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8 Jun

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Get the latest Michigan news, weather, sports, jobs and entertainment info on your Android device with eight leading newspapers across the state.

The app is produced in alliance with BoothMichigan, The Bay City Times, The Flint Journal, The Grand Rapids Press, Jackson Citizen Patriot, Kalamazoo Gazette, Muskegon Chronicle and The Saginaw News.

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Whats new

    We’ve heard your feedback, and we're happy to present the largest revision yet. This version of the app has the following features and fixes:
    • Greater reliability.
    • Improved loading time.
    • Enhanced sharing.
    • Improved Push Notifications - Notifications will now take you right into the correct story.
    • Improved video playback.
    • Improved menu.
    • and Much more…
    Thanks for your feedback, and please keep it coming. We hope you enjoy the app, and more improvements are yet to come. part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 8, 2016. Google play rating is 63.0928. Current verison is v3.6.2edda1d3. Actual size 7.2 MB.

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Alex Porrett

Inoperable. It takes a considerable amount of time for the app to load and then it just lags around while in use. At this point it's just wasting space on my phone.

Ernie Scott

Horrible update Thought I would give it a few weeks to get used to the new version before I would review. Well, let me say, this is horrible. It's so user unfriendly. The last version was easy to navigate and had much less clutter. This version is cluttered, somewhat confusing, and has issues with loading stories. I understand trying to improve your brand, but this went the wrong way. As much as I love mlive, I am seriously considering uninstalling just because of the frustration I get using this version.

John Worden

Worst app on my phone Out of all of the apps on my gs3 this is the slowest loading app of them all. Even with unthottled 4g, full bars or full bars on wifi I set the phone down when opening the app. Take almost a minute to load the thing. Maybe if there were a "refresh on launch" feature I'd understand but that was taken away months ago in an update. Oh, and the random notifications about sports events still sucks. I turned them OFF for a reason, because I don't want them. Wouldn't be the first time I uninstalled for a while.

Jerry Bain

I used to love this app Like everyone else, it's constantly freezing and closing down and takes forever to load. This used to be my go to app for local sports news... no longer. I'm not deleting it with hopes of an update.

jason gamble

One more chance. You have one more update to improve this app or I am uninstalling. This app has gotten progressively slower with every update.

S Campbell

Slow, lags New version worse. Takes far to long to load. often just a black screen. Doesn't auto refresh. Easier to access Michigan news via google news. Please fix.

Steve Smit

Crashes Repeatedly Very unstable app. Slow to boot. Freezes frequently. Has not improved over the 2 years I've used it. Need to start from scratch with a new app.

Alejandro Sheppard

The app is terrible, I don't why it was messed with in the first place, stop trying to make everything better when it was already doing good in the first place, whoever did this update should be fired!

marcus jackson

Terrible It takes a least a minute to even load up.

matt stuyfzand

Used it twice since last review The last time I reviewed it was in September 2014. I used it twice since then. Harder to navigate, very slow, too many ads, never saves location, I could go on. Reading the reviews for this app I would hope the developers realized they should have just improved the old one.

Jordan Simpson

Never gets better Some days I would really like to read the news. I think to look at my mlive app. Then I am reminded how long the app takes to open. Then how long it takes to load the old news. Then how long it takes for me to open the menu, and reselect the city I want. Then how long it takes to load that news. Is it really so hard to have the app load and update the news from the city you set it to?

Jim Braat

Forget the obits. Crashes every time i start to scroll. Thumbs down.

Ed de Vries

Buggy, hangs up Used to work good until an update a few months ago

Amy Hopkins

Uninstall then reinstall Try it. Worked for me. However not until I emailed the "so called updater" for mlive. Of course he wanted to say my phone wasn't current with new update! Haha samsung galaxy s5 not current???? Yeah he's not bright, but whatever. One star goes to mlives really bright "updater "

Jason Trumble

Yay, an update! Amazes me that you could actually make it worse than it was before. Bravo. This app is pointless. I can drive to the store and buy the paper in less time, perhaps that's the point.

Brian Tenhove

The recent update killed this app....please fix it...JUNK

Allan LaVigne

This used to be a great app now it's so slow.

Larry Brown II

Comments section non-existent? Either the the article comments don't load or no one is leaving comments. Which is it?

Diana Pierce

Mlive Like this app.

Dan Cook

Horrible I use to check previous versions multiple times a day. Now, maybe once a week. So many things wrong with it!

Chris Irving

Worst app on my phone I am uninstalling this app today. It was one of my go to news apps. Now it is so slow I have given up on it.

