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25 Aug
Meez Nation

Posted by Meez in Social | Aug. 25, 2016 | 229 Comments

Apk file size: 21.0 MB

Chatting with friends just got a lot more fun!

- Create a room and host a party for your friends
- Edit your own avatar and see your fashionable outfits come to life
- Weekly updates including exclusive items from some of today’s hottest designers

Meez Nation has all the best outfits and rooms you love on Meez!

Meez is only available for users age 13 and over. Using MeezNation can download a lot of data so make sure you don't exceed your data plan. Use wi-fi for the best experience. Be safe and have fun.

Whats new

    You can now watch videos from the remote tab on phones.
    Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Meez part of our Social and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 25, 2016. Google play rating is 74.6815. Current verison is 2.53.1. Actual size 21.0 MB.

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Travis Poo

Selling 3 meez accounts.. I have 3 meez accounts and they all are ex-vip. On my main I have spent over 3580$ on it and I wanna sell it also they all have cash items and unlimited items if anyone wants Any more details about them my kik is: BrittanyWebe

Elisha Paige

It's okay I don't know if it my phone or the app but if the little box thing with the four lines next to it doesn't show up it won't let me into any rooms

Heaven Woulard

AINT RIGHT Its letting me do everything except enter rooms like it says disconnect and I be pressing reconnect and it keep doing it. That's why this meez stuff is getting on my nerves and I know for a fact its not my WiFi ??

Bibiana Neves

GUYS RELAX the only reason it says error 503 when u log is because there are to many people using meez if u don't believe try u sing it on a computer and its say error 503 to many people are accessing this website

Rene Roman

WTF!! It was working fine for the first 2 days, but now, it doesn't let me go to rooms. It just let's me look at the msg, when I try to enter a room, it loads and never actually enters, good game, but please help me. I'll give all 5 stars after.

Bobby Whatley

HELP Somethings wrong, The app is working well, but i cannot enter any rooms, it always says reconnect or error, i mean Wi-Fi is connected and acting right but idk whats going on please help.

Paige Ping

Slow 4 days It was just fine when I had it and now it takes days to loads room! Fix THIS plz

Alairah Richardson

REALLY I try re downloading meez but it doesn't let me go in rooms. I have multiple emails so i use them and yall still don't let me in like two times i was in like OMG ?? not a good game. And i can't see messages.

Christine Morse

Horrible and slow When you first start the game it works fine but when I try to go in a room it just keeps loading and loading and loading I have let it load for about 20 minutes and I have planed to write to tell everyone not to get this app it runs slow it is annoying it is a horrible app so if u want an app like this but actually works then try movie star planet or INVU the are both very good apps so try these two apps and I bet u they will work better then this one and not only that but it says u can only have 20 people

naenaelove dont play

Omg It was working but it not let me go to room I deleted then got it back but it didn't work but I'm try one more time

Dylan Johnson

Won't let me... It won't let me get in rooms it takes forever to load when it does it kicks me for any room saying you have been disconnected was five now zero if I could so please fix and make us both happier

Carina Salto

Wtf really I cant go to a room see messages,i unstalled meez and install the same shii happens plz fix and ill rate five stars ★★★★★ and also i got vip my name is nayeli_scummy_ and i dont have the credits they said i have i dnt have coins plz fix this bug and it glitches too

Pearl Espinoza

So slow Its a cool game but it takes me a whole day to load to a room so all I get to do is just change my avatar I have two meez due to the slowness of loading I would give you an exactly 5 stars if it didn't lode this slow so plz fix or I will delete this game a and tell all my friends to delete it to .

Kevin Hubbard

Why am I banned: meez that name that got banned nicek3v . but if any answer or info. text to my brothers: kswagboi I was banned on meez for mobile payment not authorized and the ban does not expire. I did buy VIP through mobile and coinz through mobile but it was a month ago. After I bought it I got a message saying that the payment was complete. Now I'm really confused and mad, and a little sad because I had a lot of stuff on dat acc and when my parents seen it I had to work to pay off but can somebody just please just tell me why I did get banned forever and help me please to get unbanned. And thank you.

Jaliah Jelks

I had such a valuable account but I forgot both days user and the pass but the game is not that fun unless you like to chat, play music and dress up since I like all.. I rate 5.. only if u could play basketball...

Alexis Julian

Meez is so fun ^_^ but...hackers can go jump off a bridge I love this game a girl got me VIP and everything but then a girl hacked me I'm so sad she even changed the email so I can't recover the password her name is candy-_-gurl-_- she stole the account from me and meez aint doin nothing about it. Please help.

madisson barnes

Uhmm heh It's really irritating tryna log in because apparently it's almost always full. And lately I'll be in a room, not touch anything and I'll get booted to my closet or my friends list. Please fix

Michael Dade

ITS OK but...?? Like it was working yesterday and then something goes wrong ITS ALL SLOW AND HOW DO WE EVEN GET MONEYZ

Deus ex Machina

Love it It used to let me on no problem but it gets stuck on loading screens a lot plz fix this if you can awesome game by the way

Jessica Tuttle

It needs to be fixed I tried to log in and it says "sorry something went wrong" try again later so can u plz fix and if u do thx ppl

Val Pee

Loved it Wats da problem its just awesome its working and I love it very much!!!!:-)))))

Oslin Welch

Lagging... When i try to get on meez the home page wont load but the hoods would.. And if i try to go in an room it takes very long to load. Can you guys plzz fix it.! Nd 1 more its not letting me check my messages?

Justine Clement

I hate it now it don't let me in rooms it shows loading and never lets me in and the front screen won't load and it don't give me my coins I was supposed to have 1000 mc and 1000 coins it did not put it on my acc but it took my grandma's money off her card

Jewel Elem

This game sucks it loads too slow everytime when i try to login my account its says wrong password when im typing the right password.

helen Griffith

Can't enter rooms Well ... Meez was working fine for the first three hours...but then I left and bam! I couldn't enter a room :(. this is a really great game...But what's the point in playing if I can't socialize? please fix this problem and I'll rate a better rating :)!

