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22 Jun

Posted by Lightspeed Research in Productivity | June 22, 2016 | 126 Comments

Apk file size: 19.0 MB

This opportunity is currently available exclusively to those who have received an invitation to participate in the MySurvey Mobile Connect program so don’t miss your chance when you're invited! Simply install the mC+ app and then open it to complete your registration by accepting the disclosures presented to you in the app. You will also be asked to accept a VPN connection and security certificate. By keeping the application installed and active on your device, you will receive ongoing rewards. Apart from making sure that you keep mC+ running, you won't need to interact with the app regularly to earn your rewards (mC+ is a separate app from the MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket survey applications with which you may be familiar). The app is designed to run in the background and provides an opportunity to participate in an ongoing research study about mobile device usage without needing to take time out of your busy schedule.

The mC+ app has been rebuilt to address the feedback we have received from users on a small number of specific devices. The mC+ registration process and user interface have been refreshed and the battery performance has been greatly improved. Download and install today to start earning your rewards!

Whats new

    New in Version 3.35.1 – Various bug fixes and enhanced app stability

Lightspeed Research part of our Productivity and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update June 22, 2016. Google play rating is 45.5723. Current verison is 3.35.1. Actual size 19.0 MB.

Download mc.apk 19.0 MB


Jimmy Saunders

Extremely buggy on my S5 I really wanted to love this app. I tried my best to make it run, i cleared my cache partition when it slowed, but I can't take the VPN taking over my WiFi and data to the point where I can't text or use any apps that require an Internet connection. Don't tell me it's because of the VPN connection, cause I can turn on Media Insiders app and run their VPN and have no difficulties whatsoever. Extremely disappointed, uninstalled.

James Snider

Good, simple app It runs in the background and uses next to no battery. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I have to disconnect the VPN when texting pictures. Otherwise the message will either take 5 minutes to send or fail all together. Other than that, no complaints.

Tamira Smith

Uninstalling This would've been a great app but it causes my phone to lag. I never get any of my notifications anymore. It's just not worth the irritation...sorry. If you can fix this I'll reinstall. Thanks.

Cosmic Ricks

Good concept, too buggy Causes long lags when loading pages/apps, crashes my tablet every few minutes and blocks most of my other apps from connecting to the internet. After removing the app and restarting my tablet, everything works fine. I'd be happy to reinstall the app once it functions better.

Sage Barry

Has some issues When I have VPN connected it causes my pH to lag. It slows down my apps and the connection. Makes my whole pH lag. When I unconnected and restart my ph, my phone began to run like it should. Like the payout that is OK but it's causing issues on my Note 3. After I unistalled it my pH was was back to normal. It messed with my Internet connection that 5 dollars not worth my phone not functioning. I went through so much trouble thinking it was my ph. Correct the bugging issues

Oakridge chris

Would not have an issue with it if it didn't stop some videos from loading and slowing my internet plus it craps my tablet. Uninstalled until it works better.

Barry Banks

Something new This is something new for me and is a learning experience. I think it will be just fine.

Cindi Kujath

Uninstalling horrible app Not worth the fight for the extra points. Slows down my phone processor. Everything lags. Plus I have to have a lock code on my phone which is a pain. Fix issues and I'll reinstall.

Rick Kilpatrick

Horrible App I've tried everything to make this app work but it's made my Motorola Nexus 6 feel like a Motorola triumph running Android 2.0 on 2G data. Same on my Nexus 10. On my PC the software is just as buggy. I've seen apps of this kind work better 5 to 10 years ago on devices just as old. I'd be embarrassed to even allow this app or software to be released without the word "beta," or ever "alpha" attached to the name. Total fail! Come back to me when it's running perfect.

Sarah Miller

Going to uninstall I don't like that it requires vpn and I now have two extra things in my notification bar. You don't need to put a notification that something is running when it's something I intend to have on all the time. Notification should be for new or interesting information. Really annoying.

Kymberley Elizabeth Brown

Laaaaag Have to disconnect to use whatsapp or the messages get stuck pending for ages.

Fiona Kirk

Should be good but it's not I want to love this but am uninstalling it as I've had no end of problems since I first installed it.

Denise Kent

Uninstalled Forces me to have lock screen activated, no thanks. ..for what $5.00 a month. So not worth it. Developer fix that and I might reinstall. Thank you to the user below who left instructions on how to fix the screen lock issue. You saved me so much time. The developer should address this problem and not ignore it.

Ashlee Manley

Slows phone down I couldn't do anything on my phone half the time not worth 5 bucks sorry :\

Staci Dakides

It didn't go through the certificate and its frustrating!!!

