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10 Sep
Mitosis: The Game

Posted by Freakinware Studios Limited in Action | Sept. 10, 2016 | 196 Comments

Apk file size: 52.0 MB

Eat cells or die trying!

Warning: Incredibly addicting Multiplayer Game !

☆☆☆☆☆ Really fun
☆☆☆☆☆ I'm a cake skin
☆☆☆☆☆ Awesome and good

** LAG: If you experience high latency, please open the Settings Menu and change your server location **

You are a cell, wandering around looking for smaller cells to absorb and grow. Larger cells, likewise, are seeking for smaller cells like you to absorb. Smaller cells move fast, larger cells are very slow! You can split yourself to increase your speed but this will increase the risk of being eaten. Finally, beware of the viruses!

Mitosis allows you to:

- Five Game Modes: Free to Play, Random Team, Capture The Flag, Hunger Games, and Guilds War
- Guild system with chatroom
- Private rooms to play with friends
- Equipment system
- Custom skins
- Eat smaller cells to gain mass and become larger
- Avoid larger cells because they can absorb you
- Separate yourself into 2 cells to gain speed
- Use viruses to hide yourself or hit others
- Expel mass to decrease in size
- Have a lot of fun!

For info and support
[email protected]

Whats new

    - Added Turkish language
    - Minor bug fixes and improvements
    - Players can now change rendering quality in the Settings Screen
    - Season 9 Update, for the full changes list go to
    - Fixed crash
    - Get ready for the beta!
    - Everything ready for Season 7
    ** Obtain level 79 and new powerful equipment and items!
    - Increased equipment sell price
    - Bug fixes and improvements

Freakinware Studios Limited part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 10, 2016. Google play rating is 85.2758. Current verison is 7.3.2. Actual size 52.0 MB.

Download mitosis-the-game.apk 52.0 MB


Jamy Phylong

AWESOME Pretty good,not the best,lags occasionally,I'm sure you kind game designers are onto that,though trying to split someone up is hard because you need to hold down two times to make a "virus" split,maybe custom skins you can draw aswell?ADS KEEP ON COMING UP AND I CAN'T EXIT THEM,PRESS X AND STAYS THERE!??!!?! (

Feathery Ferir

Too much lag It has great potential, but the lag is just too much. Every time I spawn in there's a 5 second delay were I can be munched up. It takes so long to turn that I can't move around and just run into people. It's really annoying when you're trying to go one direction, but the system just caught up and is sending you in the opposite direction.

Angel Blood

To much lag As soon as I get into the server it lags so bad that my cell goes off screen and I can't see what's going on and end up dead. Also when I start the delay when I move is really really bad. Please fix so people can play properly.

XxmckillfeedxX Guy

This lag is just gayy This game is awesome but when u lagg its sucks I got eaten twice when I was big like 653 abd then got eaten by lagg whyyy

Dasha Mann

Fun Me and my family is addicted but its VERY laggy and many of us had to quit and rejoin

Derek Jones

Controls Please make the controls and lag better thanks and I will rate 5 and team dethmaches are cool

jatsy 768

Lags I saw this on lonniedos's channel and it looked really good so I thought I'd give it a go. It is quite good but it keeps lagging when ever another persons thing (I don't know what you call them) comes into view.

Denis Ramirez

Still love it There was the first one and now they made a new version kind the same but better in many different ways love it im so addicted to it keep it up just fix the lag but still great

Tony Fu

Please fix Was very good but after the update it pops up with a white screen please fix

einari ihalainen

Very good but... This game is very good but there is few things you have to add: -you can select visible or invisible corners -better settings (i mean music settings) -offline -servers where is no Spike balls -no lag on servers

Tyler Adelman

Great Game Would you be able to add more skins Like Wario, Waluigi, Snake, Zelda, Browser Skin Update

Joshua Matthews

Improvements needed. Needs a lot of improvements, first it mostly lags. The movement and controls needs to be more fluid. Although at times it plays smoothly, only sometimes.

