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31 May

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Simply the best magnifying glass in the Play Store.
Uses your phone's camera to magnify text or anything else. Great for the visually impaired, for soldering small stuff or just for curious kids.
With light mode (on devices with camera flash) capture function, high fps mode, invert function for the visually impaired and many many more options.
Have been tested to work well on almost any Android device.

Whats new

    * Bug fixes.

App2U part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 31, 2015. Google play rating is 86.8314. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Christa Landon

Won't open for me Can't get ap to open. The screen response flashes by closing down so fast I can't read it.

terra ewing

Skewed The picture does not show clear all the time and widens making it hard to view.

Damon Franklin

Very useful! With my failing eyesight, I find I'm using this app more & more to read the fine print.

Andrew Davey

Excellent and easy to use Have just compared 3 of the free magnifying apps. This is by far the best in that it actually magnifys in a way that enables me to see tiny print without much jerkyness. Also it does a great job without requiring the flashlight on.

elaine banman

My magnifying glass It took a few minutes to figure out all the settings, but once I got that down, I love it. I tried another before this one, and it was very complicated. This app is really easy to use.

Scott Johnson

Focus A constant struggle to get it to focus. Note: my phone is new and I haven't tried other apps for comparison.

Stephanie Hernandez

AWESOME! Update 1/31/15 Worx for what i want. Very handy! Update-I got a Samsung S5 Sport so I installed this app since I was so satisfied with it on my S3. So I open the app and it's fine focusing for a few seconds then gets out of focus and DOES NOT refocus. I have to restart it for it to focus for a few seconds when it get out of focus. I unstalled and reinstalled it to still have the same problem. So disappointed. I'm unstalling for good. :(

Bryan York

Great App I love this app. Very small footprint, no negative impact. I have a wide array of uses ranging from reading the fine print, circuit board component id, spider id, erc.

Clay Barnes

Best of the magnifier apps I've tried No app can fix the quality of lower-end cameras (if you can't take a good photograph at the distance from the surface you want to use this app, don't expect any program to be able to upgrade your hardware and produce great captures) but this is the fastest and highest quality output I've found, plus the LED lighting option, color inversion toggle, and continuous zoom control are all of welcome controls. Best of all, no "donate" nags or paid feature unlocking.

David Russell Hamrick

I have to read tiny print on labels at work, and this is perfect. You do have to give it a few seconds to focus, at least with my phone.

Nancy Lepkowski

I am legally blind and this is the best and easiest magnifier I've tried. It gets five stars

Rose Iannotta

This app is much better than other ones I've tried. I like the extra features, especially the ability to freeze what you're viewing and take a picture of it if needed. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it sometimes takes a little while before I can get it to focus.

Drew Desmon

Stupid I can just buy a magnifying glass that would be cooler to use and will MAKE MORE SENSE why would you download something you will most likely never use...

Brien Draper

Helpful I use it with my Galaxy S3 and it works pretty good. Easy for it to go out of focus sometimes but overall I like it.

Raqeeb Hazaa

The Best Ever #1 on the Google play and I use it for more than one year keep it up guys. Thanks

Melody Angry

Awesome App. Does what I need it to do and more, like found a flaw in the diamond on my wedding ring. Never know what you will see till you use this app.

Alex McCormick

Was great but new problems with freeze button Very handy and I love how bright the image is with available light. Freeze button makes image go dark though. This is new with Lollipop. Also I wish it had better focus control.

Thomas Baldovin

Very Helpful Device Effective and easy to use. I found it very helpful when trying to read a menu in a low-lit restaurant, as it illuminates as well as magnifies.

Charlie Lloyd

Magnifier Not my age, every little bit helps. Works like I am wearing glasses... Many thanks...

Sylvia Rimbergas

New vision This app allows magnification on the go. I love the idea of taking a picture of what you're reading with the camera feature.

Lillie Bennett

Darn good I really like the take photo option, if I only had a steady hand lol

Desmond Low

Workable Works like a real magnify glass!! Even phone camera macro function can't get this effect.

Tyler Blanchard

Useful I never thought i would put it to use so often. LG Optimus F7 Boost Mobile

craig uttley

Great app Love using this app , Its Got everything you need , freeze object so you can have a good look at it , light. , change background colour to make txt stand out and lots more besides . Well worth Its 5 stars .

