas Lauzier

Make it rain like a boss. This game is so fantastic 2 thumbs up 4 me

tommy Stokes

Fun Well I downloaded this app because I'm going to a boring place with no wifi and it turned out to be really fun I even play it at my house with wifi


I like this game Wow best game I've ever played keep the good work up?

Collin Lofgren

Awesome! This is awesome I love how you start out small and turn into awesomeness!

Rebecca Moss

HELP! How do you make your tree grow I get u need fertiliser I got that but how u make the tree grow??

Awesometwo noah

Such a fun game I love this game so much, especially if I'm bored

Kyle Zonio

Love this game <3 <3 I wish it can be true to be the most rich man in the world... just kidding <3 <3 <3

Landon Morrison

I have encountered a problem , that problem is that my tree won't get bigger. Anyone know why?

Emily Jumadeen

Awesome While i was gone i only had 50 dollars and now i have 10.5 million

Alexsis Heart

I was planing of giving it five. But ten minutes ago I put my telephone to charge and it had 10 percents and I put it on after five minutes I put on the game before I had 500 million and my tree was big. Now I have 2000! I can not handle it so do something or I am uninstalling it and telling my friends to do the same!

Cade Perkins

Great game I like that you can grow your tree by buying a better item than the last and how the tree will grow into space and higher. Long story short, great game

Harley Dodson

I love it first i start with 50 now i have 728millon $

Cheyenne Berger

I love it! Its soooo much fun its super cool you really need to get it if your looking at it. Its almost like make it rain you should get that too.Hope you get this game like I said so much FUN

katy Katydavies2015

This is an excellent game to play on your phone so try it out.

Jordan Lancaster

Money Tree I really like this game its fun and epic

Casey Stallings

I love this game it is soooooo fun and awesome This game is awesome

Libby Hanson

What? I cleared all pages on my homepage to download this. Keeps saying can't download due to the default page. THERES NOTHING ON IT!!!!

Sean Yap

Ads This app sucks, keep on having ads popping out when I selected the buttons, and the exit-ad button was freaking small.X(

Daniel Granados

RESET just when I started to make millions in minutes my game got erased wooooo

luellin cronk

Nice game Nothing amazing but fun none the less

Kristopher Helton

FUN It is like cookie clicker if you ever played that game and very fun to! If your looking for a clicker games I recommend it

Andreas Dracocardos

Ok Its not the best of games but if you let me sell stuff I already have I'll rate 5 *

E L Hearns

Money tree I love money so I have money in a game

Jason Gort

Cool It's a nice game I have played better

Shirly Jyn Osing

I love it soooooo much This game is so awesome .I keep playing and then when I out it gives me more money than clicking out.....

Ryan Doering

I love it The only problem is that the ads are very annoying.

minecraft girls

Ugh! Ok i had 21 beans and needed 2 more to grow huge and boom only had 3

JC Gamer

BEST GAME EVER but It will pop up videos and my 7.0 GOad by LG crashes for a bit...

Sarah Carvolth

Great fun Addictive and fun...wish it had quests or something to aim for though.

Connor Ogden

Good Great game but need more too it

Brooklyn foular

Eh... Its kind of boring and confusing,I don't exactly understand what happens when you buy the 'neighbor kid' thing...might delete

kurt kinney

I love this game but I keep getting so angry by the fact that there's no "are you sure you want to spend" kind of thing set up with the gold beans so i keep wasting them by accidentally hitting the bean icon instead of the cash one. Which is hard not to do eventually because they are right on top of each other. This one thing is went i rate 2 stars instead of 5. An app shouldn't have a simply flaw that agitating >:c

Lily Eaton

Whaaaaa? ??? Don't really like this app. The tutorial is way to fast and it doesn't explain how to grow your tree. Not sure what the power ups do. Annoying, complicated and confusing. I expected better of this app; I've got some great apps from this company but this app is no where near as good a standard as them.

Nicole K.

