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20 Nov
Memo Glyph

Posted by Canis Majoris Games in Puzzle | Nov. 20, 2015 | 126 Comments

Apk file size: 3.3 MB

With simulator of Ingress glyph sequences, one glyph dictionary, and other three game modes Memo Glyph will help you to keep in mind the names and forms of the glyphs of Ingress game, making easier get the new Translator Medals in the game!

I hope you enjoy!

Glyph data base sources
+Ingress post
And a lot of friends that send me glyph sequences screenshots. Thanks!

Glyph are based on Ingress game and Ingress history.

Memo Glyph has NO connections with Niantic or Google.

Whats new

    Intelligency and Technology glyphs added
    Unbounded is now in game glyph
    New game sequences added
    Turn off a game sequence after play it on Simulator Mode available

Canis Majoris Games part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Nov. 20, 2015. Google play rating is 88.0703. Current verison is 1.4.0. Actual size 3.3 MB.

Download memoglyph.apk 3.3 MB


Stolf Waffles

Best so far Tried a few different programs to help with glyph learning. This one helps me the most.

Ekevoo Jouag'iagn

Fun Not a bad app, its several modes of play are useful to learn meanings or train. Highly recommended.

Cassie N

Great for new players Helped me out getting all the glyph hacks down.

Nathan Kinsey

Best App Gets Better I personally find this app way more useful than glypher, and MemoGlyph continues to get better with each update. This is a surefire way to get (at least) a few L8 glyphs in the field.

Chris Stahl

Great Ingress trainer Great way to improve glyph hacking skills! The repeat option on the simulator allows for those who learn by rote memorization to excel. Survival is also a good game. Genius is a pain but only sure to the amount of time each game takes.

Clayton Cox

Great for Practice If you want the Translator Badge, this is the app for you.

Pauline Cartiaux

best glyph exercices works perectly, several modes

chris smith

Just what I was looking for! Tried another app for practicing glyphs and found it be inferior to this one. Now I'm getting better at glyph hacking... Thanks MemoGlyph!

Keefe Askin

Fun and helpful Lots of game modes help learning the glyphs feel like a brand new game


Best total glyph memorization tool. It has the most complete glyph set and various ways to memorize.

Travis James

Amazing I am now a stone cold glyphin mamma jamma, AWWWWW YEAAAAH

Laurie Urquiaga

Very helpful I'm still learning all of the patterns, but now I'm successful most of the time.

Cal Garcia

Great Practice App for Ingress For Ingress Agents who desire big bonuses when hacking portals. Some glyphs are elusive and difficult for me to nail down.

Gina Long

Good for learning This app does a good job of taking the player from one glyph to multiple ones.

Dustin Smith

Awesome. Has good UI. Search function is great.

Mike O'C

Very helpful! Not only helps me practice glyphing, but has multiple fun modes

Stephen Schroeder

Awesome! !!! The different modes of play and editing of the glyph list allows more focused training.

erik rothfuss

Best of its kind

Bridgette Weichelt

Love it :-)

Tod Liebeck

Thank you! Great app, has definitely improved my ability to gear up fast!

Colby Carey

Glyph game in and of itself! 1st off the developer listens. This isn't just another glyph hacker simulator, its a game in itself. As fun and challenging as the game Simon. I enjoy playing the variations of glyph games. I love the simpleness of the app and customizable glyphs. I love to compete against friends to see who is more fluent in glyphanese. Great app I do recommend.

Luis A de Bri

Best glyph app out there. This was developed by brazilian resistance agents and even though I'm enlightened myself, I've gotta raise my hat to this app.

Mattie P

Hands down the best glyph app available.


Glyph heaven This program is invaluable to anyone interested in Ingress Glyphs. I cant think of any reason not to give it 5 stars.

Chris Allon

Btilliant This really help me glyph

Nick Phillips

Awesome Has really helped me improve my glyph hacking! Great tool to have!

Nimrod Magal

Great fetures Great application did the work

David Siegel

Good app Best glypher app out there

Mordekai aNon

Excellent companion to other glyph tools I use this and other glyph tools to help learn and memorize the glyph patterns & names. This one has several modes that I often wished were included with the others. Genius is where spend most of my time currently. It gives you one glyph, you enter it. It then gives another, but you need to enter the first one before the new one. I hope to be speed bonus hacking our L8 farm soon.

