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25 May

Posted by Metro Trains in Travel & Local | May 25, 2016 | 131 Comments

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Get on board with the latest update of Metro’s app – Metro Notify 2.1. Download now to receive live updates pushed to your device directly from Metro’s train control centre.

The app allows you to personalise Metro’s live service updates to receive the information you want at the times that you need it.

Some of the features include:

‘My Trips’ allows you set up your stations as well as lines so you can receive the next four timetabled services from your chosen stations and will show alerts for your chosen lines

A ‘Morning Update’ which assures you that your selected line/s is running a ‘good service’

An ‘Info’ section with more room for better travel advice and special event information, complete with badge icons when content is updated

Please note that the next four timetabled departures will only be provided when line status is listed as good service. If you are travelling from a station that has multiple lines running though it make sure to select all relevant lines to ensure you get all the timetabled services running through your station.

The push notifications are defined by the following travel categories which advise on the best action for you to take:

Good Service – trains are currently running on time to five minutes.

Minor delays – journey time may be increased with trains experiencing delays between five to 15 minutes; however stay with your planned travel.

Major delays – significantly longer journey times expected with trains delayed by over 15 minutes. Consider alternative transport where possible while we work to fix the problem.

Suspended – a section of the line has been suspended due to an unplanned disruption. Replacement buses will be used where possible, but alternative modes of transport should also be considered.

Whats new

    MetroNotify 2.1 is here! We’ve heard your feedback through our recent survey and will implement what you want to see, starting with the next four timetabled departures between your chosen stations.
    As always, the app allows you to personalise Metro’s live service updates to receive the information you want at the times that you need it. Now, when your line is running to a ‘good service’ we will provide with the next four timetabled departures between your chosen stations.

Metro Trains part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update May 25, 2016. Google play rating is 55.1117. Current verison is 2.1.2. Actual size 1.2 MB.

Download metronotify.apk 1.2 MB


van vuong

Kind of misleading. One min it will say there's delays then all good again another min. Once I got to the station there was a delay of 7min after the expected time. Should put timers on like tram tracker to give a more detailed time of when the train is coming or if it's late.

Lucy Mayne

Need a silent running update rather than notifications I travel a lot, but don't have regular travel times. i want to be able to easily check for delays, without being noisily alerted to delays when I'm sleeping or otherwise not interested.

Dale Osborne

Useful I love how it shows updated station times for the entire line when a train is delayed however would it kill to have a built in actual timetable feature with notifications for trains leaving. (maybe location based notification like some of the other apps so it tells me next train in 5 min when I'm near station for example) Otherwise, very handy to still know when my train is delayed.

mark midgley

Useless Most of the notifications come to late and never lets me know the useful delays of 5 to 10 minutes. Not worth using.

Rhys Shobbrook

Junk Notifications Even if you have no notifications configured you will still be sent noisy advertisements, repeatedly. By all means have an ad appear silently somewhere in the app but don't keep interrupting me to keep telling me something I'm not interested in. Remember the boy who cried wolf, and don't breach the trust of your customers.

Brodie Daff

Can't turn off notifications, so useless because it'll constantly buzz when I'm trying to sleep

Chris Wright

Wow, HUGE improvement since the update I previously gave this 1 star, the app was terrible, the biggest issue was the fact that the cancellation messages only gave the time the train left it's starting point, so if you were half way up the line, it wasn't much help. Now however, when you click through on the message, it shows the timetable for the affected service, the time it would reach each station PLUS the times for the following service, so much more useful. Much clearer messaging makes it more useful. I'll be paying a bit more attention to the app now, and maybe using it proactively more often. Keep up with the good work. I'll comment again once I've used it for a while longer to see if my other gripes have been addresses.

Phillip Tyson

Am I doing it wrong? The app is fine, if not a bit simplistic. And perhaps I'm just not using it correctly, but I'll often see a notification (sometimes a handful of them) in my notification drawer. Clicking on the notification opens the app to the "My Alerts" page which invariably only tells me that my line is experiencing "Good service". Should there be a page of recent text alerts somewhere? Or the notification be expandable?

