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28 Jun

Posted by Halsafar in Tools | June 28, 2013 | 65 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

**Requires MOGA Pivot:
** Android 2.3 or lower will crash currently due to the on screen keyboard.

This application is a virtual keyboard for PowerA MOGA™ Pocket and MOGA™ Pro controllers. This allows you to simulate keyboard presses with the MOGA controller. With this the MOGA controllers can be used with many applications and games that do not support it by default. You can create button mapping profiles and bind certain application to a profile. Profiles will automatically be selected based on which application you are using. This is particularly useful with applications like emulators.

No hassle connecting MOGA controllers, simply use MOGA Pivot to manage the connection then run MOGA VK.

- Provides full functionality for the PowerA MOGA™ Pocket and MOGA™ Pro controllers.
- Use your MOGA controller with almost any keyboard supported application or game.
- Allows creation of profiles.
- Automatic profile detection based on current app.
- Default mapping included mimics Xperia Play on MOGA Controller.
- Fully customize Analogs to map to keyboard presses.
- Profiles are saved on sd card under 'Moga_VK/'
- MOGA IME includes Android 4.X LatinIME keyboard

- Read contacts and Dictionaries is for LatinIME on screen keyboard.
- Internet is for ads.
- Writing external storage is to save profiles.

- Connect your MOGA controller using MOGA Pivot.
- Install SNESDroid
- Open MOGA VK.
- Enable MOGA IME.
- Select the Default profile from the profile drop down.
- Click the gear icon to modify the profile.
- Add SNESDroid application.
- Play SNESDroid using MOGA.


- SNESDroid, NESDroid, GENPlusDroid, GambatteDroid

Whats new

    - Fixed an exception being thrown on Android API-8 only

Halsafar part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 28, 2013. Google play rating is 75.9602. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download moga-vk.apk 11.0 MB


Nathan Garness

Moga owes a lot to this guy Bought a moga controller trying to get a better input for quake and quake 2. Pivot doesn't allow it to work with these apps although it did work with most of my emulators some with a little work. Now that I've played around with moga vk and in game options I can play as if it where a console.. Thx so much for the work hope moga implements something like this in future updates........frag on

Jon-Jon deVega

Now MC4 Ready!!! I love playing MC4 and had purchased the Moga Pro. Unfortunately I found out that the way the button layouts GL had didn't work and hindered gameplay more then anything. At that point my 60 dollars was wasted do to the lack of customization and everything was present defined. Finally there is a way and its no thanks to GL devs. This app is the answer to my prayers thank you! -Pinoy7

cory cook

Tired of whiney people This dev comes up with an app, for free mind you, that allows you to use the Moga for anything you want and your not giving five stars because it's not compatible with someone else made?! The app does what it says easily and it functions as advertised. That's five stars to me. Good job dev. Thank you for your time and thus wonderful free product.

Maurice Ramos

Black ops zombies Can anyone help with a COD black ops zombie profile set up. Analogs don't move! Helppppp!

Mark Schatz

Pointless I was hoping that this app would allow me to better use the controller for other games. But as far as I can tell it does nothing. I change up what the buttons are assigned to and nothing in any app changes. I saw in another review reply about changing a button to a letter and seeing it if types in the browser, tried with multiple ones and nothing happened. I would love to have an app that lets me have some more control of the controller settings, since the developers one is poor at best. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? I have enabled the moga vk in keyboards, and set up the games in a profile. If I can get this to do something I will gladly praise this app, till then it is from what I can tell a waste of space.

Jason Keller

Great job Better than the universal driver app and I paid for that and this one is free. If you you having trouble with just go to keyboard settings and set moga vk as the default keyboard.

Ralph raspatello

Great but... Would it be possible to not only simulate keyboard key presses but also games utilize the gyroscope like Call of Duty: Strike Force? Or just somehow make games that don't support keyboard usage and rely on touch screen controls be playable with the Moga controller? I'd be more than willing to donate, not that I wouldn't now cause this app is great and works as it should but the CoD Strike Force is a fun game but would be more fun if touch screen controls could be replaced with the game pad

Austin Hearron

Pretty Good This is almost perfect, it's helped so much with emulators which is the main reason I got it. However it doesn't work all that well with the epsxe emulator. Other than that it's perfect, there's probably a way to get the epsxe to work and once I figure it out I will be changing to 5 stars. This app is purely amazing.

tony prywata

How do I use it? There are no instructions. I have no problems with the moga universal driver to use emulators but I want to use Marvin emulator which requires key presses and I can't get this to work at all.