Nickerya Williamson

Cool Game It's a "ok" game.... & meez should let the player buy pets and they can walk around with them and the pets help them get coins but it only work once a day

Denzel Gubat

Omg Ever since it had an update my meez has not loaded ever since. It is stuck in the loading screen but I can only change my avatar. Not able to go to rooms and others. Please fix this A.S.A.P! Please!!

De'De Rowe

503 Error and 504 Error I thought I was going to enjoy this game but the only way I can is if they would stop lagging and freezing all the time.This needs fixing ASAP!!!Cuz right now I'm a ?and that really sucks to be a thumbs down.I'm bout to delete Meez because it won't load.....And I Wanna Have Fun!!!!!?????????????????? Wth is going on.......I tryed like 8 different times to log in and the home page would load but It would always say unable to search friends and it would also say error for when I try to get the rooms to load.Why is it starting to do this.......I can't even log in half the time.....and btw what does ERROR 504 EVEN MEANS ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and also one more thing....WHAT DOE ERROR 502 EVEN MEAN AS WELL BCUZ IM GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF DIS...ALL U HAVE TO DO IS TRY TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THE BUG OUT OF MEEZ....AND ALSO I CANT SEND PMS ON MINES...ONLY WAY I CAN IS IF I GO TO THE COMPUTER MEEZ AND THEN I CAN PM......BUT DAT IS TO MUCH WORK JUS TO TEXT SOMEONE A MESSAGE TO RESPOND......SMH OMG WAT R YALL GONNA DO.....!!!!?????

Ayana Taylor

Its kinda boring After like being on the game and glitching and hacking the game gets boring. You go in a room curse a bit then ur bored so u go to a different room same thing and u get bored. Also the app is messed up only if I get off the app for 1 hour then come back it works,then I get a phone call go back to the game and it says u need the flash player thing!? Wat is it getting on the app,or getting online!!!!??? Its a messed up app

Cheyenne Haines

I will give you five stars because I Love it. It's pretty cool I love the game. But just wanted to say tht it would be cool if it would load faster either tht or cool u give me advise on how to get it to load faster (I do have my wifi on)

King Joe

Bug When i try to join chat it keeps saying reconnecting and it wouldnt let me go shop

Swaleha Siddiqah

@Meez Creators Even Tho Every Ones Room Does Not Load Mine Does Not Either More Like It Does Not Let Me Log In Everythings Correct But Yea, It Used To Work Perfectly.. I think Everyones Haven The Same Problem... I Dunno What You Guys Dun To It But Please Take My Advice ?... Which Is CHANGE IT BACK...Until You Fix This I Aint Playen This Stupid As Game Again!!!! Ya And Like You Should Add More More Starter Money And Make The Bling Free , I Dunno Why People Waste There Money On In Game Purchases In This Game ... It Should Realleh Be Free Some Of The Stuff Yea I Think Dats All ...And Guyzz/All The Players Take That Girls Advice Wen It Seys Reconnecting It Means Its Full -Ritsuka

Meechy'Ayee Meech'

I love it BUT I love meez it's awesome BUT you guys have a lot of updating to do the whole site and app keep crashing. Meez has never been this way What's REALLY going on.?

Zakai Nunes

It don't work And also it don't to work with WiFi and it won't let me go in my room ????????????

Latricia Miller

Angel_lovex3 Hackers there are people on meez who hack don't tell your password to others only to the ones you trust.also vip are mean even tho I'm vip I'm not mean like they calls newbies noob:/ not really .nice. I use lots of money and I didn't get my coinz and cash

Amari king

I love it but When the home page don't load that means it wont let you in rooms,thats the only thing that tics me off about meez they fixed once but its acting up again,it needs to be permanently fixed thenk you?

josephine Ortiz

??? Energetic App I ever Played ??? Especially the music. ??? But theres a problem this days this app keep loading like 5 minutes. ??? I'll rate u 5stars if u fix it.

MyaMarie Smith

its okay Haven't been able to use the full app, most things just keep "Loading..."

Vinny ツ

Great but rooms won't load Worked great at first but now it will not load rooms anymore. Just sits on the loading screen forever. Seems like other people are having this problem. Fix and this would get a perfect 5 stars

Erick A. Cano

Meez Online issues The app works when I try to access my character and customize him but it does not work when I try to play online it just stays on the load screen. 2 stars fix it or I am uninstalling and it will be changed to 1 star

Heze boo'ken

3D is not needed I've been with y'all since classic meez. I was upset when beta meez came but now I've come to be comfortable with it. Nd now y'all are going into 3D. Which is unnecessary. Yall should do surveys to see what your customers like. 3D was cute for the Valentine's app and the preview thing. But not for actual meez. I know y'all are trying too progress but you're progressing in the wrong direction in my opinion. But maybe I'll get use to 3D like i did beta. But at the rate its going i doubt it'll be pleasing. ?

Gena Vazquez

Frustrated This 3D update doesn't allow me to change my pants, and doesn't load most of my clothing. It's frustrating. And it's not necessary, it was fine before. I'll change my rating when this gets fixed.

Rohanda Fleming

I saw the 3d on my laptop on beta meez first. I'm so thankful I did because now I won't update the app on my phone. This 3d is horrific. The avatar looks ugly and I can't wear most of my items. I agree with all these recent reviews. The best that can be done right now is to put meez back the way it was and focus on the 503 errors everyone's been getting.

