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18 Aug

Posted by Retora Game Studios in Role Playing | Aug. 18, 2016 | 282 Comments

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A Medieval Tycoon RPG

Internet not required for play

* * *

As the Merchant, you are the commander of your own domain!

Blending together traditional RPG systems, tycoon mechanics, and a fantasy overworld, Merchant aims to reimagine the traditional mobile RPG. In Merchant, players take the role of a shopkeeper who must manage a team of Heroes and Crafters. Heroes are sent out on quests in order to fight enemies and gather materials. Crafters then use those materials to create weapons and armor. As the shopkeeper, players must balance their micro-economies between selling items for gold and crafting items to better ensure success for the Heroes.

* * *


- Send Heroes out on epic adventures!
- Pay Crafters to create gear!
- Earn gold and dictate the direction of your economy!
- Grow your inventory and profit from your trade empire!


- Choose your cast of characters from multiple Hero classes!
- Ride out to battle to bring back items and loot!
- Customize your champions with weapons and armor!
- Band together to raid powerful bosses as a party!
- Better performance leads to greater rewards!


- Utilize the unique Crafters to create items and gear to use and sell!
- Train the Crafters to create better items, allowing them to master their trade!
- Ensure the victory of your Heroes by outfitting them with superior items!

* * *

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Whats new

    New monsters are out! Check out the latest creatures in Region 5.
    * New monsters & items
    * QoL & Bug fixes

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Facundo Cristin

Great game I was having a lot of fun! Unfortunately my save got deleted, I opened a resource extensive game and Merchant was shut down by android. In this light I suggest everyone who reads this take caution in closing the game instead of just going to the home screen, until a backup save of some sort is patched. Dev, you've done a great job, man I suggest a second save that runs every two minutes or so? Cheers!

Izamel Zukkai

Great game but bad bug (possibly) This game is amazing, there is often a balance to ensure you don't over stress your adventurers. I do have a major issue though, due to the fact that a bug has occurred where I can no longer buy new inventory slots. I have only two unlocked and can no longer buy any more. Help?

aaron d

Great game I'm not good with descriptions but I had been looking for a game to pass the time with good progression and this game has more than just progression. It's a great simple game

Snipe Artist

Good, some errors though. I do think this is a good game but I had a warrior that doesn't have any quests on the quest menu when I bring it up. I can only use him for party boss battles, so please fix this

Ricky Beltran

Great game but... Upon closing and reopening/or restarting phone my save file got deleted and I had to start from the tutorial again.. I'm thoroughly impressed but it's a shame that I wasted so much time (seeing as it's a time based game) only to start back from square one. Please fix, and thanks!

Adrian Prybylski

My kind of rpg You still get to craft and fight. You are the lonely merchant who is only visited by mercs who want to give you the loot they pillaged on their adventures. With the all the free time you have waiting for them to returen you take that loot and make better armor and wepons for the mercs to go out and get even better loot for you. When your rep gets better and you have enough money you can hire a stronger merc to murder creatures and pillage the local land.

Fred L-Gagnon

Awesome Game I was realy addicted to this game...was max level in every aspect and had 4heroes.But I lost all data since my phone had to be repaired,only wish there was a login option.Tried to start over but too disapointing.Awesome game tho!

Kuang-han Liu

Good game but losing saving files It is a very simple but good strategy game. The only draw back is the saving files would be deleted all of sudden so you would have to restart from scratch does not matter you have played for 20 hours or 100 hours........

Candice Scott

Enjoyable and easy! I honestly enjoy this game a lot. It takes a lot of popping the game open and closed just to hit a few buttons here and there, but all the art is charming and you have to enjoy it for what it is: simple

Alan Newbegin

Good game but let down by bugs Really addictive and enjoyable but twice now I have run into bugs that ruin the game. For no reason at all it shoots my craftsman's levels up to 30 with a score of 10000 points to level up but no matter how much I craft I don't gain any experience points. It's a shame coz this is probably the best game I've ever played on android and now it's totally ruined. Please fix these bugs ASAP.

Mike Sean

Fun, but odd. Its a fun game that turns more into an idle game later on due to longer and longer waits. Heres the oddity: You LOSE MONEY by making items and selling them! WTF? You are a freaking the name of the game? And yet, you can sell iron ore for 3 gold a pop. (+12 gold for 4 of em) OR you can use 4 of them and make 2 iron ingots (costing you 20g to make both)... and then pay 30g to make an Iron Knife. (cost of 50), and then sell it for like 61 gold. All you really get is items to equip your heroes and XP for your crafters. So its still worthwhile. It's just odd to me that the fastest way to get ahead seems to be rooting for herbs all day long (no need for health pots) and sell em until you can buy your second hero. And maybe 3rd.

Ascorbyl Palmitate

Excellent Game The best part about this game is it's 100% free (no ads, no in-app purchases). Just a decent time killer with a very cool concept.

Bruce Wayne

Good time waster I enjoy messing with this on occasion. I was ravenous when I first started playing, but I've reached the point where I'm simply grinding out coins to buy new adventurers. Gathering materials for some of the exotic gear can feel like a grind, and accessories very rarely drop.

Chuck Shepherd

Good Times! Excellent work on this fun game! I find myself waiting and watching for quests, crafting, and selling to finish more than I thought I would. I would love to see an option to have a Female Merchant since I spend so much time watching the game. Still it's a great concept and well executed. Hats off to the Dev! For those that want to disable music, the 3 white bars on the top right give the option to disable music & notifications.

Dave Carter

Like crack if crack was more addictive. The fact that there are no annoying banner or popup ads is worth 4 stars alone. Fun game.

Zachary Pinkerton

All-around Great I wish you could sell heros or at least fire them I now accidentally have 3 rogues. Lol but other than that great great GREAT GAME

Robin VanGilder

Perfect time waster Finally, a free to play game without absurd wait times. It's a perfect thing to fill a few minutes here and there throughout the day, and it really feels like you're making meaningful decisions almost all the time. Kinda wish the combat was more in-depth, but it could easily get out of hand, so I won't complain.

Vlad Shtyrts

Superb experience Amazing game. I'm happy to see such a great game having absolutely no monetization. Yet I'm sad that due to the same reason there is a lack of content. I would definitely pay for the next instalation or purchase additional areas. Small bug tho: in the heroes/quest section I sometimes experience some delay when pressing button.

Nick Fratto

Great concept I like everything about it! I just wish there was another small feature. It'd be great if your fighters could heal slowly over time.

