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22 Jun

Posted by NPS Medicinewise in Medical | June 22, 2016 | 54 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

MedicineList+ provides individuals, carers, families, doctors and nurses, with a comprehensive and easy to use medication reminder system. It takes the stress out of managing your medicines and helps you stay on top of your own health as well as those in your care.

You can manage your prescription medicines, as well as add additional medicines e.g. vitamins and over-the-counter medicines. MedicineList+ also helps you to manage health conditions, measurements, medical tests and results for yourself and others.

The free Australian medicine app, MedicineList+ allows you to:

• Record and set medicine reminders for prescription, non prescription and complimentary medicines
• Add medicines by scanning the barcode, using a pick list or using free text in the MedicineList+ comprehensive medicine search
• Set medicine reminders and create a regular medicine schedule
• Add medicine details such as reason for use, dose, frequency and extra instructions
• Track your medicine use and email your medicine use records

Record health information:
• Record your blood pressure, height, weight and any allergies
• Set general reminders e.g. prescription refills or doctor’s appointments
• Add your health professionals’ contact details
• List your medical tests and test results
• Create health trend graphs and email them

Create user profiles:
• Record personal details
• Create and personalise multiple user profiles, making it easier for nurses, doctors and carers to keep track of patients. It also assists parents to stay on top of family medicine requirements
• Note details for emergency contacts, Medicare cards and medical insurance

Make notes
• Record your own notes in the MedicineList+ app database and questions to ask your doctor
• Make notes related to individual health professionals

So whether you are a carer looking to keep track of multiple patients, want to become more organised with you and your family members’ medicine schedules or simply struggle to remember your own medicine lists and medicinal requirements, the free medicine app, MedicineList+ by NPS MedicineWise, will be an invaluable asset to your daily life.

Whats new

    Significant fix to reminders bug present in past versions of MedicineList+.
    Please contact [email protected] if you find any new issues.
    Regards MedicineList+ support

NPS Medicinewise part of our Medical and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 22, 2016. Google play rating is 83.1628. Current verison is 2.9. Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download medicinelist.apk 11.0 MB


Amy Devroome

Be much better then trying to remember all tablets? ? It's hard. It's only been the last 2,3 years taking tablets. Before then had no tablets and now I pay $80, or a $150 a monthly and that's $25 a month to deliver my tables every Thursdays.

David Ralston-Bryce

Good and handy app App generally does as it states but I have one issue where I tried to send my medicine list to email and it was disallowed for some reason and only the email went without the PDF. Not sure if you can email the PDF or even save medicine list as PDF; some help please :-)

Paulandjane bourke

A great tool, very functional I'll start by saying it's not perfect, some areas could be improved upon but it still gets a 5? rating because of its functionality. It's the right tool for the job if you have multiple medicines/medicinal schedules, health conditions and a family or household to keep track of. My wife&I not only care for our own health issues but also care for an elderly uncle and disabled sister.It's got information on medicines available in Australia and one can immediately share all relevant information with Dr's etc

Luke Scholes

A1+++ Best App For Anyone Who Has Major Health Problems & On Heaps Of Meds. :-)

Александр Гвоздик

Very good! I used to forget my medicines. Not anymore. Thanks! The updates are frequent too. Great to see android apps of high quality.

Margaret Hains

Loved it. I find the app lessens my concerns about my healthcare. I also carry my husband's records.

Peter Mason

Medicine Medical expertise.

Neil MacMillan

Great app This is a real handy app, but the alarms keep failing. Reloaded the app and they worked for a couple of days but failed again. Still a good app though.

BarrySuzy Laughton

Great App. MedicineList+ It is great to have a Medicine App that offers so much. However, it does have a couple of faults that I hope the developers can rectify. In REMINDERS when you set a reminder for say 19:00 you will be reminded with a notification and audible alarm, but if your mobile is turned off to save power (which is often the case in regional Australia) and then turned back on after 19:00 then you wont get your reminder. The REMINDER should continue until turned off by the user even if the mobile is turned on after the notification time, also the reminder should state which medication, currently it does not. What I would like to see added in the next update under GENERAL HEALTH is a heading to list your Vaccinations. Where you can keep a record of when you had your last Flu Shot or Tetanus Injection, or Hep B. Injection or booster shot.

