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17 Jul
Marine Corps Cadence

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Apk file size: 7.6 MB

Horse Marine
I Am
Up In The Mornin'
Marine Colors
Chesty Puller
1,2,3,4 USMC

v1.05 fixed Chesty cadence.

Feedback is appreciated. part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 17, 2010. Google play rating is 87.0945. Current verison is 1.05. Actual size 7.6 MB.

Download marine-corps-cadence.apk 7.6 MB


A Google User

I am 14 too Great app I use this when I run great to memorise before boot camp I want to be a tuefel hund just like those before me and I want to defend our great country against all the whackjobs in our world and yes I hate people who are against the military. They sicken me because they don't realise that's the reason the are alive today. They complain that its norlt fair our marines have jobs they could join and I always see Mc donalds with help wanted signs so just go get a job lazy people.

A Google User

Droid3 Great just can save or use as notification or ringtone Buut I wanted to check my mp3 music app and they have some cadences and you CAN save those

A Google User

Andrea u suck USMC for life. Semper Fi to all U.S. MARINES.

Dusty Shaw

Freezes I loved this app and I'm decided to head back to the marine corps but it doesn't work anymore. It pops up, then you can't click on anything it freezes. Please fix!!

Eric Timbro

Freezes I got the app and I wanted to listen to it at the gym, but when I went to go use it, it won't play anything, tried restarting my phone and try re-installing the app but it doesn't seem to work. 3 stars bc if it did work it would be awesome.

A Google User

Great! This is my favorite app that I have so far. The next update should consist of more cadences.

Shaun Guffin

Marine Corp. Cadence As a Marine Corp. Veteran, I don't remember cadences being so..."nice". Then again being a Grunt we never had cadences that were meant for sensitive ears. And Reveille you NEVER salute or come to attention. That was played at 0530. Colors was played at 0800 and you came to attention then and saluted towards the sound of the music or the base flag if you knew where it was or if you were in sight of it. You did the same for retirement of Colors at 1700. TAPs was at 2100 hrs. Which you were quiet for...

jonathan shockey

Love this app i go wrok out all the time and i go for a log log run and i want to join the marines. Some day just not right now

David Morgan

Doesn't work I have the Galaxy s4 when I open the app. No buttons work and there is no sound. Fix for five stars

Jacob Capko

Would rate 5 On my last phone I had it and loved it but on the new HTC that I have it doesn't work please fix!

A Google User

Minor errors Minor errors in lyrics, but sound is high quality. O rah devil dog

Brandon Jewell

Would be 5 if worked Doesn't work on lg3. Just freezes and won't play. Had It on previous phone and worked. Fix it for 5 stars.

A Google User

Outstanding app. But it needs more cadences, shuffle option, ringtone and notification option. Semper Fi 0311

Lucio Perez

4 stars I would have given it a 5 but theres only a few. Witch sucks. But this app absolutely pumps my motivation up and on my runs it helped me stay focused and feeling great. I love it alot just like my corps

A Google User

Are the developers reading all the comments. Motivated app but listen to your members and make as ringtones and add more. Oorraahh LEATHERNECKS!!!!!!!

A Google User

Needs more/ update Great app but there are just so many more. An update would be great. And they are missing my favorite. "Born out in the woods, raised by a bear, double set of dog teeth and triple coat of hair, with two magazines and my m16! "

A Google User

Please fix the writing cuz I'm in marine corps and some parts they say lo' or lao' or a-lao' or la-a and you do not have it written correctly in some

A Google User

Brings back greats memorys. Need marching candence from san diego ca. Would make this app. 100000 times better than it is.

A Google User

2 years behind LAST UPDATED IN 2010!?! Really?!? other than that, this a great app.... but it needs more cadences....5 stars when you do

John Arcie Caraveo

Cool Oh my god A Google User is a freaking spammer yet a rich butt one I mean really he got a lot of phones and comments on every application I see Wow this is kinda awesomely annoying. wait a 14 year old marksman? Kinda lie for me bro

A Google User

More! Like the others said, these are very good but there are so many more!

A Google User

Does not save/install to SD, can not save as ringtone, alert, or alarm. Great tones/sounds, etc. Evo.

Earl Curley

Marines Stand Up Brings backs the day when i served in the marine corps. Once A Marine Always A Marine semper fi

Alex Sanchez

Hey I can't get this app to work for me. It opens up but it doesn't work. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S4 :(

A Google User

I really like running to it but it needs to be r rated and more cadences little yellow birdie and many some from full metal jacket just my two cents

A Google User

More Could use more cadences but other than that its awesome. Thumbs up

A Google User

Its great. Only 4 stars, if these could save as ringtones this app would definitely be a 5, oorah!

