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30 Aug
Metronome Beats Pro

Posted by Stonekick in Music & Audio | Aug. 30, 2016 | 178 Comments

Apk file size: 2.3 MB

The same great metronome as Metronome Beats but with additional features and no adverts!. In addition to a comprehensive metronome and speed trainer, Metronome Beats Pro also has a “Live Mode’ feature which allows you to create setlists of songs and play through these one by one – useful for solo and group practice as well as playing live on stage. You can also set beat and bar counters, and select from a range of different sound types.

Metronome Beats Pro is not only useful for practicing and playing musical instruments: people also use it to keep a steady tempo during exercise, golf putting practice, dancing, and many other activities.

Metronome Beats is simple to use. On smaller devices set the number of beats per bar and how you’d like the beat subdivided on the Settings screen. When you start the metronome it switches to the Practice screen, with its visual beat indicators. The practice screen has controls for easily increasing and decreasing the tempo in small increments, so you can start slow and build up your speed with one touch of the screen. On larger devices all of these features can be reached on one handy screen using the new Tablet layout.

Exclusive to Pro version:
- no adverts
- beat and bar counters
- save your settings as presets
- organise your favourite songs in to setlists and play through these in “Live” mode
Features also include:
- Select from a range of sound types (wooden claves, traditional tick, cowbell, etc)
- Separate layout for larger devices
- Select any tempo from 1 to 300 beats per minute.
- Don’t know how many beats per minute you need? Then use the tap tempo button to select a tempo.
- Displays Italian tempo markings (Allegro, Andante, etc) – handy if you’re not sure how fast Vivace should be.
- Change the pitch of the sound to make the metronome easier to hear over your instrument.
- Subdivide the beat with up to 8 clicks per beat – so you can practice the timing of your triplets.
- Choose whether to accent the first beat of the bar.
- Visual beat indication - mute the sound and use the visualisations to follow the beat.
- The metronome automatically stops playing when there is an incoming call.
- Your settings are saved automatically on exit – so you can carry on where you left off next time you play.
- The metronome keeps running when the screen is locked
- set the metronome to stop playing after a certain number of bars

For more help with using Metronome Beats, see our blog posts:

Whats new

    Version 3.6.0
    - Added support for saving songs - change the beat mid song to match tempo and time signature changes
    Version 3.5.0
    - Added support for the Peterson BodyBeat Pulse Solo (see the side menu in the app to enable)
    - Fixed full screen flash in live mode
    Version 3.4.0
    - Option to flash screen in time to the beat
    - Option to save tempo trainer settings/exercises

Stonekick part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 30, 2016. Google play rating is 94.5356. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 2.3 MB.

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A Google User

Not bad The main reason I use it is because you can set it to stop after a certain number of bars, something that I really need right now. It's a solid metronome, definitely one of the better ones on here. My biggest problem with it is that you cannot do odd time signatures, or at least not that I could figure out how.

John Thomas

Simple and straightforward This app is simple and straightforward and does exactly what it is supposed to do. I love it! The only thing that could make it better is adding a countdown timer, too, so that I can make sure I'm getting in the practice time I'm looking to do using one device and app.

Phillip Martin

Basic Click Option to create basic click tracks. Not worked out how to do 1/4 note triplets or dotted notes or a clave pattern. But why would a musician want a metronome that helped with swing feel and samba?? May update this review as I get more into the app but it's an ok click. *** UPDATE *** Better Apps on offer at a cheaper price with easier options to use sub divisions etc. should you so desire. Needless to say this is not my go to metronome but it's your money and choice.

WaitingFor SantaClaus

Just one thing Of all the apps out there this is one of the better ones. Just one thing.. I really wish you could save the amount of bars to stop at in a present, that way you can play the tempo acording to the music (like in order). And I know it is possible to make times like 7/8 or 4/5.

Don Hulbert

Handy, w/cool features. This app is really handy, especially when my other metronome's battery wears down. Love the new speed train function. Developers, one thing-could the max speed on speed training also allow direct input? The slide bar makes precise value hard to set.

David Reed

I love it App works wonderfully. Always there and convenient when i need it. Have never had any issues or problems. Can break down the beats per minute with different tones when learning difficult pieces. Perfect!