Melissa Sze

Review/feedback Date start and stop should be linked to calendar so short term med reminder don't go on indefinitely. Separate short and long term meds would be helpful eg with antibiotics. Med list with active ingredients keeps reverting to brand name. Would be better with expanded barcode scanner.

Steppen Wolf

Good for managing meds for elders Being a busy person and a carer, it helps me make sure I dont make any mistakes. Thanks

Barry Maloney

good app similar to BarrySuzy I find that the reminders do not work while the phone is locked.

David May

easy way to track my medications

Colin Byrne

I love this app Finally I have an app that understands all my medication's Australian names. I also have my elderly mum's details on here too - it would have been great to have had the info that can be stored here, all the previous times mum had been admitted to hospital. I suspect it will be so much easier now for me to supply info to doctors and administrators.

Earl Elpers

Very nice app. Suggestions: add a line for the doctor’s name who prescribed the medicine. Add way to move the medications in the list so that you can organise them in the way that you want them displayed, if alphabetical is not right for you. When I added a medicine on my own, it put it at the bottom of the list even tho it started with the letter “b” and other letters are in the list that are past that letter. It also does not leave the medicine name capitalized, even tho it is typed in that way. Enjoy it very much.

Hari Iyer

Excellent app, no more excuses about forgetting to take them. Excellent app, no more excuses about forgetting to take them. Please include info about the actual medicines themselves. Edit: Awesome to see DEV actually implementing the feedback by adding links to the medicines which will give users more information about side effects etc. Good WORK - 5 star indeed !

Favio Chilo

Love it Easy to use, and nice remainders :) Please release the iPhone one soon. My wife will love it too

Thomas Huynh

Good medicine app It works well and reminders work, never forget to take your medicine again lol

James Reeve

Great medicines app I used it to record my Dad's medicines. Now when he goes to his Specialist he has a complete list of what he is taking and when. It makes it easier for the specialist to adjust his medicines.

bindiya dsouza

Good app to keep track of medicine

Pece Nikolovski

Easy to use Love how much it's easy to setup your medicines... Especially with the barcode scanner.

Alain Antoine

Fantastic app Excellent app,Easy to use thank you NPS

Anil Kumar

Beautifully designed. Beautifully designed useful app. Use it and be medicine wise.

David Mcculloch

AAA Excellent all round s4lf health recorder

Tracey Hockey

Lost without the reminders I love this app! Really helpful info. Very informative. Love it so much that have told hubby and other family members to get it. I like that it is overseen by a government body too,so everything is above board.

Liesha Blades

Love it Such a handy app. With all the different specialists and gp's I have to see I can use this app for quick reference.

Teddy Ndroid

Need Backup Function! Any backup or sync data should be added as this is related to data saving. Make this app more reliable and trustable to save the info.

Queenie Tam

Could be improved A nice app to keep track of your medications & other medical information. But there is currently no way to backup or sync the information entered. This is annoying when a new device is purchased or where you use more than one device since re-entering the information is time consuming. Could this issue be addressed?

Philip Leitch

I was going to put in 5 stars because of first use/appearances. The info is great. The app, however, needs these changes: 1. The ability to access my medicines list no matter what. The near constant "Medicine database is currently being updated" message on pressing the "Medicines" button is stopping me from confirming my medications or sending my usage history to my GP. This is not acceptable. 2. The ability to report on what I've taken and when. I would like to bring it up on the screen OR access it from

Daniel Darabi

Fallen by the wayside? Previously rated 5 stars but the initial promise this app had shown has waned with a severe lack of updates. Graphs still buggy, missing necessary features that other apps have, outdated design. With Android 6.0 nearing I feel this app won't be able to keep up at this rate. Another government venture aborted prematurely? Maybe a 1 star rating can elicit a reaction... Edit 15/10/15: Now the app is losing features that would have set it apart from the rest. Not reassuring at all.

John Stevens

this is good app to some what? as i have seen before i do cross reference my scripts from my doctor to see what ingredients ,drug class and uses etc.......

peter scalzo

Potential side loaded malware Have uninstalled this as tend micro has found grayapps in with this I have uninstalled

Noeleen Alden

Ok Not a bad app, however if the reminder actually told you which medicine it was for it would be so much better, as opposed to having to open the app each time.

