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18 Aug
Mic To Speaker

Posted by ad960009 in Media & Video | Aug. 18, 2010 | 70 Comments

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Mic stream to default out stream(Speaker or lineout)

Tested: galaxy s, desire, motoroi

Don't install Nexus One, Droid...

ad960009 part of our Media & Video and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Aug. 18, 2010. Google play rating is 66.7005. Current verison is 1.2. Actual size 89.0 KB.

Download mic-to-speaker.apk 89.0 KB


dion ho

Good and simple 1) As at now, this app doesn't require any other permission than what it needs - the microphone. 2) connect to Bluetooth speaker, do some adjustment to the speaker volume and some covering of the phone mic with our hands to bring down echo, the sound can be very loud and clear. 3) a short delay is definitely expected in all such apps.

A Google User

Works on Epic 4G Touch, but ... latency could be an issue if you plan on using the speaker output to monitor the sound. The output is delayed by about 1/4 second in my tests. Also, had to restart the app to get it to work the first time. The mic automatically shuts off when the phone's "screen timeout" setting shuts the phone down. These are probably all limitations of the phone/OS, and not related to what the Developer has done.

ליאור נוימן

Great ,simply works, no hassle. I wish there was a way to lower the delay(guessing a smaller buffer size ?) otherwise it's great.

A Google User

Good app. Does what it says. Will be nicer if able to turn screen off. Good app. Does what it says. Will be nicer if able to turn screen off.

Jaseel Mon

Noyt good for samsung s duos Its not good,bcoz its have automatically paused in s duos

A Google User

It works It really works. I paired my phone with a bluetooth logitech reciever, which it connected to my speaker. One thing that dissapoint me... it gives me too much delay.

A Google User

Great I would love a record button, a sine wave and a delay set tool to let us pick from higher processing or more delay. But it's awesome for what it does.

A Google User

Good app helped me fix my headset. The feedback was a little much. Is there a way to route just the microphone to the headphones once?

Abdelrahman Magdy

It's ok Does what I want, except mic stops every time screen switches off, voice isn't loud..

Shehu Adamu

Mic to speaker app Beautiful app i love it very much. You have done a great job men. Please keep it up!!!. Thank you very much. I appreciate.

Rem Whale

I've got a portable microphone! Now to become a speaker... Or Karaoke! Now we can sing happy birthday! Wow! Edit: My friends didn't like it because of the stall, (large buffer?), and decided not to use it...



A Google User

Got my requirement Very nice app I was searching for this from long I will use this in my car for announcements...

Heri Prasetya

Nice Its working!! Thanks very much, i don't need to buy the big one

LASER tech

Cool Dose what I want it to do, stress free if u can do it old fashion. Be nice if the app stayed on as I leave it or turn off the screen, other then that dose what I want it to do thanks

Christian Pungtilan

The 'best' mic app I found yet. But noticeable delay of sound output on my blue tooth speakers. Feedbacks are bearable. This app is useful when fixing tv antenna reception at the roof. :O

A Google User

My phone can be a mic Nice! Just put my speaker's jack and my droid become a mic..

A Google User

Works well - I can listen to people through a door. However needs to be updated to remove hiss. (Evo)

Robert Duffy

Work sometimes Using with Samsung Galaxy 6.3. Works sometimes and too much echo and delay. Hsrd to speak with 1 sec delays.

Shubhankar Kalele

good but not great it does what it says. which is exactly what i wanted it to do...but there is a lag. this latency is causing me issues. i think its cos of the amp built in to the app

Smriti Kumari

Can't listen Very poor app only pupipuooooo sounds are giving out in high volume. I am sure it will blow out my speaker.

A Google User

hmm... to hell with the feedback !!! its obvious to happen !!! but the app is simple and does what it says...good to use as a mic on video calls ...would be better if it worked in background...

Metus Chael

It's good, but i don't like the echo, it makes too much noise after every word I said. Try to fix that, then i'm gonna give it 5 stars.

Yasmin Sikdar

Thank you very much Highly appreciated,can you please add an app like this for blackberry,and sooner and please let us know.many thanks

A Google User

Monte carlo Gona be used for scout trips. Brilliant, couldnt have made it any simpler, voice changer next?

De Ad

Why can't I add to wish list cause cell ran out of memory.

Antia Ozuna

I don't know but works

A Google User

Worked perfectly on Droid Incredible, but if you don't use headphones or some type of audio output it will echo and make loud noises.

A Google User

It works great! Anyone who knows anything about audio knows to use a seperate audio output to avoid feedback. The mic and speaker are right next to eachother on the phone. Suggestion: I would like it if the app kept working when turning off the screen or leaving the app. Like most apps that use audio.

A Google User

Really does sound just like feedback and doesn't work well at all. Itneeds alot of adjustment.

Nina Wolf

Cept on making high piched sound but it works really well with earbuds

Puff Candy

Good But i dont wat the mute sound pls fix that

Travis Bender

My voice changed All i did was put my voice berry white. My voice changed.