Hugh Brenham

Very Useful App Great app, very easy to use for both practice and performance. The tempo trainer is good and the ability to store set lists is great for live and band practice. The visual beat indication of pulsing lights AND the sliding indicator is really good for helping you stay in time. Better than JUST pulsing lights. The 'Live performance' mode is straight forward and visually accessible even on a small phone screen (SG S3 mini). I would give it 5 stars if you could jump to a specific preset in a setlist by touching the name of the preset on the screen rather than having to scroll through all the presets to get to the one you want using the forward and back buttons. The addition of different ostinatos per beat would also be a great addition. But over all very straight forward and useful.

Evan Connell

Perfect basic metronome. Plenty of advanced features as well, although I haven't delved into all of them. I like the ability to half the selected speed, taking it down to a beat every two seconds is a great way to develop a sense of time.

Chris Hanline

Hands down, the best of its kind. As a professional musician, I've tried every metronome app I could get my grubby paws on, and not one of them can shake a stick at Metronome Beats. The Pro version lets you save settings individually, then add each "track" to a setlist. You can practice to your tempo with quick buttons to play at fractions of your original speed rather than changing tempo over and over. Worth every penny.

John Hume

Solid, flexible Beats per bar and clicks per beat settings let you do odd time signatures, so long as you want a consistent time signature. My only complaint is the awkwardness of switching between Settings and Practice tabs, which look similar enough that I often find myself wondering where the folder ("open saved") button is while on the Practice tab.

Carsell Lankford

Good as advertised & stage reliable Delivered as promised. Wish the navigation within the set list module was a little more intuitive. Easier to adjust tempos on the fly for songs already saved. This would make for easier rehearsals with ability to adjust tempos as requested by the band leader.

Arek Olek

Why can't you use my device orientation? Why do I need to go into settings every time I want to change it? Also, I can't switch to other application and have the metronome run in the background, this is ridiculous.

Glen Buxton

Works great I have some free time while I'm away from home everyday so I bring my guitar with me. With this app I can practice with a mobile metronome.

Mike Bailey

Just what I was a looking for I particularly like the way this app allows you to save tempos under song titles and build set lists. Great for getting the intros right.

Shannon Lawrence

Great for my basic needs I use this app in the lesson studio. Also take it to the podium on silent mode to set pulse.

Elan Sang

Great App This app is ideal for any kind of practicing musician regardless of style. So, if you are a musician, just get on with it! Please keep the upgrades coming.

Christian Madsen

Great app, but... I'd love the app even more if you allowed to make a preset play for a certain amount of measures then goes to the next preset. That way I can play a full piece of music with and tempo changes without stopping to press the "next preset" button.

Randy Josleyn

Room for improvement I bought a Dr Beat DB-90, because I thought it would do everything I could imagine. Well, this does most of those things. It's missing two things that I want it to have. I would like to be able to sequence tempos to do irregular time signatures which change frequently (useful in progressive metal and modern band music). I would also like to be able to change the individual level of each beat with sliders, so that I could practice timekeeping, e.g. only a downbeat, only beats one and two, etc.

David K.

Other Uses I'm not a musician, but there are other uses for this app. I have a series of stretches & exercises to perform for lower-back issues. If I set the app for 60 beats per minute, it's easier to count off the seconds during the stretches, and the uniform beat helps to maintain a steady rhythm for the exercises. This app works great for that.

Matej Budjac

Great app! Amazing value for money. Set list for live performances is such a great feature and the practicing mode speeding up the tempo is a great help, even for warm up. The only little bug I found is the lag time (few miliseconds) between hitting the start button and hearing the first "click". On my Boss metronome this worked well. Especially useful in songs with intro which is off the beat and you neeed to start the click right after that. Is there anything that can be done about this?

Cory Davis

Love it Hands down the best metronome app I've used so far. Love the set list and bars per song features. I would love to see an auto play feature in the set list playback so I don't have to select the next track. If it could go to the next track in the set list after the bars limit is reached that would be awesome.

Leon Couch

Great metronome This metronome does the job. Has every feature a practicing musician might need, from subdivisions of beats and being able to turn off/on the sound. I didn't really need the additional features of the pro version yet, but I'm glad to support this software developer.

Peter Cyr

Nice Set List Feature Well done. Bought this app for the set list feature. Very easy to set up and use in live mode. Excellent !

Alexander C. Jones

Best metronome yet You can save various rhythms and even set custom sounds

Cass Alexander

Easy to use - and it works. It does everything I personally need and do so flawlessly.