Daniel Zarb

Useless Notifications come too late and don't contain any useful information. All I want to know is when the next train will arrive at my station, not just generic delays and a timetable that you never adhere to anyway.

Sar Ric

Useless What good is this app when it. doesn't tell you the train is running late, leaving you waiting 20 mins in wet clothes, then another 20mins because the connection wasn't running late so you've missed it

Eric Vadarlis

Only tells you if yhe line is between 1 anx 5 minutes late. And thats good. Well im standing here waiting.....

Sarah Lee

No, we're on time! Honest! Its useful sometimes, but it doesnt notify me when the train is making an unscheduled not stop at my station to make it on time further down the line. I'd like the app to at least tell me if the train isn't going to be there, but not skipping my stop would be even better.

Mike Bawlz

Was useless, now its annoying! There's been a noticeable improvement in the app, however now I wake up every day to 30 metro notifications all stacked up. Needs notification grouping or expiration. I dont care about the 12 alerts to do with a single delay at 6:30am when I was asleep - clear the expired ones and group the related ones!!! AND IT WOULD BE NICE TO RECEIVE A NOTIFICATION THAT YOU'RE SKIPPING THE LOOP DUE TO "late running" TO AVOID YOUR COMPLIANCE FINES. Its not "on time" if you skip the major stations to be "on time". A55HATS

Greg Chaplin

Don't bother Update Feb 2015: still rubbish, nothing has been fixed. Typical poor effort by Metro. App is clunky, notifications often late, and often has disappeared when you try to view it.

Luke Harris

So I was like.. All these idiots complaining about the notifications. What do you expect, it's called Metro Notify. Then I downloaded it. Starting at 6am, you want to tell me about every train that is delayed, even though I only take one train each morning. I don't see how hard it would be to just build something into the app that lets you specify the time, and direction of, services you want to be notified about. Come on guys!

Aaron Gleisner

Useless I've been waiting for 40 minutes for a train. Apparently there are faulty trains at Flinders St but you didn't send any alerts. Useless!

Rodd Clarkson

Put transport data into Google Maps I won't use this app. I use Google maps to plan trips. But Victoria is THE only state that doesn't have public transport data in Google maps. What a backwater!

Daniel Lawrence

Only works on WiFi ? I'm not sure why, but I'm only getting notifications when connected to WiFi (ie: no notifications when on 3g)

Myles Howison

Hopeless App As I travel before 6 am it does not show service updates until after I get to work!!! Do not install this app if you are required to travel before 6am it is a wast of time!!

Rod B

Not quite there yet Alerts come, such as the one just now for V-Line tickets to the airshow, I see a truncated version in the notification bar, open it and there is no way to see the actual notification in the app as it is not related to any particular line. In my case I see that the Werribee line is running to five minutes. Yeah, great - now what was that about taking V-Line to the airshow?

Daniel W

Good starting point It's a great concept for providing 'real time' information for train services to daily train commuters. The user needs to be able to select a train line AND stipulate the time frame they receive notifications. (I.e. A workflow of selecting Line Service, then 'days', 'start time' and 'end time which creates an 'alert'. Multiple alerts should be able to be created for each line service) There also needs to be settings on the push notification itself. (In banner, vibrate, sound)

Nicholas John Karamanos

Rubbish Sick app, Metro. Install it today, looks good, set it all up, then don't receive one notification about the one train line I'm subscribed to being delayed for 20 minutes each way.

Shannon Furness

One job. Would be a useful app if it actually reflected the state of the lines

Gary Hartmann

App is good, it just never seems to be updated with train changes cancelations Whenever I get to my station and I'm told my train is canceled. I check Metro notify. Just tells me good service on my line. App is only as good as the people sending out the updates. Like most Metro updates / announcements, they are hopeless. Be nice to know ahead of time. Isn't that the point of this thing.

