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19 Sep

Posted by Life On Air, Inc. in Social | Sept. 19, 2015 | 123 Comments

Apk file size: 38.0 MB

Meerkat allows you to live stream video from your phone to all of your Twitter followers at once. Press 'Stream', and instantly your live video stream shows up in your follower's Twitter feeds.

When your followers have the app, they will also get pushed notified with your live stream, watch, comment and interact with it using the app.

The rules of Meerkat:

[+] Everything that happens on Meerkat happens on Twitter.
[+] Streams will be pushed to followers in real time via push notifications.
[+] People can only watch it live. There are no reruns.
[+] Watchers can retweet any stream to their followers in real time.
[+] Everyone can watch on web.
[+] Be kind.

Questions, concerns, feedback?
Let's hear it! Email [email protected]

The best way for a quick response is tweeting @MeerkatCare for feedback, bugs, and just to say hi :)

Whats new

    What’s New:
    Full screen watching! Just tap the center of the screen while watching to get a full screen viewing experience.

Life On Air, Inc. part of our Social and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 19, 2015. Google play rating is 67.9372. Current verison is 1.5.6. Actual size 38.0 MB.

Download meerkat.apk 38.0 MB


Jeff Higgins

Surprised my phone isn't in 8000 pieces. I'm sorry but even with this finally out of beta update, I still have been able to stream only once without getting a bad connection error or stream drop over many different versions across tons of different wifi and also using 3G and 4G. As much as I've wanted to enjoy this on Android, I'm surprised I haven't smashed my face through a wall dealing with all the issues. I hope you guys luck in getting everything up to par but I can't physically or mentally take dealing with the stress this app has caused me.

Luis Echevarria

Fix it quick pls!! The app won't start. It stays loading but never start. Pls fix this before Periscope comes to Android. They replied and got it fixed. PROPS TO THE TEAM

naeem khouri

First didn't work on my note 4 ... when I reinstalled it worked perfectly just reinstall guys if it doesn't works

Ron Ivan Staley

Not able to view streams Sorry still not working v1.0 on Nexus 4 Lollipop 5.1 cannot view streams. I only see blank screen when trying to view streams. UI seems to function. I see the comments, just no video. I've installed 8 different versions and none have worked

Raya Fahreza

Finally works on S5 & Note 3 Thank you devs for telling me to uninstall and install again, it now works on my Samsung phones. Loving it. Suggestions: get rid of the round user profile pics on top of stream, useless, and please enable interactions in landscape orientation.

John Buck

First impressions App seems to work very well on Nexus 4. Have watched some interesting streams.

Dennis Lazo

so far so good for those getting stuck in opening screen, reinstall. links on twitter still open on browser though. but so far, those streams appearing in app may be opened and streaming well.

Daniel Crowder

It works as advertised Fluid, no lag, no bugs at all so far. And I'm even on a 3 year old phone.

Francisco Velasco

Streams are great quality I've watched a few strands and they are great quality. Sound and video great. Only wish their was more content.

Bryan Bowker

A bit buggy A bit buggy still but really really addictive

James Hughes

Good Wheres the follow button on streams can't add people

C Rich

Finally can stream! That is one huge improvement!

TJ Temple

Streams STILL take time to come up, and app crashes while streaming Live streams STILL take time to come up, and every time I stream, it crashes. Samsung Galaxy S3

Brice Harney

Front facing camera is no longer upside down on Nexus 6 but panning is confusing because the video is not reversed.

Raul Gomez

Don't have twitter so I'm unable to use it

Akshat Jain

Fix the application. Looks like it's in alpha stage. Wait it's not in the beta stage anymore. No way. It performs like it's still in the alpha stage. Countless bugs. Refreshing problems. Frequent crashes. Live streams freezing every 10 - 15 seconds. No Facebook option. Twitter integration is totally useless now. Can't follow anyone from the application. Problems with re tweeting and liking the streams. Tried to e-mail you guys, but my mail doesn't reach you guys at all. Changed my twitter ID, but my new username wouldn't show up in the meerkat app.

