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21 Dec
Mental Hospital III Lite

Posted by AGaming+ in Action | Dec. 21, 2014 | 84 Comments

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best horror 2014 years, according to many gamers. 4Pda★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survival horror with astonishing graphics and a really frightening atmosphere.

Our story started quite ordinary. The main character got an offer to record a video of a special forces raid in one of the psychiatric hospitals where secret experiments were supposed to be carried out. Sounds easy enough… That was what he thought.

But he will forever remember that night. The night everything went wrong from the very beginning: Horrible weather, problems on the news, and the car breaking down appeared to be inevitable, as was missing the start of the clinic capture operation. Having arrived at his destination late, the main character decides to find Lieutenant Sidorov as soon as possible, hoping to film at least something. After the main character gets inside of the hospital and is introduced to it's inhabitants he understands that it will be nearly impossible to describe what he saw there. You can of course erase the footage, but there is no option to erase your memories.

This is reality. Will the main character emerge from this fateful hospital alive, or will he too, like it's residents, be trapped here for the remainder of his life.

Whats new

    Optimized code
    Added support for Android 4.0

AGaming+ part of our Action and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Dec. 21, 2014. Google play rating is 83.1702. Current verison is 1.01.02. Actual size 100.0 MB.

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Peter Rowntree

Liked it! Great attempt at an Amnesia style game! Graphics are good, controls are a bit awkward on a mobile, but could be way worse. Enemies aren't exactly terrifying, but on the whole a great little horror game.

candace chatfield

Seems awesome but... I don't get far at all because I keep dying in the bathroom at the beginning. I watched a video and I do what the guy does, I go in n close the door n shut off my night vision but I keep dying.I stand still n I've tried moving around once the doors shut to try n climb on the toilet n it don't work,even the guy in the video looks around n isn't actually on a toilet. Plz let me know what I'm doing wrong so I can get into the looks awesome n I'm dying to play if I could stop dying at the beginning lol!

Jazz Chicken

Good potential. Bad controls Played only a few mins of it and now uninstalled. With a controller or mouse and keyboard this would be a good game. But as a touch screen game it doesnt work. You have to scroll up or down 2-3 times to move the camera and I can see it really frustrating me. Some interactive objects I tried to open or use but instead either nothing happend or the character moved instead. Adds jumped on the screen and forced me onto a website. So all that reduces it by 1 star. Game seems cool. But the controls killed it 4 me

Gabriel Buttigieg

STOP! OK, everyone that's complaining, "Oh, I can't play the game because it takes me back to the home screen", STOP! The game is meant to be played on a powerful device, so it's no surprise that it'd be crashing on a crappy old phone. The game was made for tablets. GOOD tablets. It is a fun game though xD

Vipin Kaushik

Not workin.. Guyz game looks gr8 as I saw the trailer buh it stops right at first level..plz help..

Angelina the catgirl otaku

Awesome!!! Great game amazing controls I look love how u can hide in stuff to! Its reeeeally creepy worth downloading!!!!!!

Christopher Russell

The elevator This has to be one of the scariest games I've ever played. And that elevator oh my god that scared the crap out of me. I literally threw my phone and headphones cuz it scared the crap right out of me

ปนิษฐ์ ภักษา

Too much ads force to ad screen every 5-10 secs. Is that too much? My phone is qualcom quad-core 1.3GHz Ram 2gb vga mali mp rom 8gb. I read it here it need high spec. How high spec do you need?

Bradley Pearce

Best game ever This game is awsome I like how you can hide in lockers and bathrooms and it also gives you that chill down your spind but you cant stop playing it and the bit with alice in the elevator was awsome gave me a big jumo scare but I loved it that was only the first level and it was very interesting im defently getting the full game well done

Jared Eaves

Doesn't work. The unity logo appears, then I am returned to the phones main screen.


Add sens Please add sensitive option it make no fun when you can barely look

Luke Carr

Amazing but... Just accidentally pressed on the different language button and can't go back!!!