Mike K

Great app, no need to run back to the car or house when I forget my reading glasses. ....thanks

Gramm Butters

Way cool i like how you can see the gasses in the air dancing over a still object

George Amadei

Lost my field microscope, then I remembered I had this application. it works better than the microscope.

Michael Blosser

The auto focus NEVER worked. It is fine for distances of 10+ feet but do not get closer and use ut as a magnifying glass! The is no manual focus...sorry, this is useless.

Steve Eaton

OMG I'm only 7 years old and I love it. 5 stars and I am so going to share this with all of my friends

Mary Sherman

Awsome App Don't know how I managed without it! I'd give it 6 stars if I could!

Alien Bard

Impressive Pros: Well laid out interface; nice zoom - ability; good selection of controls. Cons: only as good as your camera ;-)

Caren Pawlowski

Used in restaurants, reading invoices, I love this app. Don't know what I'd do had I not found it. It was made for me.

Pat Ty

GREAT APP! This is such a great app. It works well while im plucking my eye brows. As you get older you need a little extra to see with your glasses.. This works perfect.. I highly recommend this to anyone!

Sam Warren

Very god for bad eyes I use this app for reading fie print on computer labels. Works well.

Bernie Hunt

Wont focus on the Note 4 The magnifier worked great on my galaxy s3. It wont focus on my Note 4.

sidney carlton baker jr.

Good I tried four. This one makes since; even with ads

Brian Reeder

The best yet The most adjustments of any magnifier app I've tried. Once preferences are setup, it's very easy & accurate. I can even save close up photos & videos to various files. Very comprehensive & well layed out.

Throw Waya

Why does it ALWAYS RUN? and run at startup? Why does this app need to run at Startup? I might use it once a week, and it's running ALL THE TIME! Even with a task manager, if I end the task or set it NOT to run at startup, it comes back within seconds. Clearly there's something fishy about this app! (which comes from same place that Conduit is based....)

Rex Radcliffe

Enlarging life Great app. I use it all the time,thanks

Kanishk Arora

Best app ever Love this app.. Works really well... Awesome... Best of all..

Suzie Lopez

Good app I use this app a lot and like that I can use the flash light from my phone to see in dark places.

austin lim

Perfect I don't have to find my magnifier,just download it!

Jessie W

Impressed Zooms closer and can focus better than two other apps I tried, as well as better than my camera. For close-ups the light needs to be on for effective focusing capability. When taking a picture of your subject, take a couple; the first pic is usually black 'cuz the light goes out, but subsequent pics leave the light on. All magnifying apps seem to require a steady hand the closer you zoom, but that could just be because of my phone's camera

Mary Sosa

Helpful Absolutely love it. I have trouble seeing small numbers so I use it all the time, indispensable.

Christopher Lawley

A magnificent magnifier Does all I need well

Rick Fowler

Use it at work to read small print. Love it

Neil Paterson

Great app. I use it all the time

Joe D'Amico

Ads are out of control (droid max) Full screen ads and my phone heats up to the point of melting if I don't close this app out from the phones recent apps button. It's good up close as a magnifier but I have to remove do to heat and ads

Trev Walker

Great app Works well in all light conditions

Walter Riker

Great Utility To See And Record I have used this magnifier to see out of the way serial number plates and then photograph the plate for record. It is great great for being able to read small numbers and letters as well as recording small defects for record. This app has saved me many times.

Ro Al

Very good Very simple app it does exactly what it says.

randall nicely

Magnifier Really helpfull and a good app for those not so easy to see things. for me GREAT.

Jonathan Reypert

Spiffing Very good app, allows me to read very fine diagrams and text. Spiffaroony

P.M. Chandrasekaran

Very very useful for all.

Michelle Thomas

It's awesome.. I use it often to read small print and it works great.. Best one I've found.

tim gasper

Love the fact i can zoom in closer to take a picture and still blow it up. It magnified more tan in just camera mode!

mirshad shamsher

Works great Works well with focus and dim light. Great app for tiny written instructuons

Charles Richeme

Very good app.

Hariharan Sivasankaran

Best of this types

Teresa Botts

Magnifier. Very good. Easy to use.

Dan McElderry

Would not gocus

Kenneth Hart

Being things closer

Peter Telling

Hate This app

Porky2u BULL

NEW SIGHT! This is an excellent app. It really works. I used it to look at a french fry, which it showed me the texture, even down to the excessive amount of grease it was cooked in.

Steven J. Savoie

Works Great For people with bad eye site works great for reading prescription and other small print things. I especially love it for reading my bible concordance! The light helps out too.