Bee Street

infinitely better than other alternatives tried the Moga Universal driver and had issues constantly. this is without question the best tool for using a Moga (pocket version, in my case) with emulators of all sorts.

Elliot Crofts

Great app I use this app for another app called Kainy(an app that let's you play PC games on your phone) and the power this app has with its keyboards controls helps a lot if mouse option and if was a paid version I'd get it

Abhinav Subramanian

For emulators only? I was able to set the game up with my emulators just fine, but the controller doesn't work with the game Call of Mini, Infinity. Is there any way I can fix this?

Aurelio Pacla

Crappy gadget made good The app made my crappy moga pocket a good and useful controller

Mark Jordan

Must have add on to Pivot app, Get It! If you have a Moga Pro or Pro Power controller get this app! VK adds the ability to map keys. Set to A turn on pivot then this app. Some games you have to figure out the key mapping yourself. I have alot of games the pivot app doesn't support very well with current configurations, but VK allows 65% of my games to use Moga. Galaxy Note 2, 3 & Tab3 10.1 all running 4.3, use some common sense, this VK app isn't hard to figure out how to use... Thanks dev for making it, I would've gladly paid for it!

James Kittredge

Wonderful app - questionable pro power support First, thank you so much for making this app. I would be happy to donate if there is an avenue for doing so. Unfortunately, this only seems to function partially with the moga pro power. I can't get ppsspp, for example, to recognize key mapping. Likewise with Myboy. I have gone through the steps you prescribed, which work for most everything else, but am not having any luck. Is this just a matter of the asp not fully supporting newer moga controllers, or am I doing something wrong? Once again, thank you!!


Dear devs/ users Is it possible to update this app to assign screen touches and motions like swipes, to specific buttons and analog sticks on the moga controller instead of just assigning the moga input to keys like " WASD" ? It would be especially useful for shooters like sas I was thinking you could take a screen shot of the game you want to play and open it within this app and touch/ gesture and assign those to be an input from moga or a keyboard and of course bind those profiles to games. alextanzerATyahooDOTcom thanks

Mark Longfellow

Very easy to use, but I love how simple the app makes using my moga pro with emulators. However, if the driver is enabled it kills my data transfer speed or halts it entirely, both wifi and mobile, on my Galaxy S4. Once the driver is disabled, the speed comes back. Other than that, no complaints.

Nong Sayavong

Cool app.A++ Works great thank you. Works with all of my emulators. And most of my games. Made me keep my moga instead of returning it. Its a free app what more could you ask.

Mike Bachler

Help Seems to work with fpse but not retroarch past menu screen into game. Unless doing something wrong?

Sir Kush

It's a nice idea but needs work Maybe I'm wrong but it seems i can't map to my soft keys, like menu, home and back. I've tried the ones that say home and back, but they don't seem to work. I can only assume now these are the home and backspace on a pc style keyboard, and not the ones on my G2. Also could you please add mouse clicks 1, 2 and middle. As I have a Linux OS I VNC into and would like to use my moga as a mouse seeing how the pointer works with the d-pad but I can't click anything..

Hairo Aguilera

Really confused. Please tell me there's some kind of Instruction Manual I could read and use. Please and thank you. I want to use the Moga controller for the My Boy and ePSXe. Thank you.

jeremy klimek

Moga hero/pocket I was able to use my moga hero with this app. steps I used was to have both moga pivot app for gaming and moga vk. The moga hero has a b setting. I set it to b then turned on my Bluetooth for my phone. I chose moga hid in the options (be sure to use the phones scanning process, turn off the controller and restart if necessary keep scanning it will find it, took a full 30 seconds). After that change your keyboard input settings to moga vk... After that your set. I did this on the note 4 using kitkat 4.4.4

Taj Patten

Nice but need help mapping onlive and minecraft My d-pad works for on live that's it everything else doesn't work what can do

Alika Kaimikaua

Not working for me. why? for some reason overtime I click to the mega controller the app force closes on me and keeps doing so until I force stop the application in settings. am I doing something wrong or is it just not compatible with Android infuse?

