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14 Apr
Microcosmum: survival of cells

Posted by Alexander Byzov in Strategy | April 14, 2016 | 110 Comments

Apk file size: 31.0 MB

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Microcosmum - real-time strategy game with a relaxing atmosphere and original gameplay.

• 72 levels
• High-quality graphics
• The originality of the gameplay
• Original game setting
• Full freedom control
• Opportunity for strategic maneuvers

Join the wonderful and amazing world of microorganisms. Become part of a natural selection in the microcosm. Enjoy the atmospheric music and this beautiful world. Relaxing gameplay and the whole atmosphere will let you lose yourself in the game. The freedom of control will let you create a large amount of different strategic manoeuvres. Become the only winner in this battle for survival.

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The aim is to catch all your opponents. Improve your microorganisms to make them stronger. Attack and catch your opponents using parts of your microorganisms. Your way to victory lies through the circumspected strategy.

Whats new

    Fixed various bugs.

Alexander Byzov part of our Strategy and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 14, 2016. Google play rating is 80.3619. Current verison is 6.0.3. Actual size 31.0 MB.

Download microcosmum-survival-of-cells.apk 31.0 MB

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Buqqzz Mendez

Amazing Wonderfully thought out game and nice graphics!

Kyle Wunschel

"Demo" was left out of the title. I love these types of games! However, there is no upgrades or unlocks and a meer 7 stages, then wants a dollar to play more unchallenging stages... by definition it's a demo to what could be a good time killin app.

Chrisghost R

Very fun I really enjoy this game and I paid for the extra levels but I can't play them it's making me pay again can you fix that please really think this game is awesome good job just fix the money problem ok thanks

Wes Olds

Effects are great, game play is fantastic. Would only make the buttons in the menus a bit larger.

Troy Fergus

Can't maneuver Fun game but when you zoom you can't scroll the view around the field. Its amazing how a simple omission ruined such a great game. Hope you guys release an update that takes care of that.

John Shepherd

Definitely needs better tutorial. First round playing, one of my cells went out of total screen location somehow and the greens cell disappeared completely, yet was still spawning dots at its last visible location. Not a very good first gameplay impression. Played the next few levels but if that happened once it may happen again. Not gonna put more gameplay time in this one.

Kyle Rak'Zeroth

Pretty decent Not as good as auralux but I think with updates it could be better. The way you can move around adds a new element auralux just doesn't have.

Alex Hicks

This is a hidden gem Good game that not many people have found. But the creator is Russian and he doesn't bother to translated his replies before he sends them. It is impossible to copy and paste them after they are sent to be translated. He needs to translated his comments. And I mean this in the nicest way possible

Joshua Holden

Controls are really bad. The game really wants to be like auralux but it failed pretty badly. The controls don't work half the time, I try to send the armies places and they just don't listen to go to another cell you own. Also the upgrading didn't do anything and when having my armies try to take over the cell they started at it didn't go neutral just got so small I couldn't see it at all but it was still there producing armies. The game has major fixes it needs before I could play it again.

Peter Cardi

Bored with Auralux? Try this. This fun little game is very much like auralux in spirit, but with a few key differences that make play unique. You can move the cells (suns) around, but you have to actively defend yourself when they're attacked. You can upgrade each one several times, but... OK, I haven't figured out the rules for how big the cells can get. The design and controls seem a bit rough around the edges, but not too bad, and I suspect Microcosmum has a much smaller team. Overall, very good.

Becka Lyons

Fun but short Since there are so few levels (even after paying for the new levels) it would be amazing if there was a mode where we could play randomly generated levels too keep it interesting.

Erik Bonebrake

BEAUTIFUL FUN GAME - not enough levels. Played it. Loved it. Bought it. Beat it. Now it's over and I'm having trouble fighting back the tears. Zoom function could be reworked but doesn't hinder game play as is. Would like adjustable difficulty and maybe faster cells. Also you should make more levels or even better, make a level randomization option. No, seriously.. DO IT.