Beat the game and lost my 100 beans

Thirteen Cabaya

So far I have been playing this game for 4 days and I am loving it. This is my second get rich type of games after 'Make it rain" and I prefer this over the first one I have played. I give it a 5 star because it has simple gameplay mechanics and runs smoothly on a low end phone. However, I do have some complaints regarding the tutorials and the lack of features it has. As everyone says, the tutorial is too fast and vague to know what a new player is doing. I have experience with this type of game, so I know what to do except for what exactly is "Power Ups" for. Second, there are only 5 features to play around with. I can imagine I would get bored fast because I have bought everything and nothing to stop me from gaining the money I need. For those who do not know what to do, it is very simple. Tap on the tree to gain money fast. Buy gardeners to earn money while you are away. Buy equipment to gain more money per taps on tree. Buy fertilizers to expand the amount of money your gardeners can hold at a time (You should expand this fast so you do not lose money when the limit is reached). And lastly, I think Power Ups is for your gardeners or rain to increase money gain.

Cool Boy

What the hell Fuckind weird I dont rilly ger the point that the tree grows intetly when you bye a thing to grow the tree aka y u mack it weird?


Ads suck. Not sure if the lovelove comments show questionable marketing tactics or debilitated userbase, but the game is enjoyable. Ads could use a bigger nope button though.

Angel Harris

Fantastic This Game Is So Awesome Its The Best Game I Have Ever Played Other Then Subway Surfer But It Is The Best Ever I Rate This Game 5 Stars But If There Were 10 Stars I Would Rate Them All 10???☺???????????????

Stephanie Pelley

AWESOME It even says what your paying for but every 4 times I go on is says "Money Tree has stoped working plz fix!

Bastrop Leland's

Keeps takeing beens Yesterday i had 23 beens and now i have 14 plz fix i will give better raiting

sami marra

Amazing!! This game is the funnest clicker game I have installed. I love Tapps and I love all the games I have installed from their company. Keep making good games Tapps!

Miko Miko

What Are You Guys Talking About? It's A great game! Keep up the good work! :)

Ashley Kim

I'll explain how it works It's just like shaking the tree and getting money. Then you use the money to upgrade or buy more helpers, watering things, and fertilizer. I think the point is to make your tree into a real bog tree but some people think its pointless. hope this helps!!!

James Sheets II

Eat a chode Fake "X" button on ads that force open Google Play. If you're into that, then by all means download this turd.

Ron Muller

No more auto collect. It never rains and no more auto collect. Will keep game for about a week to see if it is fixed. Was 5 stars

Lamia Howard

Engaging Keeps my lil brother occupied so I'm able to get my homework done. ;)

rhea purple12

Like this app! Because it's unique game i wish it's true and your money tree is going to bigger than the earth!! #lovethisapp ...install now!!! LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!!!!!

Aniedee Julito

steps of how to grow your tree first click the picture of a tree that is expanding in the lower screen in your game. then, buy one of the fertilizer there and it will automatically grow your money tree and expand your money while your gone. the first pic is to make your money much larger while there's a rain coming out and the second is to make your tap even larger than before. hope this helps. I love this. also, the power ups is passive and when you buy some of it, it will make your money quite a little big. tnx.

Trystan Lewis

This game This game is s so addicting I play it and eat at the same time if you see this comment I recommend playing this game

Serena Willis

Awsome ?? it is so dreamy like I really had or have a money tree.

winx girl

Uhh.. Thiers many games like this but all of these kind of games are B-o-r-i-n-g they just make me feel bored :P

James Carter

Needs more I don't know I like the game but needs more, maybe add mini games and som arcade aspect to it!

Kevin Cuellar

Love it! I freaking love this game, just the ads are so big and the button to turn them off is too small, I swear I had to tap 8 times to take one add off!!

Patrick Pullicino

Unhappy Not pleased with this game. My money tree says its full come back and collect. So I do yet to only see it say the same. 62.5bi, yet to only see the total at 62.6bi. When I had collect 27.8bi prior to that. It was fun while it lasted, but its time to say goodbye.

Devin Phillips

Great idle game One of the better idle games I've found in the play store. Only real problem is once in a while it acts as if you just left the game, normally well after the cap for idle money was hit. Even with this bug, the game is simple and easy to play.

Richard Jennings

Issues The free videos only work half the time therefore can't receive the free beans. The daily bonus doesn't add anything to total money so is pointless.

