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5 Aug
Mine Quest - Craft and Fight

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Explore mines and craft epic items through a land of fantasy in Mine Quest!

** SBGames 2014: "Best Mobile Game" + "Best Game Design" + "Best Technology" **

Orli, a dwarf miner, and Lumi, his companion fairy, suddenly find that every other dwarf went missing and now need to embark on an epic quest and travel across the dwarven world to unveil this mysterious disappearance. Are you ready to dig into this adventure?

Explore the underground of five ancient continents looking for artifacts that will help Orli discover new clues about the fate of the dwarves. While at it, mine blocks to collect resources and find blueprints to help you craft legendary weapons, armor and equipment. Underground monsters won't make it easy for Orli though, so be ready to face dreadful enemies in your way!

"Mine Quest has an incredible and addictive gameplay for all ages."
"With an amazing quest, this game will keep you entertained for hours. A true dwarven quest!"
"Crafting items has never been so fun!"

• Blades, axes, pickaxes and armor, all that a brave mining dwarf needs
• Mine different ores and gems and forge them into new equipment
• Fight different monsters and enemies
• Find long lost dwarven treasures and rare artifacts
• Bombs to blow stuff up
• Extremely addictive and easy to pick-up gameplay

Are you ready to solve this mystery and discover what happened to the dwarf civilization? Download Mine Quest now and be part of this fantastic adventure!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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Migs Encarnado

5 stars but.. I gave 5 stars because i love it nuffsaid.however...what happened to my accnt i liked it on facebook and when i return to the game..all the things i have craft materials potion gold and gems all gone...but i have the i reset the game and started all over again.hope the same thing wont happen to other players.coz it could ruin the game.thanks

anthony wright

Loved it! After playing this game For the past 4 days, I have my good and bad opinions of the game. Honestly the game has a great easy to follow story in which the characters actually all are apart of something. I noticed though the only way I was able to complete this in four days by doing a glitch in the game by changing the time on my device forward a day in order to refill my energy instantly and completing any researches (needs to be fixed). The game is somewhat short. needs to be extended. Great game otherwise.

Vic Welch

Love it! Fun and adventurous at the same time. Dig your way across the dwarves world and into the heart of fun adventure. Quick and fun for breaks at work, or enjoy a longer game by buying upgrades.

Brooke L

Good! This game is great. It has a terrific concept, combining mining and crafting with RPG elements and a mild storyline. I find it relaxing and enjoyable. A few things I'd like to see changed: First, the energy system really does kill the flow of the game. I realize you can upgrade for moderately more energy, but it's not nearly enough. I also noticed there is an IAP to remove ads - why not create another IAP package that includes no ads + unlimited energy for a dollar or two more than the one that simply removes ads (or make it a separate IAP completely)? I would absolutely purchase that. If the energy thing is to keep people from going through the game too quickly and getting bored, simply randomizing the dungeon layouts each time the game is completed would take care of that. I'd replay this forever if that were the case! Also, minor issue, but I like the fully zoomed out view, and find it annoying to have to manually re-zoom out so often. Aside from those issues, this is a tpp notch game. Thanks, devs!

Truth trembler

Great game. The game was really great in general the dungeon experience hoping not to find monsters when we needed items and then looking for them to craft the gear really good idea. the crafting was great and the speedup feature only for 1 diamond even for a 16 hour recipe was really appreciated as for when we craft the final item I would rather speed up. and mining features were well placed even the finding of the mines was enjoyable for a mini game in the game. It sadly went too fast really great game to play.

joshua atkinson

Great game This game is brilliant I don't play it much but its a good game and after this recent update my energy has gone down by 200/200 it use to be 400/400 and personally this is a bad update honestly how am I supposed to do anything now it use to take me 300 energy to get through 1 cave and now I'm on 200... This is a BAD update fix it before you have no one playing the game as it takes too long to do anything and no! No one will pay for more energy

Alejandra Cavazos

Ok Its really fun but when i got to a certain world, it stopped filling up my enery. So I can't play at all.

