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10 Dec

Posted by Appd Lab LLC in Tools | Dec. 10, 2011 | 70 Comments

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Turn your Android phone into a digital magnifying glass with built-in flashlight. It's great for when you need to read tiny print and for when you just can't be bothered to put on your glasses or contacts. You can even use it at restaurants, movie theaters, or anywhere else with low light.

Keep your phone at least 4 inches (10 cm) away from the object to focus.

Use the controls to focus, turn the flashlight on or off, show a negative image, and take a picture.

Also, you can use these gestures anywhere on the screen:
- Double-tap: Zoom out/in
- Single-tap: Focus
- Long-press: Turn light on/off

Whats new

    No need to update if everything is working for you.
    Fixed LED flash for certain Samsung devices.

Appd Lab LLC part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Dec. 10, 2011. Google play rating is 78.4031. Current verison is 2.2.9. Actual size 202.0 KB.

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Hugh Sharkey

I like it I cant c very well just like others I expect who use this app. For those who complain just remember this is not a dedicated magnifier u r using but a very handy work around when required. Great app and I'm grateful 4 it, thank you.

A Google User

meh Works like you'd think would but focus is iffy at times, oh yeah and I don't care how many hours you hold it on them it doesn't burn ants at all.

Drew Dehel

Pretty good for free Very useful, fast, fun camera & Neg function. The only additional options I would like to see, so far, are: 1) my Samsung Galaxy N2 has what is called Assistive Light @ lower brightness so it is less obnoxious in public, so a lower - power light setting would be great for public use. 2) more control on zoom, instead of two settings accessed via double-tap 3) Camera function should let you take more than one pic at once, keeping the light set, & instead have a button to jump to see the pix when I'm ready.

A Google User

Old smokey I have tried all of the free magnifiers rated 3 stars or better . This one is the only one that is consistent & by that I mean it doesn't freeze up & force close. It is fairly quick & easy to focus, there are not a lot of useless gadgets attached to it. The camera ability is a big plus. If you know of a better one please feel free to share it with us, I would be more than happy to try it out. This app is highly under rated . I have the htc evo

A Google User

VERY good, but I like Swiss Army Knife's best I decided to install this one and Swiss Army Knife since they both got good reviews. This one is extremely good. What I wanted to magnify had REALLY small text, and this one did a very good job of making it readable. But Swiss Army Knife's magnify function made the text sharper, and it auto-focuses, instead of requiring manual focus (at least on my Samsung Galaxy S2). Still, it is very good - I'd try both with your device to see which one works better for you.

A Google User

Perfect I have a low vision problem.I use the "Magnify" app instad of "Ultra Magnify+ " because it focuses more quickly and with greater ease than "Ultra." The "Magnify" app can be grainy but needs less light, and is certainly very legible. I can use it to read to read 4 point fonts on prescription bottles with ease in both low and normal light. It also does an excellent job of focusing and has a focus button in case the autofocus isn't tight enough. It's actually sort of amazing how well this thing works.

A Google User

Samsung galaxy s2 Currently does work on my s2, running standard ROM and no root. The app opens fine but just shows a black screen where the image should be. Nice UI though, will be great when its working!

A Google User

Very good app if u need it. It works very well on my Galaxy Sll. Don't understand why people with this phone are having problems, just push on the eye to focus if you need to. It's better with the flash on & the four buttons on the screen are all you really need. Don't know why anyone would use the negative button though. A zoom in & out would be helpful but i doubt if you'll use this app much. It's just good to know it's there if you do. This app is a must if you've forgotten your glasses!!

A Google User

Works great on DHD. Had to read tiny label to activate new wifi hub, so glad I already had this app! Thank you

A Google User

Magnificent. Magnifying Camera app Great fantastic wigety tool type thing that Actually worked. Imagine that. It worked better than described. Thank you

A Google User

Amazing app. I use this all the time I don't need glasses but some products are impossible to read. Works well on my Samsung galaxy s3. Only suggestions 1) zoom 2) anti shake. All in all it's a great app. Not sure why some had problems with, i love it

A Google User

Works great Nice for reading small print plus acts like a flashlight if its dark. Automatic focus feature is great too. Very simple to use.

A Google User

Needed I needed a magnifying glass but shops were closed then I thought theres an app for that worked great for my needs thanks

Brian Sullivan

Magnify I use this app frequently and it is a big help. I wouldn't add or change anything. It's simple to use and really comes in handy because I always have my phone with me. It's also great when shopping because I can read the micro printing they put on the back of everything.