Lina Ayman

Good It's good but there's delay in the sound plzz work as hard as you can fixing this problem and it will be very good you can also put some features like echo and the features that are in the real mic if you can do this it will be awsome ....thnks

A Google User

Good app!! My nexus s can use microphone!!

A Google User

colors X factor brilliant app for my mobile...

vijay kongi

Simply great... Super applucation.... Works on my s2

edward patch

It is ok... It just echos a lot! And it doesnt buffer as fast!

Saif ­

nice, but will be great if no delay between audio in (mic) to audio out (speaker). and still active in background or when screen is off.

Brandon Buchanan

I wish it could keep the phone on so u could use it for a long time

Christopher Dollard

Does not work This app dutifully outputs the microphone to both line out AND the external speaker simultaneously, causing horrible feedback that I can't turn off.


fantastic very good app i really like it

Mark Pupilli

Exactly as Described How refreshing that this app does exactly what it says and only asks for mic access, rather than being full of ads and requesting unnecessary permissions.

Kristin Strickland

Exactly what I wanted and simple to use Speak in your phone mic, hear it through your Bluetooth speaker. A digital megaphone -- just what I was looking for. Slight sound delay, but that's to be expected.

Rifki Fauzi

it works !!! seems it work only internal mic only.. I try to use a 3.5 mic input. it didn't work.. anyway.. great app !

Lucas Bakker

Why so much latency?? After searching for quite a while, I finally found this application. Finally a wired one, the reason I wanted one that uses the device's aux output is to reduce latency and be able to run without any server program on pc. But why has this app almost the same latency as a wireless one? This app has great potential, but really needs further development.

Matt C.

Works great! Please add feature to remember last volume setting.

Gaurav Gupta

Realy good app Very minimum delay, does exactly what it says

Kz Shaheen

Awesome Can u add eco...& some equalizer... dj type. Thanks.

janardhan elumalai

It worked This app works very well.It also consumes a very little space.I liked it!

Srimayi Laddagiri

So much reverb. It sucks because the reverb is so much when you speak or sing into the mic, it sounds pathetic.

Bengt Grønås

Nlt so perfect Extreme delay and latency. Awful sound Quality

Ryan & Kristie

Didn't work well at all. I like that it didn't need extra permissions but it echoed terribly (yes with headphones) and no other functionality.

Scott Brown

Works Does what it says on the tin. About a half second delay, but I'm assuming that is an Android sound server issue. I'm guessing it is the same issue that prevents us from having good sound mixing/recording as found on the iPhone.

Ansuman Mahapatra

App is nice but it takes the output of spear as input and hence output is a echo.

brenton strine

Works with Bluetooth All the other apps I tries would not output sound to a Bluetooth speaker that my phone is connected to. I guess thus app just outputs to whatever audio output is default, which makes it work when I'm connected to Bluetooth. I can now turn this app on when I'm across the house and connect to the Bluetooth speaker in the kitchen and scare the wits out of my wife. :-) I'll be honest, that's the only reason I downloaded the app.

Nathan Purcella

Decent but small set of features. Tested on a Galaxy Note I, running kit Kat. It works as advertised to allow me to use my headphone microphone to play through my headphones and give me a little more awareness of what's going on around me. I wish I could run it in the background so I didn't have to have the app open or the screen on to have it continue working.

Abeera Gul

Its amazing but delays the vocals My voice is not matching with the voice of the speaker so please its a dear request please fix it else its perfect. Actually i get confused whrn the voice is 2 second late

A Google User

There is a small lag & the speaker reverbs because the mic picks up the sound, but this app works well, even via my bluetooth speaker. Awesome...!

Kent Barker

Worked first try Great app. It Does have a slight delay but once I adjusted the volume it was fine. I use it with my blue tooth portable speakers and it is great for a mic and large groups. Thanks.

Sreenikethan Iyer

Works on Galaxy Note 3 This is very good app. I used it as a converter from my TV to the headset. Update the description saying tested on Galaxy Note 3.

Victor mendoza

Works as advertised Pretty sweet especially if it is a loud speaker. A little lag but works none the less

David Casanova

Pretty cool straight app Kool thing just roaming on my day off to mess with ppl

A Google User

Droid Razr Has potential for plugging phone in and using it as a mic but still needs some improvement work

Emma Davis

Its ok but.. It would be nicer if it didnt make that vibrating noise ; not because its annonying but that i cant hear myself talk . But overall , its an ok microphone, it wouldnt be the best one to use and I wouldnt recommemd it , sorry but only 2 stars

HTC Sounds promising, if it had delay adjustment and work on background when screen off it would be a 5 star. Nice delay

A Google User

Working on xperia neo v Excellent, very useful in public occasion or any other way. B-)

Jerome Fernando

Theres a delay. Theres a noticeabl delay..fix it i will give u 5

Roman Valls

Works great except the ~500ms delay between talking and hearing it through the loudspeaker. Not the app fault though, most probably it's the overhead in the Android audio stack itself.

Gokul Das Gokul Das.k

Echo is a huge trouble I would have givem 5stars if the app provides with controlling echo system feature

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