Michael Medeiros

Good, but needs some work... Similar to Auralux, send your antibodies to capture other cells, or upgrade your cell to make more antibodies. In level 5 the enemy cells disappear, I cannot conquer them though they keep spewing antibodies at my cells from the void. Cleared app data and this fixed the problem (at least I was only on level 5, no big loss). The last enemy cell disappeared in level 7, I sent all my antibodies to the void where enemy antibodies were appearing and finished the level. An enjoyable and challenging game with the occasional disappearing cell. The developer is responsive to feedback, thanks.

Пикантий Аутиций

To easy AI acts just like indifferent baby. None of levels even supposed to lose. Boring. Should add difficulty levels or smth.

Katherine McClintock

Not bad. Auralux is better, but this game is a runner up. This game isn't as relaxing and it doesn't have as soothing sound effects as Auralux. Moving around can be difficult. Needs a better tutorial, but once you figure it out its pretty good.

Mansour Saed

Fun and good concept, but horrid controls. If those are fixed, would up to 5 stars Fun and good concept, but horrid controls. If those are fixed, would up to 5 stars

Christopher Wicker

Fun...for a minute. The wonky controls and shrinking enemies(to the point of invisibility) make it turn very annoying. Starting levels over because of a glitch is no fun. Numerous levels do this. Then the fifth level from the end in the paid for bio walls is undoable. Enemies shrink away to nothing and can't be taken, so the level can't be finished. Awkwardly zooming and panning sees nothing. If this was your intention, great job on implementing a terrible idea. I want my money back.

Phil Hayward

No ability to pan the view Overall, the game is okay, but all you can do with the view is zoom in and out. Very slowly. It's hard to enjoy a game when you're annoyed by its display.

B Jones

Sorta Despite the clunky zoom and scroll its fun. Enemies sometimes disappear and can only be swarmed by following their spawn trail, annoying but not a game breaker. Sadly the difficulty is set for small children. Overall worth playing, but only because there aren't a lot of options for games like this yet.

Patrick Daoust

Great game It's a nice relaxing game and really adictive one as well. It has a good sense of evolution kinda thing and a steady paste war cells I like it got stuck on it for 2h straight till battery died lol

Troy Conrey-Pereira

I loved this game so much I bought the biowalls pack as well. I was completely surprised I could not download my biowalls purchase to more than one device and was horribly disappointed when it became necessary to reset my device and I lost access to the biowalls pack altogether. I wrote the developer and he sent back some russian gibberish. I wrote again and got no further response. This was one of my first in-app purchases. Is this normal for in-app purchases? I can't justify throwing away money like that so I won't be making any in app purchases again. I was ripped off. You should NOT buy the biowalls pack within Microcosmum unless you like throwing money away.

Vinceeey209 TheBRO

It has good gameplay and its a pretty calm game...great for relaxing...

Tyler Swan

Sucks. The app is glitches as my anti-bodies got to a bubble first and I had numbers but the enemy won. Idiotic creators. Teens can do better you "NOOBS".

Damien Heginbotham

Great game! Really enjoyable game, good fun and i like how the units will continue to upgrade cells til maximum size. But like some of the comments previous, the vanishing enemy cells and the inability to scroll can make it feel troublesome. The cells sometimes fall out of screen also.


Good concept, horrible bugs. I like the game mechanics and everything, but just fix the bug where you cell gets too small to attack. Its happend to an enemy while i was fighting and well i had to restart because i couldnt find them and my antibodys wouldnt attack them.