Abe Hale

Pretty flawless It's cheap & perfect. My guitar skills have SKYROCKETED since I started religiously practicing playing scales to a beat; going incrementally faster & faster & cleaner! Thank you!

Michael Friedman

Excellent ap Very good and intuitive application, easy to adjust to my needs. Thanks!

Ste Poole

Decent It's a very well rounded metronome with useful settings for practice and performance applications. I would like to see, if it were possible, a bar counter that could change tempos at a certain bar and change back again at another specified bar. Other than this it's a great tool.

Kevin Croker

Dr. Fuk Ye Perfect ... except I wish there were a bg mode that could be enabled and would keep it up if you switch fg apps

Steven Moore

Good but... I've taken a couple of stars off because it still pesters me to rate the app each time I open it even though I rated it ages ago. Irritating...

Enoch Strickland

Great, but... Awesome metronome app with many options & saving capabilities. However, other apps seems to interrupt it's flow way too much. I am often disturbed by texts popping up on the screen & notification sounds mess with the beat.

Colin Broom

Good, but allow preset and setlist windows to be hidden. Really good metronome, one of the best. However the newest version has preset and setlist windows, which take up a lot of space, and which you don't seem to be able to hide. Slightly annoying if all you need is the metronome. Any chance you could fix this?

James Watson

Keeps Getting Better I've added an extra star as the developers have been adding features / fixes since I first started using it. The speed trainer is one of the most useful features. The only thing I miss is the ability to add a one off lead in to count off before the first cycle, allowing time to start the metronome and pick up an instrument.

Matthew Foster-smith

I've tried many, and this is hands down the best metronome app around

Cameron Sallee

Timer I'm referring to what John Thomas said about the he countdown timer. That would just be perfect. This app would be complete with that. I already love the speed trainer and the set list. This met is great over all and the count down timer would just be awesome if that came in the future updates

jim stager

Metronome beats pro I use a couple of different metronome/clicks/patterns when I practice. This app is quick and easy to use and because it's on my phone it's very portable. I use it every day.

Ryan Legue

As a drummer, I use it everyday. Very handy. Thanks!

Daisy Sunny

Brilliant musician's tool! This metronome does everything I need it to do.

Aldo Hernandez

Good When most of the time is set up at 95 BPM or 125 tends to delay the tempo, i hope you guys solve that out, but rather than that the best of all those out there.

Владимир Храмов

Best metronome ever Bought pro to support dev team.

Ildar Sagiyev

Nexus 4 Good user-friendly interface

David Powell

One anomaly, one suggestion Sometimes I don't immediately get sound, despite speaker being enabled and phone's volume slider up. Is there a 'silent lead-in' option I've missed? If so, can't find it! If my phone's memory challenges are the reason, I think the app should self-test and advise. Suggestion repeats earlier ones requesting auto-sequenced tempo changes, which I can add are demonstrated in the app Practice Music.

Jonathan Priest

Awesome practice tool The speed trainer feature makes this great app even better. Much appreciated.

Fernando Andrade

Useful, easy to handle, but efficiency can be improved I would give 5 stars if there was an option to play the presets not just in a list, but in a predefined sequence ie 1st preset 3x then 2nd preset 5x then 3rd phrase 2x etc. This would help to adapt to my practice needs, as presently need to do it manually what interrupts the practice every time I need to change to next preset... Hope can add this feature soon!

David Muzzy

Awesome Reliable app, does what it says on the box. Several of the available sounds are pleasant to listen to, not grating or harsh. My favorite is 'hollow wood'. This is an app well worth supporting.

Ban Wu

Reliable and Effective. Great interface, the +5/-5 for tempo alterations are very convenient. The tempo reduction for practice in the Practice Mode is really useful for fast passages. I am a Conservatory student and this is the best metronome I have tried so far.

Doug Lyons

Best metronome app ever! The developer is regularly improving this app with such useful and powerful features. I would be lost during my percussion and drumset practice sessions without Metronome Beats Pro.

Eric Laurens

Best metronome app I'm really really satisfied from buying this app. It really helps me to improve my playing and timing issue I've had for a long time. The developer seems to be quite open to upgrades and suggestions which quite nice

Mark Shuford

not bad so far so good... I do wonder how any metronome is supposed to keep perfect beat when it runs on a non-Real Time operating system.