Nick S

Satisfying I alternate between thinking on one hand that this is an excellent game which achieves the goals it sets for itself quite nicely and, on the other hand, that it's a completely shamelss waste of time. In fact it's both, hence my four star rating. A couple of notes: 1) The fact that it is completely free, without ads or IAP is fantastic. Having played it for a while I'd quite happily pay a couple bucks for it (though, if that happens, my preference would be _strongly_ for a pay up front version rather than adding IAP). 2) I like the fact that (as far as I can tell) there are neither victory nor failure conditions. Perhaps there's an end-game eventually, but it's the sort of game that you play for the process rather than for a goal. 3) It has a nostalgaic appeal -- it feels like a throwback to before computer games really had graphics :) I think that the minimalist graphics contribute to the relaxed pacing of the game. 4) Early game is kind of dull and any time the quests take 5+ minutes it starts to drag significantly. I don't know that you could change much without altering the feel of the game significantly, but I would enjoy the game more if all the quests were 20-30% faster.

Tyler Dane

Simple, imaginative, addicting game. This game is one of the best I've played in a long time. Free from ads, able to be played without an internet connection, imaginative and well created artwork, simple, yet effective, mechanics. You can really picture your "heroes" going off to fight creatures or gather things to make gear, and you are, in effect, forced to come up with adventures for these characters you've invested in. There are a few spelling mistakes I hope the dev corrects, but no complaints otherwise. 10/10.

Nefie Evans

Enjoy thoroughly! But..... Needs some updates! It'd be fantastic to have the ability to sort your items, or have access to more info- mouse over and drag n drop functions would be greatly appreciated. Can't wait for an update of features! It's a simple game, but i really enjoy buy and sell.. the whole merchant thing. Great concept for game/app for time killing. And folks like me who have a collector and salesmen mentality! But PLEASE spice it up a little...

Charon Graves

Great concept, portly balanced There are 3 basic elements to this; adventuring, crafting & selling. Adventuring is free if you have a hero & provides raw materials, hero xp & a little gold. Crafting costs gold & provides crafter xp, refined materials & equipment. Selling is free, it provides gold & a way to reduce inv. It is all cleverly planned but selling is the flawed area. Rather than marking up prices as things become more refined, you wholesale, selling at or below total cost. You must sell raw mats if you want any profit.

Vaughn Ulmer

It's a pretty good game. You should maybe put in the option to be able to buy ingredients or simple weapons and armor, like after you level up enough to make them/find them, and then have special items you can only find in the store and they are very expensive or something like that. Another idea would be that monsters drop gold sometimes or certain monsters do and some don't.

Brandon Foster

and I'm an idiot. Sorry guys. Good game. Graphics are kinda boring (add fighting scenes or something) but pretty good

paalbr brathetland

Worth a try! I have played a lot of games that resembles Merchant. And i enjoyed many of them. But this game is actually different. Merchant has positively surprised me in so many ways. When I first opened the app i thought it was a fast produced "clone" rpg. But after 15 hours of gameplay, I am very impressed! The economic/ resource dynamic is very well balanced. It is not to difficult to progress, but it makes you think. And comparing this game to similar ones i've tried, when it comes to longevity,this game is great!


Super addictive but a few annoyances Can't stop playing, too low inventory space though and too expensive to expand

Steve Hamner

Remarkably Fun (if not pretty) As soon as one is able to look by the retro graphics, Merchant is a really fun little 'empire builder'. I call it that because you start with a merchant with few assets to running a large organization of skilled heroes and crafters. Having a great time with it, but I'm not a fan of the retro look.

Shane Campbell

Awesome game but twice now the game has basically reset itself after I get a few characters to level 30. Enjoying building them up again so it's no biggie. Confident the bug will be found and fixed.

Ian S

Needs tweaking I like it, but a couple of things could really improve it: 1. Give more yield from gathering herbs, ores and wood. 2. Allow to filter the crafting screens by inventory-type and/or level.

Chris Russell

Great game and good to pass time. Only later on the times are high and i dont play as often. Also the health potions feel so expensive making most your sales worthless with how quick you lose health. Would be nice to maybe buy upgrades for your forges to make weapon and potion making cheaper. Apart from that its a great little game with lots of content

clifford hockersmith

is that it?! (in a good way) ive enjoyed this game immensly. Great app incarnation of an old school, RPG without the tedious 3d environments of, say, a Bard's Tale (circa C64) or original Wizardry. Enough crafting and stat depth to keep me hooked and happy without getting too complex. My only issue: How do i "win"? ive farmed all the components, maxed every craft, unlocked & lvl'd all hereos to 30 (save one) and purchased all the available inventory slots. i'll certainly see it through and hope for a "credits screen". well done & thx!

Chamara Kulatunge

A decent commute game Mindless fun for when you're sitting on the bus or train. Would be nice if items crafted from rare boss drops weren't immediately superceded by the next tier of equipment.

James Downey

Was a great game till I lost all my stuff. If you fix it that would be great, don't worry I think it was just my phone because I lost progress on other apps as well, you have an amazing game though, the only thing I think you could improve on is telling you more information on things, but other than that very well made fantasy game, is there a way currently to add more inventory space or is that coming in a later update?

Lego castor

Contact Me Soon! I have tons and tons of ideas if you would like to hear them please reply to me I have to many ideas to be able to put in a review.

Nate Maupin

Mild Tweaks 5 Stars Great idle game, but some mild tweaks would make it better. Needs timers for things being sold and should be able to unequip your gear.

frank croteau

Awesome One of the best games I've ever played on mobile... but it deleted my game after I got to level 11 and came back from the coral monster. Now I have to restart all of it ):

Anthony Lombardo

Easily one of my new favorites Definitely a worthwhile download. No ads, no in-app purchases, not overly complex and has a high degree of playability. I would pay for this app if it wasn't free. Looking forward to future updates. One bit of feedback: I accidentally closed one of instruction menus when I first started and there's no way to get them to display again.

Gabriele Tomberli

Slow and tedious The game concept is pretty good, but suffers a lot from a complete lack of interactivity and the slowness of questing.

Christopher Rocko

Neat little game :) I like this goofy little app game, but it erases your saved game file, appearantly at random intervals. Id give 4.5 if not for that. It's unacceptable- especially for such a fun app. Fix this bug asap dude! It leaves a bad taste to keep restarting from scratch every time. Please fix this. Android 4.4 on LG Optimus, if that helps :)

Стас Фаркаш

Saves Very cool game. But my saves was deleted after 1 day. Can you fix this bag?

Кирилл Пачин

Loooooooooong wait It so good game but time for travel and craft so long please make it some short

Ghost of Altair

Awesome game, but... I have 3 heroes, Rogue 20 lvl, Mage 20 lvl, Assassin 19 lvl. Today updated game from version 1.11, i download it not from the Market, see update in Google Play, delete game, download new from Google Play Market, use Titanium Backup to move saves. My characters up to 22 lvl automatically, and in Aldur i see new enemies (In 1.11 Aldur was empty), but i try to attack anyone in Aldur , tap on enemy in Aldur page doesn't work. Only in this location. Help please...

