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8 Nov
Emby for Android

Posted by Emby Media in Video Players & Editors | Nov. 8, 2016 | 225 Comments

Apk file size: 6.7 MB

Bringing all of your personal media together into one place has never been easier! Emby unites your personal videos, music, and photos and streams them to your devices.

Get the free, open source Emby Server at (required as part of your Emby install).

• Emby automatically converts your media on-the-fly to play on any device.
• Emby organizes your media into an elegant display with artwork, rich metadata and related content.
• Easily share your media with friends and family.
• Rich parental control and management features allow you to easily control access for your entire family.
• Stream your cloud-synced media (with installed cloud sync providers)
• Watch Live TV and manage your DVR (with installed live tv provider)

This app is free to browse your media collection and cast to other devices. Playback requires either a one-time in-app purchase, or an active Emby Premiere subscription. Other premium features such as sync require an Emby Premiere subscription. Prior to December 2014, this app was owned and sold by another developer. We are doing our best to automatically detect and honor your purchases made during that timeframe. If this does not work for you then please click the Restore Purchase button to open a support ticket with us and we'll resolve the issue immediately.

All content displayed here is licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. The videos displayed are available on the Open Movie Project, found at



* Add custom bitrate option when syncing videos
* Improve theme song playback
* Rename sync settings to offline
* Improve music offline sync to 1-click
* Add music offline sync quality settings
* Fix folders view


* Improved data loading performance
* Improved scrolling performance
* Improved sync error handling
* Rework series recording screen
* Add artists to music genre screen
* Add guide paging
* Add sync download notifications


* Resolve sync failures to external SD card


* Embedded subtitle fixes
* Updated external player playback


* Fix Chromecast not playing after connecting
* Add custom video player built with LibVlc
* Support gestures to change brightness and volume during playback
* Easily exit video player with back button
* Replace home screen tabs
* Replace photo view tabs
* Replace channel view tabs
* Add new social sharing feature
* Support hardware menu button to open left nav drawer
* New Next Up layout for mobile


* Fix Chromecast Nvidia Shield detection
* Redesign headers and tabs on now playing screen
* Added thumbs up/down, favorite to now playing screen
* Replace all media position and volume sliders
* Update video player icons
* Replace http stack with Volley & OkHttp
* Restore logging to Emby directory


* Replace left navigation drawer
* Display playback position in Lollipop notification
* Fix lock screen + notification bar audio control for android versions < 5.0
* Implement audio ducking
* Improve landscape remote controls
* Fix error when switching subtitles
* Add in-app Emby Connect signup

All content displayed here is licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. The videos displayed are available on the Open Movie Project, found at

Whats new

    Update latest items display
    Add fixes for Android 7.0

Emby Media part of our Video Players & Editors and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Nov. 8, 2016. Google play rating is 75.859. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 6.7 MB.

Download media-browser-for-android.apk 6.7 MB


Frédéric Boutin

A beta as of now This emby client never worked well for me. It keeps crashing and freezing. The commands I send work half of the time. In the end, I still need to use the web interface...

R Daneel Olivaw

Works very well on LG G3 & Samsung Note Pro 12.2 Have recently discovered Emby and it works really well. Still needs a little polish to make selecting items from big lists smoother but works better than plex for me. I have Emby Server on win7sp1 & can play on phone, tablet and via nowTV box. Worth trying as it is free but developer deserves support so please make a contribution if you can.

Joshua Kite

Emby SERVER seems great but This app is flaky- can't navigate videos by tapping on progress bar, can't search by song title or artist when this works fine via web interface

Jonas Tingmose

Loving it every day! What can I say? All my media from home, available anywhere!

Semaj Dnob

Doesn't work any longer While it was working, this app worked with occasional crashes and freezes. However it's no longer possible to connect and it just stalls right out of the box. What a nightmare.

Brandy Marks

POC and not worth the trouble Peace Of Crap and not worth the trouble. Keeps asking me to change server. When I finally figured out the IP, then I had to know the port. Who the hell knows on an android tablet. At least my computer know its ports but then MB does not connect to my imac so I am SOOL there too. POC, like I said!

sunny ghataura

Brilliant Works like a charm at home and when I am out and about,

Peter Deckert

Nearly working When it works its great. Unfortunately the app on my tablet spend most of its time frozen, needing me to go to app manager to stop it before i can do anything. This will be brilliant when the bugs are fixed. Keep up the good work.

James Tackett

Great app! I've been using mediabrowser for years and this android client is a much appreciated addition.

Brett Maxwell

Awesome works great

Robert Karlsen

It needs folder support Too bad i never had the possebility to use previous version with folder support. You need to scroll the messy list of 1000's of songs every time. This app is too time consuming and annyoying to use. If wrong things is select on menu, you need to use "End Task" and restart it every time. I still give 4 stars, because previous version is supposed to be so much better. At the moment i need to find APK for old version on web. Upnp support would be great too. File list is empty from Upnp servers.

Mark Goddard

Please fix Collections and subtitles I've been using MB for a fair while, a big fan. But the latest updates have been a bit disappointing. Still can't navigate using my boxsets/collections (though I can still with other clients) - all movies now come up in the same level. Still finding the subtitles (srt mkv etc.) very unreliable, especially on a resume play. Latest update doesnt seem to support resume properly or using the slider during playback to skip ahead in the movie. These mean that you have to return to the start of a partly watched movie and watch it all again with no quick way of getting quickly back to where you previously left off. Any chance of looking at these, please?

