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12 May
Maps Speedometer

Posted by Amphebia in Travel & Local | May 12, 2016 | 83 Comments

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Maps Speedometer (formerly known as Navigation Speedometer) shows your current speed in Google Maps/Navigation or any other app, like Navigon, TomTom, Sygic, CoPilot, Skobbler, WhatsApp, Chrome. It automatically detects when Google Maps/Navigation or any other app of your choice is active and shows an elegant overlay with a speedometer.

- No advertisements!
- No internet access necessary, no backdoors sharing your private information;
- It automatically shows and hides, depending whether Google Maps/Navigation (or any other app of your choice) is active or not;
- Choose between miles, kilometers per hour or knots (mph, km/h or kn);
- Hide it for 10 seconds by touching the overlay;
- Adjustable transparency;
- Adjustable size;
- Adjustable position, just drag it anywhere you like;
- Can be used with any app installed on your device

Please contact us if this application does not work properly on your device.
We will try to fix the problem for the next release.

Display system-level alerts
This app will remain active in the background (no battery drainage) and shows an overlay on top of Google Maps/Navigation while active.
Draw over other apps
With this permission the app is able to detect if Google Maps/Navigation is active.
Precise location (GPS and network-based)
Necessary to read the speed from the GPS chip in your device.

Navigation Music Controller, an app to display music controls.
Download here:

Whats new

    The best speedometer for Google Maps with Android 6 support (actually, it works on devices with Android 2.2 or higher)!
    New in this version:
    - Fix for many Motorola devices (no more '--');
    - Now you can change the style and colors (background and text) of the speedometer!

Amphebia part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update May 12, 2016. Google play rating is 83.2537. Current verison is 5.2. Actual size 680.0 KB.

Download maps-speedometer.apk 680.0 KB


Alex Lees

Not working. Not working for me. HTC One with Lollipop. Enable in accessibility and overlay enabled for Maps and other apps in Maps Speedometer but the overlay never appears. Have tried enabling foreground mode and all other options, still can't get it to appear.

Morten Engedal Nielsen

Fantastic Great little overlay app, which does exactly what it says - it gives the current speed onto-into any app. It does what Google should have done ages ago - bur now it's solved ☺

Jack MacDonald

As described Was looking for a long time for a speedometer that would float over any app. This one does exactly what I wanted.

Jon Beverlin

Love this app. Did a factory reset and this was one of the first apps to reinstall!

Kevin Kite

Does what it says... Only missing one feature. Should include option to only display speed when traveling faster than 0 mph (or user defined value). Then would rate 5 stars.

Adam Auksztulewicz

Works perfect with google maps.. I wanted a speedometer in google maps so I can check my speed in my classic rv while using navigation. This app does it and confirmed my suspicion that my mechanical speedo was about 10% off! Using this app with a nexus 9 and lollipop! No problems at all...

Rick Madsen

Love this app Works perfectly as designed. Couldn't be happier to have found it.Wish there were more "add-on" options like this since Google took away the Labs functions. However, would also like to see direction indicator and altimeter as well.

Ryan Elliott

Perfect The only thing that would make this app better is if it were integrated into maps. I assume this feature would cause the app to lose functionality with other apps, though. 5 stars

Frank Kavanagh

Excellent Really lovely little app. Works perfectly. Note 2

Troy Bush

Dies exactly what it says it will.

Stu M

Excellent Works perfectly.

David Greensmith

Great add-on for Google Maps Useful to see speed at a glance when also using google maps for navigation. Why glance at the map and then your speedo, when you can do both at once?

Tommy Jenkins

Great add-on Love that i have the freedom to choose what app this works with.

Antonio DeSimone

Works perfectly Does what is says it does, simply and cleanly: the app overlays the current speed on any other app's display in an unobtrusive way. Simple customization is avaialble for the text size and transparency.

Vincent Block

Simple but very useful Works flawlessly on Galaxy S5

Andy Dufek

works great, comes and goes as expected I've got this app set to display my speed when I'm listening to podcasts or music and when I quit any of those apps, the speed disappears -- exactly as I want. (Thanks to the developer for quickly correcting the foreground problem which dropped a perpetual notification icon in the bar -- seemed nobody liked that little mistake. :)

Karl Wooster

Great App! Purchased this because I am disappointed that Google Maps doesn't support showing speed. Works great, can be moved on the screen. Occasionally it will disappear or go blank, but I believe you can force to foreground if that's an issue.

Eric -

Works Thanks for the fix, works now!

Laurie Cooper

Works Fine Does the job without fuss. Excellent app.

Chris Hesse

Mandatory Notification A mandatory notification with standard priority is unacceptable. If you must use a notification, it needs be at the minimum priority, such as the notifications used by Tasker and Light Flow. That being said, the speedometer still shows up in Google Maps even if I disable notifications for Navigation Speedometer (in Android settings).


Good app Just what I was looking for.

