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6 Apr

Posted by Sandcastling Software in Entertainment | April 6, 2015 | 51 Comments

Apk file size: 2.1 MB

This MeowMeowBeenz app is a parody of the app that showed up on NBC's 'Community'. No, it doesn't categorize the people in your life. (Seriously, would you want to do that anyway?) So, if you've landed here and expected to find an App that functions just exactly like the App on NBC's Community, well, then you'll likely be disappointed with this version of MeowMeowBeenz. It doesn't (as in, "does not") pit you against others, manically trying to reach greater and larger numbers. Showing someone that you're a "5" will not necessarily get you a free Starbucks latte (but it is rumored to allow you to adjust Greendale's thermostats).

On the other hand, if the idea of loading up a friend's photo, assigning them an onscreen MeowMeowBeenz level (complete with meow-meow sounds) then turning your phone around and saying something like, "Ha! I've given you the same level as Abed!" You'd probably get one of those priceless moments where your friend looks at your phone, then back at you, and wonders, "What just happened? Am I now a FIVE???"

It'd be one of those silly only-do-it-once kind of funny moments. And that would be it.

If that sounds like fun, and might bring a smile or two, then download away!

** MeowMeowBeenz **

Want to add yourself? A friend? Tap the main graphic once for camera. Press and hold to get to your device's gallery.A custom name can also be entered at the top, just type the area with the flashing cursor.

Ready to bestow the beenz? Tap one of the five cats along the bottom. The rating should change appropriately. I've been having fun taking screenshots and texting them to friends (They're all 5's, of course.) (My Galaxy S3 can produce a screenshot by holding down the main and power buttons simultaneously. Your mileage may differ.)

Have fun, and see you at Community! :)


Q: What episode/show of Community did MeowMeowBeans, uhhh, MeowMeowBeenz show up?
A: Season 5, Episode 8 "App Development and Condiments" - March 6, 2014

Q: Does the MeowMeowBeenz App actually transmit data/rankings/ratings to the Community College Servers?
A: No data is transferred from the app, nor can others see how you may have rated them.This only attempts to be a fun mock-up of what was depicted on the show.

Q: Do folks listen to Britta more when there's *brown*, rather than *yellow* mustard on her face?
A: This has yet to be tested. Someone have her give me a call and I'll break out the Goulden's.

Q: How can I make my own photo (or a friend's) look super-authentic with the App?
A: Create a graphic/photo with the dimensions of 325x220 pixels. It'll size much better, especially if you're using a mobile device similar to what showed up on the show.

Q: Is there anyway to save the photos?
A: Other than taking a screenshot from your device, there is currently not a way to save a custom MeowMeowBeenz setting. But I am still kicking around some ideas, so stay tuned.

Q: Will my MeowMeowBeenz count drop for not rating your app with 5 stars?
A: Why even take that chance. ;)

Whats new

    v7 - Per Google policies, removed character images. Adjusted sounds.
    v6 - Text alignment fix.
    v5 - Various fixes.
    v4 - * Camera is now accessed by tapping the main picture.
    * A long press brings you to the gallery.
    * Sound effects updated.

Sandcastling Software part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update April 6, 2015. Google play rating is 65.3118. Current verison is 1.0.7. Actual size 2.1 MB.

Download meowmeowbeenz.apk 2.1 MB

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Ravi Pillai

Hahahahahaha I'm crying

Misael Indra Wijaya

Don't know what to say This app is nice n funny just like in community tv series but it has several weakness, first of all if u give 2 meowmeowbeenz the cat voice just like two cat meow at same time, second, i thought this supposed to be social app like facebook or instagram, but it's ok , i just hope in future this app will be social app

Neena Chan

Pretty neat! After reading your description I understand now why it doesn't save but I do hope in the future we can save the pictures to our own personal gallery to use against our friends and whatnot! Good job! :-)

natalie gibbons

Saved from the wastelands You get a 5 from me just for the thought. Just watched the community episode and immediately reached for my phone. Glad to find the meowmeowbeanz app. I do hope you are blessed with some magical developer dust soon as this would be awesome fully functioning. :-)

Tiana Jones

Good idea but flawed. I like this app, the sound effects are awesome and I am so impressed that someone went to the effort to make this. That's pretty cool. Only problem for me is that the ratings don't save. I rate Britta a one, then give Annie a five and everyone including Britta becomes a five. The rating automatically changes for everyone when you change the rating of one character. That and you cannot save your own photos and ratings on the app. You can screen shot photos but can't save things in the actual app.

Amanda Black

Not at all functional What is the point of taking your picture if it doesn't even end up in the program? Also you can't see any of your own friends.

Gage Huff

Im a 5 Everyone who doesn't give this app a 5 is a 1. And they don't get a rhyme because they're garbage

N Dahl

Works flawlessly. Don't mind those guys that say it doesn't save your meowmeowbeenz. That's because they're twos. Just give them an apple.