Матвей Матиюк

Отличная игра! Но у меня есть предложение, чтобы одежда одетая на персонажа, изменяла его вид. Great game! But i have idea, that clothes were on character, change him.

Караулов Валерий

Nice game But with 50+ times murloc i cant get rare:(

Vadim Varnavsky

Are you going to add new areas?

Golden Bonne

I'M HAPPY! Hello dear developers , I really liked your game "Merchant" but you know what's missing? Selection of languages! Therefore, please add the it and we'll be happy ))) good luck my dear P.S. or else I will come for you) ))

Thai N

Great game but now i can only sell 3 items at a time?

soramonaki gominit

Blacksceen right after i'm updated lol

Matthew Frizzell

Love the game but thr recent update makes the game not close when you hit the return arrow. Please fix it.

Chad Phillips

Game was deleted. I have been addicted to this game for awhile and after I had three hero's and I was finishing up the last area, my file a was deleted and the game started over. I'd really like to hammer out the new area and continue enjoying this game, I don't know if you guys can replenish the lost file or not, but I'd you can, that would be rad, because I do not want to start over.

jordan gieras

Simple and Intuitive Love the game. Retro look and simplistic design. Time based and Intuitive strategy based item crafting. Very uncommon take on the classic RPG. Huge fan.

Chamara Kulatunge

A decent commute game Mindless fun for when you're sitting on the bus or train. Would be nice if items crafted from rare boss drops weren't immediately superceded by the next tier of equipment. End game grinds to a halt as poor loot rolls mean that items never drop.

Gabby Locsin

Update doesn't work The game updated and can see the new quests, but I can't access them nor do l gain experience in crafting and questing

Drew Dawkins

Good but bad. I enjoyed the game and had three heroes. But my game suddenly erased everything and sent me back to the very beginning (tutorial prompts and all). I don't think I'll start all over again, though I wish I could have finished out what I had with my game.

T2 Kuroko

Decent The game is decent. However, it would be nice if there were sound effects and not just music. It would be cool if you could name your character (the merchant). The game just... Seems lacking...

Josh Hibbs

Fun Game Enjoying it so far but encountered a slight hitch. Bought my third hero by mistake.. screen froze for a blip.. pressed again and boosh. 2 Rogues. I cant find a way to delete or sell a hero? Is it possible?

Henley liew

Surprisingly good!! Easy to play..items stats are at random..can't stop playing this!hope to see more from this game..definitely gonna support this game!

Branson Chee

Fun game with suggestions Overall great concept. However I would suggest as you level up the crafting, craft time of items could be shortened. However I'm still addicted either way.

Peter Massa

Please add a save slot Version 1.33 I get up to 2nd location then have 3 heroes.... game then resets itself.. back to start again. Even with latest up date.... Add a save or two save slots... also please add time countdown when selling item..... I will.try uninstalling and reinstall new version.

Gabriel G

1.33 update lags merchant screen only? The back button closes the game and that's annoying. The lag makes it hard to feign working in the office. 3/5

Fuyushi Heartnet

Pretty good It's fun and simple to pick up, but it's not overly easy. It drains batteries but it's a great offline game.

Jonah Lewis

Great game I've had no problems with the game and it's an excellent time killer. I've had a lot of fun with it. My only complaint is if like there to be a timer on selling goods like there is on questing and crafting.

Chris Larwood

Simple but clever Nice little game. Simple to play but need to think about what quests you do to balance equipping your hero's and getting crafting materials to make stuff to sell. Some grinding and no help on who can use what. But that's OK.

Pierre B

Great time sink No ads or micro-transactions. First free game I've ever seen

Jay Young

Great game, needs more quests I love this game, you can play as much or as little as you want, take a 2 week break, you don't fall behind. Check it every 10 minutes, and you keep playing. The only thing this game needs is more quests. I have got 2 maxed heroes 1 at a level off. And a mid lvl hero. But other than farm. There isn't a lot to do once you have hit end game. I would pay a small fee for extra content. And I rarely buy game stuff. Please devs, can I have some more? Edit# the new levels look good. But can't play them.

Kris Brockerville

Not bad, but... Game gets dull pretty quickly. Needs something to do besides waiting for stuff to finish

Michael Danhauer

Business is 'a Boomin Merchant is a fun and addictive game. It doesn't quite live up to its potential. The rare loot is hard to come by and grinding does become frustrating at times. Patches have been released dealing with bug issues and with some new content. If the developer continues to update the game it could turn into something special...

Chris MacKinney

Game-breaking glitch After choosing the first place to get potions it goes to a screen with just a picture of the place with no options, and no matter what I do I can't fix it. I'd love to rate 4+stars but I'm inable to play now and I already have a high level

Justin Hulsey

This game... I am really enjoying it. Yes its grindy but I like that about it. One of the funnest games. Wanna play the PC version badly. Addicting.

Levi Cantor

Eghh It's good but pls add more weapons like a bow.

Calvin Couto

Fun little RPG! Would be even better of you received a sum of gold off your enemies after each fight

Jeffrey Tran

Great but They should tell you can who can equip what because for some reason a warrior can't equip a long sword but a mage can?????

Low Wai Kin

Im so sad that the game had to reset. I had 4 heroes level 30 with the best items made. Leveling 1 dark knight and i had 2 pages of inventories unlocked.. i hate this game now.

Paxton Charbonneau

Awesome game The only thing that could be better is I want a way to visually customize my heroes.

Britain Burr

It takes time Just your average tavern rpg with a grinding and crafting twist to it's already rare unique flavor

Nathanyel Smith

Game is good. It's simple, clean interface. Plays smoothly and good time waster send a hero on a quest then get some work done and come back.

Cyan Angel

Fun but frustrating It's a bit weird that you can't break even selling crafted items, hope this gets sorted

Kim Hartsfield

Last update I can't access the new area. My lvl 30 heroes aren't gaining XP and my skills are not leveling up either.

Tom Justin

Great game Five stars if it weren't out of development... and as promised, here's number five. Keep it coming!

Dylan Androsky

I'm addicted! This game is so amazing! Everything is put together so wonderfully, it keeps me entertained for hours. This game is absolutely free, no in game purchases here. It deserves more praise than it's getting.

Ralph Ganal

Good game but needs fixing Made my way through the game and midway the game froze up, closed and then deleyed all my progress.

Matthew Tenneson

One problem since 1.33 All of my previously "highest level" characters and crafters cannot access new tier, they don't gain any new xp. Otherwise this is an incredible blend of a tycoon and rpg. I think it is great as is. These are ideas, not complaints. Maybe allow an extra sell slot or two for in game gold? Or purchasable time power ups like for 30 minutes all armor craft are 10% faster?


Great game. Haven't had any problems so far, and I've been playing for about a week now.

John Whitaker

Good Play This a fun little game for the casual min-maxer.