Justapro Z

Nice,but one suggestion to make it perfect. Its very fun,but one suggestion,Could you guys make a "follow" button on friend list so we could join them and play together? Instead of wanting my friend to quit and then we could play together,its more convience.Another reason is because sometimes when we invited our friends,and play together,and playing halfway,sometimes theres problems where our phone hangs there,and couldnt move,and we couldnt join back to the same sever.So making a "follow" button is a better experience :)Hope you'll consider this. :)

Kenzi Allsobrook

LAG Good game but has alot of lag only play with good internet

Joshua Licitra

Problem I really like the game, but it is a laggy.

The - Roacher

So fun! Love this game. I'm addicted

Aaron Muhammad

This is great Idk what people are talking about saying they get lag, mine runs almost perfect.

Justin Nicholls

Just dont know love the game idea, but the execution is soooo poor. lag makes it unplayable most of the time. how can you expect people to pay for it when the product is so broken

Fabian Tovar

Lags I saw Lonnie playing this on his channel. It looked pretty cool and it is to but it lags like crazy -.- please fix this

Mar Gomez

Fun I like it its fun, the fat we get we get slower. ?

David Franciscus

Very Great Game, but fix the lag!!! The game is really great but it is too laggy to play, please fix it!!!

Connor Stout

Lag Great game, plagued by the HORRIBLE lag.

rowzeee official

Lag It's great but lags & delays movement. Everything else is awesome.

Tomas Megarson

Lag city I can't play anymore because of lag get better servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcus Garapolo

GREAT! First time I played I made it it to first on free-for-all leaderboard! YAY!

Jay Smith

It's a great game but if you could fix the lag it will be as good as agrio

Michael Kee

This game sucks I hate this game because anytime you play it just don't try to do amazing or adds will close your app. This is terrible so I suggest they make one with no adds.

Olivia Weaver

Its great But I cant change my account

Philip Whalley

Best game This has to be one of the best games I have ever played so thank you

oliver baldwyn

Great game to much lag If you do another performance update and fix lag I will give it 5 stars

Capricorn Babcock

Worked but could be better

Chelsey Rivera

Nice game Just really hate that it lags Soo much And... u.u it crashes right after an add. Q-Q please fix that at least. I mean i dont mind watching the adds but restarting the app ALL OVER AGAIN?!? its frustrating

Alyssa Shim-Hue

Lag and bad controls It's a fun game but way too much lag and it's super hard to use the controls because they barely work

Jazzmynn Tourtillott

Oa I like it but to many adds like a add pops up every 2 seconds

Bro TaTo

Lag Hey guys, how come I can't move? And it's too laggy.

tushar purang

Improve team matches and fix ads Remove or increase the score limit of team matches. The game is crashing due to the ads.fix it

Stanley Livingston

It's good ITS GOOD but... Controls are a bit bad and every now and then A lag spike happens and I run into someone big

Arturo Zamora

Great game Best game related to agario with many different game modes to play in also I found a problem It now lags and I can't play like usual it lags more often before it didn't lag now it does I'm guessing that is because u put so many ads as soon as I invite one of my friends a ad pops up and I die

michael kenna

Can't create an account I like the game but it won't let me create account because it says the password you inserted do not match please fix this glitch and I will write 5 Stars. Bassicly where it says username and pass word I type in my username and password and then says 'the passwords you inserted do not match' p.s I am on my phone, the HTC one

Alex Marshall

Way better than!! I love this game, I've got to say it's addicting and fun, and so much more agreeably better than the original, since controls are so much nicer and all of the different cool game modes! Only one thing I would love to see though, is an option in settings to toggle music and fx, sometimes I like to listen to music and play this but it overlaps and sounds weird.:( Overall though, it's amazing and I'm glad to play it everyday.

Gerard Egan

Good,but 2stars dropped because of crashing ads and also this game is turning into a pay to play game.New evolutions are too expensive and it's going to ruin the game.alot of players will be hugely disadvantaged by evo players.Not only are evolutions too expensive you have to go back to level 1 and when u level up the upgrades are ridiculously expensive.All geared to rope in players to play more and spend more.FIX THE LAG AND ADS FIRST,That should be no.1 priority.Good game but your ruining it.