Sunol CA

Goodmagnifier I thought at first this was a 5 star magnifier BUT I found that it is not very user friendly. I could not find any instructions on how to control the movement of what were seeing. I couldn't get it to stay focus ed on an area that I was trying to read. It makes a good flashlight. This is just my opinion. This app keeps putting up an annoying requests for a 5 star rating so I did because had just started using it and it did seem wonderful...until I realised how unsteady and hard to control the visual aspect

PreFlightShirt Brickee

Boo Yah Woo Woo This is a fantastic app. It gets my emphatic Boo Yah Woo Woo, 5 star rating. Now that I'm in my mid fifties, I find this application invaluable. The magnifier with flashlight and camera comes in handy many times throughout the week, whether I'm working on an automobile engine , or peering inside my computer peripherals, or just trying to find the keyhole on my front door when its dark. It works flawlessly with easy to access controls... And it's FREE !

R Jenkins

One safety issue. Turns light off sometimes when popping up an advertisement. I was walking and stubbed my toe. The injury could have been worst like tripping and falling. Need to fix this. Otherwise it works good. I would have given it five stars.

K Coates

MaNGifier? The app is fine enough, but it says "thank you for using maNGifier." Spelling, people? -- from an anal grammar and spelling freak. :-/

John Maffysdad

Woohoo! 20/20 Vision Again! Easily one of the best magnification apps for the Android. Simple to use with several useful functions and excellent exposure. This app has served me well so many times, from doing electronics & removing splinters, to reading small print and reading faded etchings on bearing cases (which I couldn't see with a normal magnifier). This app is easily worth five stars and a positive review.

darran turton

Cool Cool ap for short sighted people like me.

Jimmy Anderson

Dang good I won't go to the doctor to get glasses. This app works great for me, i know I'm prolonging the inevitable.

Nazia Mirza

Not useful Font doesn't magnify with its use. Also this app is too complicated and not user friendly. Whole lot of options to press when you just want readability in seconds.

Alcides Sanchez-Monge

Really workd Not 5 stars because too much advertising, other than that really good app.

Gary Craig

The bright magnifier This app works like a charm. I use it in restaurants to see menus and to magnify anything from books to small print on brochures.

Raphael Prinsloo

Fantastic Works very very well. Wish you could make specs work this way. Seldom one gets apps that does exactly what you expect.

Tamberlyn Christensen

A keeper App I have been using this magnifier app for a short period of time, but I find it functional and extremely useful when reading ingredients in grocery stores when the print is too tiny for the naked eye.

Alan Marchbanks

Works well. This app does exactly what I need it to do (and more ). It's really great for the over 40 set.

Hermari Gresse

Perfect Perfect for what I wanted it for. And it freeze the image as my hand iss not that steady. Thank you

eric price

Great app I always get ask how did you take those pictures. People are surprised I can do this with my phone

Steve Barry

Brilliant gadget! A godsend for a coin collector like me. Pretty handy when threading a needle or removing a splinter too.

Donna Hebert

Love it!!! I am an older lady & sometimes print is just too small for me to read, even with my glasses on. This app really saves my bacon.

William Proffitt

Awesome magnifier I needed a magnifying glass and someone showed me this app. It worked perfectly. Now I use it all the time. I love its photo and light features and its interface is easier to use than others.

Ronald Bird

My eyes are wide opened now. I can see! Will be able to use it when looking at electrical connectors that have small prints on the inside.

Enrique Castillo

Magnifier App 2U I checked other magnifier apps, but preferred this one. Love your app!

Dyami Vance

So amazing This app is like Jesus. Super Rad, I love it. Easy to use and understand.

Trish R

Very easy to use Such ease and very easy to use. Highly recommended!!

Fredrick Hardyway

Ok, but hard to maintain focus Does Magna fireworks ok, however it is hard to zoom in, and employers while maintaining focus.

Thampi Mathew

Very useful, but ad annoys. Good and simple app. But Advt at the end disturbs me.

Suzie Lopez

Good app I use this app a lot and like that I can use the flash light from my phone to see in dark places.

Gemma Crowley

Utter rubbish! Installed this app after reading lots of the reviews. Oh dear. It doesn't focus on text of any size at any distance. In fact it won't focus on anything unless it is exactly 45cm away. Not practical or convenient. Will be uninstalling it as soon as possible.