Alire NexdorMCPE

Like a cookie flickers ~~~ ツ Look likes cookie clicker and instead of cookies it's MONEEYA! I just hope this is real life it will be awesome if this is real life and good luck creators and pls reply to me and gonna 1d this and wish me luck creators! ツ

Jeanne Sherfield

I like it Something fun to pass the time. I even paid to remove ads. I just have one problems. When I click to get the free magic beans, it tells me that I don't have enough credits to make the purchase. It is suppose to be free. I will update the rating if this problem gets fixed.

Tristen Durham

Bug I like it for the most part but the only part that makes me angry is for the daily gifts it doesn't give me the money that I am supposed to get like today I was supposed to get 30.6 million dollars but it never have it to me all together it has ripped me off 100 million dollars and it makes me angry and if you fix it I will give you 5 stars does anybody else have this problem?

Ken Higgins

you should make the tree weed instead of a simple tree just my opinion wonder if anyone else has balls request that cheers still good time killer non the less n wtf up with not receiving major bean pay out not once have i actually got top bean pay out day 4 I believe jews me every time bullshit only part don't like about game

Alan Thornburg

Daily rewards won't let me collect the cash The ads are a bit ridiculous, but I've gotten used to them now so I barely notice them, however, the daily rewards for coming back ech day won't let me collect any of the cash rewards, just the magic beans rewards, my bonus a couple of days ago was supposed to be around 290, no, scratch that, it happened again with 480 billion, and I didn't get even one million when I hit the collect button.. fix this bug and I'll fix my rating

steven hawes

meh like the game but cant get free beans from the ad views for the life of me and same goes for the daily rewards thats beta fix things cmon get your act together

Adrian Khin

Can't receive free money from daily bonus. After clicking "collect" money.. it doesn't add... bullshit

roderick van de Ven

Boring Adventure capitalist is much better. Also I don't understand why it says that I have earned 1 coin everytime i watch a video. This is obviously taken from another app but have forgotten to remove some parts. Please fix this as well. Poorly done!

Sammy S

Great for anxiety! If you like to fidget then this game is great! Just keep mindlessly taping and you get money and can buy all sorts of cute things to upgrade your tree! Such fun

Brooke Wilson

Amazing Great time saver and helps little kids with learning to grow things and take care of them

Olivia Galindo

I don't know I don't know what happened to my game my tree was in outer space now is started over ...I don't like having to start over ....FIX IT PLEASE UGGGG......THANK U

Jonathan Grivas

Glitches Everywhere! Adds... Adds... Adds... And glitches! Every time you go through the options and menus, all you see is adds. Watching adds in exchange for free beans: SCUM! Free daily goodies: SCUM! I can't even buy anything with real money! Come on! We've landed on the moon! Is a decent application so hard to make?

Scott Gower

Noo money bonus I get the magic bean daily bonuses but never are able to collect the money bonuses fix this and ill gladly give 5 stars

Daniel Hedley

Hi, very addictive game however I purchased the double you money perk and now everything I complete I don't receive my extra 5% also I don't receive my daily money bonus...... sort it out for more stars


Awesome It's a cool game that if I'm not on it stills collect money for me so when I get on I have a lot of money

Tairra Bridgewaters

Addicted I love this game. I even catch myself playing it at work. The only thing is sometimes the ads won't play (meaning I can't receive the free item) and I haven't been receiving my cash daily bonuses (which is a little irritating since the last bonus was 355.7 billon). Please fix

Fado Dumont

Love it The game is really awesome even more then the evolution ones... but wen you are already veery fare there is shust nothing to do anymore... but fore the rest, like I sed, the game is the best one ever?!

Abhishek Raval

Good but... Its like a game of kidss soo childish but its nice I loved the game because I m a kid


Gone! Don't even bother its a compete rip off never got any of the daily bonuses!

Hanz Uy

Money Do Grow On Trees. Parents that said to the kids money don't grow on TREES THEY WE'RE WRONG! This game made it come true... :3

Shane Kellam

Data eater It was fun and if you're on a unlimited data plan, good for you. I'm on a 2gb plan and this addictive game is always running in the background. Used 1gb in two weeks, I had to change my phone plan to accommodate. Otherwise, I enjoyed playing it.