Barbie Ayra

... Thank you for making the teaming fatigue better! :D love it! You guys are really improving this game C':. Once again, thank you (:EDIT: SOOO I went on a server, hoping there would be like 1 or 2 people teaming.... But no, they are really stubborn -.- teamers are ruining this game!!! There should be a fatigue which disappears all the armor, potions and unable to split or feed! That will make them play fair and square! but yeah, just make the teaming fatigue more evil! That's the only way to save this game.

Terra Miller

Eat your friends! Once you understand that you will die a lot, it becomes a very fun, addictive game. And what's better than inviting your friends to play just so you can eat them?

ahmed hamed

Very gooood but can you aad in the random team at the map the names of players with in the team . And for the biggest one in the world after the match bonus loot

Victor Rivas

To many ads It is a good game but there is to many ads every time I get big an ad comes on.please fix

Justin Paulo Sacdalan

The battle tag I cannot change the battle tag on tablet please fix this five star will be given to you if fix this issue :'(

Tina Hoefert

WARNING!! This app can break your phone... The video ad's freeze and crash your phone, making your phone behave like it has a virus. Once the app freezes it refuses to close and you lose control of your phone. You can flag the app and tell Google about it crashing your phone. Maybe Google can make the developer fix it? Constant crashing of your phone can mess the phone up.

Denisse Balandran

Bad This game is way too laggy. Really bad. And waaayyy to many adds it's crazy. If you can get past those really bad things then it's an ok game.

Andrea Castro

IT IS SO COOL It is so cool and so much fun. U can trust me its really fun and easy

Anthony Arias

maybe for an update??? Btw could you make stuff like if you win a teams match you get a certain number of coins to all the winners I'd say 100-200 and for hunger games first place 150-300 second place 100-200 and third 50-100 sooo what do you guys think about this idea

camoisdabest Awesome

I would rate 5 if... You make it so you don't have to pay (game) money to make private lobby's or to make a guild

danilo carmona

Really guud game, keeps it simple but fun. Has in app purchases however does not abuse them. The power ups bring the game to a whole new level of stratergy and make the game be even mof fun and addictive.

Ultra Chicken

Good with Flaws Great game but I can't play for very long because it crashes randomly.

CJ Hallford

How do I inter the registration I tried but all it says is these passwords that you have inserted do not match I tried my e mail and password and username all I got was theses password's that you have interest do not match! I will give 5 stars I you tell me how to do this!?

kimar anderson

Crash A lot different game types very fun although it did crash on me I can't open it up now

Cinthia Napoles

Keeps crashing. Every time there's a advertisement it crashes and I can't buy the no ad option.

Xavier Robin Duenas Fulgencio

Booo When I create a game, it always say u only use letters and numbers. I used letters! Now that I'm a guest, I look like a noob now! :(


Its fun to play with friends and alone. Just Amazing trust me.

Gabriel G

Way to much lag and bad players Moi6 is a terrible killer i got 5 mass he has 3000 and i cant even play with these kind of players fixx it then stars

Frosted Souls

Devs actually consider opinions First for everything few games care but they do.

simon gonzalez

Ok It's a good game but lags and it has lots of adds but still good

Jakob Hemenway

Love this game! This game is like and Nebulous combined! Its sick!???

Kaushik Vempati


Polar Bears Rock

.. WTF Why can't I change Nick name it just exits or crash the game

Hein Htet

lag it lags a lot game is good but lag

Jayden De Alba

Love it! It is sooo much more fun than agario ! So keep on doing awesome updates creators!

Hamza Tamim

Can't sign in! When I enter my username it stops

Ethan Larson

Fun It's a lot of fun playing with friends

Diamond Dragon academy

Great but... There are too many adds and its really annoying. Also, who would pay 5.00$ to remove adds?!

Anisya Mamedova

Lagging It lagged when I was playing guild wars and I think its because of the update and I can't even split people because I'm in one place then I'm in another place so my point is can u guys try to fix it please.

Eduardo De Leon

I hate it all my skings ear gone wtf

Loxer YT

Wtf lag Stop adding so much and stop the lag plz I played this game like before 1 year and still experiencing lag!

