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23 Jun
Mighty Crew: Millennium Legend

Posted by AminiLab in Action | June 23, 2016 | 72 Comments

Apk file size: 114.0 MB

Experience fascinating adventures in the harsh land of the Nordic peoples. Become a great warrior and save the last remaining city of men!

The power struggle between the Millennium Master and the Alchemist plunged the whole continent into war. Cosmolis, a deity from another dimension, fought bitterly against the Master. During the confrontation, a dangerous virus was released that turns people into blue-faced goblin-like creatures called “bluesnouts” These goblinoids started driving people out of the northern lands and are now planning an assault against the last bastion of humanity, the Western Megapolis. Only you can save the city!

The legendary bearded Viking warrior you control knows no fear. Under your guidance, he will vanquish hundreds of evil monsters, including goblins, golems, and other stone creatures. Discover Cosmolis’ insidious plan and face him in glorious combat for the fate of the whole world!

• More than 80 diverse levels
• An arena with hundreds of monsters and bloodthirsty bosses
• A fascinating storyline with superb graphics and sound
• Free boosts to upgrade your stats
• Lots of variations of skills and equipment
• A crafting system for rare items
• Quests with valuable rewards
• Entertaining dialog you’ll never want to skip.

Mighty Crew: Millennium Legend is a beautiful meld of action and RPG, of slasher and side-scroller.

Improve your skills and find new equipment and weapons for your hero.
As you complete more and more levels, your technoviking will learn new moves and attacks that you can put to good use in the Arena.

Fight in survival battles to win valuable prizes. You can also get rare items from chests or forge fine equipment at the Blacksmith.

Finally awakened after a thousand-year slumber, this berserker can masterfully wield any weapon, be it a massive sword or a long poleaxe. He fears neither magic nor monsters, neither beasts nor bosses. His quest – to put a stop to the lawless mayhem waged by barbarians, goblins, yetis, shamans, and other forces of evil!

Drive back the shadow of evil before it consumes Millennium. Save the continent!

Whats new

    - OK and Facebook login issue fixed
    - FPS and loading time major improvement

AminiLab part of our Action and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update June 23, 2016. Google play rating is 83.3837. Current verison is 1.0.53. Actual size 114.0 MB.

Download mighty-crew-millennium-legend.apk 114.0 MB


reueben king

Updates After the latest update I have lost all my progress , I have up till this point have enjoyed a mostly bug free experience please fix for five stars

Michael Skene

Updates Loving the game guys! The first time I found it a bit annoying, but now every time you guys update I seem to lose all my progress! Very disappointing.

Bik Dick

Very good game just some annoying buggs such as I cant access the inventory menu.

Ronald Platt

Work in progress I found a couple of bugs already. Won't let me access the equipment menu, and how do you exit the game properly?

michel fox

Its great so far Love it, I think its great cant wait to play with some of the other toons

Richard Langley

Great game So far I am rather enjoying it , keep improving it and i can see this game going a long way

Lia wan

SUCKSSSSSS Suck game It so laggy and until I accidently deleate .my gta 5 :(((((

Janes john

I guess Kinda slow with the download

Pavel Osminin

Great game! Very addictive. Highly recommend!!!

David Ocegueda

: ) It's a great game easy to play and pass time by

Slavomir Dzikovski

Game is a very huge donateware. It starts on auto so it get's like you watch the demo. Then you are requested to fill your rating Afterwards game switches to hardcore difficulty level and starts to ask for money for every worthless upgrade

Faisal a h

Lagg..glitches The game is good... But need a lot of improvement...keeps crashing...u kill the boss.. All creep die.. Leave one.. Due to which the level does not end...sad thing... Lost lot of scrolls , gold and weapons which I got in the loot... Plz chech this and plz redeem my scrolls...

Youssef Tarek

For new game its good I saw a lot of games this kind of RPG if it was longer and more to do like online battles it will be awesome

Jovie Tydus

Nice game This game is awesome i like the Way you fight and i dont really care about the story and stuff its just fun if there's an infinite stars rate i will rate it infinite stars

Vontrase Dunbar

Nice game. Love the game and graphics. Great story so far but the one big deal for me is lag. The more enemies on the the screen the worse it get to the point where stuff starts to just pop up.