Tim Paulsen

Makes life easy I use it to set up guitars and the light feature is awesome. Thank you

Easydayj shotton

Easydayj Very good app.I use it in shops to read labels cause I always forget my glasses.

Mary B.

Clear Brings into view very well any writings so I can read with ease. Easily accessible and easy to use.

Gerry Strohl

Don't leave home without it Immensely useful when you go into stores and have forgotten your eyeglasses.

Jackie P

Really like this app BUT wish I could keep the image steady when trying to read something.

Araceli Gil

Magnifier app2U I love it its so cool, has different viewing gadgets, and I can actually see ? super clear to ? awesome app. A must have!!! its much better than any magnifier glass I ever had .I give you "5 stars" ***** totally worth it.


Not bad. A little heavy on permissions, but has nice features. I am an avid metal detectorist and have bad eyes. I use this app in the field like a loupe, to see the dates on crusty coins I've dug up. I also use it to photograph fine detail on coins, before I upload to my web site.

Eric Clarke

Works grear Trying to read fine print with old eyes is a challenge. Not so with this app. Yay and thanks.

Tony Schutza

Magnifier For me its bad to the bone. I can see without reading glasses that i never seem to have when needed.

Robert Gow

Magnifier Only used once so far. Impressed, il be changing to this on my 2nd device.

Shanna Willhite

Awesome tool to have Life saver when you can't read itty bitty text like the side of a bottle of Tylenol. And built-in flashlight helps. You can even take a picture of the zoomed text. I use it a lot.

Bill Renaud

Works Great! Has several selectable focus modes, and the default mode works fine as is (continuous picture). Flashlight stays off when you don't need or want it. Short help captions for the buttons can be toggled on and off. Can be zoomed with either the on-sceen slider or the volume up and down button. Too bad my flash is no longer working! (Magnifier is spelled wrong as "Mangifier" on the exit screen.)

Ritchie Rennie

Must gave Tool for working in poorly lit places. Trying to read really small print is nigh impossible. Then I found the perfect multi tool can be torch, magnifying glass and camera all in one. Love it . Well done man

jonnie walker

Love the app hate the ads. Would love to see a version to purchase with no ads focing their way into my full screen when im trying to look at somethong. Its annoying.

david hainovitz

Great app Easy to use , sometimes focus is a bit slow depending on lighting but that is expected.

Mark Douglas

Great magnifier Great functionality, but the on-screen icons appear sideways! If I rotate my phone to make them appear the correct way around, they move to the bottom of the screen again and appear sideways. I can navigate then like this, but it does seem like a simple bug. Would purchase if this was fixed.

Melinda Marengo

This is SO AWESOME! I just love this app. Being a person with LOADS of allergies, this is such a handy tool to have. Very happy indeed. ?

B Jiggles

Can't seem to get it to focus Whole point is to magnify and/or enhance small images or text, and I couldn't get it to do that with a good example that I had on hand. Maybe I'm just dumb, but I had success very quickly with a different app so this one just didn't win the similar app comparison test for me.

Benjamin S. Frost

GREAT Used it to read the small print on the back of a CPU. It's hard to read, because they're shiny. I'll be using it for the small print on any electronic boards and stuff in the future.

Kerry Bayless

GREAT MAGNIFIER Works great, great quality pics..... Love the macros option!

Karen Wright

Very Good app! So far this has been a really usefull app. I gave it 5 stars but I am using it to read a book and it has a hard time focussing on the text. Once it does though it works great! I especially love the text color adjustor (I don'n know the name of it) where you can make text white and the white background blue, it's very easy on your eyes :).

K Arakis

Ads prevented use of app We're all used to ads in apps, but they're usually at the bottom and don't interfere with the functionality of the app. A full screen ad comes up a few seconds after opening, which is right about the time I finally find the target. This last time i could only get rid of the ad by exiting the app. Trying another.

Jody White

This is handy Quit looking for your magnifiying glass to read stuff and whip out your phone instead. But what if hackers can read it? Idk, but today we are reading the 1611 King James so maybe the hackers will learn something then...

Pam Jones

Very disappointed Most of the time the app doesn't focus no matter what I do. I have used this app for a few months to give it a fair shot and have actually been able to use it about 1/3 of the time. The ads are very annoying. Very disappointed in this app.