Tom Tänzer

Controls do not work at all. The zoom is impossibly slow... I imagine the game to be relaxing but it is stressing me out >.>

Brandon Siegel

Great game It's kinda like auralux. I love games like this. The controls are really annoying though and if you wait too long to attack the enemy cells, they shrink over time.. eventually smaller than a single pixel and then it's impossible to beat the level. Fix this and 5 stars!

gavin becker

Np dude this game is awesome yoou should add more factors like the red antibodies more stuff like that

Randy Taylor

Tell me why I had to pay twice for the add on to this game! I bought it the first time for my phone. Then my phone got reset and I had to pay for it a second time. What a [email protected] ripoff

Julie KS

Terrible, confusing controls Couldn't manage to remember the tedious controls enough to start the game.

Arden Houston-Kruger

Good but Very fun, i finished in about 2 hours, but it really got my mind off of things, I would recommend a better tutorial though. In all, a fun game

anthony chuks

Worse game ever didn't even know what I was doing

Raushan Kumar

Love it. Awesome game and Wonderful graphics with excellent concept.

David Chavez

Fun I've played a game very similar to this one don't remember what it's called though

face mcshooty

good but easy its a good game but its way to easy I finished the game without losing a single cell

Adam Eddy

So-so Great concept. I like being able to move the organisms. But the inability to scroll the camera, only being a looked to zoom in on the center, makes Auralux a much better game.

K Ba

I am pleased very pleased With all thats good in the game the controls are the only bit id complain about cuz its annoying at times but it's not a bad game...It's no Auroralux but it's not a bad game by any means

chad westbury

Great game But payed for add on now he wants me to repay for the add on

Ekkamon Rodchanawichit

Feel free to play.. It's does not good as i guess but it's ok.

Ryan Lozano

Good game, but slow Slow moving game, a lot like 'auralux' but still fun

James Pulaski

Terrible controls Some are saying how easy and fun this is...I used tutorial and that didn't help. Unplayable as is...too bad, it looked like fun.

Robert Mc Donald

Worth a try The mechanic seems pretty repetitive so far but it's very pretty. I wish I could adjust the view more.

Sarah Olson

Beautiful gameplay but.. As cells produce antibodies, they get smaller. Eventually the they are less than 1 pixel in size and seem to disappear but produce antibodies indefinitely. When this happens, you cannot select that cell. If it is your cell, you cannot move it. If it is an enemy then your antibodies cannot attack it and are just neutralized by the enemy's antibodies. This means once an enemy cell disappears you cannot win the round.

Ryan Kuczynski

Nice, but just too easy Overall a good game, but not challenging. Upgrade your original cell before taking over any new cells and you'll never have trouble beating any of the levels

Michael Corona

Great You should get rid of the cells getting small because once the enemy's cells are so little that it's impossible to take over it


Bugs and a letdown ending. Enemy cells turn so small they are invisible, creating antibodies out of nowhere. They are practically invincible. EDIT: only the last few levels of biowalls was any challenge. The shrink bug is constant on late levels making them unplayable. Biowalls has many levels but quantity didn't beat quality this time. Dev really needs to fix this game. Like this I don't recommend buying biowalls. Especially because the dev seems to have simply walked away.

Dominic Zigan-Voyles

Generic This game is just like 50 other games(probably more than 50). For some reason, ever since someone had a bright idea to create a real-time tower take-over game, everyone else wants to make the same thing but "with a twist". Neat concept, pathetic lack of originality. Examples? Starlight, tentacle wars, bacterial wars, star colonies, and obviously the game that started this all, can't remember the exact name but something like kingdom rush or clash of clans.

Breanna Gray

Controls are too ambiguous Fun game. A little slow-placed, but fun and with more depth than other similar games. My main gripe is the controls are kinda lacking. When I move an organism, it is hard to tell if it is doing what I want right away. Also, they float around too much.

Lisandro Romero

Doesn't work with my galaxy note edge The controls for this game don't work on my phone. Only game I've ever had any issues with. It does not zoom in correctly and it's unresponsive at times

Micah Mann

Great game. Almost as good as Eufloria. Would love some more levels. Might play the whole game over.