Kenneth Miller

Still. Cannot. Comment. Reviewed past three updates. Sent an email. I cannot comment on any streams at all. No one has addressed this issue. Galaxy S6 Edge, Lollipop 5.0.2.

Sandy Russell

Love it This is so much better than periscope

Phil Edmunds

Any chance of Facebook integration?

Dick Nielson

Getting better Watching ok. An older version froze every time I tried to stream. Now if I close all other apps I can get it to run most of the time. I have played some more in the newest version. I was not able to get it to freeze. I could before by switching cameras. So upping it one star. Updates almost two to three times a week. So getting far more stable.

Bailey Linder

Samsung Tab 4 8.0' All it does is show the spinner moving. This app will not load even with the update. Please fix this. UPDATE: still doesn't load.


Doesnt load the video at all.. Fail !

Erik Cox

Broken It just hangs at the loading screen. (Edit: Thank you for the suggestion! It worked. I've had all three versions of the beta and this version and none have worked, until the reinstall. Now I can finally be as cool as my iOS friends. 11/10.)

Drew Hosick

Can't Wait for this thing to work well Well the Nexus 6 camera issue is fixed but now I keep getting told my signal is too weak. I've got a perfect signal and uploaded bandwidth. I don't get this... Must be a new bug.

Jesse Hickman

Who knows where to start with the bugs? If you like a full list of streams popping up on the first go, you won't like this app. If you like spending more than a minute watching a stream, you won't like this app. If you like having settings and control over notifications, this app is not for you.

Zod Magus

Not good so far For some reason it'll stream video for a few minutes then stop. Then not at all. Then I can stream video from anywhere else not even YouTube. Once I restart it works. Nexus 4.

Ali Hamilton

Great feeds ❤ the diversity and the people I follow, :-) Some glitches on SS5, but it works out, ?

Tony Hannides

Update to Nexus 6 Fixes Video Title says it all. It's fixed. Now just testing the rest of the features.

Gustavo Márquez

I can't stream I know is a Beta, but I see the streams, but I can't make a One. I think right now is more important to make a streamings than watch

Ruben Zuniga

Stays on the loading screen without ever starting up

Yaniv Tross

Super Awesome. Works great on my lg g3.

rick sare

Still has inverted image Nexus 6, HTC One, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, all my devices still have a inverted image when broadcasting using the front facing camera. right now that seems to be the only issue everything else has been slowly fixed in the updates

Bob Bruns

Beta Tester since April 17th**** 4 stars for now because it's not there yet but still a nice of the team to make Meerkat work for us on Android. Give it some time people. iOS is only one OS and Android has many OS's they have to make it work with (Samsung, LG etc.) so give it some time people!

Michael Rodo

On Android... poor video quality...even after update... Yes it is now on Android.... but it doesn't run as smooth as IOS. Video does record/stream now... however, the back camera is not as good as the front facing camera. Might be something to do with the higher megapixels be compressed for streaming.


Thank you for my invite ? I havent tried it yet but looking forward to it and to be apart of the beta testing. I have been an Alpha and Beta tester for Microsoft since 1998. And with 6500+ followers on twitter, this will be fun! ?

Sy Downham

In beta, more like alpha Quite a poor experience on Android currently. Frequent updates but many glaring issues remain.

Ruslan Bratanov

Cool Wonderful app! I use it every day. Now I will wait on Windows Phone 8.1

Meloney Hall

I just started using it about 48 hours ago. Hooked on particular Meer-kasters already. Once I figure out what value I can bring to viewers, I'll begin streaming. Right now, I am a viewer. Keep moving forward, MeerKat!

Chris Johnson

The last update is causes sound lag. It's like watching a kung fu movie.

D Seitz

Works!! Easy access and intetesting feeds

Ryan Smith

Great interface Just seems much more thought out and well executed

Shahar Matorin

Great streaming quality This version is great !!

Mike Quinn

Lag is awful Since the last update the lag on the streams is really bad. I hear the sounds and voices and then 2 seconds before the video catches up. I even uninstalled and reinstalled app to see if that would fix it.