Anthony Chouler

Craft? I'm not sure why but I have all the materials I need and it won't let me craft. Other than that I enjoy the game , I hope this gets resolved soon so I can continue to do so.

kate-lynn mccurdy

Love it It's simple but once you gather some hero's there's strategy and a bit if a challenge to get the right items to upgrade your heros. I definitely recommend this game!

Cole Phifer

Keeps getting better. So what they added in app purchases? You can still buy inventory slots with gold. I have noticed that customers rarely if ever offer useful items now no matter how good the items you sell them are or how cheap you sell for.

cody couch

Entitlement nowadays... People expect you to put a lot of time into making this game and updating it so they can play it but don't think you deserve an income? They don't realize the time that goes into programming. Fantastic game. Hope there are others that also realize you guys need to make a living. The IAPs don't even affect the overall game... It's a choice.


New Crafting System is Horrible Pre v1.85 the game was great and very addicting. But in V1.85 a new crafting system was put in. The system adds quality to the items you make. It wouldn't be so bad if there was an ability to increase quality, but there isn't. So if you spend the time gathering a resource and the RNG gives you a bad quality resource, all you can make is a bad quality item or discard the resource. What this means is you wasted your time. That seems to be the new theme for this game post v1.85, wasting your time.

data analisa sentani

Like it but . . . I really like this simulation game, but gathering money and ingredients had become too irritating and unbelievebally repetitive i kinda start to losing it.. please just lighten up the game a bit ok?

Clément Klipfel

Awesome Last update is fantastic. Like the new Enchantment Reset option. I'll like to see more items mechanism like life drain, healing, elemental damage, ... How about new zone and a 75 level cap? And i'll definitely pay for that!

Burnt Bookfilms

In app purchases in V1.85 Guys, this isn't OK, in app purchases plague games on all app markets, at first several people thought this game was different from the rest, that it bravely didn't have forceful adverts or have the option to spend your money to make something happen. Aside from that the game remains untouched, my only complaints are the rarity of the epic bosses, and the annoyingly slow rate at which your craters level up.

Robert Lohse

Makes no sense in the most frustrating way Had my hero's fight and defeat an epic lvl boss monster that required all 5 of my heros to fight it at the same time took them half an hour and I got less of the same loot I normally get from the generic mobs that each hero can defeat individually within 5 minutes.

jamie hann

Micro transactions!! This game WAS absolutlely amazing, hell I even ignored the misses for an hour straight while playing it. Everything could be done in game with a bit of grinding. (More inv space grind. Better gear for your heros grind etc.) The music is great. The overall look to this game is great but like everything in this world it was corrupt by the lure of money and should like an infected animal be put down.

Daniel Brode

Addictive Been playing this for about a week and loving it, until the last patch ruined my ability to make Maexna's Mystic Wands or Bloody Clubs? Says I have a runtime error #2? Fix this and you get five stars, as I have the mats for 4 wands... Fixed, thank you!!

eric sanford

What a shame I used to have this rated at 5 stars. It was my favorite mobile game of all time. Unfortunately recent changes have destroyed the fun of the game and turned it into a bad clone of all the other "shoppe sims" . i can no longer recommend playing this game.

Charlie Goggins

Liked it until new update Game is extremely cool and fun, however the newest update made crafting tedious and more annoying than cool


Very tedious and boring. I have tried a couple of the wait for a few minutes to achieve an item to then wait another few minutes to craft an item, type of games, and it honestly isn't fun in my eyes. All of the waiting is just tedious and boring, may as well just watch paint dry. Not my cup of tea.

Derek Xu

Really fun little game One issue - the game says item quality scales with crafter why do I ALWAYS roll Ds on level 50 crafters? Even the level 21 customers roll at least Cs consistantly.

David Smallsreed

Great game It's a great game, but now with the new update the weapon leveling system is a little steep. You need crystals, which are hard to get, plus its a little confusing trying to figure out what base weapons you need for crafting.

Goddamned Hann

Ads for Gold issue The ads for free gold doesn't always work, it'd be good to have a count of how many are left/time to next available if it's a case of so many per 15mins or whatnot

Ian Wyndham

This game should be listed at $4.99 Support the devs, even with ups and downs I'm steadily grinding away. 9$ in app purchases does not ruin this game. Kids and Imbeciles ruin this game and the merchant subreddit.

James Nelson

Huge fan Been playing since initial release. Challenging. Addictive. Balance tweeks were super effective. I play it hard for a while and then set it down for a bit, when i come back there always seems to be additional content. Thankyou for continuing to work on and improve this game.

Paul Schultz

What does the speed boost do? Purchased a 2.99 $ speed boost. Nothing changed in game? What does it do exactly?


Newest patch changes Newest patch changes are just not fun at all. They added crafting grades which without indication or explination confuses and screws over the user. They took away all benefits of customers and made them useless money sinks that deliver NOTHING of value. Unless you are in the market for D grade magma platemails that is..

Silviu Antohe

Ads for gold The ads for gold doesn't work all the time and if you make money it is easily wasted on missions and crafting

Mr. tj333

Lots of tapping Did not see anyway to automate building or gathering

Salem B

Item Tree The item tree ruined it, you need a lot more grinding. The new weapons are awesome, but the item tree... anyhow even if I don't like the tree I still want to wish you guys luck on this app :)

Ricky Wagas

Achievement problem. I need help. I reformated my phone a while back and had to start all over merchant again, now I can't credit my achievements to give me gold, because some achievements are already achieved. Can I get a achievement reset or just credit them again?

Kevin de Caccia

Minor issues I like the game, it just loses my save any time it updates.

Zavier Bates

Great Awesome game that works stand alone or as a time waster while doing other things. Very easy to learn but hard to master

Shin The Fey

Best Craft and Rpg mixture Well this is the best game i ever met.... and addictive keep these good work..... and i will see the further of game story.

Ben Williams

Great game but now it's got iap, should make it pay 60p upfront, I'm sure majority of people on here are willing to pay it rather than iap

Jesse Otey

Xp potions? Speed potions? How long do they last. Is it one use for all characters?

Stuart Little

Very good for the price - FREE! The dwvs probably should be charging for this. $1.99 would actually be quite reasonable. Side note: if you don't want the animated results of quests & crafting, turn on the 'no-frills' setting in the options menu (the wrench icon up in the top right corner) to disable the animations.

Jamie McKay

So good I divorced my wife just to get more time to play it!

Isaiah Marquez

B.O.N.E.R.I.F.F.I.C Super cool old school style... More addictive than crack cocaine trust me ive tried them both... Play this game if you know whats good!!!

Evan Wilcox

Love the game super addicting and simple. Thank you for the quick fixes!

Bret P

Perfect No pay to win. No "speed up questing by using gems". Very honest devs making an amazing game.


Great time killer You can play for an hour or five minutes. Perfect time killer.