Shane Kelly

Is it just me? Doesn't seem to work, doesn't load on connect. Have to reset data for app and set up every time I want to use it.

Todd Punderson

Works great! Using this on my Nexus 6 and Galaxy Tab S.

Kevin Thibodeaux

Doesn't work with 4.1.2, just freezes at connecting

Viktor Segerfeldt

Needs work a lot of work... Random freezes and fcs.

Joel Finn

Broken since latest update. Still having freeze ups and nothing showing in folders after the first time loading on a fresh install. On Note 4 and Nexus 7.

Jeffrey Collins

superb great app i use it on all os

Jeremy Alexander

Daily updates are frustrating

Draco Miles X

Great app but I can't connect when I am not on the same network even with portforwarding etc... I only have the HTTPS port forwarded not the HTTP maby it tries to connect with http only?

Brendan Rossiter

Keeps on improving! Love the hard work that goes in to this terrific app!

Kee Siang Wong

Stability improved, but folder navigation still broken Used to love this app, but the latest update killed it. Please bring back the folder navigation feature in previous is not useful to lump all media on one page, with no option to organise them in meaningful way.

Matt Dodd

When it works.. Much better since the last few client and server updates. Stale transcode fixed and external player skip working again. Only major lacking feature thats missing on the android client is play to client. For example an android client can play to a desktop client. However its not possible unless you use bubbleupnp to support the feature. This would be easy to write in an a major missing feature for those using android tv boxes.

Rodrigo Troza

The best

Ian Fairweather

Only giving one star because can't give none Lots of promise, but it's such a frustrating crash fest that I could never recommend it.

Jonathon Stropoli

Best app of its far! The bottom works fabulously. I never thought I would have all of my server content available anytime or anywhere with so little work on my end. Great interface, smooth as silk on Android... And windows phone and Roku for that matter. Bravo to the whole team. I completely ditched J River after 4 years for this. Keep the updates and features coming.

Charles Adams

Rapidly improving But still can not adjust overscan as the controls speak of using arrow keys my phone does not have.

mark cirzan

Almost never works Whenever there is a server update it is a big process to get everything working again. When this app works its just ok. I prefer a few of the other easier to use media servers.

Dwain Mars

Working great The app was working fine now it is back to acting up. ff and remind will cause the video to stop responding.

Matthew S

Crashes often. Fix that and its 4 stars

Brian _

You Broke the app again I I really like this app and that's why I paid for it but after every update or fix I have to worry about it being broken and not being able to use it unless I'm home. Again the last update has broken the ability for me to use this app when I'm not home it will not connect to my server again when I'm not home.

Ish Ramjan

Web interface is better Its a good app, rather than great. It can be slow to load, and cover art is always slow regardless of connection. The Emby web interface is more functional and quicker. Gotta love the server though, moved over from Plex and not regretted it at all. Emby server plus Kodi/Chromecast is also a great combo.

Ricky Niell

Mediocre It's tolerable. Half the time it just locks up.

John Buyense

Great App! After a few updates and fixes works great! Lots of fun! (Motorola Mini)

Allan Davies

Its ok Much better now, still needs improving though.

Liam Brown

It's good, but needs work It plays most videos fine, but the ui needs a lot of polish, and enhancements. A keep filters/hide empty series feature is badly needed. WebUI is missing that as well, sadly.

Xzavier Carsten Omyda

Love Emby! Just not the one for Android! I have been a avid user of Media Browser, which is now Emby. I bought it for my PC, tablet, and Windows Phone. I decided to switch back to Google and use their Nexus 6 phone. The Windows Phone app is a lot like the one on my tablet. The one on Android is iffy and it seems like the GUI is over complicated compared to the other editions on other OS'es. Freezes and crashes my Nexus 6. A lot of times media will not load, just cause a gray screen, which can't be backed out of.

Skylar Wolf

Buggy, but free alternative to Plex.

Kalvin D

Needs work. Love the back end server, the mobile app on the other hand needs work. It will connect the first time (I set up my server manually) but have to clear data for it to ever connect again. It will not play media other than music.

Alex S

Mediabrowser is STILL simply the best I admit that I do agree with other people's comments - it is a shame that the app has lost it's individuality and is now pretty much a carbon copy of the the Web version. However, functionality and stability for me has improved MASSIVELY. This, for me, is more important than the appearance of the UI etc. The app is now stable, DLNA works perfectly & it now allows access to the server dashboard. Love Mediabrowser and love the app.

Steve Bostic

New Update Force Closes Mostly happens while in the metadata manager scrolling through art work, covers, thumbs and backdrops. The new white pop out menu, sucks big time. Black was much better for older eyes. But then old people should just sit on the sofa and shut up.

Ian Fairweather

Only giving one star because can't give none New version may be more stable, but still useless to me as seeking/resuming fails. On one device video starts to play but with no sound, then playback freezes.... On all, resume position is often incorrect.... Please forget fancy UI and extra features - you need to get the core function of media playback rock solid, or the rest is just a waste of your time. 26th June update - resume now completely broken, just starts at the beginning again. Still the no sound after seeking problem remains.