Ricky Twine

Wicked Shame there isn't a multiplayer over WiFi, good game otherwise!

Sher G

Very addictive game loved it. The only thing is I wish there were more levels. A big thanks to the makers of this game.

Lil Joker

Addicting To fun to not play but suck can't play multiplayer

Nishant Shandilya

Good concept.. Similar to auralux but with a twist.. Only problem i felt was screen transition.. That happens when touched at edges of screen.. Had it been like auralux, it would have been way better..


Great game! Nice interface and hours of game play.

Jamie Stokley

Very original! I even tried playing it on a small screen phone and it still worked pretty good. Good job!

Lars Caroe

This is one of my favorite fallbacks It has a calming effect give in to the fact that you aren't in control of everything all the time. Slow and persistent...gotta love this game!!

Shane Anderson

Almost meditative Fun game relaxing music. But the "pices" move really slow and the directions were a bit shaky. A tutorial would have been a better option.

Carlo Lowe

Intresting and fun Find this game fun and like how the cells move

Levicus101 Gaming

Wish it was less laggy Its either there's so many glowing dots or its my tablet ._.

Paulo Peixoto

PvE controls could be better Pve controls are a bit slow

trent humphrey

Five stars all the way Best strategy game ever. Good idea about the ability to move your cell bases.

Dan Spotz

Weird title Awesome game

Jesse Manning

Not bad. Easy to control. Easy to understand. Clever design. Beautiful game. Easy to master.

Daniel Hughes

Blatant rip off with many errors


Dope This is a pretty fun game

Austin Locklear

Bugs My cell just keeps getting smaller even when I try to feed it it gets small enough to where I can't see our touch it any more but it kept putting out dots tho


Needs AI Could be a good game but the lack of any AI kills it. Enemies float around and never attack, they literally just bounce around with their motes doing nothing. A shame because it looks and sounds great and is just about different enough to make it not an Auralux clone. Without the AI though it just feels pointless.

Travis Stinnett

cute neat little time-waster. not extremely difficult, killing replay value, but it's fine for what it is: free entertainment. some levels are more unique/memorable than others. i'd suggest giving it a try, just don't be too heartbroken when (not IF) you grow bored of it. it's rendered fairly beautifully, but controls (especially for the camera) can be frustrating.

Waguar Wolf

All in all, the best This game is so relaxing, and the graphics are beautiful. However, some of the controls are a little iffy, like how to move the camera.All in all, though, this game is just the best.

Steve Russell

Out of control on Droid Maxx I give one star for a basically good game and one for np required internet connection. But the controls are horrible a phone screen!!! 9 out of 10 times I can not select a cell to moved it or upgrade it. To send my antibodies I have to double tab but single tab as described. And why in the hell can I not move the map by just swiping over the screen??? ... Which is essential because playing without zooming in is impossible because everything is way too small. I uninstall and try it on my tablet.

Octavio Villa

Does not work on my note 5. I re installed it many times and will not work. Please help

Adnan Halepovic

Very nice. Bit slow but very good game. One of the best cell wars game.

Aquiel Holmes

Very addictive and very fun and time consuming

Jem Mann

Great bit repetitive Good game rather repetitive

AaronandLila Etal

Controls didn't work It just seemed to lock up and not work. I never made it out of the tutorial.

Gavin Flanigan

Challenging With you could include a way to determine how much life the cell has

Gaurab Das

Great game I liked the game alot..but if there was more of the level s would be the graphics great game

Evan Mei

I like Auralux better but this is ok too

Andrew Soukup

Love this game. Lots of relaxing fun. Only reason no 5 stars is its a little to dark.

Tom Welliver

Decent game Good graphics....not great or awesome, but good...

Crazi_A MC

You messed up You haven't fixed the name, which is my only objection. Makes you look pretty unintelligent.

Jordan Ritz

Like this sort of game Not super original, but well made

Bryan Ellis

Fun Lots of free games no bugs

koda lewis

I really wish I could give it 0 stars.