Beth Endresen

Fun but... I'm out of energy ALL the time. The timer is slow on purpose so you spend money. I spent the 3.99 - I like supporting mobile games. But this game isn't engaging enough to be worth anymore. Still out of energy too often

Richard Mack

Good game Was a good game little short I wish there was more to do 5 islands went kinda quick finished the game at lv 42 with everything found you guys should make a mine quest 2 this was a great game besides being short will recommend to everyone

Sim Yuan He

Bug After playing for awhile my phone crashed out and when I went back into the game, all my assets ( ores, potions etc.) Were gone but I still retained my stats. Not game breaking but it makes it impossible to craft the end tier items :(

V Heydinger

I like it but.... The 200 moves really kill the flow; you really get a grove going and BOOM! no more energy. Life and energy do not refill when you level up, which I must admit is something I've never seen. It seems unnatural. Lol. I like it, but I can see myself growing bored with it before too long.

Azriel Gridfen

It's great but, After upgrading energy regen to 2nd lvl it halved max energy - so now it's like I don't have any upgrades..

Richard Howard

Great game but..... Doesnt take long to use up energy then u gotta wait ARGHHH!!! and some of the items take 4ever to craft but doesnt matter as u gotta wait 4 energy to refill. Still fun game am near end now.

A Google User

ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why guys why did u put energy ( stamina) bar its a story game. not a game that energy to play u just want money. GET IT FROM THE GOVERNMENT OR SOMETHING BUT NOT US!!!!!!!!!! And every time I get a scroll its a balloon or pick or sword never armor

Brad Knorr

Great fun little game! Excellent as a free-to-play game, if not somewhat short. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE COMPLAINING ABOUT ENERGY OR ADS. It is more than reasonable in every way. People seem to forget lately that game makers actually need to make money or go out of business. Entitlement really sucks folks, so get over it. Can't wait for an update or a new version. Add a little more depth and I will enjoy paying for your time and effort. Well done!!


It's PAY to play.. I like this games concept and would like to play it more, but the game is made with a very annoying system of energy and it is intended that you (the player) will get irritated enough and spend money to buy more energy, the game already has advertising and a very slow energy regeneration that doesn't last long at all.. It is Sad that there are very few games out there that don't require large amounts of money to be spent to just have a little fun. TAKE THE ENERGY SYSTEM OUT COMPLETELY!

Bradley Sherwood

Great game! Sadly short though.. I loved this game and even though I've run all the way through, I'm still gonna be purchasing all of my upgrades in hopes that the money I put in it will go towards an extension. Sadly though, I only got 4 of the 5 stones to make it to the end. Is this meant to happen... Or? All in all, I loved it, my only complaint is the length! Please add more, publishers! People will buy! Also, for the people complaining about the energy, what mobile game gives you unlimited energy?....... No seriously.... I'll wait....

Shadow Stasyna

I liked it but... I like it but when you level up you should put in some energy bar that gets bigger or some other way to get it bigger

turtole legs

Crashs! Could of been fun if it didnt crash at the coal part every time... cant play it

Kar Hoe Zenn Ow

Finished playing, not bad Quite an addictive games, just a bit too short for the games, hopefully got 2nd edition!

Kim Clark

Great game, but glitched Was enjoying this but it's lost my game data and when I start a new game it gets stuck just after the story! Annoying...

Michelle Stone

Fun I would've given 5 stars but it didn't have enough levels it was 100% completed in a few days

Dikla Mimouni

It can be good.. but.. 1.The energy problem! you overdid it when you level up it should refill itself you shouldn't wait so much . 2.Every where you tap the balloon goes even if you want to check your stats. And so on and so on.

Arminta Chadwick

Awesome sauce awesome machines awesome weapons awesome worlds

Linda Beugelsdijk

Can be 5 stars... If you let me zoom out more and save that setting so it doesn't zoom in again when leaving a mine or the workshop. For others: it is possible to increase energy bar. Workshop->upgrades

David Fournier

I purchased some gems and then went back and all my materials, gold, health potions, bombs, and eyes are wiped....

Melissa Millar

What Now I've gotten to the rescue machine and it won't let me claim it. Everything else is done. What's next? Does it just end there? Would have rated 5 stars if I could go further.

