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11 Jul
Mind Scanner

Posted by AppLabOK in Entertainment | July 11, 2011 | 65 Comments

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We have access to new developments of Pentagon. Unfortunately, we can not publish the full version, but what you see in this application you'll be amazed. Technology develops at such a rate that soon we will be able to hide nothing from the curiosity of others, even our thoughts.

AppLabOK part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 11, 2011. Google play rating is 66.355. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 657.0 KB.

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Ellen Norrington

OH MY G-O-S-H This thing is creepy first I thought it could hear us so I turned quiet then it still got it right so then I didn't touch anything but the next buttons and it still got it right! I tryed all types of things and explanatiobs but it kept getting it right! I am blown away! This is beond me completely! Try it and every time this thing or magic app will get your number/symbol right! CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME WIERD!

Meagan Smith

It didn't even take 5 minutes for it to get it wrong. It got it wrong 5 times. I'm not even kidding! How pathetic.

Purdence Chung

Sorry gotta change Awsome!!!!(and bad!!!)Awsome=at first it got all the answers right. Bad = at last all answers wrong wrong wrong!!!:-(:-(:-(

Ulysses Castillo

Crap.. I picked a calculator and I got me a tree I picked a heart and it gave me a phone. Don't waste ur time on this peice of S#£@!it's stupid

Bianca Filoni

Mind Trickery It was a very fun game to play after my mom and I realized every combination with equaled the same thing. However, my brothers were completely fooled until I told them. It is a fun game to play with friends. 5 stars fits it well. And to those who's symbol doesn't match- you are subtracting wrong.

Rashi Tandon

vry easy got the trick on subracting any no from its composite no the resulting no will be a nine's table hence ol divisible by nine are havng same symbols each tym n u feeel ur mind is bein read note dy jus show symbol not the no in answer

Arnab Sanyal

Maths trick There's a specific set of no.s that u can get as an answer, n they have the same symbol... That's all. Good execution though!

Alex Cruz

OMG THIS APP IS AWESOME Every Time I think of an image it gets it right you should make more apps like this

Solomon Christopher

Simple math You always get a multiples of 9 and you can find the same picture for multiples of 9 everytime u go.. But an awesome app to fool others..

Banti Agrawal

Amazing I can't believe how is it possible. It gets every no. Which iam thinking. Must have this aap

Fannar Sindrason

WTF ?!? This is f****** amazing :-) I have tried this 30 times and only 1 wrong... CREEPY AND MINDBLOWING

Chris Manzano

Great It works,even if you change the number you choose the answee on your mind reveal the symbol on it

rose charm

Amazing app, love it!! It is awesome,,,,, and realllllly creepy but it is easy to discovery the trick,,,and it is really worthy to be downloaded

Noah Messick

Holy cow Its amazing its always right idk how but science is im oproving I guess

A Google User

Excellent its true.. everytime you put numbers in your mind it automatically predict if whats inside in your mind

Drew Ferguson

Awesome I don't know how it worked it just kept getting my answers right.

Amel Sharon

Great Never wrong i just like it because i can play with my sister and is allways right??????????

kalia dalley

Awesome CREEPY it got it wrong the first time only and after that every time it got it right SERIOUSLY EVERYTIME

Erik Wideman

Weird Am I the only one who had to have it guess 5 times?it doesn't work and I thought It wasn't numbers!Bad app!!!!!

chris bradford

You are smart I figured it out in a matter of 1 minute but to even know what you knew is straight up genius lol. Keep up the good work.

murali krishna Adepu

I know the secret mean the trick behind it so iam not amazed but who dont no will definitely be shocked you can download this app

Poison Bullet

It works I keep choosing different symbols and it gets it right!!! :O


Crazy Haven't figured out how it does it yet but it does

Abby S

Bad Every time it came out with 45. I would rate it zero if I could. Dont get it.

Tony Johnson

awesome it still is obvious how it works for each number deleting both digits will have the same answer each time. example 48-4-8=36. 47-4-7=36 and so on but still really clever

Robert Nannery

Great It saw what I was thinking please tell me how it works

Christine Udtujan

Actually works It actually did get the right number in my head.

Claudia Noll

Rip off Any 2 digit number you pick will add up to 1 of 9 numbers and all those numbers are the same symbol its a trick

Julie Sanchez

So awesome gets it right all the time .I thought of a wrong answer but it still got it right u should download it


It really does reads our mind! AMAZING!

Fermin Davalos

Choosing 250,000 does not work

A Truthful Liar

fun love it to freak some one

Jermaine Jordan

Wow This is creepy a good app and it really reads mind

yasmine sadek

I am gonna teach u the trick Im gonna teach u the trick number 9 is important first look at number 9 add 9 and the pic will be the same even ur number will actully be added by 9 see its so easy

John Gibbs

It dose not work... I tryed it over and over it dose not work your wasting your time trying downloading this wears app?