Curtis Watson

Help please I get the following error when trying to run the game " RunTime error, bad argument #1 to ' randomseed, (number expected, got nil)" PLEASE HELP! I would like to play this game

J.R Sagadraca

Aahh Can't put down game...brb quest completed.

Caleb Hernandez

Pass Time Favorite Never been more pleased

Mark Burgess

Great timewaster A fun timewaster that does not try to completely shake you down with micropayments.

Corwyn Shaugnessy

Nope I have to spend the game watching ads to get enough money to do anything.

Enrico Wellington

Fun It'd be nice if we could give a name for each hero

Logan Byrd

Simple, But Joyful This is a pretty simple take on the "fantasy shopkeeper" style of game which has popped into existence recently, but it's very well done, fun, and the art style makes it a joy to play, even when tasks might otherwise feel a bit repetitious.

Miner 1210

Loved it!!! This is the perfect game! But I do have like 3 suggestions. 1.The heros look changes depending on thier equipment. Like if they have the worn helmet it is an old, rusty, cracked helmet, and if you hve the iron one, the same tjing in better condition. 2. Make the merchant modifiable. Like his hair color, his hat, his facial hair, ect. 3 Make it more interactive for the bosses. Like you get to control what they do and how they attack. Other then these things perfect game!!!

Feisa Rated R

Just plain boring idle game I'm sorry but this not the best idle game i ever play. No battle sequence just waiting bar.


Amazing but needs some changes I love every thing about this game and i love how simple and easy this game is but it is not a game where you can play this game for hours after a few it can get kinda boring but dont get me wrong it is an amazing game. Some things i would like for you to change is more customization for both the merchant and hired warriors. Not only that i was there can be more of a customizable thing for the store in general so you can customize your shop from a little hut with a sign to a big business area. Amazing game

Kathi Edgell

Great and addictive Well made game, no lag, wonderful monsters to fight, and it's free!!! What's better than that??!!!!

Matthew Boan

For All Your Crafting Needs Ever found yourself engrossed with the crafting side of RPGs and MMORPGs? Of trying for one more piece of equipment that has the stat boost combination you've been itching for? Then this game is for you. Best of all? They few IAPs recently added are not pay-to-win, they are purely there for convenience.

Kieran Whittaker

Great game, but with a killer bug. This game is great fun, but... I have reported a bug which is a definite game killer for me though. When crafting "S" class iron into an ingot (iron is used as an example, it happens on all basic material crafting) it tells me I have made an "S" class ingot, but only rewards me with "A" class. Therefore when I'm trying to craft an awesome piece of equipment, I'm using a lower tier material and get a poorer result. I submitted screen shots, please fix this, then it would be five star perfect. KUTGW.

luke ford

What is going on?!?! Untill I can get more than a black screen with music I cannot rate this game any higher.

Joe Etheridge

Good game. Fun and addicting game.can't stop playing .however there could be a few improvements.I would love if your heroes sctualy changed look with what you equip them.and a hell more quests.o and more iron?

Kobe Newland

Does this end? I cannot tell if this game ends at some point. It certainly is fun, but since their isn't any context or definitive goal, it makes you lose interest. In the future, make a game I where we have something to strive for, but other than that great game.

Jakub Piątek

Good stuff Rly nice game looking forward for expansion lvl inverse and new crafting! Nice improvements! Keep it up!

Dylan V

Amazing I will start by saying I don't like most phone games and I never leave reviews. I just recently started playing this and it has to be the absolute best game out there for a phone. It's easy enough for everyone to play and there is enough crafting/item depth to keep you hooked. I do have one question though if anyone can answer. The purchasable exp and speed pots you can buy for real money, are they permanent or how do they work?

Parker McCauley

I dig the simplicity It's simple and yet the more you play the more in depth it gets.

timmy r

Extraordinarily simple and abundantly fun Honestly the title says it all. If you like simple fun RPG games this is a must play

Andrew Baker

I have always wanted to work in a shop, this sim is perfect

thomas Denton

Awesome Very fun and relaxing. Simple play and lots of stuff to create sell and equip

Patrick Rogers

Not for me The game is simple and well executed, but it's essentially a shallow resource management game. Not really an RPG.

Justin Tong

Save erased when phone battery died Aside from the save deletion bug, it's as addicting as a classic grindy, leveling up, merchanting RPG

Guillaume Cimon-Fortier

Feels unfinished Needs more descriptions, tooltips... I have no idea how str, dex or int work... Needs info on what monster drops what material. Monster quests should not cost gold imo (and even have a chance to drop some) the most gold i've done quickly eas by farming the very first bush over and over (because it's free) and crafting potions that I would sell... Crafting gear just to sell it is not rewarding enough. Profit for selling mats is 2-3 gold per item only which is nothing...

Blits Craig

Constantly fun and endlessly addicting I love the mini games you can do from watching ads while you are wrapping for your heroes to finish their quests!

Chris Romani

Starts slow. Build speed as you get more heros. Good game when you have no service.

Antonio Uribe

UI/UX could be better, but the game is addictive.

Jeremy Dean

Awesome concept Excellent game. I suggest adding a pop up window for how to get each crafting material. For example: You are in blacksmith item menu, you select an axe, you need ore. You click the ore and then the info for how to get ore is displayed.

Vince Vicente

Simple yet addictive. Devs are always active and listens to the community. No pay to win IAP. Two thumbs up!

Federico Pettinicchio

Make the bonuses per level retro-active!!!! The game is repetitive enough as it is without having to remake and relevel all characters to give them those .1 per level at level 1.

Harry Martin

??? This game needs a way to make multiple things such as weapons and armor, that would rock


Pretty good! Simple enough to not drive you crazy but complex enough to not bore you. Bravo.

Archer Hawk

A game where working hard pays Simple enough. Good mechanics. Everything in real-time. Overall a great game.

Domingo Miranda

Wow I did not expect this game to be do addicting


Thy Merchant Very fun game, u just have to know how to make that coin haha Should make it to where u could name the Heroes you hire and unequip stuff, all in all very fun and addicting

Taylor Meade

Really Enjoyable The is enough music in the game that you can just zone out and have it not get boring. As well the managing of drops and crafting with the inventory system is really well done, and ads aren't shoved down my throat to actually just play the game. Great job!

Mirren Neal

Asome You should play this game.

Will Buscemi

Played over 1000 quests and still love it! This game has a fantastic pixel art style and has the fun of a RPG in a mobile platform

Nathan Maxwell

I love this game but I think there should be different levels of crafting for different areas to make it a bit less cramped

Louis Miranda

Great game! The game is great! Great time waster ?

Someone Someone Someone

Nice! Its an AWESOME game, but how do you put extra party memebers in a party boss

Justin Waters

Fun Simple Game New content added regularly.