Jordin Ward

Great app moga needs to thank you guys. But i am having trouble getting this to work with dead effect. Great app though

Nick Diener

Great app... having some button mapping issues Hi Halsafar, thank you so much for making this great app! I am able to get it to connect my Galaxy S3 to my Power A but only the D-Pad is working. Example: when I tried to map the B-button as "B-button" it didn't work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Jose Alvarez

Hmm.. Cant get Moga pocket to work on Drastic DS emulator..tried everything, even have moga set as default keyboard & launch from app to emulator directly..nada. Def going to keep it though.

Jessica McCormick

Force closes It would be nice if it didnt constantly force close. I use a g2

Clint Agyemang

It doesn't work for supergnes If it work please show a tutorial or something. For the Moga pro controller. If you guys can do that definitely a 5 stars and you Thank you

Matt Schirle

Awesome! Works great however one suggestion for improvement: full analog support. Its difficult to play games that require precise movement with an analog joystick as opposed to just mapping up down left and right.

J.Dizle LilRaskal

Needs Install Guide Please update with an Installation step by step guide. This looks like the app I've been looking for that I can assign my Moga Pocket buttons to, just like the default Moga games. I just can't seem to get it right... I'm willing to buy full ad-free version & rate 5 stars...

Solomon Murrell

It works! Finally this one works way better than the Moga Universal Drive. Highly recommended for those who wants to use their controller for emulators. Works seamlessly.

Shea Sullivan

Like this app Like this app do far just don't know how to set it up to , play Avabel with my moga.

Jose Vega

Moga power control So far so good it works on almost every emulator I have

Greg Luna

Works very well. Was using moga universal drivers before, but it started to cause my phone to crash. This app works very well with my emulators. Plus using it with the pivot app makes it easier to transition between my moga enhanced games and my emulators. Keep up the good work dev.

albert morgan

Five stars Awesome app, cannot say enough I appreciate this app. Keep up the good work.

Martell Nelson

This app definitely needs a UI update asap This app is good and using my controller as I speak to use this. Keep it up. This app could use some work. It kept on crashing on me. Fix it asap please and thank you

Ricardo Garcia

FIFA 14 I thought id be able to use my moga pro power to play this game, but I cant.

Andrei Victor

Good but... There is problem with 8-way and response rate. For example, doing hadoken motions are extremely hard. Doing a down down x you have to do it slow. Please fix to give perfect stars!

Rafi Cohen

Great I only wish there was a "clear" option under analog configurations.

Taj Patten

Nice but need help mapping onlive and minecraft My d-pad works for on live that's it everything else doesn't work what can I do

Round Robin

Invert axis? It's the only thing I can't find? Other than that it's perfect.

Laurence Miller

How To... I'm either just stupid or this isn't working because I cannot figure out how to use this thing with Asphalt 8 or any app at all. Does anybody know how to configure the settings and stuff?

Adam Hammond

Kind of Works **EDIT** My previous review gave it one star but actually it does work, to a certain extent. First off your controller has to be in A mode (moga pro power) and then it works as long as it isn't on screen controls. The game I can't seem to work for the life of me is Tomb Raider (not emulated, but from the play store ). Besides those types of games, it works and works well.

Tabby La Brea

Works well It works on my moga hero. READING THE FULL INSTRUCTIONS is very important! Best way to test it is by assigning letters and opening a notepad type program. Most difficult part is dealing with android's stupid keyboard selection system and properly selecting mogavk and making sure its in mode A.

Matthew Castro

Need some help I have a nexus 7 (2013) w/Lollipop 5.1 and this app seems to not work anymore. I used it quite often for gaming emulators like mame4droid and drastic ds.. Is there another update coming soon for 5.1 or is there a way to solve my issue?

Anthony Brown

On my Galaxy S4, this worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, my S4 died, and on my new S5 this does absolutely nothing, no matter what I try.