_ Cherricongo _

I can see! So nothing with ads gets a 5 star but this is close. I tried several, won't say which ones but this is THE best free magnifier I tried for my phone. More zoom, best clarity and focus and stable for shaky hands AND BUTTON DESCRIPTIONS in the help tab. THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU THANK YOU. Those annoying ads are at the bottom of the screen out of my way. If you need a free maggie this should be a good choice but don't take just my word, download and try them all like I did but for my phone this was the best.

Trysha Yargee

Piece of crap Useless. My phones camera can zoom and look better than this. And what's with the warning that they can't guarantee access to my privacy? It's just a magnifying app. Deleting immediately before my identity gets stolen.

Gene Climer

Great except for the adware and interuptions This Magnifier App works great. I use it all the time. Set your phone on a pop can and you have a quick microscope. I use it for reading fine print, soldering, looking at coins, inspecting small things at work, etc... Adware is annoying as hell.

Great help It appears that as I get older print gets smaller. This helps greatly. Reading ingrediants on jars at the shops and checking dimensions on plans etc and loads more, all when you don't have reading glasses with you.

Graham Law

Magic Recently started I started loosing my sight and have tried all the usual magnifying lenses and found them a pain. This is magic, on my tablet and on my phone you always have it with you.


Crap It doesn't focus in well at all. I needed this to see precise things but 9 out of 10 times the screen is blurry. I've tried everything and the focus just sucks.

D. O.

Pretty good app Does what it says but glitches on occasion. If a rock solid / ad free version comes out i'd definately pay a few dollars for it. (Hint hint) :)

Rob M

Fuzzy Does not matter if it magnifies if its blurry you still cant read it. So your app is usless to read print. I have screen shots to prove it.

Sasan Dashti-Nezhad

Difficult to Focus I have low vision and reading instructions on drug containers or cleaning products is difficult for me. I've tried using this and other apps to aid doing those kinds of tasks. I've found that it is really difficult to get this app to focus and show such text clearly. Other free apps found on Google Play have been much more helpful.

Gregg LaPore

Love it. My eyes...they are middle aged...but I won't wear reading glasses so..Magnifier to the rescue for those pesky small-type, low light reading situations.

Joseph Wapner

This app is great as long as you don't expect it to work. The autofocus doesn't auto focus. My phone gets shut down, overrun with ads. I wouldn't mind all the crappy advertising wear after the fact that the app doesn't do its job in the first place.

Ahmad Sam

Slow response. Cannot zoom after freeze. Every time i tap an option, must wait for about 1 second for response. Other magnifiers dont have that Lag. Need to zoom and pan image after freeze.

Jonathan Leiby

Great tool This comes in so handy for reading that hard to read print. Oops, I'm getting old. Still magnifier works well.

Don Watson

Just what I needed This app has been very helpful to me. I don't see as well as I used to and this app makes me see and read the small print again. Only thing I have noticed that's negative is that some photos taken in the app are garbled. Other than that.. I love it.

Clay Frodin

Don't take this it's a scam This app is completely crippled with ads it offers you a tad free version that you have to pay for its not even that good if you hate scammers boycott it

Razelle Seria

AMAZING It helps me... a LOT! It's high def and authentic. I thought it's gonna be like those other apps that are fraud but this is real. High definition and it really shows the details.

Pam Schmidt

Magnifier Magnifies stronger than any other I've used. Has a light a camera, a freeze button, and more things that I haven't even tapped into, yet. Five stars from me!

Taylor Evans

Works fine But why the hell does the LED turn off when taking a picture? I want to use flash, damnit. Dark pictures do me no good.


Taking pics Unless I am missing it, cannot get pics to take with the light on. Light is on when previewing, buy it goes off when taking pic.

John Hess

Excellent for these old eyes... I do a lot of close electronic work and as I have gotten older it's gotten harder to see small gizmo stuff. This app is a Godsend!!

rob dilldine

Awesome magnifier I am very pleased with this tool, I'm just at that age where I can't read fine print so I Carry a flashlight and a magnifying glass but with this app it's all rolled into one. The best part is when I'm trying to read something far away, NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE

Kevin Graham

GREAT APP This app has done me wonders. I cannot say how many times I use this app on a daily basis or how many times it has greatly helped me to see things I normally couldn't, even with glasses. The added light feature really makes things even more visual. It's a must have app for anyone, even if the vision is not poor.

Krx Hrvoje

Handy app 3 stars only just because of popup add and thank you msg when closing it. IMHO in-APP adds should be enough. Extra popup adds are annoying.

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