Simon Airey

Solid game Fun game, well designed, bright colours, good for youngsters. Plenty of challenge to keep you going.

Belinda Chua

Love it! I love mine game which i can dig out treasure and unknown. Managed to find the last time warp piece through the help at the app fb page. Thanks moimoi. For those who cannot get enough energy, one small tip is to change your phone time. Every three hours you can replenish 180 energy. I completed this game in "2 weeks" but in actual fact three days only. A great game and will love a part 2 with more worlds.

Jason Milgrom

Love the game. Might want to look into the 40%+ cpu usage when in the background.

Konstantine Okunev

Good game Had a lot if fun playing it. A bit slow due to energy restrictions, but still helps kill some time.

Mere Mere

Good Recommend but..... really now update it to get rid of energy bar or like let 1 energy point charge in 5 seconds or something. It's really annoying.

regular wolf

Needs a wiki I liked the game but it needs a wiki but when you add it then reply to me

Joseph Wisniewski

I'll give it a five star if you remove the energy bar takes to long to regen

Hanz Viola

Awsome I love the exciting adventures to come with a dwarf and a fairy.fighting monsters find gold and craft items. A really exciting game for a 9 year old kid like me .

Master Miggy

It's OK. This game is great but PLEASE get rid of energy! It's super annoying when I run out! I hate it.

Rdee Lasian

Nice game Just adjust the date of your device to get instant energy :)

Michael Chu

So good. Needs more content though. I finished the game in about a week and that was it

Zintis Dericans

Bad This is bad, you must do everything by buying diamonds or waiting. These sh** diamonds are overpriced and waiting time is too big just to mine. Very bad

Guang Chen

Yay It's an epic game. The energy system is what makes this game fun.

Mason Hyde

Was really great but, All good games have an end. I thought the game was short because I beat it in 2 weeks. They should add an Infiniti mine.

Jerry K

I love the rock busting! Great game! I can't wait to "dig" into this one.. ;-)

Gecko Tokay

This game is amazing, i really love it! I can't wait for the new content ! But, i can't craft all armor... And can't claim the rescue machine :( Ill give 5 ★ when the problems are fixed :)

Marsha McArthur

Not enough leather ingame I cannot complete all the armor. I need 45 leather for this last set and only have 35 to 40. I don't know where to get it aside from moles! But I found everything and cleared everything I think. Weird. But great story.


Amazing game! I'm very picky when it comes to free mobile games & this is the first one ever that I played to the end. Beautiful, simple, good story, & breaking things is fun! Not too many adds & energy refills at a good rate. Will definitely play again!


Good game, imbalanced Cleared it in decent time, but damage to enemies doesn't scale to your level. A level 40 hero can't one-shot a level 6 enemy? Come on lol.

Connor Dennis

Loved the story and really hope for some sort of sequel or maybe what happened after orli vanished

Derek Goodson

Great game (what there is of it) Fun game,good exploring and crafting system. I would give it five stars if it wasn't such a short game,and there doesn't appear to be any major update on the way.

david bush

Could do with more levels Breezed through it too quickly.

Dororo Mendokusai Shoukansi

Needs passive health regen As you progress further in the game the enemies get more and more difficult, potions and little token hearts are band aids for a bigger problem. Game is imbalanced.

Riley McLaughlin

I dont like how theres energy its a wast of time to have to sit there and wait for my energy to replenish

Josh Meszler

Good game. I'm just confused as to why a single player game has an energy system. I'm not getting anything up on anyone so why is it there?

Anton Kreivald

Good game It's a good game whit awesome story and quests, but it felt like too short and energy was pain in the b***.What I really like that you can upgrade health, increase energy and energy replenishing time.I like that you don't need crystals that much and you can use them to help whit gold, upgrade stuff and waiting items to be ready.

Aaron Gipe

Boo energy. Great game concept ruined by micro currency and energy.