Jasmain Glasper

I Hate This ! We All Love The App Accurately The Way It Was, Everyone Hate this update you won't have any more players on Meez and everyone will become broke can someone please fix it and make Meez back to normal please we can't glitch no more I mean that was mostly the joy of things we glitch and show people what amazing things we have on and they will be impress so please fix it

helen Griffith

I hate Meez now because y'all updated it now it looks weird I don't like it plz fix it Well ... Meez was working fine for the first three hours...but then I left and bam! I couldn't enter a room :(. this is a really great game...But what's the point in playing if I can't socialize? please fix this problem and I'll rate a better rating :)!

Emariea Kennedy

New update....Less money n Players. People with stop playing this game because of your update..Funny Right....? Change meez back....Fix the bugs and errors not the shops to make it less inappropriate when you have a product from GLX saying "Badass Boots" Having a butt or fatness on meez isn't as bad..because meezers are expressing themselfs but you are taking that right away from them with the new update.....Not cool....The bugs make people unable to go to rooms...Fix that..error..too many people accessing the site..Fix that.

Barbra Sampson

Belittled and VERY DISSAPPOINTED Youn know ive been playing meez for 6 years thats a long time and ive seen alot of updates that where awesome but this right here is an obimination REALLY WHY 3D don't go with the 3D effect crap that makes it look all weird and cartoony like ourworld or something yall should really just switch back to the last version And WHATEVER YALL DO DONT GO ALL THE WAY 3D ALOT OF PEOPLE ARE GONNA QUIT AND YALL ARE GONNA LOOSE HELLA MONEY ???the only thing wrong was the 503 errors And yall did a freakin UPDATE sad

Imani Thompson

HATE IT Meez, I used to love playing this game. As you can see from my profile picture. But this update was a MAJOR set back. Your going to lose a lot of players and a lot of money. 3D WAS NOT NECESSARY. Its awful. Are you trying to be like other games? Why couldn't you just stay the same. And you taking away the body types was unneeded. My mom even said that doing that was unrealistic. What you thought was "inappropriate " was realistic. When we glitched our bodies we made them realistic. Go back to how it was.

Jamesha Lewis Baby

Wtf meez wtf roscoe common it was absolutely perfect the way we changed our outfit the first time The only thing that was wrong with meez was the lagg and 503 errors Now look at this bullshii we cant glitch as it appears and it looks difficult asf Coodoes to you meez cuz see now yall just lost about 300 to 400 players and lost money FIX THIS NOW LIKE UGGG i spent around $500 on this game and this is what u give me ...TOTAL CRAP I QUIT UNLESS FIXED YALL THOUGH IT Was Helping But no. Its wasnt

Ashley Murphy

I hate this why the 3-d update roscoe? We cant even glitch anymore like us meezers like and all that was needed to be fixed was the errors and the lagging but this is crap now i wont be playing til yall undo the 3-d thing cus it was a bad idea

Dd Dddg

DONT LIKE IT I hate the new 3d update YOU CANT GLITCH AND CANT WEAR HALF THE ITEMS IN SHOP BECAUSE IT always says unavailable and at that meez is always down sayin 503 error or something or under heavy load when did meez start going by how many people can go on the site its rudiculous i liked the old version way better and if. Yall dont fix it yl gone lose alot of meezers .....and money

Megan Bebbington

Bad I liked the game its good but there is no kneed for 3D ever since this update its been hard to stay on meez for even just a minute I can't even log on and it takes ages to get in a room please change it back it is getting on my nerves


WHY THE UPDATE Every sense u made this new update my body type is messed up and 3D is not even worth it I can't even change my outfit with out me messing up plz put it back to the old update like fr fr or ima quit

Ayanasia Walker

Are Y'all Crazy? Meez has truly downgraged tf wrong with y'all...I hope when u read this y'all feelings get hurt cuz this was a dumb thing to do. 3D isn't a update that's some bs.Y'all really wanna be like imvu? Change it back ASAP or meezers are going to leave and y'all are going to be broke?...just stating facts her wish I can give yall negative stars .

Killer Trinn

Hate it!!!! What did you do to my favorite game this game sucks now what were you thinking when you made this decision to update meez! I hate this game now it should go back to the way it was before this stupid update

Naya Shephard

HATE IT Ugh it does not even show all my clothes i shouldn't even updated it if u wanna know my meez its tattoogirlqueen the last tattoogirlqueen is mine

Lexia Johnson

Horrable It takes soooooo long to load a room after your first hour of having the game fix this and then I will get again and give u the five stars your game deserves

Linda Rosa

IDONT LIKE THIS NEW UPDATED We don't have any accesses to the type of body we want anymore I'll rather play imvu now its better than What Meez is at the moments

Sonali Lalbehari

Bad Ever Since I Updated This App It Does Not Even Load For Me At All Please Help :(

James Killing

Guys it works just homepage have exit the app for the homepage load I have do it 9 times for it work just hompage Says loading that's it fix then 5 stars

Annette Diaz

Complete TRASH. When I go to change my outfit, the app does not show all of the items I am wearing. The 3D is unnecessary, and takes forever to load. Also, what everyone else says is true: You're trying to be like other games. We liked Meez how it was before. Now, it's just completely terrible. I know glitching wasn't the original plan for the creators of Meez, but people did it — it made them happy with no harm done. So if you want better ratings and more players, why get rid of the thing we loved most? In addition, we are not able to choose our body type anymore. I'm sorry if you find it "inappropriate" but it's not like you can get rid of that in the real world. I'm so stressed over this incredibly useless update. I've been playing Meez since 2012; you took this great game and turned it into complete garbage. I do not like this update at all. I am positive when I say that I and everyone else would appreciate it if we could have the real Meez back. This so-called update is basically more of a downgrade. Furthermore, you still haven't fixed anything we originally asked for. Instead, you treated us with this crap. You can fix Meez or you can watch as everyone stops playing it. Choose wisely.

Brianna Tucker

Hate it The new update sucks. It can't find anything and there's no more body types.