Josh Mitchell

Stupid This app sucks and is worthless. They could've put some time/effort into creating it.

franz nachname

social media i know it's early and you probably don't have the supplies to do it but it would seriously be the coolest app if you could make it into a social media app like in the show so if you can pleaase do it for greendale!!

Chris Webster

Rule of 5's Greatest app ever. Now I even get to control the thermostat!

Ryan Raffety

Terrible How hard is it to make an app that has a friends list that you can use to give your friends 1-5 meowmeowbeenz which then saves and adds all of your accumulated meowmeowbeenz to an average score. The app in community is already incredibly simple, I would really like to see a recreation. I think it would be alot of fun and if you could make this app it probably wouldn't be a whole lot harder. I understand this isn't what you were aiming to make, but either way I'm uninstalling.

Sergio Martinez

So glad someone made this. This app works because the premise is sound. There are even people who have never seen Community that got upset when I started rating their every move with meowmeowbeenz without an explanation of their significance. Plus the sound effects are perfect. The only problem is that I can't figure out how to save new pictures.

Adam Carson

Good but wanted more It's okay people I have decided to bring meowmeowbeenz to life. I am working on a site and then an app that will use the server so you can add and rate your friends.

Josh Dalton

WRONG This is meant to be a social network where one can shamelessly judge one's friends not the community cast of seasons 1-4

David Baker

Perfect This app is perfect as it was intended: a quick reference humor app with no real functionality. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

Anthony Roulhac

Worth it... That #MeowMeowBeenz sound alone is like naked, hot angels playing harps or whatever. Thanks for creating this ?????

Adrienne Smith

Great concept but there's no point at the moment.

Er Gr

Cute So cool that someone actually made this. Pls improve so we can save friends & share! >^..^<

Joe Shmoe

Cant even meowmeowbeenz If i could give this app meowmeowbeenz i would give them negative all the meowmeowbeenz

Christopher Gauss

A fun little diversion A happy 3 is a future 4. From the negativity I'm reading, reviewing apps seems to be the real life meowmeowbeenz. So many angry 1s

Swee swee

Hey Ones dont get a rhyme because they are garbage!!!!

Phillip Anthony B. Delos Santos

In Community Why would Pierce and Troy be in this app? Pierce is dead and Troy is on a sea voyage.

Jojo Gymbo

Terrible It doesn't work!!! It rates everyone the same.

Dee Richter

Please let us download this for ring tones or notification. Txt tones or something that would be fat dog.

Jake Harlow

BEHOLD!! Only 3's and higher may read this review, That is all.

Kristi Lewis

Makes no f****** sense But I love it anyways, I watch the show and love the concept of the app

Jake Young

Cool Just watvhed the episode of community and just reached for my phibe and installed it

stephanie turrecha

I love it I love it! I also looove Community! Sooo I wanted to try this app. I thought. It was just a made up app but its actually real. And awesome.

Brittney Baxter

Love this getting made! "All fives we're reduced to ones in the great purge of about 2 minutes ago!"

Ethan Boutcher

Apples Where are all the apples?

Kim Durepos

5 meow meow beanz simply because this exists!

Augustus Joseph

Assassins will kill this app!!!!! Ahhahahahaaaaha None what now bruh

Leo Pearson

Real app please When are we going to be able to actually rate people with meowmeowbeenz?? Just like the app that's shown on Community! At the moment the app is pretty pointless, I reckon this would take off & people would actually pay if it was a fully functioning app like on the show

A Google User

Almost cool Expected something else

Jesse Young

Remember: 5's have lives, 4's have chores, 3's have fleas, 2's have blues, and 1's don't get a rhyme because they're garbage!!!

Watts Brown

5 meowmeowbeanz The one true 5

Marissa Harris

Community Show rules

Joshua Murch

Giving 5 meowmeowbeenz

Monumental Entertainment

Jeff Winger This 5 Has not been cleansed and made to oneness 5 Stars ... absolutely free

Heather Townsend

its ok its cool but i cant figure out how to make more carectors

Neal Sorensen

This is funny! As it says it is a parody of the app from Community, and let's remind ourselves how Greendale descended into a dystopia when the app was used by everyone!

maxwell takii

12345's 1's go to the wastland's 2's go inside 4's get awesome clothes and 5's r gods

Will Johnson

There is no formula for people! I love my four from Vicki.

Luke Sloan

When I saw this app I was like THATS NICE

chrisco 47

Community How many people got this app because they saw it on community?

Vic Kanis

Improvements: Plz make this work like in the show!!

Paul Grier

It's great But it's not....

Jesse Young

Remember: 5's have lives, 4's have chores, 3's have fleas, 2's have blues, and 1's don't get a rhyme because they're garbage!!!

Shane Goodfellow

Amazing 5s have lives. 4s have chores. 3s have fleas. 2s have blues and 1s don't get a rhyme because they're garbage! This app will be amazing if you could save n share pics. Make it a premium feature and I'll drop a couple of bucks.

Anthony Roulhac

Worth it... That #MeowMeowBeenz sound alone is like naked, hot angels playing harps or whatever. Thanks for creating this ?????

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