Gina Rogers

Face lock disabled The app fine except I can't use some of my security features, facial recognition and tap. Why is that? I may uninstall. LG G2

sofiat Balogun

This app slows my internet connection, i couldn't. Login into my instagram, Facebook many more

Sean Riley

Nothing wrong with payouts, but.... App causes my tablet to lag terribly particularly when tryng to type using google keyboard in chrome non beta and in Facebook. I was not using the VPN, so connectivity was not an issue for me.

Court D

My apps won't open when it running and it slows my phone down

Corie Pollard

Hello How are we paid just for using the app.

Jackie Gibson

Have to disconnect to play my games thru Facebook

Isaac Sahnow

VPN Makes my internet totally unstable. Most of the time I need to disconnect to do anything internet related on my phone. Basic turns your awesome smartphone into a glorified calculator.

Tameika Williams

Ok Have to disconnect it when using my chromecast

Maria Robles

One complaint. I already used a lock code so that didn't affect me in any way. What I do mind is that it stays in my notification bar. I wish I could turn that off.

Beverly Carter

Not so good I had to stop app from working I watch Netflix on phone would not let me use Netflix would not let me get on Internet not worth at all

Kimberly Egan Sanner

affected my Internet speed drastically terrible. no amount of money w I u make me download an app that makes my phone work slower.

Anthony Gifford

Slowed down phone Slowed down phone too much, not worth it

Johnny Clayburne

My survey You only earn points if you meet their criteria otherwise you get sweepstakes entries.

Tiffany Mosser

Locked everything Uninstalled after an hour. Locked my internet up and wouldn't let me do any general searches anymore.

Lee Turner

*you will receive on going rewards* I've had this on my phone interfering with other apps for MONTHS and have received ZERO REWARDS.

Lori Barnwell

Makes my phone lag I downloaded the app and my phone is lagging and i am not able to use the apps I normally use. This jacked up my phone. I now can't use swipe to unlock! Thanks people. Not worth the points!!!!!!!

Juliet BilboSaucier

Hate it!! It slows my phone down, to almost a complete stop, freezes constantly and it keeps turning my mobile data Off!! Fix it and I'll reinstall it...

Chris C

Actually works Program actually gave me 5 dollars sent to my paypal account at the beginning of the next month. Just keep the vpn and app running.

Julie Crouse

Works Does what it says

john romanowski

Never had a problem

Daniel Krafczyk

Horrible Really slows down web loading time, not worth it for the few extra ponits

Kate Sinclair

Awful Interfered with all my other apps and games ended up having to delete

Richard Dervan

VPN shuts down text messaging When the VPN is active, I can receive text messages, but can not send. My phone uses VoLTE (HD Voice) so that may have something to do with it. Also cannot place calls. This also prevented me from making a 911 call over the Memorial Day weekend. They could be sued for this if something bad happened. Numerous apps will not work: SMS Phone Chromecast Home Theater WiFi remote Roku WiFi remote Google Wallet The app appears to tunnel even traffic local to my home network. I set up a policy on my home and work firewalls to block the VPN so that it will not affect me at these places. I'm guessing that data is queued up until the VPN reconnects.

Ashley Lima-Acosta

The VPN is keeping a lot of my so apps from connecting to the internet. I have to keep disconnecting it to do anything. The only reason I'm not uninstalling it yet is because I'm waiting to be compensated for downloading the app. Then I'm getting rid of it. If and when they address this issue, I'll be more than happy to reinstall.

Laurel McNees

Screwed up my phone All other apps stopped connecting. Don't download! I have the note 4

Alan Newman

Hopeless app Blocks internet access. Can't stream or get to google play when this app is running.

Brent Goldthwaite

Slows entire phone Turned my fancy smart phone into a fancy paperweight.

Andrew Miller

Running the VPN completely shuts down the wifi as in the reviews below. The latest version HAS NOT fixed this. Unless this gets fixed asap, this app is gone. The small amount of points I'm earning in for MySurvey isn't worth loosing the wifi completely. Is doing the same on my S Tab as well.

Yvonne Ifode

Slow Slowed down my phone and blocks Internet access.

Keith Banners

I just started an it seams to be working well

brittany turner

Slows wifi connection I can't do anything on my phone : (

chelsea robbins

Crap I didn't even try the app itself. I don't like the fact that I have to put a screen lock on my phone. I will gladly try the app if this gets changed.