Brianna Jackson

Okai I like it but it keeps lagging i wish yall could fix it so i can play more and rate to 5 :) its a good game i think just needs to fix the lagging

Courtney Holsey

smh Now to add to the problem of the rooms not loading THUS UODATE RUINS IT. It makes my avatar so ugly. It doesn't make sense that the closet is 3D while Meez Nation is not. Smh I have been playing meez for years. I love it and get on everyday. I downloaded the app a while ago but never tried to use the rooms. I'm going on vacation next week and can't bring my laptop. I wanted to use the app but i can't even get the rooms to laod. Please please please get this fixed. I've tried everything possible

Maylon Pearson

New Update? Really Doe! Why this 3D Update my closet takes forever to load! Plus I want to make pics and y'all took all the animation's off? Meez officially died its IMVU time!

Des love

Eh I don't like the new update its kind of slow I like the way meez was before the update just saying ?

Hayley Christie

3d sucks! Put it back to how it was Ever since you guys have stopped using classic meez people began to dislike meez. Now that you've put meez into 3D the game sucks! You can't apply body types any more. You can't glitch. Previous vips (ex-vip) can't even wear their clothes that they have bought because of your update. Put it back how it use to be or just take the website down, or make it better.

Eboni Blocker

Update The update to edit the avatar in 3D is horrible. I'm stuck I'm the outfit I updated in. It won't work when I go to change it. I liked the old version better and think it needs to come back. Its super slow loading. Please Fix This! I can't see all my clothes in the closet. It won't let me swipe anywhere! Help.

Naya Majed

... it was my fav game but .... after the update i dont like it and if u get back to normal i would rate it 5 stars

Karla Valle

NEW UPDATE BLEH DON'T LIKE IT I think older pple should play it not young ones cuz it can be a problem!

Night Star

No shapes!?!? No glitches!?!!NO FUN!!!! The 3D is ok ? ig but why get rid of the Body Types? That what made everyone different from one another how can someone express their Creativity if we are small stick ppl. I miss the options to be curvy or fat or skinny. Why is it when I finish changing and I click out too fast my closet get stuck on the save screen and I have to close meez just to restarted again. WHY CAN'T I WEAR THE CLOTHING I PAID WITH REAL MONEY?!? meez you really need to fix this ASAP

Kelsey Gosa

The 3D thing makes my avatar really ugly. There should be an option button. If we want 3D then use it but for me I can't even put pants on or it'll take away my hair. The game is fine. But in the closet I don't even know what I look like. It also makes my nose huge in the closet.

Chloe Parker


The werdna

BUGS I was really enjoying this untell you updated it and now you go into rooms and it won't load

DeNiya Brinson

MEEZ I can't believe I'm saying this but it is better than movie star planet

Briona Mitchell

Wtf??? It Updated and Now It Won't Even Load... Lol Y'all Folks Petty AF... I wouldn't even give u 1 star if I didn't have a choice.. Loll

Tyler Catanese

I like the game but I can't go shopping or change my look it just freezes or doesn't load but the rest works fine

a Elliott

Compare them play both games first OK so every time u buy ONE! Thing and u wanna buy something else it says "Get Credit". So their telling u to buy something WITH REAL MONEY $. If I was one of u... Please don't play if u don't want to Play. moviestarplanet doesn't cost real money and your really able to chat with people. Meez Nation is bull crap The one only thing on moviestarplanet is VIP that's mostly the only thing on their that u have to pay for with real money. It has better graphics then Meez. If you play MSP you'll see :) ur able to take pictures if your 13 and up ^•^ and make artbook's, Play awesome games and more your not able to do that stuff on Meez now are you?! Ever sense they mad an update you wasn't able to do profile on MSP ever sense THEY did an update it really had a profile and animations ^•^

Katie Boo

Great Game! Thing is please fix the game i cant even go into a room without it saying reconnect or it stays on loading screen!!

Athena maka

What's wrong with it I love meez so much but I hate that at random times rooms won't load and when I get a message and hit 'next' this box shows up saying try later. so I'm gonna give it a 3 please fix it soon !!!!!!!

Lanardra Clark

Body type I love meez its a fun game but I was wondering if u guys can update back the body type so that we can change the shape of our bodies on our meez character other meez users on the app are having the same complaints and so am I.

Victoria Bickling

Pretty good I love this game... But my one problem is that when i go to change, all of my characters clothes are not loading. This problem is now fixed. There are a few bad words that can be used like a$$ and sh*t but other then that, pretty good job keep up the great updates!

Jonathan Meredith

Bug me and my friend were buying clothes but it said error 504 plz fiz and I will rate 5 Stars

kiara cummings

Never loads Its always taking forever and it won't let me inside my own room it says disconnected every time.

Kya J

No Words This game overall is great BUT it glitches time to time but I love it

Kayla Crosdale

It never works properly It never works properly I have to keep uninstalling it then reinstalling it and it keeps saying reconnecting and never let's me in a room

crazyteen 13

Please change it back The 3D thing is not helpful because it doesn't work when I try to change my outfit and I can't tell how many coins I have anymore please take away the 3D

Mariska Lind

Hey there great app but Can you make some easier way to get coins um I am very new I rate this app five star but its so great.

Karlee Hanson

App Crashes The app crashes alot more than it did with 2.40 on bth my tablet and my phone. Fix the app crashing and Ill rate 5 stars. I cant even be on meez for 5 minutes without crashing and its not my tablet cause its brand new.

neko_ heart

Help??? Its keeps on saying recconecting, im probibly going to uninstall it... this app never works right (。´•ㅅ•。)

Ivonna Sanders

I hate the new update ??? Can Yall At Least Give Us Back The Profile Animations And Bring The Old Animations Back And Effects Also Bring Back The Old Clothes.I beg yall pleasee pleasee pleasee ?????????????