Eric Shurtz

Terrible I hate it dont even know how to use the things i buy and i could only get to 2m this game is crap

AJ Collins

Awesome It's amazingly fun but after awhile it's starts to get a little repetitive.

Sajeda Awaad

Takes long time to grow Great game just grows a little slow

Richard Woodring

Too many ads I'm all for developers using ads for monetary gain but the program this app uses brings those ads to an extreme level.

Bajan Etho

So Close but why...? This game is so good and I wanna give 5 stars but growing your tree doesn't do much and many many...

Mark Mujica

FUN! When I got this I already had $29.00. If you don't get this, your missing out!

Pratik Shah

Daily bonus I m not getting daily bonus in cash wch is nw in billions....can get only beans every alternate day. Hw can i get my daily cash bonus?

Ernesto Granados

REALLY U get 5% more after u finish the game once and all the time it takes to finish the game that's all u get and 100 beans r useless

Jay Deez

Problem My bonus for logging in today was 436bi and it didn't give to me it's only been give me the beans on the beans days but not money on the money days please fix

Alicia Schmidt

Kinda worked It said for going on daily my daily prize was 10.3bil I never got it. It will give me beans but not cash.

Winter Adams

Love Love this game grow a money tree get money to buy stuff to take care of the tree and oy keeps on going. What could be more awesome? It teaches kids how to "take care" of their "money"

Brigitta Dian Rakhmayanti

It s a funny game. I love it so much, and i like to play vlogger. Try vlogger guys

Evan C

O Yeah It's so fun I've been playing for 30 minutes and lovin it!!

Milan Van der Watt

I was doing great Until this dumb update took away ALL my money My point is DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP

Xoxo Care Bear 2004

Love it It is a little addictive, but amazing. It makes me feel like I have all that money even though I don't!

drayko 951

When it gives you your long in bonus for the day it doesn't give me the money

Preston James

I don't get the daily bonus money. I don't the daily bonus money. I get the bonus beans and whatnot but not the money. I hit claim and nothing happens.

Tristin Short

Cool Game Is an amazing way to spend your time but often freezes to load game overall great game

Cute Puppy

Yay it's good and it feels rewarding and it's a good time killer but it's kinda boring after a while but tapps games r super fun SUPER!!! so I love this game it's great!

Sofia Markovic

Even though I'm a 10 year old it is to much fun to play. It doesn't matter how old you are to play it. It matters that you are playing it.?

Katelyn Roos

It's fun but there's a glitch It offers you "free beans" and has you watch a video. Sometimes they'll give you the beans, sometimes they'll say "oops not enough credits to make purchase." It's getting really annoying wasting my time watching ads for nothing.

Doria Dodo

A little idea I really love your clicker games I have vlogger go viral ,kitty cat clicker and this and party I thing you should make a robbers clicker so he can steal more money each tap. Love

Travis Smith

Fun game, just wish it would tell you the trees current height. Nice, casual game.

Megan Leblanc

Awesome I love this game please get it, it's sooo fun great time killer five stars!

CJ Campbell

Good, but has a bad glitch Great game overall, but you can't collect your daily bonus, all you can do is spin the bonus wheel

abood trixx

Bugsss On the daily check in money reward it says that I got 4 bill and 9bill but it gives me nothing, It never did since I installed the dam game

Gabrijel Meh

PLEASE! I BEG U!! Can you please make a pokemon based game? It can be anything...just pokemon and pls let it be a good game...

Marita Maranan

Just keep clicking You just keep on clicking, clicking for money, money....that's it, no excitement, after having millions, trillions, what's next, you just keep on getting money, money. I hope after getting all those money you can build like a city, parks, etc to spend for your money, and see that your city is growing not only the tree!!

Simon Hartley

Ok apart from Dodgy ads EDIT: Sadly down to 1* now as still winding me up. Don't offer the ad until you know you can honour the reward guys..... keep getting out of credit message for beans AFTER watching the advert to get them (Forcing me over monthly data allowance when off WiFi for no reward) - don't get this for any other reward e.g. fertiliser, sometimes get black screen instead of ad and have to force close. Double up daily cash bonus not added once you get to Billions (but beans are).