Ashley Dunbar

I'm not really sure what the point of this app is. They say they want to track what your doing on phone/tablet but then as soon as the VPN is connected your phone turns into a piece of junk if you try anything that involves the internet... pointless waste of time. Not worth the headache. Haven't even seen my initial credit for download and registration.

S Martineau

App won't work! App doesn't let me sign in. I see a lot of bad reviews. Please fix

Angie Morton

VPN keeps me from running half my apps, had to remove it.

Brandi Coldiron

Not happy After installing the app I let it run a few days and it did something to where I couldn't use my network or my Wi-Fi. I ultimately had to remove the app which still didn't fix the problem. I ended up having to do a factory reset on my phone.

Natalie Browne

I had to take it off. It kept getting my phone stuck, apps where not working. Could not find someone to help. App messed up my phone had to uninstall.

Bethany Norman

Slows my phone down!! My battery drains faster and videos won't load since installing! I want to earn points but I'm uninstalling because I need to be able to use my phone still!

Elizabeth Q

Works good I think it's making my phone a bit slower, but it doesn't mess with anything besides that, and the rewards i will get for it will be worth it. I got my reward points for installing it, so i'm satisfied

john romanowski

Happy with the application Payment on time

lisa baker

No rewards since 2016 I haven't received any rewards since the beginning of 2016. I usually get $10 in my Paypal acct by the 5th of every month, but I never received anything for January! I never had a problem until the 2016 started. I would have given it 5 stars but I have wrote the company multiple times since the beginning of Jan & no one has ever written me back. My app has been running & collecting data consistently everyday. I make sure I check a couple times throughout the day. Please have a cust svc rep contact me back

Chris Vlahovic

Ok. Few issues however It ocassionally causes my phone to freeze and since I have had this vpn connection, unable to do banking on my phone. other than that, its ok.

A Google User

Scammers I installed the software, had it active for almost 2 months (all working), never got a point from them! Tried to log un and it prompted I didnt hace an account.

Robert Arnold

It seems to be running ok and not using much battery. Anyone installing it, be prepared to get inundated with security alerts from Google, Microsoft and/or anyone you're logging into with email, etc. They will see a strange IP address accessing your accounts because of the mC+ vpn.

Zach Rutledge

I was happy that I didn't experience any of the problems other users described... Then tonight I discovered none of my cloud services work anymore. I can't transfer any files from my Dropbox to my phone without killing this app. Annoying. Now I see Roku app can't access the channel store. What else is broken? Edit to add: Turns out, lots. I think the VPN is the issue, some things work sometimes and don't work other times. Also, I *have* contacted the company twice and gotten no response either time.

Tina Leeson

Unsure if it's working or not I don't know what to say since installing this app I haven't had any communication from them so I don't know if it works or not. Would be nice if every now and then someone would send me an email or text I don't mind which and tell me if it's useful or not, that way I'd know whether to uninstall or keep it for a while longer !!!!



Renata Shopteese

Don't download!!! It's screwed up my phone. It keeps interrupting my other apps and internet connection. When you try to contact support the email are returned as the email they provide is not accurate!! Don't waste your time and patience!

Charles Preston

VPN Recieved an email with instructions for correcting the issues. All is working now. Previously wrote: VPN is connected Android play store will not open, Opera and Opera Mini web browsers work slowly or stop while loading a page. VPN also accesses the Connection Optimizer app frequently. VPN interefers with the Disney World app. Using a Samsung S5 Sport.

Amanda Bailey

It won't work It keeps telling me that mc+ has stopped working. Uninstall- reinstalled twice

Shelley Mack

So far I haven't got a clue what it does and haven't received any rewards! Will keep u posted about that especially since I have only had it on my phone for a week.

Virginia B.

? I just installed it, but immediately I noticed that my internet is significantly slower and I often have connection problems ???

Lisa Erickson

Constantly stops working This app works alright with my phone with the exception of it stops working all the time and has to constantly be restarted. Kind of a pain to do this quite often.

jonae spencer

It's garbage Was working now it does nothing it won't register to the network

Kira Silk

Phone hasn't worked since downloading. Very bad connection to network ever since, texts take several minutes to send, websites won't open, etc.

joseph r

Restore my account !!! Installed this app then account immediately INACTIVE AFTER I GAVE ACCESS TO ALL MY PRIVATE INFORMATION filled out help ticket on website NO RESPONSE FROM DEVELOPER and I will update if I get one soon, if not I Will report app AND website to every oversight agent until it is GONE !!!...good people have no time to waste!!! UPDATE, initial post 1/8/16 today is 1/18/16 still no active account or response from developer/website !!!

Joanne Brennan

Mc+ app has stopped Getting the above error message everytime i try to enable access.