Steven Draper

Perfect tool to increase roll speed on the banjo!

Valerie Byrnes

All good I like how you can subdivide

Jeff Freeman

Great! Everything you need in a metronome. Extremely dependable and stable! Worth the money.

Jonah Kazman

Best metronome app out there I definitely recommend shelling out the money for the pro version of this app. Having the ability to save "songs" and make "set lists" is a whole lot easier than trying to mess with a program like pro tools or reaper. The speed trainer feature is very helpful as well.

Steve Van Pelt

Amazing. Perfect for live performances. I use this click track for live performances. I love the set list feature and how easy it is to cycle through the tempos in a love set. And more features keep being added. This is so much better than any other app I've used or my friends use. I always suggest this app when I see musicians struggling to recall presets for a love set.

Joseph Grasso

Really like this metronome. Naming and saving settings are a great feature. Only wish the volume was louder and you could pause the clickk for a certain amount of measures and then start up again. Maybe you's could include this in an update.

Brian Warfel

Add name Says add name but I can not, using a Galaxy 6. Trying to make a set list. Got it!! Also love new updates!! Keep it up guys!!

Gerhard Du Plooy

Best metronome out there Fantastic! Love the updates. It's clean, easy and sufficient.

Austin Morin

Amazing metronome It allows you to save the song lists for each gig and it helps u to stay in the pocket and to stay in tempo with the band

Matthew Johnson

Perfect metronome except... It is just a little too soft. Any chance it the clicks could be louder? Other metronome apps are louder, but I love the features on this one. Or adds one different sounds that are more piercing, like beeps. Keep up the great work!

Raj Sampath

Tried different paid metronome apps and finally got hooked on to this one. I loved the "Drummers Metronome" paid version, but it does not work if there's no internet connectivity when you need it the most . Thanks for this app...

Tyrone Olds

Nice, but Great features once you get past the interface quirks. -1 for continuing to nag with an ad for a tuner on startup. I'll be certain to avoid future purchases.

Uli Jon Roth

The best I have seen so far!

Scott Adams

Essential tool I absolutely love this metronome! I've been using it every day for about a year now. It never crashes and has great features for the practicing musician.

Bret Cohen

Great app Accurate and simple. Does exactly what I need it to. Thank you.

Michael D

All I need, works great

Joe Schneeweis

Works Simple but effective.

Calin Medianu

Great app Does what I need

Selumiel Takaliuang

Like it Everything I need I get

Mike Cope

Metronome Beats! Really helps a lot!

Mark T. Evans

Awesome app!

Andy Fischer-Price

Good but could easily be better I love this metronome but I wish it let you keep cutting the speed by 50% for time keeping practice. For example, if I'm practicing a groove at 150, I can currently reduce speed by half with one click, thereby giving myself a different pulse of the same exact tempo. Very cool. However, I would love to be able to keep this up.. one click to take it to 37.5, then again to 18.75, etc. Then I could practice the same 150 groove while eliciting the development of a more solid internal clock. Any aps that do this?

Alexander Falconburg

Great For Drumming With Band I am a drummer for my church's band and this is the metronome we use for the system. You can save songs and make a setlist for the day so that changing tempos is only one click of a button. Also great if you play the same songs frequently. It let's you practice for a set time, change time signatures, change beat patterns, change click sounds... basically every bell and whistle that you'll need. EXTREMELY SATISFIED. GREAT APP! =)

Brian Platino

Crashes on Droid Turbo When using the playlist and skipping back and forth, please fix

Jeremy Patterson

Love it I use this app all the time. Perfect companion for drummers

Alan Moore

Best there is This is probably the best metronome app I've had. The developers a constantly adding new things to it. As a by the way the tuner that comes with is pretty good too. Definitely worth the upgrade to the pro version. Wouldn't be without this app at band practice. Highly recommended.

Richard Wonka

Versatile, functional and it ticks Very happy with it ☺

Jennifer Shannon

Everything I needed. Highly recommend.

GuideDog Drum

It's such a very very good metronome. It is comfortable to use and save tempo

Sarah Wildenhain

Great practice settings! You can gradually increase tempo by % until you get to 100% (goal tempo).

