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24 Apr
Mazebert TD

Posted by Andreas Hager Gaming in Strategy | April 24, 2016 | 116 Comments

Apk file size: 42.0 MB

You are bored of doing the same, bullet proof strategie over and over again, like known from many tower defense games? Then fear no more, in Mazebert TD no game will be the same!

Every round you draw a random tower card to your hand. Didn't draw the towers you like? Improvise! You will be surprised what crazy strategies you come up with just to make it to the next round.

We all love it. Mazebert TD has loads of it: Loot! Defeated enemies drop item and potion cards. Use them to boost your towers on the field! You will need to combine your cards in clever ways to win the game.

Want more? The developement of Mazebert TD is driven by the community. Share your ideas, suggestions and feedback at and you might discover some of it implemented in the next version. Submit your ideas for future cards. If the community approves, you get your very own card in the game and your name will be added to the credits.

See you around and happy building!

Whats new

    - New creep ability: Revive
    - A powerful card smith entered the game: Reginn the Dvergr
    - New black market item: Hydra Arrow
    - Unlucky Pants, Skull of Darkness, Spectral Daggers and Cape of the Spectre are expert cards and no longer black market cards
    - Holgar‘s mead drop chance is now based on luck, not item chance
    - Stonecutter’s Temple got buffed (+3% damage per level instead of +1% damage per level)
    - Scepter of Time player skill now only needs one point to invest

Andreas Hager Gaming part of our Strategy and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update April 24, 2016. Google play rating is 81.68. Current verison is 1.4.0. Actual size 42.0 MB.

Download mazebert-td.apk 42.0 MB


Nick Hartje

20 Stars!!!! Awesome isn't a good enough word to describe this game!!!! Woohoo!!!! Version 1.0 is here which means Christmas has come early this year!! Every aspect of this great game has been improved and expanded! So if you have it then update and if you don't then get it!! Near endless options with and did I mention it is 100% free to play with no ads of any kind just 3 onetime only optional donations that add up to just $8.25!! Thank you Andy and crew, you have outdone yourselves!! Merry Christmas and enjoy the cookies, whiskey, and beer, you guys deserve it and more!!!!!!

Steffan South

Soul eater This game will suck up an infinite amount of hours from your life. Starting is easy, stopping requires a support group almost. Great job. Keep it up! The new update of maps solved the only issue with the game. And the added bonus of the quests and card building is sweet. Would be nice if you could get multiple quests everyday. But I can live with it. To top it off in more than willing to go to the bar and help support by buying the cookies and drinks. You guysdeserve it. And your not greedyJust good gamers

Jason Jenkins

Fantastic This is not your typical tower defense game. Mazebert employs excellent gameplay and strategy, at a level that is unmatched by any other TD I have tried. This may not be the most graphically advanced game but, the attention to detail, incredible variety of towers, extensive equipment system and developer (who actively seeks out and implements player feedback) are quickly pushing Mazebert to be one of my top time sinks in the mobile market. Mazebert is a true gem.

Jeffrey Ericksen

Give credit? This is a great game. But, thIs is not an original idea. WC3 FROZEN THRONE CUSTOM GAME: YouTD. Look it up.

Minh Do

Great but need to balance it out It is an awesome game and I think the idea is really original but you need to balance the stats to not let any tower get too powerful. If you fix this I will give it 5 stars.

Firith Mellonion

Awesome but I cannot access the card forge... Is there any solutions?

Frank Frondi

Great Game Andy! Any chance of luck potions? New maps? New cards?,love the game

Rick Doorn

Mazebert TD.. Heavy but nice. Complex side options etc.

Kevin Chiu

Great game This is probably one of my favorite defense games. I wish more people would try it.

Owen Prickett Treacy

There is a problem with the choose tower card perk. It only allows me to choose a unique tower, not a unique item card. And despite spending 7 points there is no other benefit!!

Mark Foster

Fun and unique This game is fun to play and different from all the other boring TDs out there. I really like it. Would be cool if you guys remade Gem TD from WC3 too!

fiudor gorelik

Really one of the best TD games out there help plz how to get my rank back ???

sunny gagne bernatchez

Top 3 game All this games needs now is to get popular

Steel Blade

Bad design I had to restart my phone to exit the game.

Benmar Abines

Im now lvl 67 how to get gold items?