A Google User

Blank screen despite numerous attempts to open I really hoped this app would work after reading the reviews. Unfortunately I couldn't even open it, despite numerous attempts. It went to black every time & it caused my phone to force shut down as well. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace. Uninstalled promptly as I feared it could caused my phone to loose important data if kept.

Nathan Theiring

Magnify is great! I use this especially if I want a very close-up photo. It seems to focus nice and sharp on objects that are very close. It focuses better then the built in camera app! Good job!

A Google User

Magnify. No description of what icons do, or how to use the program. Now screen is frozen on image when I open the program, no icons, no response from screen tap, nuttin'! Uninstalling! HTC Inspire.

A Google User

Yes and no. DroidX works great. Galaxy Nexus zooms in a bit too far. Menu needs explanation of controls. Especially screen taps.

A Google User

HTC Sensation xe HTC Sensation XE does not work the double touch zoom. Could be improved?

A Google User

awesome app i downloaded the app,works great but if it is true that the flash light burns up ,it won't be good because then people wont download the app.otherwise great app and i did not experience any problem.must download it!!

A Google User

Like what I see Like it so far for reading small labels on my DROID X. Focus is good. Which there was some sort of "stabilizer" feature for thee shaky old hands.


Microscope I have used this app to take pics of jewellery, it's more like a microscope with X200 zoom. Great for looking at the finer details of tiny things. I have tried heaps of apps and this one was the best, it focus better then the others and lets you take pic to.

A Google User

Dont work on a Defy+ Cannot be used instead of reading glasses....Cant find a reading glasses app that works.......

A Google User

Amazing! This is such a neat idea and works surprisingly well.. It's not just a view through the camera, the image is cleaned up with the option of a negative view for white on black text.

A Google User

Rubbish Absolute pants, doesn't magnify just shows on screen the exact same as what it is magnifying.

A Google User

A couple of suggestions This app works really well but I have a few suggestions. 1) To let us be able to change the level of zoom, and 2) to able to take off the flash when taking pictures. Otherwise great app.

A Google User

Love this app If your into marco photography this app is a must have 5 stars p.s any chance of a focus lock option samsung galaxy s2

A Google User

Soso LG Genesis, does not enable light and is reversed image (up/down & R/L).

Richard Mathews

Works excellent Only missing a zoom but focuses really well. HTC One S

Carla Bast

Clear Not sure if it's the best one out there. I was concerned about not being able to zoom. I just took a couple of crystal clear pictures with it though that I wasn't able to get with the phone's camera. I came back to download the ad free version.

A Google User

Samsung galaxy s2 Doesnt work!! The camera doesnt open. It show me a black screen. Please fix.

A Google User

Droid X Work great on driod x. Try it yourself b4 u discard it.

A Google User

Great, works better ... Great, works better my friend apple magnifier app.

ami jain

Its a very useful software specially for reading instructions and contents on medicines and cosmatics, infect u carry a good magnifying glass with u all the time, even in market and kitchen also.

A Google User

This is very useful. Since I downloaded it I've used it quite a bit.

Larry Streight

Fantastic I always come download this to my phone. It is on my phone essentials list.

Ian phone

Best one Clear to read, even tiny print. Xperia z

ruth mason

Excellent I can now see all the small print they try to hide from us. And the important stuff too!

Edward Falk

Very handy tool - a must-have app. I couldn't get the flash to activate on my Nexus 4 but maybe it needed a darker environment. The app worked fine without it though.

A Google User

The BEST!! I tried 4 of the top magnifiers & none as sharp as this one. It also allows me to get closer to my subject while still keeping it in focus. Super.

Пользователь Google

Спасибо Must have!

Sylvia Rouse

Thank you the cheapest and the best others worked like crap the only one that help probably saved my life i was trying to identify a blood pressure pill i was able to see the pill id again thank you

Karen Penna

Amazing! I found this app just by chance. I wish I had it about an hour or so ago when I had to read a number off the bottom of my laptop. This would have made it so much easier! I have some vision problems, and this is great!

Thorber Gilofth

Awsome I can't believe how good this app works. At first I did not think it was working so good, then after playing with it for a good minute I found out the eye icon helped with the focus and then I couldn't believe it. This app was way more then I expected. Great job.

Roger rockenbach

Very useful app Helps read those micro print computer tags, small orchid flowers and parts of flowers.

Brent Bennett

Nice Now I can read the print on small components without carrying around a magnifying glass.