Te Hughes

With every update it gets worse.

sherri meachum

Doesn't auto update anymore Previous version updated automatically whenever you visit the app. Now I have to manually re-select top stories or it shows me the last page view.

Kenny Too Many

Doesn't refresh anymore. Let's face it, this app has always been terrible but now it's even worse. Displaying old news and having to set the city every time it's opened...cmon guys, your better than that. I've tried to give ya time to improve it but it's no longer worth the space it takes on the device.

Tim Tebo

This app stinks I love the GR press and reading local news. Not worth the trouble using the horrible excuse for an app. I am uninstalling

Andrew Paniwozik

Extremely difficult This app is horrible, it used to be easy to open and get a quick feed of the news, now it feels like a chore to scroll around, the App freezes when you open it, until the new news comes in. I used to check the mlive all the time now im down to about once a week. I'm going to keep adding that this app still sucks

Matt Smith

App is terrible after recent update Update-uninstalled, reinstalled, runs faster. It used to be pretty good. Now the app won't auto rotate with screen(i.e., to view wide charts), no ability to refresh content (loved old pull down to refresh), and oversized ads (sure, it's a free app and you need to pay the bills, but come on). The roulette at top looks nice, but really just buries articles because your eyes are drawn down to the lower list of articles (and ads). Current ads take up more than twice as much space as an article.

Wayne Seger

Junk Freezes up! Something happened at the last update, freezes up and will not open now. I'm always having issues with this app which is unfortunate, because its a good source of news when it works. Look at the last several months ratings of this app, way to get right on a fix for the bugs! Attaboy!!!! I finally uninstalled the piece of junk, not worth the aggravation!


What happened? I had to abandon the app, and just use my browser instead. Fix this garbage plz

Scott Holmes

Slow opening App goes to black screen upon opening,, slowly. Doesn't update automatically anymore. Deleting app. Put shortcut on my home screen.

Tom Humphreys

Terrible Used to be a great app. Now super slow updating, freezes and shuts down for no reason. Love the paper hate the app.

Kevin Reynolds

Absolutely horrible This app works like crap. It hasn't worked right for me for months I'll just continue to go on the website instead of trying to use the app

William Duke

Old one was better I don't know what you all did to it but the app.... it is SOOOO SLOW! Please revert back to an older version and or try to speed it up. Galaxy S4

Ryan Seymour

Slow junk This is by far the slowest app on my phone, feels like I'm on dial up. Uninstalled

Justin Luth

This used to be one the best news apps. Can't stand it any more. Always force closes

Lisa Taylor

The old ap worked much better. This app is terrible. Never loads to current news and constantly freezes up.

Jason Fox

It's not news by the time it updates. I like how all the news papers are under one app. The big problem is that it is very slow to update on my Galaxy S4. Painfully slow. You can attempt to load a birth announcement from yesterday, and by the time it loads, the kid has grown, gone through college, and has three kids himself/herself. Please fix this problem.

Nerine McGarigle

It used to be great. Now it's laggy, doesn't update, and freezes constantly. I'm uninstalling. I'll get it again if it ever improves.

michael wachowski

Still very lousy Craigslist has no compatition. Its simple, learn from that.

Andrew Knox

Great app.... now if it'd load.... Good setup, good info, I like the different sections you can access. New articles very often. A perfect local news app. One of the best news apps available; EXCEPT it takes 7 minutes to load! Which basically renders it unusable and broken.

Tom Delawic

Slow as #&[email protected]! Seriously what happened to this app? Used to enjoy it, but now it loads too slow and lags when it finally does load. Get some competent app developers Mlive.

robert Brooker

Slowest App Slowest App I have on both my phone and tablet. Needs significant improvement.

Shacke Shabazz Jenkins

Sooooo slow Mlive is my main source for news, especially sports, but this app is so slow I'd rather use the mobile site.

Brenda Sanders

DELETE AND REINSTALL I periodically have to delete and reinstall this app when it gets to the point where it won't open. I like the app but it's disgraceful that MLIVE won't fix all the bugs in this app.

S He

Nice try Takes 5 min or more to open, articles freeze and close routinely. The paper copy twice a week is faster. Fix the bugs!

Judy Fox

Takes forever to load. So frustrated every time I use it! Please remedy this situation!

Dave Poggi

MLive Terrible lagging since last update. To slow to use. Sadly, it used to work.

Chad Sanford

Crashes all the time Crashes all the time. Most of the times it won't even load. Please fix.