Robert Baird

Works now. Back to 5 stars for a great time killing game Unplayable. After htis last update the game crashes every time I try to send my heros off to kill monsters

Hax Max

Looking forward to update Game is spot on for a lazy dungeon grinder. Can get a bit tedious at times but the updates give the game boosts in playability from time to time :)

Dwi Nugroho

Just like shake and fidget I prefer make it idle gameplay

Jon Parker

Favorite on Play Store I'd give this game 10 stars if I could.

Alex Busch

Simply great Simplistic and a blast. Great time killer.

Zaxch Hasbrouck

Love it Simple yet challenging.

Colin Axler

Just love this game. The updates are great!

Dale Buchan

Was having an awesome time with this game until I bought my third hero. It said it costs 2000 gold, but when I bought it, I went to -2900 gold. Now I have no way of playing the game (not enough items to sell to get back to 0 gold). If I'm doing something wrong, please help me. Otherwise, it was fun while it lasted.

Justin Stoy

Great game and service Had a problem with the game and the dev. Fixed the problem within an hour and a half. The game play is really great so is the concept. Highly recommended

Ryan Clark

Awesome game! Working great now! 5 stars all the way! Great game!

Erik Hoffmann

Game was OK...then it broke entirely. About an hour in, I got the same "suddenly -3500 gp and can't do anything" bug that seems to have afflicted others. Boo. Cannot recommend in its current state.

Blits Craig

Constantly fun and endlessly addicting What is "The Harald, wwwabc" ? Is it for the next update?

Connor Barton

Help Me Please help me with my problem I start up the game and it works fine but when I go to buy a hero it doesn't work so I can not play the game.

Anon Guy

I would gladly give this a negative rating if it were possible

Darius Icaru

Loving the game, but small issue I love this game. I enjoy games where you can just grind forever to get better equipment then proceed with no issue but since the last update every time i go to click the arrow to send someone on a quest the screen goes black and i have to close the game

Joshua rassier

Five Star game until... Love this game, but most recent update trashed it. Blank screens, not able to send heros on quests, and now I have all my inventory slots open, and I have -3500 gold. Can't even go on a quest. Submitted bug report, it's make or break time for the devs.

alex nazarian

Too many glitches

Luke Robinett

Finest gear grind. Has a lot of mechanics that are aure to please the gear grinding enthuaiast!

sam maritato

Not working since update. When i open the app the bear that says loading shows up but then the screen just goes black and nothing happens. Please help and fix

Gretta king

Huge bug/ problem I have had the same problem as Sam Maritato. I open the app and it displays the bear loading screen then goes black. Otherwise amazing game!!!

Michael Simo

This game is primarily centered around creating and selling items. You have a band of heroes who can farm materials for you which then can be made into items to make the heroes more powerful.

Alexander Schweickerdt

Love it? Great game with great potential! I am very fond of the old school art style. Music is also brilliant. Has the same vibe as the Quest for Glory games of yesteryear. Big thums up!


Time based but still playable most games on the market that force you to wait for crafts or upgrades end up taking days for a single action. I haven't had to wait longer than an hour for anything here. highly enjoyable

Tyeson Sommer

Love the game but I have got a weird item called a grokage and I don't know what it is. May you please tell what it does.

France Ashrick Amantiad

Please help :( Hello devs. I started the game with the wrong time zone. As Ive set it to the updated time. My merchants wouldnt show for hrs now. Pls help. Pls reset the time of my game. Thanks.

Collin Gilbert

Very addicting Endless repeatability, it passes the time on the bus ride to school

Chiake Mana

Still a great game Every update is great. Keep up the improvement. Been playing this for 2 year now and it still very good.

mixalis kiran

Great There has to be a balance for basic mats guys...i cant for the life of me get s rank t2 mats...the progression is way too slow even with verry good loot...and i cant get top tier t2 gear witout s rank

Matt Lang

Out of money Since recent update I am constantly out of gold meaning I cannot quest. Would have been 5 stars but its now unplayable :(

Rodney McClure

Economicly Amazing! Very amazing game if you like trading and medieval stuff!

Christopher Beck

Great game! I love Merchant, so easy to learn and play.

Gage Southworth

Very straight forward and easy to get the hang of perfect game to play when you wanna pass time


[Update] Okay, like I been playing this game for ages now. When I first dl it I left 5 stars and praise. Now, since many game updates I wish I could give it 6 stars. Game perfectly suits phones/tablets and with every update the dev makes it better & better. Hey dev, love your creation!

Dom Oliveros

Improving In the right direction for me to get really into it again. Can't wait to see the big update


Interesting game What does WWWABC mean?

Nothing None

Secret discovered I figured out that Gastatu Ezpata is Worn Sword in a different language

Mike Gurak

great game simple to pick up and play. very fun. would love to see a pc port.

Marsalis Sanders

Really just wish I could have gotten through lol 30 without dying :( other than that 5 stars

jon dalar

Hated it. The graphics are terrible and it really starts to get on your nerves

MR.Twizzling Pumpkin

Really fun but gets boring No real objectives, what i just keep on doing is to get better armor but when i finally get that my game progress stops for a bit like i dont know what to do get more money maybe? Idk maybe clearer objectives

Tim liaw

Fun little game Manage hero's don't let them die and you will have stick to sell... haven't gone pass level 20 area though... event already take 7 minutes to complete

Joe Nelson

Excellent game! Although, I think enchanting is broken. It says it can increase the stats, but all it does is lower the stats. Also I had to reinstall and the restore purchases button doesn't do anything, that's why I lowered the rating.

axel boström

Can't get past tutorial... Had some problems at first but now that it's good the game is just awesome and I love it

Everett Themer

Read this OK so the games a great game love it love passing time playing love everything and your contest your doing I wish more game did that stuff it's how u keep players happy the people running this game you know what your doing right keep it up

George Becker

Great game to pass time with. I love the flow. Gives you something to think about when you have a few minutes. Reminds me of some of the earlier pc games way back in the '80's. Nice work. Edit: after the update.... It's a bit harder to work with. I preferred the icons over the maps.. And the scrolling is a bit difficult if you don't find a blank spot. Edit: My old phone died and I lost all of my purchases. Is there a way to restore them? The characters aren't important, I can just restart them.

Josh Osborne

Good app, can i suggest... Great game! I work on it on and off all day. However, I completely understand charging gold to quest, but could you at least put some random gold drops in the loot tables? After questing and manufacturing including healing pots, some of the profit margins get absurdly thin. I think random gold drops would go a long way.

Santiago Nutter

Amazing game, but... I love the newest additions, I was wondering "why would them leave that blank space in Grimhal?" Now it makes sense. Although I noticed, almost all new armour requires "Black Dragon Scales", even the "Elder Demon's" ones. I don't think it was on purpose, so, give the Fafnir a break and change it! Thanks for the attention, I love your work. Also, you should buff Magma items... They are quite weak, I mean, they are Tier 5 items, they should be better than Tier 4, and they are not.

anthony jolicoeur

Great game Great game it's a fun waste of time and the developers are on top of things. The game broke 6/17/16 in the afternoon they had it fixed the following morning.