Chardonae wilborn

... When I try to go in a room it ain't working plz fix this! I hate it! I like it in all but fix it! Thats all the nots working

makiah johnson

Love this game but I really luv this game been on for a few years bring back the body types fr and at times like today the rooms won't load and when I open up my chat catalog it doesn't go to the recent chat it goes to the top and I have to scroll down to get it plz fix

Xxxrarebest Xxx

best game ever love it is the best but plz make more updates that would be sweet and also read my help support plz

deanna stuckey

Love it But when I'm in the room shop it doesn't let me scroll through all of the items you can buy to put in your room.

Cat Escalera

GRRRRRRRR It says you will only be banned for a few months its been 2 years for me AND I DIDNT DO ANYTHING TO GET BANNED

miranda luke

I can't play?? I used to love this on my computer as a kid and wanted to make myself nowadays and I can't even get past choosing my name? Even if I choose a suggestion??

Jennifer Johnson


Deaven Singleton

Can u guys PLEASE bring back body types? Other than that its a good app(I beg, bring back body types!!!)

Mya Clark

I loved it It wouldn't let me in or let me play that's just stubid but I am gonna try one more time nm it worked yay????

Deelma Corley

Lol The update The update on mine has Santa on the background getting ran over by Rudolph I love it keep doing what ur doing meez nation

Aimee Dantes

Upset When I bought new items and ANIMATIONS for my account on Meez it started to say "you have been disconnected " I've Tried To Refresh My WiFi Will Not Work if I Make another account it will work but now for my real account.I've Tried Emailing Roscoes Email it said my email is wrong which it isnt. So I tried reconnecting like 20 times! No Sign! Please Help Me :) :(

Kristen Wendel

Really It only let me insert a username and then won't load I'm very disappointed so fix it.

Natasha Shomper

love it! not as good as classic but its still great, cant visit certain rooms but lots more dance moves and clothing! (sasha_babies)

Chamere Alexander

The game is awesome but you should bring the body types back and let the island two step be for everyone if you did that I would give it 5 stars

Michael Robinson

It's good but... All you guys want is money. $9.99 just to get VIP boooooo. You guys do know that if you make stuff cheaper, more people will buy it??????

Mario Alexander

Best game But we Ned ways to get free Meez cash not Meez coinz were rich with coinz not CASH

Tammy Walker

Like it but Can we plz get a way to get more coins & gems and my name was shiakitty and now I can't find her I don't remember my password my brain doesnt remember anything because I hate my brain it never remembers anything it's just not needed in the human body!!! I need help finding my meez

Cookie CrusherCC

MEEZ IS A SCAM! I got banned. i have spent countless money on my account and never did anything WRONG! I'm starting to think you guys are scamming people because 3 of my closest friends got banned as well...What ever operation you people are running is ILLEGAL. I hope your company gets exposed.

Katadria Marie

Hate the Update!! First of all, you took away the body types... for what?? and the clothes dont load sometimes when im buying my clothes

Katherine Jackson

Body typez Can Roscoe or anybody make the body type please I love this game this is all I need

Joshua Pooler

Love it The only thing I hate is that I start off with coins I need to start off with both coins and meezs cash

james bendlin

Ugh BRING THE OLD MEEZ BACK! Plz if u guys please fix the closets I can't change I want the old meez back :(

SuperME 123

plz fix IT DOESNT LET ME DO ANYTHINGG AT HOME IT SAYS cannot load search results and at the bottom says try again and it still the same thing When I hit the friend thing STILL the same I HAVE WIFI I DONT KNOW WHY IT DOESNT LOADDD I WANT TO BUY CLOTHESSSS thank u for ur time c:


It's like Movie star planet This could Msp its the same thing but a little different so if you read this comment friend me on Msp please my user is ToyBonniestar OK by :3


I LOVE MEEZ BUT... Hello ADMINS of meez! I wanted to tell you a simple question about NAME change. I wanted to know how I name change. Do I have to be VIP or do I have to email you some source? That's all I'm asking, hope you guys can answer! Thank you for creating a fascinating game!

Miss Mousey

Satisfied, but still issues Thanks for fixing the errors. I love meez! Thank you! But I have one problem, some of the items in the shop are removed, you can't change the backgrounds and even if you search it, you can see it but you can't use it. It always saying error on the items and its hard to purchase the items that are available and unavailable. One more issue, the body types. It isn't available either. Only faces and eye color. How are we going to be diverged but every girls and boys bodies are alike? But anyways, I love it!

Beauty M19

I love Meez! Meez is such a great game. There may be mean, bad, and naughty people but other than that you will find a lot of good friends. I love it. Please continue to do a good job. I just wish that you should fix some things in Meez because sometimes it lags a lot. I also wish to bring the body types back. I don't wanna stay in a skinny body. Thanks!

Rihanna Moore

Stupid If I could rate it 0 stars I would. This app is cheap. I have to keep making purchases to get more money. I always get kicked or banned from a room when I'm not doing anything but dancing. Few words of advice: don't get this cheap app it sucks and will waste your time and money ?


TEXTING AND ANIMATION PROBLEM When you go to messages it says next to text them it says try again later so you have to reject it to go to the next one that's messed up please take the reject thing off and where are the animations I cant find them anywhere and when you VIP it says animations and then it says become VIP but I was already vip or can computers only get ani

Babby Me

I don't like this app I dont like this app because everytime I go into a room it keep saying disconnected .and I bought meez cash and it took my money away like you guys need to fix meez nation and the lagg.and I would've gave this app 5 stars but I'm not into the new update and lag and stuff.

Kristen rose

i love it i love it soooooooo much it is sooo much fun i love playing this game i love that you can make a fake person that really look like you all you want. Plus you can make a fake name or put your real name it don't matter plus on top of that you can meet new people.