Frank Leal

Good game, needs more spaces for the inventory but they give u the crystals

Brian Martinez

I love the RPG concept BUT... I know its still a fresh rpg game but need more stamina 8/8 stamina is not enough to enjoy the game may 20/20 and also more characters and equipments..

Jan Mahonri Aguinaldo

Nice This game is totally wicked its so cool I like it if I can only just put 50 stars I'll rate it 50 stars

Vitaly Tishkov

Really cool one! Very addictive.

Seto Robby Wibowo

Fun. Entertaining This game is full of fun. There is upgrade for armor.. the admis also very helpful.. special thanks for Stephan from admin

Chad Johnson

Fun Awesome fun exciting amazing fantastic incredible sexy cute extreme

Hernan Vazquez

The game is crashing all the time. Please fix it

hamed sleem

Where lvl 22 Max lvl 20?... There mission need lvl 22 to can enter.. New update coming? Or what

skye campbell

Fun The game is very fun but I wish there was more armor

Savely Shagabayev

Glitch What ever you do not install this game it douse not loude


Very fun rpg

cyah bujang

I loved it So awesome


Fun change of pace in mobile for me Very fun game.. I've not played anything exactly like it.. does have some minor play bugs like the daily reward screen popping up after everything. The friends system being difficult. I can't wait for addition of the 2 other clssses.

Steve Munoz

DO NOT get this game until they fix the bugs I started day 1 of release and loved it from the beginning. In fact, I stopped playing a couple of other games to spend more time playing Mighty Crew. Everything was going fine until a few days ago. I logged off 3 days ago, then when I logged into the game the next morning, my CP had dropped almost 20,000 points. For those new to the game, CP is the rating system for your character based off of your equipment and skills. Needless to say, this drastic plunge in my score made it impossible for me to continue

Courtenay Allen

Good fun Missions can be a little repetitive as you build up power, but it's cool. Lost my game and support copied my data across to a new save. That is top service!

dante agulari

It's cool. All new games have flaws, thats why devs need our input to inprove the game itself. Don't bash a new game if you have a clone,rooted. And your OS and ram have to be new enough and strong enough to run thase games. It IS a cool gavme, and the devs are putting out good updates. They are trying their best, but there are update timelines people. I am a video game tester, so i understand the issues at hand.

Summer LaRose

Too early - missing features They released this game before really finishing it. The fighting is fun and I don't mind that an auto fighting system exists since you can turn it off and take full manual control. The thing is the pictures here for the game say "Build a mighty crew!" and show three different characters. But once in game only the berserker is available to play, the rest are "coming soon" (whenever that may be). I got the game because it showed that I could play a female character, when in fact we can not create her yet and so I feel like my download was a big waste of time for now. I like the graphic style and the way stuff is presented like the arrows sticking out of you when you are hit and things, but I feel like the pictures misrepresent the point that the game is at and I have no desire to play the one single character that is available right now, so I'm docking the score it would have got otherwise.

Ilya Kalujny

Crazy fun! What's better than being miniture warriors going around unleashing destrution? Its really a blast and fun for everyone. I love the cartoon art style of it and the characters are great. Featuring all hand-drawn art , the game a must to at least download, just to have a look at the gorgeous graphics , after that you probably will fall in love with the game in general. Only one thing against this game: need real multiplayer.

paradox slaya

Won't start Keeps saying my Internet connection is not working when I have 4g all my other games run but this one . That's dumb I have a note 4 and can't play this

John Shotts

Fun, single hero game Has a neat comic book style. It is a true f2p game, but I plan on dropping some dough for some extras to support the devs. I like this game a lot.

ObliviOni aka Oni

I do like it .. But what's the deal with the blacksmith? Finally struggled to level 7, got to the second map with way more potions then should be necesarry.. The blacksmith is still locked. Although with the daily quest I was able to use it directly from quest shortcut until I upgraded 3 things and can't go back again. Is it supposed to be open or not? The game is ridiculously hard to have it locked so long

Michael Vallee

Great! Great game. Breathe of fresh air. Only issue I am having is that the daily reward screen keeps popping up.

Alvaro Garcia Martinez

Require constant connection Tablets are convenient mostly for travelling, it is quite unfortunate that the developers have decided to require constant network connection even though the user doesn't benefit from it. Quite unnecesary.