Sulare Fernando

A must have for Ingress users! Amazing app! Practiced on this for hours and was able to achieve Gold Translator in 2 months. Will recommend this to all Ingress users, no matter what faction you are from.

Silver Louise

Memory Games Includes a simulation of ingame glyphing, several memory games, and a dictionary. Very useful for learning glyphs.

Kris Smelser

Glyph help This app really helped me learn the glyphs. I'm leveling up on my badge.


Really helpful I learnt all glyphs in two days. Drowning in gear now :D

Bouke Pieter Ottow

Ingress Very handy tot practice glyph hacking in Ingress

Joe Summers

I glyph now This enables me to memorize shapes to a word, already received my first badge, only one issue Imperfect does not register

Marcin L

For some reason mine doesn't work I went into Survivor mode and it doesn't show me a glyph, I decide to draw something and it says I'm incorrect. Because I didn't see the glyph. Please help. It helps to read the instructions. Thanks for the reply

Ильдар А

Really helps I glyph much better now. Thanks alot

Сергей Анненков

Glyph "imperfect" has wrong checking. When you input it correct it always say it's wrong

Нік Саўкін

Please remove (or at least make optional switchable) very rare (obsolete?) glyphs "from Ingress" as begin, I/me, you/your, we, share, know, them. I play a few months and have never seen them do not.

Dmitry Kuzmenko

Great! Survival mode is amazing! Thanks! It's also a good idea, I think, to either add translations that could be optionally enabled in settings or better to add personal labels to glyphs for those who don't speak English (yes there are a lot of agents who don't speak English)

Michael P. Jackson

Almost perfect! Works great! I only wish there were a mode, like the iOS trainer, where it gives the word and you draw the glyph. I'm getting pretty good at glyph hacking. Thank you!

Chris Toast

Best trainer overall. Would love to see a phrase trainer and a flashcard trainer mode. The simulator is the best aspect. Room for improvement but probably the best tool to develop glyph skills.

Phil Eastwood

Best app of this type This app has helped me learn the glyphes in Ingress. If you want to glyphe then practice with this.

alan garey

Easy to learn Nice and quick way to get trained up on glyph hacks.

Jimbo Boy

Amazing! This totaly helps you to glyph hack on ingress

Daniel Meister

really helpful for Ingress if you play ingress this is a must have...

Lucy Mortlock

Best out there! Best simulation of the actual game. Very helpful, thanks!

Joakim Langvand

Helpful app! I tried a couple of apps, this one is by far the best. The lookup mode is good for learning the glyphs you just haven't learned yet, and after you've nailed them all you can use the survivor mode to practice speed and accuracy.

Mike Gatiss

Best trainer for glyphs I've seen Much better way to improve than using the tracers

Lawrence L7337

Great for learning Glyphs This is a very well done app. Helps you learn glyphs and is very responsive. The animations are not like Ingress but that is a minor complaint. So far,I love the app.

Janet D Parker

Glyph hacking lessons I love it because I learn better when I am having fun.

Eti Seve

Extremely useful

Zain Takura

Great! I use this when I'm bored and now I glyph 4s without any issue!

Laura Kreft

It was better before I'm kind of annoyed that I can only trace the first glyph now. It is hard to watch the glyph and then tap the tiny little tile. Half the time my finger hits the wrong spot and ruins the hack.

Dori Miller

SO helpful! Thanks to this app I average a 75% bonus on my hacks now

rf zwi

Very useful Freezes sometimes but rarely. Overall very good for practicing.

Greg Novak

The best training app for glyphing I've seen. Really does help.

Ryn Mace

A great help for learning glyphs and practicing writing them as well!

Bob Caldwell

Great app if you're looking to improve your glyph hacking skills.

Kyle Goryl

Super helpful I now know the words and phrases which are becoming needed at higher levels

Max Robbertze

Cool Closest app to the real thing

Darnell Carpenter

Vary good It takes glyph hacking to another level. Thanks for the link about "imperfect". I would have never figured it out.

Dave Voss

Nice Looking forward to seeing how the program works.

S Hobbs

Awesome job simulating the real thing! I like that I can repeat sequences until they're perfected/memorized.

Joel Byrén

Thanks for listening to input! Since the "repeat" option is added I now increase it from near perfect to perfect!

Simon Davis

Excellent assistant Great for learning and practising. Dictionary is particularly useful.