Stephen Geary

How do I use my save code

Matthew Wilkes

Just like youtd So much new things and love it. Maybe add another element later? I got many ideas... I know where your base of this game started :P lol. Level 35 and averaging 140 round a game just can't quite make it though :(... only using metro and darkness right now. Flames for mass and scarecrow for bosses. Late game abyss king for upgraded darkness towers and the armor reducing kidnapper for armor rounds... still having my rough times lol

Edvaldo Mullaj

What is after Chuck Norris? :P

Kenneth Lim

Not bad. ... great time waster. ....can be addictive at times. ..

Xirou Sama

Golden Cards How do I make golden cards? Really don't understand how.

Jared Stavinoha

Awesome Very different and very addictive.

Hamza Abbas

Great game Nice game, um stuck at the first level how do I unlock other maps, hero's and those yellow items, any help?

Zulfirdaus Zain

Rather good Quite a good game. I loved it and it requires a lot of strategy. No paid dlc, no paid towers, no map pack. What more can i love about this.

Nicolas Benham

Difficult to learn Difficult to master, a must need to read the forums, its not your everyday td. Wishing for a bit less mass creeps wave clumps. Not cool at level 5 With no aoe towers and 3 mass waves come in: ( ... unlucky rng. // Would suggest adding in an option to boost a towers stat with gold. Either you do satellite or you end up with 3 mil plus gold and nothing to use it on.

Juan Lopez

Improve please. Love this game just needs a bit more diversity for elements. I love darkness but it's kinda boring when there's no yellow card for darkness from combing them. I think they should add another element. And give more experience to towers or lower the amount needed to level up. It's hard for your new towers to do damage and level up when your other higher level towers don't give them a chance to level.

Aaron Nakano

Suggestions Would like to see more maps like shattered plains with range, damage, attack speed, or critical chance increasing tiles. Each map should have its own music to make it feel more like a separate level, or at least add a few more songs to the playlist since this game does have some lengthy grinding elements. having rare- tier towers for all tower types would help with tower variety. i like the horseman rounds, it would be cool if other unique miniboss rounds were introduced on more waves. Needs a speed control

sergey ggg

Just brilliant. Don't expect nice graphics and so on. Only gameplay, only hardcore

Valentin Zaicev

I had no idea :) Ocasionally i download some tds from google play but 80% of them are just there to make money and theres nothing to them. Ive played probably every td there is on wclll :) and Gem td and You td are by far the best things out there! So stumbling upon this and being like "hey i know what this is" was incredible. This thing is already well balanced. and it has a community and theres really nothing else you need to keep improving it :) forums are nice as well. got 2 more lvls to grind till lvl 70.. cheers guys

Ross Armstrong

Brilliant Offline game for a start which is a good thing in my opinion. Keeps you playing with the leveling system and the game itself is hard at times but fair. The feeling of getting a good set up going and getting high up in the waves is just great. Quite a unique tower defence in the way that you can equip your towers aswell as there being a lot of different towers to get.

Bruce Wayne

It keeps uninstalling itself. Needs a speed up/slow down button. More maps. Would be nice to be able to shrink and grow the map. When is the next update?

alex santiago

Love it! Best td ever.. can u please add a store to purchase items having all those money after level 200 is useless.... nice game

Ouzhan K'

perfect td very innovative funny playing but 100 hours play past gonna be boring need some stuffs. maps etc. good work andreas. u r king of the td

Randall Muth

Love it best ever Great td thoe I d like 2 see a more blance with exp it seems impossible 2 get even every tower 2 level 5 even with 6 hit men by the castlespecialy in the last rows closest two ur castle mabey more creeps would help in earlyer waves but love it by the way I am level 49 it seem were ever u start the exp gain stays in ur first towers u build made it two wave 108

Stu W.

Fantastic Smooth and engrossing game brilliant website with lots of help too.

Nejc Kotnik

Love the game. It's a challenging not ordinary TD game. I'm already looking forward to the next update.

Nick Johnson

MORE LEVELS. Why only 2!? New cards would be nice too. Great game besides lack of content. Nice work with the rest of it.

Shawn Vardon

Love TDS ANDY WORK FASTER.....could be more quicker between patches, more maps and weapons. More buffs, better slow and poison. One of my favorite tds

Анатолий Палей

Best tower defense on phone and computer. Master of the Universe ^_^ big thx admin for game.

Sanya Maikl

Save code After update of mazebert td all game begin from zero, i have wizard 46 lvl pls help

Evgeniy Vanzhula

good need description and tragic improvements

Andrey Yurov

Good A great potential. Respect to the author. Hope the update will come, because several things are still needed to be balanced or somehow reworked so the game become true masterpiece

Tobias Sauer

This game is incredible! Only downside is that it's a bit tricky to get started as some features aren't really explained. (I'm still figuring out some things but it's already a lot of fun.) Also worth mentioning is that the in app purchases are only an option to give some money to the dev without any impact on the game itself, which only makes the game even more awesome in my eyes! :)

Danny S

This game is fantastic, i loved every aspect of it. Adding more elements would be great. Also, i can't remember my access code, i changed phone.