Joe P

Incredible. As a sight impaired person, this app is a lifesaver. Thank you so so much to the developers of 'magnify'. Everything from reading my medication to bank card can now be done. Clean design, flawless functionality, a must have for other sight challenged android users.


Retired USMC Great app. Works in light or dark areas. I can see when my plants are ready for harvest

Paul Butchart

One of my favorites. I'd give 6 stars if I could. My wife asked about a magnifier app and I recommended this one. I've had it on every phone I've used in the last five years and I love it. I was amazed that it only had a 3.9 star rating until I looked at the reviews. Back in 2011 & 2012 it seemed like every app had to be custom made for every phone on the market. As a result, this got a lot of one star ratings. Since then, you find very few negative ratings. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that some do but it's a magnifier. It magnifies.

Ross Stewart

Best magnifier available. I work with building plans, A0 plans printed on A3 is hard on the eyes so I have tried a lot of magnifying apps. So far none have stacked up until I found this one. Absolutely the best magnifying app available. Thank you to the developers.

Michael Currie

Awesome. I love the accidental finds that work well. I was impressed with this one within 5 seconds of trying it. I give you 5 stars because it delivers exactly what it promises, and will be very useful in the future. The only thing that I would like to see is a better zoom function to allow for more than two zoom levels.

Joe Eschmann

Only has 2 settings Problem I have is this app is either like macro or zoomed back out. There is no in between. I would like to adjust it like a camera zoom but cannot. So reading an Rx bottle is not easily done.

Alex Williams

Love it! So simple, work's brilliantly. Good quality on the magnified pictures.

A Google User

Love this App I got this App because it sounded interesting. Tried it once and thought this was brilliant. Its not just a magnifier, it has the option to use your camera flash as a light to enhance the image, auto focus button, and even change to a negative image. Great Job Appd Lab. Samsung Infuse 2.3.3 Gingerbread


It has ads! Paid for this app but apparently that's not enough to escape those accursed ads. Might as well have gotten a free version if I'm going to have to put up with marketing message downloads forever. App works fine otherwise. A real shame!

A Google User

Best I've tested I tried several apps of this type, and by far this one is easy to use and flat out works great! It focuses very well, better than I can get my camera alone to work. It also has a feature that allows you to see the negative of what you are looking at, pure genius.

Nunya Bicyclechick

A trucker's dream I'm an old school trucker that still uses the atlas. Sometimes things are difficult to read. This app works for me just fine. Thx

Suchet Tangsirirat

Very good I tried many other apps in order to magnify a tiny print on my phone charger, but they did not work. With the help of this app, I was able to read it today. This may be the best magnifier. Thanks to the developer.

Jim Goodlove

I use this app all the time! Either print is getting smaller or I'm getting older! Either way, it works perfect. You can zoom in on things and take snapshots. Works better than using camera apps.


Superb Magnifier Used this app especially for reading contents of medicine strips , reading Atlas map etc.... I even do not require my regular spects, but can read easily .

priyall pereira

Auto focus issues Every time I try to take a pic the image auto focused and I would end up with a blur image on my new motor G3. Did not have this problem on my old phone

Eric Stiles

Freeze image is clear. Pros: Out of about 10 magnifier apps that I tried this one has by far the sharpest image and it's simple to use. Cons: You can't change the zoom level.


Excellent! I use a lot of "tool" apps and this is by far one of the most impressive. Simple and does exactly what is expected. Not only good for magnifying fine print, but macro pics as well. Good Job! ~{:-)

theresa rathell

Not that great I read some people's descriptions I did the Anti Shake but still have much better luck reading the small print with my reading glasses on then this

Gus Altobello Jr

Great app, buying the paid version now. I use this all day to enlarge product info for myself & customers. Just found the paid version, which I didn't realize existed!

A Google User

Won't burn ants It's actually a very good magnification app, and allows to take pictures. Would be five stars if I could use it to burn ants in the sun.

Michael Lockwood

Flashless camera option If flashlight option is on and you take a picture the flash goes off. Since magnifier already is focused the flash blows everything out.

Hans Lankari

Useless. It does not magnify at all. Only difference is you are looking something through a camera like... crap. Please, think twice before downloading, as your normal camera already does exactly the same as this.

Peter Smith

Galaxy S4 Used to love this app, but now once I've tried to take a pic it refuses to focus unless I reload it. Tried uninstalling but no different.


Great app! Only magnifier I've found that focuses every time. Also turns image into negative and will utilize flash for extra light and will take picture. Wonderful!

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