Arne Brants

Useless My line got suspended but the app didn't notify anything. Triple checked my settings they're all good app must have bugs

Trevor Price

Much improved Ok credit where it's due. The new version has a much slicker ux and you have listened to feedback about being able to see all messages not just the most recent. Station by station impacts is nice. Well done

Jarryd Judd

No notifications Not sure why I've got this installed, my previous phone - a Samsung S3 was able to push notifications easily. Current device - this is a dormant application which only wakes up when I open it. Not much use bar to copy the tardy messages into social media on how my services is delayed, again.

Hayden Jones

Very average Very little ability to customise alert timings and, in most cases, it seems that Metro couldn't care less about notifying passengers of delays. They should check out Yarra Trams' app and learn a thing or two.

Shane O'Brien

Improved but results not guaranteed When there are disruptions, being advised of them through this app is not guaranteed, just as 'good service' isn't either.

Angelene Hayter

Upgrade Disaster I previously installed this app and finding the notifications were driving me crazy (especially when my phone constantly went off when I sleeping!) I deactivated them. Since this morning I've been receiving notifications that I can't seem to silence. I spoke to a guy at the PTV call centre who was unable to help me because he didn't know how. His suggestion to uninstall and reinstall the app seemed reasonable. However having done so and NOT selected any lines I'm still getting notifications. Not Happy!

Vernon Lotson

Metronotify I know that later on this app will be very useful.

sammi Bulmer

Notification insanity. I NEVER travel before 7am, so I thought I set it right. Alas, No. Apparently I need to know about trains at 5.30am travelling in the opposite direction. The notifications are driving me MAD! Get it right, Please. It could be very helpful. But the way it is now, I'm considering deleting it. you need to add a suspend option. We are on holiday and dont care what delays there are.

Nicole Taylor

Uninstalling! What rubbish. Annoying and useless.

Matthew Kairys

Updates regarding disruptions to train lines is often delayed. The Metro website is a more reliable resource for updates.

Ed Walton

Limited usefulness Doesn't pick up all delays, service changes. Limited alert function. For example you cannot set it to notify for specific services only rather alerts are for the whole line. Suggest TrainTrapper is a far superior App for Melbourne's trains.

Mark Richter

Partly useful Hate how you have to tap several times just to read the notification.

Clayborne Dango

Thanks Standing at the train station now hearing over the speaker that the train has been delayed. Thanks for this useful and effective app

Ticey Spicey

Incorrect information Was late to work 8.45 sandringham train late then changed to express not on the app. Also 9am delayed no notification whats the point of this app again?

Damien A

Needs the option to change the notification I am a shift worker, I appreciate the notifications, but I'd love to be able to remove the sound and vibration because they wake me up on my days off

Tigere Machonisa

Great planning tool Gives me a heads up on problems upfront so I can plan my way around them. Good effort.

Sarah Chambers

Terrible! I get notifications after the train has already left. For example, it's 4.15 and I get a notification that the 3.50 train has been altered. How does that help me, when that train has already been and gone.

Matthew Weller

Average app Most of the time notifications come through far too late to be any benefit, eg sending me an alert that my train will not run 30 minutes afters its normal departure time is pointless, i already its not running as I'm on the next one

Bron Gondwana

Notification teasers that aren't there When something is happening at a station I get a system notification which only shows the first few words. Clicking the notification opens the app which only says good service on my line. What a poorly designed interface. Have had no useful info out of it in over 6 months, even when I was standing on the platform being told that my train want running that day. Total rubbish.

Martin Houston

Invalid Notifications I have switched off notifications on this app and don't even have a line selected but they STILL keep coming. Nice idea but poor implementation

Marat Levit

Notifications What's the point of picking your notification time if it'll just continuously alert you anyway?