Dominic D'Souza

Flat out doesn't play to chromecast anymore. Stop changing things. New interface is rubbish compared to the old one. Bring mediabrowser and drop this emby crap

Ricky Niell

Mediocre It's tolerable. Half the time it just locks up. Junk.

Nikki Willis

Never works Most useless app ever, doesn't work most the time

ven Torrella

Sluggish The app is really sluggish. Feels like using a browser with slow internet. Probably because it's using a web UI instead of having native functionality.

Mark Goddard

Latest version a great improvement. New ui is really good, and brings back some features previous versions had lost. Especially like being able to change user prefs from the client. Great job, thanks! Resume function still not working, and sometimes losing sync with soft subs when skipping forward, but a big improvement

Angus Forbes

New app won't let me play anything on the cromecast.

Liam Bhardwaj

Great app Only issues are navigation is very poor and can lag sometimes. Not a fan of the webUI.. But, otherwise no playback issues. Not being able to simply swipe left or right to navigate and having to tap the menu text to switch views/menu items is highly frustrating. You have so much control over your server from the App its amazing! Update: left navigation drawer is laggy

Art Gutierrez

Again, this app is not working ! The app states that it can not connect to the server? I've restarted the server twice!?? Running Android 4.2.1

Jim Mackie

Great way to share my films The latest upgrades make it work so much better, although still having issues with the app letting go of control of the chromecast. And any news of a working ipad emby app, as the one I paid for still not working yet, but keep up the great work

James Cooper

Right now the casting to chromecast does not seem to work as intended. It will cast to is but the app seems to lose connection after a couple of minutes. When it does this I can not control what is being casted, no pausing or stopping. Other than this issue its a great app. Will change rating once its working properly.

Luke Moon

New Version Doesn't Work Properly So disappointed I was expecting more great stuff from this product as it has been fantastic. This new version simply doesn't work on either of my android devices I was holding off buying until there was a working app for my Samsung smart tv but it looks like it's time to look for another product. This is a great example where poor change control can really impact a product. This version should still be in development with the old one still live. such a shame until now I really loved the product.

Tony Seymour

New version is uselesz Doesn't play all types , half my films that worked in the old version now have no audio the rest are so quiet even on Max that it is just not useable now, please let us select an external player again or fix the issues. I now have an app that is useless whereas the previous version was buggy but at least I could play any film and I could hear it.

Josh Kraker

Needs work on lock ups (G3) It's amazing how fast they turn around new features as well as fixing existing bugs. If you're a plex user, you really give emby a chance.

Andrew Collington

Latest version dissapointing Emby server is fantastic and this app used to be great, but the latest updates render it almost useless for me as it has yet to play any of my media files. Have previous version on my phone and it works just fine with the same movies.

Mark Middendorff

Just a Web view now Old version had some bugs but they fixed the bugs while making it clunkier and slower. The latest update has it moving faster but it still feels bloated. The server itself is still the best, the transcoding has gotten much better and the metadata management is great. Hoping for more client-side improvements.

right meow

For an older version App was perfect and now it's just a crashy and clunky web browser. Uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared data, didn't work and what was once a great app is now nothing short of useless. 6/12/15 crashes are fixed but I still prefer the client interface much more.

Jay Fisher

Awesome app... But lots of bugs I've tried so many media server type apps and this is by far the best. But there's a lot of bugs that need sorting out. The remote only works about 10% of the time. Too bad if you need to pause, doesn't work. Plus the server software on your pc doesn't give you an option to install on a different drive, only C: drive. Not good if you use an SSD drive. You don't want the cache constantly writing to you SSD... Bad. This needs to be fixed asap.

bryan ross

Update 2 Latest version makes the resume nearly non functional. Audio is horrible now. No difference between the app and going through chrome to watch, with exception of the app now takes up 5 times the space. This needs fixed BAD! Still a fan, been with MB for a few years now. But, fix the app please.

Michael Scrivo

What happened? Is this just a web view now? Navigation sucks, and it's much slower than before. Edit: it's gotten much better after a quick succession of fixes. Still slower than the native version though. Also thank you for the detailed changelogs!

Todd Punderson

Works great! Using this on my Nexus 6 and Galaxy Tab S.

sunny ghataura

Brilliant Worked great latest version fails to display anything other than latest section

Diljot Garcha

UPDATE: The new app is trash! The new app is absolute garbage. The Emby team went from a stellar native application to a garbage app that just loads a web page! ——————————————————————— OLD REVIEW: The Emby server is stellar. Handles all your media, and where applicable automatically downloads metadata from the internet. The server is better than Plex in my honest opinion, lightweight and just works. The android application is great too, it's simple and allows you to cast content to a Chromecast. It all works as expected.

Alexandre Botelho

There is an issue with displaying titles on media in certain areas. Every word in a title seems to restart at the beginning of the tile, which makes the words sit on top of each other.

Preston Boebel

Much More Stable Working better these days.

Greg Smith

Excellent. The last version I installed for my android didn't remote control. This worked straight away. Good stuff guys

Shenal Fernando

New version sucks If I wanted a web ui I'd have used the browser

Dimas Jovel

App is not working after update.

Jordon Griffiths

Chromecast support not working? Great app but unfortunately I cannot seem to connect to my Chromecast? I can see it in the list of devices to connect to but it does nothing when I click on it

Christoffer Hammarström

App hangs and crashes all the time.

Glenn Koolen

Best version yet. Great work devs.