John Colakov

Broken After update I am unable to stream. Just get a black screen. Also, I am unable to post comments. I type something, hit send, but it doesn't show up. Pretty much makes the app useless to me. Tried reinstalling to no avail. Note4. Please help. Updated and still same issues. Also, tried it on my work phone galaxy s6 and same thing. What's up with this? Updated again and still can't stream or comment on either note4 or s6.

Salocin Dot TEN

Promising Should Twitter have bought you, it would be good. Guess we'll wait for Facebook or Google..

eddie wormuth

Come on Like the turn off notification button. Slowly getting good. Now survive and get users

Zod Magus

Not good so far For some reason it'll stream video for a few minutes then stop. Then not at all. Then I can stream video from anywhere else not even YouTube. Once I restart it works. Nexus 4. *update* still won't stream on Nexus 4 as of 5/14/15. *update* Thanks for reply. Still same issues as above as of 5/22/15. *update* everything works great finally 6/24/15

Alan L

Latest update sucks The latest update has made some streams unwatchable because the meerkat keeps coming on the screen. E.g. The Swedish food tv streams cannot be viewed properly anymore. Before the update it was fine.

Terilyn Jackson

Great till update I have a Samsung note 3 had no problems with Meerkat until update. Now it won't even open.

Lisa Pattenden

100 times better now.. Or not I'm on Samsung S5 and wasn't able to watch anything. This update has made it seamless. ADDED: and then it digressed. It's slow to update the current shows. Now when I click to go to an alerted show it hangs. Worked for a NY minute. Now, only when I can actually get on, but getting on is proving difficult.

Akshat Jain

Bad update Streaming will continue after the connection strengthens is the error I'm getting after the update. Every time. Even though the connection is super strong. Fix that

Wade Mihalakis

"Great" This update seems to have fixed the problem and is running great now.

Niv Android

Love it The app works great now! Thank you for the update

Dark Justice

Enjoying this immensely Love these casts. Better than periscope.

Jimmy Poblador

Stream will resume, once connection strengthens? The new video player is not working properly. Since I updated my app this morning, I wasn't able to watch any stream. The error: "Stream will resume once the network strengthens". The older version of the app works better. Hope you fix this problem. FYI, my internet wifi speed is 10mbps.

Heather Schmidt

Crash!!!! Very unhappy. I search to follow and it kicks me off and tells me that it isn't working right or something. Very frustrating.

Hiren Soni

Can not login. Once i allow on twitter dialog, comes to splash screen, and agin login button shows up. I am using nexus 5 and os version 5.1.1

Danny Eley

Still Keeps freezing Won't let me stream and app crashes when the attempt to change the camera

Timothy Pickett

Samsung Galaxy Camera NOT COMPATIBLE! REALLY? Not compatible with a major Android camera?

Manuel Gago

Need improvements Good interface

Javier Whitefield

Batman It's rad

Joe Higgs

Kills Periscope I've been using both and so far I'm so much more pleased with meerkat, tbh.

Malibu MizzouFan

Brutally bad The last two updates have completely ruined a promising start. Nothing at all works now. Try to watch and one frame loads and freezes like a screen shot. Done . This is bad beyond description. Shockingly poor.

Derwin w

Bug fixes have had the reverse effect. Doesn't show available streams just black screen

dustin williams

Doesn't do what id like it too I would like to have better options to browse which streams I want to watch

Robin Gingerich

Good but typing title of your stream before or during the refresh of the stream list will blank the text every time. Takes 5-8 tries before I can text my title. VERY FRUSTRATING

Cristina G

It's so cool Idk why it doesn't have a higher rating

Craig Ganssle

I don't get it. It's an app that just sends me confirmation SMS's over and over and over again. Isn't it supposed to do more?

banook rodarte

Meerkat I am done.using meerkrap I am using other social media So meerkat is bad for me to use as a streaming app.I am deleting it because they don't do there job on banning people for wearing provocative clothing

Luke Hovey

Unintuitive Terrible user interface, hard to use, frustrating to use, can't use. Would give 0 stars if able

Phil Di Marino

Sućks n0 way t0 retrieve video asshoĺe app .y0u will be eaten alive by youtube. U dumb turds R giving it away N UR 2 YOUNG 2 MAN UP ŔiP

Evan W.

force me to give out my phone number?? The only way to register is by providing my phone number? Why can't I register using email or Facebook? Uninstalled.