Matthew Wilkes

How can I send ideas to you? Maybe do an added reply value. I got some ideas on that. But anyways love the game, I don't know how it's not the top tower defence on the market I do try to tell friends about it.

Mike Sean

Extremely good TD. No IAP or other BS. Despite only having a few maps, this is a very detailed TD game with a heavy roleplay aspect. Towers can become infinitely powerful pretty much and can consume potions, equip with items, and level to 99. There are about 30+ types of towers to choose from. There is also an RP aspect to leveling your main wizard character, crafting golden and legendary cards, daily quests, etc. Done in a way so that it can impact the game in a satisfying manner, but no need to Grind Levels to play. No IAPs, Ads, Paywalls, or anything that I've seen. This is a community written game and ever expanding.

Leighton Anderson

Meh Too much RNG, otherwise not terrible. Interface is annoying, little more description on what beats what, or some way of knowing stats of monsters would be helpful. Waste 50 things trying to get a rare to get some junk item that i have no use for is disheartening.

Firith Mellonion

Awesome One of the best!!!!

Anthony Valdez

This game is amazing Everyone should try this game at least once

Dan Water

One of my favorites Couple things missing. New expansions(including towers, levels, and maybe new race?), and explaining how features are used. Other then that, glad to have a YouTD on my phone

Owen Prickett Treacy

Fantasticly replayable A very rewarding and fun td game, that I recommend to all my friends!

Chris Smith

Best TD on play store. I've tried most of the TD games on the market, and honestly this one has the most potential. Slight limitations, such as a lack of variety in maps, but the game not constantly forcing ads, pop-ups, and in game purchases in your face makes up for that. Great variety in the amount of towers, power ups, and enemies. Overall, 9/5 stars. EDIT: 8 months later and still the only game to not be uninstalled. Love the updates love the game.

James Brooks

Great TD Game! Hall of Famer! This tower defense game had the most original style ever. Quirky graphics and extreme TD geek playability. Get this game! Kill creeps by the thousands with tons of towers and extremely adaptable defense tactics. Challenging yet simple and addictive. Play this one! Your brain cells won't rot away!

Jeremy Roe

Good ... great but need more stuff:) also some towers are useless

Udin Simatupang

The only game i give 5 stars This game just amazing. At first quite frastruating, i cant even clear 50 waves easy mode. But after spending time, its simply 1 of the best. Let break it. On the first bat, doesnt cost stupid energy. Second its not p2w. Third so many combination. Its not those td that you upgrade your tower on menu, how the tower perform its up to you, what gear and potion you want to give, combination, position, replacement, timing, strategy, planning, knowing the enemy, this simple game have it all, yet its free.

Tyler Hartloff

Amazing Been playing over a year. Still plan on playing. Its my fall back TD. When everything else gets boring I still have mazebert. Its a fixture on my tablet. I love the challenge that other people complain about saying the game is too hard.

Matthew Wilkes

Just needs more updates Maybe a pvp? A whole new element? Something to woo us, i mean the ranking system in the game is out of whak anyways. But by far the best REAL FREEMIUM TOWER DEFENCE... i personally choosen to support the dev. Because of this.... HINT TO ALL PEOPLE SAYING ITS HARD hitman *common tower* is overpowered if u focus speed and crit % on him.

Vang Lor

One of the best This game is awesome, was a little bit doubtful when I first started BUT once you get the hang of it..great fun for hours

Glenn Lim

Nice Thank you for the update..???

Joy de Leon

Add new potions

pablo yourik

My fav tower defence game Idk if this is a bug or an intentional aspect, but since i think it's unintentional i'm going to mention it. If you put Any points in the mastery/skill that lets you have an extra item slot in towers, build one that is within the amount of points you put it in (common for example if you barely put any in), then upgrade that tower to lets say legendary or unique- it will retain the extra slot. And if you give it the A Strong Force set and remove either piece then the slot will disappear. Hope this helps dev~

clinton strampel

Best td ever I've played just about every game on gplay this by far the best ,devs r ultra responsive constantly making new better game style options I'm never gona uninstall can't wait to c wot they do next

Arries David

Perfect My most favorite TD, 'naf said. Thank you so much for this free game, I really appreciate it.

J Wallrich

amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! love this game..