Jonathon Ford

Awesome app! Working better after updates... Keep them coming!

Giovanni Maria Ponta

Cannot soft close it anymore. Only with task manager. Didnt like the web interface sure it is beautiful but cumbersome to navigate. Pls bring back external player. Internal one is useless

Felix Schröter

The app is a bit unresponsive. And I'd highly recommend to update it to Material Design. The App itself mostly does it's job fine,

Ranger B

Improved I used other versions of this and it has come a long way in a short period of time.. Great work. Keep it up

Pit Bull

Remove the ads Moran.

Art Gutierrez

Good app, but way too many updates. It feels like the app is updated every other day. Can't you wait to update the app after you get all the problems resolved? I purchased upgraded functions to the app last year...waiting for stability overall b4 $ a premium membership.

James Barnes

Excellent All movies are MP4 ripped. Works great streaming from a WHS2011 to my HTC One M7, galaxy tab, and ASUS TF300. Streams to Chrome and Google TV boxes throughout my home. Web player is very efficient that works well around the globe. The interface is very clean and has a nice GUI. Once a cast is started with the app, you can close it to save battery. It'll pickup where you are in the video once you reconnect. Recommended this to everyone that wants to stream. Seek works correctly.

T.J. Telan

Feels slow while interacting with the server Also cannot change the volume of what I'm playing while using chromecast.

Michael Shihrer

Works pretty well overall. It can be a little slow, but it makes it easy to browse/play my media on my Android devices. Would be a 5 star if they made the design a little more interesting.

Mark DeLao

Can't connect to server error Haven't been able to use the past couple of days before worked fine.

Ben Slayton

Crashing Emby apps, everywhere Why does everything Emby crash constantly? The Roku channel can't stay up for more than a few minutes at a time, this app has crashed several times in the 5 minutes I've used it... I couldn't make a purchase if I wanted! Too bad, Emby is the one home theatre that plays/seeks WMC TV files reliably.

Craig Langer

Program with each update gets worce Very nicely done. A solid movie sharing program. Easy to set up and just works. Absolutely the best movie sharing program period. Uses the same meta data as xbmc. Used to work better. Don't worry about appearance fix the bugs that seem to be getting more and more

John Morgan

Used to be ok now buggy and slow Better off navigating to the server using your web browser the app has gotten way to buggy and super it costs you

Serge Khalifé

Very buggy with Chromecast

Reuben Ray

One of the worst (1) Not Free - You are told this once you hit the play button. (2) Not hassle free as advertised on Web page. (3) Website is unstable- considered buying and returned to the site only to not be able to login cause the page gave an error when loading.

Tim Lin

Time seek stopped working - AGAIN Time seek stopped working. Shame that I actually paid for this half-done update. Will advise others to avoid updating until the problem's solved.

TJ l

Amazing F#ck plex. Emby is where it's at

mark riley

Not free to watch my own movies Asks me to join premier to watch my own content. No thanks. Pos software

Ryan Puckett

Bait and switch in full effect Free to download.... $5 to use off local network (or so they claim but fail). Used to be good alternative to Plex but now I'll pass soon as I find something that works on roku and Android. BTW been using since it was called MediaBrowser3

Byron Alsobrook

Amazing.....5 dollars to view your own content and 5 dollars to emby for all your friends you want to share your content with. And the worse part is 5 dollars if you want to test the app and see if it streams are up to standards. Another one bits the dust!!! Stay tuned.....I'm working on a app that will allow us to freely access our content to the server, This one is done!!! a big -5 for the rating if there were one.

Rene Rombout

Problems with casts Even though I like the app the are some problems. Casting isn't working great, losing connection from time to time. Also, when I connect to my chromecast I see the poster of the movie, sounds starts playing yet no video.

Jerry Frye

This latest update has the app constantly fighting with Greenify to be killed off. What's the deal?

Adam Wilson

Simply awesome

Chris Franklin

Not really free as you need the premier version of the "server". Also it's no longer open source..

nicholas goulden

We need to be able to change the size of images etc to make the menus look ok on a mobile.

Shannan Bax

I had such high hopes for this app, but instead of getting better and faster it is getting slower and more cumbersome. I have been part of the community for some time and they are quite responsive to bugs and helping new users, but usability and sluggishness are not bugs

A Google User

Useless Now requires one to pay to use the app.

Sami Haahtinen

Getting better with every release With a few lingering issues there is still room for improvement. It's getting there though

Alexandre Blondin

Awesome Use it all the time. Chromecasting from Android app is still hit and miss. Keeps losing track of the content playing and makes it difficult to pause or change content.

Anderson Pereira

Very good but still needs work

Pablo Carrau

Great but fix the back button Love the app, but the back button behavior is not ideal. On some pages it returns you back to the previous screen (good), but other pages it closes the app (bad). Please fix!

Cooter McHanna

Needs work. Still no SSL and it used to work sorta. Lately keeps asking for chrome cast pin even though I'm watching on the phone. Often looses it's place and can't resume. This app has been the only place emby has disappointed me.

Jennifer Rosello

Works great Hooked up a bunch of chrome cast to different TV's and I have an emby server running... I can cast movies to multiple TVs at same time

Jared Allard

Works well Don't like the paywall. Got around it. Great app, bought the app then an emby subscription.