A Google User

About as reliable as their trains I appreciate the app constantly beeping on weekends because Metro clearly have no idea how to run a transport system but during the week, when I actually torture myself by using public transport I get nothing. Not handy during peak hour when you find your train has been cancelled. ... again

Felix Trinh

More notification would be great! I would prefer if the app allowed us to be notified with no sounds or vibrations rather than being stuck with everything.

Hayden Jones

Very average Very little ability to customise alert timings and, in most cases, it seems that Metro couldn't care less about notifying passengers of delays. They should check out Yarra Trams' app and learn a thing or two.

Wing Chan

useful but sometimes the notification comes too late (notification comes AFTER the train has left). also, some notifications about works in certain stations comes across as an alert but when launching the app to read more about it there isnt anywhere that shows it

Trevor Smith

Improvement needed Enable me to pick my usual station and trains and only get notifications on that. Also make notification relevant to my normal station, where it departs from. Notifications often don't match what is in the app. Poor App matches the poor train system. App hasn't been designed with the user in mind.

Ben Churchill

Misleading at a Glance It seems to show that all lines are running fine, but when I click into them, only then do I see if there are delays etc. Would be nice if the Line Status page updated quicker. I usually just use Chrome and go to the Metro wesite rather than use this app, but would prefer it if this was more reliable.

Luke Saxby

Poorly designed and unhelpful This app doesn't add any real value. You can't view timetables and or filter reports accurately for the specific times you travel, so you end up getting alerts while you're asleep and at work. The alerts aren't clear at all and the format is awful. The best app by far is train trapper, you can report delays and view timetables.


Only as good as its source of information When only a complete system breakdown warrants anything other than "running a good service", this app is effectively useless..

Samantha Braggins

Pointless In the event that the delays/cancellations are actually loaded, by the time the app notifies you of an issue you're already at the station or on the replacement train. If push notifications are turned on you will also receive a ridiculous amount of updates for every delay on your line. So 5 stars for backdated information but as a whole it's relatively useless.

rachael artso

Continues to send "good service" messages at specified times even when there are delays showing once you go into the app. AM delay messages delivered 30 minutes late. PM messages are not pushed through.

Stephen Angelico

Needs a bit of polish It does everything as advertised, but I want to be able to control how notifications sound. I also want to eliminate "general" notifications that Metro deem worthy of sending to everyone. I am not going to Racecourse, okay? I don't need to know about Parliament if I don't use it.

Luis Daniel Ramirez

I still cannot understand how to use it Or its usefulness

Lexie Lou

About as reliable as their trains I appreciate the app constantly beeping on weekends because Metro clearly have no idea how to run a transport system but during the week, when I actually torture myself by using public transport I get nothing. Not handy during peak hour when you find your train has been cancelled. ... again

Anne Nuguid

List of notifications needed in the app As another person suggested, a running list of updates in the app is what's needed. I just now got a phone notification but when I clicked on it, it wasn't in the alerts in the app so I couldn't read it in full. This app is a great idea but needs work on the execution

Jason Martin

What's with the 5am notifications? Alerts are set for 8am yet this app ignores that and sends useless notifications whenever it feels like

Yugantar Fulecha

Giving 1 star because cant give 0 Pretty useless, to begin with no option for Flinders st trains' status in line status. How hard is it for a company that make millions to develop a real app that really provide real time updates? Its 2015 and not exactly rocket science.

Ed A

Notification bug Notifications pop up and when I tap to open, the app opens and the notifications are nowhere to be found.

Joseph So

The notification message displayed partially in the notification bar. When you click on it, nothing is displayed related to the notification message. It is quite useless as you do not know what it is about

Daniel Everard

It needs constant updating, rearly give a reason for trains being cancelled.

Yavuz Batmaz

Updates aren't quick enough

Kevin Sidney

Let's me know when services are good But doesn't tell me when services are bad. Wtf I used love it but now I have job and actually need to get to places on time.