David Rosseau

Cool It is time killer it's fun and I would recommend this game for anyone how likes waiting games ?

silly Person #1234567890123456789

Awesome It is amazing and addictive because I like clicker games. KEEP MORE CLICKER GAMES COMING PLEASE. I love this game it has great graphics and good tree size. Keep up the amazing,awesome games.This took a long time to write. It is very addictive. Thank you for making this game. I love Money tree clickers tree so much I used 5% of battery to actually make this comment so I've have to stop it right here so bbbbbbyyyyyeeeee.

Tammy Mcnulty

Its so good I love it it's not bad good awful it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Ross

Cool Nice game. Simple but fun

Faye Scharpf

Loved it if u were a fan of this cliker game I suggest money tree city it's on the same engine I tried it and it was good I rated it 5 star if I could rate it 6 star I would and those haters out there need to stop being negative again great game keep up the good work

James Geibel

It kills time, but... It has ads everywhere, constantly. But when you get a bonus for watching an ad, the ad will glitch half the time. And when you get your daily bonus, you only get a bonus every other day. The bonus beans work, the money does not. It claims to give you money, but that money NEVER goes through.

Abram Harder

Its good But i played this game for 4 and a held and I'm at the top please make like bigger then the earth and 2 million for a 50 dollars increase that way way to mush

Richard Thomas

I Love the game I thought the tree would grow like it shows in the pictures ($42,671,246). But it seems like it just grow until the sixth tree (14km) in the game.

Nearchos Roumbas

Good It's cool because you get to see the truth about what your parents told you.Money DOES grow on trees!Also,i saw some comments about this game,and they said that you just tap,tap,tap and tap,but what do you expect people?!?!?!?It's a clicker game!

Micayla Lynn

It's fun but I don't like that in game purchases and upgrades using game money use the same symbol.

Dainnakay Davis

Foolish This game is so fool I wonder how you people like this game it is so stupid ?????

dameion Foster

Im sorry I cheated I time traveled and the spinner won't work so please let me spin again

Jimin has more Jams than you might think

I love it! It's very addicting. I think I could play this game the while day long without getting bored. ^^

Brett stiles

Awsome Usually I don't rate games but this game is bloody good

Samuel Lester

Free stuff and excellent graphics I've now made it to 20,000km w/ a moon background

sean rountree

Cameron rountree Awesome get lots of money to upgrade your tree and be a billionare.?

ajay the gamer

It's so awesome on the game I rated awsome Read above nothing down here

Zaron Missey

Money tree It is fun good thing to pass the time by so good game

Danie Van Wyk

Money tree Best game I have ever played and I will never uninstall this game

Amal Suresh

Make it easiar plz i am not saying its bad but still could 5.7 rating if feature addes by the way i am the producer

shaukat ali

My tree name is mango but I don't loves kangaroo My name is Faiz in future I want to become SUPERSTAR A HERO.THANK YOU.☺☺☺☺☺.

Aiden Gallegos

Why It makes me touch the energy one and makes me touch nothing and won't go away

Chris Borland

Not getting cash daily bonus When I get a daily bonus I get the magic beans but never the cash bonus.

Christopher Clark

Great My tree evolved three times and I just started!

Omar Basubrain

Buggy Many bugs. Frequently the free video is not working and wait for the video to finish message appear despite the video initially did not start. Out of credit message after watching the ad for free beans.

Saralena Alagram

Love it! It's really addicted and I really enjoy playing it!!


Who say it is just clicking and hate is a clicker game if the person doesn't like it for clicking this person would not seek for a clicker

Caity E

Boring For some people it might be fun , but all you do is click the tree. It is boring and addictive to some people .

Carly Krochmalny

Ok I don't know how 2 water it


I like it great game Very good graphics and details

Austin Mcalexander

It is so amazing how they make these games and the rest of the best way to get monet I could play all night

Molly Alfieri

Super fun, but I don't get the point

Kyla Crouse

Good time killer It is a very good time kill

Matthew McCarthy

Needs an update The game is fun but I completed it in about 4 days. I don't really fancy starting all over again so it really needs am update for more things to upgrade. There are also bugs such as the free beans video not working all the time and the daily login cash not working.

jaslynn jackson

This game is absolutely horrible First of all I don't like the way thus treats me. It accuses me of cheating and then I has the nerves to call Me god. I am very dissatisfied with quality of this penny tree it is retarded and it no sense it promotes child labor. I hate and no one else should ever get. I'm just kidding a love this awful game but I am still mad so I don't know if I should rate it 1 star or 5 so what ever.