Trevor Elliott

Can no longer control videos while streaming If streaming to Chromecast, can control video. Remote no longer works and no display pops up on okay, but videos still play on Chromecast. So I can't seek, pause, stop, etc...

Chris Garcia

Love the app but... What happened to the remote??? I can't stop, pause, rewind, or forward. I'm still contemplating on purchasing but if there's always issues, I might just go with an alternative app that actually works. Please fix.

Mitch Gersbach

Almost usable TV keeps switching back to "ready to cast" screen after you've disconnected it via the cast button in the app. It does this repeatedly.

Dennis Mariman

Very useful app, but far from perfect. I had some repeated issues with this app, but after the last update they seem to have gone away. Unfortunately, I now get some very annoying stutter during movie playback which I didn't have before.

Marcus Lim

Misleading Please state clearly this app is for testing only with 1 minute playback and pay to use

GRomero x

Totally worth the one time premier fee . If u have a low end NAS/Server/Internet don't blame the Application specifically if the settings on your devices are wrong. Works better than a pay stream provider . Thanks for the Patches and updates.. Great Job .

Alex Yakimov

Just bought premium for Android, and am not able to get it activated. Is there a code that's meant to be sent to me, or is it meant to be automatic activation?

Justin Cramer

Charge almost as much as Netflix This app was secretly crippled and now they charge almost as much monthly as Netflix FOR CONTENT I ALREADY OWN! Hosted on my own server and my own LAN no less. I've been a donator/supporter since Media Browser days but I'm moving on to Kodi.

Grant Quick

No longer a competitor I've been a long time user of emby, since it was a Mediacenter plugin. It's been a great competitor to Plex and Kodi for a while, but the payment model is a total failure. The longer I use it, the more features get removed and the more expensive it becomes. I can no longer recommend emby as a quality indie alternative. Avoid.

Zach Davis

Premiere sub just to play my content? I bought the app before, and was able to play my own content through the app. Why was it changed to require a subscription now? This is stupid. Back to plex I go. Also, really tired of seeing "try emby premiere" every time I'd open the app. If I wanted it, I'd get it. Plex doesn't shoehorn that right on the home screen of their app.

Juan Luis Medina

New user and already hate you emby devs I found this app looking on some forums, obviously old posts, because no one will recommend this app now, I hate your ads and your "try emby premier" let me know when you go back to the emby glorious days

nicholas goulden

Its crippled now

Tim Grainger

Emby Works well with my server and Galaxy S2, S5 and even with Hudl one and two. Best of all is with Nexus Player and Emby tv version with my 105" projector screen. Sorted ! WAF is thru the roof?

Mark Fratto


Conor Phelan

Good but needs more bug fixes Using Note 5, Have a few troubles while casting to TV using chromecast button in app. None of the control buttons (volume, captions fast forward etc) except for pause and play work while casting. I also lose sync with TV while casting sometimes - media will be playing on TV with my phone asleep, when I reopen the app, I either can't control media that is casting (the bar at the bottom with current media playing doesn't show up) or it goes back to an episode I was watching previously, and cuts what's playing

Patrick Halliday

Trying to get better and succeeding with server and content, BUT...their trying to compete with Kodi and Plex...why in the heck are you charging to stream to devices within the home server area? A person can't even try it from an android device without paying. The other two don't charge at all to stream...only Plex charges to SYNC. If Emby truly wants to compete, they need to let you access streaming for free like the others then charge for the other premium access. Otherwise, their improvements are making them as good if not better than Plex now. DISCONTINUE your charges for streaming and maybe I'll reinstall. Poor competition scenario here.

Gediminas Bytautas

Getting better Still ways to go, however it is nice to see active development and bugs fixed.

Troy Coburn

Not paying Why do I need to pay to play my content on my network on my device?

Blake Mcconahy

It's pretty good I like it allot better than plex because it's not a monthly fee and it's completely free for desktop.

Don Mastrangelo

I need to pay for for my own content? They keep taking free features and changing them to paid features. Even streaming on local wifi is now a paid feature...I own my server hosting my media. I am not paying you to access it.

Oskar Ehnström

Suddenly streaming is a paid feature Seems like the app suddenly wants you to pay for accessing your media. What exactly is possible with the free app?

Haje Korth

Ok Revising my rating after TV Guide no longer loading with latest update. The quality fluctuates significantly with each update.

James Schmitt

Paid app As soon as I try to stream something from my server, it asks for payment. Brutal. Back to using Kodi.

Matt Hogan

Great app!! For some reason my other media server starting with P started having connection issues with chromecast. Installed Emby and it worked straight away with no casting issues.

Ty Daniels

Wonderful Media Center This is the best option I've found for streaming my media between devices. The developer(s) are always updating and adding features and functionality. You can even use Emby in a multi-media center environment, I stream into KODI and my Android with no problems. Keep up the great work.

Zane Tait

Update to emby now causes force close Recent update to app now renders my emby app useless. Also have paid and now it is prompting me to pay again. Extremely unhappy after being a emby loyalist for quite some time. Time to change products.

James Crook

Always getting better Moving all my devices over to emby as I love open source.

Hilman Chung

Money grab. I paid for their in app purchase once before to get the guide data. Guess what? They want you to pay a second time. UPDATE: Stop asking to use Emby Theater, I dismissed this notification! Geez everything is about money here.....

Netbiz Communication

Loving it I am premium customer. M so happy after Emby....