Luke Woods

What? Don't know why you need this for emulators, the B mode on the controller works on the 3 I have perfectly. Not really sure how this works. Can you use the right analogue stick to scroll, Facebook for example?

Matthew Mendoza

I almost sold my MOGA, then I found this. I got my MOGA for Christmas. I was so happy to use to finally play my mobile games with better controls. I download the pivot app and sync my controller. I load up Asphalt 8 and boom, nothing. It didn't work. I re did the process, nothing. It won't work. I contacted the customer support. No response. I thought it was because I have Lollipop and the app wasn't compatible. It wasn't that either. This guy saved this controller. I made a profile and like magic the game recognized my controller. Ty!


ONLY APP THAT WORKS FOR PPSSPP AND MOGA WITHOUT CRASHING I'll try to post instructions on the ppsspp site. But the universal driver is crap. Don't even waste your time. Get the moga vk and it doesn't crash at all. Very simple and easy to use. Thanks to the developers big time.

Mathew Taylor

Almost there Everything works great except the A button of my moga pocket. It is linked to the back button of my device and it causes me to exit games whenever I use it. Everything else works flawlessly. EDIT: problem fixed, thanks for the help.

Derrick Ryan

Really helps, but... Could you make the right analog also have a mouse-like function? Like if you were playing a FPS game you wouldn't press buttons. It really bugs me not to aim properly. Other than that, it helps a lot with games that don't work for MOGA controllers

James Hutchison

Works as advertised Works as advertised, only real issue is that it eats up cpu usage (about 6% on my sg3) when your moga is off and you leave the vk input enabled in the background. Would be nice to not have to manually switch the input each time you use it.

Rob Siabanis

Superp I was using the universal driver but it was causing me many troubles. I started using this app and everything is working! If you love emulators,download this!

chris amas

This app lets me play my emulators again, but it isnt perfect. I originally got the moga controller to be able to play my emulators. There the universal app that would let you do this but it had major issues such as memory leaking that made the app unusable. This app does not seem to have the same have the same issues as the universal app, One thing i do notice that is not a big deal so far is that once in a while the audio skips when im playing a game. this did not happen before, but compared to the performance of the universal app, it seems to be holding up. I will update this review down the road as i continue to use this app to see if it gives me any trouble.

scott Aldrich

Works good but.. I'm having issues with using the right analog sick in avabel, everything else works good I can move my character around and function properly I just can't pan the camera around or center the screen to characters view. Help on this would be greatly appriciated

Lucio Suarez

Works great! This app works awesome for emulators. I used to use moga universal driver but that works like crap after the last update.

Claude Ndah

Moga Faith... Saved!!! Was disappointed after purchase and Haven't used moga since I bought it a year ago. Now it's awesome. Thanks

Chris Olson

This is most helpful, and the most genius This helps me relieve the tension I've had with the "universal" driver. I'm glad that I can FINALLY play on emulators using this app.

Jahnoi Durant

Not working with fps I would give it a five star rating , but I can't find out how to make the analog sticks to actually move in games like DH:2014 and many more , am I dumb , or is this a similar problem for everyone else?

Adam Kamczyk

Moga pro epsxe Can anyone help? I've been trying to map the analog sticks to work with psx games but having no luck I've tried to map axis with settings I found on the Internet but still not working. Any ideas I've been trying for 3 days

Richard Smith

Terrible This was a waste of my time to install. You should include some sort of guide that allows you to actually know what you are doing, because the example in the description is awful if you want to set it up for anything that isn't an emulator.

Aaron Kitchen

What! Why is it that I can download this app but it absolutely does not work for Gingerbread. And not only does it not work it completely bombarded my phone with force close messages.

Aaron Hazard

Professional This is really awesome. One could get away with claiming this was made by professionals contracted through subsidiaries of MOGA. "This enables GUI control over android devices using, "Atom Launcher" as the default for home screen navigation. Awesome!

Daniel Young

A lot simpler than other similar apps. And works fine on my phone. Apparantly gamelofts xperia play optimised games need to be downloaded via the gameloft site and using an xperia play so to download the optimised version. Anyway, that seems true for mc3 as not working on moga. Will try my keyboard to see if anything allows movement on mc3, so I can then. map any keyboard movements to moga pro.

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