Jill Greatrix

I had this app installed on my old phone and didn't have any problems. Since I got my new phone I've had it downloaded, but it won't configure. It keeps saying it doesn't recognize my email address. I can't figure out how to fix this!

Carlos Barnes

Well I was getting paid but this month I didn't receive anything

Christina Austin

Unhappy I could never log in the start the app. Keeps telling me "wrong email"

Uzzy Booboo

WT??? Since installing, I can't access my email nor browse the web and my location search is constant.

J.M. Hardin

Utterly useless With this app running I can't connect with way too many other apps. Don't waste your time with this. I have to remove it.

Iohan Kellerman

Cannot install the app again New stock rom,on Android 6, now I cannot make the ap working,login details not recognized, worked good before how to make it work?

Patti Huff

Lots of security I have to have the lock screen on my phone which I don't like but I can live with. I also got paid. It took 10 to 15 days but I got the connection points by the end of the month. Some said they didn't get theirs but I did.

Marsha Livingston

Will not let me get on the internet Ive used this app in the past had no problems and as of the last couple of weeks it wont let me use the internet on my phone at all unless i make the app stop all together... please fix it soon... Thanks

Jon Curtis

Messed up my phone by interfering with other apps causing them not to work Rubbish. Doesn't have a secure connection


Just a question mC+ has been installed on my phone for a long time now... Just wondering if the research is still on going and its still sending paypal credits? I have not received mine for this month (only). When i contacted support my email was sent back to me.

Carol Hampton

Internet connectivity gone I have tried to download this app several times. I can not get the certificate to authenticate. When I have the app on my phone I cannot get on the Internet. :(

Diane Johnson

Internet connectivity is terrible It slows my phone functions down to a crawl. When at home, I have to use the wifi in order to use the internet. When out and about, my data is hardly enough to use the internet. Not to mention that the app collexts data from my texts, emails, and the apps I use. I'm not that desperate for money.

Sara Jarvis

Horrible. Just horrible. I could only do 10 hours. Wouldnt let me on the internet at all. Uninstalled. I don't mind something running in the background but 5 minutes after installing, Google sends me a message that someone is trying to log in with my password. Eff thst

Francis Ripley

App works OK for me but it sometimes drops my cell connection and it drains my battery pretty fast. Can y'all fix that maybe?

Terri Lombardi

No help I got a new phone and I can't get signed into this app. Help is not doing anything to help. Worked great on old phone

Judy Stull

MC+ I need a password for this certifcate please you got a password for me

Sandra E

It deactivated my account as well as caused trouble accessing the internet from my phone. I hoped it would be good but it wasn't.

Bob Brzuchalski

Slows phone to a crawl. Do not download

Eva Schwartz

Possibly a Scam I got an invite today to install this app, and they made it sound like you get all these points, but I didn't get the 500 points for installing this app like they say you do. I will give them a week to see if they're trustworthy and if I don't see the 500 points by then I will uninstall!

Amber W.

Connectivity and other apps quit Like others seem to be complaining about I too am having connectivity issues with my Internet since installing this app and now when I open Facebook all I see are thousands of the little refresh circle symbols where photos should be. I can't see photos at all. Idk if this app isn't meant for Android 6.0 yet or what but it's not worth the hassle. There are other apps with the same purpose, that pay nicely and don't require the VPN or lock screen. An all around irritating experience.

Reba Williams

I did love it but now where are the extra points going that I get since MySurvey deactivated my account along with several others. I contacted Lightspeed corporate office and was told she was only the operator and give it 48 hours before expecting a response. It's been 96. What benefit do I have to leave this app on my phone ?

srfr [dot] us

$5 in PayPal on the 5th as advertised. Not for the concerned over privacy, but five bucks a month for doing nothing is nice.

Chyanne Garcia

Had to uninstall This application killed my phone's battery. I had to charge my phone 5 times in less that 24 hours, honestly ridiculous. Additionally, it slowed my mobile data and WiFi. I had to constantly refresh in order to load a lot of my social media pages and some webpages.

lisa perkins

Worst app on Google playstore It made my phone extremely slow and hardly usable. Makes internet slower and uses extreme battery usage even after the update. Also, invades a lot of your privacy with someone trying to log into your accounts with your passwords. Do not recommend anyone installing this.

Denise Rincon

Screwed up phone Don't download it locked up my phone and would not allow me text. When I did an uninstall phone now works.

anita janssen

totally sucks!!!!

nicola oneill

No rewards Slowed everything down are the battery 6 months and no rewards not impressed at all ni replys to emails I sent either ?