Robert Sauber

Trying paid So far not working on samsung tab.

Peter Brown

Empty promises. Edit 2. Still waiting so cancelled subscription... Also can't see sd card on Marshmallow (been months for this bug) Main use was for syncing video to my devices and playing offline, well I subscribed for these very reasons. But empty promises of offline mode "coming soon" and I'm still waiting while paying a subscription only for this function. "Coming soon" is not usually over 6 months and waiting. 5 bucks a month ain't cheap you know anticipating offline mode is coming.

Matt Dodd

Free app redacted Due to length of time i had the app (pre xmas) 2015 had free apps (unlocked), appears no more one just decided its time to pay to play and the paywall goes up a little further.

Scott Aaron

What have you guys done? Undo it please The latest update has made the app nearly unusable. Loading any library or the guide takes a long time. Scrolling is extremely slow and clunky. Streams are slow to load. Once the stream starts it seems to work fine. Really not digging the new interface either. Overall the new update is a huge step backwards.

Oscar Catiggay

Recent update is SLOW I want to like the app but it is pretty terrible. It's extremely slow to load and often forgets it's been paid for. The worst part is it often causes ram to purge everything. This is unacceptable. I would buy premium easily if only the app actually worked.

Charles Adams

Rapidly improving to remove privileges They removed phone ID? They found other methods of knowing if a call came in without using that permission. But still can not adjust overscan when outputting to another device.

Simon Dib

Doesn't resume at correct spot when phone unlocks A bit annoying when my phone auto-locks, and when I unlock the video playback doesn't resume where it left off. Other than that, great app!

Matt Bibby

Buggy and now the paywall? I put up with Emby for several months because I wanted to give it a shot. But after receiving a notice that I have to now purchase a subscription to watch content on a server on my local network, that's where I draw the line. The bugs range from disappearing content to large libraries crashing the entire application. Emby does support animated gifs, which is nice, but if you have an album with a lot of them they will all get to pre-rended at the same time, crashing the app. I think I'll stick with plex

Nicolai B

Doesn´t buy unlock app, doesn´t unlock app, waste of money and time.


Why do I have to pay to see the content on my server?

Eduardo Reyes

AWESOME!! Works amazing.. Connects to your video files remotely and allows you to stream to your phone from anywhere! Thanks again RedShirt!

Tomer Cohen

Works well, some issues with keeping the Chromecast connection. Does the trick for me. Setup my TV with Chromecast and the Emby server OK my PC in the other room. Works like a charm

Aaron McDaniel

Fails to run on Nexus 6 with Android 7.0 Tried clearing cache and reinstalling. Still launches to a blank, dark screen.

Steffen Ørskov

Broken again..... And again, After last update, playback is taking maybe a minute to start... I'm using nexus 5x. Also, the website keeps going down all the time. Doesn't seem to professional. But that out of the way, I love emby server as a library for Kodi. Site down again 02/01/2016

James Owen

I paid for DVR functionality. Being able to schedule recordings in live TV and now through an update you have taken it away and I must pay a subscription to get this functionality back? Feeling cheated right now...

Chris Jarram

Useless! ! Just crashes out whenever I try and play any video. Note 8.0. High End server works for all other devices.


Terrible decision to take away the pull out drawer in favor of bottom tabs. This is a move away from material design. It takes up more screen real estate and is more prone to accidental clicks.

Pablo Carrau

Everything's great except for the Resume issues! If I'm watching a tv show or movie, I'll pause the playback and then turn off the screen. When I turn the screen back on and click the play button to resume, it starts back in the beginning and loses the previous position. I've tried this on multiple Android devices (OnePlus One, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Lenovo Tablet, etc). I get the same issue on all of them even though I'm running the very latest version of Emby on all. It's extremely frustrating :(

Harry Park

Not great Come on, no cover art unless you pay? Seriously? I get that it costs money for development, but I'd rather go with Plex.

Chris Harsent

New UI is ooor Very disappointing changing the gui, old one looked cleaner and matched the server app.

Tom Greene

Tabs?! Why did we go back to 2011? Who's hair brained idea was this?

Kellen Lundry

Missing some pretty important features Overall the app is decent. The emby project itself is great, but the android app is missing some key features for me. It has a sync offline feature that caches your media on your device. However, if you have no connection to your server then you cannot play it back with the emby app. You have to use a third party app to play the local files. Weird. It also has a podcast plugin, but has no way to auto download new episodes or mark them as watched.

Steven Casamento

Chromecast issues Issues with chromecast when watching live tv via serverwmc. When switching channels, it will often bring up a blank screen.. works fine if mirroring. This version seems buggy.

winfuriated troopa

Good but User to be able to exit the app from the home page regardless of navigation history. Now it forces you to go back through every screen you visited which is not ideal. Please revert or add an exit option.

GRomero x

Do not update to 3.8!! Update 3.8 is NOT allowing some movies to play on android devices (transcoding issue ) I tought it was a problem in my end and did a whole bunch of testing and yet nothing . Downgrade to ver 2.7.59 & 2.7.55 sure enoght is working again hope this help.. . Original feedback :If u have a low end NAS/Server./Internet don't blame the Application specifically if the settings on your devices are wrong. Works better than a pay stream provider . Thanks for the Patches and updates.. Great Job .