Malesiya Golden

It wont let go into room it keep saying im dissconnected & How am i dissconncted ? Yall need to fix meez frfr

gg12yeah manga

? What is with the faces and eyes can u please change it the cothes are amazing ? but when u play it should look like avakin life please please please change it

Jake Kackley

WORST I get the game, create an account, and then when I get on the game loads fine and everything so if I didn't have my data then it wouldn't have loaded but anyway the screen says cannot load search results WTF MAN I DIDNT EVEN SEARCH ANYTHING WORST GAME EVER AND I DIDNT EVEN GET TO PLAY IT!!!!!!

Miss ChickaFly

-_-? Ok, now i updated my suggest 4th time.. The bugs and glitches are gone even the disconnecting when im entering a rooms... The "Loading" is even gone. THE "LOADING" IS BACK, WHY?? I WAS PLAYING MEEZ, THE CHAT ROOMS ARE SLOW AF, THE MEEZ SHOPS NOT LOADING AND I RETRY GOING IN MEEZ. NOW I CAN'T ENABLE TO LOG IN? OML, LORD.

Will Aries

I Am V.I.P I Love It Its a fantastic game but sometimes it says reconnect and disconnect or its error 502 or something like that but really fun game have been playing for a few years now

ʍıup ʍɥıpdəɹs

So far it's good It actually is pretty decent, it doesn't lag, there is very few glitches, and the lay out is very clear and easy to use.

Noor Iman

Wtf unable to login Plzz fix the bug its keep saying i forgot my password and i i actually 100%know my password, although if i dont know my password, then i refer to recover email, it keeps saying something went wrong, plzz fix this even i tryed on my other phone still cant im using lg g3 and lg g4

Flaming Acid

Change Rooms back from holiday to normal The holiday rooms have been here for along time and of course it isn't Christmas anymore. Please change them back.

Young Don

Servers are a joke. Disconnects before i can even enter a room, been like that for 2 days.

Flame_is_me _forever

Nice,but I can't exercise anymore Please fix before its too late and I deleat it!??

Destonie Roman

hate it i hate this game because it always say sorry you cant play it stupid ?

Abby B

The Earn Coins options don't work Back before updates, I got 10 coins for ever video I watched, now I only get 1 per video, how is the hell am I supposed to afford 500-600+ coin items when I only get 1 coin per video?!

Bubbles is Super!

I HATE meez!!! ?? It always says I'm not eligible to play this freaking game! It's just no fair!!!! ?????


It didn't give me my ring It didn't give me my 50k ring and it took my coins my name is lilnazz111 help

Israel Baker

DAT MEEZ DO????™ So fun an u get girls my name on meez is izzydakiddfool

Muneerah Saleem

Good/bad Sometimes it glitches and its a good way to meet new people from around the world!


Creepy faces Can you please make the faces LESS creepy because it doesnt look cute at all like can you please make a face shop????? Ill give you all stars if you do please

Marco Bautista

Boku I love the game but boku is no longer available. I can only be vip and get mc through load please if you could bring the boku back i would love to rate it 5, and lastly we couldn't do 3 or more glitch wayed anymore. :( what happen to meez now.

Princess Moore

I want my refund Your app took my money twice on one purchase and I didn't get my items

Official Kiki

Meez I really love this game but this bug has happened AGAIN. The first time it did it i sent you guys an email, 2 weeks later it happens again. Can you please fix this. Why is it only affecting my main account!!

Stacy Gordon

Don't download Liars there's no bug fixes. I can't even create an account for Christ sake.

Taylor Bruyere

Banned I spend 65$ on this game then got banned like 2 weeks ?

Camryn Duncan

Hated it It keeps saying that I can't get on I tried like 100 times and it still said no . IF THE GAME SAYS EVER ONE THE Why NOT EVER ONE . Two of my friends have this game and I can't seem to get it

Marley Sancho

Lov this so much This game is a cool game its kinda like imvu

Aubrey Brambley

Ummm.... You guys should make it to be to register you register with your google acc

Aleeya Thompson

Its nice enough I love the app

Ej Salvador

Now I love it! I like the game

Tyler Stepp

Best online game Best virtual world from creation to in game performance get it and friend me tyty_stepp

Alaysha Mitchell

So cool you can be VIP.

Jasmine Jimenez

Hate it It turned all gray when i was done loging in ?


Meez?! Going on wit the servers?!

Hank Gidney

Bad I just hate it it's boring

Georgett Holloway

I love this app???


Meez It good

Moses Snell

Keeps Disconcerting me Plz fix this

Ivonne Rivas

Lol Love this game

Aaliyah Holmes

Love it I can text bae love this app

Naan Derulo

Perfect I loved it

Janelle Ramirez

Time waist All you do is change your character and go to places,I'm just telling you that it's a waist of time?and the character's are really creepy?and Everytime I want to get coins,it gives me only one?you know what you guys should just give some much more coins?please please don't think me wrongly as in rude I just want to tell how I feel about this game????thanks for listing (even though I think your not).??please comment and say you agree??Thanks!????BYE!!?

Simmer For Life Harrison

The faces The faces In the game are so creepy I am not joking and also its just boring I tried to see if I could do something besides talk to people and go shopping with like 2 coins but no and this game can't even kill time I think maybe if I could get more coins and less creepy faces and the game kills time and runs faster maybe just maybe everyone will have fun and have a reason to keep this game on their phones!and if anyone still plays this game -_- my user name is gamerboss10.

mNe Antonetty

So far so so Needs more clothing n decor. Having loading issues when going to others rooms

Empress Divine Swift-H

I'm so irritated. Won't let me buy VIP. I bought a dollars worth of coinz and I have $13.01 left in my account. Sooo I know it's not because of my balance. Please fix this.

Jah'Dae Boss

Should have kept body type This game is boring now??? I like the old version when you could change your body type ?? I wouldn't recommend this game to anybody????