Edvin Miler

MBP V.3 is a proper enhancement This is how you make a proper update. No more scrolling through two different page settings. Now it's all on one page giving you quick access to all settings without having to search for it. And the intuitive UI to change beat emphasis with a finger tap, allows for more complex rhythms like 7/4, 7/8 etc.; with an emphasis on beats 1 and 4, or on beats 1 and 5, or on beats 1 3,4 and 6 if your heart desires. Really great job, this is a properly enhanced version of the app.

Michael Bartlow

Just fine! Solid, great ui. Does what I want.

Ted Maciag

Great app!!!!!! I've been playing for a long time and to have this and a tuner and all the other cool music stuff in my phone is just awesome.

Chris McNevin

Rock solid with excellent features. Adding keypad tempo input would make this metronome perfect for professional drummers needing a quick reference. This would be a fast enough way to get from song to song in a setlist without having to create presets. This would be a blessing to drummers wanting to streamline their sets while having accurate tempo references. Do this and a five-star won't be good enough! : )

Ben Savage

Best nome on Android This is the best metronome app I've found, and I've tried a lot. One thing I wish they would add is some kind of visual countdown when you set the timer...otherwise perfect!

Dasun Karunaratna

Best and easy

Michael Saunders

Really good metronome Sound is great and visually good as well. Sometimes I would like an arm to go back and forth but I can live without that.

Adrian Böhmer

Great Wow! Thank you so much. Now, is totally useful for me :) When I check something else, I'll contact you :D Good job!

Will Jenks

This metronome app is all you need Totally worth the money. The only difference between the bought one and the free one is the adverts which are out of the way anyway. I bought this because of how great the app is and to support the development team.

Colin Nelson

Great app What's not to like? The accelerator function is a real winner. If you play an instrument, you need this.

T Haraksin

Absolutely, Completely Well Thought-Out This metronome doesnt slow down or speed up, it doesnt skip beats, and it has lights so you can play without headphones. Pretty ingenious, and it has a slider so you can see the next beat coming. Absolutely fantastic. And it has a tap tempo button which allows for you to just punch in around the correct tempo and play. BUY THIS APP.

Sia Gholami

Brilliant app The mute every few bars is an excellent way to improve your "internal" metronome. Great app all round, worth the money.

Bob Sneberger

Good app. Use this app all of the time to practice. Works great and is easy to use. I like how I can use the beat button to find the speed of a song that I like.

Ken Cowie

This Musician Loves It! What an incredibly useful app. Save presets, create a set list, and hand it to the drummer for both rehearsal and performance. An auto-advance feature (to the next song in the set list) is the only thing I would add.

Ryan Olson

New features are worth it You could buy a $25 metronome or you could buy this app with more features and easy set up.

John Nowostawski

Almost there Not many comments to make. A very good app. What I'd like to see is compound time, For example quarter note triplets spanning 2 beats with a secondary Row of visualization dots. It would also be cool to change the sound of each by long pressing the applicable row of dots.

Andrew Reyes

This app is one of the best on android Love it's obvious ui and simplicity of use.

James Cantrell

Perfect for my needs It has so many options! I love being able to build lists.

Marilyn Luxford

So good Easy to use. Very helpful.

David Ackert

Guitar Easy to use and can store presets.

David Old

The perfect metronome Does exactly what I need

Jana Fullerton

Excellent app with good support I am an intermediate piano student, and I use this app for many different practice activities. I like being able to set a target speed, and then adjust the percentage to work my way up. The app started crashing a few months after I started using it, and I contacted the developers. They responded to me and fixed it so it was back to working. Awesome app and customer service.

Lindy Taylor

Great metronome Not as user friendly as since but works well.

Horacio Gild

Liked it. Can you add a timer loop

Xu Luo

Very useful for controlling the running pace.

Xavier Ferdón

Great metronome Nice features. Easy to switch tempos on the fly. Can set tempos to increase by a certain increment each X number of measures.

Raymond Sanchez

Everything I could ever need

David Ledet

Good metronome Would be Great if it would flash the camera led.

Ace Fury

Awesome! The best metronome app out there. Period.

Marc Lemery

Good metronome Worth the few bucks for the better version

Leslee Jo Klinsky

Very handy app I LOVE this app. The accuracy and features get better and better. Thanks!