Kimi Clark

Just wish it was longer

Димитрий Давыденко

Good game, but with major bugs Good gameplay, interesting quests, BUT, if you mine gem and go to workshop, before mined gem moves to workshop icon, this gem just disapeares, what brokes game balance and it's starts impossible to play. Also if battery eventually died or disconects when phone falls, strang things gose with game data. When I put battery on place I have found 500 energy in place of 112 i have had, that is more than my maximum 440, and I have lost every gem, metal, bone, etc from my workshop, what paralise my game. Will be 5

Madmam V

Fun but short I really enjoyed the game and didn't experience any glitches others seemed to have. But I finished it within 2 weeks, only thing I would consider spending real money on is the ability to play without adds. Energy refills fast enough even without upgrading. And if you strategize right you never have to worry about health. For me the point of replaying a game is to do better and seeing as I finished with 0 deaths and over 5000 gold still in my pocket and every thing explored and crafted I can't see how I could improve in any way to make a replay worth my time. Now if a reset also made the game harder I would have happily kept playing, especially if you got to keep your stat upgrades.

Jon D

Disappointing ending I Really liked this game. I even spent money on it(10 bucks) an I usually never pay for apps but even after I did I didn't feel as if the fun dwindled down like in other games where you buy upgrades. Sadly I can't recommend this game because *spoiler* there is no boss at the end. The whole game feels very cheap an as if they robbed you of the most anticipated moment because if you got that far you wouldn't have to buy anything. there's a level system an a basic but dynamic equip system but it don't matter..

Riddhi Patira

Love it But the only thing is energy takes a lot of time, I wish that it would happen quickly. And that we could buy gems by videos not by real money

Breyan Walton

The games good but On the 2 last island there is one short of mithril and i have been to every mine there and down please help me

Milan Todoreskov

Its OK The only problem is the energy, games like these shouldn't have that, it ruins the whole game. Get rid of the energy bar, and you just got 5 stars from me!

Sid Kanwal53

Fake offer You people said.. Share about the game then u will get 100 energy pack ...but it was fake must fix the slow filling energy bar problem there is no forage for time machine

Peter Abellon

Enjoyed a lot. Finished the game but I was not able to craft the aesian armor despite owning all materials needed. I have updated to its latest version yet nothing fixed.

Chua Hui

It's a lag or somthing When I play it a few days after that I can't break block or fight ??

Brett Edwards

Great free casual game Probably the best format of in-game purchases. About 20 minutes of gaming each day for free. Enough in-game currency trickle fed to allow a couple upgrades, and several instant-forges. Game was fun to play, and goofy to read. Certainly going to check out this dev's other games.

Nitzan Havoc

No Progress Save, DON'T DOWNLOAD! You log into Facebook and help the devs earn their wages, but they don't even bother backing up your progress in case you have to format your device (never happens to anyone, right?). Spend money and many hours playing and waiting, only to have to start over. I'm through with this sad excuse for a "gaming" studio

Max Schippe

Great, addicting game but,... You run out of energy fairly quick. You wait 6 hours to play for at most 10 mins if your efficient. You should add a daily reward system. Otherwise very addicting game with plenty of potiental to improve. Dont understand how people have health problems; you dont need to add regen, but it would help. Fix these things and it be one of the best game on the play store and 5 star

Caleb Peters

Energy is annoying The energy system is t needed at all, as the game has a good amount of content, and energy systems are really only for shallow games, other than that grew game, love it, I love the ascetics, the graphics & everything except nergy system.

Shannon Downey

I love this game I love this game so much. I'm on my second time playing it it's that good. I wish there were more worlds to go to cuz its so fun and I beat it in a few days. The only issue I'm having with this game is that the 3 videos you get to watch a day to get 30 free energy are only letting me watch 2. It says I have one more, but when I click watch it does nothing. Please add more worlds!!! You should also refill energy when you level up. I hate running out of energy so fast.

David Faulk

The waiting.... It takes so long for energy to recharge. One tap every thirty seconds is not going to work. Just trying to force people to pay for it. Nope, deleting what could have been a fun game.

Christian Skondric

Only one thing i have wrong with it (I CAPITAL THE IMPORTANT PARTS)I love the game idea so nice it was just what i was looking for mining crafting items fighting monsters good story (would like if its ENDLESS tho them it would be more perfect so maybe you can make that happen) now i was playing it for a long time. The thing wrong with it tho was the fact that you use energy it got me so disappointed because ENERGY is the thing that ruined the game for me i understand that you are trying to get money but it got the game a lot less fun. EDIT: also in the reviews i noticed that someone said that the progress does not save but to me it did.