Amber Risser

Fun and simple Fun and simple game where you basically order your dots around like troops to attack, defend, and colonize different areas.

Ezra van Dort

Very nice, good swarms. Controls can be a bit unclear

Conor Hussey

Terrible iteration of something that has been done before

josh kugler

No bad It's a little hard to keep them where you want them and you can only zoom into the middle so if i'm not in or close to the center i have a hard time with the controls when everything is so small. On the other hand it is nice to move about the board instead of being fixed to one position.

Aaron Hazard

Pending Amended Devs offered a refund but I decided they earned it. Good time killer game. ❕4/11/16:➡PENDING CONFLICT RESOLUTION.... THIS DEVELOPER IS WORKING WITH ME TO RESOLVE ISSUES WITH PAID VERSION.

Hugh Heggen

Tentacle wars is better This game is ok but it's hard to see what's happening on a small screen and the game feels slow to respond. Contrast this with tentacle wars which is clearer, faster and simpler because of its linking mechanic while srill having the save level of game play.

Harrison H

Relaxing game The fact that the AI are pretty stupid makes for a relaxing game. Not very challenging, but it looks like he has an upgrade for those players that want that.

Chris Hall

Repetitive First few levels were okay but there was never any increase in the difficulty as I continued on. Half way through the game and the enemy AI isn't any different or more challenging...

Ben Davis

Controls barely work Can't pan the screen. Zoom is slow and clunky. No feedback when things are selected.

Really nice!☆ I like this a lot, only complaints are the zoom/camera movements are not as convenient as they could be. But I couldn't put it down, beat in under 2 days, therefore I would Love to see more levels!♡

dj starr

Great game. Fun and easy to lose track of time. However, it would be nice if there was a less repetitive background music track. Otherwise no complaints as far as gameplay goes.

Daniel Perricone III

Good game If the cells didn't just bump around randomly and the controls were a little more responsive then definitely a 5 star game, otherwise it earns easily 4, if you like swarm strategy games then give this one a try!

Zoltan Szmolka

Needs work This game morphs my 2 favourites, auralux and Osmos HD together into one amazing game, however the camera controls are unrefined, and the controls can be unresponsinve. Sort that out and it is a 5!

jamie cook

clearly a rip off of auralux not as well executed though and i dont find the touch screen controls very good

Robert Bolton

Confusing Controls After having already playing this on PC, I find the phone version practically unusable. The touch controls are barely working.

Jordan Jones

Great strategy game Love the slowly increasing strategy. Choose if you wish to multiple first or evolve first to defeat the other cells

andres roybal

Great Game, Small Improvements Needed Great Game so far, I would give 5 stars, but selecting your organism to move it has no way of showing that I've selected it, unless it's really really subtle. Lots of fun so far though

Puett Willcox

Mechanics Love games like it, enjoy that the orbs move, if the mechanics actually worked I would love it but you must tap several times to command troops/orbs.

Nicholas Poon-King

My biggest complaint is that the game allows one computer unit to go so far out of camera you cant reach it is so far out of frame

Missionary Avenger27581

Awesome Took a while but once you figure out the jey is moving the cells this game rocks! Great graphics and it beats all other planet based sazndbix game of this type.

Ezion Dee

Ehhhh. Major glitch where enemies drift off screen where you can never get to them meaning you have start over.

James Bond

For what it's worth I'd give it a 4.5 for a full-scale total domination all out war game. Beats most.

Stephen Kohnle

Awesome but no sandbox I love the game but you can't create levels or use some sort of sandbox otherwise it's awesome

Mike Embleton

The perfect game Such a good game !!!!I accidentally spent all day playing this and planning to play all night!!!! Plz plz plz keep making this type of game as it's awesome.

Jorge Acrisio

Hard to control the spores and dots. You can't move the range of vision just zoom right in the middle. Really frustrating!!!

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