Benjamin I. Swisher

Almost Same As Pricey Metronome I've paid 60$ or more for metronomes that don't have the better features this one has; gradual increase in tempo & saving set lists. I've seen several modifications since using it- the creator is listening and bustin' butt to provide a quality product and customer service! The only thing I would like to see is a subdivision of beats or an increase of speed so I can listen to fast 32nd notes when I'm practicing something like that... but I'm not going to blackmail ya' for a 5th star. It's already deserved

Michael S

Great! I record charts/lead sheets etc. on my guitar through my loop pedal. 32 bar forms or longer can sometimes throw me off as to where I am in the chart. Shoddy of me, I know. The measure counter feature can be useful, especially for "punch ins" or overdubs on my looper. This metronome has features that you simply will NOT find in Seiko, Korg, or BOSS/Roland metronomes that can cost 10x the price. Fine-tuning your desired "click" is handy.

Fernando Andrade

Useful, easy to handle, but efficiency can be improved I would give 5 stars if there was an option to play the presets not just in a list, but in a predefined sequence eg 1st preset 3x then 2nd preset 5x then 3rd phrase 2x etc. This would help to adapt to my practice needs, as presently need to do it manually what interrupts the practice every time I need to change to next preset... Hope can add this feature soon! Also have no idea how to work with new feature Exercises, how to save?

Ken Briscoe

Ken Briscoe Great app, would be (5 star plus) if notes could be accented for such as 6/8 time signatures.

Dan JustDan

This is THE metronome to get. The trainer is a super useful tool. The developer does listen to their customers and improve their app based on user feedback. I purchased several metronome apps, but this is the only one that I am still using.

Matthew Johnson

Perfect metronome except... It is just a little too soft. Any chance it the clicks could be louder? Other metronome apps are louder, but I love the features on this one. Or adds one different sounds that are more piercing, like beeps. Keep up the great work!

Raphael Butler

Nice Metronome Best metronome app I've tried so far. Great for drummers. Would like to see the creators increase the volume some more. And it would be helpful if they could add a digital clock at the top of the app bar to help when timing your exercises. Great app!

Iain McPhail

Iain Great, simple to use

Horacio Gild

Liked it. Can you add a timer loop

Jason Quick

1bpm and 16 subdivisions...just what i have been looking for.

Jory Northup

Awesome Tempo trainer and presets are well worth it.

Russell Carstens

Great guitar aid Great app, simple to use, does all want and more!

Mike Edwards

Excellent metronome! Learn to use a metronome to get to that tempo you need to make professional sounding music. This metronome is very useful for that purpose!

Rob Murphy

Love It Happy to pay for the Pro Version...thank you!

Vasilis Kapnas

Very good

Zhon Kophe

just awesome

Patrick Rusli

Easy to use

Jason Buechner

Perfect! Works exactly as needed Response is super quick and reliable! Great features and tap tempo is spot on. Totally worth the investment!

Beat length Really dissapointed..Beat length only 16 I need 96 notes..

Aman Mahajan

Great metronome app Worth buying to support the app and save presets.

ludwig calder

Presets are great.

Tony A

I'm a drummer and I like it! Works great. I use it in live settings all the time. I use the visual metronome (no volume) on the setlist - only thing I wish is that I could change the color or highlight particular songs in my setlist so that it stands out if I am starting the tempo for that song or not.

Jim Anderson

Exercising I have stretches and eye exercises and as I'm focused on proper form, a metronome helps keep me on task. I've even found a few musical tricks like accent beats to keep me focused.

Mike Harvey

Mike It's good.


Use it all the time! I bought a clamp that holds my phone onto my hi hat stand. I build a set list and have it count 6 bars, then go silent. It keeps me grounded and on tempo song to song, practice or on the gig!

Joseph Grasso

Really liked this metronome. Naming and saving settings were a great feature. Only wish the volume was louder and you could pause the click for a certain amount of measures and then start up again. Maybe you's could include this in an update. Unfortunately as of today 07/06/16 I am deleting this app. It always had a animation glitch that was easily solved by turning off the sliding ball. But now the click is badly glitched and is of no help in assisting with keeping better time. I have contacted you numerous times by email only to get 1 single response with no help on fixing the glitch. It's too bad because you have built in some nice features but the most important thing with a metronome is accuracy and consistency.

Alex Windisch

Perfect for all applications DI into practice amp or digital recorder. Flashing screen for live jamming. This app is 10 out of 10. Click track timbres are extraordinarily useful. LOVE it!!