Katie Reid

Medicine List Medicine List isn't downloading

John Gardeniers

Handy app but it's very irritating to get a message stating "Medicine Database is currently being updated" most times when I want to add or change my medicines. Perhaps those managing the database are unaware of how to perform incremental updates, which should take mere seconds, rather than having basic app functionality disabled for extended periods.

Mathy Willy

Medication list app Very informative and educative. Love it

Toby Susnja

Handy Very educational

Carolyn Fenney

NPS MEDICINEWISE Great app very easy to use☺

Peter Werner

Good When a dose is taken, the amount taken and when should be recorded. Regular meds where the dose time and amount doesn't change are fine. Irregular meds such as painkillers where things can vary should be allowed for. For ckd patients, phosphate binder dosage varies with the amount and frequency of meals/snacks and portion sizes.

John Butler

Oops - update to v3+ slipped a little. Update to v3+ took some time to recognise the end of daylight saving. Phone changed overnight but reminders were going off one hour later than AEST. Now they have settled down and cut in at right time but still display reminder time 1 hour later! Also even though I tick all items in reminder box before selecting 'taken' they all show up in reminders list as not taken. Got some work to do to win back my 5 stars!

Steve Patrice O

The scanner won't work... plz fix ASAP

Kathy Stanford

Ruined app with last update I have multiple medications to take at certain times. Unable to select which ones have been taken and which ones missed. Have had to disable reminders as can't finalise them. Very frustrating.

Sheryl Minns

Was working well until the last update. Now it keeps failing and I'm not getting any reminders.

C JayKay

No interaction cautions The reason I downloaded this was to check for interactions not bloody reminders. Uninstalling and calling a pharmacy instead.

Mary Lang

New version still crashes Despite the update, this supposedly updated version still crashes when I want to note that I have taken a particular medication. The fact I can't reliably use what was once a properly working app makes this app useless to me because it is not reliable. Please fix it ASAP and please NEVER release an app update with bugs because it's just not worth the pain or hassle. We'd all rather use an older version that works than suffer through weeks or months of pain. Thank you -please fix ASAP, thank you.

Jenny Bridge

Handy App Very handy as I care for my elderly mother and am often asked for a list of which medications she takes. Ability to scan barcodes is great. Enhancement suggestion: ability to add health practitioner details straight from phone contacts.

Regina Harris

Wish I could give 0 Stars What a waste of time... this thing doesn't recognize any medications with scanning furthermore when you try to search for them by typing in the name of the medication no medications are known in the database what kind of mucous list are you medicine list plus if you have no medications in your lists? Boo, you suck!

Sam Urai

Re installed it work fine once again Reminders were not working but working once again 5 stars

Susan Walker

Wish it would revert to a previous version It was working fine and now is a dud. no reminders and crashes on certain screens. I've emailed repeatedly and been told an update was coming two weeks ago but no update is forth coming. Very disappointing.

Dan Wagner

A great app! I needed an app to list my prescription meds and wanted one with no ads. This app does that very well and does more! I like the ability to link meds to conditions, and conditions to providers. It would be a great enhancement to see the provider that prescribed the medicine in the medicine list. It would also be great to add expected refill dates and reminders. Having the additional information about the medication available at a click is great as well. Great work!

Janet Dight

I just wanted a med list I should have been suspicious when the preview pages didn't show an actual list of medications. If it's in there, I couldn't find it. Uninstalled and chose another app.

SiKotic Samurai

I rate 0 stars Whatever I'm not here to do your job, it was once great now it's crap, uninstall time to find a better reminder app

Graham Duguid

A very good app. Easy to use. Everything you need in an meds app.

Paulandjane bourke

A great tool, very functional I'll start by saying it's not perfect, some areas could be improved upon but it still gets a 5? rating because of its functionality. It's the right tool for the job if you have multiple medicines/medicinal schedules, health conditions and a family or household to keep track of. My wife&I not only care for our own health issues but also care for an elderly uncle and disabled sister.It's got information on medicines available in Australia and one can immediately share all relevant information with Dr's etc

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