More! More! Mooooorrrreee!!! My elbow is screaming at me to stop.... but aside from that point, it's very addictive. It would also be nice to add a multiplayer mode so three or four people can work at the same tree as you or work on the same area as you with a different tree.

kathryn bucher

Stupid but fun PLZ READ WILL HELP....It's really stupid becuse you just click a tree... But hay, what else is the game for? It's really good and who ever reads this comment, play the game and rate it (of you can) plz.

Travis James

Horrible. Don't waste your time The game was fun....when I could play it. Too many adds deceitfully thrown in while you're clicking.....all...the...damn...time...and game constantly crashes. Had it for 10 minutes and got to play for maybe 2 of them. Can't uninstall quick enough. Don't waste your time, the devs obviously didn't want to waste theirs making a quality product!

Skylar La

Boring I have played many games but this one is the most boring... All you do is click your screen and you think you would actually get money but NO!!!!!Don't waste your time and download this game because it is stupid!!!:-*


Loved it, but It is very good game I like to play it everyday, but the problem is, when I try to get some free golden beans the video doesn't load at all so please fix this. "????? STARS" for this game. Thank you.

YanGates Y5

get little boring i like it but, i get little boring. i hope you can update somethin like wash the tree or put somethin on the tree. I really hope you can make it more fun. TQ

EliteGhostNinja q

Scam I bought something and didn't receive I asked for a refund and they wouldn't give me one. Give me a refund for 5 stars.<\b>

Enderman 789

Cool progression and overall good It's a great game and has so many options and it doesn't have a lot of ads on it so you can enjoy the game it doesn't have ads (at least not a lot of them) just enjoy it

panda pic

Stupid I never get my daily award they said I will get 6.6 b but I never get fix it or this is going be never 5 stars you don't even deserve 1 star I gave u q star so I can comment I give you 1 week to fix this

Ryan Dickson

Ads The most adds I have ever experienced in a game. Every time you click a tab in the game is another add. Unplayable.

Aaliyah Daly

It't OK..... But it is so boring!!!??! so yeah sooooooo bad! ugh! never download it ever!!!!!!!! And yeah I guess it can be what's the word umm.... Oh yeah kinda good! ?


The best Game Pleas Give me £1000000000000T money on the game pleas ? I vote it 100000000000000000000000000000

your mother

Good game Alot of effort to get enough money to buy stuff but still kills boredom

stoppedsole souls

Best click money game Download this game no matter what it's the best game but pls make more upgrades and backgrounds pls thnx?

clawleone 1134

One flaw It doesn't give me the money in the daily bonuses. It says I did, but it doesn't get added. Please fix.

Melanie Salvador

I is the best game ever. My mom and dad lied to me money does grow on trees.

Aaron Bossler

Best time killer It so fun if you go to school today it kills time so then you can go to school and play it I recommend you play it

Soraya Elsayed

I like the game but I won't give it 5 stars because the only thing that we do is shaking the tree and that is really boring and in the first time I open the game to play you convensed me to buy a lot of thing and what do we do with it nothing at all so why did you make these things if we won't do with it anything

Tina Ivey

This game is soo relaxing it puts me to sleep and I wake not even long after sleeping and I'm still tapping away lol

Goood This game is fun and I would really like it if you could custom your tree thanks and keep up to grate work

Doc Triv

So. Many. Ads. They're everywhere. Behind the tree, in the tree, riding their bike next to it. "PLAY THIS GAME! FIND WHO'S SEARCHING YOU! FIND WHO THEY'RE CHATTING WITH! LIKE THESE APPS! WATCH 10,000 ADS FOR THE BARE MINIMUM OF FREE STUFF!" It's all quite obstructive to game play.

Christopher Thompson

A really good way to pass time It's addicting and I can't stop playing

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