Jim Rasmussen

Great way to learn glyphs Improved my glyphing really quick.

Greg Peters

Made glyph hacking easy Played this game for an hour or so when I started Ingress and it made my hacking runs much more productive.

Daniel Rossbach

Perfect Fabulous for glyph learning and training

Johan Fourie

Great app for practicing Glyph!

Salomão Rodrigues

Awesome Very good, there's new glyphs that don't exist in the app though :)

Joe Filano

Best app for practicing I've significantly improved my glyphing skills thanks to this app, I've tried others, this is the best.

Cara Baldwin

Better glyph learning game

Sam Slessor

Great Good aid to practice

Corinne Minshew

Very helpful for ingress players! Quick updates for new glyphs, easy training. This really helped me improve my glyph game!

joseph Scheid

Tailoress Awesome help

Andre Young

Good easy to get better hacks

Anthony Marschall

Great highly recommend this app if you want to learn glyph hacking. Well done.

Jeffrey Loehr

Awesome training app I play survivor mode level 5 and although I often screw up on this app... I rarely screw up in game. My record so far is 142 on level 5.

jamie amador

Multi-faceted training app I haven't had any issues with this great tool, except now I can name about 60% of the glyphs on sight, Closing in on my gold translator badge, and getting perfect 4 level glyphs almost every time. Enlightened L9, HTC one m8.


A great choice to practice/learn glyph hacking with Being able to practice simulated glyph hacking for every single level is great and the other modes definitely keeps things interesting. The only thing I found missing from this app is sounds.

Stewart Cade

Gold Translator in 3 weeks Every practice method necessary and close enough to the real feel that it helps tremendously. I went from nothing to gold in under 3 weeks because of this app. All glyphs memorized in a few days.

Andy Culver

Awesome! I was hopeless at glyph hacking before I started using this app. Now I am able to glyph hack successfully almost every time!

Ashley Witt

Best of all I'll be 6x onyx translator in a couple days, I have a little experience with glyphs and the other glyph practicing programs. This is the best of all, thanks MemoGlyph!

Dhanyetta Quimby

Works Great Only glyph program I could get to work on my phone I have a ZTE grand X max+

Kevin Grow

Very helpful Just a couple hours goofing around helped me improve my glyphing tremendously as a new player

Dan Bentley

Great great great Went from one glyph in 3 weeks to 3000 in 1 week. I learned the names of the shapes and can do 6 and 7s like there nothing. This is a must have. Several different modes to play. A search mode that has every glyph in the game. Less than 2 weeks for my silver and half way to my gold.

Antony Daamen

Enjoy, easy to use I practised for a while now and it definitely helped me do the sequencing, I actually enjoy these puzzles now!

Ashley Clemens

Great Tool Use it every day to help with memory issues!

Last Wills

Good practice app This really helps me practice glyph hacking, so I do better when I am in the field.

eileen knapik

Definitely helps Very helpful in learning glyphs. A near future feature could be the ability to program which glyphs you get tested on. Just a suggestion. Really helpful app...thanks!


A great choice to practice/learn glyph hacking with Being able to practice simulated glyph hacking for every single level is great and the other modes definitely keeps things interesting. The only thing I found missing from this app is sounds.

Intangible Smith

Good but... Good app, will absolutely make you a better glypher in this game. My only problem is that the Simulation part, its slower than real game, its like im entering simplehack command haha. Other than that, its good

Sakıp Murat Yalçın

Very useful Grear to practice glyphs. Needs some improvements in cataloging/tagging the sequences as show/no show. As is now that function is messy. Otherwise all perfect!

Darnell Carpenter

Technology Improve Weak Human Mind It takes glyph hacking to another level. Thanks for the link about "imperfect". I would have never figured it out.

JohnSr Pietrowski

Great app, has newest glyphs Helps old fat men like me with "oldtimers" learn to glyph hack

Deemster Exeil

Good! Please, keep it up to date.

Matt Graham

Great tool, games Thanks you very much! I'd love a "redo" button, like the new scanner feature.

Nancy J. Smyth

Helps learn Glyphs Definitely helps learn glyphs. I would like it if it were easier to set it up to just test me on certain glyphs--it takes a lot of steps to do that now.

Steven Merritt

Very helpful Helped my glyph hacking in ingress immensely

Ramon Leon del Mar

Memo glyph The best Ingress glyph trainer available!!!