Zariyah Jones

Mazing, and irratating To good of a game now its bad i get disconnected every time i try to go in a room and im vip

# SlaySavage #

Keeps disconnecting me when I go to rooms It's keeps disconnecting me I have good internet it's a 4 star for now untill you fix it. And I want the body types back I feel like your tryna body shame people that are big

Skooly Loves

Crashes I love the game don't get me wrong but I hate that it crashes to much

Aasiyah 303

Its ok 4 now I just wish that they will give us 1000 cash along with the 3000 coins and thats one thing we need more coins atleast 4000 coins at that then i will be satisfied and rate this app 5 stars really love this game please respond to this im begging u right now also one small prob- sometimes when i log out i cant log back in and i know my password and username please fix that also thank you srry for long report ;)

Devyn Mayes

THE PEOPLE UGLY AND THEY ALL HACKERS Well after living my life unlike most of the people on there i decided to get on this game after a long time and people kept reporting me cause I was ugly when they were just as ugly as me i got hacked idek how and the next day i was banned and i was like welp i dont even like this cheap game anyway cause im just wasting my time and if you think i feel bad then your crazy i got tired of my overly skinny body on the game anyway everyone ugly on there anyway and the owners kick the people who are ugly and we need body changers ive asked for that and never got a response im never getting this game again?

LŲXORIØŲŞ official

It's cool....... sorta Well meez is a good game....... wait!!!!! I've never played. It's stupid and not cool and I've played and reviewed a lot of games and at its least they are cool... you need to get your act together for this game.... 5 bloody months ago I tried it and it didn't work and now I've tried 5 times so I may change this review if you change your game.... I've written a review on avakin but at least their game is set out better...... and guys do check out my review or the game xD

Jasmin Mostafa

The best The best game ever I don't know what you're saying you're crazy it is the best I really like playing with my friends and chatting it's the best I hope you can make a number two after that I hope you can make number 3 cuz I can have one two and three lwill for sure get them all :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)!!!! :-)__________(:-)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it

Ash Español Oropilla

Something is wrong/I'm freaking pissed wtf Why every time I go to a freaking room it keeps loading and loading it's starting to annoy has nthn to do with my wifi. It wasn't like this before pls fix this. Srsly pls fckn fix it. U should also think of the ppl playing meez they payed for the vip coins and cash with their real money don't let this die I really love this game :') fckn hell it's been ages the room is still loading?! Can u at least inform us what's the problem?

Daniella Tf

GREAT. When u get banned u can't log in the day it says u have to wait till the next day please fix that I'll rate 5 stars now

Trevone Richards

Error! Every time i go to my messages when i press reply or w.e it says error blahblah and i have to reject please fix asap

Aniya Penny

Not as good as PC version I would give it 5 stars but I'm not because of the fact that it isn't nearly as good as the PC can't even change ur body type....pls fix

Andrea Robert

If you like games that crash and leave you lagging get MEEZ? i like how it's process works NOT. I just dislike how I cant go to some room's because of these so called "UPDATES" i don't even think there updates anymore. I think meez was unprofessionaly made and that's why this is jacked up. I'm concidering downloading Movie star planet instead. Hopefully they don't crash every other.....who knows day. Also if you CAN'T get into any room at all it'll be like that for a whole entire DAY! ? My love for meez... is so...gone ❎❌❎❌

Ff Hh

Great Accept The Game Bugs Were Someone can logg in or rooms won't load for some reason it happens too much now I think it is because hack rooms with fiddle animations


Meez is dead!! Wow I use to play this back when I was 15-16. It was so fun and poppin. Now it's dead asf. Barley no people in the hangouts. And why are the districts locked. Meez has changed so much. ? also I can't get into the rooms keeps saying loading. Plz fix

Neisha J

COOL This game is fun Ive been playing it for about 4 years and it is easy to follow just give it some time. ??

Veronica Alice

I love dis game I used fo play dis long before ? but then i forgot my password????and i could not ger back to my really awsome friends i miss dem still n i want dem yo know i will never forget dem soo i think you should try it ita fun to pl make new friend

Rock6 Davis

Dis Sum Bs Man everytime I try n go in a dang room it never loads up whts going on yall need to fix dis . it's been a while now buh yall b quick to banned someone . fix dis fr

Amariana Taplin

Update game Please update game I would rather play imvu inc then this and text me back and quit playing with me with that bullshit that you gonna update it

Jelani Robertson

How do I start the game???!!! All I can do is select a premade character and once I go over to the username and select a username nothing happens. PLEASE HELP!!!

Jamorion Tillis

Loved itt Ive been plyin this game since 2005 shyttt they have like more stuff in 2016 but im hoping that they will give us free vip just for one day cause it will make their game more better and fun. I like it how it is now but they could atleast give us 20 meez cash like really cause when i first started playin this there was no meez cash i was like wtf is this for and i was like how do i get this i mean they told me how to get coinz but how do i get this stuff but.... Now i know you have to pay for it :/ why????

Kay __

? Would be better to play if people were nicer and if they have kept the meez bodies on app.

Jamie Kellia

Its ok Thers nothing really wrong with it its just takes to long to recharge and thats very agrevating and well i dont like it??

ida carter

This would be 5 FIX YOUR GODDAMN JavaScript This sucks...I really like this game but all of a sudden it stopped loading rooms...fix it :l should make it easier to get coins its always gonna be that dumbass that buys VIP instead of earning coins so you won't lose money.

linda thomas

Its alright You can just meet friends and than lisen to music than if you vip its sooooo boring everyone ask for gifes also friend me Big_Booty1738

Kayla Dupree

I hate it I wasn't doing anything with the account and I logged in one day and I got hack and I tried to get help but no one did ?