Nobbie Kinz

So fun and addicting! I love it! It's so much fun and really enjoyable! There is only one problem: Energy drains out too quickly and you have to wait a long time for it to all replenish. Like seriously?! Every tap you lose a energy! That's kind of ridiculous! Please make this better and I'll put it five star☺

Sara Mendes

Fun This a fun and addictive game. Really i thought i would get bored of it really fast but it's fun. I like discovering new maps and mines and getting the feel of exploring. Also the energy/life we have is a reasonable rate. It doesn't feel too little and it doesn't feel too much. The story it's okay and the little comedic stones are cool. Definitely recommend.

damien liles

Meh Well despite your guy's greed 4 real money on here the game is way to short I beat it in a weak! So I suggest u guys make it way to easy the hardest thing was the mining part lmao overall this game sucks

April Lott

Fun but... Really wish there was an option to pay for unlimited energy or something, I hate having to wait cause the option to pay for gems than get energy is overpriced. But the game itself is really fun!!

brandon thomas

freezes and stops. the game looks like something i would be able to get in to quite easily. but it wants to freeze up and then unexpectedly stop and kick me out. please fix it and ill rate it 5 stars.

Brenda Gray

So far pretty fun. Just like any game, you let the time build up and play again.

Hunter K.

I loved it! I loved it and i just finished it. It is entertaining and you will love it. If you spend all the diamonds you earn on earning energy faster and you will be fine!

A Palmblad

Like it fun game but When i try to get free power from watching a video it wont let me watch it i click watch button and nothing happens but my galaxy 3 recognises ive pressed watch

Tom Blackbourn

Completed without buying anything It is a really good game with alot of downsides, av completed the game just need to uncover all the dark squares just think it's pointless, you only find energy, money and health, there's nothing to buy so Poitless, and health, theres nothing left to battle :/ Pointless also, either put different stuff to try find, and put somthing out there we can buy more weapons and axes and ores and especially more levels please then would be 5 star game

Deborah Smith

Mine quest this game is a joke it takes forever to get more energy Mine quest takes too long to regend needs faster regen needs more energy

Glenn Dobbs

Great Game Really enjoyed the game, good progression. Waiting for energy to refill took forever, thus only 4 stars.

Dipa Kapla

I just bought 10 diamonds and it automatically refilled all the energy and utilised all my purchase. I just wanted to use 5 diamonds. Why wud it complete an action without my initiation???

Netanel Zafrani

Could be a great game if energy wouldn't end that fast. Really nice game, remind me Steamworld Dig, though you need thousands of energy to complete a cave, so you have to wait some long hours for that. Really, you open the game and close after 10-15 minutes because no energy

Ella Peng

Nice little game Don't how but this just makes me keep playing. You don't need to spend money on this game. Even with several upgrades I had too many diamonds in the end.

Ahmed Mahmoud

This game is good but I HATE THE ENERGY BAR IT IS SUCH A BAD THING THAT I HATE. If you erased the energy bar I will rate it 5 stars.

Cyberknight Massao Kawata

No replayability I mean it, the game has literally no replayability, you cannot revisit mapped places, except for Moais and dungeons (what is useless anyway, because monsters and blocks don't repop), so, advancing is somewhat a predefined path. It's fun to unveil the game's story, but that's all. Playing is mechanical: clear all dungeons, map all territories, wait a lot to recover energy, then repeat... Also, besides energy, there's a life bar, which doesn't refill over time and dying penalty is some minutes on the bench.

Belinda Crawford

Great game.... except It takes WAY to long for the energy to recharge... I also think when you level up you should get full energy or at least 100 energy or at least SOMETHING even some coins.. you get nothing... would give 5 stars if not for these things.

Wakushka Cranston

Great addicting game I would gladly give 5 stars if there were daily quests that provided energy, or some other way to obtain a bit of energy. Gameplay is great, but unless you're willing to spend 20 diamonds ($2.50) to refill your energy each run, its a short played game. 5 minutes every 2 1/2 hours generally. Even with the upgrades maxed out.