Matthew Willoughby

The position is changable I didn't realize when I bought it the position is changeable. That was a turn off but I bought it anyways. Turns out you can move the position. Just move it around by touching and dragging it. Great little app.

Kyle Peterson

Just what I needed! Well, almost... This app does everything I need it to do, except, it turns, that I need it to do an odometer function. You might as well throw in 'tracking' too. It would be pretty cool if it could retrace your route for you... If you'd like more suggestions, I'd add that maybe the 'appearance' can be improved? The square box is rather 'plain'. Although, the transparency function is pretty good. Thanks, -kp

Robert Share

Helps make Google Navigation complete. A must have app. Place it anywhere you want on screen as it is an overlay. Very simple, yet functional. I use it in conjunction with Google Maps and the developer's other app "Navigation Music Controller". Would like to make the sizes of the overlay boxes identical on both Navigation Music Controller & Navigation Speedometer (I'm a little OCD about things like that).

Paul King

Excellent Just what the doctor ordered. I like how it remembers individual positions for portrait and landscape mode as well. The 10 second hide feature is just right to.

Evgeny Tuguskin

make a sound if speed is exceeded make a sound if speed is exceeded

Costas Lilitsas

Make one for gps precision too.

Rikki Rogers

Great, works like it says it does. Works great with Google Maps. Tried several apps that didn't work.

Graeme Murphy

Why cant I get off the settings page??

Ian Scott-mance

Just the job Something I really missed in Google navigation. Would be 6 stars if the display turned red if speeding

Chris Herndon

Ok for the most part... Needs more options or SOMETHING "special", it's lacking that "one thing"... Though I don't know what it may be! Lol. So that's a star gone for being so BLAND/SIMPLE! (How about adding ANOTHER small box?! That displays the SPEED of whatever road/interstate/etc. your on - sometimes it takes MILES of driving 40MPH before you realize that it's a 55MPH Zone!!! That'd be PERFECT!) One more star missing for displaying inaccurate Speedometer #'s on a regular occasion! Yes, it may only be a few MPH (+/-), but still.

Zee D

Crap! Doesn't work Doesn't work and when it finally decides to, the speed is delayed and inaccurate. Waste of money!

sankar das

Well thought. Excellent flexibility to work with any app.just in case any app missing speedometer onscreen.or u want it for ur personal preference.also very much customizable.Highly recommended.

Matt Howland

Nice app Its a great app. Simple and useful. 90% of the time its wrong by about 2-5 mph+/- I'm not sure if its the app or the GPS sensor in my phone.

Phillip Moneyhun

4.75 stars 100% transparency would be perfect

La Luna

Resource hog It needs optimisation. Its wastes the battery and it makes the phone run hot.I'm quite disappointed. Please optimise this software piece soon. When done so, I will give it full score. I'm using the LG G3. Is anyone else experiencing this problem as well?

Steve Champion

Does what it says on the tin I am very pleased with the look and feel of this app. The user interface is slick and unambiguous. The ability to move or hide the display is well implemented. A great addition if your navigation app has too subtle a speed display.

david hughes

Does exactly what it says. This is a great speed overlay to use with apps that either don't show speed or that show it in a small circle on screen such as some satnav applications. Accurate, easy to configure and easy to use, easily worth the money.

Kyle Peterson

Well, almost... This app does everything I need it to do, except, it turns out, that I need it to do an odometer function. You might as well throw in 'tracking' too. It would be pretty cool if it could retrace your route for you... If you'd like more suggestions, I'd add that maybe the 'appearance' can be improved? The square box is rather 'plain'. Although, the transparency function is pretty good. Thanks, -kp

E Avery

Does Not Work Just bought this app and it does not work at all. Tried it while traveling in the car with gps on and it said I was going 0 mph the whole time. Completely useless app. Wish I could get a refund.

kevin duck

Well done!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....finally the app I was looking for. Speed info, without having to have a speed camera database etc to download. Thank you developers ??. Anyone moaning about battery drain.... WISE UP!! Any GPS app will drain power. Plug it into a car charger!!!!

David Wojtowicz

Perfect Does exactly what I needed. Now I can see where I am and how fast I'm moving. (Useful for train and bus trips)

michael gross

Accurate and reliable Very good app to measure speed by GPS especially driving a US spec car in Europe.

Josh Letten

Exactly what I wanted Low maintenance autostart speedometer that transparently overlays my Google navigation.. Brilliant, bravo! I'd suggest one feature and that is an alert incase we want to prevent from going over a custom range. Thanks!

Rj Gs

Very accurate and good app

marc perkel

It just works Does what it is supposed to and does it well.

Blue Wale

BATTERY-KILLLER!!! THIS APP IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE! This app will suit only drivers, using it for max. 1 hour per day. Great shame, as this small app would have been really useful. I wrote a review [below] in March 2015 and the developer of this app has still not done anything about this problem. In the meantime I had to replace already my battery! See previous review below: It needs optimisation. It wastes the battery and it makes the phone run hot. I'm quite disappointed.