Brian Araujo

it laggs!! every time i try to play it, it always makes me lagg and it makes me waste my armor for no reason, i already tried about 6 times to uninstall it and install but nothing changes

Pasha Davidson

Awesome except I think you should add this. So if you promote somebody there should be an expiring thing cuz my leader promoted someone leader for a day but he wouldn't give leader back

Jose Gomez

Ads The ads kick me out of game every time which is a lot and the game gets really laggy please fix for 5 stars

The Dark Lord of Cakes

Warning:extremely addictive Ths game is amazing. At first I thought it was a cop off of agario, but when I got it I immediatley fell In love With this awesome game. If you get it you wont be disappointed. Its the only other game I play except for clash of clans.

Jonathan Perez

Why? I made my own skin with 200 coins but when I wanted to us the skin it said approval pending so I never got to use my own skin

Nicholas young

worthless players ruining team mode. have to stop and totally ban cross teaming and baiting on team mode. teaming fatique is 100% useless to dem noobs who continue cross teaming. mitosis copy of agario should learn to be better than agario by totally stopping cross teaming and baiting weak noobs do in team mode.

Gerard Egan

FIX THE LAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG VERY Good,but 2stars dropped because of crashing ads and also this game is turning into a pay to play game.New evolutions are too expensive and it's going to ruin the game.alot of players will be hugely disadvantaged by evo players.Not only are evolutions too expensive you have to go back to level 1 and when u level up the upgrades are ridiculously expensive.All geared to rope in players to play more and spend more.FIX THE LAG AND ADS FIRST,That should be no.1 priority.I'm golden evo,had to,no choice really

Niklas Yorsky

Good game but app crashes The game is great just too many ads for one, and two, the game isn't reliable, you don't know if it is going to load or crash, or if it is going to even start up. In conclusion, less ads and fix the crash problems. But other than that a good game

deonte terry

TOO LAGGY Its real fun cool and addictive but ads makes the game lag which the makers of the game should update where theres not so many ads... or no ads at all

Tina Hoefert

The app broke my phone so I deleted it. The video ad's freeze and crash your phone, making your phone behave like it has a virus. Once the app freezes it refuses to close and you lose control of your phone. You can flag the app and tell Google about it crashing your phone. Maybe Google can make the developer fix it? Constant crashing of your phone can mess the phone up.

Colbey Nixon

Anoying It is really annoying because people Spawn in different sizes and people always split then feed then selves to kill you its so not fair

jake Jones

So competitive I LOVE the game its a mix of so many amazing emotions 1 fun 2 exciting 3 complex 4 well thought out i lobe how they make things fair between mobile and PC i dont like the lvling up system PLEASE IF U SEE THIS make it if u evolve u can't get put in noob and experienced lobby's only pros

Yvonne Pywell

? Worst game ever everyone's teaming stealing my kills and split feed they feed there split so its immposible to live nowadays I do not suggest

__ TheNarhwalxD __

I liked it but... I went to go and make my 2nd custom skin and after a while I went to go check it and it had disappeared I don't really like it 200 coins gone to waste my username is xXBENYxSWAGXx.I'm not happy :(

Kris Mjolhus

I can't even log in worst app ever and it just coped

keseter FTW

too manny ads i hate the advertising cause its making finsish my internet poor the owner of any game advertise

Derrell Galloway


Mason Smith

Love it so much Best game I played in a while! Every time I am board i play this game I love it! This game is way better than agario!

Cheesefries Friescheese

ADDS!!!!!!!!!!! I was in the middle of soccer mode. 4 goals on both teams. I was running down to the goal with the ball then died. I was ready to respawn and get back at it but a 30 second add that can't be stop stopped me. Our team lost and I'm pretty sure it was because of that add. STOP WITH THE ADDS!!!!!! It's in agario and more too!!!!!!!

Archangel Spirit

Naming I'd like to be able to use stuff like this _ or this - as a space for my name and stuff, please allow cause it makes it easier to make names with spaces in them such as mine. Or at least add something besides facebook like G+.

Daniel Villagran

Fun I think that u should take off the adds. because I takes me off the game.