Christal Worthen

Buggy as a warm spring day Slooooooooooow, buggy, and Slooooooooooow. I keep using it though, so I guess I'm a masochist.

Tom Swan

Takes forever to load.

Grant Ponte

Poor operation Garbage app. Barely functions. Crashes and fails to load constantly.

Ken Minne

Way too slow

Marguerite Hammond

Awful This ap was designed by noone with a sense of order or logic. And it's so slow I can nap between displays. Very annoyed because I used the former version all the time and liked it.

Matthew Bringedahl

5 stars Easily the worst app ever made. Good job guys! Another reason to love Michigan

Bill Dare

Great app..when it loads properly Takes a few tries to load. Im on Verizon 4G . Love reading stories from around the state. Hope they can fix the glitches

Brian Wilson

Garbage Don't understand why you guys can't make a good app..... lots of advice on the rating comments. Junk!!!! Takes forever to load freezes up, black screen all the time.

Bill O'Brien

Crashes and slow Terrible app, could be so much better. Loads slower then dial-up.

Nick Brock

Absolutely the worst app on my phone. It rarely loads properly and always shuts down on itself. Don't waste your time with this horrible product.

tyler S

It used to work I'm not what happens but this app was one of my favorites a couple years ago. Now it never loads and this has been going on for over a year. Please find someone who can fix this so I can get my local news back.

Julie Campe

Keeps getting worse Hasn't loaded/opened properly in weeks. Even when it worked sporadically a few weeks ago, it was too slow to load and lagged a lot. It was and is faster to use Google news and access MLIVE articles that way.

Lane A

Terrible Never refreshes, always freezes up when launched and it always high school sports...who gives a f. Reinstalled and same out come..used to be great app

Jeffrey Hendrixon

Laggy Takes forever to load if it does..and then lags..might be quicker to just find and buy a paper..which might be their point..

Zachary Herr

Lag Terrible app. Slow loading, lag, then freezes my phone

A Google User

Continues to be awful I don't think whoever makes this app has ever ran it. On all of my many devices it takes minutes and multiple warnings that the app isn't working before anything comes up. Then it's another minute or 2 to switch to the news section. It's simply trash. It's actually worse than their website.

deb waldo

Force closes Please fix this. The app really needs a nice overhaul in performance

Christie Maxim

Incredibly slow Takes forever to open and to load each article. Horrible app

Ben Crampton

Slow It takes way too long to load. Faster just to go to the web site

Drew Elliott

Worst Of all the apps on my phone this is the very worst. Slow, weak, it just sucks.

robert Brooker

Slowest App Slowest App I have on both my phone and tablet. Needs significant improvement.

James Bauer

SOOOO SLOW The most frustrating app I've ever used! Have to update manually every time I open.

Kyle Norwood

Used to be great. Once it loads is still a good app. But it takes forever and often locks up my phone. I think I've had it and will be uninstalling for a while.

Ryan Ransom

Slow useless resource hog. Does nothing well. Looks like crappy ios port and behaves like it was coded by a 1st year high school programming student. Oh and it crashes for no good reason too.

Tom Delawic

Satisfaction depends on your device. This app is unusable on my Galaxy S4 but it actually runs on my Nexus 6P. Still not as smooth as it used to be.

S Campbell

Slow, lags New version worse. Takes far to long to load. often just a black screen, and freezes. Doesn't auto refresh, and manually refreshing doesn't often work.. Easier to access Michigan news via google news. Please fix. .. About the most buggy app on my phone.

Bill Dare

Great app..when it loads properly Takes a few tries to load. Im on Verizon 4G . Love reading stories from around the state. Hope they can fix the glitches

Jim Cleworth

Downgraded my rating from 4 to 3 stars I enjoy the content of Mlive but of the 6 or 8 news apps that I use, this is BY FAR the slowest to load and actually seems to have gotten worse. Also, please add the Traverse City paper for content. That is an under represented area here.

George Dunn

Slow if it loads at all. Other apps load quickly.

A Google User

Galaxy s6 Dont really show all the news, just things they want you to see.

Brett and Lisa Kirby

Sloooooowww This app does what it's supposed to. Delivers content for M-Live. But it does it so slowly it's not worth waiting for. Takes 30+seconds to load then loads with the news from the last time it ran, rather than taking part of the start-up time to load fresh content. You have to reload and wait some more to get that. Time for better servers and storage and a faster network. Hopefully the M-Live folks see it and are working on it!