Kayla Davis

Love the game, needs balancing There are a lot of things to love about Merchant. The art style is excellent and the game keeps your fingers moving and your brain thinking. The microtransactions are kept to a min, with no stupid "pay special money or suffer waiting hours and hours to keep playing" economy bottleneck. No in game action (so far) has taken more than 10 mins. Only two pieces need balancing - how quickly heroes level up (too fast right now imo), and how the game organizes which equipment belongs to which class. A++!

Samantha Johnson

OK game now Bad... Good when i first started playing but now random game shut downs have killed an positive experience i had. Have gotten ZERO response to bug reports either saying problem fixed or sorry for the problem. The legendary items are useless, by the time you can beat the monster you get them from your passed the area and have much better non legend items available to you. The newer, buyable crafters are also a joke for the same reason as the legendary weapons, when you need it the crafter is so low level that its not worth the purchase, even if you can use cash for it.

Donovan Loreman

I don't know... I don't know why, but I keep coming back to this! Its a great game, the only downside is the extremely long wait times.

Jacob Masters

Big glitch cost me money I purchased the themes and skins. Now the game says I have to buy them again

Brian Weiner

Great game with a great free model Been playing the game for the past week and haven't noticed intrusive ads. Hard to put down due to not wanting to miss making the most gold possible and upgrading gear.

Erwin Romadan

Error fixed, play it, enjoy it. Thank you for the quick reply for the dev team. Appreciate that

Kino Uy

I'm never uninstalling this! One question tho, I updated from lollipop to marshmallow and now scrolling is really unresponsive. Anyway it's incredibly good! More power!

Charlie K

Truly love it! Questions: 1) would it be possible to sort heroes on level? 2) would it be possible to do a more Mass Production on gear items? 3) Sell more than what we can now? 4) also buy More from the NPC rather than selling to them. Seems like 95℅ they are buying and 5℅ selling.

Michael Cox

Great resource management game. Well made, and scratches a strategic itch for sure. Can't put this bloody thing down.

Stephen Bone

Great game Fast paced game that's very doable as a free game. In game purchases are cheap and useful. Fast load time and not Very demanding on my crappy battery. Works beautifully on my old Samsung s3. Very fun, I'm finding myself addicted. GL HF !

Peter Massa

Ultra Rare Monsters + other suggestions This game just keeps getting better. I have been playing it for over a year. But it seems that the Ultra Rare Monsters such as Kraken and Leviathan are so rare that they are not appearing at all.Maybe add some tiers to when they appear rather than timing.Like some things that need to be done in order for them to appear. Also having multiple party members enter all quests rather than just the bosses to collect extra ingredients. Over and out.

Martin Andreev

decent runtime Error fixed... I don't see the challenge in the game, though - just buying items and selling stuff, no visible battles/action to understand the real meaning of the numbers in the weapons(i.e. to be able to roughly predict battle outcome). I'm also missing an "unequip" button for weapons and "back" button for active skills. Another useful button would be "sell all selected items" - choose a bunch of items and sell them all. And 1 bug with buying equipment from shop - it didn't show up in inventory.


Great time killer, gentle on the battery Nice way to kill time. You can either play a few minutes at a time or hours.

Kelly McLoughlin

Lost save I lost all save data the first time my phone shut off. Was fun, if I can't count on the save it's unplayable.

Conor Stewart

Brilliant game, only thought is maybe add a cross-device trading system to quest or trade with friends

Givsaro H

Great game When I first started this game I expected another cheap time sink game that I would uninstall after a few hours. Merchant turned out to be more than I expected and I've had a lot of fun with it so far. I especially like that you can play offline, there are no direct advertisements, there is a learning curve to the game (learning how it truly works), and the inherent rng with item making. I hope to keep playing this game for the next few months. For a phone game I think it's pretty good.

Lizette Cox

Will not load I've enjoyed this game for a while. For some reason the game will not load for me. I just get a black screen and nothing happens. I did leave it open for a few minutes and it still did not load. I really don't want to uninstall this game. This is one of the few games I really enjoyed.

Ceviro Ho

Great Game but, Just for the beginning, after that we must wait for long time to get more progress

Sarah Jane Christenson

Really enjoying the game Fun quest dynamics, imaginitive objects, simple format. It's free, fun to play, and rather addictive. What more could you want? EDIT: y'all keep adding sweet stuff and making updates, for free? Insane. I love it. Thanks!

Eat more pork porky

Lovely 3 reasons I have to give this game top marks. #1 It didn't beg me for a review. #2 It's fun and very simple to play. #3 The IAP and ads are very non obtrusive. My suggestions to further improve it, maybe have some kind of combat mini game to play if you don't want to wait for the quest to finish, of course difficulty increasing at higher levels and maybe a reward of some time off the quest depending on how you did. Edit: I did see specific customers :) good stuff.

Damon Sizemore

Great game If I could, I'd rate it 10 stars, really enjoyed the game!

Sandipon Choudhury

Good sim/rpg Pretty neat, only complaint - need better crafting and inventory interface.

Adam Goodwin

Still new to me. Only a couple of days into it, but really enjoying it.

Far Loki

I stop playing it. Its hard to grind for jeweler level even for the 1st area makes you dont want to continue playing at all..

Daulton Gibson

Fixed Working on HTC 10. Nice game & low battery consumption!


Data issues recently Twice this month the game decided to just randomly use 30 megs of my data despite setting it to restrict data, tanking my plan. :(

Ursu George

Cool! Very addictive! Fun and a good way to kill time!

Ammo Clip

Genius I love this game! But it restarted for no reason and I lost evetything. And you only get 10gold for an ad wow you people suck.

Rhyett Hawkins

Great game, but... It has tons of crashes on my phone, the LG G3. The game is great fun, but loses a star because I have to repeatedly restart it over and over again. Can easily get a 5 star if it gets fixed.

rodrigo souza

Pretty fun, but a time consuming idler. Its fun, really fun. But even though this is a game you can idle, you really can't. Time management is an issue, some things are too slow while others are too fast. You can financially invest into the game to mitigate that but i feel its an issue that throwing money at shouldn't be the solution. 4.5/5 as is.

Chris Jackson

Just what I've been looking for Old school RPGers will love this. If you've played Dragon Quest/Warrior IV, and wondered what Taloon did after saving the world, think no more. I was thrilled to give the developer money to make the game just a little easier (it was by no means necessary) just because it was well deserved.

Steven M.

Great game Love the classic 8 bit style. It feels like a tactical game in a way but it's light and easygoing. Managing inventory and quests is fun and the new areas keep things fresh. I played a while ago and came back to a few updates which liven the heros up. Skills, enchantments and a jeweler are all new and exciting to me. I've got to say the game really does well if you're looking for a trade simulator or small business management game. Add in the fact it's a mini RPG and you're set for hours of entertainment.