Spidey Balls

Good Umm guys can u add like Philippines in the flag because I really like to use that every time I play thx

William Pimentel

Why so much lag? Its like everytime i play there is always lag! Even when i have high speed Wi Fi! Fix and it will be 5 stars

Gerard Egan

Best Best game around.just make a guildwar update!!!!!!!make a GLOBAL be much more competitive and every guild would have a chance.otherwise it's alittle unbalanced.GLOBAL it.surely possible to wud mean 24/7 people playing as wars wud always be on no matter ur time.

chelan young

Was great new changes are not very good Too many changes to game modes to cater to lesser skilled players. Capture the flag. Why now after each flag cap are we reset.

Alexander Pontos

Many pros, yet few and crippling cons. So there is a lot more content and variety in than in lots of gamemodes, guilds, easy to play with friends. But some people might not find very entertaining purchasing items for their blobs or joining a server where everyone is huge (rare but annoying). That's about the only problem. Otherwise, good game.

Tristen McKenna

Ad crash is annoying Almost forcing me to pay money to remove the apps is a little fishy. Great game, but every time I get a video advertisement, it crashes which means I gotta reconnect and all that jazz. Little annoying but I haven't uninstalled yet so.


Amazing game problem with update When ads play it kicks me out of game and like one time I had 593 mass and it respawned me

Shadow bonnie 757

New version New update is better than before much more fun I could play dis all ma life well... apart from the adds they ruinn the game take them out I'm not spending money for it

VoodooDwarf Gaming

Ads!!! I really enjoy playing this game but there is wayyy to many ads, which ruin this game slightly and you have to pay £2.16 to remove them, but over all this game is really fun and addictive, i just wish there wasn't as many ads.

Moonrise Howler


Jovaughn Deforrest

Too many adds I think that the longer have the game downloaded the more adds. I'll rate higher if u put a skip button because I don't want to wait 30 sec in between every game watching adds that I'm not even interested in. Also for some reason I can't change my name

Juju B

Liked it But when it goes on a ad it turns off so please fix.

Unknown E.

Can you please make an update on season 6 that seperates people with good equipments and bad equipments depending on their cost? Its unfair if people with better equipments meaning more speed are eating people with slower speeds.


Love It Please add multiple guild games back...

Hai K. Mach

Too much enforced ads Almost 3 star but addictive

Taylor Lewis

Wtf Soooooo much lag. Tried every server. It is unplayable

Sam Suong

I love friends My brothers name is sasuke77 but he broke his iPad

Evan Matechuk

where's my cash Play for 30 minutes to get 500 where is it

Kevin Porcar

I like this app because is small and it is very funny .I I recomand this app.

The Rektifier

Make A New Update Make a New Update that.can add us abilities to send coins

Sepahrad Gol

NP but the advertising comes up tooo often Liked it tho

Luis E. Hernandez

i I can't even open the app

Siew Hoi Quak

Hello It's fun but many bullys in there

Aidan Handville

Advertisement Whenever there is an advertisement when I die, the game shuts down.

Brittney Self

Addiction at its finest Nice simple concept well done

C Rhodes

Just a fun all around game

Kelvin Ong

Too many ads Ever been in the middle of a game and an ad popped up?

DaPanda Gamer

Ads!! The ads get on my nerves u need to fix it they crash my game!

MAnusia human

Best Compared with agar io this is better but there's so many ads

Cezar Bogdan

Cool game I like this game so much !

lollylyn santos

This is the best Game is so fun and great

Salariu Marco

It's so beautiful

Coolmodean Dean

Ok this is fun great game it basic eat or be eaten genius

Connor Hiben

Great It's like a copy of BUT BETTER!! It's half RPG half!

Miguel Vargas

Better then agario

Emmalynn Lopez

Fun This game is fun, challengeing and has many different game modes to choose from, so you never get bored. I would recommend this game to people trying to pass time.

Kat Sivils

Flaws 1: let us close the ads after 5 seconds 2: increase our visibility, 3:the quests are trash, set it to allow you to NOT torture yourself by allowing to set quests on certain games. 4: teaming as annoying af, fix it

Delianne Jimenez

Great, but ads are horrible Love the game in everyway. But the ads just completely mess the game up. If you can take at least the thirty second ads away I will rate five stars. Thanks! EDIT: Thanks for taking out the thirty second ads!!! Way better, it would be so awesome if you change it to 15 seconds, sonetimes long ads kick me out. But for now 20 sec ads are good, and Im so happy Lvl 79 is activated!!! What an awesome game, keep up the good work!! (You should add in Minecraft Skins in the next update, everyone likes Mc)

Hoshi Inoue

All about cash and not about skill (1) speed is too fast or joystick is too sensitive. Or field of view is too small because reaction time is not enough for people who look at this as a strategy game more than a quick react game (2) getting bigger should make you move slower (3) too many cheats to purchase with cash make it not about being good but about money.