Gary Miotello

Never updated Always hiding cancelled trains

Scott McNabb

Notifications may or may not work Sometimes I get a notification when my train is cancelled, sometimes I don't. Basically whenever you are thinking about getting a train, check this app, check their website, call them up, flip a coin, cos Metro doesn't care.

danny bird

A pointless app This a pointless app when notifications come in an hour after the event. How does this help customers plan their trips? Should updated as soon as they are aware and be live

Rick Williams

Needs work This: "The next four timetabled departures will only be provided when line status is listed as good service" is stupid. Today a notification that an *earlier* train ran direct from Flinders St prevented the app for being useful for the next hour! Also, I don't need to be told about the same thing 4 times just because I have 4 trips listed on the same line. I don't even know for which trip each one applies to because that info isn't displayed when there's a notification. Needs work.

Garth Aurish

Reliably keeping me informed Notifications have been great. I've avoided a few line issues and got to my kids on time because of this app, so thank-you and keep up the great work. New updates showing next trains is handy as this is functionality I get from another app. Add a timetable search and this will be there only app I need

Phillip Matheson

On the improve, but still not there A large improvement from previous versions. Love the feature for next 5 trains for my journey. Way too many notifications still, when my line has issues I can't view train times. Started to use this daily but have now reverted back to alternative applications. Will be watching this space for next update.

Mauro Trentini

Worse App of all time I think this is the One, it must surely be the worse app of all times, because it honestly can't get worse than this. When there is a good service and no delays, i receive an average of 55 notifications every morning saying "good service". When there's issues and delays, the app goes silent and doesn't notify you. So my question for metro is: "Are you guys kidding me???? This must be a joke. It has to be"

mike ate

It's OK needs refinement If there is a travel alert then next 3 train schedules are not shown. Should be able to choose which lines you need notifications for.

Matthew Cosentino

Rubbish Waste of time. Information is utterly unreliable. Go to the station and use the info there. True reflection of Metro in general.

Divya Mallya

Timings doesn't show This app is the best till there is a notification and then there is no way to see the timings. Everytime I use the app to check timing, there is some notification. Unreliable.

Itai Etzman

Does its job The app does the job of alerting me of the line. Only issue: there's no notification centre to read the full push message, and I can't read the full message in notification bar.

Gavin Rook

Misleading! Next 5 services for the Sunbury line count trains that finish at watergardens as Sunbury services, they aren't Sunbury services if they don't go to Sunbury!

Steven McKinlay

I like the new method for specifying your starting and ending stations and the next 4 trains available from there however when there was a train cancellation it still tells me when it was cancelled at the end of the line, as opposed to my station. It was also placed in the same place as the list of 4 next trains so I could no longer see what the next train would be. You used to be able to click on the cancelled train and find the times for each station to work out when you would be affected, this is no longer available.

Matt Bolton

The new unimproved V2.1 V2.1 may have introduced new features, but they're pointless if they don't work. Notifications still come to late and trips can't include loop stations and aren't direction/time specific. Train Trapper is still the only train app worth having.

Joanna Tai

Meh. Info is sometimes useful however push notifications don't display properly (cannot expand in my notifications pane) and could come up on a separate screen within the app. Version 2 is an improvement with choosing the trip you want to take. However, removing the "next 5" when line service isn't perfect is very unuseful. The cancellation update for my trip now doesn't link directly to the timetable/next running train so I can't even easily figure out which train has been cancelled!

Ruben Tony

Can't see full text for notices The Glen Waverley notice of planned works ends without the full details. It would great to note the last train leaving from the city before replacement buses.

Greg Martens

Not as good as the older version Doesn't appear send notifications once set up. At least the old version sent notifications. Pretty crap. Go back to the drawing board with this one.