Anthony Hansen

Poor Support Have been trying to get support via Twitter to help me create an account in Bermuda. Two months later..........I wanted the app to watch U2 shows, now I've pretty much missed them all. Please contact me and help resolve my issue, I do not receive the SMS.

Tim Pickett

Issues with Android 6.0.1 Audio is garbled up after update. Tested on Nexus 6, and Moto X Pure Edition with same results!

kathy wilder

Bugggs Said connection bad said connect lost then went into twitter and,watched it there u got bugs

Marcel Teixeira

Finally full screen watching! It use to be so annoying, because the comments would cover half the screen! Thanks for adding the full screen watching feature!

Tao Exile

UI is portrait orientation centric. No video. All other Apps including Periscope stream video fine on same connections. Requires phone number. unintuitive user interface.

John Doe

Moderated by fachists This crapware is managed by moderators who used to work for pinochet and/or Sadam Husein ! They will block you from streaming if you show a 5 seconds clip of radiohead from your tv. I'm uninstalling this garbageware as soon as I'm done with this comment. It's useless anyway. There are like 200 users streaming total crap.

Mario Fanous

Nice i like the tap which cleans up the screen. Now u all u need for 5 stars is a better stream like a buffer or something so it doesn't stop all the time. From one star to 4.

Ilija Jovanovic

Out of focus My streams on the rear camera are out of focus,FIX needed - Galaxy S5

Jill G

Stopped working Super super glitchy & I can't update my account

Avi Levi

Awesome!!! I really like it. Friendly interface. And I like to use it . It is very useful for my friends

cioban iosif

ENABLE TO LOG IN ENABLE TO LOG IN - Login thru AND it's a stupid thing. UNINSTALL

paul harmsworth

Just installed, to much religious stuff on this app, maybe uninstall

James Garlin

Periscope still wins Still waiting on Cameo capabilities for Android.....

Mark Schyns

Can't sign up.. Won't send the SMS confirmation...wth?

Amy Reaves

Sign up It won't even send me a SMS message for a pin number. Wow!!!! Back to Periscope

Antonio Embuldeniya

It's not sending me conformation code!!!! I entered my full phone number and waited for confirmation numbers but nothing!!

Alan L

Full screen at last Finally you can view the entire (well nearly) video without the interface covering everything up.

Bainarao RV

Not fair not working

Jeff Cunningham

Not too shabby !

Kevin Liao

Sucks Nothing is better than pericope except the schedule. User interface sucks really bad.

Alice Heyman

Be here now !!!

Steven Warnick

Soap Box Rants and raves

nick shterev

Username change finally How to beat periscope continues with screen off. 2. Audio continues with screen open in other app I.e. Gmaps. 3. Options for stream quality to reduce mobile data. 4. Save stream to memory.5.have a mute button 6.Option to add custom notification sound, instead default notification that other apps use.

Marisa Caron

Bad. The basic function works I guess, except my stream keeps getting shut off for "poor connection" when i have full WiFi. The main reason I am deleting this is because I can't disable the automatic Twitter updates. So annoying. Also, if I save a stream where the hell does it go? Creepy. Lazy development.

James Buller

Having promised much (library, embedding, Facebook) my trial was a frustrating disappointment. It does the basic task ok but@ * i couldn't login with Facebook on the app (only website), * I spammed my twitter followers with alerts to my tests that cannot be disabled (the "notifications" setting is unexplained and had no effect), * (ther was no indication that) the first few seconds were not recorded. * I can't find the library on the app * I can't find the promised embed player feature * So far the recordings have always appeared portrait too.