Savu Andrei

Could be better It's a nice game but the part where your henchmen have to be your friends is bad, what if none of my friends like this game ? I'm supposed to play the whole game with no henchmen? And I also can't exit the game unless I force close it, until these two issues are addressed my rating won't change.

Isabella Levick

Brilliant This rate is by my 6 year old. He says "Absolutely brilliant. I love it"

Damien Schreiber

Very very good game, very well done I am enjoying it a lot

Travis Bradley

It's a cool game. But waaaaaay too much grinding to advance.

Andrey Milosh

Interesting game Really great game. Maybe not very unusual but really Interesting.

Davie McEvoy

Just started playing, too early for five stars but if the game progresses as it has been doing so then I shall return to awarded the other two starts.???

Bianca Wilkinson

Great game, very fun. Good support too, very quick to respond. I'm keen to see how the game evolves.

Vladimir shumovych

Great game Wish it could be played offline. Play most phone games while on the subway to work.

Alex Herring

Too many permisions I'm not letting you have access to my contacts. Im not going to let you have access to call my contacts. Remove those obligitory requirements.

Krzysztof Siwczyński

Decent. Fun to play. Actually not very irritating when it comes to microtransactions. And I haven't noticed any ads for now. That is surely distinctive. The visual side of the game might be in a little different style. But I can put up with that. Recommend to check it out.

James Hutchinson

Was really enjoying this game until SD card broke and had to start again...get cloud save sorted. Uninstalling.

Michael Thompson

Fun game I have enjoyed playing it so far I like the option to either control my character or even just click on who I want to fight

Aleksandr Shatkus

The game doesn't start. Nvidia Shield tablet.

A Catanzaro

So far very promising Challenging and fun!

Richard Jones

Access Access to contacts - deny, access to make phone calls - deny, access to location - deny. Not even going to waste my time

Matthew Clapson

Please add google cloud saves

EU Xab

Good fun I have fun and play lots. Thanks

Brandon wEAVe


Bryce Pfingston

Awesome Awesome game :)

Joshua Rafael

Awesome game Over all, pretty fun game. Simple to control and a great time killer. I can dig it

Chris Hare

Pretty good Like the game all though wish i could use the other characters

Seth Jaques

This game is f**** awsome

Bruce Cummins

Can't read gibberish Unable to create an OK account because the language is set to one I don't understand. UPDATE: Newest update included add support but I still can't log on using the OK account setup. Seems the dev have their hearts in the wrong place...

NamiChanXO Kirby

One thing bad inventory Need to give us more inventory space to star off with :/ only bummer

Coach Dad

Good game but... Longer loading screens than fable 3, sometimes they even get stuck in which case you have to restart the game only to find you've lost your mission rewards and the stamina you spent on it. Also, I'm regularly promoted to claim a daily reward then never receive it. If you can deal with these couple of problems then I highly recommend it. I love the art style, the story, the combat and everything else!

Liam Bulled

So much fun Its so refreshing to find a game which isn't pay to play, could play this for hours :) 5 stars from me I fully recommend

Kyle Mills

More inventory space please!!! Pretty cool game but I have to adamantly agree with other comments regarding the gross lack of inventory space and having to pay to get more slots. You should either be able to get additional slots when leveling up or be able to find a bigger bag as a random loot item. Other that its pretty fun and a great way to kill some time.

Curtis Odell

Awesome Game I like the animation the most!!!

Matthew Clapson

Please add google cloud saves

Michael Fair

Fun Graphics are good

Davie McEvoy

Just started playing, too early for five stars but if the game progresses as it has been doing so then I shall return to awarded the other two starts.???

Brad W

REEEAAALLLYY NEED TO FIX THE LAG!!!!! Wooooow I wanna like this game but I find myself removing more and more stars! Phone is hot as hell and the levels are impossible to navigate due to lag after 5 minutes. The pansy archers teleport every time you get near them! Shaman boss enemies can spam healing spells on themselves so they're impossible to kill! Level I'm at recommends char rating of 5000. Mines 5886 and I can't beat it because the shaman is making himself virtually invincible! NEEDS A TON OF WORK!!!!


Love it These game almost look like chrono blade, but i liked it, can you update with some combo? Like light attack combine with heavy attack

John McHugh

No Google integration Play integration and cloud saves are a minimal requirement. Can only login with facebook. Seriously? That's a cheap tactic.

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