Chad Yost

Better luck getting water in flint then this app working

BlockingPanther 25

Not exactly local news News from Northern Michigan and the U.P. means nothing to Grand Rapids readers. Why include news from 200 or more miles away?

Bill Conwell

Much, much better since latest update Much better now. App is now responsive, loads faster, is no longer programmed to load ads before content (it seems), and updates content faster and smoother than before. An excellent 'next step!'

Laura Mendez

Locals Newspaper Online I love reading the local newspaper online, can check out news in another surrounding county, or statewide news. I didn't give 5 stars because once in a while the app acts up, a few more bugs to work out. All in all its great, local news, can read and comment on the story, weather and obits. I would be lost without this app, I do not watch tv, this is how I keep up on news. Thanks Mlive.

Amy Hopkins

App sucks SUCKS! This is how they TRY to get u to buy the paper. They have fun messing around with this app, entertainment for them to read the reviews. UPDATED VERSION WORSE! what a disgrace to put pop ups in obituaries, geez have some respect. Mlive you are pathetic.

George Niemann

Can't Share App locks up when attempting to share with any social media. Must uninstall app and then reinstall app to be able to use it again. IT'S APRIL 30TH AND THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED

Brian Zawacki

If i could give negative stars i would Even worse than the pop ups on their website is the app with it's constant redirecting me to the play store. I can't even read three words of an article before being redirected! Don't waste your time. I will be uninstalling. I guess it's time to give up on mlive altogether since the pop ups on their website make reading there next to impossible as well. Its a shame too since it is really the only source for local/statewide "news".

Luke Hardy

Keeps me in the loop I understand the need to pool the resources of smaller papers. You get very general stories, many just copied from AP, but the local news is not very thorough.

BlockingPanther 25

Not exactly local news Even worse with new update. News from Northern Michigan and the U.P. means nothing to Grand Rapids readers. Why include news from 200 or more miles away?

Elisa Kolk

App had its issues but now is much improved. It loads well and rarely has errors.

Adam Hill

Much better after a reinstall After uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my S5 it has worked perfectly. I still miss the pull down to update feature, but this new update is pretty good about refreshing the article list all on its own. Much happier after reinstall.

Michael Handy

Great app Over all works fine. Had some issues with the obits but seems fine now. Would like to be able to click on 1papper and the next time you open app it stays on that paper.

David G

Bugs Try to register to make a comment it just goes blank. Same news as all the other sites. Thought they might have different stories. Uninstalled

Andrew Knox

Fixed loading issues The 6 minute load issues are fixed and the app works great.

Dale Fisher

news junkie everything you need to know about the great Lakes bay in one place.

Sandra Crayton

Could offer more options My application often suddenly stops and will not update

A Google User

Better after update It actually loads now for Motorola Droid. So that's a great improvement

Daniel Woods

Mlive all day My go-to for all things Michigan

X Goss

Little improvement Finally I'm able to use this app now and hopefully this will maintain and get better so I can rate this 5 stars

Slow loading Slow to load and cuts out all the time

Tania Moore

Much faster More efficient, no major hangups or page freezes! Thanks for fixing!

anne hamilton

Jackson news... This is awesome I'm on a fixed income. But ive got internet it's great to still get the news. Love it.

Andrew Buisch

Meh Can't tell what section you are reading. Should gave some kind of header.

Andrew O'Keefe

New Version Thus new version is sooo much better... it's fast, clean and functional.

A Google User

Getting Better All The Time This newer version is maturing into a decent app.

A Google User

Much better finally!!! The latest revision is much better!

Great source Particularly like how you can select categories and get news on local events

Kim Buchalski

I like reading about local events in one place.

Ryan Brunner

Nice app to access local news, easy to use and read. I definitely enjoy it.

Frances Schaak

Nice Improvements! Easier to navigate and much faster to load than in the past.

Roxanne Katlin-Jenks

M- Live is great. It keeps me informed about my State news.

A Google User

Breeze New update has drastically improved performance, well done.

Bob Schultz

Just the worse app

Like reading the local news. It is a great way to stay informed.

Quinacco Carter

Great update Very informational! Better than the local news app!!

CP 2016

Time saver Good way to see world and local news.

Jason Trumble

New version much better Latest update is much faster and responsive.

John Morawiec

Great App Everything that's happening in Michigan news.

David Babcock

Great local news! Bypass the big city news.

Melinda Moore

Great app Very happy with all aspects of this app!

Larry Rakowski

Knife Local news storys/tall ships

Jason Starks

Very good. Much better than previous

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