Gabriel Guerrero

Good I like it how it notifies you about your trips. I thought these trips will be real at first. After I come home from school every weekday, I get TONS of notifications. Good app!

rachael artso

Still not able to turn off messages about outbound services in AM & inbound in PM. Therefore can't see next train time. Cancellation msgs don't open to see what time train from my station is cancelled (time at end of line is useless)

Die Scums

This app cost $250 million to create! Push notifications arnt there when you press on them. Just takes you to the train line information

David Goodes

Notifications broken Not getting any notifications

Chris Mihailidis

Notify nothing If only it this app did what it's name 'notify' stands for, that is notify, it may be OK. At least the previous version did just that, provide notifications.

Abrar Ansari

Awesome app for trip

Ulrich Vatter

Another Disappointment Notifications missing, constantly crashes when clicking on a notification "Notify Stopped Working", and if one train is cancelled why hide the other four departures times so no scheduled departure info, as a guide at least, is available at all? Someone's dropped the ball once again. Why don't you leave your App development in the hands of experienced professionals? In fact why don't you hand over the entire management of the company to experienced professionals!

Karissa McCabe

It didn't change timetable when Daylight Saving ended. It was showing the next train in 3 min as the 9.25am (should have shown 8.25)...

David Butler

Rubbish (Just like the train service) The 'notify' app doesn't notify at all, no service updates or morning updates

Bryant Bernstein

The sms service was better Seriously. If your station is serviced by four lines you need to set up them all? Wow the Metro definition of automation: "we get all our users enter the same information that we should already know!". To think they dropped a really good SMS service for this *rap. Seriously embarrassing Metro.

Michael Hanna

Morning updates and notifications are not working with the new version. Defining the stations is a good idea yet times are not always acurate.

Andrew Musgrave

Doesn't always work Notifications don't always work. Useless

simon warren

No notifications... The morning updates don't work, so notify doesn't notify. So the update had broken a vital feature.

Mike Bawlz

Was useless, now its annoying too! Too many notifications Too many notifications Too many notifications Too many notifications Too many notifications Too many notifications Too many notifications Too many notifications ....and the notifications are useless. Give us the departure times from our own station, and not from route origin. If we select a line to show updates, we can't turn off the notifications. ...Separate the alerts from the favourite lines! Having to use Android's app security to block notifications!

terrance murphy

Incorrect times When notification come... the times are wrong. Since when does it take 24 minutes from Footscray to Seddon?

Scott Nicholls

Can't do the essential Doesn't notify you when the whole line is closed. But notifies you when the 5:40am is cancelled (I travel at 8am). Also randomly tells me the line is OK. It's like a joke app. Someone is having a good laugh with this.

Kevin Sidney

Let's me know when services are good But doesn't tell me when services are bad. Wtf I used love it but now I have job and actually need to get to places on time

C JayKay

Decided not to notify Notifications only when there's good service. Would have been nice to know my 7.42 from West Footscray was going to be 8 minutes late. Thanks for not notifying of that!

Kevin Sidney

Let's me know when services are good But doesn't tell me when services are bad. Wtf I used love it but now I have job and actually need to get to places on time.

Joseph Hutchinson

Info goes missing Still needs expandable notifications. At least full notification text pops up quickly after tapping a notification. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to expand an alert to see train times (if there are multiple alerts not in schedule order), that information is gone, so I know about cancellations, but not when the next train is expected.

Ellayne G

Could be better Notifications are a bit later than actual time. Could still improve by having the app notify as soon as the updates come.

Kane Elias

Terrible app Push notifications don't work or come through 20 minutes after the fact. Better off checking the website

Philip Myburgh

Not intuitive When tapping on notifications, they dissappear. No way to get to them again.

Mason Atkinson

Can't dismiss travel updates Updates need to be able to be dismissed.... can't see details of next departures on my trips while the travel alert is active.... not helpful if the cancelled service is half an hour away and there are scheduled departures before then. Very annoying!!

Diana Leone

Can't add a trip On Android i can't figure out how to add a trip. It won't save my selection.