Steve Smith

Now deleted as the ads wont let it load........Ad's at the start prevent game loading.rarely get to play but is a good game when it actually loads. Not willing to pay 79p to remove ad's. Emailed developer and no reply. Disappointed ?

Joanie Lagace

Energy = WAITING I hate that part, took one star out for that, and the upgrades? You should be able to buy them with money, another star taken away. I think that everytime you level up, the energy should come up too

Donavan Cox

Great game but... It has slot of potential but I feel like the energy is really holding me back.

Stuart Cross

My energy doesn't replenish I went to bed with no energy 8 hours later woke up with no energy so I can only use 90 energy per day

Isabelle François

Its a good game but I finished the game and i have nothing to do you should add a cave editor and quest when you finish the game so that the people dont uninstall the game

Helene Corbeau

Excellent Lovely story, fast enough game progression, good graphics, game text and explanations. Quite simple but gripping, only wish there were more stages to explore.

Goldie Lox

Is too good I mean i really love this game because...............I dont have any games left LOL

david e

Grr energy It takes way too long to get more energy. Also, no way to get free diamonds like in most other games.

lord deveuster

This game quite fun. But I already ended this game few months ago. Hope some updates coming

Trent Mullins

Nice! It is awesome just could you make it easier to get energy and please add regeneration other than that love it!!

Richard Allan

Brilliant Theres a simple time exploit you can do to recharge your energy set your clocks on your phone forward for 6 hours

Mark Woods

Mine quest Samsung galaxy tab s when it says share for 100 energy it doesn't give u energy but still shares please fix for 5 stars

Chase Graham

I liked it but I cheated I couldn't tolerate the energy bar so I removed it. After that, it was a blast. I was a little disappointed to find there was no completionist reward. If you have the saint-like patience to beat the game, don't bother going further. The end encourages you to find everything but personal satisfaction is all you'll get.

Thanwa Chatamleerat

BUG FIXED EVERYONE! Good job for the bug fixed now keep on working on mine quest 2

Catherine Trotter

Seems like a good game, but... It's not working. The tutorial worked fine, but right when the energy started being used, I couldn't click anything. Well, I could click on squares to find stuff, but it won't let me enter any mines or click on any menus. Please fix?

Renae Baker

Please make a 2nd game!!! This game is amazing!!! I just wish it was longer. Please make more of these games exactly like this one. It was super fun and I got everything! I just wish the energy recharged quicker or diamonds came about easier without buying them so that you could upgrade it but in saying that it was still a super fun game. I'm sad now that it is done.

Micah Manuntag

I am digging this! I actually finished the game and i am so happy. It was not too time consuming and since i work, i play in the morning and when i get back to it after work my energy is filled to the brim again. The price of the stuff in the store are also priced nicely. Didnt have any issues with the game! Awesome! I hope there is an expansion or sonething. This is a nice game!

Zech Cowles

It's great fun and addicting The game pulls me in fast but I quickly became aware health is an issue. Wasting all my earned coins on a potion one at a time just to heal me only 20 heart points. Its my only Focus in the game unfortunately, and a bad one.

Sadie Kirkpatrick

Doesn't save I was playing the game and went out. When I came back to play the game had 're started nd froze on me. Please fix this as I really enjoy playing this came nd all games mafe by tapps.

Gary Allen

Disappointment Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the game, its jus I finished it in 4 days. Plz let me kno if u ppl make a saga of this game... Thx

Sweatheart Mandy

Stopped working after recent update I played this game for a few months and loved it but, after the recent update I just stopped working. It won't go past the opening screen with the company logo and even stops working to the point that my phone pops up a message saying that I must close it.

nikki morris

Can only play 5 min at a time Why on Earth do u start out with so little energy? 400 clicks for a mining game is nothing. And when u spend 5 diamonds to upgrade energy capacity, it should fill it at least. This game is so close to being phenomenal for a free game but I wanna be able to play longe r than a couple mins at a time and can u guys make it so your health regenerates itself? If u have no coins or health u either pay or don't play

Shadow Horror

It's Great But... Ok. I really like this game. One of my favorites but... There is a problem. The energy fills up way too slow for how much energy is required and you don't hardly have enough energy to do anything at all. If this game didn't have an energy bar or the energy filled up really quickly so I could do stuff other than play for 5 min then have to wait for 7 hours to play for 5 minutes again I would give it a 5 star rating. Until then I'm only giving it a 3 star rating.