Lyman Epp

This fixes a major deficiency in Google Maps. It works well for me.

Tylor Slater

Battery... ???? If you are on your car... what does it matter??? Just plug your phone into the aux power. Duh!!!

Rick Lush

Great! Does everything it says. Very easy to use. So good to drive with info closer to eye level.

Zardraa Stahlbock

Does what it's supposed to do. And now i know my speedo is 5km out

Mohammad abdorrahimi kalkhoran

Cool Please add white theme or circle white theme to speed meter

Jesse Reniewicz

I wish it would tell me the speed limits

Philippe Demeur

Always works, for many years and many hardware Simple, practical, easily moved on the screen. Miles or km, works on a number of navigation apps.

Kevin Jones

Looked for this for years! I've always wondered why Google didn't add a speedometer option to Maps. I love that it automatically appears and disappears per app. Very nice!

Dale Dutcher

Fantastic app Love it I use it in my 1949 Plymouth that I drive daily the only improvement that it needs is the ability to stand alone and run on just a blank screen I don't really need the maps running continuously but otherwise this app is perfect,hud would also be nice

Rick Wade

Disappointed It worked fine in a moderately-sized city and in its outlying areas, but in the Dallas, Texas area so far, I've seen the speed waver 3, 4, or 5 miles per hour while I'm using cruise control on a level area and not changing my speed. It bounces around. Meanwhile, his speed limit app is unreliable on major highways around Dallas. This is all strange. (There are no buildings surrounding the highways, and it worked that morning in another state.)

bahala ka

Can't activate I can't activate it in settings when the app requests me to. It says something about the univwrsal key. Using samsung S6 edge

Larry Dalsoren

Doesnt stay locked in position, keeps moving around the map.speed deviates from -5 to +5 miles per hour, not very accurate.

Rj Gs

good app and Very accurate

Andrew Henderson

Perfect... almost I love it. Does exactly what I was looking for in another app. For the extra star... Make it remember its position. Each time it starts I have to drag it to where I want... would be nice and seamless if it just remembered from last time. My apps list is empty in the settings... doesn't hurt me but is this right?

Chris Reedy

Works perfectly on S5.

Clive Richardson

Works on GS3 no speed displayed on GS4! Working really well on my Samsung GS3, when I Upgraded to a GS4 all I get is 2 dashes, I don't want to change but may have to?

Milo Persic

UPDATE #2. Instructed by developers to ensure app had all permissions. No sooner do I change my review and the blinking hyphen problem is back. Seriously, the app may have a problem. Any other fixes? UPDATE: Had a blinking speed problem and the developers were nice enough to contact me with a fix for my issue! Now that it's working as intended, I have to say this app is really great. I'm glad there are devs working on quality paid apps like this. Great customer service too!

John Smith

Accessibility auto turn on won't work! I turn the speedometer on from accessibility option. But it gets turned off on its own. Now speedometer does not start automatically when I open Google maps and start navigation... Please help me to get your five star!

sanjay bisht

Not useful At all Given you the speed and there is no way to stop it . Not worth paying any$

Naga Rajan

Need some update. Why it is not working mobile home screen?.

Randall Womack

Works well. Simple

Ricky Hemi

Perfect Why Google them self don't implement this is beyond me? Keep up the good work you have my support 100%

Daniel Oetken

Great Pokémon Go addition Want to have something to see my speed while I'm biking, so I don't go too fast and can hatch some Pokémon eggs. Device is: Oneplus One

Kieran Gower

Brilliant Excellent value for money, does just what it should, nothing else quite like it , simple and efficient GPS speed overlay

Leslie J

Doesn't work Just don't bother.

Justin Wenrich

Perfect This is the app I've been waiting for.. Worth more than .99

Laurie Cooper

Works Fine Does the job without fuss. Excellent app.

Sowmyadhar Gourishetty

Not working on MI4i Tried all the options but still not working on MI4i

Rob Spiller

Simple, works perfectly

Elijah Pacheco

Great App It does what it says and is really accurate. Very pleased with this purchase.

kevin duck

Well done!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....finally the app I was looking for. Speed info, without having to have a speed camera database etc to download. Thank you developers ??. Anyone moaning about battery drain.... WISE UP!! Any GPS app will drain power. Plug it into a car charger!!!!

xp s

Not work for Android auto It's not work in Android Auto. Can you fix it? Can I ask for money back if you couldn't fix it? I bought this software only two days ago. Thank you!

Chris Rainey

One request To make it easier to read I like 300% magnification. Can we have option to blank or make units smaller so that not so much screen is lost. An alternative that would be really cool would be to only display units when 0 mph/km etc for once set you only need reassurance that you have correct units.

Paul Neal

Tried quite a few apps like this, but this is the best one. Great app.

dustin M

Perfect Just what google maps is missing! Great app

Steven Michaelis

Seems good I like everything about this.

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