David Martin

Amazing App Great application, Really easy to use which is important to me as I have user accounts for my nephews and other family members setup and they find it easy to navigate. Works great and has plenty of features that come in handy for example the "Make available offline" feature which is great for road trips and holidays. Overall the developers have done an amazing job with this app and the rest of the Emby platform, I'd highly recommend Emby to anyone who's looking for a great full featured media platform.

Brett Heckle

What a piece of shit Takes forever to load. Terrible interface and user ability. Total garbage all around

I love the permission feature of this application. It allows me to share my media folders using this feature

Andy Tullett

Pretty stable these days. About the most reliable front end for the Emby platform, everything works as it should including external playback for those of us who are control freaks.

Katharina Sabel

Chromecast not working Can select device and TV gets "grabbed" but media doesn't play

Branko Angebrant

Latest versions improved so much. Finally works as it shoud.

Cees Portegies

Good, but not perfect Works well in most cases. A few important problems are that navigation and loading of pages is slow: this has now been fixed and is decently fast. Music playback tends to get forgotten if ram usage gets a bit higher, but this seems to happening less and less .

Bill Brunner

Awesome If you have emby set up, this is a must have. If you're a cheap b***h, develop your own streaming server and enjoy, otherwise support the devs and pay for premium.

Mike Munoz

Still needs work The browser version is the only version that works for me. I would happily pay for it if it worked. The Chromecast and Amazon fire tv versions never played reliably. Plex works perfectly on Amazon fire tv and it's free but I would really prefer to use emby. I can't even test the Amazon fire tv version anymore to see if it's been fixed. I'm not going to pay for a broken app and hope it's fixed someday. Why is the Chromecast version free, but not the Amazon fire tv version?

Chrisada Sookdhis

Only audio Since the August update, videos do not show up and I only get audio.

Julia Kennedy

Excellent app for reviewing your own personal media. EMBY for Android is a perfect whole home solution for accessing any of your personal media. Movies & TV shows are a given, however, EMBY for Android goes many steps further by also allowing you to view your photos, home videos, trailers, stored music videos, etc. It even allows you to download and launch ebooks you have stored on your EMBY server. It can do all of this while you are on the go through cellular connectivity or portable hotspots. EMBY, two thumbs up!

Brent and Cathy Fugett

Yes!!!!! Last update brings performance I've waited for This has always been a great product but has been lacking in the performance area. With this last update mobile performance has gotten a badly needed greasing of the skids with a nice skin of Teflon for good measure!! Outstanding product. Thanks for the hard work!!

Bader Koot

Great Media Streaming App I love everything about it. The only thing that bugs me is it doesn't display Arabic subtitles fonts.

Алексей Владышевский

After the last update it stopped to work, now I only see a black screen and nothing else.

Ashish Saini

Good but... The app is good but not much stable.

Kolin Millhench

Great app and media server Really love the app and server. Great integration with Kodi too. Keep up the good work guys!

Anthony Ramos

New pay wall Edit: used to work great. Now they added a pay wall for basic streaming.

Pit Bull

Why do we have adds in a paid app?

Michael Pena

Hope you find value in this.... Always used it, always liked it. Now you charge? I hope you enjoy looking for a new job, because you just killed your own app. Like others before it, value should be in the extra features, not the regular use. All your going to do is alienate your most common users, and after a few people pay for the service, no one will buy it after that. Not sure what marketing management told you this is the right path, but say goodbye to your loyal customers. Make the general play free. For real. No value is changing.

James Crook

Always getting better Moving all my devices over to emby as I love open source.

Jon Peterson

Didn't run Black screen and unresponsive on my motor g 2nd gen

Anthony S

Better now Getting better with each update, finally bought premium.

mind mix

Only plays one minute of video without paying.

Nicolas Fuentes

Thank you for all your hard work I really love this platform, better than Plex for my use cases. Needs better reporting, editing data via report (e.g. custom parental ratings).

Fightman Jones

Pay to use my own server even though I already paid I've about had it with this app. It's asking me to pay to stream from my own server, even though I already did that. This app was working fairly well, but this is ridiculous.

Richard Daw

Not good In-app purchase made for playback, now forced to buy monthly subscription. Not cool. Requested refund, no response. Plex all the way.

GRomero x

ANDROID ISSUE!!# Update will NOT allow some movies to play on ANDROID devices (transcoding issue) I tought it was a problem in my end and did a whole bunch of testing and yet nothing .. application in playstore v2.7.89 is corrupted.v2.7.92 ,v2.7.97 & v2.8.0 up 8.15 NO DOT WORK either.. v2.7.55 currently the only one that works

J Dobson

Pay to stream now Apparently you have to pay to stream media from your own library now. Not much but still different from not paying to stream.

Dustin Thurston

Paid to stream, but can't even log in I don't understand why I have no problem logging in to the website, but the app will not log in unless I'm on my home wifi.

Derek Williams

Not free Now you have to pay to even stream video from your own emby server. Skip this app and use the web interface to stream for free.

Bryan Parra

Completes my media server Emby + hdhomerun prime cannot get any better than this. Thanks for an awesome ecosystem.

Rob Gibson

Needs 30 second skip and 10 second replay Otherwise a great app. Love the frequent improvements.