Marijane Johnson

Great Game Firstly, it is already terrifying. After playing for less than ten minutes the monster was there scaring the life out of me. The only problem is the controls are a little difficult but mostly fine.

Destiny Johnson

|_0\/£|) ¡†!!!!!!????? Gave me the heebie jeebie goosebumps just by lookin at da slide show!!???

Jason Dawes

Controls are not fun The game looks like it would be fun with controls that dont feel delayed and slow to turn.

Yuli Ana

Just like outlast On PS3/4yeah tx for giving this game I love it because outlast yeayy

Denis Demidyuk

the game don't work i see the loader and for 5 sec I am forced to leave from it

Joshua Huntley

Cool But im scared now lol

Creative kitty

Good game Controlsto turn are difficult but otherwise, good game

Isaiah Zumwalt

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Game runs really good I can play ultra with a bit of lag but other than that it's good.

Nicolo Reynolds

Ok i dont like it because i cant increase the sensitivity and can't invert up and down its stupid

Hunter Cliburn

Hold on players. Tell pewdiepie to play this. ..just look at,s scary as heck

Shouna Graves

Awesome Hop ever mad this game I like his games

Zyan Khan

How to download full version The game is awesome .. But I need this full version .. And I don't know how to download the full version .. !!

Joe Ireland

Wow This was creepy and I played this at half past 11 and I'm 12 lol cool game

Gašper Ambrožič

Dead fair scared :-[ xD It's scary and awesome at same time! What's next!?

Joanne pretty girl rocket

OMG This game is crazy scared the he'll out of me. Thank you for making this

Erica Craig

Omg I just got on the game and it's so scary I got so scared I got off....Omg!

Trenton Kauff

Freekin scared me at the end lol grudge girl pops up. In elevator haahaa 5 stars

Paresh Rawal

Its Ok Graphics and game is awesome but they say try to find other way to get out from hospital...and there is no way to get out I have discover each and every corner but no way to get out..and bad controls

Dead Nation

Great XD so scary had me yelling "How about no!"


Its awsome Its actualy scary than most games I played so far I can't get enough of games like this one it also got easy controls

Jordan Reid

When that hand smashes the glass at the start of the game it wont load, nothing ever happens! Please fix it now it looks like fun. Never mind your dont care, ill uninstall

Wanda ಠ_ಠ

Great Game I LOVE this game but when I hid the toilets the game took me to the home screen ?

Lisa Collester

It sucks Goes to home screen when played.....most of these horror games do this..why

Alexis Vargas

Mental hospital 3 Wow creepy reminds me of outlast

Scott Fotheringham

If you hide in the third toilet it doesn't get you

Nikko M

Scariest game But can you add a view sensitivity option

Nur Ariff

I liked it..but Dude it really slow to turn...can u add the sensitivity

Indigo Howard

Glitchy Its really glitchy and when you turn around its really slow. Plz fix. If u do I will rate five stars

Sagun Soren

Doesn't work!!!! Just closing after touching the screen when its says "TOUCH SCREEN TO START LEVEL1"...

Rodriguez Franco

Don't work Why because after the kinda dialog thing its said loading and just return me to my screen WTF!!?! Plz fix redownload after one week. thx

Alan Duckett

First game that truly scared me I can't even keep it open because I'm scared of the dark so I'm like terrified

Randy Sanjaya

Loved it I wonder whats that eyed-sign means? But when i touch it, nothings happened.

PlayStation-Gamer 51

Nice and scary This game gives you the scary feel and i just love it!!

Luke Nichols

Wow SO SCARY the elevator scared the crap out of me and the rush to shut the doors is so scary

James Ellis

Sensitivity I would like it if you added sensitivity options so it can be turned up. Im sure others would like that change.

julia hauer

Pretty Good! This is a really good game because usually free horror games are crap, but I really liked this! You did a fantastic job!! Keep it up!

lesie Mason

Lol it's fun as hell It has like an outlast feel to it. I enjoy this. Its just crazy.