Nevaeh Glantz

This is scary Omg how it know im a freak out like literly ahhhhh

Maha Ayman

Awesome My sister and i are creeped out we really think a ghost came into our house and helped the phone read our minds

Tomoki Nakamura

What in the actual F**k This shit is too creepy, way too creepy. I tried it more than 10 times without a single fail!!! I stopped trying simply because it is too weird. The app requires no special permissions which make it seem very legit, although this app is very simplified and limited to 2 digit numbers it still is perplexing. Who knows if we have been having our minds mostly read all along (though it might not work without math equation)

mac hamons

I don't get it I really don't get why its picking pictures, it showed me numbers I pick one, it doesn't get it right, then I almost smashed my phone e on the floor. PLEASE FIX FOR MEEEE

Yolo2003 Yolo2003

It's alright It's cool but sometimes it's wrong but sometimes it's correct 80 percent wrong and 20 percent correct -_-

Majed Sadek

Guys its easy u can do the trick Just use math plus I know the trick it is for example if nine was a star that means all the numbers that could only be the answer would be a star

Karissa Miller

FALSE You would think it would work but no it got it right the first time but the rest of the times it did not work so do not try this app

April Wolf

OMG It's so creepy it really reads your mind I would definitely recommend this app☺

Joseph Mckiney

TRY AGAIN Im his niece n every time i played it it wrong so.if u dowloaded dis app.n read my comment i speak of the truth n you wil be wasting your time n phone storage downloadin dis app n fa all the ppl da app ?boo for you

jordyn Johnson

Ugh... I really done like it because it does not think what I am really thinking and I don't like that you need to know what picture that you thought of when it can just think the number not the picture that is right next to it


The best Everytime I do it its always right I tapped different images to see if that would change it and it didn't I'm so amazed I want to know how the brain affects this app and the phone

Morgan Whitehead

Bs I tried it repeatedly and not once did it get it right. Also I had to change my number because I picked 18 originally because its said ANY 2 DIGIT NUMBER but the number choice do not include negatives so you should probably fix that.

Craig Turner

What? It only got my first 2 because I didn't know what I was doing and I pressed it before I pressed the right button, but everythinf after that was wrong

Robert Fellone

This works it got it wrong the first couple of times but then it worked it reads my mind

Naomi Thomas

So creepy! Love the app! It gets it right every single time, also i do the math in my head so it can't hear me lol. Very scary. I have no idea how it works....

glittergirl 123

You can fill people It's quite good but I can see the trick now. your answer if always a number in the 9 times table.....

Himanshu Gupta

Copycats U know what, they record it eye moments and then they tell u the ans. Try looking at another sign and see for yourself . they just made a fool out of you and you never realised it!!! In fact other games have also tried this. Too bad that their secret is out ;D

Joseph Mckiney

TRY AGAIN Im his niece n every time i played it it wrong so.if u dowloaded dis app.n read my comment i speak of the truth n you wil be wasting your time n phone storage downloadin dis app n fa all the ppl da app ?boo for you

Nabila Priandra

IT ALWAYS TRUE I dont understand!! This app shows me what I really think! I tried 3 times and the picture shows always TRUE. This is amazing.

Sarah Kamal

Thanks for trying hard Thanks for trying hard but its fake. Notice that in your every answer, the number can be divided by 9. And in every time you restart the game, every picture with number that can be divided by 9 are the same. Solution!!!

A Google User

Dell Fools us with the trick! But not bad to fool others!

Demi Lewis

Hate it So crap i tried several times and it was just wrong all the time and never got 1right its aspam dont get it?

Logan Nunley

This game stinks This game stinks it didn't read anything I was thinking of or my brother no one should use this idiotic app

Taylor Williams

Hate it U can already see the pic when u press the number so I think its a rip off

Kayla Ripple

Omg!! This is awesome. It has been right every time and idk how.

Mahayla Balckman

Omg My brother had the @ sign next to his number and it showed up :o

ChriSSy LyNN

Amazing So I can't believe it either. There has to be a "simple" solution, but tell me this, how do they know what number one chose? Great fun app

John Gibbs

It dose not work... I tryed it over and over it dose not work your wasting your time trying downloading this wears app?

Joanna Carrasco

IT DOESN'T WORK!!! I tried it. I got 13 the symbol was a little Iron wheel It gave me the "Mind Read" results it gave me this?or a music symbol like this the dumb number was 73!!!!! SOMEONE EXPLAIN!!!!!

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