Jelly Bean

Love it so much Best game I played in a while! Every time I am board i play this game I love it! This game is way better than agario!best game of 2016!!! I love it so much!!! :D


Mitosis. Getting home from work or school, this game is good Great game for taking a break. Games are quick and are quittable at any time. Love this game and you will too. EDIT: I still love this game, even though I don't like so of its new features. Although, can you update CTF? I feel as if it's left untouched.

Esteban Gonzalez

Great game Game is good used to be better before season 7 my account is gonzalez1357 and i just played a little can you please remove the virus injection because this makes it impossible for solo players like me to even last big because any person half my size can eat me if their teammate is small and has the virus injection potion which is flat out bull crap please remove it?????? fix this for a five star and thanks for listening to my request to bring the split and shooting mass strategy/technique back

JD. Munoz

I like the game so much but... Can't buy my armor i have 30$ just put it in the bank and im home about to buy 20,000 coins and now its 15.99 per 10,000 coins now that's so not cool really mad cause now I got to wait till next week so I can get paid again. I'm max level sapphire level79 with bad armor thanks a lot appreciate it!!!!!!

Vanessa Eaves

My favorite game!!! I love playing this! As soon as the kids get home from school, we all get on our devices & play. Very addictive!!!


I liked it but... i love the game but theres some anoyying thus here cuz when u start at lvl 1 u get low lvl gear and that is a disadvatage to high lvl people high lvl people can even chase other small players and newbie players are always gonna get rekt,.And i Really hate those ads ???

lyca morano


Ryan Alpay

No Name I can't figure out to sign in I'm a guest and you can't name yourself unless you sign in THAT'S STUPID AND LAME!!!!

Adetola Ijiyode

Good but.... the advertisements are annoying but the game is great

TheHackingPro Gaming

This game is good but it's so Enoying at the same time

Rudronil Nath

Ads are ruining a perfectly good game The ads keep on loading, the game lags so much that it becomes almost impossible to stay alive most of the time..

W. M. Presley

What even is deathmatch mode. I cant tell if its an undefeatable bot or a tryhard mlg 6 year old but i cant even play it without getting destroyed every give seconds

MR.JayBlop GamingStudio

Im Knees2Faces from China server Hi,And if you're reading this please i just want to let you know that you're a Filthy Dirty Disgusting Brutal Bottom-Feeding Trashbag Ho.PLS KYS

Maxim Vlad

Crash When I try to change my battle-tag and I press confirm it crashes

EpicEndie Playz Games

I hate it I hate it totally due to everyone never wanna team with me! SUCH HATERS ARE THEY!

Cameron Maconachie

Yeah, na. 9.95/10 you get the other .5 when it's easier to search for guilds :') Good game, I play it all the time.

Laquisha Jarmon

this game is the best who ever dont got this game get it now


Awesome game. ..other than the constant ads

Noor Ali

Please fix free for all I got very mad because A person named ''The king" and other guy teamed up like I was very big and were equal size with the king but then a gut spilt up and made the king become bigger and also I was trapped into right down side so I got very mad

Laura Storm is going to be like, right? Also, yaay battleground!

Dhati Dozier

Love it! Update keeps freezing the game and is level 79 active yet?

Mike Astin

Laggy Could be fun. Geared towards big bugs with no real way to protect yourself when your small. Gets frustrating quickly. Have a fast connection or you'll die lots.

Anya M

It is so fun I love the game ,but I wish you could search guilds?☺?

Fury I'm AloneYT

Awesome THIS game is so fun it's priceless I play everyday and thx for fixing the 30 second video ads

Mowahib Iftikhar

Booooooo. The worst game in the world It lags like breathing underwater.