Nathan Thomas

Bad Controls are awful. This game is definitely not for mobile. Game is laggy, poorly executed, and very hard to manage your character. Game looked to have potential. Very unhappy with the ads that auto take you to a website. Uninstalling

Karen Skinner

Problems... Game would be better if the ads didn't break in and disrupt gameplay saying I won a free app.... I underatand why you have ads. I have NO PROBLEM with ads, unless it disrupts the game, which it did here. I found the key in the bathroom, then CRASH!!! When I got back to the game, I had to start from scratch. Pretty annoying. I'll check black at a later date to see if it's fixed. Several times it crashed & I lost what I've done. I am looking forward to being able to actually play this game.

christina Cheeves

Boring I hate it I hate it because I never get scared. One time I watched the grudge and I was 6 at the time and I never was scared once. you need to make it even more scary plz make it scary . I want scary not what ever you call that game. Also I watch every saw movie and not scary at all. You need to make the guy chasing you groser and you need to make the guy scary like 10 zombies in one body or more than 10 zombies in one bodyplz make it scary. Try listening to others like me plz. MAKE IT SCARY PlEASE.

Matthew Lopez

PLEASE LOOK AT The game is great and its very scary but it would be great if u can have an online setting were like u have to survive the longest and things like that

Dmitriy Kalik

Mental Hospital 3 demo Are you kidding me? How do you expect me to try out your game if I can't get past the blatant ads and into the actual menu?! I have tried twice now to restart the program and enter into a new game; unfortunately, an Amazon advertisement keeps blocking me from the main menu of the game. Am I doing something wrong; why do you try so hard to unimpress me?!

Swetha Kurup

This is one of the best games ever!!!! It will definitely give me nightmares but it is beyond AWESOME!! I have always been looking for a game similar to Outlast ... So this definitely worked!!! Trust me download it and you will love it ???

Naufal Wahyu Ferdiansyah

Dammit Damn i like this game :D this game brings memory to Outlast :v ahaha. But what is the difference between lite & paid version??

A Google User

Outlast: Whistle-blower on a phone Really good, excellent graphics, excellent sound design, no constant silly jump scares, and most of all, the Dev's passion comes right through this making you realise the effort and dedication put into it. Unfortunately for me, I can't play FPS controls on a mobile phone cause I suck, but this is probably the best control mechanics I've experienced in FPS on mobile. Really well done Dev :-)

Alexander Evans

Brill game It is a marvellous game scared me half to death download it is awesome well done to the creaters

Shalaya Crawford

Its pretty good Its pretty good ans everything and ita addicting but what am I supposed to do like collet something or try to find my way out of the mental hospital without getting eaten? Can somebody help me?

Kirigaya Kazuto

This game is not working. . It keeps stopping when I play it. . Please make a better one that all person can play. -_-

robbie clark

How???? I cant even find anything!!!! please respond(: I would rate five stars and buy the full version of mental hospital three it is very an I mean very hard to do but it is very scary I will give you that it is similar to outlast whist blower! that's a complement you probably spent a lot of time to make this game anyway that is what I say about the game awesome game keep it up!!!!(:

April Tyler

Ok so far well glitches after bathroom, paper u pick up in room that looks Orange stays on camera after picking up To all that keep dying in bathroom in very beginning, hide in last stall to your left and wait til the eye disappears. I tried all to see if that's why I kept dying and that's why , wrong stall. I will edit as I go along. Glitch is if u pick this up after bathroom scene. Also I have a good phone I play this on and good wifi etc so its not my device.

Extra Gameing

Holy shit I played it and I will play it again one my frist time I go to hide then I started hideing more then I died in the game it wes sooo scary and crappy

Chetan Narasimha

Ad ghosts inside Do you want top app of the day now? That's scary than ghost inside in the game, wish this came with ad Free.