David Wilkinson

Fantastic metronome app with simple but effective functionality The Pro version of this app is definitely worth it; much more worthwhile then spending significantly more money on metronomes from a store. Specifically, I love the preset features and the ability to increase or decrease the tempo incrementally. Great job guys, works for me ?

Jan P

Almost perfect Almost everything a drummer needs. I love training modes and playlist options. Would be perfect if it had subdivision options (like drummer metronome) and bigger play button. I'm giving it 5 stars anyway... Good work ;)

Matt Helm

Great Metronome I used the basic free version of this for ages and decided to pay the small amount for the pro version so I could make play lists. It's a great Metronome and the addition of the speed trainer options in the last few years is a terrific bonus.

James Downing

Not sure Not sure what the problem is but ever since I installed this on my Galaxy S7, it never plays the first click which is very important for what I use it for.

Andy Fischer-Price

Great app So versatile and useful. Nothing I would change except the playlist function seems tricky. Could be me just not knowing how to use it. Love love this metronome though.

Richard Wilson

Very useful and versatile. I love that you can set tempo and "clicks per beat" then save the setting under whatever name you want. I also like that you have a choice of two tones or silent for each click in a bar.


Sometimes the simplest things are the best. This is by far the best metronome I've used, and I've used allot. It's got everything i need and am more than happy to pay premium for this product. You won't regret it if you do. Never had a problem too.

Jeffrey A Gray

Great app This metronomes sounds are tunable. I like the increasing Tempo feature and the tap Tempo feature. Quality app exclamation point

Aleksander Czyz

best skill-building tool ever! cant praise enoght how useful it is. ordinary metronome is dead.

Stan Roberts

Very helpful I'm a professional sight reading show drummer- band leader. Very helpful.

Adam Torborg

Works I use it to help with cadence while running. So glad to be done with the ads.

Dyllon Gagnier

Very good met I'm a musician and I love that this metronome is generally feature full but still easy to use.

Chris Johnson

Does what I need Great for practice, clean and intuitive UI.

Kevin Roulson

Great app that I use all the time.

Rasesh Rao

Very good Used for 2 years now

Tim Rutter

Good solid app. No problems or weird surprises. I use it often.

Brian Lucas

Doesn't always save my presets.

Diane Quick

Like that you can tap your beat then start metronome. User friendly.

Asus Phone

Awesome Works as advertised...

Karla Z

Awesome app and easy to use

Lukas Felli

Very cool

Adriaan Stoop

Worth it The lite version was nice, this one is epic. Can't imagine a better metronome app existing in the play store.. ui is simple and all relevant features are here!

Samuel Casarez jr.

Great app! This app is amazing. I enjoy the presets you can make and the speed builder is super useful when it comes to maxing out. I also enjoy setlist and have them set to go to the next song after you plug in how many bars you want to do. But! It would be nice to add the way you count the beats. Like 13/8 for example. Having that bottom number makes all the difference in playing to a click

John Nowostawski

Almost there Not many comments to make. A very good app. What I'd like to see is compound time, For example quarter note triplets spanning 2 beats with a secondary Row of visualization dots. It would also be cool to change the sound of each by long pressing the applicable row of dots.

Trevor Pietsch

All the features Love the pro version with all the features and functionality, ease of use. My favorite and best metronome.

Peter J Newman

Crunchy.. Tried to eat this but it's far too crunchy, I suggest using less glass, plastic and electronic components...hope this helps, don't mention it...

Hannah Floyd

Use this daily Love the timer auto off function. It makes a big difference to have a really good app and I have had brilliant results with this.

erick rodriguez

Works very well Lot of functions in this app. I recommend it

Kristi Riley

Great app! Just what I needed. Easy to use and has great features.

Horacio Gild

Liked it. Can you add a timer loop

Andrew Congdon

Brilliant Does everything I need and more

Sinead Walshe

Wonderful Changed my practising forever

John Warren

Good for Programming I use it as a click track from my great

Michael Webber

Does the job Great for teaching my students about rhythm.

Roman Kovalenko

Nice Yes, it's the most intellectual metronome app

Krassen Peychev

Great app! Does its job perfectly!

HS Song

Best metronome. Best metronome. Wish my dedicated metronome can do this.

Brian Foskett

INVALUABLE! Very easy to use.

Michael D

All I need, works great

Fred Swanson

Very simple to use

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