A Google User

This is an amazing app to run to. Went 3 extra miles cause of it

Constance Colson

Marine corp cadence Old military widow, this ap stirs happy memories.

A Google User

Can't set it for anything only play to listen. Works great though!

Glenn Gomillion

Not working Non of the buttons work ... I have galaxy s4

Larry Earl

Not bad. That's coming from a retired US Marine and Parris Island Drill Instructor. Semper Fi.

McEdwin Marquez

I use to love it It not working i download it and it keep freezen my phone

Tim Davis

Galaxy 5 it does not work no buttons function

A Google User

Love it been a pulley for a couple weeks now and it sounds just like my recruiter

A Google User

OOH RAW! AWESOME JOB! please added more, c130?

A Google User

It's a great app!, as listed it doesn't let you download them:( That and they're arty's... they need some Infantry calls.

DJ Rodrigue

Doesnt work This app doesnt work on lg g2

Robert Parada

Plz update Love this, need more though plz update and add more .. hoorah !

Mischa Alexandriv

Great app but can you make one for the Navy?

Janet Harris

USMC My husband was/is a Marine. Too bad there is no ringtones for free. I had my husband under the Battle Hymn Republica contact ring...

allison harris

I'm planning on becoming a marine after high school Im in my junior year now in high school no one believe that I will do it and that make me want to do it even more I want to prove every one wrong and I will

Abel Luna

Doesn't work It just doesn't work. The app opens up fine, but does not play anything when the onscreen buttons are pressed. Please fix.

Don Carlisle

Why don't you add more cadence to this app the Marines have more than 5 or 6. I get tired of the same thing while I run. Please update.

Captain Bacara

Great app I love the marines when I graduate highschool I am enlisting in the usmc as infantry. Listening to these cadences are amazing And really make you have an appreciation for the military. Great job 5 stars!!!

A Google User

Grunt Needs more cadences, especially delayed recon count and if i die in a combat zone. Will get 5 stars then.

Robert Watts

Horrible! I was reluctant with it being an Army app. Freezes up and never worked. Don't waste your time.

Angel Tirado

Great for running Im currently training for usmc and this app helps alot. Could you add a few more candaces though? It would help alot. Thanks and semper fi

A Google User

I am fourteen My dream is to have the honor to be called a marine i am all redy a marksman and am trying to get stuff strait sleep and fitness wise i love to run and be worked and sir's rank and respect is my thing. see soon usmc

A Google User

Needs more buts what's there is good. I want to see some of the good ones like "napalm sticks to kids". Marines are sick and twisted, deal with it

A Google User

Love it I love the marine corps and they're music,merchantdise etc... I've wanted to be a marine since the day I was born! Can't wait to fight along side you all!!!

Mr. Kindness

From a USMC retired DAV Phooey on U. u got my hopes up and ears ready for some old motivational MC singalong, and the darn thing don't work. Git yo head and bee hind wired together and git this thing moving.. Ooo rah...

Vince Holcomb

crashes my phone used to work .. but now it just crashes my phone so bad i have to take my battery out and restart my phone.

A Google User

Fiahwal9 Great brings back so many memories when I called cadence. Please add more there are so many other great cadences.

A Google User

Great app holly motivating. Definitely needs more cadences. and we should be able to save it as a ringtone. Ooo-Rah! !!! Devildogs

Alejandro Ballesteros

Freezes/Dysfunctional Doesnt work. App opens and that's it. It doesn't allow me to select any cadence. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but no luck. PLEASE FIX!

A Google User

Mousy#20 This a great app it could get better but its good enough OOH RAAHHH!!!!!! My dream is to be da best that I can be wich is a marine

Cordell Jessepe

Loved it "In up in the morning" it's a big ol grin not Green but loved it other than that

Glen Morris

I want to give it 5 stars! The two times I was able to use the app I loved it but unfortunately it won't work 99% of the time because it won't open, respond or crashes. Using Samsung Galaxy 5.

A Google User

Add more cadences! And add the ending credits speech from generation kill

E A Perras

Marine Corps Cadence I have a galaxy note 3 and it will not play anything. Lousey app

A Google User

Great app! Need to add some more and correct some spelling errors. Sgt/1142

kolton norton

HTC one remix I have an HTC one remix and the app will open but it freezes before I try to select a cadence

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