Deniz Demirel

FOUND A MINOR BUG (Spelling mistake) When you first enter the Inventory screen the pop up says "Use the invenotry menu to manage new items". Inventory is spelled wrong. This game is amazing. Recommended! Art style is well done. The music that plays in the background really puts you in the mood for some relax game time.

Andreas Victorsson

Annoying Button Placement This game has a very annoying UI placement. The button placement is right above my touch sensitive hardware buttons and I often end up closing the game accidentally or switching out to another app. I really wish I could have an alternate place for the buttons. Or even a confirmation pop-up window.

Daniel Silva

How a game is done the right way This is the perfect mobile game in every way. No online connection needed and has tons of replayability. Send your heroes to do quests, gather materials, build armor and weapons and sell for profit or equip your heroes. The best strategy and managing game out there.

Mobile Game Done Right Ads are voluntary and offer ingame currency as a reward. Equipment progression follows D&D rules and skill progression is like most typical MMOs. Art style is unique in the best way but lacks animation, customization, and variation. Plenty of enemies, items, crafting recipes, regions, etc.

Johnathan Smith

Love the game, but... This game is awesome. It simply is. There are only a couple of minor issues in game play (such as being double any raid bosses level, in next tier purple and orange gear... and still being utterly unable to take them down.) But hey.

John Carlo Gregorio

I loved it A must play android phone game... after installing this game i immediately fell in love with this game its so addicting time consuming i fcking love it.. and plz add auto run in every dgn im willing to pay like a premium service so plz add that option ... what i mean is hero will run the dgn even when im afk

Tim Loquist

Its good buuuutttttt Ive been really enjoying the game but i find leveling up the alchemist to be an almost unnecessary grind. As well as i find myself wishing new heros started at a slightly higher level..... maybe im the only one that sees these as problems and i really like the game otherwise

Roy Cline

Game is better now Still hate the fighting map ... too much scrolling but... recent updates and options have made it enjoyable to play again. Don't buy the speed thing. It doesnt work.

Daniel Jackson

A must have This is a great game little to no adds and you have the option to buy upgrades or play to unlock i have not run into any bugs. This is an all-around awesome game thankyou for making a a great game.

Blits Craig

Merchant I'm rank *34 in Google Play, and out of the hundreds and hundreds of games that I have played, this one remains my absolute favorite out of all of them. I highly recommend this game to literally everyone! *(Level 36 and a half, still love this game!)

Giles Harrison

Compelling to watch the numbers go up as usual but.. Otherwise kind of tedious. Press a thing to start a timer, press it again when the timer ends, repeat. The problem I have with this is that the timers are so short it requires constant intervention. They're long enough to leave you waiting sometimes, but short enough you couldn't be doing anything else inbetween. Others games have timers that bring you back every few hours at most, and have a more actiony element you can play if you want to play longer, which I feel works better than this game.

Kürşad Can Mutlu

it is good but do we really need to wait this much time? Can u scale time quarter? It gets annoying after stage 4

estrebel romeo

Data lost Ive bought you x16 and jeweler and i already have 6 hero then all of a sudden after my phone restart it wipes it ? Wtf all my hard work gone in a poof

bart mols

Bug All my stuff is maxed out but can't get items above "B" even though I use "S" grade materials

Joe Kazaker

Cool game BUT!!!!! Don't pay for boosts, $3 and they last 3 rounds. . . Total scam.

Nothing None

Loved it but .... I think there is always room for improvement you keep doing your best to make a great game <3 I've been a faithful merchant and always will be I hope you see this developers and I wish you best of luck

Mark Hall

Very addicting A nice game of gathering resources and building wealth. There are a few ease-of-use UI tweaks I'd like (single page inventory, for one), but fun and easy to kill lots of time in.

Charlotte Lyons

Error I used to play this all the time, but after the last update I just get an error code when I try to open it.

Amazing This game creates a rift in time, which sucks you in. Before you know it, you're selling things for impressive amounts, but you've forgotten to eat, go to work, or even love your kids. All that matters now is the sale after the quest.

Ryan Whitfield

Hella fun game! This is the third time I've installed the game over two different phones, and I still love it. Wish there was a cloud save, or Facebook save, because I've had to start over multiple times because I've gotten different phones.

Ashton Hampton

Perfect Everything someone could want in a phone game. Easy, fun, and passive, while also being able to be very much active. Masterpiece. I really like the little ad watch mini-games, do you think you could make an app about those?

Hdizzle foshizzle

If you reload game while enchanting " improve stats " you get a fail ... ( aka b rank ) Annoying bug

Mark Badger

Fun I'm getting gear drops that boost exp by 500% and 1000%.... That's not accurate though. Y'all know about this?

Benoit Morin

Love it I love the concept and retro gaming style of the game. I'd suggest making the heroes change colors or design based on the equipment. Just a little attention to detail to make it more visually interesting.

Tulula Smith

Really great. An amazing well rounded game, incredibly enjoyable and surprisingly does not dull itself down with repeated gamelay. Mage for the win!

Helen Larkin

Super fun, a great little time eater I've spent a couple of bucks on this to open more inventory slots, but your don't have to spend a cent. It's a great, fun, little game!

Micah Otac

Warning Save Game will NOT transfer to a new phone. Do not give them money...

Marcus DeVivo

You can be the Merchant I always wondered what it would be like to run one of those shops in a fantasy RPG. A fun, well designed game.

Alex Striker

This game It's the kind of game that lets you be as involved as you want. You can set your own goals, pay as much or little attention as you want- and do math for fun. Some kind of "fun math".

Devon Smart

I really liked this game... Until it reset all of my progress, I spent 3 days and tons of hours just to have my progress reset

Austin Bliss

Best mobile game I've ever played. Simple to grasp difficult to perfect, and amazingly fun when you try to maximize profits.

Tomáš Kuboušek

It is just a great game, no need to spend real money if you dont want to, but you need to use your brain up and then :-)

Brought Buy

There is a glitch where crafting and selling may stop permanently if you phone is shutdown suddenly Awesome game

Luke Racchini

Pretty fun game, could use a bit more content, items, weapons etc. Really nice it isn't pay to win and is pretty fun, I'm about 4-5 days deep and still fun

Christian Owens

Good pass time Good game. Haven't found any bugs for GS7. Could spend hours at a time on this.

Ibrahim Kamal

BEST GAME EVER I love the Retro Pixel Art style and the Gameplay is amazing. THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE GAMES LIKE THIS

Leonard Bangco

Best pass time game so far I've been hooked to this game since I started playing it till now. Keep up the good work!

Gene Speaks

Fun way pass time Really enjoy this style game and this game nailed the concept of sins and kept game fun

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