Thor Wayman

1 star so far I installed this and was screened out on both surveys I took. Not sure if I'm even going to get any points from this. 7-10 days to see if I even get any points from the app install-stay tuned. I hate living in a house with no computer internet access

Stuart Stevenson

Dreadful app App caused all my other apps to either work extremely slowly or not at all. Uninstalled.

Anj Harrison-Dunnett

Ruined my phone use Slows EVERYTHING down, blocks stuff, even caused my Strava to miss out chunks of my journey because my network connection has become so weak. Apps hardly ever load first time. No amount of points is worth this. Uninstalled.

Graham Murray

Breaks ipv6 After installing and activating the vpn, ipv6 connectivity no longer works.

Barbara Reynolds

Do not get this!!!! The app changed a whole bunch of settings on my phone and will not let me turn them back the way I had them. I do not recommend this app for anyone that wants to stay in control of their own phone

Justin Gorka

Stops LINE working Stops messaging app and in app messages working. Force stop when using them

Destiny Goodship

Blocks everything Utter crap, can't use anything when this is running. Tried this last year and same thing happened, thought they might have fixed it this time round but no.

Gayle Meehan

Phone slowed down Installed this app a week ago. Since then my mobile is running very slow. Can't get on most of my apps and the ones I do get on take ages to load. Only keeping it for the points. Just don't know if I can put up with it for another 5 weeks

Sara Nebert

Awful and not worth the points My phone has slowed to a drag, and some apps don't even work anymore. Uninstalling.

Paul Gibson

Nothing loads first time Every app I open never connects first time. Various messages from apps asking me to make sure I'm connected to the Internet, or it's unable to connect and try again. Usually by the third attempt it works. This is not what I expect or need from an app so now it's uninstalled. I need access to the net at all times not just when their VPN says I can. And if I notice the same problems on the desktop version it'll be coming off there too.

Melissa Martinez

Just started waiting to see what happens if they keep good on their word for the points if not ill be uninstalling

Melissa Hipp

Slowing to stop While this app is running I cannot use wifi for my connection...everything times out.

Christine Forte'

What is the Password for Credential Storage? I am unable to precede further!

Brian Allen

Ruined it with the vpn. Take out the vpn and maybe I'll use it

Adam Shaw

Great idea but... No end of connectivity issues since installing the certificate to enable the app to function. Uninstalling

john j. lignowski

Garbage Will not install.

Judy Stull

MC+ I need a password for this certifcate please you got a password for me

lisa lee

Any one got paid Have anyone got paid and if so what's the most you got paid.

Joanna Munro

Very poor Used 144mb in less than 24 hours, and preferred me using Twitter, outlook, other apps and stopped pictures losing on web pages. Have sent feedback to the company, but I am obviously one of many. Sign up for GFK Digital trends for similar app/ rewards with none of this hassle

Cherie Reed-Cochran

The VPN prevents apps from working properly This interferes with most of my apps. It either slows them down to a crawl, won't let them load, or freezes them completely. Also having trouble connecting links from email. Not sure if this is worth the points. Running Marshmallow OS on Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Fraser Weir

Crap app Most web pages and apps either don't load or are very slow. Some of the apps ask you to switch off the VPN that the app requires. Don't download. Download yougov pulse or the GfK app instead, there are none of the issues with them. Uninstalled it and everything works perfectly again

Danielle A

Despite saying in the email that this works on your pc, the download link for pc downloads but does not open app. Only works in blue stacks or mobile. Not comfortable using it on mobile for surveys, so installed on spare phone after reading the negative reviews, so it does not harm my main one. Waiting for points.

Meghan Whaley

It has way too much access to my phone it makes me uncomfortable, and it's slowing down my data speed this app is garbage. Literally only keeping it on here 'til I get my points on MySurvey and it's gone.

Ib Vicky

Not good! Makes other apps respond slowly or doesn't work at all. Try to report it expect I can't login to site again. I'm removing it.

Cody Ryan

Had to uninstall Was unable to live stream via Sky Go until this app was uninstalled.

Lena Higgott

they gave me what they promised in points and I was happy with them but wary now that it was uninstall to reinstall

Jacob Dahl

Honestly... this was pretty terrible. The small incentive you receive would normally be worth it... if this wasn't complete garbage. the app slows down the system a bit (although on high-end devices, this isn't very noticable). but the real problem lies in the fact that it can force certain system settings, (as pointed out by another reviewer) but the fact that it disables your device from being locked is a major problem in terms of security and is a massive deal breaker, this needs to be fixed pronto.

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