Pierre-Luc Tremblay

This game used to be good. Im level 71 dont know what happened but since last patch i can barely survive easy. Good items only drop in the latest rounds, few potions... This game went from good to bad

Alex Snyder

Amazing TD game An incredible, imaginative, new TD game with loads of great humor! :D definitely the most addicting game I've ever played! Near infinite replayability I've been at it non stop since I downloaded it months ago! Update: Now it's been a very long time since I first started playing (year or so) and this is still the same amazing game I fell in love with! Only better. Each amazing update adds days worth of new content and strategies to try!

JhJianhan Toh

Deproving The game gets harder, and it reduces my interest in playing it. Experience points required to the next level is far too extreme

Luke Elliott

Great Game One of the best mobile games I have ever played. Can't wait to see what future updates entail. Good stuff

aaron phillips

Good game Great game but way to hard lost interest very fast

Kellcy Stewart

If I was an alien I would give this game 3 thumbs up!

Cattail Gundudam

Freeze set I have made one and it not suite my style....:P

Christine Fuentes

AWESOME TD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! Definately the best td game I've ever played before and that says alot!!!!!!!!! Thank you Devs!!!!!!!!!! Are you going to add more content later on???!!!???! And how about add in app purchases for the coins to make cards???!!!???!!!

james hong

Good game, well played The game is quite challenge and I like it. Give you a 5 star with no reason. Keep it up. A like for you ?

Hamad Mohd

Best TD game Hey.. can you please share the incoming updates in the webside.. id like to see new content and stuff.. please dont let a good game die :(

William Atkins

One of the best TD games ever But I would like to see more than 3 sets of towers. I love the concept and the chalange is solid.

Zero X

Bugged Bear Hunter Whenever I spawn him the game just freezes. I would rate this 5 star but the bug is making this game pretty bad.

Alinush DarXyde

Good TD Hitman rules until you have a Scarface to replace him. After that just keep add the potions...


Amazing This game is incredible. It has everything you want in a TD game except top tier graphics, but that won't bother you, I promise. It has both in-game and out-of-game advancement and a huge number of distinct and unique towers. You will play this game for hours and not even realize it. I would give it 6 stars if I could.

Micheal Bellefeuille

Great game When you get to playing round 300 you need need better item but unfortunately there are not enough of them. The only thing i could do was give my main guy potions witch was not enough. When i got to round 350 i realized there wasent enough and my main guy was doing over 10 million damage.


New I'm loving this game, there's so much customization

Anderson Chong

Good games Really a good game and no doubt.. But seems that is a problem with the bear hunter in the latest version..

Pavel Krastev

Its one of the best time consuming games i have played.

Dan Water

One of my favorites Couple things missing. New expansions(including towers, levels, and maybe new race?), and explaining how features are used. Other then that, glad to have a YouTD on my phone. EDIT: When I try to synchronize it, it tells me error. Any reason?

Ryan O'Connor

Really in depth So many towers, so challenging, much replayability!

Stephen Geary

Awsome Been playing since 2013 only thing I could wish for is maybe a faster fast fwd option

Chris Arnold

Loved it Best TD with a ton of different options to win with any race or combination. Although the recent patch made the scarecrow excessively easy to win with along with the abyss knight (those two towers got me to 45m of bonus round).

Deneb Marmolejo

Frozen Daemon Card! Dear: Creator ive been installing this game always everytime i change my unit. But until now i cant Get the Frozen daemon Card Dam its realy Hard pls make it easy i dont know how to get it. Any way i like the Game its like marshmallow ones you eat you cant stop ^^ 5stars for me. hoping for your reply

Ty Gibson

Absolutely outstanding Everything is awesome and outstanding i could keep playing for days

Jorge Perez

Great td for experienced td players I feel like my bear hunter towers are not laying traps properly. After latest update

Udin Simatupang

After few months from 5 stars to 2. Ok at first this game can be so hard. But after a week its kinda ok. But after a month this game kinda monoton. Only 1 strategy work. Shadow carry, mr iron support carry, army of jilly support. No other combination sadly. The swiping for gear are annoying so bad if not the worst part of the game. The swiping alone enough to make you want to uninstal this game, idk why the dev dont bother to turn it to thumbnails. All in all good game for a month, tortured chamber after that.