Prem Saldanha

Bad service plus application is not upto date The worst service in the country alwats a train fault and delay happens every alternate day.. looks like the train accuracy chart and the train service chat is al rigged.

Mary KC

Crashes on Galaxy S5 When i get a notification and press to view, it does not show any notifications. USELESS

Mark Micallef

Clunky. It's good that I can see notifications for my line, but far too difficult to find out when the next train will be, which is what I most want to know.


METRO Notify A good app spoiled by delay notifications ( of which there are VERY MANY) which completely block your ability to access any subsequent departure time information presumably for the duration of the delay! WTF!!.

Dom Gig

Notification When I get a notification, I only see the first few words. I select it to read more but it disappears.

russell hiscock

How do I access old alerts - I get a bunch of notifications which display a partial message. When I click on one I just get the latest disaster, not everything that affects my line. Assuming the alert comes early enough to be useful anyway. #Still not fixed.. #

Andrew Osborne

Quite good but ... Nice app that does the job well. Light on battery use which is also good. What it really needs is the ability to tailor the travel times. I travel between 6am & 7am each morning so I don't want to know changes after then. I also travel home at 4pm which is the very start of the home travel period so alerts are no good to me by then.

Michelle Pinto

Would love it if... Brilliant app rendered useless by alerts which block trip information. Please resolve so I can add a few stars. Would be so much more useful than that other app for local train travel. Love that it can display all local departures when they're are no alerts (this is rare) so I could pick which station to walk to as I'm between two.

Greg Martens

Not as good as the older version Shows good service even when train is delayed over 30 minutes. Not worth having. A total waste of time.


Very useful! I use this app all the time to check the statuses on the train lines I catch and see any disruptions so I can always plan my journey ahead.

guido haag

A big step in the right direction but.. It's unclear initially that you need to select your journey per train line rather than simply start and finish destination like pvt journey planner. Also there should be an option to partially collapse line alerts to see next 5 trains rather than just next 1. Lastly, but most importantly, If I am able to take a journey from Richmond to South Yarra on about 3 different trains why am I unable to see all my options on this app? I want the ability to swipe sideways through my options

Greg Searle

Rarely useful Updates to trains only occurs after delays happen. Often delays aren't reported.

Chris Solomon

the lifts at flagstaff station unreliable at times. and I hope you like hearing about the lifts at flagstaff station multiple times a day.

Mat Oldaker

Notifications come thru up to one hour after they are time stamped, which makes this app just as unreliable as Metro's train service.

Brett Wakeman

This used to have the feature where you could nominate what times you generally travelled, and you only got updates during this period. Now you can't do this, so you keep getting travel notifications all day, which is annoying!

Stefan Carlton

It'd be great if you could add a timeframe for notifications - for example I only care about delays to the trains I catch (0700-0800 and 1600-1800) rather than issues during the day.

Mike Green

It's ok Why does it send me a notification when Parliament lifts are out of action (useless information) but not when my train is cancelled in the evening rush hour and I have to look it up when my train doesn't arrive? It is a notification service!

Kimberley Krug

Completely useless Notifies you 30 minutes after there's been an issue. When you click on the notification it shows you nothing and tells you nothing. It spams you with messages sometimes 8 in a row, all of which are about issues from an hour ago... Ones enough guys.... Uninstalling

Holly Voller

Needs a lot of improvement Regularly having issues reading the whole notification, so makes it difficult to actually know what trains are not running

Paul Phillips

Useless Notified me that a lift a parliament was out but didn't notify me that my train service has been suspended

Kevin Cane

When it works it does what it says on the box However it would be lucky to work 50% of the time. No, or late notifications are the order of the day. Also, on the "Information" page, it wants JavaScript enabled to view the videos...

Davin Thompson

Needs audio config App does what it says it does but would be so much better for me if I could set a custom tone for the alerts so that I don't confuse notifications with text messages.

Sue Whiteside

My Trips I can't add trips on this app on my Sony mobile.

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