Stathis Stamoulis

Not free Requires in app purchase or subscription to stream from your own server

great app.... constant improvements and updates

Thomas Büter

Overall great Overall it's working really great for me. It often disconnects from chromecast though, but when reconnecting it continues where it left off (so you can still pause, skip, etc when you are playing something). The price tag for the app is okay.

Daniel R

Not free Wasted my time, I have to pay in order to watch a movie from my own local server ?!? Nope...

Cecil Watson

The ability to queue up a video while watching one would be a great feature. This should be doable without making a playlist.

Oscar Catiggay

Drug dealer style selling tactics DVR scheduling is now behind a pay wall?Moving features into the paid subscription is terrible. If devs continue to remove features and require a subscription, I'll move to Plex. It seems these devs have really lost their way and are now driven by money.

Shane Mathieu

Amazing App. Streams and plays all my media, that I toss at it. The server running on my HP Desktop, The App on both my Roku3's and my LG Phone, plus our Samsung Tablet. Finally a great way to stream content to every device in every room on my wired and wireless home network. with an amazing interface. Thank you...

Jason Cook

Works Flawlessly!!! Emby works extremely smooth and plays anything and everything I throw at it. I have been using it since the MediaBrowser days and it has never failed me!!!

Rex Strait

Beware! I purchased this app for $5 just a few months ago and now the basic live TV recording features no longer work without a paid subscription. I doubt that the lifetime $99 subscription is really lifetime either. Every time there is an update something no longer works unless you pay up! This is just plain robbery! No more Emby for me.

Russell Minnich

Good app Only problems for me are that there isn't an offline mode and the player doesn't have a jump n seconds ahead button.

Joris Schaefers

Fantastic! Emby is the best and works like a charm! :).

Marino Reyes

Great! Too awesome. Easy, fast and reliable.

winfuriated troopa

Good but Please add an exit app option as back button cycles history. Also the advertisement for a premier account that allows offline viewing/sync is completely misleading as I found recently. Finally add the ability to store synced files to external storage.

Charles dek

Great app! From watching my favorite series to movies and other, this App and server core is the most fun thing I have managed so far. The support and community is great, fast and responsive. Keep up the good work!!!

With rhe recent updates/upgrades to Live TV , music and movies, I am now able to access my media remotely on a consistent basis. I must say thst the app has become more reliable and with more easy ro use features. Thanks to the team of developers for their hard work. Keep up the great work.

Tabrez Mohammed

Majority of the videos not working on chromecast Latest update has ruined everything ffmpeg not found and none of the files are playing

Mitch Gersbach

Unusable TV keeps switching back to "ready to cast" screen after you've disconnected it via the cast button in the app. It does this repeatedly. It's still happening six months later. On top of this the asking price is too high.

Steven Thimsen

PVR now premiere feature only Even though I bought the app on several devices (phone and iPad), it now says that the DVR functionality requires a premiere subscription. This is ridiculous and an obvious bait and switch.

Vedran Zrilic

Casting to Chrome doesn't work Casting to Chrome doesn't work. Even though emby recognize and connects to Chrome when you click play it doesn't do anything. The only way to play video is to mirror video from Chrimecast application. If this was working app would get easy 5 stars.

Terry Perkinson

I rated only 1 star because Play Store says the app is Free... Yet, to watch videos on my PC with Emby server, I have to "unlock" the feature by paying $4.49... If the app is *NOT* free then just freaking say so. This seems like a bait and switch attempt. To be clear, I don't even know if the app works or not because I try the "free minute" and it does not show the video. Terrible user experience from a functionality and business perspective. If I am missing something entirely I will be happy to apologize. But I've tried several times to make this "Free" app work with no success.

Greg Medding

Offline downloads are broken. Works great streaming when on WiFi, but offline downloads are problematic. After launching an offline sync for an item I often find it the next day sitting at 50% (ready to download). From there it's random chance if the video will actually download or not. Worse still, I had it set to only download over WiFi, but it decided to download while I was on a long drive yesterday and used 1.4GB of data on my plan AND I STILL DIDN'T END UP WITH A WORKING VIDEO. It's sad the WiFi only setting can't be trusted.

Stephen Parker

Emby on phone When I first had emby you didn't have to pay for it but now you have to which is disgusting as last Sunday it was free to watch live tv on my phone for free and them when I came to watch live tv last night it would only give me 1 minute free time so please can you decide if it's free or have to pay one off fee thanks

James Owen

It's not right that you have removed Pvr functionality and made it a feature of subscription. As someone else said classic bait and switch.

Steffen Ørskov

Great product!!! I use it mostly as backend for KODI, but the streaming and transcoding to the app is Great. Some times the quality control on new updates arn't great. But all in all, I live it, I ude it every day.

panda drew

Used to be free? I used to be able to stream my media for free, but today I had to pay to be able to stream on my tablet. Still works great, but the main reason I use Emby is because it's free/cheap.

Joshua Wood

slow loading barely useable since recent updates

Mahmoud Hafez

Couldn't Play any trailer ! Everything works well and as expected. The chromecast2 now is working as well. Though, I couldn't start any movie trailer at all; always shows a black screen then disconnect.

Cooter McHanna

Last update seemed to mess up playback. Uninstalled and reinstalled and the problem fixed itself.

Frans Stofberg

Fixed it Most problems are now sorted. Thanks ?

Christopher Mullins

Videos don't play anymore They just hang while loading...

David Ring

Remote connection isn't even trying to connect. Waste of time.

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