Zac Ahlstrom

Best TD of all time From someone who has played many tower defense games (probably too many, tbh), I have to say that this one is my favorite! I have left this game to play others, and I always return. Everything else just seems to pale in comparison. The best parts about returning to this game is that there are always a slew of new updates including new towers, items, heroes (which I am just learning about now, lol), and so much more! Thanks for being awesome, Mazebert TD. :)

Zero X

Bugged Bear Hunter Whenever I spawn him the game just freezes. I would rate this 5 star but the bug is making this game pretty bad. EDIT: It's no longer bugged. Awesome and would recommend it to others

Stefan Marwick

Great game Came back after a few months of playing this to write this. Great game, free, and fun!

Jeremy Roe

Update.... lol didnt realize there were more maps and skills on the char select screen!! Best all around td similar to nox defendor aka protector . Do wish cards were more selective at early levels, even if just a couple.

Sebastian Kane

The best Hands down, the best td on the play store, no competition

Ditch Suarez

3 years and counting i've been playing this game on and off for 3 years or more now, and it's always going to be there for me. i've tried surpassing 9999 seconds on bonus round already, but i still play it to try other combinations. keep the updates coming andreas.

Anton Kyrychek

We need Moar updates I did play thru the game with every possible strategy, I really like the game, christmas update was awesome. Think about making a map with two separate roads so people actually would be forced used 2 cerries. And make more fun little secrets like freezing tower. Also could u add purple dark cerry tower and clarify how Jack The Reaper mechanics work, coz with fast attack speed his passive of geting dmg does not work every time, and how it multiplies with multicrit?

Jeremy Roe

Update.... lol didnt realize there were more maps and skills on the char select screen!! Best all around td similar to nox defendor aka protector . Do wish cards were more selective at early levels, even if just a couple. Its a 5 stsr game but there are too many useless cards, too slow grind for new cards, hours wasted if you dont get the right item drops.. and similar end game exploit strategies. I really loved the game but its a time sink that often feels not worth it after. I still donated, great foundation here will revisit someday.

Udin Simatupang

I make it short just 4 u I guess u dont like critics? Then i make it short w/o any suggestion if it makes you feel beter. ;p

Matthew Goff

Best TD Out There Lots of cards to unlock and a variety of strategies to try depending on how you level your wizard. No ads and a very responsive dev who actively engages with players on the app's website or via email. The only IAP items are strictly donations that add fun cosmetic bonuses; absolutely not pay-to-win.

anthony barben

Extremely difficult I had alot of trouble took me all night litterly then all night again a second night (tonight) to complete the first stage which is all thanks to holgar the terriable extremely fun and addicting needs more variety and a toch easier but thats just my opinion loved it anyway im on the second stage

Christine Fuentes

AWESOME TD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definately the best td game I've ever played before and that says alot!!!!!!!!! Thank you Devs!!!!!!!!!! Are you going to add more content later on???!!!???! And how about add in app purchases for the coins to make cards???!!!???!!!

Ale Ho

Updates Love them all

Matthew Wilkes

Update it please Galaxy s5 mini exp. Some issues in game with the menu to place towers half my screen goes black. Underrated been playing since it came out. IF YOU LOVED YOUTD FROM WARCRAFT YOULL LOVE THIS

Akbar Bobokhonov

Best TD ever Awesome game, as said in the description, each consecutive game is different. P.S. why make those cards expert... I spent so much gold on them(

Robert Hites

Great game. Well balanced and fun only wish we could get more than one quest a day. Update that and I will give 5 stars

jrodd cheltre

Good game Good but not great, I can't get past wave 458 even though my Abby's king crits for 4.3mil 5 times per sec and that's on easy. Only way I see to get the bonus is to coin and I love the game but it's only great if it's beat able without coin. I'd keep expanding it, it's been the best td I've played so far.

Chris H

Great start to a great TD. Would like more ways to get sacks/bags. Perhaps getting some after each game depending on how well you do and difficulty. Also would love black market to not give duplicates.

Ben Arceneaux

Best TD on the market Really unique take on TD that is simply fun as hell to play! Ive failed college courses because of this game, its that good. The towers all feel really different, even different among each other. Plus the dev is still updating which is really neat.

Слава Кушнир

This game is perfect Just one question: when new maps will come? Or at least map, not mapS :D

Mathew Presley

Enjoying thus far, but the artwork looks pretty hotch-potch. Hope that later updates add more consistent art and some new towers/elements.

Yehezkiel Arie

Curious Makes me curious, but why I can't win even on lvl 1 map.

shaldon digamon

Hoping for more updates and a little bit faster for exeperience please. 1week and my lvl is still 22

Randy Eldridge

One of the Best! Been playing this game a long time, still love it.

Ash Khla

One of the best tower defense games out there. Fun and challenging.

christopher edgington

Pretty Fun I just want even more depth.

Glenn Lim

Nice Thank you for the update..???

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