OK when it works So I got it and it worked fine I loved it but then I had to reset my phone dose not work my phone is a Motorola moto G 2014 model and it doesn't let me load the app any more the same think on my brothers phone he got it and delete it got it again and it keeps kicking him of he's got a iPhone 5c if you fix it for me and my brother I will rate 5*

rosanna mck

Can't find my saved videos and glitch crazy I've streamed a few times which was fun, saved the streams but can't find them anywhere. Really frustrating. Then yesterday as I was streaming the app got stuck in this stupid glitch mode and would split screen everything. Really frustrating again. So I uninstalled, installing again to give it one more chance but I'm not hopeful.

Leslie Taylor

Android version sucks Search for other users doesn't work.

snowvia tia

It glitches and freezes on my andriod phone please fix Glitches and freezes please fix

D Amos

Requires phone number to register. I'll stick with Periscope until you come to your senses and change this requirement. Won't allow anyone in my household to use this app for that reason.

Mike Style

It worked for 3 days It started off working but now won't work on my Samsung Galaxy S5 for an unknown reason. It's great if it works

kathy wilder

Bugggs Said connection bad said connect lost then went into twitter and,watched it there u got bugs no time no date 13,of the same thing time to close this app I've tried to get message from whoever owns this program it's crap I don't know if it's a bug a glitch or a I don't care attitude. We loved it NOW DON'T WASTE UR TIME DL

Dapid Candra

What is this for? Download, run it, asking many things, too many things... battery down 5% just for 'configuring'... not good apps. I haven't use it. How to use it? Is this a survey apps? Questionnaire? So many questions... where is the video, broadcast?

Clive Smith

Dreadful UI Dreadful UI that is not intuitive. Periscope it has a much better user experience. Up periscope... as they say in the Navy.

Lubri Cator

Only 25 live? How can I find more than the 25 suggested live streams? Periscope has an intuitive interface with map or list. I don't see anything like that in Meerkat.

Jeremy Hassan Jackson Shoffner

Very Good!! But is there a way we can ZOOM the camera...i still give a 5 though

Paul Piedrahita

Galaxy Note 4 Edge Works great! But Facebook Live allows me to easily communicate with my circle of influence & I no longer need to use this app. It was a great experience. Thanks.

Pat Cook ALA Bach Patu

Supports Landscape (I Think ??) But Text Scrolls From RIGHT TO LEFT & IS SIDEWAYS In Landscape FULL Landscape mode support is an ABSOLUTE MUST FIX !!! NOTHING WORSE than trying to read text that's STUCK IN PORTRAIT MODE because you're trying to stream in LANDSCAPE mode

MR slap 1

Its a cool app but the video always says low connection you should make that work better

kylan brown

Fans This app really does not have any popularity i just got this app today and the best broadcaster on here only had 13 people watching him im suprise that this app is still even running so that's why I decided to download this app so I can tell people on Instagram and Twitter to download this app to make it better and help this app please download it. Im suprised that this app is a 3.4 it should be a 1.1 this is crazy

Kristian Dawe

Worst Streaming app ever This app was once ok, now that meerkat seems to be dead there is no interest by anyone only overseas folks, its sad that mk fell apart so fast, all the love was for iOS users, sadly android was always left in the dark hoping things would be better, it will never be any better now. PERISCOPE IS THE THE PLACE TO BE PEOPLE.

Randy Tasajaya

This App Should Be Still in Alpha Version And please invest your resources into another ideas, because the competitors are already too strong.

Muhammed M

You need to let us Watch past broadcasts. Cut your losses, you are losing to Facebook live and periscope. Shut down now.

Rick Ivkovich

Meerkat Live Enjoy watching least watched events live.

Kirk State

Cant pull up my saved videos Cant pull up my saved videos

Tao Exile

No search suggestions. Requires phone number. unintuitive user interface. Relies entirely on social networking connections to find content forcing users to part with their privacy in order to obtain a barely functional experience if you search for "booger" in Periscope you get more than one result. Your search assumes the person knows the other person's username

M Alfiyan Syamsuddin

Force close when pushing stream button

kathy wilder

Bugggs Nothing but sh!t here now don't waste ur time .. will not try again will block app s pray meerkat you were good now you stink

Carol Corriveau

Meerkat I was waiting for my code number and they never gave it to me so I couldn't get meerkat

Luis Garica

It is dead Only one stream.

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