Jose Canales

Dr. Mitosis Can u please fix the ****** lag already I'm so tired of ***** laging on the game please fix that I speed a lot of money on this fricking game.

Galaxy Narwhal

Wow This is so much better than agario

Moses Sway

Dumbest game ever Everytime I try to sign in it disconnect

amna mohamed

I love it I made every one at school play it but the lag is always getting in our way and this new update is SOOOO LAGY....plz fix it?

Vlad Marincas

Cool In next update please add to search guilds???

paul young

I know a glitch In your advertising If you want to no pay me

kash dc

ads too many ads like i cant even get in the game without lagging do to an ad that is loading, and they are too long, but every thing else is great

Bryan Garcia

Nice game until... Very great game, I like the concept of it, but every time I play and get an ad, as soon as the ad ends, my game crashes. Seeing as the game is full of them, I don't think I'll be playing this game anymore. Also, when I'm creating my own skin, it won't load it up or the game just freezes. Please fix these problems. I really want to enjoy this game, but I can't while I have these problems. Thanks for reading this if you did. And thanks for your time and patience.

Alex Marshall

Way better than!! I love this game, I've got to say it's addicting and fun, and so much more agreeably better than the original, since controls are so much nicer and all of the different cool game modes! Only one thing I would love to see though, is an option in settings to toggle music and fx, sometimes I like to listen to music and play this but it overlaps and sounds weird.:( Overall though, it's amazing and I'm glad to play it everyday.

StarGamer TV

It's Ok? It's ok. Just the lag and the ads. (I KNOW I KNOW, ADS KEEP THE GAME FREE SO THATS WHY I RATED 4 STARS) Just the lag. It's COMPLETELY awesome. c: :D C:

Benjamin Filbert

Ads are out of control 15 seconds of game time = 30 second ad that can't be skipped.... oh, and racists in game

idayu idris

hey i kind duf do like of the private room u should make a voice cant talk with frnd i give five star bck :3 i love now but still lag \_(.-.)_/ pls remove some abit of add i love to play forever loved it thank for make it update i geuse the party mode are fun but to small place not to small no place to go make it huger k love this bye <:3

Yuzuru Otonashi

Terrible connectivity App can't get through a single game without disconnecting me, tried on multiple connections, so it's definitely the app's fault

Joshua St.Nicholasy

Best cell eater I've played The best cell eating game I've played however could definitely use an offline mode and to many ads and ads Dont show up on my screen in fact they sometimes crash mitosis but the gameplay itself is awesome with gear to equip for added stat and multiple game modes give it four out of five stars

Dan Howell af

I like it I love this its better then but when having a custom skin can u make the pending request alot faster? Cause I want to use my custom skin I made. Hoping for a reply thanks! :)

The Galaxy Dragon

Sucks The game is ok but every time i get an ad the game freezes and i get an ad everytime i die so fukc this game sucks dick

So freaking awesome Other then the HORRIBLE ads it is so awesome

Puffins // MLG

STUPID I can't even sign in anytime I out in a password it doesn't work!!!!!!TRASH?


awesome A substitute to agar but great love the everythung about it but still like agar one star more sorry, it's just the original

Mr_ Gigantox

Please fix I cant sign up or login and when I make a new password, it says passwords dont match

Best game I like this game it's good

jen gaming seing stuff

It's very hard but so cool and the gravits I love this game I play this at July 4th

Chen Li

Nice i think It is quite fun cuz we can meet real life friend and more

I really like this game. Is easy to connect with your friends ≧∇≦

erwinthehandsome25 Playz

Great Less rage than agario i love it!!


Addictive It's much better than u will love it!

John Brunet

Cool but I like agar. Io better

Farmadian Abels

Amazing great game I like is game very good

Mario Gamer

Loved it The best game ever

Love it Great game when is the new update

Xenosis The One

Its awsone

Ashley Cutlip

Good It's so awesome

Tyler Carbone

It Is a great app

WWWWWOOOOWWWW I love this game

The Mystic Diamond

Fantastic Better than agario

Xkjone012 j

Great game Great it's great

Epic Gaming and Stuff

Awesome Very addictive

Ben Martin

Better than Agario

Bob steve

This game is fun

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