Pretty Mariee

Great but needs to fix some things Halloween is in about a month, hopefully it's new animations by then. Please add Booty Dance too. Add thriller dance too. Plus sometimes people say meez be getting hacked, I hope it's not true I have my personal info in that game. Meez was so fun back then. I've been playing meez since 2012 what happened now people are all mean and stuff, I had an acc who name was pretty_gurl_212 but I forgot the pw to the acc and since it's been inactive for 4 years it's gone :'( that'll teach me not to use fake emails.

And I Keselowski

A hacker's haven This site/app is now being DDOSed by a bunch of people in their parents' basements on a 24/7 basis, making the site useless most of the time, which is hurting their reputation. Instead of actually doing something about it, the people running this thing seem to use the "let it pass" method, instead of investing in a security update that resists the attacks by the fedora clan.

Shiloh Starr

Identity theft warning Have my identity and credit card info saved in my account, it got hacked and the owners of this app will not do anything to help. They support identity theft. Be careful with your accounts on here.

Brandy Dowleyne

Like it .... Ummm but The game is great but u need to fix hackers and ban them someone stole my account that I paid money for but anyways this game needs update like why can't I change the body type anymore. And why do VIP only get the good stuff... I'm a VIP but it's still unfair to the rest. Also I was banned and have no reason why. I left the game and came back a few hours later to find out that I'm banned. I wasn't even on it so idk why I was BANNED :( But they don't tell u how long ur banned u just have to wait.

JaRiya Taylor

I love the game but.... Everytime I enter a room it always say 0 or disconnected please fix this because you have alot of sad and mad meezers I feel sorry for the people who pay VIP and they can't even enter a room ???

Fix the problem!!! It keeps saying 0ppl and won't let me go in rooms. Plus lots of hackers. You need to fix this or I might quite meez

Whats wrong with the rooms? When I go on meez its say's 0 people in the rooms i deleted the app dowloaded it back logout login wtf fix yo game meez y does it take you mounths to update a game ?

Starting to mess up It's not letting me go to any rooms or save my outfits fix it plz

Sereniti Daverman

Reconnecting problem I try coming into a room and it doesn't work it says you have been disconnected reconnect I don't know why but please fix thank you

Richard Zamora

Needs work Servers are bad most of the time so u can't even join rooms

Alison Ward

Got banned I got banned ani it doesn't tell me why for . And wont tell me how long i am banned for . But Great Game ???

tamari Rodriguez

Its ok. Butttttt Every time I try to go to a room it just says im disconnected like wtf meez fix it plz ???

VirtualQueenie G

Expired ban but... I got banned for 5 days and it expired but its still saying im banned a day after it expired. Wtf is wrong with meez. I spent over 90 dollars on this game. If I dont get my acc back I will email Roscoe and have a deal of things to say because this is some bullshit

Not working The app was doing great I love the game.But Everytime I try to go to a room it doesn't work.. Please fix the problem

Dayshaun Nevitt

A little bit slow It's slow plus i have login issues all the time and on top of that it sometimes show that 0 ppl are in the hoods or room!!! FIX NOW!!

Damien Tuting

I Can't access any room yet it allows me to log in seems the roomz bug is still happening X(

Nyjah Ash

What is going on!? Ugh, you guys need to FIX this! Whenever I try to go into a room, or won't stop saying "disconnected" and "reconnecting" are there people hacking this game? If so, then you guys need to UPDATE ypur security system.

thomas agnew

Whats Wrong With Your Service I cant go to no room fr it say 0 ppl meez get lame

Kyle Mcgue

I'm mad It won't let me change clothes go into rooms or change pics the only thing I can do is updated my status and message friends FIX IT

Almighty 7Five7

Can't get into a single room Each room says 0 people and when I try to get into one of those rooms it says disconnected while I'm on the loading screen.

Lightskindonut Ari

rooms are messing up the rooms are messing up this is bs meez has been acting stupid these last few days..

Bree-z Eisweirth

Wifi???? Fix wifi thingies please it takes forever to load rooms take a long time to load and some Doesn't wat the hell


Meez?! Now I can't get through any room I can't even get through the log on

I Luh Fam

Meez Needs To Get Fixed Its always down never get into rooms and it's slow

Audariye Duppind

Its going down the drain Meez severs are very bad like very an it dont seem like they are doing much about it lame asf

help me cause im not tiarra

HACKERS HAVEN This is why meez has problems ppl??

Courtney cool coyle

I can make an account for the game.. The game looks fun but I don't know how to make an account I am 8 years old it said pege 3 how can a 3 your old have an account I am so disappointed how about you fix the game by taking the account thing off

Ronald Hernandez

Plzz helllppp us I cant enter any room..neither my friends

the reaper of darkness and terror

Its OK But when I try to login it says the user name is already taken it won't let me in so can you please fix this issue its been going on for a while if you fix it I'll do 5 stars

Sashaine Sturridge

Please fix it Why does it says 0 people when i enter the room please fix these buggs immediately its a great game im very addicted to it

Kaitlyn Velez

Earning May I suggest maybe a daily boost like they had on classic meez :) and maybe meez cash too

Royal_ Ymcb

Meez Half of the time u can't even go in rooms cause of the hacker and I payed for VIP like it's a waste cause the hacker keep kicking everyone off and I really get time to play

Tanya Cosner

Love it Its soo fun and cool but the only thing is that it wont let me go to any rooms :/

m m

wont let me into the room It's says 0 ppl and won't let me in the room plz fix the bug..

Anonymous_ Mask

I really love this game ? I like it but like y does it say 0 ppl sometimes??? Meez Nation you NEED TO FIX THIS NOW thank you ?

itsmee muah

Meez sucks on mobile it only worked for one day the serves don't even work anymore

Theo 2 cool

Meez nation could u put on the messages the time and date that that person send that message cuz it hard to get on when your friend is on please fix cuz I maybe deleting this game cause that thank u

Dariah Mason

Unfair The vip ppl get more money and cash but the ppl who dont have vip get the original

Shae Shantelle

Horrible I can't see my avatar when I enter a room.

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