Charlene Jennings

Too short! This game is the best kind of mining game, but there needs to be more worlds/mines. It's much too short! Please add more content to this version (the new one has a different style that I don't like a much!)

Christopher Proia

Would be a good game Finished and cleared the second world, not leveled high enough to make the balloon to go to the third world. I've leveled to 8 a few times but it always puts me back at level 7 when I restart the game. Also starting the game doesn't work sometimes, gotta close it and reopen it several times. Would be a great game otherwise, good time killer

Darrel Narburgh

Dazza 666 Bloody good mate. But where is the rest. I would love to give it 5. Can't though.

Rachel Dean

I can't get my 100 energy for sharing on fb. Have shared multiple times keeps saying sorry can not post your message, but it has posted. Need my energy. Somebody help.

Eisha wasim

Blah When my energy drains out I click the share button to share this game on Facebook but there comes an error and I hate it either give more energy and gems or let me share it so I can play for a long time (not interested in sharing just wanna play).

Asmaa Warith

this game is frecking awesome I've been playing this game for 3 years and i did not have to install the app and i did not have any problems with the game

Carmen Ortiz

So much fun toooo short more levels please

LoVeMeNoT 82

10/10 Fun and super easy, when ur energy runs out just wait and then keep on playing. Explore, fight monster's and upgrade you tool, weapon and armour, I just love it!!!!!

Kayla Forster

Amazing game. Energy goes to quick Really love playing this game but think it would be better if the energy bar fills up every time you level up. Will give 5 stars if that starts happening

Anne-maree Patman

Loved it I loved this game and i would give a five stars if there was more levels and when more levels are added i will give five stars.

albair hanna

Help help help Where is the new update i finesh it all

Ivy Pickett

Wished it was a lot longer. Wanted to see more continents

Dillon Barrows

Energy Game is great except for 1 thing. Any game I've played that requires energy usually refills whenever you level up. I think that would push your ratings even higher.

karen hillary

Rip off ! Dont bother downloading as there are only 5 worlds and i have spent money on diamonds and now are sitting redundant and i cant use them as there is mothing else to do !!

Tracy Gilbeau

Bummed That's it??? Please make more worlds!!!

Silver Etchegaray

Great game! I had a blast. Very relaxing. Easy to play for a few minutes when I find time. Not buggy at all on my Nexus 7. Thanks!

Jason Rice

Good game. Just needs one improvement This game is really cool. The only problem I have is there aren't enough diamonds in the game to unlock all the upgrades,unless you buy them. If they fix this or add some kind of feature where you can earn diamonds for tasks (watching videos,etc.) then it would be a perfect game,or close to it.

Its okay It would be awesome if you didnt have to use energy

Golden 273

the game is really cool and the guy you play as remind me of the dad on Brave and you should add more characters


Amazing! The concept is amazing! It was perfect! Definitely getting the next installment.

Hearo Roro

Need other characters Great game but too bad there's only 1 character and it is a dude and lack of customization and kind of lacking in activities. Been playing this for nearly a month and now I'm bored?

Rafael surya

This game Is awesome man LOL

Lun Znk

extremely intrusive ads

Doug W

Sequel please Game was entertaining. I didn't mind the energy recovery rate. I invested all my upgrade points in energy recovery rate. Currently game is beat, all area s/caves explored. There isn't enough gems to fly upgrade, which is ok. Not enough leather in game to make all upgrades. I'm at one upgrade due to this. I need 15 more leather to complete second to last chest plate. I only did one in game. I didn't purchase anything with cash, only ingame currency. Have patience with the energy recovery guys. Ty.

Christian John

Dude This game would be awesome. My number 1. I would even spend money on it. But the waiting for your energy ruins it. Don't even bother downloading unless you only want to play every 3 days. Will rate 5 starts if you fix it. The waiting is a deal breaker.

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