Won't work Every time I try to play it sends me back plz fix

Stefan Alexandru

Please change controls I like the story i was excited to play the graphics were amazing and then boom stupid controls activated.I knew that some games have this problems and in options i will solve the problem but then....please CREATE IN OPTION SECTION SENSITIVITY OPTION!

Mamta Singh

This may be a good game but... By reading reviews i came to know that it is a really good survival game and i downloaded it but when the beginning video ended up, it automatically closed down and displayed my home screen X-( .....pls fix this.... i want to play it..... if this issue will get fixed then i will perfer to give 5 stars to this game....... at least tell me the solution !!!

Ramon William

So awesome game When I enter the lift a women came suddenly my god I got scared but it was a good game I love the ending part but I don't know why he gave the diary to the women

Abigail Beckett

Scary As soon as I started I saw a door opening and closing so I went of in fear and never touched the game again but the gravics were really cool so I suppose if you can get scared easily then don't download this

James Andel

Stupid The people who make these games need to be fired cause of lying I rather play Mario cart and I'm 43 wow just glad I didn't pay for uninstalled after this comment bye bye

William H

Okay for as little as there is Assuming I found all that I could in the lite's really short, basically a demo. I got to the point where after my guy died I was asked if I wanted to buy the full version, so that's the ending of this version, right? Nice graphics and music--very creepy. Annoying that if I so much as paused the game I had to restart at the front door. No saves. Very little to interact with...a few doors, three notes, a key and a thingy.


First Jump Scare almost caused me to jump out of my body XD LOL Good game set up. Good Story line. Great Jump Scares. I might be sleeping with two lights on tonight. It startled me really badly. It's a really enjoyable can over all!

Arnav Sonu

Hate it Its is not atall opening in my lenovo a6000 plus please fix i want to play

Jink Novak

OK, but... It's very well made but it does seem a little bit copied off Outlast. I get if its inspired, they are both great games.

Jenny Sch

Only lvl 1? Do I have to buy the game to play level 2? it's unclear.

Enrico Jr Espares

Hate this game. It wont even work on my phone, my phone is a lg gpro2, i cant believe it doesnt work on my phone.

Veronica Jimenez

I'm impressed with this This was alot more scary than Slendrina The Cellar. But i do agree that there should be sound affects like breathing and screaming

Bob Duanne

Avoid Opened this and right away there was a voice-over offering a free app from an unknown source if I shake my phone. Then I was carried off to various apps on Google Play that I didnt want. Didnt get to start MY game. Uninstalled and did a security scan. Tried again and controls didnt work. No, avoid!! Really, you people gave this 4.2? I don't believe that. B...S

Franzisnice Official Channel

Some of player is dying in bothroom All you need to do is run to the door fast open it the go inside then close the door then wait for the unknown people get away by the way this game is scary

Caitlyn Childers

How do you do it? I am stuck i got to the part where i hide in the toilet and how long do i stay there? So after about a minute i got bored so i went out then i died. I also tried to go upstairs there wasnt anything there so apperently the only thing left is to go in the bathroom but how long do you stay there and what does the gray eye in the corner mean? Please answer my questions.

Grim Stitch Factory

Frustrating Okay... dying again and again in the toilet before even getting into the game is not cool nor fun. Great environment but not worth it when you can't even get passed the washroom in stage 1.

Rancid Corpse

You know what I'd really like? I'd like it if the game stopped kicking me out as soon as it spawns me into the game. I'm sure that I would've given a higher rating if it let me play. I'm going to download Mental Hospital 2 to see if it makes a difference.

Krishna Vamsi Reddy Nallamilli

Sooooooo horrifying The location and sounds are so terrifying, iam warning u please play this game when you are with your friends only. I know you cannot play this game lonely , because the sound effects and location will kill you

Swetha Kurup

This is one of the best games ever!!!! It will definitely give me nightmares but it is beyond AWESOME!! I have always been looking for a game similar to Outlast ... So this definitely worked!!! Trust me download it and you will love it ???

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