Zijian Wang

Great for training glyph.

Kemanorel Kin

Great tool Great tool for glyph hacking. I didn't know I could until I was level 6. This helped me catch up on all the symbols.

Lucas 'Ktulu789'

Excellent, needs complex hack simulator Maybe the XM dots when drawing too.

z. anas

good training app glyphing while u off portal. train hard

Thomas Horsten

Great for practice - nice game modes This app is very helpful in practising glyphing and learning the meaning of the glyphs. I just wish there was a complex hack simulation mode, then I'd give it 5 be stars. It feels very similar to the actual game which helps build muscle memory. Another feature I'd like to see is statistics of which glyphs you most often get wrong and a mode to practice those.


Helped get Onyx Translator Great app. I recommend it to all newbie players. It helped me learn the correct names of all the glyphs and helped me get Onyx Translator in my first 7 months of playing.

Prowess Rayna

Helps a lot ! Needs more glyphs & user control

Ron Olshavsky

Great for practicing and learning the glyphs...

Tyrel Rose

Good No complaints. Works well.

Aaron Tarver

Comprehensive glyphing tutor Thorough tutor for learning ingress glyphs. Many game modes available. My complaint is just with regard to the way it makes your traced lines snap to points immediately as you trace them as opposed to when you lift your finger from the screen like the actual game does. The immediate snapping makes it more difficult to practice the imperfect glyph. Feature request: statistics that show how frequently I make mistakes on particular glyphs.

Chris Ruzin

Great app It's definitely helped me learn various glyphs in Ingress. It's got a clean UI with several modes to break up the monotony of learning. Worth checking out if you're serious about glyph hacking.

Jasmine Christensen

Has a few bugs It's pretty good, but has a few flaws that I wish could be fixed. In SVV mode, Ingress glyphs only, whenever I trace the glyph for imperfect, it says I did it wrong, even when I do it right. It keeps messing up my score.

Lois Kent

Flash cards for ingress! My favorite is genius mode, easy practice anytime, anywhere. Also love search mode, I can draw the glyph and learn the name. Definitely has improved my hacking ability!

Jason Lankford

Incredibly helpful This has really helped enhance my glyphing skills; I just wish that there was a redo button, as I sometimes fat-finger a glyph I know perfectly well, but there's no way to correct it. Also, if you ever plan on making selectable speeds on the simulator, I recommend not only simple, regular, and complex, but also speeds in-between to help one ease into the next level...

Felipe Carmona

It has it all Search no more, I tried several other similar app a bit this is the best. Also very good response to the touch screen.

Valentine Lebeau

Excellent for in the field! Saw immediate results and increases in my glyph hacking abilities right away. Definitely helps you with your accuracy, your speed and memorization. I do think, like many others, that there should be a way to calculate your percentage of accuracy. But otherwise perfect. Thank you!

Cornelius Copper

Good Kind of weird with no sound but I understand that you have to avoid copyright issues. The line-drawing from node to node makes it easier to draw here than in the game which makes the actual glyph hacking a bit harder because it behaves differently than you would expect. Maybe change the line with a free-drawing tool that tracks the order of nodes touched.

Aidan MacKennedy

Great for practice! Very useful for learning new glyphs, or just keeping your skills sharp. The different modes keep things interesting, and with the ability to search for any glyph, just by drawing it, this is my go to for anything glyph related.

Aleksej Komarov

Great for training One minor issue: can't redo glyphs in simulation mode, no complex hack mode.

Ngaio McGee

Better than the others I tried Downloaded and deleted a few before settling on this one to up my glyph game. Could do with some additions, but Def best available

Cesar Garcia

No extra permissions Great for practice, I wish there was an option for complex hacks, the timing is important. Better of all, this app doesn't a full set of permissions ;)

Donovan Biggs

Amazing! Love it! Fully encompassing glyph app. Love the memorization games, and practice. The "search library" is excellent. Allows me to search and just demo all the ones I know. Excellent!

El Guapowitz

Great app Excellent glyph teacher and trainer for Ingress. Multiple modes to present the glyphs however you want to learn them.

Elisha Sansom

It's a great tool. I use this to practice glyphing. I also use another program since there's some glyphs that this doesn't have and vice versa.

The app is helping me learn the meaning of glyphs and allows me to practice. I am sure my glyph hacking is improving.

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